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TUE HR1 041922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 19, 2022 11:06 pm

TUE HR1 041922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 19, 2022 11:06 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now tonight. Do we go mighty Andrew's got a new headset and it's all white and I'm glad it's wood that is in a pink who was pink, that would be collateral large white and very good Endo. He's quit drinking Coke to maybe that's why that's right since I quit drinking Coke, I become lighter see my headphones are turning white or does right already in the there we have no you.

You heard that little crackling. We have a little Lisa. Good evening everyone, all right, you just made her day no flutter run out, go on and only we won't let them out of the boiler room.

We keep reluctant back there, but he's out tonight. He's out to get out. Maybe Eddie letting loose but he's got an announcement go ahead and then tell us to wait is to be blessedeverybody this is Randy, I'd like to turn excited about this.

A number of you have asked about being able to give you say via credit card. We cannot leave upgraded all that we going to have our our grand opening. I like to call it.

On Thursday, but tonight were working on trying to get the bugs out something some of you want to do it all by credit card, and as of tonight, you can certainly go on the the artificial intelligence. The AI are either the what's right what's or the word and you'll find a button that says donate and you can certainly donate that way. The beauty of this thing is that we cannot take all four of four pieces of plastic, Visa, MasterCard and American Express discovers well and hopefully this will make it more convenient everybody.

I want you to know that all the other ways will still be available in Lisa and myself and the rest of the staff. We certainly enjoy speaking to you because we all have our our people that we sorta got the know so you know please if you're comfortable doing acute your way please do it your way. But now this should make it where you should be able to be able to do this virtually any time 24 seven. So with that, and they will have the Ritz… People will hear their left members, Ritz, and that they are the people to set up the format and the program for still be here on Thursday and you can talk to Ron and Barb and certainly would welcome a man, but hopefully this will help everybody maybe will make make maybe it will consist coincide more with your payday and as opposed to, say, like the way that we been doing with the third month because we know that we are probably accommodating every body but in the meantime, thank you very much for giving generously consistently and abundantly, hilariously, and may God bless you all, but I would looking forward to our being able to argue. No further accommodate people in whatever your financial situation is thank you all be blessed. No stress. We look forward to working with you and we love you take it for a takeoff. Are you still drinking Coke while I am of course I am Eric I noticed you haven't got any would have gotten what I've gotten look twice as likely during this there you go, and we have a special guest tonight.

Thanks Randy you did that very well, thank you very much. Our special guest tonight and I don't know. I don't think she drink Coke. She don't like woke in fact, she is kind of like a modern-day Annie Oakley and that is none other than Jan Porter are you there Jan. Thank you much Patrick to be here with you and now I do not drink Coca-Cola like Coke took a big shot having their sales and Coke really dropped after they made it that that the less waste anyhow. Yeah when we have a lot to talk about tonight. We gotta get after it right will get right into it right now with our Scripture were starting tonight can fool some 12 help, Lord, for the godly man ceases for the faithful fail from among the children of men. They speak vanity everyone with his neighbor in the flattering lips and with a double hardly speak. The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips and their tongue that speaketh, proud things who have said, with our tongue.

We will prevail. Our lips are our own, who is lord over us for the oppression of the poor for the signing of the needy. No lie, arise, saith the Lord glory sediment safety in the pulpit than him the words of the Lord are pure for words as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times though should keep the Lord, thou shall preserve them from this generation for ever the wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted right Jan I got into this first floor phone lines are open. This is pledge week pledge week 88828111108882811110 and 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 no, we have a Deacon John pledge 100 last night. $2500 short of our goal and because of that doers of the word Baptist Church has pledged $2800 $2800 and were looking for a matching donor will you were someone else that will match that $2800. Doers of the word Baptist Church so Guinness in their right there you go.

Hey Jen, do you want to match that filling 2800 and wish I could all right imagine this going back hear the words of the Lord are pure words as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times though should keep them all board.

Thou shall preserve them from is this generation forever as he done that, as he preserve his word is preserved imperfectly, as it has any and and the accuracy of God's Word, the Bible is is is absolutely perfect. It is perfectly accurate as it yet. The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

Let me ask you this. What is one of the ways that you would exalt a vile person. I think collection is one of them is great you got it out there people that occupy our land because of the election and because of the lack of integrity and election and right now is America suffering from not only the lack of integrity election, but a stolen election criminal activity via a criminal party is America paying the price today. Actually, in fact I wish I was banned from YouTube today because I did an interview with intercessors for America and I mentioned that very thing stolen election with what got me out.

The video pulled so the thing that I take encouragement and because you know I'm I'm running for Congress in one of the things I wanted to when it Eric set up a committee, a congressional committee to investigate the voter fraud and to make a recommendation to the Atty. Gen. for swift action to bring justice or justice is due and not YouTube not to like that much either, but that that's what I want to do when I get in there to make sure that we don't forget what happened and that we bring justice where it is due in not in and in and wherever that wherever the evidence leads. If there is fraud and there needs to be there needs to be some pursuit legally of a remedy to to that end, because again without free and fair elections. We don't have a Republic and we gotta make sure that we we not only have voter integrity.

Moving forward, but that we come against voter crime that is already happened and I cannot believe we recently had human AC inlet last night. Jonah not you know Joe is very pro-life activists.

He made those polite films in them and I told him I said look, here's the number one issue of course the number one is America's national sin. Gotta stop the baby killing. Gotta stop the killing. But now is from not just the babies but it since everybody because they're out to get us in every which way but I told him, and in the one thing that angers us more than anything else is being betrayed and he totally agreed. You he felt the same way and you know when you worked very very hard to elect somebody and then they go to DC and then a or wherever they go to the state house or wherever they go. And then they betray you the and we are so tired of that and were not going to take it anymore and so were going let them know betrayal will not be tolerated. Got some ideas of how to deal with those rhinos. Nowadays they only take you over now to Proverbs 24 and start with verse 19 fret not thyself of evil men need to be like envious at the wicked, for there shall be no reward to the evil man the kennel. The wicked shall be put out, my son, fear the Lord and the king metal not with them that are given to change.

Remember what no Obama came when he brought the boy brought it did me yeah yeah hopelessness and change, and here the Bible says to have nothing to do with those because the change he brought was totally the change from what guys were the Bible taught clearly. He says for their calamity shall rise subtly and you know if the ruler of them both these things belong to the wise. It is not good to have respect for persons in judgment.

He then sailed into the wicked, thou shall, thou art righteous image of the people curse and nation shall pour him, but to them that rebuking shall be a delight and a good blessing shall come upon them every measure kisses lives. They give it the right answer and so here again for you to vote for a wicked person and and I wanted tell you folks up to listen to me you have voted for extremely wicked people and believe me, God knows it hasn't gone unnoticed by God.

It hasn't at all. Not one bit Andy and he wanted to say listen again.

God doesn't change you don't get over on God. Those of you voted for Joe Biden or any of the Democrats out there today. You need to repent of that you really need to repent of that. It's a wicked thing which have done okay. Look at our country the way our country is suffering. These are wicked people that want to kill children. They want to sodomite the children they want to indoctrinate in the critical race theory. They want you they want to destroy the very hearts of the mines, not just the children but of all of us know so here again, God's Word the Bible, God has said, I'll read it again in a said to the wicked thought, righteous him shall the people curse nation shall abhor him but to them that rebuking shall be a delight and a good blessing shall come upon them so that's what were doing here tonight and this is every member kiss shall kiss the lives they can with the right answer given the right answer. That's what were doing here tonight were telling you were rebuking the wicked and were giving the right answers and so here I want to go over to Romans chapter 13 for a minute, but first let me say well we have Connie from Florida pledges 1000 well over 100 okay. It broke my heart. But what thank you Connie for that 100 already in the you just got carried away did in the eye care doing yeah signature zero on their already soliciting if you don't want to match my pledge of a 2800 at least match Connie's plates were of 100 right folks 88828111108882811110 now.

888-677-9673 888-677-9673 no want to go to Romans chapter 13 starting with verse six for this cause pay you tribute. Also, for they are God's ministers attending continually upon this very thing, though he's talking about those in authority that are legitimate if they're legitimate legitimate, then there ruling and governing. By using God's word by God's laws got statutes because covenants, etc. that's what is telling you when he says here for these.

For this cause. Pay tribute also for their God's ministers attending continually upon the very thing, render therefore to listen, render therefore to all their dues tribute to whom tribute is due tribute to instill.

We have such a corrupt, corrupt government out there today. People give large amounts of money to every corrupt because of their but the Bible says too much to and and custom to whom custom is to fear to fear an honor to whom honor no one because were in the Bible it means exactly what it says. Folks exactly what it says and so again were going to be. You're going to be a will and replaying a little spot here a few minutes, but let's start out with the issues that that are important to us. We start with number one. The child killed America's national sin you think America is is going to pay a price someday for what is happening out there. I do, I think we already have.

I think that in others occurs when you choose one choose death on theirs cursing when you choose Likert blessing very clear, but but one of the things that I'm hopeful about it because as you know that in this battle long, long time. I fitting it not as long as you like, but a long time. I counted up 44 years since I first found out about what they were doing children and couldn't keep quiet, even though I was afraid to give a speech we had it right out of that because killing children and so we get all that incremental thing you know there and almost battle we passed woman's right to know law on homicide bill passed the parental consent and even the nation's first ban on partial-birth abortion, which did not spark 30 states to follow the spark not one but in court. Eventually a victory on the day we still had over a million children who were killed by abortion every year that that is not the extent that you caught a lot of things, but one of them and so I went got the idea for the heartbeat built 12 years ago. You remember that it was impossible. We went up against a brick wall for nearly a decade in the House-Senate but the good news is, what was once impossible is now inevitable heartbeat built the past introduced and 30 states they did not pass the 14 including I had the privilege of of of the recruiting sector sponsor protect heartbeat built on that is the bill that is enacted the most protective law in the country estates 40,000 children a year that stadium full of children Patrick Stadium full children every year that is protected, that would otherwise be brutally killed and so what I want to see happen is that that heartbeat bill that's taking the nation by storm. I want to see that passed in Congress and not put together. I think all the America first contract and I enlisted the help of a former majority leader Tom DeLay guided initiated the first contract with America back with Newt Gingrich, 1994, and so I said I need your help year your wife you done this before. Show me, show me away back way to victory. And so we put this together with 10 items much like the contract with America beginning with life and it's the federal heartbeat bill at the heartbeat protection act is number one on the list nonnegotiable and acuity funding Planned Parenthood soaked under like to think we need to do and then it talks about liberty and fiscal responsibility, education, how we need to prevent fiscal control by the federal government, energy independence secure orders voter integrity jobs get to get to welfare reforms to able-bodied Americans get off welfare get back to work so we can open up our businesses again that are are seeking employer.

Employer employee that it really not really motivated to go to work because they getting paid not to as well as free expression though. The gist of it but there's some things that I'm really excited about it as far as I know have not been tried before, including under education would call the anti-indoctrination act together at the state level, and in a way to what to go after be at the indoctrination it's happening in the government schools and we can do this at the federal level with funding because the purse strings that we have the control of, and guess what we can say that we don't want our federal funds to go to indoctrinate indoctrinate children with critical race theory out with grooming much like we see in the Portobello Gov. DeSantis. They got that up until third grade. I say you know what you're under 18. On thing we shouldn't be violating state of semi gloss and grooming children under any any banner whether sex education or anything else only training where they call it were going to make sure that we don't use on the groomer children teach them racism and I and in Marxism and it goes on from there that's that's it. One of things we can do am excited about excited about pitching this to the red wave as we just heard on the news the tsunami that's coming. I want to get those freshman in a room and explain to them here's how we can get what we want without being being lied to us. We know that there's deals that her work is promises are made, there's perks and payoffs we can get to people before the cooks of the swamp get into them.

We can actually get the right leadership in Congress to bring the right bills to the floor, something we have never really had because everything we've ever wanted almost always gets watered down by the time it sees the light of day and so those are some of the things I'm excited about am excited about the program pastor. I'm grateful for the airtime it or how you get bent, a beacon of truth for as long as I've known that ahead of the curve and I do hope the people to talk to your station into your program because you're making a difference because when you inform people and give them the action steps to get us to over the finish line and I remember coming on your program, how many times when we were getting beat up, and gliding on the heartbeat bill tell you what it seemed like it was hopeless. It seem like oh my goodness, here's Janet again kitchen heartbeat again. How many times we need to hear it.

But you know something. It was worth it because now 30 states introduced these bills. We got stadium full of children every year in Texas and now are spreading like wildfire with text double penalty heartbeat laws which were to get in Ohio as well that Bill is being drafted right now in a cabinet just passed in Idaho version from conception with the civil penalties passed in Oklahoma. It's fantastic to see what God is doing. I just want to say publicly thank you Pastor for being a part of this for everything you every step of this of this effort not only from when we began the heartbeat effort but from when we were fighting partial-birth abortion and everything else you've always been there and you even when I was starting out as a student life at Cleveland State. I member I remember talking you early days always had a word of encouragement. You always had truth you always had godly sound, biblical counsel, and you're still going out today. I just want to say thank you or investing in me in the truth and and and now because of what you've done. Because of this program, we are seeing victories all over the country will think you two for doing what you have done you, you stood your ground, you have a backed out obscene time and time again where you know you've gone and you been attacked by now and in fact I mean those feminist those unclean women and I mean unclean women. By the way you get to DC you're going to run into a pack on the call, the squat and these are these are so wicked wicked and the Bible calls him unclean in Jeremiah 234 sisters cursor filled with the blood of the innocents and it and it says that the they didn't even have to God and they would have to look upon their hard to know if the theft by their own most of the they condemn themselves and this is the kind of what you were up against. And we have to say that the way it is.

But you have stood your ground and you haven't you haven't changed a bit. You been right there and I want to say brave the good Lord 04 that would listen. We got a long way to go yet so I gotta give the numbers out again folks with those lines can light up those lines got lineup. I need some matching gifts 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 know we we have what we have we have Bill in Boston pledge 25 Bob and Lori and Michigan pledges 50 very good, keep the phone lines coming folks we have to do that were going to a break you'll like this breaker. Jen, I think you'll agree with this message, I'm Janet Folger Porter and I woke up to find out that we got censored again today from YouTube. What a shock is a place where I won't be censored. It's this Friday night at seven at St. Luke's Church in Copley Ohio.

It's 83810 Ridgewood Rd. in Copley.

I look forward to seeing you there because there's a lot of information that YouTube would let you hear that are present how we can take our country back is why am running for Congress, and I look forward to seeing you Friday at St. Luke's Church in Copley Ohio on the 22nd this Friday at 7 PM in the address 3810 Ridgewood Rd. in Copley St. Luke's Church Friday night. Can't wait to see just a little more about me. I introduce the state and federal heartbeat bills help pass them in 14 states and counting help draft legislation to protect religious liberty and led the charge to enable military chaplains to pray in Jesus name. Actions are what you believe everything else is an empty slogan. I'll cut funds to schools that groom our children or teach critical race theory and cut funds to states require vaccinations for employment travel, education, and cut federal funding to states that enable voter fraud redirected the state to transition to watermarked paper ballots protect your gun rights and curb inflation with the balanced-budget abolish the unconstitutional Department of Education and regain energy independence. Finish the Wally name it after Pres. Donald J. Trump, then list a congressional committee to investigate big tech censorship and their campaign collusion. It's all in my America first contract Janet Folger is a reason why the left considers me a threat to their godless and Marxist agenda. I'm Janet Folger Porter if we can end abortion as we just did for 40,000 babies a year in Texas, we can take our country back. I asked for your vote support and your prayers paid for by conservatives for Janet Folger Porter Mark Bidwell Treas. right you know Jan, that's that was a very good work there and that was not when I was running on on the radio yet it's something that I put out to selected people to get you one of those. I guess I did not. You certainly do an ethic were to be playing that old you this, but all week long. Now I one of things here once when what things is concerning me before I go on that. I gotta give the phone lines, a ring and I gotta get back there folks, please let the phone lines ring are not seen any lights, boards, lighting up here 888-281-1110. Listen you got listen to me you don't realize how close we came to having to go off some stations became very close, but last year, but by God's will with who we made it we stayed on all we didn't we didn't go off any but we need to hear from you to continue to do that right now I know what not will we've already gotten some letters from folks tell us that that they have fallen on hard times, ones that have been given to us for long time because of thank you Mr. Biden and the Democrats within him. So we need to hear from you tonight. Those phones got a ring and if we don't hear from you. You won't be hearing from us. 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 in the NL. So one of things that's that. So I'm concerned about is where you keep hearing that theirs is going to be. This was tsunami of Republican votes conservative voters guide and I am talking to people and people are fed up.

I notice how when the judge in the wind. By the way a president Trump appointed judge ruled paid these mass you don't do do not have to wear layers on the airlines anymore, and end and post those mass do you know good at all.

No good at all. They're absolutely totally worthless work comes to start rubbing a virus okay and so I mean it is the dumbest thing you might as well just been wearing a dunce cap in the sense you are when you you running around and by the way God's Word, the Bible makes it very clear you are not you are not to hide the image of God that is in so again but but here's what I'm concerned about is that the Far Side may become too overconfident with you the info so that they listen you gotta go vote you got a vote. You gotta get out there for 1/3 in his primary vote by Janet you do, and in fact people think doesn't matter in there stealing things anyway looking forward to fix this. I do think that we need to show up in such big numbers that are not able to work to steal it and that is something to keep in mind that it's a lot harder to steal all these elections throughout the entire country is just to steal the presidency and simply racist and so one of the things that I want to do when I get in is that it is to get the no federal funds brought act. Listen to this with pastors far as I know, no one suggested this, but I want to. It says that working to remove election related funding this security funding that's going to states right now and I say if your state doesn't require the very basics of requiring a vote a lot of photo ID to vote then then guess what were to take the funds to go to your state. Given the state that have to cure watermarked sequential paper ballots.

Those that limit of voting. Voting days to one day not voting month, but a voting day. Those that prohibit the mailing invitations the voter fraud and it's different than a requested absentee ballot, but we're going to set up a congressional committee. As I mentioned to investigate the voter fraud to make those recommendations to the Atty. Gen. or just if there is, is that justice called for an injustice needs to be out need to be implemented in that.

That's one of the reasons why this election matter so much. We gotta get our country back. We got it.

We gotta stop the go to crime and restore order in the end, and that's one of the reasons why this election matters so much more than anything, even elections I've seen previously.

This is the one that got us that our nation is the ability to set our nation back on course.

We just got a come out numbers and I quit believing the lie that Christians are supposed to stay on the sideline workbook to deflect the Marxist run the country.

Now that's a lie and it's from the pit of hell and we need to rise up and that we need to book need to inform people. We need to go and at that election day is just days away. The primary a lot of people think the primary doesn't matter.

Primary matters more than the general election really and in a way because it's going to determine who is going to be on the ballot in November and so so I made 1/3 Tuesday, May 30 can vote early. Right now it every day up until May 3 were now looking at at just died just over a week before the next election going to happen it and we got it.

We gotta get everybody we know to the polls and you can do it like a state even now before the election. During the early voting season to be rained out in we got it. We gotta get there and we got about a very good Linda from Philly pledged 100 Bubba New Jersey pledges 75 thank you Linda.

Think about this.

It does not concern you. First of all that we still have dominion voting machines here in Ohio. It dies greatly.

Another thing I want to do when I get in there. You remember I put out videos explaining the fraud and how these things were working and how they were switching boats and and in fact I did voter fraud X exposing video back in 2020. I which which ended up being thwarted by people like Gen. Michael Flynn and by people like Lynwood Sidney Colin was boarding bite bite Scott bail believer not over a million views in multiple cut I'm not just for voter integrity when running for office. I was for voter integrity, not just in 2020 when we saw that the bath in the voter crime that took place but I was actually part of the recount team back in 2022 years ago I was on that recount team and we were counting those hanging Chad and dimple chattel. I remember that in Florida that's right in the League of Women Voters. All I can tell you they wanted to know why when when they came to me that one of the beast to be speakers at tea party and that I shouldn't forget it. No way. I got lost.

I don't II guess there are not all that way but where they were used in one thing, you know, it's really because I remember I have been one of the spokespeople for four at the recount effort.

When I pointed out a press conference when when the reporter called on the figure shaking your head what seems to be your problem might well, if they say how how how these votes are going to count how it's going to be dealt with with integrity well to the three judges had Al Gore bumper stickers on your car how much how much you integrity you think there's going to be and in that which is very clear that the difference though they had is we have the paper ballots to pick out, we could hand count them, and that's what needs to happen again because right now it's a computer glitch so-called glitch.

It's really a system part of part of what dominion the other machines have in them as the as is and innovate.

They're connected to the Internet was known at that show that Michigan shown elsewhere. We got the evidence we need to make that available to out to the country in a congressional committee so that the so it will be Eric not just to some state committee sunk some off-site people that are exposing it will doing the Mike Lindell patriots of the world.

We need to get this before Congress and we need to get it in the hands of the Atty. Gen. and we need to see justice will Markey Zuckerberg said he is not going to spend $370 million to throw this election to believing I do not in fact the number that I've seen is 417 million and that's what the president pointed out, I was at SeaTac in Orlando few weeks ago and the president made it very clear he wants to set up and not I put this in my my America first contract. We set up a select committee to investigate the 417 million campaign contributions while were at it investigate the information suppression and camp inclusion in the state of Ohio. If you get $6000 to a congressional candidate. Guess what, you're violating the law, you could go to jail for that, but you want to know what you can't get $6000 to a candidate you can get 417 million to influence the election and that's what Mark Zuckerberg is done and needs to be investigated and need to be thoroughly vetted and we need to. What we need to to to move forward with whatever the evidence suggested that it it it does show camping collusion as we suspect that another needs to be justice and there needs to be swift justice. At that well you know, just as we need a Justice Department that we don't have an independent Justice Department anymore simply a part of the credit crime is collective and the again you know we we no longer have a legitimate Justice Department we don't have a legitimate FBI know they have been so corrupted twentysomething agents were used on January 6 when you know they were trying to the theft. When the patriots when God-fearing American patriots one you know they were there to protest the theft of the election and anyone and everyone. This is that election wasn't stolen was a lawyer and is not a bitter truth in them. We watched with our own eyes as they flipped the numbers all at one time across the board and fact, I've got it so many different articles on you. We went through the end is so much that he is just unbelievable the amount of election fraud that there was there but you but we knew that that was going to happen. We knew but I didn't think it was really that bad but I know is to be pretty bad.

Then again and and here the Communist Party had all of the rhinos and lockstep to when when they stood there on January 6 when like parents and some of the other. Those Republican senators when they refused to stand up with Pres. Trump they not only betrayed 12 they betrayed out their entire country and you know we were minded people those who they were the did that all right we have a Betty from Michigan pledges 100 Elijah from Massachusetts pledges 60 and Mike in Wisconsin's pledges 50 thank you thank you thank you all right other phone numbers are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. So what you think you think that the that the enthusiasms there'd you think that that our side may be a little bit to overconfident because you know were up against the death credit crime is collective is entirely corrupt.

We've seen that they've got the deep state. Working with them. Should we be prepared.

And I mean really prepared for anything. Yeah I think so and I think that one of the ways were prepared weekly show numbers that make it harder for them to cheat. We also need to be poll watchers… Don't forget really the most powerful thing we have a nice prayer that while we go in and were poll watchers. We can pray while were there and we can pray from the outside as well and and that's something we need to start right now. Early voting started it weeks ago and we need to be praying over the election and clean the blood of Jesus that is the most powerful weapon we have and I just want to encourage people to use those weapons of our work. And to and to get you know to not just not just to what to get our needs, but get on our feet as well. We got caught our fake action. It's gonna take both because right now I mean look at our our founders. This is that this is the pitch I want to make to the incoming freshman as we build a team to take America back and that is our our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor and are we going to give this up because now just inconvenient. Should you not just hard to keep fighting. It's just it's just exhausting. Yeah it was exhausting that two to don't work for for a decade to get the heartbeat go through but it was worth it. Now it's worth it. Our country is worth it. Our freedom is worth it and hanging out as as Patrick Henry said, give me liberty or give me death.

This is where we are right now our country is is on the brink of of literally dying as a nation you look and see where we are internationally. Where were the with the brunt of jokes. Saudi Arabia is making fun of our of our resident. I don't used to work president because I don't believe he was legitimately placed there, but we are what we are right now in a place where they're not using the dollar anymore with now we see it with with Russia.

We see the oil and and and it's all because we are no longer energy dependent return trying to not just the Russian world to begin with, but then the tyrants and and in the Middle East. We we we saw different. I think people are waking up after I think that's what gives me additional hope is that people who are that they didn't like Trump. They didn't like his mean tweets will be reminded of their choice. Every single time they go to the gas station may today see the sticker that the Bible says. I get that they don't but the reminded of their station and the reminded of the consequences of of the voter crime. We allowed to happen, and of the decisions that were made by people who did vote for Joe Biden and II think that what we gotta do it is his remedy that. That's why think that we see the prediction there's others on opinion poll out there that says that Joe Biden doing a good job on anything and that's why this is gonna take us to take all of us to join together to unify and take our country back. Well, this is why I you know I like it said I'm I'm very cautious and very suspicious. I could easily see how Biden might try to pull something to declare a national emergency and suspend elections. Whatever this this guy has announced already that he's planning on running again in 24 the death of crowds rolling their eyes, but I didn't remember we have the ark, the government has become so corrupted you seeing what the CIA and the FBI did the Pres. Trump they know. Look, they know that if we ever get back to an honest and fair election and and get a legitimate that that there's a lot of people. The skin of the heads of the role that those departments and ice have a lot of friends yeah and there were FBI agents and they could walk up they can hold her head up high.

They were ashamed and they would tell you that I am an FBI agent. I go out of and in my job is to secure is to make this nations secure today. That's not it. I mean they don't have input when when they often when they look at them. The OPI the people the Wesley MS 13. They've been so corrupted and and I know that not all of them.

I know that there are still a lot of good people in there. Unfortunately there on them and them positions of power.

No. But don't worry so much.

And remember about the high prices of gas because you know Joe Obama. He released all that oil from our emergency. Oh yeah by the way, did you know that this that by the way he's them. He stepped into the door. Our strategic oil reserves and I guess what he's doing is he's shipping a love that oil overseas you ship it to Europe. Our strategic oil reserve in which no longer say that the guy however I whatever stage of mental decline. He may be in those that are pulling the strings is no longer in a situation where were just looking at people that have bad bad ideas that that they're just there just their well-meaning folks who who just just got it wrong. These are people who are purposely and deliberately working to destroy America.

There is no other explanation for what they are doing and I think people are starting to see that because there's no way around that. I mean that every decision is bad.

Every decision is against America from the open borders to the you know what they're doing what you just described gas with our energy.

What were seeing happened with inflation, trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. What if they think is going to happen than the value which is is crumbling in front of us. And remember, it was trumpet they said all he is going to be warriors. Pres. Trump as their guide to Out-of-court. He's the guy that was negotiating the Middle East peace deal the embassy to Jerusalem. What we see different is so stark it is so absolutely clear that you don't get it now on the praying off the spirit of deception off people because that's the only way that I think I can really understand how they don't get it yet. Is there that the strategic oil reserve is there for emergencies. And so, though, here you have the Suez Mac shipping company there saline looking at a picture of this huge oil tanker is filled with our our strategic oil and is heading towards Rotterdam and and does so is is it's just unbelievable.

No matter, I'm just wondering if there's any in the crooked or corrupt thing. The Biden would do that he would not get the total support of the fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS, you think the time is going to come when they're going to going to turn on a you know they do that the only throne it wouldn't. When the time comes. Just unbelievable. And by the way, Jan this country cannot cannot survive three more years of abide to get it can't happen. Okay, so something is going to happen soon and we are dealing with the state run press this. This is worse in product, they are actually in fact work for the Marxist agenda and how else to explain that all well yeah oh yeah I Displayed after the election get out more than a year after the election. Your laptop is legitimate what you know that's just like, you know, I think I told you time relates all you know they just discovered, the New York Times came out and said that the Watergate takes a legitimate account doesn't mean much. Now on, but they are at least at and am no longer able to hide the truth and there's coming a place where people are are again Arthur waking up because it's deliberate. There is no other way to describe this. This is a purposeful, deliberate, intentional move to cover up independent tutu to move forward an agenda that takes away our liberties to take away our our freedoms are our our Constitution it's going through the shredder and we saw that during that the plan dammit we saw what happened when there they're trying to force people to take an experimental drug and and that's one of the reasons why I in my America first contract that I have the personal autonomy act that if your date when you force your citizen to what to get a vaccine and just think you think it's over now. I don't believe it is I believe is another pandemic around the corner next time they need something, something to guard against the next election. But what we want to do is make sure that no federal funding goes to any state that requires a vaccination in violation of of not only our human rights violation international law, the Nuremberg code, but if you require vaccination as a condition for employment as Joe Biden did with the military with with healthcare workers.

If you require it for education at colleges are doing this travel to talk about those medical tracks, passport, medical treatment or denying people medical treatment or denying their children medical treatment at the parents weren't vaccinated.

What were to say if you do that you engage in that organic Yankee or state funds for that because because there is a personal autonomy. There is a a) have to be forced against our will to have this this injection in our body. It's funny because how many years we thought pastor the right to control our body. They used it to cover the at the taking of a life of a second body, but when it comes to our own body seem to care about us having the ability to control her own body at all. We are right you know when you receive, you were talking about here maybe does not provide cause of death.

After three sailors from you as is George Washington aircraft carrier found dead in less than one week in the three sailors and the USS George was an aircraft carrier were founded less than one week, the Navy said the woman.

One man was found unresponsive on the aircraft carrier last week and two other sailors refunded the locations will you know here's what's happening. You have all of these I have another article here for 25-year-old guy was doing the pet he died well of being in the play, the passion, and here the one thing that they they leave out they forget to tell you is that all of these young people have had the VAX when you know that right and you know what they're also leaving out of forgetting to tell you is that the people that have I had all three shots. I've got our art are dying there dying and much, much larger numbers than people that haven't had the shots and then I tell you that either one of the reasons as part of this under the contrary, America first contract I'm setting up. I want to initiate a congressional committee to hear and investigate the medical effects of the vaccines and end move forward with recommendations week out of bed all the stuff there's there's a Nuremberg trial is happening privately. I believe you heard this, you play part portions of it on your program. What why don't we get that same evidence in front of the world on C-SPAN in Congress and and so the world be what it is and we can see what you do for moving forward and back that I think is critical. This is been hidden and discussed on only programs like yours but hidden from from the mainstream people who work are watching this state run media we got we got a breakthrough this week. I get this information on C-SPAN in Congress in the halls of Congress and in the Department of Justice that you said that needs to be cleaned out is absolutely corrupt and were seeing that at every level of government were there more interested even look in the Defense Department are more interested in in and they woke agenda, then they are out and in defending our country. This all has to stop and it's got to stop now.

We got we got less than two weeks before the next election little over a week before the election takes place. This is the moment to come out and vote. By the way if you live in County, which is all of of Akron stolen, and many other areas putting in Summit County or in Northwest Canton greater Akron Canton area bathroom, run it by the way, you don't have to be in the district to pray or to help on my website to see how you can see the contract.

Things I want to do and get the team of freshman the red wave the freshman to join together as a voting block and that's Janet Bulger but but yeah I think I think this is our moment.

We can what this word told you that if we can, and abortion, as we just did in the state of Texas for nine or 10 children for 40,000 babies every year. Then we can take our country back, tell you what. Again, when we started. They said it was impossible.

It is now inevitable and telling you what what what what the main screen tells you is not the truth.

We serve the God of the impossible. We know and soon the world is going to know the state of Ohio motto.

I tell it everywhere I go I have for years. Around the country that with God all things are possible.

Eating is my life model because it is what determines what I set out to do if I didn't believe that I wouldn't set out to to pass the nation's first ban on partial-birth abortion because after they killed our committee a killer billing committee date, they said there was no way out of it, that there was nothing we could do and I said wait a minute, there's a parliamentary procedure that a thing called discharge petition and they told me all.

It never worked in all of Ohio history is never worked but you know what, if you serve the God of the impossible thing and I can listen to all the naysayers and we set out and we got we got the 50 51 and put it aside as I remember that the work coming up to a hard break right now, folks, a heartbreak call.

Call 888-281-1110 888-677-9673. We need to hear you if you continue here is we really have to hear from you. We really do call back after this. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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