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THU HR 2 050522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 6, 2022 12:05 am

THU HR 2 050522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 6, 2022 12:05 am

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The performance knows that according to studies, nearly 30 million men suffer from ED and won't do anything about it. Maybe they're afraid the solution will be painful. Maybe they don't react well to medication.

Maybe they're afraid it won't work. Don't be part of that 30 million call 1-800-210-8181. That's 1-800-210-8181 or visit peak performance for peak performance man at his peak donate and listen to podcasts that you are already were back and forth but I gotta say this this coming Sunday is Mother's Day and when we know what a mother is right again little cola mother's belly: birthing people know that the that's the second thing called birthing Babel. But the left, the insane left but anyhow because of that Mother's Day I will have a morning service, a doers of the word Baptist Church only a morning service because people have mothers and they want to spend the day, the families together and were really big on family so doers of the word Baptist Church only will have a morning service this coming Sunday.

Now get to say this to believe it or not, Dr. Peter Glidden actually knows more about holistic medicine that I do it so you get to do is were going to open the phone lines and let you folks asking questions so the phone lines is now open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 nationwide already will go and will will take will Cliff, is there a declivity or near questions… I kind of figured you did a podcast shows that they have a whistleblower Melissa from Bob plant manager and she says that when dance affair was actually being manufactured by Pfizer for the for Gilead they're actually doing the manufacturing she was satisfactory, plant manager, you know they will make a right that she says that glitters she's got internal documents that she either photographed or printed out that talk about permanent changes to the DNA targeting organs like the spleen. It talks about Lucifer raise his protein which is almost a for his protein and goats, which is about the map. So that's interesting.

I did not know about the rent that severe and what you said about how it's interesting to because I'm writing this book.

Three Tigers one Mountain and probably audible and it just illustrates way back to where the British flooded China with the heroin basically opium Haraway and they said what if the Chinese say about it and some of the Chinese sat back down.

Well the people that are doing this stupid cowards that didn't really blame Mandy could see everybody else that takes it's getting addicted that should be enough to know that it's just stupid. But my question for Peter is one is when you take these supplements.

I don't drink but a lot of people drank alcohol and caffeine, or even too much sugar, which might be the case at times with me is that going to. In other words, spill out the supplements to integrate the wash it out. Now that would be very, very good question. You know, the opposite will happen when you take the right supplement or ask your body can absorb. And that's an important distinction in the right amount for your body weight because everybody needs a little bit different. Based on your body weight. When you do the right stuff in your body to saturated then your body starts to respond metabolically in an optimal manner so one of the reasons that people crave sugar or crave caffeine is because your metabolism is a little out of whack.

The reason people smoke cigarettes I don't smoke cigarettes because they like the way that cigarettes taste they smoke a cigarette to get the nicotine hit because nicotine calm down your central nervous system is fetid so there's a bank to the box for smoking cigarettes to the bank to the Berkeley drinking coffee either the bank of the box for eating sugar. But when you saturate your body with medical nutrition when you collect your body for personal thank with the right stuff. A lot of those switches get turned off until the craving for coffee will diminish the cravings for sugar will diminish the craving for tobacco will diminish and this is one of the best kept secret in the 21st century. So now there is maybe a middle ground therebetween. The time your body saturated and and you get the benefit that your washing things out but more to the point, your body will soak the nutrients up because there are essential nutrient. Your body needs them so that it needs them in your body will do everything they can to Holland, a woman once you're walking around planet Earth and unified body which nobody has been until they start to supplement program.

A lot of things start to change because your body needs that stop your body. Haven't had the stuff your entire life you've gotten used to not having the stop and so you know it's kind of like you get used to walking around in a body that is less than optimal effort is like for everybody when you saturate your tissue with the stuff a lot of positive things start to change it.

You'd be hard-pressed to watch this stuff out with too much sugar too much, too much coffee while the question playfully what action plaintiff like I want you hold that calcium and so forth. In the mouth to really hold the cave with you about a minute about a minute good in a long minute to man when you're switching up stuff around in your mouth. You know it's like a watched pot never boiled that type of thing, but a good minute will do it to three times a day. Good strategy to help strengthen the teeth and gum one of the leading cause of the receiving gum is not enough calcium and most dentists don't know okay thanks a lot pleasure appreciate your support in your open-mindedness more. You are a rare burden, you know, like the fellow said not everybody back in the day you had the chance to got on board, Noah's Ark, so good to good for me to come on this radio station in here.

People like you who actually get it and want to take action on it so I appreciate you right back at you know you are talking about receiving God's no reseeding here. What you do that will not a lot you can do for receiving care. However, one of the things that interesting to note is that the here is nonessential body tissue so if your body becomes deficient in essential nutrient.

It will start robbing nutrients from nonessential tissue to keep essential tissue alive. So it will rob nutrients from your hair from your nails from your skin to keep your heart and your liver and kidneys alive.

Your brain and so one of the reasons the people start to lose their hair, especially at a young age is simply because their body vendor neutral five and they don't know it but to read to actually revert back. I'm not aware of anything that can reverse it once in a blue moon.

I've seen somebody regrow their hair. Once in a blue moon. I've seen white hair turned red or black again. That was very interesting because of the exception not the rule.

So you're telling me the trade office have to become elitist daylight ask you question me on that thing handled by Lieut. Mike. I treaded that work for you here, but it certainly works for your nails. Why is that well because biochem is one nutrient. Out of 90 okay you know your 90 essential nutrients that were where and you know next year maybe to be 92 or 93, right all of the all of these nutrients work together like a Symphony Orchestra and in the all of the metabolic permutations and you know that the cross reactions and nutrient effect.

This biochemical pathway affects this gene expression. It's a complicated thing, which is why I love my job because I don't really have to try to figure all that stuff about all I have to know what your body wants to fix it so your body is trying to fix itself. Your body has wisdom innate wisdom, which is directed by the spiritual force inside the human body. So all I need to do is counsel people to stop eating stuff that gumming up the work and then give your body to stuff it needs in your body will sorted out so biochem is one nutrient. There are 89 others that your body needs and when you take them all. That's when the magic starts to happen, the race being the magic we have coached Duane a coach. God bless up after standard good evening Dr. Glick going on coach put me in coach. I'm ready to play hello to Randy hey how are you buddy good good talking to and I couldn't take now Dr. Glenn you know you're one of my mentors when it comes to holistic doctors, along with Dr. at Dr. Wallick and as well as Dr. Berg. Now here's what happened to me in much the last weekend, Mark.

I got really my stomach.

I would never pressure on and off the last nine hours in Galway today and it would come back.

Well make a long story short, I got all of Wendy Wilson about Gary Rhodes and I got a bow plan and I got her detox. I did that and I was praying for God, please help me, Lord.

Please bracket be helping well that didn't go away. 2 1/2 week later I'm still in trouble every two days. Then I get the pressure in my rectum and I get it in my lower stomach I could relieve the gap but could get there. The pressure so I called your place tonight Lord of the night you spent on mineral. I will order the imago oil and I got naturally I always have the calcium in the liquid minerals like took all that and I mean Dick Kelly with bent knee two hours everything went away.

I have not worked for the whole month of April. I got healthy again. But I want your videos and I sent them to everybody. The 12 foods, not eat, no grains, no soy, no part then he told me to go all your packages that you got now. Anything with palm oil coconut oil, don't you know Gary and I'm here to tell you 190 essential minerals when in my body and want to get oil and stuff and I cook at 72 hours. Everything is left, praise the Lord, thank God. Thank you Dr. Glenn you're welcome and you know I developed that once you've experienced the truth. Smell the grass forever and it's experiences like this coach, the better. The only reason my profession still exists inside of a hostile medical marketplace that we have which is now perpetuated by pharmaceutical industry, which I believe is evil. The only reason we exist is because more often than not people who follow our advice and really positive thing that you write in the proof of the pudding is in the eating so I don't really have to sell the stuff I just have to point people to give it a try man slammed the door can kick the stars you don't know what you're missing. Appreciate you coach very much lasted coach up if I get off and I'll lead by example. Okay Wendy Wilson while protecting your body found a 12 nutrient works fantastic videos I want to Dr. Wallick, Dr. Berg, everybody.

I'm the guinea pig I forward all the information I take your videos I put them on the fire reported on here in Brunswick and Bunker Hill told the people get to see Dr. Glenn Dr. Wallick Dr. Bart Bachrach Wendy Wilson stop and thank God for Pastor Sandra for having you on that help people deserves a lot of people sick and hurting and I'm a coach and I thought product meant people will believe they look for leaders impact the standards as a leader. Randy, the leader all Joe Larson hello world leaders and if we give people the truth.

The blessing for God, to get you one click you get the job I meet so many people that battle with Eddie Kindersley getting what you have for mom get off your Dr. Glidden God bless you and thank you Beth better grab them on the lookout for the first thing to consider with chronic headache is that if either dehydration not enough water in your body or your body is deficient in calcium and magnesium and usually the first nutrients that your body will become deficient in her calcium and magnesium. So the first thing to do is the stuff that we recommend everybody do not get your hands on the 90 essential nutrient which you can Michael like the tower Eiffel get the foundation back because in the foundation, back again to get all 90 essential nutrients where the calcium supplement the most absorbable calcium supplement team 33 years of clinical work in take that for 3 to 4 weeks.

If the headaches go away. I'm gonna bet you $0.25. They will know of is that we get to school called you not see a natural path and holistic medicine growing.

I mean is growing everywhere you go you see more and more of here health food stores opening up your where you get natural medicine and as people continue to lose confidence in the medical profession because I think they kill shot really nailed him hard humming. It really did because here in the least of these, that they were just doing what they were told to do by big Pharma and telling people to take the kill shot people lost all confidence, all confidence in a lot of the so and were seeing more and more people. I mean everywhere you turn, going to holistic medicine silver lining very, very dark cloud. To be sure. I hope the trend continued and I hope the next president, whoever it is my advice and establishes a federal department holistic medicine because we desperately need to take pharmaceutical control out of the equation here you write to Stephen Cleveland hello Dr. Glidden currently healing from occipital or neural neuralgia, not. They suspected that I may have hit single, back in.

This happened to me back in January I was getting like really bad all nerve pain, but joint number burning sensations in my head. Rick Barash never showed up.

But… Probably had it under the skin and most in the scalp area.

I've been on pain medication and they want they want to put me on injections and I refuse to do that. I want no steroids shut. Well, that's just that that both therapies are just a math problem. It's like you know sweep in the dirt under the rug. It's a bad idea. There is a there is a medicine that you can get the don't have to write this down because this is not available on the website. This is something different there is a homeopathic medicine that is a specific proposed shingles neuralgia. It's only a cause maybe 15 box.

It may help you a lot worst case scenario won't do anything. You'll be out 15 box. You should give it the old college try. You want to do a web search for homeopathic that HO M like Mary EOP like Peter ATH IC homeopathic by Julia F. Like Sam he like Peter I like India G like God you like echo L, like Larry, I like India, a homeopathic spike. Julia get it in the 30 the potencies he like Charlie take two pellets orally three times a day for five days. Two pellets orally three times a day for five days. If before the final dose on day five units.

The positive change remarkable positive change. You stop taking that's important once you get a positive change. With this you have to stop taking it and let it ride. If you just feel little bit better you not sure you keep taken for all five days. You also need to be unhealthy foundation Pac-Man because everybody needs the unhealthy foundation cracks because your body needs these nutrients in order to optimize the tell including obtain management. Okay, there's up hyper chemical in the body called prostaglandin that your body needs to make to manage pain in your body needs calcium in omega-3 essential back to produce that so don't Eiffel get the foundation packing in the meantime, try to find homeopathic by Julia and see if it helped dispel that again to form real quick. I didn't have anything right with only a guess it yet. F like Sam you like Peter, I like it I like India G like God you like Edward L like Larry, I like India, a like Apple in the 30 mL like Charlie potency homeopathic by Julia 33 two pellets three times a day for five days and best of luck spelled out PPIG no F like Sam like Peter Sam PRG LIA by Julia Herbert by Julia homeopathic homeopathic by Julia in the 30 mL like Charlie 33 potency and what what is actually in it. It's up botanical medicine that homeopathic. We prepared it will be dispensed in a small tube about the size your index finger and in that tube are going to be about 100 little white medicated pellet is a fantastic medicine proposed shingles neuralgia. About 50% of the time it works like a flipping miracle run it up with a likable life give you instructions on how to use it then to fight together. Now I just told you how to do it two pellets three times, orally for five bed three times a day job. Two pellets in the morning to pellets in the afternoon two pellets in the evening for five days in a row. There's a remarkable change before day five you stop taking okay and then also wanted to ask you your your 90 essential nutrients that the goals are and if the truth sort of drink that with the ball. There's some citrus flavor in one of the drinks, but the 90 essential nutrients come in four different container is the mineral liquid mineral is a liquid calcium. There is a fish oil with a little gel And then there's a multivitamin multimineral multi-antioxidant multi-everything powder that you dissolve in water through it before packages in the foundation crack is a like hiatal hernia thigh really hard with the truth but will that be able to tolerate Mobile of the drink gel you should be able to tolerate your body will suck this stuff up like nobody's business. Okay, it should not be a problem.

Okay, I really appreciate your help and advice with your already know folks out there like me to think that computers are evil. But you have telephones you can call 888-618-1796 orderly supplements is 888-618-1796 this Eiffel health all right and we going to go to Diana New York. I've never yet where here are you there Gladys might be able to tell me and my molder infection before back in February.

I will tell I'm not sure like to doubt no completely gone well thought out mean it's not rocket science. When when the body loses bone.

Most of the time it's because your body has run out of the raw material that needs to make phone and here's an interesting fund fact to know until your body is making new bone. All of the time, your body is chewing up old bone and getting rid of it and laying down new bone 24 seven.

All of the time, your body is trying to create new bone everywhere in your body but it needs a lot of raw material to do that and know the first thing to consider his body and out of bone nutrient and so you need to give your body the bone nutrient and you can get the ball nutrient with the LP foundation crack at Eiffel health and that phone number again is 888-618-1796 meeting about on what I think carrying overnight content could stage it is not a lot yeah you know in hard to know if you can get back what you've lost, but I can guarantee that you won't lose anymore. If you do this program so like never fail fudge your body needs the stuff you are you crying for this doctrine are you developing symptoms that your body hasn't had enough of it. So give your body the nutrients give your body a break. Keep your fingers crossed and see how far back you about okay thank you Mike call program but you have a blessed Mother's Day and will take you to publish you. Let's go to Cindy in Dallas hey Cindy, I believe, are here and how that event happened market and afford them in my way sugar that is currently on but I do not believe in prescriptions that they were cheaper than the earlier time. Well you you got up slowly to contractors about from the medical mousetrap began to stop cold turkey taking the prescription medicine you can hurt yourself. You could die. But you know people don't have high blood pressure because they have a deficiency in high blood pressure medicine. People don't have heartburn because they don't have. They have a proton pump inhibitor deficiencies finger. The medications are only prescribed to manage medications are never prescribed to cure the condition route you need to attempt to cure the condition with medical nutrition and then as you start to feel better under the application of the medical nutrition then you can slowly with the guidance of a pharmacist usually withdraw from the medication because if we do the right thing in your body bounces back far enough, you won't need the meds anymore, and this is the goal all the time is to get people so healthy that they don't neither prescription medication is what we try to do all the time, which is why I called my second book attempt at your I did that for a reason, because that's what were trying to do. We attempt to cure the condition every time. Sometimes we can do it. Sometimes we can do it halfway. Sometimes we can do a 25% of the way.

But you're always going to feel better when you apply this program called have a copy of the book in the read all about your attempt to cure here. Listen Cindy I know you will you call us doing please recall the time so just put a note in with it and will get it to prescription handrail and I am yelled at by the had been bad not bad really care because I can't let it get you down there within 24 or Albert what have you. I am now, and I'm now I am not true, it could not is your get out mean I would add drunk will you can know. I mean you have to wean yourself off of both of those drug Xanax is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. Xanax Xanax is what my #tell the doctor should go to jail if I would like tomorrow I would outlaw Xanax overnight.

That's how bad you want to share my knowledge and talent, but they gave my dad and I we would like our government that we get we didn't do that around. The man was gone. Medication without a casting die down what I mean by Frank Carroll County M.

I would my head in the hospital is when I got back on prescription and get a big morning feeling like it but me and God the way you happy you. You will come to a point in your life where turning point where your front with conventional medical way and where you know I and you need to make a difference in this is the different. This is the change that you are looking for to get your hands on the book and educate yourself about what to do.

Okay, good. I like balancing a county fair. Apparently cheered everything and I know you go back to the menu, not at liberty one thing and now the halfback thinking the dead and think you know what doctors don't care about patient you know my great-aunt very odd now half unite and then a huge Image is in the world because the heartbreak so thanks for: we have to move will be right back up to this is law is all you want I will you want your God is your will is is here that Donald Trump president help you better be careful on who you endorse members what happened in the best okay and help. Let's go to California hello hello I'm glad to hear program information over glad to have you here.

I want to ask questions about two years ago I recover from kidney cancer removed it effectively. I don't have any treatment and also had that claim.

I believe I'm okay but bag but basically I want my plan to you and Mike you give me cholesterol medication without Mike Taylor from training. I never want to take it.

I class on how I am.

I don't know how I like that.

I have never taken a class on medication but no baby want me to do that and when I tried to down watch what I eat a little vegan diet from time how my mom and dad right now I'm only feeling pain in my joints like lately things like that to let my assistant handle that one for a good move for you. There's no such thing as high cholesterol, if a medical professional, especially a doctor telling you this, you need to lower your cholesterol there lazy there intellectually lazy and they're paying more time listening to the pharmaceutical rep than they are actually doing research and reading the literature, because this is an academic `not debatable. There is no relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease does not exist. There are some benefit taking statin drugs.

If you have certain types of heart disease, but that those benefits have nothing to do with cholesterol-lowering mechanism so there is no reason on God's green earth to lower your cholesterol into the medical map and if your medical professional is telling you you need to lower your cholesterol. You need to fire them and find somebody else you do not have high cholesterol, and even when, and by the way, the research shows that postmenopausal white women with total cholesterol over 400 live longer than anybody else know what there's no you don't need to worry about high cholesterol at all. As part of the joint concern. One of the main reasons the people get joint pain is because they are unwittingly eating food that is harmful to their body. It's like putting diesel fuel in an unlettered engine. The cars just not gonna run right so there are 12 food you can find a list for at the website. 12. Food that you need to stop eating and often times when people just eliminate these food. The majority of their pain disappear, and in addition to that, it would be prudent for you to take nutrients into your body. The support joint health.

We got those nutrients at Eiffel health give the folks life will help you call them tell you what to do and how to take it the number again 888-618-1796, all environment the girl are looking for on my back pain final kind of courage in my scoliosis sat yet and found that an athletic on the tumor on my kidney and what can I do to improve my health and on cancer on great great question and the answer is the same. And this is why my job is so easy because the idea here is that you know your body knows what it needs in order to fix itself. Body knows how to fix itself. All you have to do is give it the raw material sought eating food, turning the body. Keep your fingers crossed. How far back the body can bounce. I don't think you're going to be able to recover from the scoliosis that happened a couple of times that's with a very specific type of physical therapy called Square one system is maybe 20 square one system practitioners in the entire United date at the really great therapy. By the way folks, if you're suffering from scoliosis or any type of musculoskeletal think the therapeutic again. It's called Square one system through a web search for the if there is a practitioner in your area, but nonetheless give Eiffel health a call and tell them you want to help you bone and joint back and I'll walk you through how to take it what it is been the whole 9 yards. That's what I would do for a couple months and generally speaking you know if your body is so deficient in nutrient, you're starting to have pain somewhere, problem somewhere, then Bible get you 10 sets. There's other things that affected also that you've gotten used to. Maybe your energy isn't that great. Maybe your sleep isn't that great. Maybe your digestion is not that great but you gotten used to it you think it's just well just because I'm getting older.

Well, maybe a county probably probably only because you're eating the wrong food you don't know the reader on food and your body has completely run out of the stuff it needs to keep itself healthy so frequently when people follow my advice. They they experience a global positive change throughout my sleep spread my energies better. Oyama joint pain got better to so really this is holistic medicine by the way, that's why we call it holistic medicine, because it's never just the bone and joint treatment. You know it's the whole person treatment and often you feel better across the board.

So I would I would give it a try device. We gotta move on with thank you and happy Mother's Day.

Let's go to Norman Clune and Norma hello hi I wasn't sure calling for Patrick when trying high conflict.

Dr. Glidden tonight to see a galleon everybody, not only tell me what to expect on the autoimmune type of disease like Crohn's yes medical doctors know they call things fancy names in order to make you think that they're smart and so they call autoimmune disease autoimmunity because they have no idea what causes it, and the medical doctor would like you to think that you went to bed Monday and you were perfectly healthy but you woke up on Tuesday. Anybody decided to attack itself.

That's what an autoimmune disease that so if you have lupus. Your body is attacking the skin. If you have the Hashimoto's thyroiditis, your body starts to attack the thyroid.

If you have Crohn's disease. Your body all of a sudden decides to attack the large intestine invited to do that when nobody know and what my profession believe is that all autoimmune related to parasitic infection that there is a parasite in your body that is confusing.

Your immune system and your immune system has developed antibodies to try to kill the parasite. But the antibodies resemble healthy tissue in the body, and they're attracted to healthy tissue in the body so it is working with an autoimmune disease, you need to be checked for parasite and it's usually a naturopathic physician that the best way to do that so look to see if there is a naturopathic physician in your town that can help you do that, but that's the first thing to consider with any type of autoimmune disease is that it's a ramification oven on diagnosed parasitic infection.

Okay they want to give me that I shot the belly, no, no, no, that's ridiculous. That's just, you know. So what what those treatments do they suppress your immune system which is not because all your immune system is out of control. We don't know why your immune system is out of control selection pressure mobile aware you make a tuberculosis. Oh by the way you make a single go.

By the way, you may die from the next blue light all kinds of stuff a lot.

I listened very and Wendy Wilson and they were really that nurse Member Conley will really like they were really doing that. Think I think that help me not to call the whole thing is I don't want that government okay so well so I looked naturopathic addition so there's nothing daring you little apothecary you can well prove it when it when it comes to serious condition and so were my whole army before we start spending lots of money treating it. We need to know what were treated and so I would look to see if you have a parasitic infection.

First, because if you know what parasites in your body. You have a better idea of how to kill it and then you get right to the heart of the matter.

Rather than beating around the bush for years and getting limited result, you know, I haven't noted eating habanero peppers. I need about one habanero pepper day and I know that that really kill parasites and individuals. Every parasite alley, green pepper, interesting, really.

I pray very odd that I think the claim clinic and they lived in New York when I was younger. That's when I got for 15 like you're right galleon over there. I could've picked up no parasite in one of the reasons that people also develop funny food cravings is because the body is deficient in mineral the same thing happens with animals. By the way, when animals become deficient in minerals they start eating dirt delete rocks that lead other animal.

Delete the wood on the fence around their corral guy. I kind you chew ice all the time. What you probably need not, you need not anymore. I used to when I was younger okay you need you need to healthy foundation pack immediately. Baldwin won out with one extra bottle of mineral get in touch with Eiffel health get the foundation pack plus one extra bottle of mineral health foundation pack plus one extra bottle of mineral call Eiffel health and do not reply. In the meantime, if you can get check for parasite. Okay, I thank you very much for talking to me and I Well thank you and this'll have a blessed the Mother's Day normal let's go to Christina New York very very much for being spiritually carried your current per station part autoimmune getting home I got for you to know I can earn think like 5 µg on wood. You can still get a kick, no Synthroid is for an underactive thyroid and usually the cause of an underactive thyroid deficiency in the trace minerals selenium and the deficiency and I the problem.

The problem is that the longer that you're on Synthroid. We could thyroid get and then after a while your thyroid just so weak that you can't UW have to take that medicine for the rest of your life if you been on it that long so I don't think there's any coming off of it. However, your body needs a nutrient called selenium in order to help the thyroid hormones circulate properly in the body. Most of my patients who need be taking a thyroid medication like Synthroid or Armour Thyroid when they start taking the medical nutrition program.

They feel much better in the thyroid medicine works much better though and I bet you 25%, but if you started with the medical nutrition program +1 bottle of selenium a month of the quality of your life as far as your energy and your mood in your sleep goes would improve. That's what I would counsel you to do is an experiment for eight weeks to get a foundation pack a healthy foundation pack +1 bottle of selenium try to separate weeks and see if you notice the difference.

Originally got a long time to get her and got the thyroid storm was very, very scary. You know the cardiac involvement think they decided to do the radioactive isotope placed on Synthroid, just like I can do exactly as you recommend Merrill hundred percent. You should feel an uptick in your energy and then everything across the board, thyroid storm that's a very interesting phenomenon. There's a number of things that can cause that one of the things one of the two things to consider with thyroid or more deficiencies in calcium and also deficiencies in iodine, you know, I wish we could roll back the hands of time, but nonetheless here we are. We have to move on crow Christine, thank you so much.

I will blessed the Mother's Day and Duane in Akron.

You're the last call for the night last call you two minutes. Go ahead and about eight years ago I had pneumonia in the program and antibody called Levaquin and ever since then my joints Bob bold pop up back bye-bye bend over the option for them.

Yeah, so you need to go to the health food store in the refrigerated section of the health food store and you need to find a probiotic that's refrigerated probiotic get the best probiotic the bit got in the health food store and I'll tell you how to take it take one bottle for one month and go to Eiffel health get the foundation pack mineral deficiency syndrome which has been driven by the antibiotic you know, whenever anybody has pneumonia. That's also an indication that there deficient in omega-3 fatty acid in your lungs.

These omega-3's like your bones big calcium of the omega-3 essential that are found in the healthy body pack go into the bargain. If you take the healthy foundation. Pack your lungs also should get stronger down the road and you should experience kind of a general overall uptick in your health, but immediately what you can do is get a refrigerated probiotic at the health food store take up to 30 days and see if you notice it or what what pack healthy foundation pack that my little health and their number is 888-618-7096. That's 888-618-1796.

They went over after as a parting shot.

I have a joke for you ready yet will really okay what you get if you cross the Mormon with a Lutheran.

Let me know shows up on your doorstep every Sunday with the Bible doesn't say a word. All right there you go.

We are out of time.

The pastor helps post because a pastor health see that so okay tell you there yeah matter. Okay, you got three minutes. You gotta get moving. Okay this is a program tonight rather go to heaven will when time comes for them to leave this world and this world of what were looking forward to leaving her the Oregon Christians know the Lord as our Savior were ready for the Lord to come up hither and were out here or else you know we go we repress wave is a visual we get a better home to go to than anything you could ever imagine why because when when God when Jesus that on the cross that was God in Christ reconciling the world unto himself what he was doing was paying the righteous payment that had to be paid in our place on the cross so that we could be forgiven by God and go to heaven.

That payment had to be. There is no getting around it. God's love entered into it, and that he loved Jesus to pay that payment in full. In our place. John 112 as many as received him, to them gave you the power to become the sons of God were all creations of God. But even the devil to creation God go to heaven yet to become a son of God that happens the very moment you open up your heart Jesus Christ and admit that your center uses against them. The use of the gift God and that you need forgiveness and the Jesus is the only one that can forgive you know about Jesus that I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh to the father but by me. And that's John 14 six.

That means the all it can save you can save you all the scans they view the Pope can save his book church. The wash away your sins of the blood of Jesus Christ and we have redemption through his club. Forgive the sins according to the riches of his grace. So now you hear my voice right now tonight, you probably would total your laughter your good works of church membership been a good person get you. That's all a bunch of baloney. The Bible says is only through Jesus Christ.

You, by faith basis. Trust. Trust in God's word trust in God's promise because making you a promise he cannot live know if you realize your center and you have to be crazy to try and translate you're not. You admit your center that you need forgiveness in your will in turn to Jesus Christ for forgiveness is not good though your heart right now, here's me talking to you right now, in Revelation 320 behold, I stand at the door knock. If any man hear my voice and suitors word open the door, I will come in so right now with him knock at the door of your heart you know you open up the door.

Romans 1013 for whosoever shall call upon the name the Lord shall be saved that US can Jesus Christ come in your heart and Savior, simple prayer that we pray that prayer can lead you through time.

Well I wish you were out of time for tonight and so let's say until tomorrow.

Good night is almost always. This is why I thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR WL please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at next time for another edition of what's right and left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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