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WED HR 2 041322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 14, 2022 12:42 am

WED HR 2 041322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 14, 2022 12:42 am

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What's Right What's Left
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Donate and listen to podcasts you are all right were back in the windy, you know, I had the cold twice I had in January 2011 to get a couple months ago and note after the first time I had no for two years.

I had no problems at all, but then after the second time I got it then. Since then I've become what is known as a long hauler and and what it does. It comes back upon you, and it's kind of the very same same thing like with malaria like I have malaria back about 1968, and for several years after that it would come back on me.

But this here this time is there's a lot more going on. I just want to say in my situation there's something that's not not natural. It's more than kind of supernatural was when taken place. Go ahead.

I recall it when they rolled out originally and people were fine to remember that yeah okay will call for venom will blind you to stay can fling venom in your faith and if you get in your eyes because of going this also affects the lungs with the it was with me. I've had some other things happen that are just not normal or natural and II think that on accident on really sure that I'm untargeted and and I have I have a friend the same things happening to him and were seeing a lot of a lot of the frontline doctors that are having similar problems to so I mean all these are simply signs that say the return of our Lord. I mean this is the blue Bible because of the evil day evil day, and yeah and so anyhow that's what's taken place out there today. Here, you know, the vast majority today is as I was watching Fox News and running these commercials talking about go get the shot and they had all these people coming out soon. I'm a doctor and I have always been all my patients took the shot and they're all doing good. Lying through their teeth absolutely lying through their and there are people a trust. The trust Fox News and the of course all of the all of the, the talking heads with the call mainstream media are promoting this the role part of this does death march and that's what it is, even though a number of them themselves.

We have you know of films there that we show are people. These so-called news anchors live during programs you know are dropdead write it right. During the program, but they keep that you'll never see that they will not show you that and it's because of what we told people from years ago, we told people years ago and years ago and years ago that you know this was the process of the population and we told you all the way back. If you remember in March 2020 March 2020 that this this was a bio weapon. It was not a vaccine. Do not take a do not take it and people are taken, and yet even though they're dropping like flies. You're still not hearing any of that on the news, but all you have to do is call your funeral home and find out how busy they are. It's a story about several funeral homes that were running so far behind and have direct operators very archived.

But something years ago unite the other story about CDC is going around that some other agencies. This was happening here in the US and Europe. They were going to London, New York, Alanna checking the water in the outsourced system and they could tell what was the predominant of predominant drug usage of that city and someplace heroin came up five someplace else and another drug. And they got an idea what kind of drugs were used by testing the wastewater before one through the treatment plant and so there's something that that Dr. Artis hit on the CDC has for years tested water for different things to track. It's almost like wait a minute they had something they came up with years ago and the fact that their expanding their site to me is a little red flag going off because we did that story about how they tested the different city water supplies and then reported the drug usage. The amount and type of drug.

It was be drug of choice in the city so there's a connection there and if there expanding them KY well yeah but see what I'm saying is this little bit of time with the mainstream media. You have all of this media out there that are that are willing to go right along with the depopulation program and read along with Dr. Cole record during repair.

There following the narrative, and are not questioning another told they don't dare question and tell her what her job. Yeah.

And why is that will first of all elite.

We no longer have any legitimacy in government, you know Obama when he was in. He started, he planted the seeds of corruption major in their record as a liquidity during Outlook putting in the health everyday dental efficient health department.

We were doing that day after day after day when he would win when he went over and he got rid of all of those four-star generals. We were told us he was doing a Christian yeah yeah… And then now Biden is picked up where abomination left off. This is what you were. They all came from the radio, Biden administration. Most people Biden hired arcane from that prior administration so you say policymakers same policy and Joe listen. The CDC is no more a government agency that you are an RI or Wendy. The CDC is a privately owned and guess who owns the CDC. It's owned by big Pharma, bond holders, that's right.

People need to know that in the soon as you leave CDC long as you do exactly what big Pharma tells you to do you live through your teeth and you do what they tell you to do when you're finished.

There you can give got a job waiting for you would be Pharma) your computer very well. Very rich. All you have to do is betray betray a country cracked early Michelle Granata when you talk about the character trait how the people what happened.

I remember back in the 90s I met a man, Dr. Michael Kaufman. It was an environmental scientist and he had a big huge multi-million-dollar those days it was here multimillion dollar grant and was looking at the environment and he came up with a report showing there was really no global warming and they came out and told him no were not to pay for this renew your grant with this and with what you're saying in your report were going to give you 60 days to change your report. Now and my Kaufman is a seven day a week, Bible reading, doctrine, Christian, and he said no. This is what I Spent years in this program.

This is the truth well.

His huge grandpa was not renewed and he realized in the 90s. He's one the kind of started the warning people about this global warming how they were starting a narrative that it was a big lie.

And many of the people I met through Dr. Kaufman were usually Christian scientists, and they were the ones that were out trying to tell the truth and the atheists that were backing then doing the filling out the cramped giving the government the answers they wanted on the research so their grandson be continued itself. The doctors in the early late 80s and early 90s have learned the scientists, doctors of learned if you want to get rich if you want to be have a big research grant and have a good job you give the government exactly what it wants to hear or you don't get work. You don't get hired and you get blackballed and that's been going on now for almost 30 years. So what we've done is were breeding a certain type of scientist a certain type of doctor who is learning to play the game to win (I've lost. I have absolutely no confidence left to the Lord in the medical field out there in perfect Outlook that went to the same school for the same thing happened to Dr. Kaufman. It happened before five other people.

All the center but it looks and sees what happens in a liniment go support my family. I can afford to be out of a job and not hire Dr. Kaufman is almost impossible for him to get work because both you got your transfer renewed. There must be something wrong with you your findings and so what we've been doing is just letting people know you. It's a pay to play system you have to give them what they want or you don't have a job. Here's what we found. The CDC website know what happens is most people do not go up on the website. They listened NBC, ABC, CBS outdoor Fox News and and they believe it but here is what we found one to the CDC website the most vaccinated US counties also have the most holy cases. And guess what were not dealing with that of founders have a noting that several times regarding electrical government websites right there.

They say things that the news never covered. This is perfect.

This is not a natural news now. The latest data centers of disease control and prevention. The boy disease control and prevention all my shows the worst of counties in the United States for new cases of Wuhan coronavirus are those with the highest rates of vaccination for the disease in other words there there there putting that out right there. And yet people are going there. There are going to the website simply list into influence on the talking heads and 500 counties where 62 to 95% of the population has gotten injected with a fudgy flu detected more than 75 new cases of the disease. Put 100,000 residents this past week alone. Conversely, and 500 counties where only between 11 to 40% of the population got the jab, only 58 cases per hundred thousand is so residents were detected. Our ledger yeah back to the public will prepare them help the school listen to your teacher. Get good grade you have to listen to the teacher writes the right answer to get the good grades and you come home with a good report card to get patted on the head make you get ice cream or cake or a party.

If you get a in the whole system was designed to listen to the authority listen to the teacher. The teacher the authority so they grow up, the college professors the authority of the one to write the textbooks.

Blah blah blah societies been trained like defendant Dr. training class to obey the hierarchy and at the top of the hierarchy who visits the United States government right Wendy here. This is from the epic times the Chilean reasons why they won't declare the planned endemic over over the past two years. In the name of keeping everyone safe from infection.

The globalists have justified unprecedented attacks and democracy, civil liberties and personal freedoms, including the right to choose your own medical treatment. Now the World Health Organization wants to make its pandemic leadership, permanent, and to extend it into the healthcare system of every nation. The negotiations for this treaty begin March 3, 2022 as a report by the pulse video coming of the back coming off the back: 19 pandemic.

The World Health Organization is proposing a new pandemic treaty. They're hoping will be accepted by enough memory cut countries to become reality by 2024 epidemic treaty is a direct threat to nations sovereignty to make decisions for itself and its citizens. When the road democracy everywhere one world order coming right and as noted by the pulse. There are number of things in the treaty that the people of the world need to consider before going down that path and the featured video the postal Martino interviews Shabnam Palazzo Mohammed, a member of the steering committee of the world held counsel for L who points out that the treaty gives the who World Health Organization and inordinate amount of power to make decisions and sovereign countries as to how people live and how they deal with pandemic from lockdowns to mandates and treatment and they said all right have a great Started very Good mail on the ground of a military conflict out of Bamberg and yet he sure did. Well it's not that they miss that was done on purpose look like. Listen, I remember I remember all the way back in the early 80s about this. Could this guy on the radio talking about the population talking about the nag note to the international global depopulation. Then he was mentioning a guy named Bill Gates and how Bill Gates was behind a lot of this that that was his job and Bill Gates was speaking of how he could depopulate 9% how we could the that person back in 80s with me. I was telling people, and we've been following and women telling you ever sense out there folks there there killing people off on purpose. Now were not the only ones doing it praising the Lord now you have people like Stu peters yet people like Alex Jones.

You've got a number of people that are doing what we've been doing. Now for 50 years and so praising the Lord for that. Okay.

But the fact of it is the still will actually know they just got out of a good report about AM talk radio AM and FM radio and this what they want to do is that they want to get rid of us and we are currently at well yet well what what they're doing is trying to make it they make it very very difficult are more difficult in the in the newer cars out there defined AM radio and that's that's the idea of the new radios and at everything is set up to go on what satellite radio yeah that's what it set up so they can control what you but after saying that, not here. They took a poll and guess what the majority of people in this country. The majority of people in this country still get their news from AM talk radio radio area. You are yeah so that's you know where we been been the voice of their all this time all here is an example of how right.

Remember back when January 6 riot. We were telling people there were all kinds of federal plants right yet that they had aged 12.

The news came out today WorldNetDaily the federal government have a least 20 assets embedded in the January 6 20, 21 riders to capital and the those of the individuals in the pay of the federal government agencies who were on the scene report came from just the news. Insert a site a filing in court. One of the defendants put this in information in the court document explains that 20 FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms explosive assets were embedded in and around the building that day.

The lawyer who submitted the filing David Fisher is asking the accounts of seditious conspiracy and obstruction filed against about a dozen members of the oath keepers and client Thomas Cogswell Caldwell be dismissed and then again it was an epic times at a report that the document was filed, US District Judge Emmett Mehta and DC felt there you have it. We told people what was going on. It took a while but we were vindictive indicated again just like to let you listen. Leadership again that this whole thing. This was a false flag operation put up by now.

What used to be the remember the days I have friends at the FBI and they can hold her head up and say I work at the FBI. They were the same today. The dirty cops. Today I get I guess.hope not all the learning more good ones development.

After required or they don't get purchased if they think about anybody that they that there found out that there are honest by any chance are, especially if they're Christian, but the MPI and that not only that, but we don't have a Department of Justice we do not have found it it it is a part of the death of any kind is when Jean and Mary Gardens is a dirty cop is dirty cops come in. That's reality.

And everybody knows it something when you said that we talk about we tell people all the time and all the years you been on the radio you've never taken a diamond salary. There is anybody with your big John myself anybody. Wendy that helped you on the radio, or take any money that I've noticed nobody's ever tried to bribe you or me because they figure and go work it. We've done all this work for all these years for no pay were not here for the money and now slipping. The subject is not going to do any characters were not contacted Wendy say something I'm how I had happen when it okay we get ready for it because we touched on this last week.

Lawmaker wants answers have to report on Biden's twisted plan to divert services from signatures we just touched on this last week, but you're not clear on the Biden regimes priorities Sen. Josh Holly from Missouri is with Joe's that on Wednesday the Missouri Republican sent a letter to Homeland security.

A lender. Oh my Arcus. The sky demanding answers for reports and link documents to suggest the Department of Homeland Security is planning to divert resources for the Department of Veterans Affairs there to provide free services for illegal immigrants pretty much as it saw as far as priorities go money away from veterans that have been injured that can work from there over to their service and will give it to somebody was entering the country illegally and take it out. This is the you could make this stuff up if I tried to make wrote a novel, something like that have an editor send it back to me and say nobody would believe they would do this to the American soldiers right always always always putting in the opposition out there first again with with with Pres. Trump Pres. Trump is still the legitimate president and anyone and everyone that says otherwise is a liar is no truth in Pres. Trump is still out there. No, I hadn't thought of that veterans. Most veterans come from the Midwest military dearly than staff. Majority the military from the Bible Belt from the Midwest of the country and patriots and they can't get any more votes out of them, but they can for 3 million people crossing the border their lighting and they give them healthcare they give them benefits. These are people that are gonna votes are promote the Democratic Party so you can see what's going on.

This is nothing but trying to shift the political plane in America changing demographics change the all the Democratic Party is made up of all these minorities that are victimized and they are trying to build a new base so that they can control the nation politically. End of story right well is a lot more to it than that. Biden look you have to be a complete idiot did not know the Biden is bringing in people into this country known terrorist.drug cartel he's working hand-in-hand with the drug cartels found in the event I talked to a lot of people that cannot be that of the world out here all of a lot of idiot after drug smugglers are coming in left and right now the only people he makes it very hard to come here are those coming from Cuba because of the heat. They're coming did they want to come here and they want to vote against communism and back to the both of them had sure they get them back to Cuba later than the others back to Mexico or Brazil or Argentina or wherever, when Texas is now she is blown the mom buses and send them to DC when they come in so that it has. If you come in here legally. Let's say you come in legally you don't get to you. Don't get treated so great, but if you come in here illegally. They give you a cell phone and you know especially what happens where are all these children were they doing when these children where they load them in planes and and taken them to cities and unaccompanied by adults and unloading the children. One of those children being used for the editor of running the requirements to be around would recommend were cold. The entire death. The credit card means parties filled from top to bottom with pedophiles as somebody tells me right now. Today enough if I wanted to. So when they tell me their registered Democrat.

So here's what I know about this person there either. Probably a homosexual sodomite a pedophile. Okay the pro there in favor of killing babies because the entire Democratic Party is gone bad it is. It is bad to the core.

There's nothing there's no redeeming values about it at all anymore and so anyhow delete this country cannot cannot last another year of Biden.

These trainees doing his very best to reduces the Third World status so here's an article here. The entire party is trying to do tapioca flour quality driven strategy break it down so we have to be rebuilt with something new and different. Here's what I'm wondering is looked they know they know that there is no way in the world that they can stand a fair and legal election. They know that if that happens there gone that the the Democratic I'm his party tried to force his will and try to push try to force critical race theory to try to force sodomy. All of the all of the evils of the Democratic I'm his party try to push it down the throats of the American people. American people had enough and they're pushing him back in there. They they've woken up okay and they know that what will happen if there's fair and legal elections there gone so they're going to have to try to do something to stop the election. I don't think that they know that the WB and watched 22 close now because of all the election fraud and all those people in the news media boy that made me a reading of the Bible says all liars all liars will have their place in that lake of fire and glad I meditated this you know you know what I was talking about that talk about the rapture couple weeks ago and I was giving you a scenario that if you if you left behind and in that everybody was gone with the news media while still here. You know during the rapture when all the Christians disappeared. That was the scenario that went when you do if you found in the left behind, but anyhow, and I think that's the way it's going to be at. They could see all the news media still there is no got that hereunder, here's an article more left-wing media Marines against vaccines US Marine speak out about Biden's vaccine mandates which are forced upon our good soldiers, a group of fearless and forthright Marines got together in a excellent video where they speak out against Biden's vaccine mandates, you know, again, Biden's they're talking about bringing them back there going to try to do this again going to try to bring all back on his and no folks there will we. We gotta take our country back right Wendy, I happened to have a country man all right Disney employee caught on camera molesting a 11-year-old girl in an elevator Disney security investigates sexual assault and told keep your mouth shut. Set up report fed you P report of the Disney makes headlines for its support of LGBT Q +1 of the pluses that slowed grows belligerent transgressing queer kids and condemns Florida lawmakers for the recently passed anti-grooming Bill in 2014 a Disney cruise line steward 36-year-old Montessori and was charged with two counts of molestation, one count of false imprisonment after holding a girl in the cabin molesting her lips molestation and one count of false imprisonment and okay and join the true defender said cut had a miss where there join the true defender telegram channel here that's in the head. Now Don Taplin is the first female officer at Disney and second cruises in the industry in the 2014. She revealed Disney's previous molestation cover in 2012, one Disney cruise ship employee was caught on camera molesting 11-year-old girl in an elevator okay list upright.

There will will be back right after this. Now you know. Remember King James who was born of a virgin and above all things missing anyone is in any account and how it is an interesting price and the father of lies and all things in the name because he was yelling he said I am waiting and the life. So they hung them in the K reading Barry diminish in three days and three nights alone and with planning and a great big angel remove the stone from the tomb and the old man looking inside, now you know I know a send me the way in the church, fire in the Roman Empire was turned. I multiplied management and no and send me the bad radio compactness account only and will say only is the way kind manner with their old theme will be a higher know and Jesus closet. How is it designed to be a way and Jesus and boy am I glad about that rate, no skeleton in Jesus closet a man already will take some calls culture in the air will godlike standard all large and wobbly. Wendy well hello when I get everything out there know I got my order today I got my formula a and B body plan your bow and I got my container body foundation that I want to be healthy and all the craziness going around when there was a gentleman that called in a couple weeks ago that called me out when you body foundation. It really works… But can you take minerals from Dr. Glidden and the calcium in the evening and get the energy with and let your and your calcium come in the morning. You don't get energy from it like select your body all day. You want the energy in the evening, gentlemen are called in the raw honey bee pollen and take that happy with it being pollen and you'll get your energy in the evening, but I think Wendy Welton body foundation in the morning.

I'm not masculine Buckeye.

I think it with water well and I think my little bit of warning.

I put my liquid mineral dinner and I put my thinking there.

I think that down the hat I get little bit being pollen and I take my liquid calcium down at adapt body foundation if you don't get body foundation you got a get all of Wendy Welton. I got her a lot and I'm telling this is a code catalog foundation annual if you gave me next. Hey coach if you was really tough. You take the body foundation without water district. You know what it is going.

I'm beginning to I don't know I don't work I tell people about one quick think a good package and I think you not yet while I got a package from you so I gotta find a cracker what's going on.

I'm been to get off other people can call aunt Wendy, your products are 100%. You did a beautiful job on the catalog but that neck get I want to see Gen. standard kit picture and what customers coach that's that's been almost a lifelong dream to be able to make Wendy's catalog yeah, when did God let him keep up the good work and everybody. Thank you.

Get on your knees, say a prayer though you are today. You don't want to die without you'll burn forever and ever get on your knees, plotting your sorry for your spin and become in your life and brother. Your name will be written the lamp look like I love you and I cannot let all right things coach I Wendy I have the talking. The number of people that are telling me there worried about being able to get your body for Miller here that in the future the word about the shipping and does so in the word about you being able to keep it up.

So there but they're stocking up you can enact orders for extra body for Miller to popular item with that and we tell more of it and I understand there are Supply-chain today.

We were call and we can get some more metal rack for this area that we're heading and I'm told that you know and if they release know the container and no I haven't felt everything down can't hold in certain areas. Thank you California for doing that but anyhow that's was with were a lot of this coming from.

It's out there it's that crazy governor out there but anyhow yeah I know people are many, many people are stocking up with here plan to starvation grain deliveries by rail to be partially halted devastating their devastating dairy herds and meet operations. That's the story will be looking at here in the very near future. Yeah, they're doing this on purpose or their Bidens controlled demolition of the US and how to code for career global warming. This this guy is evil to the bone. Joe Biden is evil to the bone. All right we got them, none other than Cliff Clifford during the year. I want to get out. Trusting that melatonin was just magical moment Goltz said that and also the Cleveland clinic, affection, objects that take melatonin difficult but maybe it is with Michael out all and I kept my class yet yeah but then also recommend one of these podcasts. I was listening to on the myocarditis called the last American flag up down couple episodes that you did myocarditis.

Patrick let from an MIT professor who says that these studies saying the vaccine is 90% of the fact that they followed people as much as only two weeks to say that and another thing he said he said his colleagues had been submitting articles to Charles on advertisement that and they were checking out saying it's not a priority night so I recommend that this book also is where I got my question working on solving illusions on the audiobook by since I had what Humphreys had dropped robust rally past it has a section chapter 6 payments on the old remedy and etc. for example with smallpox, they said.

People who ate on the every day. None of them got the smallpox.

They said that I like was you would like to talk about some Mexican are that they use, they said that Bolick was the most effective treatment administered the subway for TP and they said that this sentiment they classify as a solution that bar yeah. In her recap of what you have, the size supplements just to recap, and I expressed what I think you know how we have a couple things lately have the earth. My wife would just like an ID targeted cryonic conjunctivitis that like that though it and I brighten it thing on and we'll have the cataract macular degeneration.

I though I've been trying to address her people pointed up and went night trying to understand the process.

A lot of times when you have that type I cataract and macular may take several months to halt the progression of the disorder and then the body regenerate and heal so that process that requires so that a patient and pastor want to mention when Dr. Aaron is talking about the government on sent to me and make it really does validate why and halted, which was really fired by Native American Indian and Dr. Christopher learned from them and then tied it at school where I went with first so that's why we've been using with the blood cleanser to reverse p.m. the Situation My Parking Pl., Cliff. We gotta move on. Okay, this could do St. Paul, Minnesota, Vince Rainier realized that my call. I like the program and an electric program. You do not have been the program yesterday and looking for them yesterday with the verse in Genesis is not make man in our own image that is plural. However the stick.

Label data on gene and I read that person's is not often a famine on high finance, and in the father and son talking amongst each other looking man in their own image and used in that. That's what you have there you have the father son and Holy Ghost. Here's how this if you read from Genesis to Revelation.

You find out the father gives the orders.

The sun always carries them out in the Holy Ghost always provides the power and so when he was saying that it talks about all three chapter of Proverbs 23 32nd. That is where the Holy Spirit was during the creation victories went back to the response of the making of our Lord and father there with rejoicing in the making out well already. But then I got it will, thanks for calling. Also, yeah, if you remember the spirit moved across the water's spirit was asked to make it. Would you say was there, who's next. I'm sorry I Al you're in the air go ahead question program on the icon related exactly like the gap and then remember that program you guys at all.

When you said that I'm talking with fellow bold the title must be like you protecting this country about happenings that forgive you and all we ask that guy socially kind of fighter jets over his head. It was a hologram… Yeah yeah gloomiest question on 9/11 you possibly think that could've been hologram technology to forward to the no, those were the real jets I don't know. I think they will implode make you look like what they were. Demolition support the belief that Joe would like that. I watch that picture the plane coming in and heading. I don't think I was a hologram. It was just to real life like that's possible. If you think the bombs may be some family they would load up abilities or thought out. I have a mediation guilty fungal lesson objective for which I feel watch this vaporizing metal here that you can imagine a lot amount of fuel going on and explosive, a lot of people like architects and engineers really did not set, but all may be important that you liked would like to, but the interviews like my response board never to be held out get away with it. When I found out how many thousands are light out and one with them when they're even telling the truth so that really creates a problem and doesn't well let me tell you what God is going to hold responsible, then I could get away with God not let me just tell you this to you know, here's one of the things that I find very very interesting if anybody was watching C-SPAN on 910 the day before 9/11, Bob Dole and Sen. remember heart from Colorado, Gary Hart. They were they were on C-SPAN that morning and they were talking about how that that they were they were looking into the possibilities of America being attacked by using commercial aircraft by using jetliners now you know a night when I saw that I thought you knew something about this. We know that, but that something is not right about this and it was almost like when I think about it the way it went down. It was almost like like sending the message out. Everything's on now if you remember double X double X when he was flying for what was at Delta Airlines or Southwest.

He was involved with a training school that was training pilots and a friend of his was came to him and told him look. We got these guys these Arabs and their their their learning. The only one learned that the takeoff they don't want to land no one learn how to land now that that should tell you something right there and so he went in and looked into that and he went to the to the owner and he said look, these guys are there 10. The only the only one learned how to take off and not lend, and he was told as long as they're paying for their lessons. That's all we care about is something there and it sounds to me like there was a whole lot more people involved in that and nothing was like wings like liquid is so corrupt, think about how I can find a just and take point because they were probably told to stand down.

There was as a whole Lotta white look a whole lot of things happening there. Why was there an Israeli camera crew on the building across the way with cameras focused upon the buildings. Why was it that we set out a newsletter back only back around June or July and on the newsletter was that rap that wrapped dances or whatever sick is whenever there and on their they had on their album cover. They had the twin towers with planes flying into and that was back in around June or July week that was a newsletter we set that newsletter out okay so that that was a message being put out there. Wait, wait, wait, pectin okay but I gotta go right.

All right. We got one more call one minute.

Okay Brian you got one minute. I quite equipped to hear me yeah Gary, go ahead. Equipped with the doctor might be in the water the product or community in the area you are like your story during the night praying during the night, actually smelled it when anyway it in Vietnam or when people came back where they met with met through the year.

They are generated out of spring in the air on M on the ground that was a whole different thing right now I gotta go. Thanks for: Joe, you got three minutes to give an invitation.

A lot of important topics we talk about the most important thing that comes up whatever comes up as where you go from here all die and the Bible tells us there's only two choices were going to end up in heaven or were going to end up in hell in the Bible does not give 1/3, fourth option, God cannot lie, but he did send his only begotten son, and we all heard this to the end and all that believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Jesus came to be, especially with this holy week, the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world became to be the Passover lamb became to take your place my place at Stearns place on the cross and on that similar spotless soul you took those horrible ugly ugly terrible sins to God the father couldn't look upon and he died, he paid the price.

The wages of sin is death. He paid the price to those who would accept what he did to those of us that God knew would call upon the father that would truly repent of our sins that we are truly truly sorry that that was our sin, but his son will not cross. And we asked the father for forgiveness for that. Then we ousted Jesus becomes Lord of our life that Lord Jesus, you become Lord of our life. My life all of my life without reservation, without any regret that you would even there I would give myself to you completely and that you would give me the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that down payment on my everlasting life, and that I would be born again I would become a child of the kingdom of born-again believer, a new creation child of God and that decision that simple act of accepting Christ and becoming a born-again believer will change you forever. You will be that new creation.

You will be different. You were never be able to go back to being the old sinful person you were.

And if you don't, you set the sinners prayer before, and nothing changed in your behavior.

Your attitude the way you live your life how you look at the world God and others then you better reconsider because the key is having to have that repentant heart and truly believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God that he raised from the dead, and that by believing and trusting in him you will be saved and you will have eternal life. Like Joe, you know what weight of the father write you write is only one way I think all the signs are there that the Lord, the Lord is coming back soon, folks, and I know people been saying this for years but we haven't had anything like what's taking place today and what's taking place today is like what was taking place back in Genesis 6. During that flood and then write some work until tomorrow what is a good night God bless and always, always you. Let's do it. Ready always, always K. Fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM on me next time for another addition was right much left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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