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WED HR 1 041322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 14, 2022 12:40 am

WED HR 1 041322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 14, 2022 12:40 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. This is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 13th day of April 2022 and I got adjustably dials here because little solenoid you tonight. We have a lot to talk about what we always do and I am back back all the way for sure we have who withers a course on the board.

We have courageous Craig good evening everybody and way out yonder in Missouri, we have well he's a statesman, preacher of none other than Pastor Joe Larson.

Not highly unpaid.

Yes, I'm here ready to go to work off and we have our guest every two weeks cohost with this and that is none other than she's a real all-natural lady with all natural medicines and that's Miss Wendy Wilson the medicine my arm.

Good evening young lady. We have a lot to deal with tonight, so we privately get right with it and warm. I like that Randy yeah that's a good one is to learn in the desert. The you know I guess is better than the apothecary's Gary mom like Marilyn Monroe. Okay already you're a lot younger than she is. And so even Joe and I are funny joke okay anyhow know we gotta get into this descriptively. The title of the message was his seven last words on the cross to we Joe you went through those last night, I believe, right lightly touched on all of them, and sequenced everybody but I'll repeat them a lot in her father forgive them for they know not what they do. Luke 2334 verily I say into the note shall be with me this day in paradise.

Luke 2343 Mary woman, behold thy sons, and behold I mother John 1926 and 27, my God, my God, wow's office.

Why has thou forsaken me. Matthew 2746.

You also find this in verse and work 1534. Joe then he says just two words I thirst. John 1928. It is finished. John 1930 father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. Luke 2346 now not all the passages have all those they sell and earn some and not the others but now here working to pick it up tonight.

Would you really Joe from Matthew 27 versus 35 through 44. Or are quite clear and they crucified him and parted his garments In one, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets. They parted my garments among them, and upon my investor today Slots and sitting down. They watched him there and set up over his head, his accusation written. This is Jesus, the King of the van were there to please crucified with him one on the right hand and another on the left and they pass by reviled him, wagging their head and say thou didst destroy the temple and build a split in three days, save thyself if I'll be the son of God, come down from across likewise also the chief priest mock him with scribes and elders said he saved others, himself. He cannot say it may be the king of Israel, let him come out, come down from the cross and we will believe him. He trusted in God, let him deliver him now. He will have them for he said, I am son of God. The thieves also which were crucified with him The same in his teeth as what was written at the top of the cross here. It has this this is Jesus, the King of the Jews.

Now some of those left off right here and that is in the other three Gospels. They all have that it was said, and under three languages three languages that he had drawn 19 and 20.

And yeah, that all three and they were the Hebrew because it's in Jerusalem. The Greek because they were many, many of those that were coming through their in the Latin that was for the Romans.

The Roman soldiers on right so here sure that everybody understood that it was a mockery of the King of the Jews and Vandals languages that were to exemplify the mockery coming here the next few verses and so here to as he goes down and there were two thieves crucified one on the right hand, one on the left and they pass by in a week rival reviled him, wagging their heads saying destroys the temple and builders to three days, save thyself if they'll be the son of God, come down from the cross of did Jesus destroy the temple, raising three days in the temple, and he will be raised.

Now he was raising because they thought they were going to destroy the temple there in Jerusalem, but we were speaking of himself. Okay Wendy, you just jump right in there and roar like a lion when you want to ask a question okay so so here you know what it says and when Jesus said to them in father forgive them for they know not what they do. What was what was the requirement for there was a requirement. Therefore, the father forgive them what was the requirement for today recount will why what was much different than it is from us because of the one who put them on the cross.

They were the ones go to the very one that they crucified, tortured and tormented and appeared and asked him to forgive them a note they have to go and repent. So they said let his blood be upon us and our children did that happen.

Israel has suffered, overspent okay no wonder that that the appraiser used the high priest yeah what is up to 12 of the lot to the whole world for 2000 some years now read verse 44. Also, which were crucified with him The same in his teeth. Now how is that different than the other three Gospels because in the other three Gospels the one Creek repented and drink beer. The other. This doesn't explain that are difficult for them The same entity which is maybe right at first it out for yourself down the than the other three from one of them realized that he was the Messiah. Any repented point they repented that I don't know what to say they don't mention in this passage no doubt that is silly makes it look like the gospel is wrong is a mistake, and there is no mistake in the net and it never does contradict itself. You just got remember that you know people saw this. Not everything that there's parts of the ancient each one of these Gospels that are not in the other Gospels but there you put them all together and you get the complete story. Don't definitely do. I think what would happen Jaromir one discounted by the spirit watching how Jesus handled himself on the cross.

Compared to how they were, and he wasn't complaining. He wasn't begging for mercy. He wasn't crying out in pain. He wasn't doing anything is expected of somebody on the cross and I think that's what got through the one thing this man was different. How do you know that it was the thief on the right.

The repented and not the thief on the left because God is always Vandals in the right hand of the faithful was in the left are the ones who are anti-so that we go to Matthew got you that we see that we go to Matthew chapter 25 in verse 34. This was written just days before days before the crucifixion. Then Shelley King saying to him on his right. Come, you blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom. Then he goes a 41. This is then shall they say into human left departed from the unit cursed and everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels do they give us a real big can't panic panic.

One thing I know well I guess maybe you're saving it for another time. Some those verses improving like 40 and 41 and 42 of text on in the Psalms is yeah happen will I tell you what.

When we do this one a legal right now. This sold 22.

Maria and go to Psalm 22 and will read remaining nine will actually you could actually the entire is the entire soul really started school in Starwood verse 1R, my God, my God, why has thou forsaken me why art thou so far from helping me from the words of my roaring highlights that there are no canvases. King David, that is saying this here that David was going through some rough times and very great trials at that time, but here now Jesus when Jesus said exactly what David has said there you think that just a coincidence.

No work report David mouth by the Holy Spirit. Okay, everything is inspired by the Holy Spirit. All through the Old Testament by the Lord, pick it up in verse six, Cooley had, but I am a worm and no man the reproach of men and despise of the people, all they that see me left me to score they shoot out lip.

They shake their heads saying he trusted on the Lord, he would deliver him, let him deliver him saying he delighted in him, but thou art neither took me out of the room did make me hope when I was upon my mother's breasts so they continue okay so will would does that exactly imply to with the Lord Jesus. I was going through exactly what happened. There were just read with verses 4041 and Matthew 27 he was mocked by the priestly elders he saved others, he trusted God now, let him deliver him now okay pick it up in verse 12 through 21. Goals have compassionate strongholds of fashion have set me around. They gave up on the Richter mouses a raving and roaring lion. I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint. My heart is like wax is melted in the midst of my bowels.

My strength is dried up like a potsherd in my conclave to my jaws, and thou hast brought me into the death of death for cognitive capacity.

The assembly of the wicked have enclosed me. My hands and my feet.

I may tell all my bones. They look and stare upon me.

They are a part my garments among them in Slots among my vesture on my better, but the not so far from me on Eduardo my strength basically to help me deliver my soul from the sword, my darling, the power of the dog apart during the go. Their limos go back to many bulls compassed about me with a bulldog – and so surrounding the Lord Jesus. No, not actual all of the metaphor.

Okay, so the metaphors for what that strong in the powerful practice drawing the mighty enemies. The Jesus was, is surrounded by strong and mighty enemies, but her Roman soldier protecting and letting the cross out around my favorite pretty mighty. There wasn't there was any power greater than the power room occasionally goes down and he says no, my money bones were out of joint, yet not one ball was broken, but they were all under the anointing on the cross here or what you call their product or when you dislocate your shoulder and dislocated shoulder causes all kinds of horrible pain.

Now he says in verse 16 for the dogs of compassed me the assembly of the wicked have enclosed about me in a peer's plans and feet.

Who were the dogs dog… Her, but I would think would be the betrayers video length and five places in Scripture. Homosexuals bridal LGBT would of today would be considered described as the dogs are good everybody and Morgan. We out you know what does.

What does God's Word the Bible, the very first time the satellite is mention what is referred to as a what Doc know you all a dog but as an abominable thing nomination out.

So here that word. There was also referring to an abominable people and so so he's talking about the abominable people have compassed about implicating and he he says my darling for the empower, deliver me from the power of the dog. The abominable people and so let's let's do this. Let's set up pretty interesting out almost crying out outdated saying a prayer my hands and my feet that is inspired because that's exactly what happened. He was nailed to the cross and feet together nailed the bottom. That was written the time difference. The old and New Testament entity that accurate is mathematically impossible utility so already my mouth on the audience you tell them that long ago already very good. All right, we've got Miss Wendy didn't have any questions. That you're very smart. We all know that email probably all loan that all right would limit the stop right there. Joe sometimes with a zero rhythm is listening more and speaking less but you and I have been preaching that we have to talk more p.m. So what we do this to stop right there and post get your pen and paper because you need to write a phone number down and that is for apothecary herbs, 866-229-3663. Wendy, I will just go ahead and start with you cannot fight Other people I was going to but then we got back with a pen and paper yet so okay okay I like to back now, 866-229-3663 and the utility get her catalog or you can go up on the Internet to WW W.the power with the wind. It was going to talk about tonight that a little bit about the personalities of these so-called mad scientist.

We have a lot to tell us about it. Trying to read carrier after typing in time through had found and that he called in and get through. Re: Eric had mailbox abolishment that affect it with the phone lines were down about our dice that they are working now and down a lot requested within 10 days. Let us know in time. Not delivering them to click 936 63 if you like it if we can write about crafting scientific reason that article that died fine on extending your client, you are conducting clinical trials on drugs and medical devices and thing suffering from dark personality trait that is interesting that we've all had experiences with people with personality disorders and that are not, however, personality traits are often considered no link into that person unique as the Bible says you know them by their fruit personality traits can sometimes give you an inkling that trifles think nine with regard to scientific medicine wouldn't have to. Yet, it certainly would that surround their fields of endeavor would go one night while reaching a quote from. In the collaborative psychology Journal February 23, 2020 10 day meeting to sign.

Just don't really care about what others are thinking or how they were perceived by others. They did a profile of the people after. According to the study. I dedicate published in that journal have a tendency to file in their profile, their middle-aged now let me get off of data. Find profile okay giving you a snapshot, the personality traits they've encountered within the field, but not all scientists are bad, but it's clear that coherent profile middle-aged manipulative, aggressive with comparability struggled to control anger feel entitled Eric abominable complained a lot lack of empathy in an uncooperative wait a minute you described, you just describe the entire Democratic Congress while you like that yeah right out the third night are that way. People with personality trait likely mentioned in the profile are people who just want to point out kind of folk felt that he did point out common corrective or insulting term describing the personality traits have long been removed from the psychology handbook they cited an example. Now again I don't wish to offend anybody. I'm just reporting on the study on shoot the messenger right. Here's another quote from collaborative psychology.

They said we needed five models to determine our findings at the subject studied are individuals that play coloring. Did you catch that. Yeah I did No longer used in personality and that they said the five factor model showed personality traits.

Agreeableness and talking personality hi anger antisocial and psychopathic North personality order" there Binkley Sharp at University of Georgia said people that display this type of behavior pretty advert that personality now what their behavior is that it bothers others, but they just don't care and will now hold it right there.

Wendy says breakable picking up on the inside cool radio building is, there is running in the right relatively to the right thing to the left and that was well, that was Julie dater and that was Danny Ray and you're their hero. Yours truly me there you go anyhow it was scratching their heads really anyhow I like that so so I gotta make an announcement will quicken that is that we are we going to have only a morning service.

There will be no evening service. The doers of the word Baptist Church this Sunday because on Resurrection Sunday as we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord of Lord and King of Kings, our Savior after the morning service was build a church family than go to and spend that time with her regular families and so there you go. We we do that's always we've always done that and that's what will be doing this Sunday to and with that Miss Wendy could you go ahead and pick it up well find it again. Go ahead fight would be good all the time in the world and were not in our lives are popular co-opted a very dark hole while you interesting what what what what is research on a personality trait that the people on their own worldview and they complain that others don't agree with them so have anything to others who have personality traits like them who they are and when I did grind himself off though. That shows you who they are and often when they describe others around them so you know you can kinda get in the inkling now. This author conveys a lot information on character traits of the person that apparently people profile that we did drive off, though, have tendencies in bipolar trait and negative emotionality trait and typically are quite unstable.

So these would be the opposite of people who are open-minded and agreeable and see personality trait on the model of the scientific have shown comparisons and insight into things like their job status action or performance. Life satisfaction even marital functioning that this is why after when you to apply for a job even if you went to play at Park Avenue grocery store nowadays.

They have you answer a personality assessment questionnaire, but you don't know that's what you're answering okay and you'll know it personality could sentiment when they ask you question on repeatedly throughout the questionnaire, but in different ways that are trying to see if you're answering me.

Okay let me "identity the study. They said I showed that overall the profile. Character traits are similar to prototype psychopathic antisocial number listed in this is particularly surprising that scientific fall. A lot of them fall into that category, which is pretty scary but they concluded they mentioned that different cultures have different terms for personality traits like an English speaking culture is the way quote we tablet at the insulting term capital conveys information regarding the option of the target personality and the target exhibit trait consistent with psychopath. He and narcissism and if it die. I didn't know you know people that you know that a halted they were really a narcissist and you referring to Dr. Felty menu you do.

Dr. thoughts lead to a T will think about. Look at the frontline doctors read the your hat on the program more had different audio feeds from them.

They were service-oriented.

There were open-minded. There were compassion, compassionate people there were humble and their work driven for their willing to risk fame, fortune, money, and even now take a major shift in their profession to serve others like Jesus as you do the least of these my brethren, you do to me and I noticed there wasn't any of that in the description of these other people exactly just fine on what's missing and what they have, that I regret the judge them on what to show up all of those ratios you'll find you if I know this look is all these people look at Bill Gates, you'll find that that same thing.

Would Bill Gates see he's not a scientist, but he thinks he is coming he thinks it is.

There's no one smarter than him. If you look at these guys in the high tech ill Marquis. What's his name Zuckerman all these people they have never lived out the good work they have the very same those very same traits about them about right. I know exactly what you talking about I know I know a scientist who's who's that way. He's an atheist, and he sees you're absolutely right when it comes to he has a hard time really reasoning things there is is a real person, not a personality problem there. And so accurate okay profiling modern-day research scientist threatening order really that much of what comes from scientific study community catches all her life where people behind the research display character that does not have the best interest of other than mine. Then we really need to investigate all that modern Connie promote think about it.

Well absolutely no wheat we really have to do because look everything is going bad. I mean right now there's there's not anything in our society of their with God of the most corrupt government, you know, we've got a guy in the White House, he is evil to the core and I'm saying this folks.

He wants to force Christian hospitals right now Biden was the force Christian hospitals to kill babies. Biden wants to force he wants to bring back this the shutdowns he wants to bring back the shutdowns he wants to again take us back. Well here's a good enough for the bacterial right, of course, every heartless Biden regime reviewed to rip a newborn baby from single mom on the January 6 protester here that woman because what is she do she went to the stop the steel protest at which all she did and she was walking next to the proud boys know they want to give her 30 years in prison. Okay this is this is evil in the Biden. Biden is evil to the bone that that man is absolutely evil. I don't know what little south of the word is the same record changer and renders descriptions that are middle-aged, we could put ancient of days. Well I wrote you were there, you have very little jelly right you can't throw stones. If you live in it.

Okay but on the other hand, the rest of the profile we might trip the old age. But we don't fit the other things well you know what to do.

These cities there's no fool like an old fool in the end Biden would put does the fool say that there is no God, God or not and does everything antichrist or he might think he believed that his actions whose fruit is not backup words at all these is destroying this country.

This country cannot survive another year of Joe Biden the Kent is trying to reduce us to Third World status.

Wendy, I've got I've got a clip I like to play and then I like to have you go hit it and down, not low with Joe and I so are you. Are you ready there yet was still her Dr. Reinhart dropped an explosive bombshell yesterday talking about it.

He said you watch the show last night with your family. Welcome back.

How are you, your family feeling today and I'm really excited. You guys and it is still actually have any faith at all in the trusting me to bring things that I find important or think should be conveyed to people. It's been a whirlwind actually have emotions that I am nervous I was yesterday to have this information come out of overwhelmed. I have a cold sore come out on the rest just last night and then and then when it was when I watched your episode at distributors review. I really felt much calmer like okay great done. I did it release info now now is like to sit back and just see what the world doesn't. I have to tell you, there's been a few things that mother's alligator and highlight 60 different text messages from people are not having looked at it and lastly 30 minutes of not getting rolling like a nonstop and I wanted to let you know what I was hoping we Is that people would take what was escalating in the go do your own research like people who have the ability to review patents like here Kingston or other researchers can bring information to look for stuff that might tie this into reality and kind of filling the gaps and holes for people because there was no way in a 40 minute segment. See Peter's presentation now in 15 minutes with you guys take it through all of the decades of research that printed that helps actually solidify the storm but also the support and say something so exciting to me.

When I woke up I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning there was actually text messages from charities and in this to Peter showing in yours. We went through that there's this phospholipase A2 enzyme found in Kobe 19 since you were hospitalized over 19 and the University of Arizona, published December 2021 title after evaluating the blood was like minimum coursing through the bottom and they said there's this enzyme at high levels, and everyone is covered. 19 blood samples that were specifically found in Rattlesnake minimum.

Also here Kingston in the middle of night while the sleep had sent the text and it read.

Oh my God I'm going through all the patents for the stars, which you Kobe 19 vaccines and they all have that enzyme in this S PLA to my God. I looked at all of those I have seen enough patents on various no virus vaccines are the X in the word minimum, the district description of how they make it so I see knows that would be great.

For example, James Grundy from AMP media rights.

In the early morning and said Dr. Artis. These people from around the world messages today do not want to send them to you. There many people nonstop trying to figure out why it is that coping 19 is an affecting children is much as it affects adults when I actually told people like yourselves.

Liz and about what I was working on is this hypothesis that the possibly be what's causing all source code to become a 19 there could be this aspect of minimum, these people in the middle of night, wrote to James and said oh my God finally makes sense why it is article affected by this possible gain of function with snake venom peptides tied to this virus and what it was. Was this person was sending James these research studies that look at but her explanation was melatonin is already a proven inhibitor statement yet all these research studies, and she sent him research studies showing that children by nature, have higher levels of melatonin and adult finally makes sense right so that's all very exciting but I do want to do something and I want to make sure everyone is aware because last night a medical doctor was very excited and proud of me to sit there love over and over to him to be since last night when I really his name is Dr. Richard Bartlett.

You know who is.

I want everyone to know I didn't know he was going to be okay with me telling you this so I asked him last night.

Are you okay if I say this about you.

Dr. Richard Bartlett is the man that sent me the text that said Dr. Artis, my rattlesnake would you go to the hospital right knee is the guy, but I don't know if he was okay with me relating this information because when I told him what I was working on in Ohio related to writing. I told that text is actual words out of his mouth was related to minorities, doctors in the last word. We leave the building because he knew this was going to be so damning me. Maybe my life is correct to me when he has been supportive, but I have to say some out of the gate.

I have been dated with questions about can I prove this article because he was in the water is violent and is in the water address is required. This morning is the courtesy of this water.

I know Peter is asking a song about purity on the first visit together to talk about that in asking his bounty hunting experience. What kind of security detail or intelligent guns are such that I have because I'm about at least something I have very anxious feeling about revealing 90s and I probably need section when he asked me how one lot where my holding back an anonymous hearing.

I told him a little bit about my period that I researched up looking at and be directed by God to look at. I think there's actually a statement of connections all 9011 mission will have a baby distributing medicine is I think it's in the letter I told the blue as the estimate story not call them immediately. Every time he released his trailer teaser about the cold water watch water. That wasn't my story.

My story is great for your panic and anxiety about what I just happened to television that I believe are doing it in the water. I stimulated the water.

That's not to talk about the actual story is for all future interviews in the world please stop asking me how I know it's in the water in the water.

You know how I know it's been the water. The CDC has 400 sites right now where their PCR testing your city water looking for it in the water testing your city water since 2020 and they are now increasing the water with PCR testing 647 sites 7.Dr. Artis there. Okay, I actually received a couple of like others to share them with you right now I received a text message, etc. I want to put up on the screen a comment somebody made an add-on made regarding the water and this is coming from the producer Liz can find it is coming from. This is somebody who's asked has 36 years of experience at a US water company and he says now it this limit is redeveloping the biggest conspiracy theory. Yet there is no way to put anything in the water supply of all the utilities around the world. I work at the largest US water company for 36 years in order to contaminate the city's water supply to snake oil would have to be injected at many places that are heavily guarded snake would have to be continuously injected since the water moves out of the system every few days. What do you say to people who are putting comments like that out there assuming that this guy on face value is in a veteran of the city water company for 36 years. How do you address comments I got because I've been getting bombarded with similar type comments and so I pose it to you on again.

The story is the venom the water is a distribution potential mechanism in your saying the CDC is putting it out there by what they're doing and surveilling how you address these kind comments actually just want to save it.

These people may know more about water supply than I do I not mind admitting at some point, but I was wrong about my suspicion that it's in the water. They are PCR testing your water. They are doing that you cannot say they're not doing prior source code and making predictions for cities in this country about when the next outbreak is based on water levels of source that's what the CDC is doing.

If they're not doing that.

What are they doing because that's what they say on the CDC website right.

I don't know my next question would be people if their findings are in the water next to doing this PCR testing to make predictions of coming outbreaks in your city.

If they're doing that. Are they also filtering the water to get out of the water.

They're not. I don't know that because if it's recirculating at high levels in the operating drinking that water just filtering the water clear water showers I is not the water, please. I cannot story's not the water. The story is there maybe people water a respiratory virus testing literally lipoprotein common Creek snakes and cobra snakes know from early there just look at the minimum connection, 19, regardless of how the spreading of the artist for this in water. I think it would be hard to spread it in the air jet streams just fly all around them. All over the place control that I don't know if I'm suggesting dictating how the monster is pleased everyone is. The message wasn't to make you scared of water to look at what governments around the world are finding and evaluating your city water looking for stars Kobe to sleep in the water in the water, but the timing is right.

That's where it's coming from is still in the phenomenal messages please please please do not try to destroy my reputation of trying to save lives because I said to a person.

I think they're doing it with water. Water. They know it's in the water testing sleep testing one I this is one more I'd like to just run by you and this comes from Bobby Payton who is actually a Republican Senate candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois and he actually has had hip resurfacing surgery where he had cobalt and chromium mechanisms placed in his hip socket and because of this he said soy is very toxic to him and honesty. We know they put sewing everything from catch-up and bread and a whole bunch of other things, mayonnaise, etc. I he is asking because this particular article that he came across. I want to put this up on the screen. The effect of certain proteolytic enzymes in the thrombocytopenic and interaction. He says if so if that's the way people are ingesting the food is interacting with our water being laced with something else that creates a synthetic venom, he googled snake venom insulate and he found this paper by Stephen P in the Cassie showing up like what I just said thrombin like enzymes and snake venom. He further pulled up the thrombin fibrinogen paper from September 1962. He said if you Dr. Artis are an expert on any of these topics. Is it possible to investigate the possibility since it being synthesized via our food and water supply, so he has concerns and we've all heard about and maybe not everybody but it's been widely reported that a lot of people are getting these thrombolytic thrombolytic genic events were there finding in the corners and embalming. These Kobe patients are vaccinated patients. These long stringy fibers like things inside their veins, so could not be a possibility that needs to be further explored absolutely absolutely proven they can send medically made almost every single snake peptide are crazy or enzyme. And yes, lots of denims from both Kono snails which are marine snails benefits toxic to humans in all mammals and statements from items. This impact directly destroying fibrinogen, leading to all kinds of blood clotting disorders and yes they can synthetically make 1989 in mass quantities, particularly the alpha Kono Thompson which has the same effect as what you just read with candidate same clotting effects and I would not be surprised when the shots are going. They contain snake venom phosphodiesterase or they contain any kind snake venom phospholipase that destroying fibrinogen and clock factors. That's what statement does Richard Bartlett called me this morning to tell me is daddy McCollum goes oh my God Dr. Mrs. Wright said every aspect of code combing the neurological coagulant impacts all statement and his breathing your diaphragm to your inability to have a full breath which I've experienced myself. I this extreme thing Bobby for that information. He's that like a phenomenal candidate. I hope he gets a trump endorsement Monday now would be helpful.

When you get people like that in the Senate because he has a solution for people who are in a poisoning others the way that this is been going on Dr. RC you are incredible. Thank you so much for coming back on and bringing us is update and getting a putting a declaratory information out there to sees me not clarifying information out there, per Richard Bartlett's down hastening a fantastic Richard Bartlett. I believe that God sent higher Kobe the marks got something to make you like this investigative journalist put the storyline together. Please just make sure that everyone knows and then he just text. I am absolutely certain that this is a respiratory virus from the beginning, and again testing is limited research right now.

He said you are right Dr. Artis using snake venom from Craig and Chinese cobra figured out how to get that onto respiratory virus devolution the beginning it was aerosolized.

Let's great matter how bad your body please everybody focus on looking at this animation, the whole Kobe any scenario surrounding 19 please look at it as a nation and when you click that lens on everything already were backward coming to a break and we will be back right after this with a whole lot more. Don't go away. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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