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THU HR 2 041422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 15, 2022 12:12 am

THU HR 2 041422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 15, 2022 12:12 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR what we are back in the hell he continued to telephones with their not hearing the news media out there because you we don't know what's going on in Ukraine. Horrible.

And the reason is innocent people are being killed like always at war. The problem is that the you not getting the truth.

We were not getting the truth.

We have people over there fact, I just I got a letter of what you find that letter is likely a pocket. It was when they find it here. Well, I have to have to get it okay women here it is. This is a letter… It goes right along with what we've been saying here and says a blessing to all things for your radio ministry you speak the truth, compared to others about how you speak the truth. Especially on Ukraine wife came from there and they have been to war since 2014, when Obama and sorrows help and insurrection, remove a democratically elected president will remember we talked about that.

That's exactly what happened. Obama and Biden and that woman that was involved in their they remove there was a co-and they had a president was elected a Democratic elected president, and they removed him with at least 4000 civilian children have been killed by the Ukraine government army he's talking about with what were going to be talking about here in a minute because there's a group over there about the Nazis. The Nazis have a Google will talk about them here. Just a second video he goes on to say Lacey over 4000 civilian children be killed by the Ukraine government army since 2014 with no aid or help from USA or any other country except Russia. No one cared. My wife's family farm were attacked they were robbed by the Nazi forces units. It is true Nazis supported by Ukraine's and USA as division and their military. See you not supposed be hearing. This folks. The stuff is is not supposed to be getting out. Please pray for the salvation and health of my wife and daughter which we did that today and that's from Mike Mike.

We did that this morning. We do pray for okay now here Zielinski was offered a peace deal but chose war. Instead, media blackout now here Ukrainian Pres. Baltimore Zielinski is using his well honed acting skills to perform for the camera. I convinced the world that his country is the is a victim of a barbarians invasion by Russian forces well in ode to Deny that the Russians invaded them right right now, the mainstream media is not the mainstream media is not telling the world the whole story. They never do. They okay yesterday it was revealed that the German Chancellor all office jolts offered Zielinski a brokered peace deal only days before Russia lost a special military operations. Ukraine in February 24, but the little Zielinski who is one of Clouse Schwab's young global leaders turned down the deal that would have maintained peace instead he chose war Clouse Schwab is as evil as George Soros and by the way it was George Soros that was behind putting him in there okay this may end up being one of the most extraordinary revelations of the entire conflict so far. One of the main grievances rushes had with Ukraine was the fact that it was being groomed for NATO membership, a national security risk with Moscow deemed as completely unacceptable via the truth seeker. It turns out that Schultz was in the process of brokering a deal and toes was Zielinski during his visit to the Munich security conference on February 19 that Ukraine should renounce its NATO aspirations and declare neutrality as a part of a wider European security deal between the West and Russia and and that the pact would be signed by Mr. Boudin and Mr. Biden who would jointly guarantee Ukraine security.

Incredibly, Zielinski rejected the offer to make a concession by declaring NATO neutrality and thus avoid a war with Russia and claimed that Putin could not be trusted to uphold such an agreement, he might have a point there, and that most Ukrainians will wanted to join NATO. You know what all but I believe potent over over Joe. Joe Obama Biden and I mean and believe me I don't trust food revelation really exposes two key points.

Let me know if I'm wrong, but earthly the letter that the Ukraine became part of NATO that you get the right to put missiles on the ground down there now that right and and worn them years ago. If you put missiles next door border, there's going to be trouble.

You know, and when you look at the Cuban crisis what what spark that okay there. There is missiles again in the Cuba John F. Kennedy said if you don't get those missiles out of their working to come down there and get them out ourselves and that he would've done it because he said you know you know he was 90 miles away that you know those missiles would be right on our border in a constant threat to America and nobody had a problem with the Kennedy saying that and in everything. We had a right to protect ourselves while doing the stamping with Ukraine. He told them.

Don't join the NATO because if you do we. I know you want to put those missiles right next door border and it in there's going to be problems and now everybody you know gets mad because the potent you know you and worn them, and they therefore they forced his hand is what they did that. That's why I believe you know what happened. They didn't have to do you know provoking like they did you know those unthreaded missiles and everything. If they join NATO and NATO once it made it was a one world country and in that they they want a one world government United Nations once one world government, NATO once a one world government does not want a one world government.

In fact, somebody said what time is there any comparison between coding, then drop in unit comparison I can think of is neither one of these guys are one rotors. Neither one of those guys are globalist and that the you know the Ukraine NATO and UN and the Vatican are all globalist people. Yeah, hungry is not globalist either. In fact, there was they had an election there and meet with the even with all the interference by the West. The there. There president one I had that articles like an article in no receiving find very quickly. Anyhow, so there's and there's a few countries out there that want to stay out of United Nations like everything else got totally corrupt, they could yell at one time it was a good thing, but now it's become totally corrupted. This whole one world order New World order is the antichrist world system. Let me read this article. Firstly that is head of state. Zielinski is either grossly incompetent or completely reckless to needlessly place his country on the path to war with his neighbor. Secondly, it indicates the level of control that Washington has over his government as he is been advised that every step of the way by the US State Department and CIA.

It's no secret that the US and the UK have been engaging I cave give to fight NATO's war with Russia has been egging on. Had they been egging on cave to fight NATO's war will Russia on their behalf. Even if that means placing cave into unwinnable position where Amanda having its Armed Forces completely destroyed in Ukraine, losing even more territory than already has many Zielinski could have diffuse tension six months ago by disavowing NATO aspirations in the clearing Ukraine neutral state. Such a declaration would certainly be welcome by Russian today, but in the light of the West continued proxy war against Moscow in the US and the UK led campaign to cancel Russia from the global economic and financial system as well as media culture and sport that is safe to say these things have not moved on considerably from being just as NATO issues. There you go right. I forgot to include the crime the government with the lady of the country right now there are globalist Biden values group there one rotors so you know that's why they're against one know Russian for the Ukraine to okay here's an article. This is why I'm giving this because you not going to get it out there than the fake news media will not bring they will whatever whatever they are told whatever lie they're told to tell.

They will tell they will simply follow orders and I mean you know whatever it is there that they walk in lockstep. They walk in lockstep and well let me just read this article. This is by Gordon Duffy he's a senior editor of the Intel drop is an subtitle Ukraine's Nazi legions a real threat to America and the world now this is interesting how have you not heard that all of a sudden America.

Garlin has come out and said it's the white supremacist. These white supremacist.

These American Nazis. There, America's biggest threat. So what are they telling you again this is deep state. This is exactly false flag stuff they're going to remember always accuse the opposition of doing what you're doing right. Remember there in South Carolina was a Charleston where that the guy ran out.

That woman over killer and when you had.

He was supposed to have the white supremacist were supposed to have their their rally and burn load murder and actively showed up to fight against the will. We had people that were there and they said they were coming in on the same buses that was all stage there was Allstate and promoted by the fake news media that was all stage and promoted by the fake news media and as we have people there. They were because they listen.

These people get not the same bus the company on the same bus and they were getting paid something like 1500 $1500 apiece to go and do that okay now.

Let me get into this article here, self-proclaimed political scientists give us definitions of Nazism, a real definition is quite different in easily discerned.

Nazism is a falsely deemed political movement typically organized and controlled by criminal elites. Nazi is and is based on black propaganda formulas that exploit ethnic, racial and class hatreds to weapon eyes population sectors that are conditioned by broad control of media employed to induce generalized fear.

I would say that's probably a good definition would you say so I would hear the US, the government is after years of blissful ignorance beginning to recognize the fundamental threat of Nazism and its and Incompatibility with elected governments and personal freedoms. I think they're promoting it. I think they're promoting in the room are they always doing the opposite of what they say, Nazism's practice is a cult that attract the ignorant, the fearful and the hate filled in order to support the growth of Nazism, for reasons we will look into certain governments, the US and most NATO allies with others as well as such as Brazil have built their foreign policies around support for generalized injustice. The Ukraine war has brought about a reassessment of the war on Yugoslavia for NATO destroys Yugoslavia than then spends two decades destroying the radical Islamists. It destroyed Syria to save but the real issue is the love affair Democratic president of Job, Obama, Biden has for Nazis in Ukraine. Well that's what I told you there you go. Here it is, while defending the administration from Azoff affiliated organizations inside the US there you go. Some say Biden is suffering from dementia. The most likely diagnosis of schizophrenia from NATO funded billing had and so here again, these these are in our Nazis here right in the US and and and the Azoff over there in the Ukraine. They have staged all kinds of things. In fact there's an article here that I have gained Ukrainian national units in Edessa. No awareness of flash Ukrainian nationalist units. In addition, now wearing Russian uniforms expect civilians to be slaughtered. The listener were not were not this saying the Russians are great guys that were going to tell you both cite this is not what you're hearing on the news folks. What is taking place that countries been so corrupted deputy representative of the Russian Federation military of Ukraine and and this is what we are hearing. In fact, under the seat to get some people just got out of Ukraine came here on here of the Russian Federation military of Ukraine dressed in the uniform of the Russian Federation for provocation seen in Odessa.

There you go. This is an article by Gordon Duff, senior editor Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and his work on veterans and POW issue for decades. Gordon is an ex credited diplomat and generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialist.

He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and rightly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Dell has traveled extensively and published around the world in a regular guest on TV, radio, and more than several countries is also trained is also a trained chef wine enthusiast and motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration.

So here this and Gordon Duff is the one that wrote this article and he heads up the. The largest private intelligence organization in the world and that's where this article came from and him were 30 cult we talked about the other day last week about the did the US Gen. that was was caught in Russia. He was heading up this Azoff but there he was training them and he was captured so you can hear of the year that what we then will eat when we report on that. We sit at that time it had not been verified but since that it has been verified. Here's another one rated Intel drop Ukraine's Nazi legions a real threat to America and the world already did that one okay so now we can switch over here ready for this.

This is by Archbishop Carl Maria Pagano, we are facing a global code that involves both civil societies and the church. The articles written by Joe hopped. He says Archbishop Carl Memorial fund Gato was on the canal finale Italia TV.

I can't believe they put him on there.

I can't believe the pope allowed them to go on their okay and he shared his observations that was going on in this world. Below are similar bishops key observations about the church, and political leadership of today to see what he has to say is that he's been right on on a number of other things this guy is is been right on. We are facing a global co-that involves both civil society and the church. Both are infiltrated controlled by characters who use their power and authority that derives from it that the authority date that derives from it not for the purpose of this institution they govern. But in order to destroy them. The crisis of authority must be denounced because the action of those who have reached the highest levels of leadership. Both of nations and of the churches of birds of and a criminal act will think that you got essays hundred percent right there. Don't you write.

When asked about the effort to create a global religion and whether it is homicide or suicide for the holy church, Pagano shared both on one hand, the corrupt party of the hierarchy, which is for the sake of brevity, I called deep church sentence subservient to Satan hates the church as the mystical body of Christ and intends to kill her just as it happened to the church's head, but we know that just as Christ is risen so as mystical body will be resurrected after passion. So yes, those who deserve the devil to carry out a murderous operation. Those that serve the devil to carry out a murderous operation, however crazy and doomed to failure now. Okay I remember in Salt Lake City, Utah 2015.

They had the world, the world religion organization met daily conference from the world religions which was housed in the in New York and then how they met their and at that point. I remember the pope saying that if we are going to have a one world government.

We must have a one world church to and that's what he said you had all the world, heads of the world religions, the Muslims, the Buddhist, the Catholics, they were all there and so and so the pope made that statement. This current pope has run a lot of people out of the Roman Catholic Church. I can tell you that your revelation refers to it as mystery Babylon the mother of harlots and the that that's what that one world government in the 11 winners as apartment yeah well the world a national Council of churches for years with negotiating head with the Vatican about if they become one to join up the wilderness, that's your in all of the apostate church is out there would would would gather and become one church and course that would leave very few of us left limit you sure, but that the Bible to let you know that that's what the Bible teaches that that's what the Lord Jesus said many are called but few are chosen. Many will come if you will enter the vast majority of those with church are in the process. Okay, here Joe Biden says Putin is committing genocide and trying to wipe out the idea of being Ukrainian then sends another 800 million in US weapons. Ukraine Joe Biden is a is an evil man, he is evil and wicked to the core of this guide, you cannot get any more wicked than him. He wants to increase as much abortion as you can possibly have euthanasia you can possibly have these what he's doing. He wants to he wants to divert money from the veterans Association and send money and doctors take them away from treating the veterans of and put that money to illegal aliens.

He's bringing illegal aliens into this country, and the idea when they get enough of them and they they fly into all of these different cities at night and note the idea is when the word comes burn down the city they they are to be obedient to the death of credit Communist Party command. That's was going on so that was foolish enough to vote Democrat and get Biden in the Communist Party. And this is waking up yet with the terrorists coming across the border in the illegal aliens in the crime rate spike in inflation and get on Skype through the roof and everything in people get to where they're not even able to drive their cars anymore. You think even the dumbest of Democrat voters are starting to wake up yet or do you think it's an impossible thing.

Well, the dumbest of them aren't waking up is whether the dumbest but there are there are those that are leaving in large numbers, the death of any kind of party and that you know a lot of home. They don't really care.

Although I do know number of them that were in there that is the well unite. I don't I don't agree with our pop parties platform and abortion I think is wrong, but I'm willing to compromise which they do but no, in fact, is that a number number of of the Democrats that have actually decided to run and replace school board members.

They know that they're actually speaking out because you know what they don't want their children being molested by the public education they don't want to their their children learning CRT or you out. All of this I what is that the 1619 and so a lot of them now are starting to awaken the aware scene quite a few awakening and use you starting to see a number of the Democrats that the are changing their switching over to Republican or independence so that that is good but anyhow the new peers. Here's a good article here and there is this is true. Pres. Donald Trump investigated more than Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Al Capone another article by Joe hopped over boy and I'm looking at the this past weekend work. He was where was the this past week and was a Michigan was the anyhow I'm looking at pictures that would you talk about a huge huge crowd come out.

Pres. Cubberley statement this evening about the obvious monsters have taken over our country. They certainly have taken over our Department of Justice. That's exactly what we've been telling you that we do not have. There is no independent Department of Justice is a part is a branch now of the Democratic communist collective and again Mary Garland he's the yes-man he's one of Obama's yes-men in their and he it's as corrupt as corrupt can get.

I don't think it can get any more corrupt than it is. I don't I don't think it's possible that they certainly have taken over the Department of Justice. America has a justice system that is crooked and two-tiered for this is exactly right, goes on to say, Democrats like Obama can give billions of taxpayer dollars to terrorist by the way, did you see that Obama are our Joe but Joe Obama Biden. Not only did he give what is $85 billion worth of of our arms over to the tele-band to be used against us. He just came and says that is given to another billion dollars.

Another good of our text.

300 yeah death aggress like Obama can give billions of taxpayer dollars to terrorist leaders lay ran.

I ran and gun cartels on the southern border.

Yeah yeah Obama or Joe Obama is working hand-in-hand with the drug smugglers drug cartels and the human traffickers and were the only ones out there. This will not the only ones the new got Alex Jones and Stu peters in his is numberless, but where it that what they call the mainstream media. I'm Italian so unbelievable how they are what they are willing to do, how they are willing to lie to Stan Luster running the government of this country. That's what it comes down to you get a lot of people say I don't know Biden could be so dumb to do this or some structure of the local talk show host will be talking about how dumb he is and stuff like that. He's not doing what he is doing because this is all plan to destroy this country.

We get terrorists in the government of this country every day planning on what they're going to do to destroy this country more than is been destroyed already, especially quickly as they can, you know, because they can. Like you said, they can't wait for a fair election command to the be out the door they've gotta run this country beyond repair expenses.

They can and that's what every everything that's going on right now is all about layout when now. We played that come about a year ago where he talked about with the Chinese leaders was speaking to a huge crowd of Chinese college college students and they were saying that we have placed our people in the top positions in America we owned America. This is what they were saying and course the they own the Biden crime, family, the Biden crime family was only got so much money from the Chinese government okay and so his job is Joy job was to get in there and reduce Americans of Third World status reduces down to third world status and that's exactly's been working on from the day he got on there he is. He is is out to destroy this country and what we can take another year of them.

He will reduces to Venezuela because on this article says a Democrats like Obama, give millions of taxpayers dollars to terrorist leader Iran against cartels and southern border to is what I just said the tele-band can be gifted billions in arms, airplanes, ammunition, millions of instances of voter fraud go unpunished.

Nothing happens to the villains on the left who disregard our laws while destroying this great country that's exactly right. We have no idea who is running the current government, those in power keep this hidden.

They're all a bunch of liars. Everyone around the world know Joe Biden can find his way to the bathroom who is running America. Whosoever is doing it illegally will they be punished for their crimes. Obama sorrel China Obama source or China. All three running this country.

One man stands up to the goons aligned with the DOJ and the death of Craig party decide is big media big tech in the world economic forum in China and he's punished.

To hell with American people freedom free and fair elections in love for the country.

This man must be punished the man as president Trump the monsters who deny freedom, justice, God, and beauty mankind are after him. He shows the world that we are the majority and we are free, and we will never give up our freedom like William Wallace in the movie Braveheart we scream for freedom will be back right after this and I all right was Julie David saying that so in our church and that's a beautiful beautiful song, and that sure wouldn't job returning. I know I'll probably hear about a particular for the folks out there that don't understand that is, it's a long story with them.

They turn in a likes to pick on my singing.

Anyhow, let's take some calls.

We have a dolly in Texas hey Dolly hello hello your near it's me. I think it really mean on their network and a lot of medical court and an independent gated name anomaly anything and I was wondering if he may have a book. He may have a number that I could call yesterday. That's the that's Dr. Peter Glidden yeah and he's written several books okay and in the main one that them legs written to everybody sick and I know why. And another one is attempt to cure or attempt to cure and so what if you want those books that they would she do right this right this phone number down. Okay I mean it's it's 4404433831367 point call there tomorrow afternoon and night until one of the ladies that you'd like to get that book in the get you one might think a ready God bless, ready, who did you say we had. Next there. Okay we got Bobo here in the air after aria. Oh, I'm okay already about long time with certain 90 border give you a couple of tidbits.

In me you may or may not know you realize that Mr. Putin buddy buddy with Bob Schwab at dinners together up until just recently. That also Henry Kissinger's mentor and eight get together for dinner constantly so I think Mr. Putin is doing a number like the beautifully human behind being Ukrainian understanding the old Soviet Union and how they would classify anybody and not see that with a patriotic person because if they placed you over there and you believed in God, country and God and they would call you and happy about all that's not here though Ukraine has no right to stand up for itself and have been told whatever commitment mother Russia Dino Cave is the mother. You know that Russians didn't exist as it is the name the rough ER and told the century they were Muscovites in the 13th century in the attack Cave. Back then, though we have a long history and out we been murdered by Russian for 400 some years and when the like. You're talking about, that the net in the low-lying region you had people after the fall, the Soviet Union come in there and swamp that area because that's where all the job for all these Russians moved into the area after that. For now the Russian-speaking as another misnomer I've heard you say that Russian-speaking everybody had to speak Russian because the official language had to be Russian and you weren't even allowed Russian Ukrainian in Ukraine so the all the things are not quite as if you're portraying they are not that way and I know that Dolinsky is a pawn of Mr. sorrel but the whole point of the Ukrainian people have to fight the Russians heard at the moment, and then you have to fight the New World order after in order to keep their independence to get the promised protection in the Bucharest Budapest Accords and Russia promised it 50. The biggest joke I've ever heard. Now, how are you from you from the Ukraine pole time per generation. My dad whitening fought in the underground. I just I just I just read a letter from some people that came from the Ukraine and that I judges Road. I'll read it to you again.

My wife is from Ukraine. They have been to war since the 2014 little BCL jumped on Pierce's name the they robbed our family. They listen, we were robbed we were attacked. We were beaten all of this stuff and so here are you telling me that there they're not telling the truth now methane at art because in war there incident left and right because every uniform is gone by the other side in order to trick the other side and yeah that's too warm. What about what about the nonuniformed Russians that came in to start that conflict.

That really is in a conflict over there. All that is that they want the rare earth they want the oil they want the minerals over there.

That's what got that reading FOB is all about what he is all about. He may be getting played by the world economic forum people maybe you know he figures guilt because we have such a weakling president that he could take all of Ukraine.

Maybe he's that member Wenzhou that all we can just take a little sliver of it a little incursion wouldn't be bad so I hear you Alyssa but I got: submit the level listen, believe me, Putin is not my hero like the pizza right in the zone but I'm just getting reading articles coming from both sides, because all you hear is whatever the narrative is on the fake news media and that's why we're here so David: let's go to Clifford Clifford during their a lot like waiting warm relating it was said, and trouble coin the phrase make the line fake.

Keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually wave it safe and effective faith in the fact that I just want to ask you.

And how about one first that relate possibly to me, which is an first seven DW Bible there. How so then okay verse seven verse seven. His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud under his tongue's mischief that he is he there you go Dennis Joe Biden's been prophesies all the way back to this office would quickly gathering together reported yeah I mean yeah this is exactly the way it is.

His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud under his tongue's mischief and vanity. That's that. You know that's one of the problems we have today. You know it is gotten really bad and not just not just even the death of Kratz. Even even Donald Trump. Let's loose every now and then you know with offensive language, but your hearing it more and more from people you help these young people are using the F word like you like to know I you know just unbelievable how the morals of Vincent's diminished its I'm in your your hearing it everywhere, not in sometimes still even slip on the need of the fake media out there and it'll come out course.

One time when got by us here. We just didn't pick it up out of the and know what but that's it. 50 years is the only time that word gives gotten bias.

A gay is we always there ready to get the guys with her hand and a button that anyhow so that's what it means totally like like that not even try to be accurate. Yeah, he said within the lurking places of the villages in the secret places does he murder the innocent, his eyes and privately said against the poor. That reminds me of the abortion industry. Yet, for people you go to hell something in regards to color before Cliff and converse in liquid Vietnam.

They said that we didn't fight in Vietnam to win our leaders had us over there because the longer we stay there and thought. The more money they made up that war without kickbacks from the arms dealers in Illinois over there at the you know where our side was even selling oil to the North Vietnamese to put in their trucks to use against us. I've heard a lot of Marine thing in the came back and then just talk on the ways you know that politicians were making money off blood spilt by our own people and I think behind closed doors like you got the Ukraine and Russia in America and everything is fine and all that. I think behind closed doors is a lot like Vietnam. The leaders of these countries get together and figure out how they're going to make a ton of money off like fake Cold War where you know their own people get slaughtered and killed everything out like that. But in the end they're going to be a lot more prosperous and there can be little you know there are going to move to a concert that you know get know everything everybody except the one world government, the UN will probably come in and then you know the Clara set up government under which the antichrist don't you know we eventually come, but is like us against them in scores.

The people of the country.

The common people there there there there enemy is actually their own political leaders, and you know and admire for these leaders get together with other leaders behind closed doors and figure out how they're going to use their own people spawn the fight each other in a Cold War and get the incredibly rich off it in the move toward more control over the area after stall over. That's what I really think well Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, and number of the generals out there. The real patriotic Americans and I remember him saying you you one of your biggest dangers as the military-industrial complex and the absolute right and a lot of these people out there today that if you take a look at these politicians like Nancy Pelosi and others and find out what where they've invested in your right they make, they may come Monday half of both sides when the into the war. They often though supply both sides is military-industrial complex, where you know you know your and George Soros are basically on the same side and when he said yours over there and "man not George Soros. In the Ukraine guy a red flag when right there. You know because you got that you know they're on the same corrupt side. Behind closed doors and so with one arm help in one country fight against the other country. It just accept what I… Authentic behind closed doors. You know these guys are using the these people to fight each other and then not and further their aims politically and then and this was a one world government and in money and everything you can think of is this top amendment certain people. I pay 99 I said he still is. You and so that is still breaking affect, but that's all right while so that will I get you everything that's happening now days is more more of a sign like what I read earlier about biblical literacy. That is another one of the signs of the end times Bibles of my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and again. So what this is showing us is that them were closer and closer to the Lord's return and so God spoke three Tigers form outlets on my compact career in China and the guy goes back slightly into the history and they said you know how they blame the British for the opium.

They said some people in China blamed the Chinese. They said they would still fade and count works for you now and piping in the stuff and I think that's part of that is what what people don't have that knowledge of it all… Not digesting it may look… Affectionately know what it is. Now I'm in. It's not that hard to grasp the Scripture says all of those that hate God, love, death than those all those nations that forget that God will be turned into hell and were out of time so thank you for calling and I don't talk to you before then. Have a blessed resurrection Sunday help develop four minutes to lead us to the throne. Okay listen everything were talking about tonight help others get and then how bad it is and everything that's the best way and beat me nothing hundred years from our thousand years from now, will your soul spend eternity. That's the most important thing you can think about and you know when Jesus set on the crosscut of the monument pay the payment in full for everything you've ever done in your church membership cannot get you saved your good works can get to say because God love you but hate your sins and God wants you to come to heaven but exposure since cannot come with you and the only thing that can wash away your sins of the blood of Christ. Ephesians 177, in whom we have redemption through his blood, and so your good works and all that can wash away one sin and don't ever think the Pope or any religious leader or anybody else can get you to heaven last rights is a big joke and everything up like that because not met message people doing the last rights are needed no more say than the devil himself. The thing is only the blood of Christ, can wash away your sin in the Bible says whosoever shall call upon the name the Lord shall be saved.

I don't care for the worst sinner in the world or you so nice you know your your your your better than anybody there… You've got sin. Indeed, one sin will keep you out to heaven when you go to God and for God. You know I'm a dirty rotten lozenge Lincoln Center on Microtel. That's what repentance is all about submitting something God he already knows.

Anyway there without Jesus in your heart, your last non-euro to help an engine you need to be forgiven to your sins, and that to be able go to heaven and Jesus is the only one piece that I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me. Jesus hears me talking to you right now. He knows and squander your mind into your heart right now, in Romans 1013 says whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. That means if you believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to save yourself you call upon him and ask him to come in your heart and Savior being sorry about the effector center he says is going to do it now listen to it right now allegiant a few words of time in sinner's prayer with the coffins prayer. But even though were praying together strictly between you and God is only you can open up the door. Your heart and the Jesus covenant. So what you say we pray Jesus is knock at the door of your heart right now. Dear God, I confess to you that I'm a sinner and I need forgiveness and I believe Lord Jesus you died on the cross and shed your blood for me and Lord Jesus here and now ask you to come into my heart is my Lord and Savior.

Forgive me of all my sins and save my soul.

Give me a home in heaven and eternity with you in Jesus name, amen.

First John 513 says these things were written unto you that believe on the name of the God you may know you have eternal life.

That's God's promised you the moment you sincerely yes Jesus come in your heart became in your heart, and he gave you eternal life and nobody can ever take away from you.

This is something that can you where your soul to spend eternity.

The Bible says what profit the Menefee gain the whole world of business. So in George Soros and all these other people that are killing the murdered people to get control and power and all that you find out the hard way when they stand before God and in the end they get sent to hell and you know everything, they gain through Crafton and wickedness in the will and everything up like that is going to be totally meaningless.

Snack on them a better good without your absolutely right. Everything you just sit there and so there you go folks you find out that the gods were the Bible is the absolute perfect perfect word of God and all I can tell you his God said it. It'll happen and so this is it 10 minutes. It's now or never.

Don't run out into mouse. The you would like ousted until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless and always, always, let's do it cape keep fighting the fight fight.

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