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THU HR 2 033122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 1, 2022 12:13 am

THU HR 2 033122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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How can the photos what your videos you the way to go to my website because it had linked to my thumbtack article to my videos and everything out. There's also if you scroll down that page there is a free download.

You can click on it of the over-the-counter COBIT protocol for that you can treat as soon as you get that guy we've had when I need to update the numbers but I've had 553 people that I know of many more that downloaded it. I don't know of the 553 people that I worked with individually, and we had no hospitalization, no doubt in only two long haulers so that the over-the-counter protocol work at the bottom of the over-the-counter protocol. There is a pre-jab and post Protocol for people who are being forced to get the shot or just are convinced that they need to do it and what were trying to do is blow down the inflammatory process that the jab kickstand and see if we can prevent some of the really bad side effects that were seeing so that's kind of experimental but it's really safe over-the-counter stuff. We feel like that's worth a shot. But the but the website is called Whit WITT health coaching all one say that one more time to its Whit WITT health coaching and that's all one right now there are folks out there old-timers like Randy are on the love that they didn't have their not on the Internet. The sum of the television, but they have telephone still is there a phone number out there that of people to listen to us tonight and a lot of them are. Is there a phone number that you might have were they could call you for advice or more information on how to get especially. As long haulers yeah II get out the email address and everything is on there. I don't do the personal phone number because people don't really necessarily think of time zones when they're scared to death and into my phone. We never get any rest well what about the wood you have Fauci's phone number.

Hardly what phone number address to thighs together with her my email address is on there you can always get me through email and then there's rumble videos. I have educational rumble videos on their videos right go over the protocol so you know that help you know I talk about how to use a nebulizer where you get one.

That sort of thing. There's a lot of good information on the rumble channel but all those linked around the webpage it's killing me is tell us to live old haulers during the long haulers console lot along haulers event will number in our church diddly budget was old-timers adult pop back fast. Okay yeah we take a little time about getting back into tell us what we can do to maybe speed that up a little bit.

The first thing I did with the long haulers is we take that approach because there's a process that starts with mast cells in math, self trigger leukotriene reader all allergy inflammation thing and so when you get people who get that really really serious COBIT FMS LSU baby just treat that we can we could knock that out. There's no reason for anybody to go in the hospital that just crazy. So basically the treatment and the treatment for long haulers. It's all pretty much the same because all the same things are sorta going on that we start with just the type I antihistamine which would be like Claritin or Benadryl or whatever you can tolerate throughout the day just an over-the-counter one, and then we do a type II antihistamine, which is like passes you don't want to do the pilot facts you want to do That are promoting the generic of that and you can take 20 mg twice a day that antihistamine just go by the package directions. I don't know which one. People choose to use. They'll work about the same but I like Claritin because it's good not drowsy and it's got a good generic form something old yet for phentermine maleate yeah it and it's antiviral again coded it. Also antiviral again fluidly take it right away. I didn't know.

I don't want you to know that they're finding now that just kept hidden. Benadryl is enough to keep everybody out of the hospital just goes to work really well, those are your type I in your type to blockers I always had quercetin to it and my favorite 2020, because it does a bunch of different things it's antiviral and anti-inflammatory, and it helps regulate blood clotting. There's a lot of death benefit.

There and it's not expensive and then the other thing that I really advised people to do with receiving really big B12 deficiencies in thiamine deficiencies in folate deficiency filter all the vitamin by tell people look go your pharmacist and say I need a methylated B vitamin complex and because for some reason, people who have COBIT have a hard time breaking down of the vitamin and so we put them on a methylated B complex are always super high dose could I just that's how they make them.

If you can't find one at Walmart to be able to find what your pharmacy or your health food store or Amazon to type in methylated B complex, and that makes a huge difference. It was funny because I was watching some of these long haulers, and unlike you know some of them look like they have what we see in people who are long-term alcoholics, which is a severe thiamine deficiency are having trouble thinking there dizzy either at our hearts racing or having digestive issues, anxiety just stared at the hot madness. Every organ system and so we can kind of calm down. The vagal nerve that runs through the whole body innervates all your organ system.

We can kinda settle that down with antihistamines and it's just it just really works well and avoid Tylenol at all costs. Tylenol is a sure way to end up on the ventilator because it decreases something called glutathione in your body and glutathione is one of the main things in charge of reducing inflammation and once or glutathione gone. Your you're headed straight for respiratory failure in this advice to take Tylenol around the clock is insanity because this is documented, I mean II think it's intentional at this point I tell people you can take a leave, you can take ibuprofen do not take Tylenol. Don't give it to your kids for anything it admits linked to autism, asthma, eczema it it it shifted a nightmare. If you're pregnant please don't take it as interesting as I have Cove and the one of the things I got was a covert migraine and actually it's feels like the worst enema migrants offer broad lighting along with any rights you talked about Tylenol. I they gave me a concoction of metoclopramide Benadryl and 500 mg of time to get rid of the headache but it it it it did to get rid of the headache.

It was okay because I also take got really good. Of all the things over the loss of most of the time I've put it in a right, the, the others and I knew I was in trouble because of a brain surgery.

My picture was sometimes and covert made my silver bullet diffuse. It seemed like it was an avenue of you but but but that the concoction with the Taba molding exemption to say that because I'll have a long slow walk back from a long slow walk back from getting all the way back after Ernie give me your email address and I'll send you a link for the glutathione that is safe to use in a nebulizer glutathione doesn't metabolize very well orally is truly children's children make glutathione admitted by the time you're 65, did not make an image in the end, so the graphene oxide succumbs to the glutathione is not true well and we all have stored glutathione in the liver, but as you get older you know basic life happens, you just don't make those antioxidants as well anymore thought I thought that the athletes and the young kids make glutathione and basically it illuminates the graphene oxide which is the time some of the polls are done and that's basically the things killing you was in their lot with the shot. I don't think that there's a graphene oxide issue with the virus. It tells you how is that you know I think a lot of the problem with the virus is taken hold in just wrecking people is that Tylenol advice that it is the single worst thing that you can do but can I tell people melatonin is really good. It helps reduce inflammation. Just make sure you don't live alone and you don't get dizzy or anything like that, you know you got somebody there to kinda check on you can take photos of the bat during the day and it really helped in it are your your migraines.

There is a ionic liquid magnesium and you can take like 2 mL of input in 4 ounces Gatorade and it was the only thing I have terrible terrible I have been hospitalized with migraine, and it's the only thing that works for me and it always works, so send me an email and I'll shoot you out a couple ideas and just generally get that over the summer yet okay I got him up on what we will do. Let me give you my email off the air, but not the way I get some blackout years okay because I thought it would send it to him. I see him a lot.

I have a good protocol for just that COBIT long will you guys having trouble with your sense of taste and smell, and I put the protocol at the bottom for that. Okay we have a guy we have a guy Rick who will be listing to this will be listening to the replay. This program tomorrow and it's open that email he has no is been going on right here and he still doesn't have an anything ago that he could taste the Sugar Creek at these individuals or swill what what happened. Virus is able to cross the blood brain barrier barrier in the olfactory nerve is when your cranial nerves that control now and now they're doing MRI studies on these people in nursing. They lost brain matter at that front part of the brain were that olfactory nerve is laughter a year. I don't know if we can we can get it back or not, but we can certainly try not to hurt anything to try. No loan on this kind of therapy in people who had brain injuries and stuff and it usually you know usually get results with it. I like to do it much thinner but I would not try it because it's the new year knowing you just a little little boys out there was so because when I had that I was dizzy. I would get up and I would do. Times like a very dizzy and the I would have to go downstairs and oh, something very simple is when you would do that you would go downstairs backwards and at the way that we, if you fill your fill on this. There is a note down the stairs and I learned just a simple thing like that because there would've been times when no. If I were walking down the stairs are the full were you give your were you like it when we were kids and we would then and then and there and staggered it would be night would lead it would be dizzy to the point where we get up and I would I would walk alone down the hallway I bump into the walls that vertigo and public here for that is bad Benadryl and ibuprofen and I've never had anybody have to do the regimen more than twice that II thought a lot of vertigo with whatever that variant was that was kind of in between Delta and omicron. I had all kinds of people that like I'm walking into walls and I fell I just kept walking to the right all over and I like that vertigo we can fix that meclizine did you use regular vertical work for that to I found that the meclizine just wasn't enough. So sometimes we would do meclizine and do Sudafed and ibuprofen and if the meclizine didn't do it that the Benadryl health okay okay I'm going to do some switching up here for today because Joe we want what we use is and get your your input to the first will.

We want to go out to we've been warning people about Disney for years and years. No, finally, people are starting to wake up and affect. We have a little clip that we can play can you play the Disney clip play that the Florida and California on a five or six times over the past 10 years with fantastic memories. Epcot rides like Soren my favorite test track test track, but today I join millions of Americans across this country asking why should we support a company that obviously detests people of faith, and other traditional Americans that Disney has become a place where most of us are just can refuse to spend any of our hard-earned money is shown itself to be a haven for radicals who are hostile to anyone who has any sort of traditional conceptions of morality. Disney created cultural experiences.

Remember that was the whole point that all Americans could enjoy.

Based on our shared love of country and all of our traditions, but now they're turning it on its head.

Welcoming all Americans instead, they're taking sides. CO initially and correctly had decided not to weigh in on Rhonda Santos's parental rights in education bill the company decided to go all in.

It should never have passed this said they said in a statement declaring that it was now Disney Company C to get the law repealed by the legislature were struck down in the courts. So now the official position of Disney, that school should be on the teach children from K through third grade about sexual orientation.

I want to just rename the roller coaster sex mountain. My kids will be a blast. Now Americans under the assumption that Disney somehow still embraces the vision of its founder, Walt Disney are sadly mistaken. I felt it should be something build some amusement enterprise. Be aware that the parents and the children good good. Have fun together. But it all started from a daddy with two daughters wondered where he could take a where he could have a little fun with them to all now it's all about pushing a sexual agenda on little children across their entertainment platforms are leadership over there had been so welcoming to like my leg. Not at all secretive agenda to be afraid to like let's have these two characters Catholics in the background as I was just wherever I could just basically adding clearness is been really open to exploring clear stories and kind of the only way to have these like canonical trans characters canonical asexual characters canonical bisexual characters is to give them stories where they can make either whole cells like a dungeon like I love the tedious lingo so they can be their whole selves in programming. This is propaganda for grooming. There's nothing these activists hate more, by the way that a parent who protects her son or daughter's innocence away daughter. I can say that Disney is like such gender terms, all of the gendered relationship to our life skills so we no longer say like boys and girls we train, we provided training for all our customers and their relationship to its hello everyone hello friends you're not my friend. These people are so sick. No employees on the inside are beginning to blow the whistle on an open letter Disney employees say it's an increasingly uncomfortable place to work for non-progressives that our beliefs come under attack and they see people who share these beliefs condemned as villains by their own leadership just blatantly political everything Disney doing here.

It's not in the least principle if they were so committed to these issues, what they do business in China, which engages in brutal oppression of minorities relying on laws by the way, there 10,000 times worse than anything in the parental rights bill.

Since this is a matter of principle, though for Disney asked what is the real endgame here.

I'll tell you what it is. By adopting this far left corporate ethos. Disney has joined the cabal that believes that it's time to ostracize a huge swath of the American population, including traditional Americans, people of serious faith and social conservatives. They believe that you should be completely shut out of public life, and that your view shouldn't be frankly heard on the Internet, TV, radio taught in our universities. None of it. People who hold these views is horrible view shouldn't serve in the military certainly not as officers they should be teachers or sit on any corporate boards and by the way, if you ever donate to one of these traditionalists in elected office to be denounced and trolled.

Such was the case when LGBT Q activists discovered Disney had donated to the politicians who supported the to Santos Bill so what they're trying to create is a world in which believing in more traditional sexual norms is the same as being a member.

The KKK this is the controversy by the way, is not a one-off. They want to put everyone on notice if you're a devout Muslim Catholic Orthodox Jew evangelical Christian and you have these views were going to treat you like a support cross burning that remember when we were told by the way that tolerance was all the liberals really wanted tolerance for different lifestyles, orientations, we see the real agenda. Cultural annihilation of anyone who disagrees with them on these issues. They want to turn all of America into colic and gender studies class at UC Berkeley, where people are afraid to say anything that might possibly have set the thought police were anyone who steps out of line, shunned, or very severely punished. JK Rowling 10 years ago. She was just a global bestseller, but a beloved liberal but today the left hates her more than Harry hade involved more folks like John F. Kennedy Bobby Kennedy who appealed to devout Catholics, never be welcome in their party today or even Obama in 2007. At that time he was against gay marriage he would be welcome either by their orders from extremists who dominate the Democratic Party, Disney and like-minded corporations are engaged in an expulsion project against at least half of America lose billions in income until someone has the guts to do their own hostile takeover and return to common sense. The bright side here already. We are back in the bright side is because of the throne is in complete control and if he is, people will stand up. He tells us to chronicle some for doing makes a very, very clear does his daughter. What we need to do. We need to run to this battle.

Hello, you have this content energy Jackson here who's running for which a Supreme Court justice. This woman is a wicked woman.

She is wicked in every endeavor. She's just pro sodomite you really evil when it comes to pro-abortion but she doesn't know what a woman is okay and and no, you know, I wonder if I was to ask her what the what are you to see if you know what you will know if she doesn't know what she is.

Why should we let her sit on the court right though there were no problems as it is so inherently exclusive. This is very important. You need to call your Sen. Lindsey Graham who sold us down again. Lindsey will all you can always depend on Lindsay to love them both and put on a good show but when it comes down to it healed you alone.

He'll sell us out. I don't know Dr. you came out is not going to vote for.

It reminded of it was just today just a couple hours ago it was saying she's a the most wonderful thing out there. I which is the one thing I forwarded her mind is not going to vote for one in their world automaker Bridport world move something in her talk this. Folks simply you were watching the rise of the Antichrist system that wants to be in control once to reign supreme. Remember, Satan wanting to be the most over the most of the most by this is what you are saying this is evil. Satan the antichrist system wanting to get rid of all the values all things with Google war brings to the urban all things that he tells his creation out of your own little world and prosper room to cover eternal life.

Satan wants to kill all of the M they want to have the antichrist system be in control of their souls going on. It's a spiritual battle and are using politics or using the most are using the always say it, of trendiness through using trends and all we have the truth. The George Floyd, we have the gay marriage the black lives matter in all its Walkure modern. You're worth it know all of this is nothing more than antichrist keeps it simple stupid if antichrist and fight it that way, you backdate that and I know you guys will probably remember that Paul Harvey did this thing called fiber the devil you are younger people who haven't heard that I would really encourage you to look for it because it was founding a new spot on in and I never I never thought it would be this awful but wow it I'm amazed at the level dugout ladle here.

She was asked of forcible to major statements and pro-lifers people to go out and will first responses glowed from his buddy abortion mills in our church.

We have people to glow 52 weeks a year in the rain and the snow. Whatever cheek she calls him noisy and nasty and hostile and in-your-face.

As far in response to Sen. Kennedy's question about when life begins. She's in I don't know cleaner your to read the Bible. I wonder if she knows of the Bible. She doesn't know what a woman is and she doesn't know when life begins when originals were the Bible and okay in response to Sen. Graham's question about whether an unborn child can feel pain at 20 weeks gestation, Joe Jackson replied I don't know oh I know, I know that is right in response to Sen. Blackburn's question to offer a definition, of course, of the woman again. She said that she doesn't know what a woman is because she's not a biologist, no scenario, biologist, you know I'm not that I I'm pretty sure if you like me and you and I could sort them out already a right I tested myself just to shield people thought unsolicited by know which ones are women. I know every single one was a woman and was a religion. The cream court that because you think the woman absolutely no here going back to Disney for minute you had Joe Obama. Obama came out you know that laptop is left out from Hill Gary under that barn slipped out. They had some pictures. I saw some of the pictures that they took love obviously so we can talk about note widget with with Hunter in bed with young young girls naked with others. There were here Joe Obama with Joe Biden hi: true Bowmanville but any help. He had this little boy just a little. I look at this. It made me sick.

The kid was about calling forth four years old. He had his hands cupping his whole face, and his whose lives were about 1/2 inch away from the little boys that he was trying to kiss his little boy in the lives and no wonder why Joe Obama would come out all favor of Disney's pedophile pedophile program this when this is the pedophile program.

If I do remember Gratian heard her organizations came out in support of all this garbage. The Department of Health and Human Services office of population affairs released the document today called gender affirming care and young people the same day the substance abuse, mental health services came out another subset of the picture just another document.

Gender affirming care is trauma informed care and in these documents.

It talks about the things that there were four. Improving top surgery to create male typical show straight or enhance process and bottom surgery surgery on genitals, reproductive organs, facial feminization, other procedures, all of the stuff our government is now endorsing hormone therapy. All the surgeries sex change operations for children.

The government is coming out today the you will not be able to put annex on your passport. Starting April 11 and this was all these policies rolled out today because this is the transgender Day of visibility so that you can help create a visiting soldier. I see a few national security problems in our military problems or voice problems with someone of the passport with the next audit Bureau going through customs different for determining this is insanity to let me oblivious in existence. You know you have such, the AMA came out the AMA and said they're not going to have the agenda put a burst of existing mortgages they don't know how to go to Georgia gender with the genders so anyhow, the whole medical Association arch their credibility is shot.

I made at the rate they're going right now. People don't want people are afraid to go to hospitals anymore and I think they the lost such credibility out there the whole medical Association and it would praise God for frontline doctors.

Are we going to see it.

I think we will more more cooperative frontline doctors were the they open their own clinics in their own hospitals getting away from the AMA, yet they're going to really start to push for the primary care model where you know you get paid 70 or $80 a month and you know you go as often as you need to go in her primary care doctor there not to mess with insurance on it just it.

It has gotten you know I said when they when they finally started pushing this vaccine mandate in the hospital. I'm like you're gonna lose every principal doctor or nurse that you have and that was the goal. The goal was to get everybody who within a stand and advocate for patient and fight out.

Get them out. You know keep the sheep and and you know, I know there's a lot of people in healthcare that are still really trying to say that but there are so many that are just working against them and making it so hard and and I I mean I do everything I can to keep people out of the hospital I Mike, please don't call me on your way to the hospital because I can't do anything about that that you know basically hang on right. There will be back later to this day, chemicals and one for me and Chris. Chris is in the Chris. Chris is right and right. We are back now spinning photo: Hugo boards literally what they want your website against which would you please but would you please say you very very slow yet thinking W like William.

I then Eggeling. Then, he isn't health H and Harry E. Is an egg and an apple Allison Larry.

And Tom H has been Harry Hurley at doing one more time would likely lose on that I is an icicle and in the Nancy Deas and okay all right you do, do you think that what it takes and calls the article holds peers was a joke before you do, want to give the folks from praying they can do those of website and what should all write down Eric's. All good WW W. Second two MD second submit letter to MD and your first boat is at the ballot box.

The second road is where and how you spend your money and they about 1600 companies and if it has a 1 million strong liberal company that has a five strong conservative organization three is the neutral, politically, and the richer businesses so that you can work with companies who are not supporting the liberals from the second vote to MD go there. I worked there it takes a long time to load because it's a fixed site, but to where you could fight back.

You got that mammoth to that member which is made up of conservative patriots, businesses and we we want to get as far away from the Wilkins we can get over it were to take some go very quickly. What would you say okay this is picking up with Cliff you're near Cliff yet well-equipped your brief questions, but Joseph Olson electric is more for rapid but he mentioned for the vaccinated people transcribed federal control and that an unknown going back to a podcast union of the want. With Dr. Alito that should not the Salk Institute is treating vaccinated people what L-arginine back and phosphatidylcholine. And he himself. It is also using curcumin and then he's getting some people right after the vaccine that is given treatment worries having them just went order for 66 hours. No food, no water, and giving them arginine and not commute had recoveries with that and then also the blood supply. In fact, compromised, and have you heard about McDonald fluid being used, to the get the numbers up on the deck: hospital yet I have heard some dabbling of the name spelled this order that God peered me from I went by when in the respiratory failure 18 times in two and half years and was on the ventilator every time and the dazzling them with using what they would use before they gave a paralytic and you know with what concerning to me is everything being given in nursing homes and hospitals. When we get mid-Atlantic, we've got you on a cardiac monitor with God that you know you got for checking your oxygenation and the fact that they're using this guy I worked in the nursing home for a short time, there would've been no way we could have given mid-Atlantic have to have the reversal agent for it and everything in case the person has trouble so yes that that's usually problematic. I was also seeing big doses of morphine being given to people.

People put on a morphine drip and a mic will gather gonna stop breathing that that's crazy. Part of the supplement. There's probably as many protocols out there is, is there are doctors who will actually treat this thing I know the frontline. Dr. Kevin Iver Mexican quercetin protocol. They also control the steroids added. There's just there's just a bunch what we've been trying to do is get ahead of it like not wait for the person to come forward and say oh I'm I'm vaccine injured, let's go ahead and treat them with some antihistamines and quercetin before they ever go get that job and let's keep it going for 30 days and see if we can prevent the blood clots, heart attack, this cardiogenic issue that happening. It's like an elevated have to move and takes a closer so the title to Stansted in your near hello I have a question about Tylenol and acetaminophen about security Coke at congestive heart failure and hope.

That whenever I felt any kind of headache course like take Tylenol for a minute ask you please what is spoken out about the Tylenol congestive heart failure. Tylenol depletes the body's glutathione levels and we see very low glutathione levels in people who have congestive heart failure, so it just adds to what already is going on in the body. I would I would try congestive heart failure.

She can't really increase your fluids a whole bunch, but I would try the magnesium and see if that helps with headaches, joint pain, things like that because Tylenol is Tylenol as no one threatened him come off the market for different times that they just have such a strong lobby right now. I'm not any medication at all like take a bit lighter band and that I could have a headache. I've been predicting acetaminophen this or anything else I could take place, like the number and going that's going to ask your doctor about the aspirin but yet I would be a good alternative that they're okay with it with congestive heart failure have to watch and said like Motrin leave things like that because they can cause fluid to build up okay thank you so much. Let's go to Christie New York Christie note Dr. you have a to be put away to read.

The fisheye you can't reverse that a new assistant manager in there.

There is a website that you can if you're having problems. You can go to the website is all one word. How bad is my note it my way how bad is my batch like a batch of cookies how bad my and you can put your the number the lot number from your vaccine into that system and it will tell you if yours is one of the problematic batches always tell people I might check your check your batch first because if you don't have a problematic batch. I would start taking a bunch of stuff if you're okay.

How was she to know what are batch number is it the lot number will be on her shot records and she can just enter it on that website and the hers is one of the bad ones, and another was any good with the what happened is, there are there are a very small percentage of the batches that are producing almost all of the death and injury and that does not make sense because quality control in manufacturing would say that it would be evenly dispersed throughout all batches a lot and it's not blood looks like. Some are intentionally lethal and some are very watered-down in the agreement that the drug companies With the FDA is they only have to have 50% of what's supposed to be the active ingredient in there instead of what's supposed to be in their some people got really delude almost daily files and then some people got files with really high mRNA and died or had serious fallout. My mom vaccine injured my brother and there there is were both in the top five of the worst batches made. Okay, let's go to Jack in San Diego. They Jack I got you a question for your guest.

So there's been a lot of talk about Pfizer mood during the use the messenger RNA project development. What is your take on the safety of Johnson & Johnson which did not use the process. Well, I mean there my brothers vaccine injured from Johnson & Johnson. They had the same issues they do this by croaking their piggybacking on an adenovirus which is problematic in itself, because the adenovirus can cause problems in people so I don't recommend any of my people say to me you know which had to take one and a mic. I take a bullet I wouldn't do it.

There's nothing I would recommend that I've not looked at the newer ones that are getting ready to come out yet but yet Johnson & Johnson is just as problematic as the other two is in your opinion when you look at the covert virus does it present itself like a naturally occurring virus, or you believe it's so biological weapon. It's absolutely a biological weapon. Almost hemorrhagic in nature is just it done things that we don't the other viruses do you know this.

This just crazy falling off the cliff right away massive blood clotting.

No and I don't know how much of it is the death of Aaron, how much of it is the illness because a lot of what we see is out of the hospital but I've never seen anything natural like this kill young people that are basically healthy.

There's some kinky with it you mature and severe. If interested, because I have Kaiser insurance no stores. I know my wife and I haven't gotten the virus, but Kaiser's protocol to start talking with primary care about this is they do nothing for you. The only time will do so because if you go to the hospital and he said you have to be very sick to be admitted will give you the reduce of your deficit. Otherwise, you might end up on a ventilator to end up on a ventilator in Orinda there anyway that is going on the ventilator. It crapped out you kidding, it's a horrible drug when they tested it for Ebola.

He killed 25% of the people they gave it to, they had to pull it out of the trial court. He didn't tell us about.

You didn't tell us that we would like oh this is the new standard of care.

We spent upwards of 80% of hospital death might be from and disappear.

There's actually fluid what a nightmare. This is been now we look forward to World War III won't get better because now they cleared when death appeared to be given in nursing homes and urgent care centers, and then you have to call and ask you first off you got someone in the nursing home.

You don't want them to have them death of your you better get it written in their chart all right. Thank you. You're welcome that recently we had passed through a near and we will associate for this ministry for many years and he call me because one of the people in his church was in the hospital with and they were going to get more disappear and he reviews and he said absolutely not.

He did not want and they gave it to Gilliam Julie when what we offer 19-year-old out in Arkansas spent seven months on the ventilator and on heart-lung bypass and make it hard to kill a 19-year-old with a road that boy to the ground awful okay we had time to take one or two more calls and their children. The lines open. We have an 888-677-9673 we did what I do more calls okay while lower waiting on that going on within one of the things coming back visibly. Disney is also the number one would serve me in the top two or three places where children are are abducted inducing events and that something else in mind that I know for forefront human trafficking through through everything that's exactly right thing to do.

Number one place with you and it's number will equal the ticket as a something like that to go there on a single public. Let's go to Gail Gill during the year. What about people who like usual, and that flow from the blood. I have no idea.

I I just been praying it doesn't I don't know. I mean, I know Dell victory had to have the confusion and he actually flew out of the country had is that he could be sure that he wasn't getting blood at vaccine.

II did I just don't know. I mean, you know within their IFR that initially they had said oh you know we need blood from people who haven't been backdated. But now, as I understand it, they'll take it from anybody you know yeah thank you, Jill. This is the last call going to Paula polio. The last call for the Mike any time, Nicole. I had to doubt variant. They are not ignorant into pneumonia how to how to going to manager me down pragmatic Army air ride on anti-staff since I believe vacate my life. Now I feel like I am having some symptoms every now I don't know I could be the long holler or lead Advair and ask you not here seem to be following out in the common ones again, and yet you want to get on the methylated B complex, you probably got your biotin levels are probably low your folate probably low B12 is probably low, which would explain you fatigue, but make sure you get a methylated B complex you want to have all the B vitamins and in the folate needs to be methylated but usually can.

Just like the type and methylated B complex and make sure that methylated on the bottling should be good. It might take amount to increase your protein that'll help with your life to learn about bio can I attend in the B complex that the B vitamin.

Okay great okay great yeah I hope that no minded time though, I want a lot. Yeah, I mean in four months and I'm still not been set. You all were running out of time and no one will want to see a little more time any nourishment to give your your website on the 20 okay wit WITT health coaching and that all one word all right, thank you very much. Now comes the most important part of the program and will Joe do you think we think we should look when to give it a shot to addressing Randy don't know that book. Sure, I will give it a shot yet three minutes. Sure, okay now we all know that we failed an obligation to God, but we also have a dip to pray to God that everybody owes nobody gives a capacity to pay the debt is called to send it meaning that you want would have to have lived a completely holy solution.

Righteous life which none of the site of Don thought said, whatever things you don't. But God has made God made away for that. For that to be paid and the debt is through his own sacrifice on the cross to to understand that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself and so what we know and you all been with us enough to know that we talk about this every night that you can't pay the debt. The Godhead is to and you won't make it into his presence made in heaven will say when you die because disappointed on the man wants it so all of us are going to die and so in order to overcome that we have to our action is our work is to agree with God about what he says about where we are apart from him, and apart from him.

We are destined for Hill and were all on that plane, shall we say we were born. Heading in that direction, but during life. You can change planes by confessing with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead and then God's promises is that you will be saved and the confession is doesn't have to be verbal. It's a profession to get the word is Homo Gail meaning if we say the same thing that we agree with God. So if you agree with God that you have sinned, that you have no way of paying that back but that you agree that Jesus Christ is the appropriation of the payment for your Sim with his death, burial and resurrection on the cross and that if we confess that with our mouth and believing in our heart that God is raising from the dead will be saved. So I ask any person out there who are grappling with this, the confession would your mouth and if the sin comes the mind then confess that sin in the end, it doesn't have to be in front of a person you confessing this to God asking you to do it now so will say the Lord I am a liar room achieved on the phone.

Whatever you are and believe in my heart did you were in Christ that you died on the cross and the debt paid and that Bob through the an act of faith that you put in me. I believe these things, and that God is raising from the dead, then you have been saved.

And so what they are and with that, I'd like to say that that's all it is God's on the work you just have to believe.

All right, thank you very much okay nurse Betty, thanks for being here with us tonight and inviting will gotta get you back soon you keep in touch. You got an open invitation will till tomorrow. Good night God bless. Let's do it really all I will always be find a quiet night. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right, left, hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at another edition of what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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