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FRI HR 2 041522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 16, 2022 12:31 am

FRI HR 2 041522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 16, 2022 12:31 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

In 1970 the deadliest storm in modern history ripped Pakistan into and began a chain reaction of turmoil, genocide and war.

The vortex by Scott Carney and Jason Michelman is a dramatic story of revolution and resilience in the face of a climate emergency available now in hardcover e-book and audiobook donate and listen to the podcast WR before I forget, I gotta tell you, the doers of the word Baptist Church this Sunday, the resurrection, so that we are only going to have a morning service will unit we will always always on resurrection Sunday because it's the most holy day of the year and that they would spend with our church family and the weeks we spent with her natural family and so will only have a morning service is always a pretty good one to and so and that starts at 9 AM will praise and worship 930 with an in-depth Bible study, which I'll be teaching and 1115 with the morning service so there you go. That's doers of the word. 14781 Sperry Rd. that's right.

People always want to give the address. The address of doers of the word Baptist Church is 14781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd., Newberry in the W you are why Ohio and that is it's right at the corner of Route 87 and Sperry Road under the 800 foot tower. The church buildings at the base that 800 foot tower can hardly miss it.

So that's this coming Sunday resurrection Sunday and now I want to ask what lengths they begin to wish all of you a blessed resurrection Sunday now I will take a look at. Remember remember how the talking heads you know they mean so yeah, I really feel like I some quick clarification to what we have talked about the world three verses that we talked about yeah Dornier James and the Lord of the bursa drawn red. There's two words in there that are not in John 316, and then those words are really key in the world of the world is all those verses define what those verses are talking about things that are in the world of the world which is not in John 316 sold them the rest of the part of 316. John pointed out, he finds with the world is in John 316, which is totally different than, as it is defined in those two other personal those two little words make a world of difference directly behind it.

John 316, the world is those that believe upon his name does the words RT yeah yeah words are used that define what those verses are talking about already. Now remember how the talking heads all they did it in medicine. They weren't in lockstep. Remember, and I heard say this, the if we all say the same thing at the same time. People will believe us. Who was that it was the blonde and a woman that said that she also said a oh what is her name Herman Goring when not a minister of propaganda.

Yeah, I know that but it was repeated it was repeated by repeater live long enough that people believe it yet. Will they said if we all say the same thing at the same time.

People will believe us and she's the one. Although the one that said them that our job is to tell you what to think and why you think all that. That's the one that the one that interviewed Pres. Trump and G light having a flat out logical Pres. Trump, a lawyer and them blonde Italian. She is no journalist.

She's a media tramp gay you know who, knowing, knowing she was lying.

Knowing she was attacking someone who was far superior than her in every way. I can't remember now, it is way back when I was saying pastor. Maybe people are, they lie and they caught they just drop it may go to another life.

It's one lie after another after another years ago your back in the day when we were younger. All say are people I but it will be like maybe one lie until 10 telling the truth. Politicians I'm talking about. Yeah, meeting and now even one telling something the truth about something they put a twist on it, make it worse by so they can't tell the truth anymore. There is a lying spirit in them which they are virtually unable to tell the truth the right now to play this clip and that is going to be going to be showing you about all of these illegal ballots with Dave. Dave founded I think is true the vote said go ahead and lay there clip good evening, and boy do we have a special episode today as you likely already aware there's an organization in this country called true the vote which has been since the year 2020 investigating the ballot harvesting operations.

The illegal ballot harvesting operations which took place across at least six different states during the presidential election and using their methodology of tracing cell phone ping data surrounding dropbox is reviewing millions of minutes of surveillance footage and actually interviewing the ballot harvester themselves. They were able to determine approximately 4.8 million ballots were likely submitted to the illegal use of ballot drop boxes ballot harvester that their official estimate after a two year long investigation and they haven't hand all the evidence to back up their claims. And today we have a unique opportunity to speak with the founder truth about Ms. Catherine Engelbrecht or Catherine thank you so much for joining us. A lot of our viewers are big fans of true the vote support work. I've been following a close impact to last week's episodes were devoted to your work in Wisconsin and Georgia. Let's start with your work post 2020 in Wisconsin. So recently you had on a hearing at the Wisconsin state state legislature. Can you tell us what you presented in that hearing with your report. Absolutely, we studied Milwaukee County specifically and then tangentially Green Bay or Racine County and and what we were looking at was what we believe is is the proof of exploitation ballot dropbox is a privately funded CTC. How many Mark Zuckerberg money… And lightly presented in the hearing lives laying out the research, the specific jurisdiction in which we geo-fence around the privately funded drop boxes and then monitored how many individual times the same device. Went to… And then from that form patterns of life presented that committee by way of help, hopefully helping them achieve some solid legislation that prevents this dropbox is being used in the future so I want to back up a little bit. That was when I first read the methodology that you use. I just I was blown away, I thought I was such a brilliant idea.

Where did you get that idea to use the cell phone ping data from well we were aware that such data exists on it and if used routinely in law enforcement used increasingly in political campaigns, and we felt like given the fog around everything that was happening in the election it was. It was a path that necessarily left a trace left a track and so we went for Ashley's. Another question is how long did it take you to map out a data because you from your poor eyesight.

I think you know that you had about 10 trillion individual pangs of data. So how long did Dr. take even within that one Milwaukee area to trace people's movements along it takes months and months first to evaluate the series of set rights to figure out what the population pool looks like, how many people or devices I should say went to the dropbox to begin with and then you begin to work backwards from that because you don't want to catch people in the in the evaluation that went you know a number that we would see what we consider to be normal, so I took months and that what you're left with out at the end of it is a is is something that is akin to DNA to sell exacting and down shined the light on election and so within the Milwaukee area. What did you actually find once you have the data in hand from memory.

We found 202. I believe individuals who went to dropbox is more than I believe in time, you have to forgive me because since we presented in in Wisconsin we we gone on to present in Pennsylvania in Arizona, so the numbers run together but you know when you think about the data sets that we went through the groups that we ended up identifying we call them mules because we frankly began a sort of cartel terminology stash houses and drop you will and in the mules their pattern of life was so distinct from anybody else in the population date. They follow the routes that they did not follow. When early election early voting was not in play. They went that night they had all the earmarks are the characteristics of something that was aberrant on hundreds of people bowing thousands of times. Unfortunately, Wisconsin.

I even though they told the people of the state that they had eyes on the drop boxes and that they were using surveillance video that that was clearly not true. We certainly can get it if it was that we have no way of writing it back. But what we have been able to find another states where the video was available is in fact writing that that data that geospatial data together with video data reveals needles and haystacks never before seen people out of trafficking.

Catherine my next question and probably what everyone else was watching this interview as wondering as well is when exactly did start this goal wasn't secured because we use the secure sponsor of today's episode was an awesome email message service provider that actually cares about your privacy is, and it's no big secret that are not as big mind and remind all the time was a recent study that was published in the year 2020 really cut right there. Peers usually have huge GOP officials is more than half of the Wisconsin counties are calling for the certification of the stage.

2020 election this right. 37 counties in Wisconsin demand a decertification they wanted of the 2020 election because of all of the snow there was work more counties that have these illegal ballots without but at least 37 of them have the guts to do what's right. Those GOP voters will have the counties was because of the calling for a decertification of the 2020 election results numbness official.

The top GOP voters, Wisconsin for more than half of the state are calling for the decertification of the 22 election results in the state. Things were getting very serious in Wisconsin right now to certify the election the people Wisconsin are like those across the nation who are livid because of the obviously tainted results that were certified for for senile Joe Biden in the 2020 election fund that's actually the article.

I didn't just sit it. Numerous fraudulent activities have been uncovered to date and the number keeps on growing as does the number of individuals were calling for decertification 12 Wisconsin counties called to reclaim the stage MMXX electrical electoral votes before justices Gable and called for decertification yesterday and so here forward Supreme Court justices did Wisconsin Michael Goldman called for the decertification of the states results from the 2020 election of March after the months of investigation work in the state. This was not taken lightly because of Gable's background and professionalism throughout his career know that you guys hear that on any other news soon I'm talking including Fox News. My liver here know you never heard a word as of though she didn't hear Biden's FEC nominee admits her name is on legal documents attesting voting machines used in Georgia illegally switch flows from one candidate to another. That's right 100% set up reports for year and 1/2 of my pillow. CEO Mike Lindell has been called a liar. Big box stores like Kroger bed bath and beyond Cole's wayfarer and others have dropped this product from their stores over his claims that the voting machines in the 2020 election switch to those causing Joe Biden to win the election.

We all know that okay my constitutional turning Matt D.

Purnell, who hasn't given up on his legal battle in Antrim County is Michigan to prove the voting machines were have the ability to switch votes. He has been demonized by the death of Chris including the current Atty. Gen. Dana nestle who met the create the Purnell hopes to run existing November election. If he wins the nomination 32. I have one more listen to this Alaska hands over elections to corrupt Democrats.

Upcoming elections will have all mail-in ballots and no signature.

Check that all is right. The sin of Alaskans handling over selections to the most corrupt politicians in the state.

No more, no monger will free and fair elections exist in Alaska to have valid election results you need to ensure that all the bells are counted in the process about. We learned this in the 2020 election when millions of invalid bells were inserted into the election for Joe Biden. Now the state of Alaska wants to handle word selection process to the most corrupt politicians out there. So what if those think about that quote by politically Republican, so obviously there's something more going behind the screen and the reader bribed the black male public's are doing this is Jill see a different resident doing the Republicans belong in Alaska. The Republicans glow that I'm 90% sure was a big bank being rated in Alaska and Missouri, about the Republicans cooperating with the Democrats in the election process where they can. The event, by the way that talking head. You guys could remember her name was Leslie still so there you go.

Unbelievable. Here's one show you just get it in another example of how corrupt the government is not our government anymore's sorrows, funders, circuit attorney walks. Kim Gardner faces no consequences after she admits to wrongdoing in Gratian's case record shows 62 acts of misconduct George Soros without he said his is minions out.

Lucia list say I want you to go out there. I want you to find and especially black women. This is clear black women who are well willing to sell their souls who will sell their souls were going to bake them Atty. Gen.'s were going to put them.

But not just black women but mostly black women were going to put them in places where they're going to totally violate the law totally violate the Constitution. They will sell their soul and I give you enough money to get them elected and so and that's exactly what happened is going to another rough day for crooked source fund in St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner. The Missouri Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the far left St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Kimberly Gardner must turn over communications with sorrows operatives and Missouri political insiders related to their false case against the former governor Eric Grecians former governor Grecians posted this tweet this that afternoon Missouri appeals court upheld a previous judge ruling in January against those funds.

St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner, the court unanimously ruled, Kim Gardner failed to file a timely response to reporter John Solomon from just the news. For information on her communications with the political insiders and all of sorrows operatives and the court last year found Kim Gardner and Jason 62 acts of misconduct 79 false representations in her prosecution of Eric Grecians Kim Gardner already faces misconduct probe illicit conduct in her plaque to take down popular Missouri governor. There you go. I mean, if you take a look at that that's you know you got that one right now in New York City. It is going after Pres. Trump again all you who don't talk about everything from local lies and inspection Colbert using their political power. Restraint on it so they're using it against anybody they want and then there protecting anybody that they want justices is the risk of offending work depends upon politically of you are, how much money you have influenced our portable. Here's another one about the Department of Defense and the Ukraine US Department of Defense awarded contracts for Cova 19 research in Ukraine three months before Colbert was known to even exist. The world first started to hear about a novel coronavirus in early January 2020 with reports of an alleged new pneumonia like illness spreading across Wuhan, China.

However, the world did not actually know of Cova 19 until February 2020, because it was not until the 11th of that month that the World Health Organization officially named Noble coronavirus disease is Cova 19 so with the leather was is the 19th coded so with this being the official truth. Why does United States government data show that the US Department of Defense awarded a contract on 12 November 2019 to love, rent, global health, Inc. for Cova 19 research at least one month before the alleged emergency of the words of the coronavirus and three months before was officially dubbed Cova 19 the check in findings, however, do not end there. The contract award in November 2019 for Cova research was not only instructed to Take Pl. in Ukraine.

It was in fact a part of a much larger contract for biological threat reduction programs in the Ukraine.

See, that's another thing John R. This country who was it had biological weapon labs all over Ukraine, but they've got them in many different countries to build. Now I don't know how many countries learned a lot and the week and I said this before I googled what I fact that we built ponded and staff of these lamps in the Ukraine or it's wrong and why are we doing that in Ukraine and other countries but not here in America. What's the reason for that to me. The reason is there's a legal activity going on that the legal here, but illegal in Ukraine reforming out their work agreement it in a biological weapon that can farming it out country when they can leave that that the doctor artisans on hearing and you look very thoroughly what we've been telling people for the Jacob Leming remember John only back in the 80s. We were talking about the world.

The population of about you had these groups and back around the 90s and that is when Bill Gates really came into focus. Actually, his father was a part of that, and his father actually was ahead of plan predators for a while and so here when he came in with this depopulation program. The whole thing and now that that Dr. Artis come out and they showed you how look here's you know all of the things the natural herbal formulation. By the way, I have an article here on which of the best natural herbal form is to counteract in of the DM nine Adam know that the veteran vitamin the deadly shots if it is their fill of with the three different powerful snakes they've used the venom in the shed and so they give you the list of the but it's like the ones that we know that it may take counteract the venom in the in the culvert and also to counteract the culvert itself getting the disease. What is it, if it's if it's counteracting both of them the same. What is that tell you about the so-called vaccine that appeared to have the venom in it that can be neutralized just like you would correctly so something various love again that's hydroxychloroquine I Vermette connected to the various in corseted in the very same things that were taking you know to to avoid the Cova 19 and instead of going to the hospitals when there and they get in there. They give herein death of her, which is again a part of that same same makeup effect. I read their indent severe is been outlawed in every country but one right here that's it. So their dirt and when you go to the hospital. The very thing that would kill you is what they like with Carl Evans and Carl Evans was at the Geauga County hospital. He told him he did not want did not want to indent severe in a given too many healthy children and so there you go. So here you go. Apparently who's going to hold the hospital accountable. Well I can tell you this.

They have really lost a lot of credibility major lost a lot of credibility. They want woke they want for the money affect John. I got a list here someplace and you wouldn't believe the thee the money is is that actual list of the different hospitals in the different states. How much money they get O Lucy is noted that I was when they get if they declare you that you have: in the hospital and they treat you for that need with whether you survive or not but I also have a list.

This is a list of known side effects resulting from the Pfizer clinical trials will you wouldn't believe this is actually known side effects well. Going down through the pages, and the members of these. These are known side effects 1118 liniment noted another page 1209 Total Sensible Way to minute notice another page. Okay, I found the end of it. 1294 known side effects from that poisonous punk when you think of that I actually believe it. I mean that that shot quote was set up to an invariant stated that he would kill some people, like write out and then someone in the month notice and six months of the year and in an hour into about a year or year and 1/2 I give and put the effect will people dying from and that having severe side effects from so this is the stage no later they couldn't kill everybody right away with it will be obvious so they have a whole stage over period of time defection to be devastated with a back right after this. Don't go away. More to come in and that was Julie daters rendition of win 10,000 angels right probably recognize the voice you Bill Wood means several different songs in the end I just hope McCartin don't make fun of her, like you did me after I chart you talked about the bounty all caught on the convocations by state yeah I have it is someplace you yeah you not runs from 20 some ground up almost 1/2 million dollars estate. It would be interesting. Maybe somebody has done it and see if there's a correlation between the number of cases reported by each state in the bounty that's on the you don't have a good diagnosis yeah yeah a good idea I would get on the phone Wednesday so because it's like if you have the will, who was the intake over the needed prayer. This is Joe from Norton is a truck driver from North Carolina's gun a problem with his feet and apparently injured, and he lasted a job in turn would ask in prayer for him payment go Joe from North Carolina yeah any yeah right ankle. Okay five father we bring Joel before you, and there is an injury with his right foot right ankle Lord and were asking. Now that for your mercy and that you would through the power of the Holy Spirit restore broken bones that beat you torn ligaments or anything like that little bit you will board that you and we ask that you would give it quickly were asking now in Jesus name that you would immediately feel the pain you obtain more pain would just disappear following by the healing of the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Whatever else is needed and that he would give you the glory for it.

In Jesus name we ask that you, John. Okay, let's go to would you say we had out there and say okay manicuring their thank you for taking my call. A man yeah yeah yeah thank you for taking my call at my give you legs are that that book, I thank you when he is an activity that he precluded pastors conference call fresh oil and with my request and the latest wine and it was only a few years before he passed away when he told his father with a pit Lockhart is going to be a preacher father Peter might not monogram and pick them and laughing said build the world's largest church.

That's what Kathy got confident but his message this kind and fresh oil when every every time I hear some new thing going on. The only thing I can think of is when a lute. That's what this nation is dying for the supernatural. This nation is dying from and that will pray in fact and we are way past way way way past a man with a demon for that child. We have a for panic government and the only way to come against fat's new plan. In fact, because Jesus said in Mark 929.

This time gallop not for my prayer and fasting and that anyone out there in Christianity that listened to that void with no strike that figure. My wife and I have been praying and fasting. Many things remodeled that God would come again, that wicked government. We started after the evening meal on Wednesday and we finished it Thursday.

Please join us at the owner because it worked and that I also request Panther at Dan and Becky from Maine. That the fund passed away and that they asked, they raise the mass, all for the kids homeschooled and everything that he went down a slippery slope and I don't want to get in all the details that they need a lot of crown right now because they just came from the funeral and that they really need a lot of prayer the Christian but that losing it fine is really rough and that they need a lot of prayer then and Becky yeah I know I know from experience this. Let's play him with a look that I don't know Dan and Becky but we know you do we know Lord I do know what it's like to lose some and so heavenly father will got I would just hold these two people are to you right now and escorted this time you be a comfort to the Lord God that you would hedge around about and be a comfort to an often what happens who they when the child is all losses set is lost and sometimes it makes the parents bitter at the following got again. We just want to hold them up and ask Lord that you would be a comfort this time to the family. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

All right, I have to keep up the good work you do the same. God bless.

Have a blessed resurrection Sunday okay let's go to Cliff click here and there I got Tori press five before anybody else on the planet but wanted to tell John and John on the Sgt. report the propaganda anecdote podcasts with large and two-part series this week on law that seem to deal with you and all property conference stations part three might be a president that you know where both the charge and the prosecutors seem to be working in an and in the case so that that might be of interest to you and I want to ask John and John about the study and wanted to ask James chapter 4 first dates where it says plan your heart purify your quality double minded. So if you're talking about the mind.

In one part of that and that it's talking about the heart of what your thoughts are clarification will I know that versus them versus going a to God and he will dull night to you.

Cleanse your hands, you sins and purify your hearts, you double minded. So go ahead John and John and one person with you again James for a date. Well, there is a direct connection is been proven between your mind and your heart so cleanse your hands, which are you doing, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double minded. So your heart is actually spiritually, physically connected to your mind and so usually the purifying of the heart involves postal the cleansing of your mind, so maybe John wants to have David you don't want to be double minded. Because Scripture warns about that double minded and don't receive anything from the Lord. Double minded is new living will pay half your life for the Lord and afterlife in the world, you'll say one thing to another thing I God wants us to be single-minded in our thinking.

Christ focused on him and not living you duplicate life because someone like that Bibles are not going to receive anything of the Lord. We want your money will be light saturated with the word of God and then you have the mind of Christ and anything that you think of her doing Scripture should pop up in your mind, like a piece of toast popping up in a toaster and so everything you think and do is filtered through the word of God and keeps your heart, your heart healthy. Also, and particular right. Silly Stella don't want to submit to God, submit yourself to God right and then then number two well the prior verse 47 submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, so you resist the devil and then don't allow him to entice you attempt to win the boys get a debt in the now. Cleanse your hands and purify your hearts, that's what he's telling to lead a pure life delete live up your life Billy still neither so so he's telling a model told us to purify ourselves be cleansed from sin, replacing what so you replace the silly guys purity right. The only way you can purify yourself is to know the word of God's will be your acting, your acting in God way is a pure person and that's one of the routes when you get to becoming the Bible talks about the love child of God talks about the children of God.

Many talks about being a beloved child. So your goal strictly to become a beloved child of God, and you can look at God's.

I called God's merits and Colossians chapter 3. And that gives you the definition of how you identify who elect person thoughts. It's somewhat complex but yet it's simple, you purify yourself through word of God heart to say exactly as you know, you double minded biker had been at certain points of heart to tell within yourself.

If you actually think double-blind woke your mind comes up with something that is against the word of God, that would be single-minded because single-minded means you have thoughts that are Christlike thoughts that make sense. All right, Dr., never mind it comes out in their actions.

If only you know them by their view, how they behave and what they do right by okay but it's good that I beginning a chance is talking about looking at era.

So that's one thing. One way of talking about Mary Kay. Let's look at this back in July at whatever we be able to write I say look in the mirror of the meter you want to see if your elect of God is conspirator were God, that you can identify lack because John knew the elect lady wants of the mirror for the electives is Colossians chapter 3 all right very good. Thanks, Cliff Cliff, you have a blessed resurrection Sunday when we have next AC year in the air yet hello hello hello another night you talk about the news media being left behind after the rapture and the question people might think the how one of the new one meeting going to say how they can explain the rapture, all I'm going to tell you how this but the only way they can explain the rapture say that it was a UFO phenomenon when the graves of the Savior opened up and the other will are not taught in the living believers are changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and we talked about the blood being left behind.

Of those living believers.

The only way they're going to explain this to the people is to say that it was some sort of alien or UFO phenomena that will actually what they're saying already. Right now think this is been so for some years there. There they will say that the leader before he returns back to the planet.

He had to purify it by removing us the Christians of course.

So remember, he's the antichrist you can come as Christ did not mean they been saying this already. For years, right return to New Age teaching prolonged alignment of one of the great spirit is going to take out yet. Yet I would say that that, hit pastor and he likes in the late 70s.

Yeah, I think separately.

That's when I started and also I meant to ask tell you this.

It was in the late 70s again that the depopulation started old stories that the earth was going to mass starvation.

The book wasn't enough food in all and it had to be done quickly. Without that all started in the mid to late 1970s the member.

That guy named Ehrlich I think is there was Robert Ehrlich, Paul Paul Ehrlich. Yeah, he was the one that was saying that he was when I had is book poorly adamant all the different TV shows. Remember it was telling us that the bite by the middle of the 1980s, we would be in a total Ice Age. He was saying that because it was good to be because of Q-tips disposable diapers flagellants from cows and acid rain and we were going to be in a total Ice Age in an ice time is book it was. And they put him on every TV show talk showed to talk about that. Well, there you go.

Any flight you praying and we have like eight years.

Whatever new record will dive from heat, the earth is going to overheat in a diner with her global warming school promoting global warming. But where the old-timers were on cool because just like you said in the 60s. They were talking about the new Ice Age coming. I remember I remember going to jet five. For example, the media report: scientific record about the reasoning in the new Ice Age is coming. Also, the stop he never did hear another word about it and then pick up with the global warming. Yeah, then they want because they kept every time they would do the global warming thing we have record cold winters is so they can be changed.

The climate change they just changed the out to make it to. And you know they did the idea that New York City was going to be under underwater because of the melting. But remember, remember this, we were the ones right here in this radio program when they said all the polar bears were going to drown when the icebergs melted and we were the ones who told people the polar bears can swim and so therefore they're not going to drown okay and soak you know we were way out ahead of him tell the more I listen the more you and I know it's just it's just there. I don't know what I because what else to tell you just okay which what you guys gave the invitation last week. I remember remember I you did so home and scuffed four minutes to thinking and get it right for minutes okay for some folks.

Most important thing that we talked about tonight is that it is going to be a debate in the world. And pause and there will be various celebrations people will be doing pagan things went hunting for Easter eggs all the things we mentioned that her become. Unfortunately, traditions and American culture about the resurrection Sunday and that resurrection Sunday is the most important and the most important event that ever took place in this world because men can, and they can say things men can come and they think many men have been slaughtered for the wrong reasons but only one man resurrected himself from the dead, and that was the Lord Jesus Christ and that is unique in history, and so that event changed the world and that event has happens so that you can have eternal life. So here's the deal. This week this Sunday when you get together many do with their families and friends because you opportunity if you know the Lord to preach the gospel and put the emphasis on how Christ raised from the dead.

Because Christ gave himself gave his life for you on that process offered for your sins suffer for the sins of the world and rose from just as he said he was you and everyone else that you come in contact with can have eternal life.

If you do with the Bible says, which is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to repent of your sins, you stop doing the things that offend God. You do as what's preached on the show, you become a doer the word you do those do those works that have been prepared for you before the foundation of the world you do those things and you serve the Lord Jesus Christ, to offer up yourself as a living sacrifice, and when you do that you realize what you're going to have eternal life.

It will be that happy as they overlap guaranteed. I can clearly remember the day when that happened. The man I jump inside for joy. It's a marvelous thing to realize that you are not going to die. You will going to want you believe the Lord Jesus Christ you going to transition either in the air which were looking forward soon happening soon is which is what we call the rapture, God causes believers home when you meet a many year or when you go to sleep in death. You will be instantaneously absent from the body may present with the Lord and enter into his kingdom and how that eternal life.

So that's the most important thing you're going.

I so I encourage you please in the name of Jesus, devoid of the way. Do everything you can to avoid going into the lake of fire and enter into eternal life, and you will have joy forevermore after testimony and 10 seconds tell me that second copy resurrection Sunday.

All right that's that's if they hate God always does what he says the Lord Jesus did raise himself from the dead and will we look out.

And if we look at the qualifications. All you have to do is take a look at the University made that right and so these he's a God that cannot fail and would like the Lord Jesus said nothing. Nothing is is too hard for nothing is impossible were out of time again.

You guys have both have a blessed resurrection Sunday and burning all Allah. The and to tell them out. Good night God bless and always, always cave.

Fighting the fight by. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on lease to the next time bring mission was right left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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