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WED HR1 042022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 20, 2022 11:13 pm

WED HR1 042022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 20, 2022 11:13 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now I'm ready to post early dated. This is the voice of the Christian resistance of the April 23 20 go to nothing. It okay there you go you hear you hear that okay. She waits for this place a leaping lizards as little Lisa.

Good evening everyone, okay, no, get back in your cage all right there you going. We have earned a boiler room. She goes Jesus studio Marmon do no harm to the studio Marmon and if she goes by the mighty Andrew that's right I am here pastorates right big bad Leroy Brown calls him Sir right, absolutely. And now she's going back to the boiler room where we keep Randy Randy's kept in the boiler room.

We learn about now and then. But there back there today and are waiting there waiting. They just want to see those phone lines light up.

This is pledge week and if you only knew how much it meant to them to take those calls folks and so they really need to hear from you and that's why were really give you the numbers right out straight over there 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 will be given though. Throughout no way out yonder in Missouri, we have no other than that Country Rd., Parson, Pastor Joe Larson, Pastor Joe Larson are highly unpaid here ready to go to work.

Work a rough couple days but I'm back all right what we got you back and we be keeping you in prayer.

We know you had a tough time there. Thank everybody for the prayers. I'm doing better but I'm just having weak, fancy treatments that'll take a lot of time, but will get there. You know Joe you think about it, you wouldn't be falling apart. If he had gotten old. You wouldn't have you gotten hurt times will don't feel I didn't have steel in about three places in my body and all kinds of things like better off getting old is not always compelled to be earlier that I guess it beats the alternative. Now we have here live in the studio tonight soul is free and is read a couple books. One the Google globalist agenda and the globalist agenda and game welcome to the program so you are we likely over there.

You know what note Port Orchard Port Orchard get right up on top of it being an author not already know you get closer to the authors are good at writing together talking the right thyroid. You gotta get right on this radio program listen we move very quickly so you get a jump in, you get a jump in vanilla, so you jump right in there you can't wait, can we take to get in for someone to take a break. Jonah never stop talking going so anyhow. Guess what Joe we have to start off tonight. We have them in prayer request. Yeah you're right it's absolutely and then this this here is L. Fletcher, L is a long long long long time. Listen to the radio program and he's in the IC I see what is an ICU unit here and he called me today and he's not sure he is going to make it through till tomorrow and so he would ask for some prayer. So we're going to do that right now really go now and I want to encourage all you folks out there Joe. He's having a real hard time breathing fact he's he's been praying that the Lord would just come in taking and so you folks out there. Let's do this. Let's pray God's perfect will you know is God could say the word and heal him in restoring completely.

If that be as will and when you really beat not live. I love the thought how wonderful it would be of God was to do that little more often people would look and you would think you would think the people would look upon that and and and causing the belief but you know what, it didn't work them that will in the Bible, all the miracles were done and still you had unbelievable exactly.

So let's pray for him right now. Heavenly father Lord God, I want to hold out Fletcher up right now about God. This, I would ask Lord, that you would hedge around about him and his family be a comfort especially to his wife. At this time. Janet and thought I would just pray to Allah, God, Lord, that your perfect will with him be loaded with you if it be that I will.

We would ask that we know Lord that all you have to do just say the word and he's he's healed right now he's asked Lord because he knows of father God in prayer. That prayer achieves much and so he's asking father God, Lord, and we are asking that let Lord of the be there. Will that you take you home then take you home Lord of if you'd be here will and we that you could give him a complete and total healing and let the whole world see that this is nothing the doctors could do because they're not given them any time left but Lord, if he can receive a complete healing father God Lord and maybe some would look upon that and and look upon that and believe you were holding them up and say Lord blessed me with every blessing you would have for him and his family. This time in these things we ask in the name of the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. A map after all remind everybody out there God called him home. They will get that perfect feeling. Because he will be perfectly healed all right. We start out with Linda and Kevin to New York pledge 100.

Thank you, Linda and Kevin, thank you, thank you all right 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 folks I have. We have virtually less than six hours left.

The rest of this week to raise enough money and I mean a lot of money to stay on for the for the next month. We need we really need to hear for you because we got a lot were to be totally tonight and again in all these years we've never compromised would never step back.

We were we've never we never's stepped away with. We stood our ground against the ungodly, evil, and that the corrupt government we've had the corrupt news media. We fought with everything we had against the bloodied buddy abortion industry. We have never stood down and them and weep for the vary from day one day one. This rate in this ministry. There was no compromise. No compromise except so with that with that I want to start here I Joe I've had a lot of the we can solicit some people it said well Pastor you taken the side of the Russians over Ukrainians.

No were not were not taking the side look we are on the side of the Ukrainian and the Russian people, neither the people neither one of these countries want this war is is is causing both them to suffer a lot.

Let folks say we are not we are not indoctrinated. There's a lot of you that listen to the fake news media. Unfortunately, the event indoctrinated. There is this corruption of both governments, but any but you needs to know the truth, and for example, will been telling you this CIA administrating Nazi terror groups in Ukraine which have been fighting and killing licenses 2015 that we know this. This is the Azoff as of Regiment and is being funded and our military. His we've had been involved in training. These are Nazis.

This is they have the swastika. They were a swastika on his sleeve.

They will they fly the swastika flag and here let me just go in and read this article this article is by Evan Ethan Huff from entities with the world is directly and known this was that of the natural news Ukraine has been a hotbed of Russian terrorism since 2015 and the culprit is none other than the CIA. We've known that we been telling you that the Central intelligence agent also known as deep state central is also linked to rising neo-Nazi terrorism in many other countries as well.

Whenever you see extremism pop up seemingly out of nowhere the CIA was likely involved the US government has well-documented history of backing extremist groups as a part of a monopoly of foreign policy misadventures which inevitably end up blowing up the American public face rights wrinkle where setting for Jacobian magazine in case only to stop. There was this article here so you get the drift. Now Joe here are CIA has been involved in all kinds of all plots around the world out of large.

Slush fund of money and their different people think that they can help one enemy against another, one country But will eventually be good for us but I think most of you not been on error. Probably 90, 95% of the time they are wrong not write down what they're doing makes things worse, not better. When I want to do this article very quickly. On the way to get into the Scripture why Liz Cheney and most Democrats may face war crimes accusations for Ukraine. This is an article by George Eliasson and the NSF out of the house Sunday talk shadows in here it says here, please follow us on Gab might still get Willoughby starter. This is representative lived. Cheney labeled the mentor's, Taurus Taurus can train station missile strike is genocide which is exactly what it is Democrats across the board agree with her.

I'm good for this so far. I'm a regular conservative working out of the Donna Bass region since 2012, which is along the four problems in Ukraine begin the problem for shady rhinos abiding in the Democrats is that most of the media simply a matter of law.

If you support said genocide in any way shape or form, whether monetarily or covered it up willfully. You are also guilty of those deaths. Under current law, all these people know exactly what the facts are and so ignorance isn't an argument. The missile strike was done with a touch, you, and over 30-year-old system. Russia does not possess what makes trying to our use of semantics or political perspectives is the wrong way to look at this in compliance with the law form, Taurus can the serial numbers from the Tosca you are almost identical with the consecutive to three other Tosca you missile strikes. Ukraine has fired into residential neighborhoods and Don Bass. It's always residential neighborhoods that come under Cheney's description of genocide.

So here they have they have the was left of the missile cartridges they have the numbers on them and and these numbers are owned by the Ukrainian military, not the Russians. They don't only they have ever had and so we have told you from the very start that there is a lot of staging sweet deal in the very beginning Jodi: staging all kinds of things but some people should really not look where we're where on the site. We want to support both the Ukrainian and the Russian people but neither government because were going to drink till right but you gotta know the truth and in this whole thing people think that where the good guys in there.

The bad guys no direct any good guys in this garden, any good guys only that the that you got victims but it's the deep state and overhears the CIA over there is a KGB, but it's the same, is it something more than just the CIA. A man could that be a sub agenda something much greater.

Say for example I can Germany World War II burning the rushed argument Archduke Ferdinand being assassinated as the false flag for World War I, Amelia, is this actually a prelude to World War III. When Hooton is just compromise puppet you saw one.

January 6 of 2020 is what you saw yourself a staged event there in DC, but not were going to get into the Scripture.

Let's go. Hope not there will not be a precursor to World War III ago try retry to put crew felt comfortable that well another noodles for the military-industrial complexes go to make their fortunes out of the exit the base of always complexes money you have to look at food and he seems very reluctant to play the role the despot.

It's almost as if he's afraid of something so I can get the impression that there someone is dictating to him. This global compile.

I think it goes much deeper than CIA only entities what is this a global government that is a super government that's dictating world events in the New World order. Yeah close, Schwab. I look at the money is got all the money Schwab incidentally is a Rothschild Bible both father and mother so I'm looking at who has all the wealth, while the Rothschilds dynasty owns half the world's wealth $500 trillion. That's very compelling argument that the people at the very top are just simply using these other agencies such as the CIA to bring about the new Jodi think install Zielinski into the government there was a coup in 2014 this country was involved in an and that that Pres. was actually elected by the people I'm in the corruption was still my wife and while the but it was at that. Install Zielinski Clow Schwab and and you don't doubt they had it and we watch them sit there at their meetings that they had the globalism meetings because Schwab is. He's like the number one guy at the UN and date they make agreements all the time so you is a major player. Let's go Jodi.

Matthew 24 and I want to do to read starting with verse 3636 read it all the way through 44 are part of that day in our knowledge, no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my father only. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be present in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and are not until the flood came and took them all away. Social also the coming of the Son of Man be beneficial to be in the field one shall be taken, the other left.

Two women shall be grinding at the mill. The one shall be taken and the other left. Watch therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

But know this, that if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would've come, they would've watched and would've not suffered his house to be broken up.

Therefore be also ready for in such an hour as you think. Not the Son of Man, a resident white. Why is it that the Lord does not want us to know when you be coming back you think of it. We had a certain date that there's a lot of people that would say we know what I'd I'm with a star change might the way I live right now and end up where others would say lodges wait a minute, and when a party hardy until I gets closer to the date and then they die and their sin right extracurricular. Victor to repentant the last minute saved where we know that repentance is a heartfelt thing in your party hardy for several years and I can repentant a few days absolutely should not will will will people have read have any time at all to repent or try to bargain a deal or is he getting come suddenly, without any warning exactly what he says he will, no one knows, not even the Lord himself but only the father you keep secrets that way when only God the father knows the only secret the liberty Right you know there is an old Jewish tradition in the marriages and they would and I don't know if they still carried it on, but when a man was looking for a wife, a young man, he would go to the marketplace or someplace and they would find a woman he liked the young woman would ask about or find out whether or not she was single and they would follow her home.

He would follow her home and then ask her father for her hand in marriage, and it would work a deal with that and then he would have to go to his father and his father would arrange the wedding, but his father would not tell anyone he would be the only one that would know the time of the wedding until the time was right. Isn't that something is that that makes sense to you.

Only the father knows when the bride is going to be taken very scriptural. Basically that church is the bride and we will be taken when were called okay were eligible because of the week were. Can we talk about sometimes in his book, soul talks about will the lives the pandemic and really talking about what's in these the poisonous pokes or if you want the bio killed the kill shot today with what little they really do all that we've done out a lot on this.

We've had a lot of the virologist on here. They change your DNA. You actually become less than the human and where did this come from let's go to Genesis 6 Joe and start and read Genesis 6 all the way through to until verse 1212 and it came to pass for men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born under them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair they took them wives, all which they chose. And the Lord said, my spirit shall not always strive with man that he also is flesh that his days shall be 120 years.

There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bare children to them. The same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually and it repented the Lord that he had made man on earth and it grieved him at his heart. The Lord said I will destroy man who whom I have created from the face of the earth.

Both man and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air, repented me that I have made them, but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

These are the generations of Noah. Noah was a great man and perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God and Noah began three sons, Jim Ham, and Japheth. The earth also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence against sorry 12 two and God looked upon the earth, and behold, it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted his way on their right to go to break in. Will we come back from the break within it goes soulless. Please written these two books will find out all about these books and how that applies to what is going on here be back after this time, Janet Folger Porter and I looked up to find out that we got censored again today from YouTube. What a shock is a place where I won't be censored. It's this Friday night at seven at St. Luke's Church in Copley Ohio. It's 83810 Ridgewood Rd. in Copley.

I look forward to seeing you there because there's a lot of information that YouTube would let you hear that I'm to present how we can take our country back is why I'm running for Congress, and I look forward to seeing you Friday at St. Luke's Church in Copley Ohio on the 22nd this Friday at 7 PM in the address 3810 Ridgewood Rd. in Copley St. Luke's Church Friday night. Can't wait to see just a little more about me. I introduce the state and federal heartbeat bills help pass them in 14 states and counting help draft legislation to protect religious liberty led the charge to enable military chaplains to pray in Jesus name. Actions are what you believe everything else is an empty slogan. I'll cut funds to schools that groom our children or teach critical race theory and cut funds to states that require vaccinations for employment travel, education, and cut federal funding to states that enable voter fraud redirected the state to transition to watermarked paper ballots protect your gun rights curb inflation with the balanced-budget abolish the unconstitutional Department of Education and regain energy independence to finish the Wally name it after Pres. Donald J. Trump, then list a congressional committee to investigate big tech censorship and their campaign collusion. It's all in my America first contract Janet Folger is a reason why the left considers me a threat to their godless and Marxist agenda. I'm Janet Folger Porter if we can end abortion as we just did for 40,000 babies a year in Texas, we can take our country back. I asked for your vote support and your prayers paid for by conservatives for Janet Folger Porter Mark Bidwell Treas. already way back and that would jump over here to renew one thing in real quick sure Folger over to her talk and remind folks here's a great friend of this ministry and she's also never censored here right right. This is the other place you can speak totally free to set it at that right I got at this folks, the phones are ringing, we got here from you Moreno Springfield pledges 100.

Thank you. Marine the photos that we got to hear from you again. We've got right now. About one hour in 20 minutes left one hour and 20 minutes left. We've got a raise. Right now we are way short. We are about. Looks like about $5800 short of our goal so the number is 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673, and we do it one week of the month so that we don't have for the rest of the month. We don't have the now make it a pledges early blaze at all. We we could just continue to bring you what you're not supposed to hear what you not supposed known as Horgan dude rest of this program but we got to hear from you. We can't do it we can do it. We don't hear from you. It's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 no I remind folks that no one in this ministry and over almost 50 years you been on the radio you've never taken a dime and no one who has worked with you in all those years has taken a dime in compensation we donate our own time around, telling her own treasure to help maintain this ready ministry. So when we promote please donate to the ministry is not for us or not receiving anything from this gets to keep God's word alive out there in the world desperately needs to hear the truth, and your donations will help pay the radio bill to keep us on the air. Absolutely. 888-281-1110 888-677-9673 so here of the bio instant weapons experts warns US is conducting illicit research in Ukraine.

Bio labs and fours host Owen Shroyer got the chance to interview Francis Boyle, PhD, a lawyer and bio weapons experts about the alleged Bio labs in Ukraine.

In his view is that they do exist.

What we we've already covered that there there we have. We knew of of about five bio webs and in the Ukraine, and now they're making these cocktails that they can actually make me create these so-called coded diseases that will hit on different segments of the population of one of anything found in the labs is that they are particularly detailed for Russian DNA and to kill off Russian people and that and so again folks you need to know really what's happening there is a lot more to what's happening anything so and again these we just read what was it about Genesis chapter 6 in the days of Noah and today that's it's the only time in all history.

What is happening with Elledge telling no Lord you close to my pull my tortured school in like manner toward you pull right or just put okay there you go and get right up to it will take a look from the perspective of their trying to eradicate the image of man and transform human beings into these rubber ties type of the trans humans.

The image of Satan and are doing it through vaccines. These weapon eyes vaccines which contain an operating system self assembling operating system injected into human beings to where they've lost their free will. They are no longer fully human, and God cannot really accept such a being as he did the giants of Aldwych were human, demon hybrids, and that's why he wiped out all that population would ever happen to be at the time of Noah and only state eight people run almost 8 billion. Most theologians going up and believe and write in the story believe it was very close to a billion people right so it's interesting to note that these vaccines are are actually biowarfare weapons that ultimately will result in the death of the recipient Mike Dearden who is the chief scientist for Pfizer. He stated that most people to get vaccinated will be dead within two years. Some other estimates are little bit higher, but he worked on that very vaccine the covered vaccine. So he has some pretty good inside information. They have an agenda which has to do with just creating rubber ties to humans.

They have a timeline by 2025 Clow Schwab in his book the fourth Industrial Revolution. He stated that one third of the jobs will be replaced by software robots and smart machines by the year 2025 is not too far off by 2030.

Programmable babies will be the standard for the last generation prior to returning Jesus so they want to totally eradicate the image of God. They want to replace it with his artificial machinelike human and that's what's really driving the whole vaccine agenda in there to do if I was lethal injections right now. One of things that they're there with their finding in these lethal injections are at stake than the minimum from cobras and other two different types of snakes and the effect that it's and has has cool effects. One is on the lungs in the breathing and helps to the venom it is to shut down the breathing but but again the fake news media is keeping their working in conjunction and yet many of them. Many of them and in the news media people have died from this. Already people are dying every day. Many in our military to try to keep it quiet and it is an interesting thing. Think about this to how many people were on the ark and what was a population. So what is it he saved one of a billion. Donate. Okay there you go folks so if you look in Ecclesiastes. You'll find there's a statement by Solomon which can be interpreted as one in 2000 I think it's for 20 or something like that for 26 but the numbers I think of the saved are actually much fewer than most people are willing to bet I didn't ever think that it would ever be quite at large until I saw how people reacted to the fake news and they're wearing mass which is a pretty good indication that they they know they believe the globalists I don't believe God, therefore there probably lost in almost all those took the death jab took the vaccine so just by a visual inspection alone. As I look out society discrediting out there. Seems like very few people have actually rejected the lie and an addict and go with it. So they have they have hope. I think look at all the people who are still wearing mass.

Another nonmandatory.

I know that you don't wear that's explained it that's explained very well in God's Word, the Bible. If you go to first Corinthians in first Corinthians chapter 2 out just had it really hard for one minute, but this is what you have is so people understand what is hiking the length. The first Corinthians chapter 2 images read it to you and it's this.

But God has revealed them unto us by his Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. For what man know if things of man, save the spirit of man which is in him. Even so the things of God and North no man, but the spirit of God. We have received not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God, that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teaches but which the Holy Ghost teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receive not the things of the spirit of God for their foolishness and to him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man or who have known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him, but we have the mind of Christ that was where is spiritual warfare we are. This is spiritual warfare is a dark spiritual warfare and those that are mature in the faith they can see these things. We know from day one. These mass were what were you know what you can read and you look on the box. The box tells you that this masks will not stop any virus tells you right on that. But they're good for up to five splashes of blood units that they these were the mass that they were handing out so we knew that a gate wheat we have discernment way of understanding when they came out and started shutting down wanted to shut down the churches. What was it. What was it that the the Lord spring Peter and the apostles out of the Lord broke him out of the jail.

Why because they try to put them in. Therefore having a church service for having church services.

This what they were, but it but imprisoned for big for their preaching the gospel and so when Peter tells we will obey God, not man right right and so we said from day one were not close in our church really keep our church open because God's Word, the Bible makes it clear it's make sure your feet find the path of the house and got make sure that you assemble together. Do not forsake the assembly so we but now the big 501(c)(3) corporations out there called churches the entertainment centers. They said no we were going to go along with whatever Caesar tells us you that's really a sign of the times you find these churches are not even talking about the mega churches on-time adjustable community churches and they're having their congregation, where mass and telling them that the vaccine is is okay you have to obey government mandates. It says in Romans 616 that you obey is who you serve. So if you obey a criminal illegitimate entity such as this current government and we know from Luke chapter 4 verses five and six that all these kingdoms were given to to listen for Satan and Jesus did not refute that then we know that the government is actually controlled and being is dictating terms from Lucifer.

And so people are basing are paying the government. They are actually in obedience to listen for the devil and these pastors are essentially ministers of righteousness and says in second Corinthians that they are a Satan appears as an angel of light and his servants appears ministers of righteousness. That's what they are. They sold out Christianity for some know some farcical comedy skit that you know anyone who has any amount, spiritual discernment, will have nothing to do with but I think their judgment is going to be much more severe than it would be just for an individual who Eric.well yeah because too much is given much required but on the other side of that.

You remember what the Bible says says the righteous are as bold as lines. The righteous are as bold as lines.

These prissy preachers that bow down and they say will look here we got amount.

Let's go ballistic. Romans 13 let's make it say what does it say in this gives us an out and says that they way they preach that this error because Romans 13 means exactly what Romans 13 says there is no authority but of God and legitimate governments legitimate governments are ruining the people in accordance with God's laws and statutes God's ordinance God's commands. God's promises. Those are legitimate if they are not in line with that then then they are not not legitimate in cities.

These preaching prissy preachers don't have the courage to don't have the courage to go up against Caesar and so the date use that as an out and boil in a tight no place is our Lord been more dishonored than from the pulpits of the so-called churches. They don't have the discernment of the Holy Spirit. These these so-called pastors were not anointed by God. They appointed themselves.

They went to the cemetery or seminary and they learned their doctrines from a fake Bible to the NIV and they will compromise anything just for their own comfort is actually a businesses pastor and he said the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation and are they actually know very little scripture. They can't really defend the word of God from know a position of truth that is unite ejector on opinion and I can consider them to be synagogues of Satan as it says in Revelation chapter 4 and two. I believe that these are not true churches of Jesus Christ and that the true church is very rare pastor and he has one of him. There's a few other churches around this area that are true churches and I think you'll find out you did you you be of unregistered Baptist Fellowship Caesar actual New Testament church. They are not 501(c)(3) corporations and other you'll find all woeful, all of them that I know take the same standard that we do. You got one on here? Plenty. You've got us went out there and Cortland Ohio. You got them about 30 in Ohio area. There's one in Macedonia. I just discovered it's called liberty. Liberty Valley church very strong in Scripture church and am very impressed by what I heard there on Sunday so people near you may want to check that out on getting back pastor Eric Meyer out of the Cortland in the family Baptist Church is another one, along with here so there's there's up. There are about 30. I would say unregistered New Testament churches that did like we did.

They never closed the doors. They stayed open. That's commendable.

As a corollary to the Corinthians quote you just cited second Thessalonians chapter 2 verses nine through 12 will give you a very good insight into why people could be so gullible and so na´ve as to where a mass that does not protect them at all. In fact, it's causing great physical biological harm by restricting their oxygen intake and increasing the CO2 reprising the virus itself. If there is one which probably there's all kinds of viruses out there is 21 to 2000 times smaller than the poor size of the mask so want .01 Ám versus 2 Ám, and yet they still wear the mask all right. Keith from Brooklyn pledges 20.

Thank you. Susan from Illinois pledges 100 folks. We need to hear from you for life and not ring in the way they feel we really need to hear from you if it's 888-281-1110 and 888-677-9673 so telephone how they can get your book the globalist agenda and the globalist agenda and game and all these things were documented in the books you're referring to, well, let me just am just going to reread often the tops of the photos. No get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or any other online booksellers. This going to run right here you go.

As it was in the days of Noah, which we talking about here started you go with the great reset we've seen that. Remember when Hillary had the great reset button. They were telling us what they were going the coronavirus fake pandemic pretense for will government agenda 21 life under martial law quarantines lockdowns the new normal mandatory vaccines nano bots micro-chipping 5G starling surveillance, trans-humanism, a narrow link in the fourth Industrial Revolution the density of the globalist elites in the new world order and Geordie asked me to make sure he gets a copy of this event.

Leave a copy so we can mail to Joe Wright filter felt pretty good to me that Scripture that second Thessalonians us is because I have not love the truth God shall send them strong delusion so that they will believe a lie that all who took pleasure in unrighteousness shall be condemned. That's condemned to hell that strong delusion is an actual spirit. I believe and the reason why people seem so dumb down. It is because the TV program he of course what's in the food and water in the air in the vaccines but also to it's a spiritual curse that they rejected the truth because I have not love the truth. We know from John 1460 Jesus Christ. Isn't that the way the truth and life because they rejected God and his counsel God has sent them strong delusion, and so they they maintain themselves in this willful state of ignorance and they can even consider what I just pointed out about the mask that's only one among many issues is totally worthless but yet they continue to give that sign of allegiance to the world controllers to say look how easy we are to control were on your side.

Now that what David Burgess and locate where we we parents where were not that smart to know week. We have our kids in public school to begin with and yeah you know what if if they say that's all right we taken will put mask some first-graders in kindergarten and you know makes kids little sick makes him paranoid. The kiss each other's faces. They don't know if someone smile and it does the kids a lot of damage, but the you know the government says were supposed to do that were afraid to stand up against him. Okay, right, it's who you will basically serve something they have this packed basically with the government which overrides any higher moral conviction that they might normally have that is allegiance to God.

That's not even on their mind so they obey the government and you just take the consequences which are all negative. Okay, in God's Word, the Bible.

Joe, the one thing God demands more than anything else is obedience. No yell from Genesis to Revelation.

Does it not say, doesn't that say that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God and failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience always all the way through Scripture you mention America goes a spiritual war. I was thinking we had the Duke Divinity school. Think about this is affiliated with United Methodist Church, which is apostate and they had a private worship service and they prayed to the great square one step yet you think about this a Divinity school and they criticized the actual church and they're talking about how the church is drawn away from the truth, and the student groups affirming the dignity, faithfulness and strength of the LGBT Q questioning and whatever and nonconforming Christians.

Now, another words and nonconforming Christians, but would that be in your words nonconforming Christian nonconforming Christian would be a Christian when the doesn't conform to the world. Well they call it nonconforming to Christianity there turned around through devil done you will deliver Satan and nonconforming Christian is one that doesn't conform to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But makes up the gospel to fit their needs versus wants.

Specify the world works folks, they turn one phrase around that everybody thinks they know what it means, and they give a new and different evil wicked definition to that word of Trover document program all the time no matter what's going on.

It is spiritual warfare. It is the antichrist system rising up against you. The church near the church of God.

The followers of Jesus Christ think there is Wells they'll know that this almost like a philosophy among the people who claim to be Christian, that it's not Christian to rise up against the evil and confronted and so you have organizations like the Methodist Church is pastor Ernie pointed out, this is the righteous are as bold as a lion. And if we go to some 9416 God is asking the question who will rise up for me against the evildoers who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity.

He is looking for warriors, God is actually actively seeking out men such as pastor Ernie, myself and others to confront these people had on and not be at all concerned about any of the consequences.

Because this is what God wants us to date we are doing his will by just simply confronting these people and exposing them will absolutely talk to that group, just as you your weeks or so where you get the so-called Duke Divinity school is a satanic it is that it is satanic is it that I can get it is antichrist not long since left the church rural church right they have gone apostate Ava plasticized save that word a lot a lot of people don't know that were apostate comes from comes from apostasy, and that was a medical term when when it couldn't wound got infected the: apostate sizing it was apostles and it was infected and Duke universities and infected with sin. There infected with the antichrist and so you end and you gotta be kind of a sick parent to send you children are coming right. It's like a curse from God and God raised up these fake imposters called the Collins house pastors as occurs in the people follow them. It's like God is punishing the people that he raises up these these wimpy pet pastors or preachers who know very little Scripture, and they certainly don't know abide by it or live their lives by is just like a social club. It's not really a church in any Christian sense and I think most people realize that and so they just kind of avoid church altogether, but there still are some true Christian churches out there if you cannot just search form and look for him you'll find him, they still exist yeah yeah there are and you don't discover things here.

I wanted to know which we mentioned this before, but here at the state of New Jersey Department of corrections. State of New Jersey Department of corruption of the color correction but his corruptions and two female prisoners in New Jersey became pregnant after consensual sex with transgender inmates.

You know what that means. Listen to this consists like you know it's like way out there and above the heads of the liberals would. That means that those transgender is where women are all right because it women can get women pregnant can know okay so there are 27 trans inmates held it in the may have a correctional facility for women. Don't worry about it though because the taxpayer pay for the baby unless they kill it now because they really push hard in these prisons. They push hard thing to boredom in a because it's all about death and the corruption right woman you look at the state of the world today.

In general, all that evil is being foisted on on disk world the vaccine fake pandemic and so forth and so on.

This is actually God's judgment against an unrighteous unrepentant people that would actually put up with transgender and they would accept it.

If this was like 100 years ago. Those people probably wouldn't be alive very long. I would think the in of the righteousness of the majority would to simply rise up against them. At least that was the pattern back in ancient Israel. They were to take them outside the city gates and they stoned him in the problem presented right there today. They tolerated well. Not only do they tolerate, they embrace it. Yet everything goes and they embrace no phones were coming up to a break and that is a perfect time to call in again. I'm gonna remind you if we can't we can't raise the money would not hear coming in the station here on out there might be the first one. The first was to go so again in the past we have never been able to get back on any of them because the wants of slop straw monitors, but he out for good. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 right now is a perfect time to call. Thank you from the contacts pledges 100. This McCurdy pledges 45 and thank you. 888-281-1110 we really have to hear from you. We really do so were going to the break right now is a very good time to give us a call at 888-281-1110] to this.

Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance.

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