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WED HR1 050422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 4, 2022 11:05 pm

WED HR1 050422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 4, 2022 11:05 pm

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The charging unit leader.

The fourth nursing team ranking universities RN degree program in healthcare Flemings meaning making healthcare thinking the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio brought just what's right what's left is coming out now to another additional what's right what's left. Tonight we have the muddy Andrew is our board and pastor and we have way out yonder that Missouri parson Joe Larson Joe Larson after go to work and we have denied two special guests from the Ukraine.

We have hope and I don't destroy your names fellows with Ivan besides his last Dayco business cycle. Is that right Ivan Graham. "I don't think I would bill is likely I will get bills like okay I'm in Bell's Dayco and let people here we go, pastor Canetti Mohican Minco hello brother. Okay that I did. I print out your last name of the United already okay well it is really good to have you fellows here with us tonight and so were going to really get into our scripture because it was going to go along with what's happening, you know we been dealing with government. They know what God has given us.

Maybe, maybe we should go there instead. When God gave us the divine institution of human government he gave was that during the Noid covenant and he made five points fellows very very clear Joe listless just go there tonight okay and those five points in Genesis chapter 9 with their Joe if you want to go to Genesis 9. Maybe we'll just pick it up right there, because we're living in the time where everything has been reduced as been corrupted here in America we do not have legitimate government like you folks there where you're at our government here is been given over.

It is been compromised in every single area and in that Noid covenant God made it very clear Joe Taylor read verses one through seven and God bless Noah enter them.

Purple and multiply, and replenish clear and the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of Europe, and upon every follower of air upon all that move up upon the year and upon all the fishes of the sea, into your hand. Are they new liver every morning, every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you.

Stephen is the Greener have I given you all things, but flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof shall ye not be in Shirley, your blood of your lives will I require at the hand of every beast will I require and at the hands of man at the hand of every man's brother will I require a life of man through social strata and blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made email and you, be fruitful and multiply, bring forth abundantly in the earth, multiply their okay and then guides take you to know and and two sons with him, saying, and I behold, I establish my covenant with you, with your seat after you with every living creature that is with you and the fowls of the Catalan of the every beast of the earth with you from all that call out of the ark, to every beast of the earth, and I will establish my covenant with you, neither shall all flesh be cut off anymore by the waters of the flood, neither shall there be any more a flood to destroy the earth. And God said this is the token of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you for perpetual generations. I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be afforded token of the covenant between me and the earth, and it shall come to pass that when I bring a cloud over the earth, and that the bow shall be seen in the cloud and I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh in the water shall be no more become a flood to destroy all flesh in the bow shall be in the cloud and I will look upon that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.

And God said, and to know if this is the token of the covenant which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth. Now novellas here got made five points neck that covenant very first to Weston who he was making a covenant with that was all mankind for perpetual generations and everlasting covenant. Okay, the second was the intent. The intent was verses one through four.

Man, was to govern for God man was to govern for God and then we get to the third and this is the most important. The third point was the purpose.

The entire purpose. The entire purpose of divine human government can't talk about legitimate government and I'm talking about. For all nations all over the entire planet. The entire purpose was to preserve the image of God, that being man and that's where you got the statue of the death penalty in Shirley.

Your life thereof which is in the blood know, and surely your life, ensure okay and surely your blood of your lives will I require at the hand of every beast while required the handyman at the end of every man's brother will require the life of man who associated with man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made he man and you, be fruitful and multiply and bring forth abundantly earth that God gave us that they command that wasn't a suggested three times, be fruitful and multiply, but the entire purpose of divine human government is to preserve the image of God, that being man and so here this is where we're living in a day by the weight of the fourth point was the fourth point of that was by no means which man was the govern for God, the means by which man was to govern for God was God's laws and statutes God's ordinances.

God's commands.

God's promises God's testimony God's judgments.

God's precepts and you find all of that and hundred 19 song that moves like there's no stuttering. It's very, very clear cut in the fifth point was this that all nations and all people that would be in line with with the first four points.

Those would be that would be in a meeting it's in line with the first four points would be at peace and not war with God. Well, I don't see too many nations today that are peace with God and so this brings us to where were at today it was happening there were live in America, which is a very corrupt America used to be in good nation sheet which was great because she was good but she's gone bad. She's bleeding. She's heard and she's gone bad. We had we've had wicked people.

I mean extremely wicked people right now.

Today in the White House. We got a pedophile and there a man who is not, you know, just came out just yesterday and said you know it's a it's a should be up to whoever decides whether or not to kill the child till to abort the child needs to kill the child to understand that you see. He says this it should be up to whoever did needs to decide God has decided that God has decided that wicked little man in the White House is not only evil not only wicked but is a liar and he and and every time he gets in it and speaks, he lies and and here in a pastor you know where this word is judgment begin. Pastor Gennady Lori brought my postdelivery website, but I all but what I what you say about government had bowed, got image of the whole media mall that I have so great for you Mike.

That's we know because they have more cleaning my home, my DQ Murray reported Ukraine completely coolly and maybe 20, maybe 30,000 people more skilled than my previous letter you Ukraine and the example how would work with him prompted the government to they can every one want to feel shame and guilt. Children will man and the thousand people under it really greatly greatly for it when people say you know God, my vision will will work here and they be Sold between state exactly what the problem we have okay again in this world is people have forgotten their God. They have forgotten the God and Andy here in America. Again, it's really bad now in the Ukraine Ukraine in your government was just as corrupt as ours emphatically basically using your government to launder money and we pray for the people of the Ukraine and just like the people in Russia, not the government.

The people in Russia.

They don't want that war no more than the people in Ukraine want that, but he wore they would, they would end many of them have relatives in the Ukraine and you know and here in America. In a weird way could be right on the brink of the Civil War in this country because like the Lord Jesus said a set of come to turn father against son, a mother is daughters because of those that are saved.

The children of God, the elect and the Democrats in this country. Which of gone totally away from the word of God who have forgotten their God and rejected God and they want to embrace everything because where the Bible calls evil because sinful and here in your country out there where you are at your going through a really rough time and then we're going to be continually praying for you out there.

What is it can tell the people out there what what it is that you need help because I know that you been risking your life to save the elderly and disabled children of women and children and elderly to getting them out of the marital pole assist all start of this war and it is the complete city gone now know what your client might be. We write all my comfort right now. Yesterday you corrected the market improvement and that we shared with family with the average Russia memo. Many people in my country states that you trust Guilt and guilt slept in my U buttock Ukraine bit more pledge of glory right now because failing the Russian folder guilt vehicle and fight my everything they completely destroyed my immortal and made the one of the big you might and I won't bore there. I was gold my butt.

They came and destroyed 9357 building completed and that my people will still nobody knows how many maybe 20,000 maybe $14,000. Typical body wars of the three everywhere healed people, the young woman and that all people will man and right now like we may be 100,000 people who have written a diesel tent running late and the rock struck them Russia bones give them, go out for safety play they told you that a child by pot, boy and go out the date draft just to them and fight like labor like mold want a mole in the low low, not an average they use very more thorough every day. The real genocide.

21st century you real genocide greatly. Could you be guy we fuming. He completed five tablet and the and I will walk people will own more without right now because whenever you have a peaceful nation. We never thinking about pumps and likely reality.

You before this whole thing started they kept telling us we kept hearing that dad this. This won't even last a week. Russia will come in Russia will completely and totally devastate it won't last a week, but now it's been what is it about two months since it started, and the and and what is happened and it looks like Ukraine is is is holding their own against these huge Russian forces, and so where do you see it going from here. I think one of the more important, more war by workboat language mode.

More about oil smoke more about my own report more about three more about religion because my grandpa was a popular former Soviet Union. When people most completely flavored late 1000, and now when my country Ukraine for Soviet time will you will. Mr. and is the need of some conflict they want one that spoke now Ukraine like neighborhood might you start with religion, freedom, job lot, year, we thought the real Lieut. Creek capital everywhere, not the government. Don't talk about bones. But now when we thought I'll wait that guide James Bonfield healed with his piping about freedom, about religion, freedom because, you know, Russia George most completely delete this is not real choice is scheduled to be and I know that I know that for sure yet. We had we had that we were supporting Baptist College their university in Moscow and then and that's what they were all telling us that the KGB was was in the Russian Orthodox Church with but pastors there told us that that wasn't there dated and fairly KGB they feared the Russian Orthodox Church and there was a couple attempts on the lives of some of our pastors that were over there by the Russian Orthodox Church, and so what you think about Putin you think Putin is demonically possessed. I learned about writing hollow morning. I probably are grandpa that one will KGB guide that bio. The morning Gladys. Great people so you only people like game for them. They can kill anybody, healed M guilt eliminates the guilt people around can to be completely spoke freedom inside the mall. He thought the use more grading. The fence usually In the encyclopedia and feel like it Believable and I want to play brief real big where everybody from the writer a dramatic I'm recuperating without greatly Ukraine because now my wife like a rationalist helpmate told me Russian Russian world lot Russian but we called her Russian like she's Russian really good morning corrected you what happened because people date you may think you're thinking without building three of the fire would go into making the when you go to sleep. Many people everywhere like you know a little salute looks like like three huge people Russian soldier data rate again people's so easy.

Undeliverable we will go from God for dating with freedom with white freedom right now like United States. You know, we'll country had that story slightly about freedom, about about and debunk independent know my my country. They described I like symptoms. American people say freedom is mimicry right now, my country. Huge terrible right freedom, but we will delete will we pray with a "Russian army, and we will delete home I mentioned I will be praying with you. Go ahead. I'll bring this pastor drunk. Forward go to the London daily Mail those daily daily mail there in London. I paper it shows the pictures of Marielle Polich shows what the pastor is talking about the absolute instruction that shows the pictures of the old people that are trapped in wheelchairs and there were trying to carry them out of the rubble out of these a lot of the more underground under this steel plant and there's articles showing other probably not worth thermal load very worried about and other headlines hell on earth. And it shows the cruise missiles raining down Marielle: it's totally unreal but overhear our news does not give us this kind of news or pictures so you have to go to the London daily mail to see the truth and see what's really going on there and Ukraine will be limited as to what is it what is it that we can do to help you out. I mean we need.

I know that them got all kinds of different groups that are sending food and supplies. And I know that Tim was in a world our southern borders wide open, but you know you you folks from the crane. I know that the you know you can come straight on in here to America about what is taking place. What is it what is it that we can do for you to help you out there will easily immediately communal people like counting out loud, refugee all. So many people not all. For example, my home. I have the pipe adopted children in my three minutes with the whenever you have a good home with my family too much about never follow me.

Nobody makes my doctor gave us all the people that they bring about home when we feel that but that maybe it's me but right now Russian soldier came all night.

The only refugee from Rome. Are you putting in now Russian soldier sleeping my dad's old computer sleeping my children children's room room and the needles people now refugee hundred thousand soldiers playing I would check levels i.e. every day I work for soldier we help that we pray with them. We found that men with writing more well with the piping making Russian (e.g., when ABQ made them). Many my friends. I have baked a lot of my daughter I Don't you try conduct of children, but some weeks ago they killed one of my adopted daughter. She was googling my "them see she will maybe go Russian destroyed home on the job someplace ago I understood how it UK island that enable us get good peaceful way show all but the most completely cast like a piece of meat. She was more. She came to my home. When she worked there with Dave Fleetwood with many thousand people got my baby dolls. We don't have the questions. How about people can help you. We will need really you be home. I got pray about. Thanks for all you can marry when you carry a donation for maybe Ukraine will own no great story. My church building in big trouble when you put the engagement we have like shelters like shelter, 545. Probably women, children, month without without without the where equal each believable but if the salary I will equate people.

More importantly, so usually my just my people liquidate more than 1000 people and nations 100 people got the signal from my United Nations usually novation with no minimum they liquidate 100 people might my my people crave more than 1000 every thought, everything usually Laura. People go on.

This should go on.

More there are four states sleep.

Pray without thought. Give up your voice against Russian information and help you create follicles. We will do that in here, you know, I have like a website, put a mean if we set money coming to you.

How would you get it. That's the problem and and you have to be able to get the food and buy food.

But there's probably not available. I know that there's there's food and things being brought in their bladder. No, we have Russian territory.

We big problem but one territory which Ukraine control.

We will we have weakened by weakened by automated and weak body PL and Friday where writing help with school people directly from just yesterday go to frontline doing my and that we bring many foods for old people who leave directly that will live piping around that would give them to wait bring them sublimated today. I will also like what we can buy the Ukraine territory weakened by committee goal direction directly to the rule. People who need anyway pastor we can get a directly to you. Is there someplace we can send yet you I just I just had that here that's what I'm trying to bring up right now here you go. Let me see if I can bring this up. Okay, it's given send go give send go help Ukraine Christians fighting on the front lines number one free Christian fundraising site okay that's give send go and that the site is HTTPS double/is/give send Ukraine Ukraine. We see here a phone trying to get the rest of us is trying to take off. I may find this smart phone. I have again is give send think you just yeah Ukrainian Christian Ukrainian Christian okay are Ukrainian. Yeah uniting and you can follow him on freight program and every post that is eco-Oregon or Bangkok or what.

You can also go to Republic and all award Republic green and green belt BIL GR that the public Phil and you can switch to English bearing. The domain infection and that is all all kinds of oxen for open your exit is very easy to money for them and for them that way. Yeah we will be sending something from our church here and make sure we we get something done tomorrow so that I get the ladies in the office. We got you something, you get some help there.

I follow I got the Republic, but I could not get the rest of that penury. I can't write a lot of our listeners counter you your public Phil and pilgrimage belt BIL check out our Republic pilgrimage Lori Phil product the name of my openings to get children to bring out the former Soviet Union more than 4000 homeless children goals.

These project we called it complicated for homeless former homeless children Republic steel green but major right now, boys was googling that mild knowledge soldier) right now soldiers. They stated frontline and Sharif every day. We don't grow them for war inflammation with negative thinking about war can be regarded I read books about my grandfather told me about about second world war.

Can you Nagy. When people are likely to be key in my youth, soldier 1.28 healed thousand people might speak the room year soldier salute you can thousand people in learning about bucking a major Russian soldier now came to my feet and just there. They killed maybe looking maybe 20,000 people, and they completely destroyed old, creaky salute to one more than soldier. This is our reality right now and my found no on the Army, my adult my guy get some They work like Willie Pearson. Gail people Ukraine know my nation have sold big challenge but but the group is all my nation. No my credit creation guide Jack from show guy, very good, very kindly, but shall be got for a few more but now create likely like nation leader Ray forgot about my country and old country pray right now. I hope we will not follow. This is Russian intervention to this because I know that within this within Russia. There's a lot of dissidents people or people don't like this there's a lot of Russians have relatives in Ukraine and they don't like this and I know that there's been a couple instances over in Russia where they had similar power plants have been bombed and set on fire whenever I do you think that the that there might be a revolution in Russia. Do you think the Russian people might rise up and and put put in downward this point have such a hold of an iron hold upon the people that they dare not try our home runs. I love people and technically rush home created by an erection. My mother was born in Russia.

My father was born in Russia. Russian language and I never had one problem and I hope Russian people can wake up and change the government school-based work, but it's mostly because you could you be major. People in Russia.

Goal will be three and they want war, they played no more I read the we can get something currently just say no more green about war against Russian, Russian, dimensionally great. You are criminal but the more we have many people in Russia say no because I did acute people and get paid territory and cute people are not. I hope one day we woke the like like you erection people wake up and that will change their country. That government is way because of their country also never regaled they will slavery all all government control everything you people government localization and baited living at three. The government went. Troy picking the moment Soviet Union was destroyed. They had just short legal and that very quickly so he could you be feasting back in stock. Control everything but a cold.

I pray both Russia I pray about Russian people, and I hope they can change stipulation inside their country installed this war. Claire pastor in America. We to impanel a war we will just become a shooting war yet, but you have what it did with the call the Democratic Party for the progressive in their their very communists there are hundred percent communist and are our FBI now is become like the KGB, the FBI's very, very much like KGB they're trying to censor people there investigating people they want to but just like recently lately want to depopulate a lot of our our our country here and trying to force people to take that to kill shots with they call the vaccines, which we refused to take because people are dying all over our country. Those that have taken the kill shots are dying from that and we refused to take that. So there's a big battle in this country, but what we call Democrats are trying to take away the freedoms they just came up with a new department with the call of missive for this information, which is is is NSAIDs and what it is that censorship is like in the Soviet Union and like like in Russia where they censored you the big tech of Facebook, Google, twitter, that they want to censor it, you can't say anything against the of the antichrist system. It's an antichrist system. If God's Word the Bible because of the sin here. If God's Word the Bible because of the sin they embrace it. They embrace and they want they want to kill babies.

They passed here now and in America in a couple of states they pass laws. This is you can kill your child up until 28 days after the child is born you can kill it if you want you can stabbed to death. You can burn them up, whatever you want to do. He got 28 days it's it's real evil wicked. It's as wicked as wicked can possibly get here.

We got these these women who are there.

These what they call pro-choice or very boorish there very horse women you got the AG in New York Atty. Gen. she came out today and she was. She said she's proud she was proud that she killed her baby this woman is unclean. God's Word, the Bible calls are not only unclean because the wicked and evil to the core. That woman that Atty. Gen. New York is going to burn in hell forever unless that wicked woman. It repents of that evil wickedness Jesus unclean is unclean can get. So that's what were up against here in America and what were going to probably have in America is what would stay complacent. Ukraine soon because were were on the precipice of were heading towards a bloodied Civil War now in America.

Pastor where were very well armed for years and years. They try to take our guns away, but we fought it, we would not allow in America were very well armed and what happens if if it comes to like was taken there.

You've got over 300 million and and we know that we have probably 50 million people in this country that will get out and and mill building the fight they have to, and so were up against what you guys are up against the same kind of tyranny. It hasn't come to all out shooting war yet, but they're trying to push that honors's so did you get all that you probably up ago I was in United.

You from Seattle University. They saw the movie about me and they invited me in white mutual student students from Seattle when they told me I want teachers all profess our Seattle University completely, they called no joke, it's not possible with their very possible marketing rep told me it's not drunk all at teachers University have completely marked the idea I etiology I can't believe but now when I saw many random United I I remember that working with student will be called around you.

We we Ukraine also must pray both American because you can't leave a making monkey that sometime I cross on the bicycle United States will warning you. Warmly repeated around the world bicycle with my adopted some we promote the adoption lack page around the world wants to regulate it by thinking like girls rule all United States and left your country but what I saw this with real, very dangerous way you left idea would be a socially elite you need.

I admit great about your country will and I played for my product they leave the field that gatherer will be left good morning around. I hope you will be America made the nation very gracious story and I hope you will. Grigor left the Tiger what we have to in this country. In China I was listing to China were one of the professors was speaking to a huge crowd of their political students.

The were there for the political science and that I mean it was huge and probably minor many thousand.

He was telling them. Listen, we own America. Our people are in every high office in America.

He was speaking about Joe Biden. He was speaking about Hunter Biden. He was speaking about these people that have taken tons and tons and tons of money from the Chinese and Joe Biden now is trying to an American is trying to reduce us to a Third World status to 1/3 world status, what, what is he the very first thing he did the first day in office is try to cut off all of our energy supplies or gas in our oil we were we were selling it to we were exporting. Guess not all over the world. We've got just the unlimited supply of gas and oil underground would he try to cut that off right now is trying to cut the supplies of food their paying farmers not to grow food and if they wanted they wanted in their burning down their burning down food processing plants here in America and in a large and at a rapid rate that that they want to use food as a weapon against us here in NC.

The Democratic Party is a Communist Party it's every bit as much kindness as Joseph Stalin there it every bit as much kindness as Joseph Stalin and anybody and everybody that says that's not true, is a liar and is not a bitter truth and I'm not one bit. And so this is what were up against. We we see what's happening with you folks and we know that unless unless God intervenes in our people who always up, but Pastor Lemaster this because you know here in the Bible says that that judgment begins in the house of the Lord and God's house and then I God's house and starts in the pulpit and in America there is no place where our Lord has been more dishonored.

There is no place where our Lord has been more dishonored than from the pulpits of what is supposed to be churches. You just have a very small percentage of actual real New Testament churches in America in a very small percentage of those that are in the pulpit are actually saved they're not there many prosperity preachers and you've got the apostate church.

United Methodist United the Jordan, the United antichrist, you've got them in the Episcopal. Many of these out here that have gone totally apostate. Where there embracing sodomy there embracing abortion there embracing pedophilia again if if God's Word, the Bible calls an abomination, they embrace they embrace it and so that's where America is at and we know that Jesus said the first time he prays that repent or perish. We we gotta repent or perish. And this is what were trying to do here in this country. I we will we will do all that we can to help you folks there and if you want to continue you. Feel free to give us a continuous update here on a radio program whereon from coast-to-coast were from the East Coast to the West and will be glad to try to help you out as much as possible so what you see what was happening there.

What is your outlook for the very near future.

There were you're at. I believe I have a whole about my company to tragedy bicycling home Google changes. I also spoke about your company. I know now you have made me crazy last. It includes only on the whole of the church can be can be very formidable change in church M got really you could not follow her for her free America pool cleaned America for Benjamin right. Invite your government and invite your culture. I rail called Willow the I like there.

I have literally maybe one of my favorite bed and yelled at Chester: and he have one amazing maven and that nothing could tell you English but I tried to keep about my time in queue story. Well, in short, one goal down and that you see many times in queue story we saw how much gold down, and how did good morning IBM try get the church but you see every time when we thought it story that function Something happen and good morning, I pulled down the weight of trash, Bechtel went back to God. The repent then I called Willow pleading United made all we really need their war real need all wrong. America leader: multiply a leader for all I was when I was when I was a teenager I see a America on the radio during Soviet times when I was a teenager right here.

It was the voice of Risha urination can be changed and be one big game. God bless America.

Pastor just hold it right there because were coming up to a break when we come back from the break. Would you like to take some phone calls. Okay, hang tight working to be back right after this got a whole lot more to go. Don't go away, folks. Be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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