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THU HR 2 042822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 29, 2022 12:28 am

THU HR 2 042822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 29, 2022 12:28 am

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A change in tactics a change in missions by the government by the people, by every businessman or labor leader by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice on guerrillas by night instead of me by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations it's preparations are concealed, not published its mistakes are buried not headline its dissenters are silenced, not praised no expenditure is question. No rumor is printed.

No secret is revealed.

It conducts the Cold War. In short, with a wartime discipline, no democracy whatever hope or wish to match. Nevertheless, every democracy recognizes the necessary restraints of national security and the question remains whether those restraints need to be more strictly observed.

If we are to oppose this kind of attack as well as outright invasion of the facts of the matter that this nation's foes have openly boasted of acquiring through our newspapers information they would otherwise hire agents to acquire theft, bribery, or espionage.

The details of this nations covered preparations to counter the enemies covert operations have been available to every newspaper reader friend and foe alike, that the size the strength location and the nature of our forces and weapons and our plans and strategy for their use. Have all been pinpointed in the press and other news media, to a degree sufficient to satisfy any foreign power, and that in at least one case, the publication of details concerning a secret mechanism whereby satellites were followed requires alteration at the expense of considerable time and money. The newspapers which printed the story already there you go it would take a look at the world economic forum today just described imperfectly, the world economic forum is just will describe an and is absolutely right. What is happening today in the media. We have will also quit what is happening in America under the Biden crime cartel.

We gave our enemies the Taliban $85 billion worth. We gave them at army equipment given to our enemies, and that is more than most countries in the world have no military we gave it to is that this is the sort of thing was a Jan, it is not a microphone jammed up on me alone cannot aptly not an and I think I think again what were doing is what you have so many people are so wrapped up about the borders of Afghanistan that they couldn't care less themes about the orders of America and and yeah and with the rich to give arms this requirement and yet they're the same people, many of them that say we should that we should tone down the military turned into a sensitivity training class and teacher teach gender and in equity in and sensitivity training.

It's really ridiculous. We forget all this nonsense get back to basics and and and understand like cold reading, writing, arithmetic one went when we were correct in great. If not, not arming everybody under the sun is about her home first America for that so many time circle back to soggy services, it's imperative, it's imperative that we secure the borders between Ukraine and Russia again until the so what why is it there borders are more important than ours. I mean did I wonder. I wonder if you could get into the mind of the Democrats out there if they realize what's happening. I'm just wondering what you think coming will what I think.

I think that it is no longer a question of they got bad policy Our current fat in the personal formally bad install many arenas only conclusion a rational down of United States.

They are politically fine boy.

Every part of our arc not only our economy we stick with your energy out. We no longer energy dependent baking tyrants oil leak I could think of a seminar at night with a talk about how to dumbing down our school is part of the common pouring out now at the critical race theory and are teaching kids pornography in school know we got some ideas and plans to fix this. Not only federal level, but as you know Pastor on the founding board member of the national Association of Christian lawmakers and we got a state bill that going to address that was welded.

The right began, and they can should be partly violated their children are being taught instead of the grooming critical race theory 1519 Park project.

We gotta get back. And honestly I don't believe in people asked me why your frontage annual the outside and the reason is because I don't believe we can spend it out and wait and find out if the people who make all the promises and say all the things we want to hear if they actually mean what I find something again.

There is only one way to tell the difference between the real and the fake the wheel and the rhino and that action you don't have action to back up what you say and you got nothing but a quote. We cannot afford to spin around and wait to find out you really need to think you state we are on the precipice right now America is literally in peril of hanging by a thread.

Every analogy want to be were hanging over the cliff. We have got to get our country back. I believe that given me a plan.

Much like you giving me the idea of years ago for the heartbeat bill.

I believe there's a way to maneuver around the optical rhinos who stood in the way everything we wanted to and I can't wait to implement the build team to decide who the leaders going to be in accordance with the principles spelled out in my America first contract that Janet both I don't take up your brother just time.

I just want to stay. I live in Johnson County and people always So grateful for your stand for everything to do and I just can't emphasize enough the importance of this primary election. We can't afford to wait until November.

Christian will come out now. There will be nothing but rhinos on the ballot vote for November public inside you smear with pastor, usually with the Ashi. No, yes you, if you look at the world economic forum is G is a minister it's it's like the, the credit system that the Chinese are using with people believe the citizens are measured on how they act and what they do. Only businesses are starting to be measured and people are generally measured by what they invested in what they buy and what they do and that's all part of the world economic forum which is connected, by the way I to say this to 2030. If you look Jan at part of why you might see some of the changes going on 2030 had to do with transfer of wealth so one of the 12 other agenda 2021. One of the premises or one of the ideas that they came up with was that America's two wealthy and so you know in other countries are not so wealthy and so we have to somehow transfer the wealth. Why do you do that we transfer wealth by transferring our manufacturing to China when China owns a manufacturing wig to get the wealth that goes along with it so we transferred all this capability around the world and gave it up and so we became a poor country were transferring the wealth.

This ESG environmental, social, governance, measurement metric system which now the companies are being forced into a lot of companies don't want to be a part of this but the investing world is now saying will you get to be a part of this or when I gonna put you on the market or whatever the case happens to be pretty soon everybody's gonna have to comply with. We have to start pushing back on these programs right so knows you and cannot interject that that I wrote about credit in my book heartbeat away, a chronicle and in the handbook how to get heart judge could you talk more and tearful because you faded out okay. I don't know if you can hear me now having some phone issues yeah I can hear you know okay so so what they're doing in China is let's just imagine if somebody posts approach, prompting on social media and you hit a light button say I like that because I like Trump and I'm going to his rally that will give you a deducted credit score Ryan say say you got got up I don't know.

Let's say a new SUV. Some of them say will that the gas guzzlers to make a negative score or orchard for gun rights or for anything have to hang out with cool things that Alan yeah you get a picture taken out and no exercising their First Amendment rights in Washington at a January 6 rally.

For example, they get that you're a terrorist on top of that of things so so what were planning in in. There was a gentleman that I I quoted in the book who he had into schools. They couldn't get into a good school because the social credit didn't didn't go along he bow low enough to the to the communist Chinese government and and that's were headed.

That's what Italy just did.

By the way, Italy, just that you don't want working to make the social credit scores and try and rein in this climate change is working to say you know that were going to continue for 4 kn not being green enough for not bowing to the to the leftist agenda. This is the kind of stuff we gotta stand up and stop what we are going to wake up and find yourself in in a place where just exercising our First Amendment right to become the event that that is something that is going to put us in harms way and take away our freedoms.

By the way, there is a and I wrote about actually talk about this in my my documentary film called light winds cannot overcome the criminalization of Christianity something called the spiral of silence. And what happens is people are intimidated right now.

People don't speak up because they're going to be called a meeting date to say you're a racist bigot are you, whatever you are use all their knee-jerk things to keep Christians silent to keep conservatives to keep those who grew up believing the Constitution to remain silent, and then they go after it with the social scores and ethical affect your credit with your what you can travel whether you can leave your home mean the kind of stuff are talking about all we have to do is look to communist China to see our future if we don't stand up and I can say again, thank you, Skip thanks so much for for what you're doing and and I want to give you an opportunity if people wanted to find out more about you what what is your site that people could go maybe donate and help you out.

I'm Skip very straightforward yeah that's that that's very easy to remember and and now again one more time or let you guys go. I just want to say that you have no idea importance of the primary vote made the most important election we seen why we can get the right people in time we can get the white all the way down the local rut level. You know what that means. That means were to be set and ready to take back our election, take back our schools, and it took to elect the leadership that will prepare one president Trump is back in the White House to give them the means to carry out the writing of the wrong of this travesty of the deliberate destruction of America were going to take it back because I'm a tell you something to be hopeful that latte wondering him hopeful is that God is famous for working through remnant.

That's what he does and nothing is more a better example in the primary election, especially my race you got seven candidates in an open seat that means one church you're just your your friends at your church could influence the selection where you live because so few people coming out I'm telling you what what were finding out the early voting. People are very few people are. You have requested apathy balance.

They're saying that the primary voters is down by as much as 30% from the last time around. This is not a good sign, but it is assigned that our vote matter like never before. So, so, get get the word out. We got five days to educate everyone you know on who it is that that stands for righteousness that stands work for God or country or for life or liberty.

This is that this is where works come down to an II just again, do not we do not have time to sit this that we can afford extended out and and hope for the best that someone might actually mean what they say no, not anymore.

The only way to tell is action.

Skip gives actions that matched his word. I love to see them elected, and now and my actions.

I think speak for themselves. That's really 35 years of of of of of standing for God in the public square and now and and bring the killing to the place in America doesn't kill 9/10 children never happened before.

When we set out to do this, they said it couldn't be done, and yet it's done and I'm telling you one last time. If we can end abortion and we can take our country back and that Texas is just the beginning of what coming by way we are drafting an Ohio bill with the Texas version were were were making sure it doesn't affect the protection of the Ohio heart beat wildly fast already work but nothing that that bill right now you get introduced and I working at RIT in the killing here as well. While our bill traveled up to the court system.

I believe it's going to help deliver the final blow to the heart.

The fatal blow to the heart of Roe versus Wade. But what we can do that nationally is seeing you talk about on your program. Pastor, I think they're trying to do a Maryland California. They want to kill kids legally until there 30 months 30 days old, means that's appalling. That's why we need a federal heartbeat bill. We can't do it state-by-state. We gotta protect them all.

Just like like you can have some slave states and can have some free state.

No need to be all three and all children need to be protected the right to life needs to be guaranteed. Wherever you live, and that's one of the work for and so I can't wait to get there. I'm hoping you'll help with. You live in Summit Stark or not. Pray contribute. You can work with Paul's and not again you can go to Janet Folger and and I look forward to up your from you and to hopefully seeing you on on Tuesday. As you come with everybody you know in your family and your church stick to put your faith into action so to speak and not take our country back. I got a very good feeling about about to both you and Skip your Jesus picture this, Jim Jordan, the speaker of the house or Ted Cruz as speaker of the Senate, every dream which could you picture the I absolutely can't picture that and I think I know a way how to make it happen you. I think Jim Jordan will be peach impeaching Biden liked in the first month with a couple seconds.

You don't you know Jen when I try to get on Twitter and I set a record.

It took him 15 seconds I'm like in 15 seconds to deny me on Twitter. Now I get a chance to get another because of the long yellow and all that as soon as they heard Monday that was that was that there was all but no some good news really does make you feel better in Toronto zoo towards claims. The Toronto zoo claims that its animals are voluntarily getting injected with a covert vaccine for all the animals are volunteer this idea help you.

That's what we want to do good, though. You know I can understand why someone is truly good. Animals might say that, but it is hard for me to believe that the four-legged animals are saying that when you think crazy absolutely crazy. I honestly I wonder if these people when their speaking how to keep a straight face. I'm a chance really so absurd what they're doing. By the way, when Twitter banned you in 15 seconds. That badge of honor in the same way that Fitbit on the most-watched woman in America that says sometimes don't want to earn that you don't think you pretty proud that mom and dad are so proud you know that if the enemy knows that you are a threat that to their godless their Marxist agenda then then you're doing something right. And if they consider you a threat.

I think those are the kind of people we want to make sure that we go in and we do damage to the enemy's camp and we advanced the kingdom of God in every area of the culture every every corner of the culture and in Congress and and in in the local local races as well. Top the bottom. It's time to take it back to occupy until he comes. That's were called to do and that's what I wanted you to do a job because you see where people we know what a woman is when the we could tell the difference. We know how many genders there are and we know what the definition of marriage as we know these things are our opposition is clueless.

They don't know any of these things are not biologist pastor will get little did I know you want to get your beauty sleep, but I know you been wanting to take on a screwed up. Liz alleges one of the you for being here and I'm I'm excited about seeing you in Washington DC because you know when you can scrap it with those policies from hell.

That's with the we called the squad is going to be expected.

So will God bless way.

I can't wait got much appreciate your prayers appreciate your help pastor and skip what what will celebrate together on election day here hopefully all right.

I will let on that we love you working on the phone lines notation calls so you ready to roll. Thank you, Jim. You're more than welcome to stay with us but I guess she's really get the beauty sleep like a drug abuse they would never did really good you look beautiful. Okay okay 888-677-9673. The phone lines are open.

I'm almost tempted to play because a little piece here and I don't often work can I hook up in here and see if I can believe this little squat as little of this is from Christopher that didn't make it in and so I'm going to try to see if I you this piece to come up okay let me say this not working there okay this if this works wasn't the child fact, my long courage to stand up balance between shelters, family couches see the American dream and no excuses. Christopher Rodriguez, my mom, give us a better life. Stepdad panic, but I still had a lot of anger is until I became a teenage dad I had to step up and do the right thing for my daughter. No excuses graduated high school early and I worked two jobs provide for family. One mornings I was dropping my daughter off at childcare. I just had this time for my country United States I was 17 years old on the front lines of the Iraq combat just for my but I was lucky not everyone made it back to Pendleton totally broke. I had to start from scratch know it's 23 at the company bought a home three years in the nation. American dream is just hand it out like no excuses.

I'm living. I that's why stepping up again to come join was Christopher Rodriguez and the Christopher is ready for Congress and the congressional district there in California.

I waited on and no we wanted to make sure because he's got somebody living in his district. Who's a real lady and we love her very much and she is our San Diego correspondent she's she's so working for Southard so that's Linda's there so and Linda brought us this so thank you Linda and good luck out there. Christopher know the phone lines are open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 nationwide. If you have a question or comment. Give us a call 888 give a question about no wacko or agenda 2030 we because skip Walter Claypool here you'll answer those questions and so it was a call 888-677-9673 we had we had a clip we were to play about food shortages and they keep taking them down.

They do not want people to know was heading this way were going to fight will stand up against no before we take a call, I wanted to have this week we've been telling you from a very good co-that this whole thing about covert we told you in March going back to March 2020.

Remember we told you this whole thing is a scam. Okay, folks. It's all about to populate. We were talking about the population only back in the 80s here is the smoking gun. The proof the covert and the whole plan to make her all about population control. New evidence has emerged to show the millions of taxpayer dollars sent overseas by the United States government covertly were actually used to fund abortion and population control measures. That's right folks, we told you receives from the USAID grant agreement establishment 2020 show that the population operations were disguised as Wuhan coronavirus Cove in 1980 and then American taxpayers were forced to foot the bill for all of it related. USAID also linked to Peter Desilets echo health alliance. The notorious eugenics group Pathfinder international has now been exposed for its complicity in the multi-million-dollar federal government scheme to stealthily use pandemic disaster relief efforts as a blank check to push population control agenda.

In other countries.

We told you we told you we told that we tell you yes you do that, we told him more than once a day. They 677-9673 the with the symbols well because if if somebody does a particular person out there is not calling them something going on here. Okay, are you sure were on their okay folks out there.

Okay folks out there on the country list indoors.

If you can hear us. Let us know because when there's there's a certain process certain person when I can wait with the sensei Calypso clip you okay but if will clear that Cliff is not calling the NetBeans New York as a novelist is down New York was we don't if you're out there New York and you listen to us or whatever all across the country. Okay, give us a call at 888-677-9673 888-677-9603 and listen.

Try to press the like really sophisticated hard questions because our just right here skip it in and ready.

They want to. Some brilliant they really want to just come across brilliant so will every single oh boy, I said something the whole of the entire board looked the I guess so. So they are listed.

Somebody turn on the radio right will take some calls will get somebody people of these things goes right now I'm in folks of their lives to stay on the line still alike of the whole board as little good. One of the time. Did you see where the home musk in the Democrats in the Senate all men to question them about what his plans are for twitter he's going to ease up against the CIA. He's up against the FBI is going to be able use what right do they have to question the businessman how he runs his business. They don't have any right they don't write but also would make him a little bit funds in them to you may well be you know well you look one thing about the sea because musk has been working.

He's worked with the government. He's worked with the CIA in past, so nothing got something here because he can cut her nose and knows his way around and there.

So there you have a little bit of a harder job trying to take him down is in some believable folks was happening out there so okay were going to take some calls here as soon as okay okay let's go to hose first. Jim okay Jim you're in there. Go ahead Jim calling him a call when you were talking about the last half hour. There were these sound like something was pressing the keys and it was eliminating the our ability to hear what you're saying.

I don't know if that is just only in the Chicagoland area or if it's affecting you close their nearby pile all right right now it seems they seem to be right there always trying to Jim these things only. If you listen to his radio program. It only happen when were on when were off.

A little back to normal. But right now things seems to be okay.

They see me working right now is that technology that you're aware of the chicken pen point where it's coming from a militant military type. Now it's it's pretty hard to do that because they've got so many different ways to do that. The only time it really works that way. Is it if you guys call him and tell us then we have a heads up for the whole system.

The weather was only me know know who was pseudo-system, every board that the entire board would've little we would be hearing about a P will be calling from all the country watch. A lot calls. Thank you YouTube God bless things all right. Let's go to Ellen PAL you're in there LOL glad you doing there might believe we may be much worse.

But your laws.

I believe we need a big party in this country because I think the Republican Party for you, but as well, aliskiren lab I you know what I'm with you on that. I'm in a Republican Party because it's the only party that can of aligns with my conservative beliefs, but the Republican Party and just about every county.

I think in Ohio is got a very corrupt side and jogger cabinet. We got a corrupt chair woman and a whole bunch of rhinos to go along with her and it's just disgusting. She put an ad in the paper today to go after a guy who's been doing as much as he can do great work pulling together conservative Republicans and she just attacked him and it's it's not right so and so I think you're right. I think the only way. But the problem is Democrats and Republicans have created laws and wired the system to make it so hard to create 1/3 party that I mean people would almost have to rise up in an revolt right to shoot me an opportunity on an equal playing field level playing field because right.

We we've got an infestation of rhinos and this was one of the problems they're the ones we've said this time and time again. There the reason right now that you have the war in Ukraine. The reason right now that you have this food shortage. The reason you have the things that are all happening with the of the bed for five dollars a gallon gasoline is because the rhinos did not stand up when they were required to do it when the time came for them to stand) January 6 and say no we are not where like to certify the selection.

The corruption is as a mile wide and mildly. That was their responsibility to do that they failed us to feel God in the field country were not Republican Republicans about God from the Michalski and Collins go to the vice president Wesley Republicans vote for that woman was a baby killer. You know what you said about how I can say that she loves pedophilia that you will be pedophilia if you don't you don't have a problem with the with pedophilia at all what happened in that Rob Robert is a Rino from the word go. He will sell you out.

I wouldn't know the skies and the other two, two, and it's a poor very very poor reflection of the states that they belong to the have that.

Another was that it doesn't say a whole and for those people in Lascaux are in the new tall against Obama. So it's almost like you would stage the run against Obama because you know you probably would've one direction you would like, yeah, yeah, he was sold so well, so what what is going on already start the answer you want to kill if you want to get this country in the right direction. But you know there used to be in this country there was a law against treason was an actual law against treason and people that that was Joe Biden the nose of the look I heard the bigwigs from China when they were speaking saying and telling a large group of collegians amid a huge group of collegians look we have our people in the highest places we own the people in the highest offices in America.

They belonged to was we own. So what is that to let you know Joe Obama Biden his own lock stock and barrel by the Chinese government and that's why we been sold out time and time again. All right, now I all right, let's go to Wayne in New York when you're in there.

Thank you pastor and an excellent program I'm calling. I hope this is okay to ask today but we're supposed to go. The family specific go to some family occasion that United States for US territory okay yeah right so in order to buy the ticket.

We went by. But according to whatever all the websites of the God of your life. One has to think about the poison vaccine points click speak with injection evil poison you do that, but you do have to take a test and you have to take it within five days less than five days of departing New York down to Virgin Islands one flight anyway will I take that because on my understanding correctly. Do you have any guests that verified that the tests themselves introduce poison chemicals into our precious God-given human body.

It's not poison chemicals. There little what would you call those chips on their people that we had a number of them say yes, that upon those swabs.

They have there are a little numb proteins but would you call those who I don't ship a lamb and piano fibers is what actually called them five that I heard. I listen to a program yesterday showing your 5G.

Oh yeah, with that all you the pulsing with the 5G network and then they can basically turn excellent trend.

Those who are within chemical into zombies so you're saying that the that that according to some doctor that you had to guess that the fibers are scientists now that you know we had. There was a woman who was a nurse and she's worked in this for years and she did quite an investigation on the can remember in his right nose pennies was okay but anyhow talked about and I believe it was nominal. Not tenpenny dearest to you talk about two different people This is spinning thing you know the last. There was another woman also who had nurse and also the nano fiber.

What happens is that point went when they swabs you not only are you swabs did you know for your culture, but they also implement a nano fiber in you know in that I forget the name of the bone in your skull there. That's right there. That's why they go up, so did so now you're integrated into the 5G system because now you can be tracked via 5G on believable limit on let me tell you about those two very quickly will have you plastic used in facemasks have been found in patients along okay this is a by the rotor rotor Wilson micro plastic fibers were found deep in the lower lungs of number of living human beings in almost every single person sampled a recent study by scientists in whole New York University medical school of the study. Detection of micro classics in human lung tissue after they were prospective copy of published in March 2022 discovered micro plastic particles present in coal the masks in the lung issue of 11/13 patients undergoing surgery.

There you go. M&A articles good is what works out facility give you a tip on the test. By the way, this is Clayton anything, Europe, and in so little to so when you get an over-the-counter test, you don't go the hospital and get the test is the requirement on airlines is to get a test doesn't require the hospital to should get an over-the-counter test is a cotton swab that comes with that test. I do know contaminated with something or not, but don't get a console about a year your bathroom closet and use that instead. Now, you could tell the difference.

If you have access to a magnet cotton obviously won't is not magnetic right though the book but the one that's 5G sensitive does respond to a magnet.

Follow me, and combined with by the month. My name is Randy. Randy yet.

Thank you again for your serve. So you think a cotton swab could be showing is magnetic. If it's nonmagnetic it's not cotton. Obviously It's coming with the Yes what Randy is saying you can put Megan Megan tested, and you get a reaction, but what I'm saying is if you go and just pick up a cotton swab from CVS or whoever. Yes, that instead because it was what is that with your test all right what you can always do, is that if you have the magnet. Whatever you think you want to use run the magnet but in obviously it reacts to the magnet. You know that it's not cotton and the other fibers they use a lot is real.

They don't use cotton per se, but real is not magnetic. Will the magnet but my question Randy and and and everybody so I noticed that I'm just trying to live it up. There are two kinds of That they're selling that you can use one is like a PC Doesn't bring about, but not Octavius.

I should be more unwanted than than I am. But I know there are two types, but I don't want us to go over the year and say that it's this and it's that file okay and you know and and I'm not trying to back away from center beyond my bigger issue is it whenever test my wife and I are you will just say have a beautiful vacation and we wish all the best taken no swab and no ship and no nano fibers are coming into my body that delete by anything that I personally would voluntarily enact my body. So the question is will you is there any test you running on time to get area. Is there any test known so far. That doesn't have a harmful thing that I that I could quote illegal use I know because remember, the people are behind this are those that are behind the depopulation agenda so but I have to move on. But thanks.

Let's go to rock in Brooklyn Rocky in Brooklyn, New York where he got to speak up on your program program.

I wanted to relate to your program anytime gravitate to that point. My point is best. We reported we reported to grow 1242 short sleeves were suddenly deadly ideas. Nonproductive people has matured to rely and I thought I did get grandma to go which is we all commit them to stun the whole everyone lately dress that this is so good right motto pole that you will use. No one can tell them no torts or destruction or the only solution to what we do want to say this but putting Paula Deen for two full dip. Talk to Dave forward to walk to school each and every one of them promote harder quality to this because I'm running on time and noticeably from Genesis to Revelation. In God's Word, the Bible Genesis to Revelation. He makes it very clear resistance to tyranny is always obedience to God. Failure to resist tyranny is disobedience to God tells a look.

Don't worry about the victory part number bring that with me.

But here's what you do you get out there and you do what you cook when you been commanded so we are to resist.

He says on the blood there you go gutless, go to Linda Linda here and there. This is our San Diego correspondent. Go ahead, I I know you have a national program there and I went to the fact that we have his primary coming up.

And for the people that are being mailed talent. I want to assure them how their vote will be counted, don't go in go into the whole ear melee and ballet out like you you to any paper ballet that you used to fill out do not put it in the envelope. Take it to the precinct coal. They will be a lot box in there with the line on open it up, put it in the slot, it is under chain of custody. Your vote will be counted till be no person open up an envelope.

It'll go straight into the scanner to be counted in your major County code accounting area and that is the safest way to vote the Republican Party out here is telling everybody to mailing a ballot is allotted talkshow host local either telling people to mail it in. That is wrong there that year.

Your vote is going to be in jeopardy weight I'm telling you that most secure way to have confidence that your vote will be counted all right to get that night very good with very good deed you said it very well. You can stay there with this. You want let's go to Doug and Winchester Indiana show all got a comment that he's right.

We can do that got Megan dear I defeated forever LOL one person to go to God. You say that's where I will get back just one person's name in the late things Douglas go to all Lucy would okay dude on the elderly is a test of the saliva test you can take Illinois through lease stigma thing up your nose but not New York City. Okay all right there you go. I know that when we went to the prisons they wanted to stick stinking up your nose what we did is we just tested outside with him. But then, and when and will actually tell you the truth will as I asked the fellow there are a citizen. He sees was take this to get you nose up earnestly that it was telling the pastor hell as is your talent to take that mistaken best trails nose right is it if so, I said that I would think this is taken out ofa go ahead, I'm not kidding. That's what happened. And so the hell had the run because he only has one knows and there was to think that one mistake in the right we wouldn't do it if that was the helpfulness. That's the way goes now held other listed he's going to have to tell everybody okay already know where that time you Randy this is your time already this is getting done.

I'm glad that I'm glad tonight that we did talk a little bit about the social credits in China because this is the altar call Mel and all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, meaning that we all owe God. If you want to call it a social critic in this accredited none of us can pay.

Yet all of us to its adapted that we've incurred. We can't put God. God came up with a way to pay for and what he did is God when the middle but went into the life will body the existence of Jesus Christ and in Christ God paid the penalty as wages of sin is death and Christ died on the cross. The crucifixion because of his life, his death, his burial, his resurrection was the certification that God agreed that he was in fact the acceptable offer from the Lamb of God. The sacrifice and all one has to do is to acknowledge that one you or you have incurred the debt and you can't pay it and it cost more than you can pay but you are accepting the fact that through Jesus Christ you can be redeemed or bought back from sin because of not the only place you're going to go when you pass is to help and all in God's desires and no man should pierce it, but that all should come to faith through life in Jesus Christ.

And it's a simple list. I like for people to confess it in the something comes to mind.

Whatever it is a come to your mind then father God, I'm a free-form Allied aroma drunk.

Whatever you are and but I do believe the Jesus Christ death covers and paid for my sin and I'm asking you by by faith by my faith to accept me through Christ is being cleansed from that sin and adopted into the family as a son or daughter of God and if you believe that if you confess it would your mouth believe it with your heart, then Jen you are saved, you have been saved and the jobs you the God raised Jesus Christ from the dead.

All that's true and you believe that then you say this is simple to set God's number work, you will incur the cost. God did the work to redeem us back. It is as simple as that. And it's so simple sometimes. A lot of people miss so let's confess with our mouths. Dear Lord, I am a sinner and Lord. I do believe the Jesus Christ incarnation and wish you were in him taken on the body and the demon anyone who would accept by faith, that fact and the Lordship of Jesus Christ because God can't be your savior without being a new Lord, the Lordship of Jesus Christ and that I I give myself over to God now through Jesus Christ divide. If you've done these things, then you are saved and it's a simple as that. And if you will do that now or later than you been saved and God is gracious enough to do that already arrived very good. Randy close again. No one has ever not ever know.

Not ever ever regretted giving the heart, the Lord Jesus Christ like military look of their a whole lot of people in heaven and a whole lot of people and how and they're all believers know they're all winter in heaven. They're all believers.

Now you want to be one of those okay you want to hear these words well done my good and faithful servant. That's what you want to hear and let me take some things Scriptures very very clear works of the evidence of faith. If there's faith is there to be working and have a burning desire in your ability to serve the Lord, and if you don't have that and you better make your salvation sure because that is one thing, you better be sure of, because when you leave this world. You don't want to. You don't want to go south right there you go. All right, we have Linda out there. I want to thank you for calling in tonight and thanks for and until Christopher that the we gave you a little shot in the house even though he got he got the wrong time. He called in on the run program. Please sure appreciate pastor already. Will we. I appreciate you to.

You've been a blessing to us out there in San Diego and so will God bless you my friend. Okay were out of time. Skip thanks for being there. You did great okay and then until tomorrow right how we do this every night.

We want to say okay good night.

Right now we would do a slow God will as it always will all know she five.

The five thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR WL please tune in next time was right, left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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