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THU HR 2 051222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 13, 2022 12:38 am

THU HR 2 051222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 13, 2022 12:38 am

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With no fees or minimums and no overdraft fees banking with capital one is the easiest decision in the history of decisions even easier than choosing Charles Barkley to pick up even easier than that with no fees or minimums and no overdraft fees is even a decision okay here's the plan passed me the ball every time. This is banking reimagined what's in your wallet terms apply to capital for details. Capital one and a member of TIC donate and listen to the podcast WR right where you are back who is running for governor of Ohio and his book of laws God's Word, the Bible and read Neil from acceptor 524.

No not praising the captain of the temple in the chief priests heard these things, they doubted of them where to grow. They came one told him, saying, behold, the men whom you put in prison for standing in the temple teaching the people then went to The officers and brought them without violence, for they feared the people as they should be of should have been stoned and when they have brought them and they set them before the Council and the high priest asking Satan we not stray to commend you that you should should not teaching his name, and behold, you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine and intend to bring is this man's blood upon us remember what they were saying when he was on the cross. Let his blood be upon us and our children.

Remember that. So then Peter and the other apostles answered and said we are to obey God rather than man, the God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom you slough and hang on the tree him has God exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a Savior and 40 give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins, and we are his witnesses of these things and so also the Holy Ghost, whom God had given to them that obey him. Now here's the thing, what they were trying to do their is to stop the church services. That's what do you know what you think happened with this whole coven thing what we knew they were allowing abortion mills to stay open and liquor houses stay open and hot houses to stay open, but when they wanted to they wanted to close the churches well here in Ohio did enclose up. They wanted to limit you to like 10 people, but we paid no attention effect.

I want on the radio here.

I'm told very clearly were going obey the word of God and were going to be meeting like always and nothing's going to be different and so we didn't have any masks. We didn't have any of that. No, none of that. The socialist separation whatever we want on and we did just fine and not in again. The very first person in the church service that morning early was the County Constable and he came to an Ice Age.

I nearly was held. He said well he said I know you work at obey that so just thought I'd stop by and make sure that nobody bothered you that you know Ernie, I have the exact course of action and I want to go back to what I said, momentarily go that faith is an interesting interesting substance that works in her life and of course we know faith is really the power of God working through us and faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. But the reality is it faith to attempt to me it was it was the IW on it. What impact Pastor it was so I would so would that I didn't get. They were now you stay open.

We stayed open for 2 to 3 weeks straight every single day for a large block of time.

Well, I would close. I would that look.

I called a meeting arranged that wanted to stay open before hours white with black person have to do that and I lifted the hospitals are open are we not spiritual hospital and are we going to cower in the faith of the year and did not, are we not instructed to forsake not forsake not the assembly of the brother all the more that we see the day approaching. So we were in a spiritual war in hearing problem and I said that while campaigning and I am sorry in advance if this is going to offend you, but the church folded like a deck of talk date date were not even instructed to close they were sure they were intimidated to some level, but they called. They folded they complied. They became the mouthpiece they became the roadmap they became literally go walking talking example of government dictate to say hey you going to tell you to jump you better we tell you because you better quotes that I'll tell you that it is.

There was a level of righteous indignation that rose up inside of me that now not only this church not going to close. We are going to come back and read every unlawful order by this dictator governor the wine that is not only trampling on the Constitution, the enemy is coming after the body of Christ because he are you the world if it is a prince of this world and the prince of this world. Make no mistake, this is all to put well on the body of Christ. The rib called out once the equity well so you know what you we have to and you're right because what we knew or just talked saying that I was just thinking of Hebrews chapter 11 the heroes of the faith they always from Genesis to Revelation. They obeyed God they obeyed God when in fact the three.

The three missions. The guy gives us first and foremost is the great commission.

Second is from Genesis to Revelation resistance to tearing his obedience to God. Resist and failure to resist heritage is always disobedience, but then the third was to be to steadfast to hold to the traditions of the apostles in the not to give up our ground and still occupy until he comes in so that's what words were to do and I think you're right. I belong to that little group called the black robe regiment known for many years and in again. I've been well let me just say this.

I for 25 years for 25 years, Neil. I challenge any three neo-evangelicals to come alive program and the baby in Romans 13 because they always use that as a wave of trying to justify not having the courage to stand up against a corrupt government and Romans 13 means exactly what Romans 13 says if you don't take it and spend out of proportion and so men and 25 years I never got one taker for gurney. Think about it right now you have all ideology, particularly during times of distress during times of beer during times of adversity times where we have the ability to actually test our faith. Think about in the natural realm pastor. We architected all the time weekly tester children education for contact and water the test. Therefore, to determine the aptitude of the individual so they can be promoted for.

Here's my question. Pastor Ernie in the time of testing of our faith in times of adversity times not times of pleasantries, not times of ease of access to everything we need. But in times of adversity. The church T church, the body of Christ. It would And I don't think I need answer for you because I think I know your answer. Or maybe I should get there, but in my I think we we absolutely unequivocally failed to detect. We just folded up now. Again, I believe, by God's grace because I will posted my accomplishments but I posted in the Lord.

I bow to the Lord with you for the quote. When I failed to close what we were doing and boasting in his sovereign grace, that we would not close nor cower nor tremble nor fear God have not given a spirit of fear but of power love and, and so I looked online to know that that that we have Luke chapter 10 verse 19 that authority. All authority is given out to us to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by giving me charts to the words either true or not. The word is true, what is the thing that's very very important and there is having the faith is the faith that wipe the faith walk right up. You gotta you gonna believe in so you know it's an interesting thing to because of their to them and you have you have the church of Philadelphia in the near the church at Laodicea, which is adequately country club, entertainment centers, but it's an interesting thing is is people not knowing the apostate church out there today really literally satanic. Whenever God's Word, the Bible calls us and they embrace minute and into here for me to hear Joe Biden talk about being a man of faith in and made me sick. I could not believe it. This man okay Joe Biden and I meant to tell you he's he's been a known pedophile his own daughter said he used to maker take showers with him that was in her diary. He's been caught under how many times and I have some pictures of him that he had a little boy about five-year-old had his hands face cup try to kiss the little boy on the lips and the man is is is wicked, as wicked as the day is long, but the end in here. You know the Roman Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church, you know, when you had Mario Cuomo promoting passing celebrating. They were that legislation New York that you can kill a baby. Even afterwards, born even afterwards born in here in Maryland. They just wanted to today have their child sacrifice 28 days that they could offer up their child sacrifice to bail 20 days after its born gay and so here to watch Mario Cuomo celebrating that wicked hymen when a wicked New York state legislator loan will but here to have that cardinal from New York City.

There is with phone and when he was asked when he was asked why Cuomo has not been excommunicated from the church's response was left but I don't think it would do any good. It was who would've been his job to do the excommunicated and and this is the guided goes on Fox News all the time and let me remount a prorated amount as a man of God, but he said he didn't think it would do any good. Utilize it if he is Cuomo if it was someone else. The did the same thing that didn't have power money we would've been excommunicated at such a thing as typography is an actor. Ernie is part of statement taking a fault, a false Shepherd right. It is it something that the world would recognize as legitimate or as one with spiritual authority, but nothing more than the doctrine of devils, you know, this is the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing for the epitome of shaking pastors, you know, it had the ability as what to masquerade as the angel of light. And so you know I think a great effect upon the earth that this apostate is attending land is who is God who is not so with the Lord for than left. I feel my church and will convey meaning that there's other churches that are not built by synagogues of and so you know I think that's all part of the system to obviously pervert and pervades a fault message and ideology to you.

Welcome listeners that have not behind the ears to hear, so now here we hold to the literal teaching in the what a godly hold little teaching now things that the being taught out there. We will not hold one of the things that a lot of people realize we're doers of the word Baptist Church and only about 10% of those that have that name Baptist in their name are actually Baptist. The vast majority of our Baptist. There the Protestant lot of people don't understand Baptist actual Baptist. It is not a denomination.

The Bible does not teach denomination actual Baptist actually said doctrine found in Hebrews 5 and six.

Those and hold to the fundamentals of the faith that's that's actual Baptist.

Is this what we hold to in the WB of churches and and you'll find you find all of them that way.

I have never been in one of the unregistered Baptist Fellowship churches where they didn't hold strictly to the Bible and and on top of that animal. Most of those pastors have ended up going to jail for being out and preaching at the abortion mills or going out. I know they're in Columbus where several times we went down when they had the thought of my parades. I mean, that was when the most ugliest things in subtle and we want we preach salvation message to and one point we actually got a group of low probably 1012 young topless women to take our gospel tracts and read him actually stood right there with that they walked away. A pup I would say 30 feet away from us and they stop they got in a circle and and actually read the tracks and the reason for that was the here we even laugh at this one here they can while walking over here and they came up and I was standing there pastoring his handed me a megaphone. I was preaching so this 12 is probably the prettiest. She was a tall, tall and very pretty to look like she could've been a model which he was taught topless and she came over and she held up her breasts. Now she had little chitchat chains in a like a necklace chain in her nipples. She had chains and a new and she came over and cheat you hold what she said I bet you all guys would like some of this I said not really. I should they look booby-trapped to me and I will will they actually came up with that on why Dr. yeah yeah and the so they laughed and that was the they give me an opportunity right then you know I came along.

The sodomite float the sodomite flow came and inherited God.

Amen. The listen Neil.

These guys were gray. They were great. I mean I should take a look over there now. The turn they look as to what is seen is the width of those of the homosexuals because they: LGBT-not I want to think about this if you were here last year. How many of those that were here last year are not here now and how many of those that are here right now and I can be here next year. The wages of sin is death. God has said that God has said the wages of sin is death and God says it's important to all men once to die, and then the judgment now you just you just got the gospel preached to you in the Bible tells you that the time comes when you not to get it anymore. It's too late. Don't run out of tomorrow's today and so they walked away and actually stopped and everyone of them had a track and they stopped and they stood there and actually read the track and so God's word does not go is not going does not return void doesn't know know you know about target's arguments go ahead. No, no, you go ahead OIIII was just reflecting on you know you did your ministry not depict a meter to you, you know, explaining young to your audience.

Your real life story of the trenches of the warfare and the understanding that all those who did the higher I believe. Second Timothy to live godly lives will be persecuted. You know I believe I'm even thinking of Matthew chapter 10 look to chapter 9 the Lord prepares the disciples to go out and to heal the sick: the leopard cast out demons feel that for great the Declan collectors cast out demons for the University pretty sure yeah what you go to the bottom that you can even get the work right. He gives of the authority that the anointing right to do the work that he does and I think Mike there's a lot of Bob a lot of that going on today right understanding that there's a power that God gives. And there's a lot a lot for that power, but not an understanding that when you unless you understand how to disguise itself let you understand how to to come under the yoke right galore for. Take my yoke upon right my burden of eating. My yoke is likely pertinent easy yoke of coming abiding in Christ and he abide in you, I say all because I believe there's a gross misunderstanding I have is real hard journey. I know I could come very strongly against church unity had you know that false gospel, but I in the pit desire course as you do. Being in the street rack you people out of the false indoctrination because the prisoners of the false gospel and you know there's a high price just like John the Baptist. Just like Christ. Just like Saul just like Peter.

Just like the understand that the you know there is a there is a price to pay when the real gospel is preached absolutely know what we were talking about early. There was a fellow you may have heard his name was Charles Finney and he started. He was the president of Oberlin College boy, he would not be very happy.

Would Oberlin College today.

Believe me, that it helped. Here's what he said in the sermon titled the decay of conscience and a priestess in 1873.

He said if there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for the public, the press if the part of the public press lacks moral discernment in the pulpit is responsible for it.

If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for. If the world loses its interest in Christianity. Pulpit is responsible for. If Satan rules in the halls of legislation on the pulpit is responsible for.

If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundation of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for what I wanted to. That is, it's exactly the way he said it would be. And that's exactly what it is today. The corrections administered goes, so goes the nation.

You know there there one after looking at that there wasn't a book that one of my associate pastor was reading. I believe it was called strongman his name but she said you got a committee or you gotta come in here very quickly back and read. There was there was a question that that are the homosexuals really trying to take over or they just missed understood because of their and this was the response. Let me answer that by giving your question from some of their own writing can then decide what you think about it. This was from 1987 okay, here's what think that out of their own writing out of the gay community needs from February 15, 1987. We shall sodomite your son emblems of your people masculinity of your shallow dream and vulgar life. We shall produce them in your school and your dormitory in your gymnasium in your locker room in your sports arena in your seminary in your youth group in your movie theater bathroom in your Army bunk houses in your truck stop in your all-male club in your houses of Congress, where men are whipping together. The family unit spawning ground apply betrayal, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violent will be abolished.

The family unit which only dampens imagination curbs for will must be eliminated all churches to condemn us will be closed are only God are handsome young men from the gay community needs.

February 15, 1987. This is the reality of the declaration that came to fruition with the church fail to get out of their churches in their pews and get involved into the system that are not being influenced by godly men and women to stop delighted here so you're absolutely right.

I've been preaching the next 50 years in the direct by the way, LGBT queue that means little girls belligerent transgressing queers. That's what that stands for, because that's what it is and and actually the queer part. They had to themselves before they had to queue on the end I meant that they added an eye out to I heard about that. I do not sure what that one is I can't. I can't remember it intercompany letter euro that that the epitome of you know that that's him that is just always evolving it's never not it's shifted deep darkness of Bill and you.

I cannot stress enough by God's grace have all come out of that depravity for the difference in where it becomes ratchet is the LB GT QI a and every other letter down and out very faith that demonic spirit want nothing more than to wreak havoc everywhere ago. It's not something that is even hit it something that you want to take over everything in society and I mean this is the epitome 1987 that decreed what I just read you what were seen today with the homosexuality of the school with the LGBT queue wanting the transgender and sums it up.

All of that taken place and boys wanted to be in the girls bathroom because they call the girl. This is because the church are nailed to preach the truth and the real truth which is name is Jesus from the pulpit and pitted a hard upon that nature and we played Romulus. Absolutely you can agree with you more. This is where we've always had one positional compromise. No compromise is where we start this where we stayed right there no compromise. Let's open the phone lines and take some calls. So we are going to open the phone lines laid folks, we have Neil Peterson is running as an independent for governor of Ohio and he wants to he wants to rule our by the word of God the Word of God and the word of God.

If if you rule by the word of God you can do that and still be in compliance with the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Ohio Constitution against no and so that there are certain things I just had a letter here just a minute ago. Who would win that was from relay city Macy's made a statement that they should not be able to teach Satanism in the public school system here in our public schools we been to. I've been teaching all of these years of folks if you love your kids. If the level of your level, get them out of the public schools of your love your children get them out of there and when I first started doing that I was being always been attacked by the newspapers and the fake news media saying I was a firebreathing Baptist and that I was anti-children at the school. But then a guy named Jim Dobson he started saying the same thing if you love your children get them out of there and then a felony.

Marion Rogers and then guy named O it was a Presbyterian preacher and Jim try to remember his name. We hope we work with him on that puts when they started saying all the sudden I once heretical when the only one preaching none on that and so did James Kennedy, who I was trying to think of that all all of a sudden all they were saying no. If you love your kids and then none other but that old preacher and boy I'm having one of my seat and didn't take my provision today, one with any helmet you talk a lot a lot of people back turning yeah United phone lines are open at 888-677-9673 nationwide Barton yet. Work will be back right after this more than his name to save you will fall into sin. They will saying maintenance that is 10 ground be shown they go down the hill man. Now I don't know the one God bad. The compromise I'll find that to me and we that's already in now and mad. I mean time the man in now you see will buy you a you and now I know in cells I really good advice doers of the word Baptist Church this coming Sunday course you know we start the morning with praise and worship at 9 o'clock but actually were starting were starting a little earlier now because we we Vince expanded the Bible studies of what we do an in-depth Bible study, which I teach myself of this coming Sunday and this started well with Jessee at 830 Sunday morning and then then we have and 1115 we have the morning service and then at and for the afternoon we been doing a series witchcraft is on the spread. Witchcraft is spreading in Ohio like crazy is that really on the move, so we were doing a series shown you on witchcraft and then were going to be showing the film 2000 meals 2000 meals and by the way were going to be having pledge week which is next week were going to be giving those out to folks who can know donate and give us a pledge of for so much. Whatever we get into and help us raise money to stand there so again this was going on slot. Let's go and oh by the way, has doers of the word Baptist Church, 14781. That's 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 the phone number 44033813674403381367 aren't very good. The old one away.

Look forward to your call Neil, go ahead and give your church a plug. Yeah, thank you so much.

Back turning for the opportunity on your great show tonight.

It's very interesting.

1471, but your track are accurate.

1478 without the one but are the name of the church I pastor coldhearted road by going enter harvest revival center and our website harvest revival.printer and I'm the senior pastor there and we have a heart for current revival in our land very good.

Let's take a call. Surprise, surprise.

We got Cliff Cliff your near high presentation will not 56 versus 5000 talking about silent and start software every day claimant, David marking that that the physician softly says at NPR, Angola, Bangalore, and cast down facilities and firing that the Lord would be reactive people for harassing him. And that goes along with seven where it says that the Lord is frankly at the wicked every day. But it's interesting that Psalm 56 and 20 day they are there relentless. That's one thing I know I was thinking about the discussion. He was just having about the book of Revelation in the church and swear we do. You know I wish you were either hot or cold, rather than being lukewarm and not really talking to these people at this parade really talking to people within the charge of coldness, but I was thinking lukewarm could see the prosperity picked up a preacher. That's what it is, what he was referring to the neither hot nor cold and is exactly what they are. They are the prosperity preachers. This is what if you read it couldn't be any clearer than this. Also I feel about the cost of living what you think about, for example, what going like three times the price being orchestrated so she's so thank you for the call.

Yet in becoming about Revelation, the late fee in church entry thinking the latest in church.

They said hey we have everything. The rich and if you look at the church today yet on where the church right the P the church is more risk than any other time in history. I mean, you know you little country church is going to have your absolute well it in comparison to any other history, but the Lord's response was you're not rich, poor, pitiful, wretched, blind and naked and what should be hot or cold. I'm going to distribute you out of my mouth. Paraphrase and that is the reality of the wretchedness of our thought process that you know we obtained all well that where were gauging whether the church is a bonded successful right by worldly standards because it got millions in our building or their bank order show in the Lord that the clearly your poor, pitiful, wretched, blind and naked. You my mouth like the cost of living.

I am no stranger to the understanding that not only are we confronting a true new world order and it was even bided that recently again use that exact phraseology, but part of their deal back after well you don't build back anything… First destroyed and so everything from our current state of inflation. You just saw that Biden even lot yesterday or this morning and he did not believe in Alaska to sell the diesel oil leases that we can drill for oil oil that all time high. Got right to work average for 40 or something like that. A gallon inflation all time high baby formula I can't get to it. Grocery prices all time high. The cost of living, lumber, three, four times the cost will this is part of the systematic collapse of society and you don't.

Once upon a time it will impact your learning with a this kind of stuff it with you the logo to the average person knows that that Biden is an empty shell.

Then he filled with demonic power and you think there to usurp the authority of that great often to destroy America. He is not about you click is not about me. He is about destroying the abundance because he is a wicked king, he would be categorized as a king bed.

What was that we did what was evil in the side of the ward what you think about turning absolutely, absolutely. He's evil for the to the core and so they and not only that, but he sees Obama is pulling his strings and that's been in on Obama, let us know that that would happen when he said I remember listening to Obama saying if he had his druthers he would like to be able to set somebody out there in the put put earphones on and and give you instructions from the bentonite told you I would do and and instruct them from from his basement and what to say. They actually like doing this lately like playing and that's exactly what would to Biden's donation is following his instructions. The trying to keep him awake and trying to keeping.

I don't how much longer I do know this.

This country will not survive another year of him. He's destroying this in his country quickly. And so we have to pray we have been praying here that God would remove him and all of those that did. I hate life.

For God and so anyhow bring to repentance the Lord Jesus said repent or perish, there you go.

No others repented. I think Cliff got a move on.

We have a lot but here and there on the question. I mean, really well give up and not a quick question. Is this statement should be more people advocating because of these people want to murder you know the children at 28 days old. Why don't we stop putting it out there that they're trying to do this when there are people good people that cannot have a baby on her own are not willing to adopt these beautiful children. They could care less about that what they want to do is trying to provoke a war that wanted to start a war. This is why look, I've been telling you have and I'm telling you since the Biden's been in office. He is been taking bringing in men of fighting age minified image by buses at night. He's been buzzing them and did cities all over this country. Some away on the country. These are sleeper cells.

Biden has created the sleeper cells so would he gives them the word is not like it's a secret nobody knows when he gives him the word they start burning down cities and he wants to be able to try to justify declaring martial law. They know they cannot win on a fair election they can do that.

They noted and so they got it they gotta stop the election somehow and by the way, they've got to got a whole brand-new of bunch covert coming in for November and we all know about that already. Things that while but I did have a blessed night. Thank you Bob due to jobless already let me see, we have Anna in a year and there know Jim Junior and their general urine there or not we have our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. You agree that if the situation with everyone who has not absolutely rejected God care by epic temple of the Holy Spirit well is not not have dental rejected guidance that you have received him with you. If you received them. If you been born again then your body does become the temple of the Holy Spirit. Well, okay, I went on thinking and got a lot of people with heart apathetic and cater everything. He went to the temple and there were many changes were in there.

They affect action would be that Jesus may have been all you know I really would prefer that you do this somewhere out and they would have made an excuse that while we make our money back the case if they say actually like Jesus. When affect the cable and picking and desecrating five.

Now I'm thinking I baby temple of the Holy Spirit and babysit children God and God makes it very very clear yet in the womb. Okay he makes it very very clear that you'd be better off if you'd never been born, or to have a millstone 24,000 pounds wrapped around her neck and thrown into the ocean than the harm. One of the children and so Denny he also has a message for those those women that do that and you find that message over there if you go over to Jeremiah in the book of Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 34 is what he says I'll be there in just one second I think again here you go.

He says also in my skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents now here I have not founded by secret search, but upon all of these. In other words, what he is telling them that he didn't have to look upon their hearts as their actions that the made them couldn't condemn them. These are the bloodied people and to sacrifice the children and so that these women that go in there and sacrifice your children and you know here's here's the worst part. You know Neil where they want to keep these gay people think that will keep a baby alive for 28 days they sell these babies born alive. They sell these babies for huge amounts of money they dissect them and take your organs out whether alive Democrats will do.

There's no end to the wickedness. There is no end to the they have absolutely will just no end to their wickedness anything I thought I was. I didn't know you were responding in our went my comparison I will not really appropriate back in abortion acts like Gartner desecrating the Temple of God by my destroying by displaying defined answer to that in Genesis chapter 9 Genesis chapter 9 verse five through seven, and though so when God gave us divine institution of human government real government legitimate immediate gave us five points to that and the third point was the most important point. The third point was the entire purpose.

The entire purpose of divine human government of legitimate human government and that was to preserve the image of God, that being man and so he had given you already three times and said to that point, be fruitful and multiply. So what's what's happened when they do that they transgressed God's dominion is like you broken into God's house.

That's not a good thing because you're not going to get away with it. All right, I got a move on the link you go ahead and you can respond to or go ahead. Yeah, thank you think there was a lot there. You.

You mentioned you know where we are the temple of Jesus had several mystery when he began to begin to answer degenerative temple and I will rate the beginning three days. They understand that at times they thought they were talking about the temple of Solomon.

In reality he was talking about the temple, made him think they can human handbook made by the hand of God and he'll win were made in the image in the likeness of God. We are spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body into that body is the container of which God obviously designed for us to walk in that as we worship in spirit and truth, and so with that. How right the mystery get the revelation of understanding that the temple of the temple. Solomon was always a prototype really first what was in heaven but also was a symbolic stipend shadow. We made in God image and likeness until abortion hundred percent.

You not only killing temple because you cannot kill the spirit and that spirit returns back to everlasting because the other wages of sin that to this body, but you were eternal being, and so yeah it actually destruction woman one last thing in regards back to about a child that is unless you become like a child right that that faith that that we come to him as a child you cannot enter the kingdom of God took you know we have a lot to learn from children in a sense that the war places upon a child, which is the purity not only Howard to walk with the Lord but also be crossed.

And when you begin to kill that inner vengeance is mine faith the Lord doesn't mean that the Lord does not have grace and mercy because many of these women most of them.

They have been lied to.

They have been blinded in the Lord has a fondness of mercy and grace. You know when when we understand that we have transgressed against the Lord for rights well did Barry activate it is a complete transgression and iniquity copied about the cold took the reason I didn't really got three minutes to tell folks so they can get to heaven instead a hell given in every government will first operate. Thank you so much for the great opportunity to be on your show, my message as running for governor in secondary and I should take most forever. Secondary that the greatest opportunity that we have in this lifetime is the souls of man and when you understand really at the heart of every man a woman who is running as a public servant even though that's hard to find these days. These are these are people in its entirety. That that should be using the same model that Jesus did, which is in the kingdom of God is an upside down kingdom you want to be first, you must relax. You want to go higher. You must go lower, but we need to learn how to wash feet, but what America needs today and what Ohio needs today is we need the power of God to transform like that that that message of freedom is so well received. But really the only person that can set you free. Is Jesus Christ. He is the Lord of your life and he needs to be the Lord of your life because how you answer the call, and understand that the weight of your stand. The weight of your depression.

The weight of your bondage until you learn that you begin to deliver the Savior is the one and the only one that can take you out of your bondage and take you in to everlasting freedom. And when we understand that Christ is the one that came to set us free. Then and only then will we understand the power of his grace and his freedom. Then we can understand what it truly means to be a free man. So everyone's talking about freedom and liberty. But Jesus said in Luke chapter 10 verse 19 on talking fact at the unschooled eye Isaiah chapter 63 unrolled the scroll is that today I've come to liberate the captive. I've come to give sight to the blind, I've come to bring I've come to bring deliverance to I got to read the Scripture, but the whole premise is the Lord has come to set us free and back the message that Ohio be good. That is certainly the message that America needs we need to be free only by King Jesus. There's nothing that will mean as much to everyone listen to us tonight. The time will come when the only thing that will matter to them as their standing with the Lord is not up is not is not a tragedy to die while you and I sure put the Dionysian will you don't want to run under tomorrow's tonight so what Pastor Neal said folks right there tonight. Tonight would be the night for you to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus prayed to the father asked for forgiveness of sin asked the Lord to be Lord of your life. All of your life and if you do that if you do that you be and what with the Holy Spirit. You got God's word on God always honors his work were out of time, no deal.

I want to thank you so much for being here and at this time. Every night we get to this point were saying good night God bless and always, always, let's do it. Okay Friday the white man. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right? Posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR WL not on next time for another edition of what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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