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WED HR2 033022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 31, 2022 12:03 am

WED HR2 033022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 31, 2022 12:03 am

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DQ presents a picture this is done before the awe-inspiring new signature stat burger menu a DQ in your mouth wonders where my life that's five taste but tempting cheeseburgers with 100% real seasoned beef. The pig at the loaded a one stat burger with two premium sauces, then the flamethrower stockbroker with tongue tingling jalapeno bacon then you realize moments like these are exactly why we had the DQ signature stat burger menu DQ taste good. Get it delivered it donate and listen to the podcast you are were back when the world economic forum feel so confident that that the deep state that they have such control that there openly telling us what they're doing now and what they're doing is to us, not for us okay and so you let loose his cloche while the number of voters.

No Joey Biden and others were there at this forum when they were talking about the so-called world leaders not to think about this. This was where living in the day with the Lord Jesus talked about the dam sorrows or the evil day, and it is this a time, but now folks, God is on the throne of God. As I complete control but would just they are so grazing in the fact that they think that they Restocked our job is to go out there and stop to do all that we can that this is an evil wickedness in this land and I want to say this to you here this you have what is coming up and folks I want you to call your U.S. Senate. As I needed to get this out of call your U.S. Senate and the phone number there is 202-225-3121 202-225-3121 and ask for your Sen. and tell them to vote against of this content ejection.

She is who this woman is wicked to the core II don't think that there is a sin that she has an embrace that she's not against Jesus in favor of the pedophilia. If it's a sin sodomy, which is avidly pro-abortion.

Is it she's an extremely wicked woman and extremely wicked woman. She would give Hilary a run for her money in silk and need to call your U.S. Senate or US Sen. and and and really insist that they do not vote to confirm her and especially there's a lot you you people out there that have rhinos and senators you really need to call you really need to do that. So again, call your US Sen. and that number is 202-225-5031 21 202-225-3121. I'm going to keep this announcement to keep making it because they're going to vote to confirm her next week so with that, go ahead and play that clip slob is here. He is the founding executive chairman of world economic forum, the organization holds conferences with global leaders all over the world, including the closely watched gathering and Donna Switzerland each January. Bob created the world economic forum as it's referred to in 1971 with the mission of improving the state of the world. The theme of this year's upcoming meeting and Dobbins will focus on mastering the fourth Industrial Revolution. This refers to the period of digital transformation that will have profound effects on economies, societies and on human behavior and look at things like artificial intelligence, except robots look at things like gene editing, except opening a whole new horizon for medical science undersea significance of cyst force Industrial Revolution is it doesn't change what he was doing it changes you. If you take a genetic editing it's you who change in consciousness impact on your identity in 100 years and identify the virus damning is the moment when you regime of surveillance over especially surveillance under the skin, which I think is maybe the most important development of the 21st century is the ability to have human beings to go under the skin: biometric data, analyzing, and understand people better than they understand themselves. This I believe is maybe the most important event of the 21st century a lot of breakthroughs on the medical front optically around synthetic mRNA.

You can basically do anything with the synthetic RNA so I think a computer program so and I think with enough work with with that with affect. I thought too crazy to probably stop aging representative, joint visa is tense when interpreting bona fide if you want, reflecting a sequence on this deductible being see a conductor finger, let them to English so that is a Swedish study that shows that despite teen on any from Pfizer, biotech vaccine in vitro goes into the liver status and is converted into DNA in the nucleus and it also increases the expression of the diverse transcript is 91 widget which is an enzyme and on-the-fly says mostly present in the dividing says and back enzyme is the one that helps to convert the anatomy of the protein. The vaccine supply protein vaccine on any into the DNA and that DNA is found in the nucleus in vitro. So let's look at the study. It is a Swedish accepted and published studies are Sonata preprinted is not something that is still waiting for review because of you and published now and you have enough computing power and data you can my body and my brain and my life and you can understand me better than I understand myself.

You can know my personality type. My political views my sexual preferences my mental weaknesses. My deepest fears and hopes you know more about me than I know about myself and you can do that, not just to me, but to everyone system understands this better than we understand ourselves can predict our feelings and decision can manipulate our feelings, and decisions will ultimately make decisions for us in the cost many tyrants and governments wanted to do it but nobody understood well enough and nobody had enough computing power and data to millions of people, neither the Gestapo nor the KGB could but soon at least some corporations and governments will be able to systematically all the people we humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer serious soul. We are now trackable when you talk about technology the way she could beat that contribute to growth rather than exacerbate unemployment. How will that accelerates make?

Because this is a fear that technology of all bots chose to take the again activity from machines exactly and date three places may be times a rock.

Shops for hospitals and become to be placed some reason you chumps are not everybody can be about punishment on this and was reading your chops and I have to say mentioned no names like Whelchel. Even Vladimir Putin and so on. Say all have be young global leaders of symbolically cool back down what he already plowed off now see younger generation. Like I managed to go, president of France, Alpharetta, Argentina, and so on. Simply penetrates the cabinets.

So yesterday I was in Santa Fe section 400 and I know set half of cyst Or even Baja half of cyst for all activity and nobody is grateful Metro energy to well that's true in Argentina as well.

It's doing Argentina and ensuing fonts. Now I maybe some president young Lolita Baptist suppressed time for leaders to come together jointly for several become more inclusive, more sustainable and more prosperous now well come his Excellency she champagne president of the People's Republic of China is fascinating that something in the street right not FDA approved. The first electronic if I can fight like that.

So it is basically biological sheep that it is in the tablet and once you take the tablet and dissolves into your stomach sick sends a signal that you keep it up.

So imagine the implications of ethics compliance. Compliance and insurance companies them all that the medicines that patient should pay. They do take them and they said fascinating what happens in a man, I just would like to highlight what you said about Sheila. Chip fact because it's right step two create sophisticated pain fall digitization to produce the bound preschool + pizza cycle so something on the legs and the baby a cramp. Recognizing a common exemplar on the set wound on multiple have found that that lady I'm coming to Get Asked Often That the Symbol a Moment She Could and Would You Suggest to Physician Dumont Physique D If You Will Not Make It Go When an Employee for Good Luck, Nippon HS Definitive Unmonitored and That They Could Continue to Go with You, Who Probably Would Each of Them at at the Clinic. They Have a P Not a Devil Was at the Example Bowl Personalities AAA Shape Me. Mr. Talk about Gas a Geek or an Offender, Let Me Evolve. While Some Mobile Some Back to Their Deaths and 90 C PAI Studies % Dental Nebula Souls on the Accident Was a Beautifully Scaled Weight May Beings on a Massive Scale and Everything Is Being Digitalized, Everything Is Being Monitored. In This Time of Crisis. You Have To Follow Science Often Said That You Should Never Allow a Good Week with a Crisis Is an Opportunity to Also Do the Reforms That the Normal Times People Will Never Agree to, but in a Crisis. You See, We Have No Chance We Will Shut You down like You and If We Need to We Will Rescue and We Will Take You to Jail and I'll Stay Because We Have Christmas Because As a Name-Calling Audience and What It Takes the Average Continuous Partnerships with Many Governments Announce around Sunup, Because We Have NGOs and Have Trade Unions Poses Different Paths Media CDL Experiments and Scientists and Academia. Because Looking at the Future I Think We Should Use Solutions Engineer Solutions Would Be Very Much Driven by Technological Even a Value Even of Religious Leaders Life… Leaders Have Social Survey Social Things Will Be Coming Quite Soon Will Have Immense Benefits for Humans and Also Have a Look of Money Would You Say Could Be Beneficial Because, for Example, in AI, Dr. Koontz, of the Same Money to Think That That the Classical Scenarios. People Talk about You Go around 24 Hours a Day As Biometric Sensors on or inside Your Body, and They Constantly Send Information to You Donated Your Money at Your Moment All the Time That the Information Goes through an AI Doctor Made a Smart Phone or Whatever Is Still the Regular Doctors They Lose They Told the Things They Are They Need.

They Can Reinvent Themselves Will Grant We Have Wonderful Company Make Money Out Of It Raises Our out Power in the World. What about Privacy Versus Security All the Civilization You Can See, but There Is Something You Know, for the First Time in History, It's Possible to Completely Eliminate Private It Was Just Never Possible before Anything Is Possible Now Something Fundamental Change. Dictators Only Rent about Completely Eliminating Private Monitoring Everybody All the Time and Knowing Everything You Do Everything Everything You Think Everything You Feel Whether High-Ranking Ancient Greece, Whether It's Starting to Think about It, They Could Never Do Because It Was Technically Impossible.

Now It's Possible. Humans Are Now about Animals.

You Can Hack When We Really Master the New Abilities of Reengineering Life Either on a Name Organic Basis with Genetic Engineering and Things like That.

If, for Example Resolve the Problem and the Many People Working on That and We Are Making Very Fast Progress on the Problem of Directly Connecting Brains to Computers and Therefore Also Brain Is Still Kind of Bionic Thoughts.

You Can Have Nonorganic Liens and None Organic Body Parts Which Disconnected from Your Body and Functioning.

If I Haven't Bionic Hand. The Simplest Example Become like Everybody Gets It Doing This Context I Had Bionic Hand Connected to My Brain through a Direct Brain Computer Interface.

This Hen Doesn't Need to Be Attached to My Body. It Can Be Any Different. Through Now in the Coming He Was in the Coming Decades Will Face Individual Discrimination, and It Might Actually Be Based on a Good Assessment of Who You Are 80 and T the Algorithms and the Big Data Algorithms of AT&T. They Follow You around.

They Look up Your Facebook Profile Your DNA Direct Quotes from Kindergarten until Today. They Will Be Able to Figure out Quite Accurately Who You Are and If They for Example Find out That He Lacks Motivation on the Monday Scale on the Horizon Scale of the Friedman Scale of Self-Motivation 0 to 10.

He Suggests 7.1 and We Don't Want to Accept Our Company.

People of Less Than 8.2 and We Know from Experience That Yes We Can Give You a Little Push. But You Just Let What We Need and You Will Not Be Able to Do Anything, Almost Anything about This Discrimination.

First of All Because It's Just You. They Don't Discriminate against You or Me Because Your Joy Shall Daniel Blanco Whatever Because You're You Sensors on Facebook of the Chinese Government to We Have the Technology to Hack Human Beings on a Massive Scale. New Surveillance Technologies Now Deployed Just to Deal with This Corner, Virus Outbreak When It's over. Some Governments May Say Yes, but There Is a Second Wave of Corona Coming I Understand Right There When It Goes on and It Gets Worse and so I Can Tell You Right Now There's No Way I'm Going to Let My My Hand. It Would Ruin My Brain and Another Ridiculous like That with Her Head.

Yeah Pain They Are on a You Know That Copyright Reinvents the Human Race. I Truly Believe That Is a Good Example of Why the Bible Said of God in Vain That No Flesh Be Saved Alive.

Okay, Do You Know What the Name What They Call Their Program See Where You've Heard This before Here. Here's the Name of the Program Is Called Okay within the First Few Months of the Pandemic Inspired Him to Build Back Better. Now That's That's Talking about. This Is This Is Talking about Schwab Right and That's What Date This with the World Economic Forum Is Called Their Program Build Back Better Where We Heard That before. I Really Look at the Underlying Merits on the Eugenic Staff Where They Want to Build the Perfect Human Race.

Anyone to Weed out the People That Don't Fit That in Area at the Bar Level of Measurement in Here That Will Yeah Yeah and the Call in Another Words so What You're Saying If You If You Don't Make It You Get Eliminated You Don't Take It Personally. Then I Can Let Youth As Well As around the Need. Again, This Is This Is They Feel That Right Now They Don't Have To Keep a Secret Anymore That They May Have Such Power That They Can Bring It out in the Open and I've Got to Tell You This Is the Opportunity for America to Rise up and Take Take Our Country Back.

You Know, We Are We Are Commanded by Almighty God to Resist His Tyranny It on to the End of Blood into Death, and We Really Had to Go after This.

This Is We Are Living in What the Bible Calls the Evil Day. Let's Open the Phone Lines and Take Some Called up before I Think the First Call and Remind the Folks That They Really Need to Get Their Order in Order to Call Wendy's Number 866-229-3665. The Time Is Going to Come You Gonna Need Real Medicine Entered Catalogs. She Tells You by the Way, Not Only in a Catalogs but When She Sends You the Medicine As She's She Tells You How to Take It That Way When the Amounts and Everything the Paper That You Have Got to Hang onto Those Because If You like Me, You Forget You Go Back and Reread Because You Got Too Much Going so Any Help That Number Is 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 or Via an Internet Go to the Power Herbs That Can't Get That Catalog and Get Stacked up with Natural Medicines That God Has Given Us Folks. Believe Me, God Knows What He's Doing Now with an Open Phone Lines and Take Your Calls at 866979 Forgotten 888) 888-677-9673. Okay Now Okay We Got a C on the Phone Hello after Hello AC Your Topic Weaker.

The Result of Your Metric Was Being Left behind. The Very Timely and over in Matthew 24 Verse 28 Convert That A Lot Of People Have Either Didn't Understand or Misinterpreted 11 Pastor Was Claiming That This Verse in Matthew 24, 28, Wheresoever the Carcass Is, There Will Be Eagles Be Gathered Together, and He Was Saying WAP in the Tribulation.

At the Battle of Armageddon. When All the People Playing in the Blood. I Bridled but If Not Talking about a Multiple Multiple Carcasses Is Talking about One or Unless Verse 28 Is Somehow a Function or Result of the Lightning in Verse 27 from the Wet and This Ties in with Your Message Because What's One of the Left behind after the Rapture Is a Carcass of People Left behind Her and Get Ready for the Rapture Who Believed False Doctrine and Who Knew about the Rapture but They Just Didn't Think They Were That Important or They Didn't Think It Was for Their Generation. The Very Significant Birth Here and and Then after That in Verse 29. Then It Talks about the Tribulation. And It Says That Immediately after the Tribulation of Those Days. Talk about Assignment in the Heaven Which Correlates Exactly with Revelation Chapter and Know after the Rapture. It's Going to Be One Horrible Time. The People Are Going to Go to the Cemetery, the Graves of the Same to Be Opened up and It It's Going to Be Just That Alone Would Be Tracking That Well That's True and There's A Lot Of Them Know There's A Lot Of Assumptions Because We Don't Really Know but One of the Things That the Some Theologians Believe That since There Flesh and Blood Is Not in Heaven That the Blood Will Be Left Here behind Him That As You Find Are Closing Our Artificial Limbs and Eyeglasses and Are False Teeth and Watches There Will Be All There and Left in a Pool of Blood. The Site Assessment, but That's You, but We Don't Know We Don't Know If God Changes Easy to Change Our Bodies and Everything so When It Rapture Takes Away Because He Takes Us about a Year Were Changed in the Air to Them That They Were Changed up in the Air. What We Don't Know. So I Think You Have To and I Don't Want to Stick around during the Tribulation to Find out, but Anyhow Business A Lot Of the Elect, to Look into. That Is A Lot Of Things That the Bible Disguises He Has Not Told Us to Certain Things Okay That the Left up to Our Imagination. At This Point but Will We Can Assume Certain Things Put Some Things We Just Don't Know One of the Things This Is Why over the Years I've Had a Number of People Who Constantly No Matter They Were Persistent and Trying to Tell You When the Rapture Was in Take Place and You Know What Is so Hard Because When They're Wrong Every Time They Don't Want to Admit That They Were Wrong and and so Just Say That That Mechanic Gives Them a Little Bit When I Tell Dr. That Don't Don't Don't Say That, and They Do and They Set Times They Had Is Gone to Three Times Now the They Had the Church Rafted out and Here Were Still Here. And They Don't Want Us to Admit No That They Should Not Be Doing That. But Anyhow. Listen, I Got a Mirabilis and Thank You Daily Question for Wendy Ryan, You're in the Air Right One Alignment by Wendy He Would Protect You Got It. I Would Happily I Could Turn Your Body Foundation Metric like One Coat, Then He Immediately Helped but That Worked like That for Me, but What Happened Was Maybe about Three or Four Months Ago I Started Trying to Plan Narrow Stuff and Fell Because I Don't like the Picture Myself.

I Thought Taking Anything That You Had Wanted to Know Anyway but I Have Been so Sluggish Lately. Unbelievable All Weekend and Monday.

So This Morning and Body Foundation, Take It like I Kept It in Combination, but about 5 O'clock Today I Realized I Was in Town, but That about 6 O'clock I Had Dinner I Had the Client Based up Again to Equipping You Back If You Want. I Took a Nap about Our Kind of Costly so I Was Wondering What Your Take on This Planet. You Take Plan Based up Your Stuff and I Want to Put My Body Fit Make Every Day I Get Feel Better When I Forget to Take It. I Noticed It on, but I've Heard People before That Date. Look at Similar Things in and They Get Didn't Get the Same Reaction on How I Came, I Couldn't Take It. Yeah, May Not Be Likely That Some People Get That 50 Feet at Product in a Patent Lawyer That That's All Fine and Everything There That Is a Microwave Product Entity Different Chemically Depends on the Environment When Young Cavity but I Think Really Help People Look at the Board That Rendered Young Cavity There. You Know, Accountant, Keep Count and You Know Naturalist, Are They Not Nutritionally Deny Anything That Is Running a Business That Probably Just Private-Label to Secure Equivalent of the Body Foundation That Helped Me Couldn't Loaded with Potassium Five but I Don't Know What Will You Are Low on Minerals.

What You Saying What You You're Just a Pile of Minerals and You Have To Replenish the Minerals. Unfortunately, That When Native Agriculture Today. We Don't Have 50% of the Minerals We Should Not Say That We Were Having to Compensate and Narrow Mineral. I Think That the Key to Keeping Alive Internal Medicine Disorders Away so on. And I like the People Are on Medication and Prescription Drugs, and at First Flushing More Minerals Out Of You. So If You Have Mineral United Hungry When the Body Satisfied with Nutrition Your Hunger Mechanism Doesn't Take on A Lot Of People Can Eat Later Lose the Weight. There Openly. Things like That so That Your Number One Thing You Recommended Bike on the Bestseller Usually Got Interrogated into It.

There Are Inclined to Think That Humility Replenish Nutrition When You Plan and Then They Just Want to Keep Using It Afterward. It's Fine but yet Christians a Big Deal. I Mean, If You Take Away Food and Water Yeah You Make It so It Keeps You Healthy and in Pike County.

Like I Immediately Felt Different Body under Culturally Competent Millennial Kids in Their 20s and 30s Tell Me You Know What Can I Feel Amazing and It Says You Have Depleted We Are. If You're Noticing It.

So If You're Even Allowing Nutrition. You'll Notice That Mark Luggage after the Other Plan. Merrill but I Don't When You Know What Time He Can Destroy the Chemistry Eaten by Processing a Certain Way. Typically I Feel I Used To Live These Price and Let Me Ask You This Wendy to Because Them to Get Your Your Your Powder Mix to Good As It Is It All Right Sometimes What I Did When I Have Some the Stuff and I Need to I Need to Get It to Mix up so As Not to Know and Sent a Cold Water Sometimes Doesn't Work Real Well so What I Do Is I Was in Hot Water in the Bottom Just a Little Bit of Hot Water and Mix It with Hot Water Does That Does That in Any Way Reduce the Effectiveness of You Do That and How Hot It Is Quite Boiling Hot. I Would Boiling Hot on Their Weight like Laminate out and Handing out Dirt Halfway through and I Can Think You Can Incorporate a Very Community Frozen Fruit Maybe Some Coconut Milk in Their Cage, but She Had to Put It in a Blender Right Blender Thing and Get My Little Leno Micro Juicers That Make It up Real Quick. I Went to Lily Mrs. in the Kitchen When I Visited One of Those Things. Maybe You Can Shake It up Real Good Detail and Character Returns the Group Cryptic Report. Charlotta DVD That Will Be Got. Church Sometime I Came across Two Documentaries Are Really All but One God. McCarthy Hearings Back on Five Footage of the Most Fascinating Because Even Back Then Everything Academic That the Wealthy Is Yeah It Was Everything Joe McCarthy Said Was Proven to Be True. The Meeting Was Lying Never Really Got Hard and Even People That Should Know Better.

Stable Is Supposed to Be Conservatives in the Congress and the Senate Bill Say That's McCarthyism like It Was like McCarthy Was Wrong. He Wasn't a Number of Those That Eli Kazan before He Died He Came out and They Said McCarthy Was Right. We Were Communist. So What Can I Tell You I Got a Move on but Thank You, Wendy.

You Know What I Am Out Of That Your Body Makes. Come to Think of It in Time to Send Me Some More and Some yet I Need to Die Because I like to Make an Appointment to Yeah I Don't Have Time I Get in There in a Blender. I Know She's Got a Blender. But Then Again Will I Get to Clean It Now Put I Got One As You Put a Lid on and Shake It up Real Good Works like Hell Yeah Yeah I Got a Little Heavier, Heavier Liquid. Try Writing It in That Probably Hold onto It Better. Yeah, I like the Way Change the Color When You Put It in the 3rd° All Right.

I'm Sorry Did You Say We Had Next Cliff We Got Cliff Here Yeah Couple Questions Politely, but on the Plants.

I Think I Say Chapter 5 Versus Four Versus Four and Five Apply to That Because It Talks about the Lord Then It Is for What More Can I Do for My Vineyard Meeting the Kinematics You Could Apply That Your Body and Then Because of Your Behavior. Verse Five. I Will Take Away and the Rest of the Chapter Just Talks about the Judgment of the Lord Felt What Happened to These People. What Even They Have This Going to Be Taken Away from Basically All Yeah Yeah Yeah so so Instead of Just the Feeling That You Know Accepting What They Have Swapped People and Every Political Take Away Everything from… Wednesday Night. The Omnipresence of Reading an Audiobook You Would like. It's Called the Dissolving Allusions by Suzanne, Fred and His Two Chapters Back to Back on Polio on It and One of the Things That's Interesting, As They Said the Polio Vaccine Was Recombining What Causing the Body to Recombine with Other Viruses and Getting like Almost like a Frankenstein Virus so You Know You to Be Really Impressive That but It Is One Little Connector That There Was People That Were Giving High Doses of Vitamin C Intravenously and Get out Getting Rid of the Worst Cases of Polio Polio Including Paralysis within 3 to 5 Days. Get out at the Latest. I Believe Dr. Writing Get Rid of Cataract and Four-Day with Nutrition and Yeah What Was so Will Go to That Won't Want to Get Rid of the Cataracts with What Time He Actually Made It Clear in an Evening Injection Plant That Had Rosemarie Make Anthony Batman and Nobody Real Fond of Having Ibach Injected Right and Right yet Just on One Thing I Want to Ask Two Things.

One Was about Your Suggestions. In General, for Any Temperatures in the Second Question Would Be What You Were Talking about the Parents That You Set up Flights in Females Where Should You Tell What You Delineate That for Example like I Don't Know If Chris Solomon Set Her up, but They Celebrate and Fight Cells That to Raise Testosterone and in Malls, but It You Know That You Know That Might Be to One Point, but It Also Amanda Williamson, and Hope Not Invite Health Podcasts Says That It's Good for People with Eyesight Problems That They Found on the Last Couple Years. For Some, so That That Would Be Man or Woman.

Yeah, I Mean. Yet Now the Men Have Their Own Little Niche in Male Hormones That Raise Testosterone on Getting Things in the American Gin Thing Fast Brillo like You Were Saying.

Pastor Top Auto Card of Mine and and Tell You Those of the Male Line and in the Female, When I Read Them up a Little Bit Earlier While Damn Chaste Tree or Via Text Very Immediately, Licorice Root Hopped Glowering without That Iranian Combinations Now This Is What John Christopher Found That What He Learned from European Baby and You like That Free to Help Balance Their Hormones and Help Their Reproductive Areas Started Is an Indentation and Goal so They Got Hundred Years See Their If Not Thousands Some Beverage and I Know You Have Something Interesting in Terms of the Sea Floor All Whatever That July Coconut Water Company, Which Is What You like Okay I'm Lever, but I Have To Limit My Key Because the Tannic Acid and Him and I Found the Little Tricks That Appear Big Petri. You Don't Want Answered. Take It It It's Just What They Used To and Gelatin. These Gelatin and Baking If You Have Been in Gelatin and Put It in Your Kit And Then Put Your Boiling Water in Your Team in There and Let Sit for Minute Drive and Won't Take the Campaign Now It Here Taking Caffeinated by a, Especially If You Have I That Are Affected by the Tannic Acid in the Teeth.

It's Easier on the Eyeball but Big Teeth and I like You Know I like IP Lemonade.

I'm Not a Big Communities Person. I like It and Thought That like to Drink and If I'm Going Is My Bike Picnic That We Were Talking about Earlier. I like It in Lemonade or Apple Cider Apples in Light Was Very Good. Thank You Cliff, We Have Next Year You're in There Though You Are near. Go Ahead and Had a Minister about That in Matthew 24. But in Luke 17 People to Get It to the Batting Genes in Stock Market's Site Was about When He's Coming Back in Verse 20, Then, Shall Be Deemed Witness in a Managed Reveal and That One in Matthew 24 Is an Error Is Not Eager to Get Eager to Get the Batting Jesus You Study That You See That in Isaiah 4031. Make Your Mind up with Wings As Eagles When That Somebody Even Think the Guy That Samantha 24 to 20 Company.

Inoculating Loop 17 Eagle Creek Danica Back to Mistake in Matthew 24, Eager to Get Every Study That Yeah but That's a Whole Different Topic for Tonight Right Now Where Will We Have Wendy As a Casting Return Okay.

Would We Want and That Topic It Tonight. Okay. Thank You. What Wendy Is Doing All Right.

Thank You.

I Going to Have Next Jack.

You Are near the Upper Wendy I Have a Question about My Nephew in Early 20 and about Nine Months Ago. He He Passed out While He Was a Passenger in the Vehicle and the Doctors Couldn't Find Anything Wrong with Them the Other Day He Passed out While Driving a Vehicle and and so the Diagnosis Is Epilepsy and I Was Wondering Is You Can Do for Epilepsy with That but You Do the Dietary and What Else Can You Tell Me about Epilepsy You Think They Have No Other Symptoms Healthy except for These Two Incidents of Just Passing out. I Can't Get Medical Invite Just to Clarify You Sure It's Not Narcolepsy, with the Difference While Epilepsy Means You Got a Different Situation Neurologically Then and the Other One the Other One Narcolepsy You Know That Doubtful Bit in His Medication That Intermittent Have the Control That, Especially If You're Driving. You Definitely Don't Want to Be Doing That Because They Would Be Passed out Driving the Other Day They the Ambulance Took Him to Script and They Did Extensive Testing and That Was the Diagnosis and with the Dinette. Okay, It's Really Short Shortening and Then Nervous System in the Brain Area That Top Line I Don't Really Have Any Herbs That Deal with That Kind of Thing, or Anything of the Child or Not That I Know I Mean I Don't Really I Think Most People Don't Know A Lot about Epilepsy. I Is There Any Other Symptoms That Might Occur As He Gets Older You Can Find Time for What They Do If They Put Something in between Amount of Time and Have like a Bit of an Easier to Have a Seizure He Just Passed out. That's like What She Said Necklace Because That's What Happens to People That Would Not Elucidate They Do, They Just Pass out Right Instantly Found A Lot Of the Vaccine That My Wife Is a Registered Nurse and the First Thing She Said Vaccine Is Fully Back so There You Go First and Incident with National Guard and Nine Month Ago, His Fighting Fires in Their Old Crews Coming Back in One of Those Rings for Crew and He Passed out and and so the National Guard Put Them up. He Was up North. The They Put Them up in a Hotel Room and Did All This Testing They Would Let Them Do Any Work for a Month and Couldn't Find Anything by That Time to Throw That out There and in the If That Is Something They Should Look into Narcolepsy. I Will Let Me Tell You This. There Is so Many Different Requirements to Disclose the Risk to so Many Different Wrist with No Shots.

I Mean Unbelievably Narcolepsy Think They're Finding a Result of the Vaccine. Yeah, You Can Actually Find That You Have Vaccine for Narcolepsy and See Which Ones Pop up yet so I Guess I Will Because I Might Be the Only One Left. But I Don't Use the Computer or Smart Phone and I Never Have and You Know I Have a Real Problem with Technology and What You Were Talking about Artificial Intelligence, You Know, Artificial Intelligence Doesn't Sleep to Get Sick. Doesn't Need Pretty Hard for Humans to Compete with It. Yeah, I Was Just Looking out. There Is No Technology Police. There Is No Nobody out There to See If This Technology Is Going to Benefit Humans in the Long Run Are Going to Harm It and I Can See by the End of the Century There Can Be No Work Left for Humans That Will Be Done by Self Replicating Artificial Intelligence. I Don't Think Were Going to Be Here to the End of the Century There Too Many Signs Right Now. I Mean I Don't Help. How Much Worse Can It Get Remember the Last Time That They Did. What Is Happening Today Was 6000 Years Ago during a Flood, and You Know Just Prior to the Flood and It Got Dealt with. He Dealt with in the Flood and What They're Doing out the Very Same Thing Today What They're Doing.

Guess What, the Population of the Earth at That Time by Most Theologians and Historians Believe Was about 8 Billion We Are Nearing about the Same Population and with in Their Doing the Same Thing.

They're Messing with the DNA of of Man and God Made a Very, Very Clear. He Gave Man Dominion over the Environment. He Kept Diminutive Man for Himself, and I Think Were Coming up onto the Time Where Working Hearing from God, but They Just Just a Couple of the Things That Them That You Have the Problem Conditions for the Shot Would Be and Anaphylaxis Anaphylaxis Myocarditis Pericarditis, Allergic Reactions, Inflammations, Numbing, There's a Whole List of Things and Encourage That's One of What You Just Were Talking about so Anyhow from the Shot Them in Their There Killing People. People Are Dropping Dead Left and Right from the Shots. I Think You You Guys May Be onto Something with the Narcolepsy. I'm Going to Look into That. So Much Appreciated. Thank You. You Know What I Would Do If I Was You. Okay I Would Talk to People like Wendy and Find out about How You Can Undo Some of That There Are Ways You Can Undo Some of the Damages Done Okay and We We've Had It. We Talked about That on the Radio Program Many Many Times and so You Can Fit Everything Correct That.

I'm Just Going to Have Him Start Listening to Your Show Already. Why Would You like Once a Week Once Every Two Weeks. Yeah I Would I Would Have Them Call Her in Your Underwriter Number Donning Him Call Her Number Okay Because the Number That She Couldn't She Could Tell Them How We Can Detoxify This Okay All Right Will Thank You When We Have Nice John Your Last Call for Tonight. Go Ahead. Yeah, I Really Important to Altered Points of View on All Important.

One of Them.the Alternative Vaccine and the Power of Big Pharma Drug Companies over the Media, and over the Regulatory from the Very Criminal but Lying Big Pharma Drug, Vaccine, Cart Cartel Companies and Presented to Assess the So-Called Experts a Huge Conflict There. Currently, the So-Called Regulatory Who Gave Their Approval and Promotion to All of These up Deadly Dangerous Conflict Got Hard Causing So-Called Drug Medicines That Have Been Sued for Billions of Dollars You Write and III Monitor Time.

But You're Right, It's a Total Violation of the Nuremberg Code That America Agreed to.

They Have Violated and That Will Be Talking about That More Okay. How Much Time Did You Say There Might Enter Okay. We Got Where the Most Important Part of His Radio Program and That That Is the Time That We Talked about Everything We Talked about Here Is Important Tonight, but Again, the Time Will Come for Everyone of You out There This This Will Happen. There Is No Chance No Chance at All That It Won't Happen and That Is the Time Will Come When the Only Thing That Will Matter to the Only Thing That Will Matter to You Is Your Standing with the Lord You See Folks You Either Saved or Your Lost You Say.

Now Does You Can Believe Anything You Want. You Know You Can Believe, but Reality See God's Reality and What God Says Always Comes the past and so You Either Save or Your Loss Is Kind like You're Either Alive or You Did Your Either Pregnant or You're Not Okay There's There's No in between There and so What Happens When You Die and You Will Die Okay and That's Not Such a Bad Thing Unless You Die in Your Sin, and That's a Terrible Thing. I Mean It Don't Get Any Worse Than That. Okay so What You Do. God Gave You a Way out, He Really Did the Lord Jesus. He Did All the Heavy Lifting.

He Did What Was Required. He Took Your Sins upon Him. He Took Your Place upon the Cross of Substitutionary Death, Not Because You Deserved. None of Us Do, but but God Loves You and He Wanted to He Doesn't Eat.

He Said When His Will That Anyone Should Come Short of His Glory, and so Is What You Do.

Jesus Made It Clear This Is Not Hard, You Pray to the Father and You Ask for Forgiveness of Your Sins and Repent. Repentance Is Necessary for Forgiveness. I Don't Care What Anybody Tells You out There. God Says It Is. So We Asked for Forgiveness of Your Sins.

Then You Call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus and You Ask Him to Be the Lord of Your Life. All of Your Life in All Things at All Times without Any Reservations. He's Gonna Beat You Got a Putting before Every Everything before Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, before Everything and If You Do That to God Knows He Looks upon Your Heart He Knows That and Then You Will Be Indwelt with the Holy Spirit. You Will Be a New Creature the Born-Again Believer, You Will Be an Heir of the Kingdom of Folks Again.

Now God Has Set in.

Again, Everything That God Says Comes to Pass. It Doesn't Matter What You Believe Is What God Says That the Skin Is Good Happen and Has and Always Has and Always Will.

I Would Do That Tonight When out in Tomorrow's Tonight You Have a Questions, Go to the Gospel of John Chapter 3 and Read It. Romans Chapter 10 and Read 31 Verse Seven We Are Out Of Time for That. I Wendy You Did Great Again You Always Do Already and so You Ready for This, Wendy.

What Is a Good Night God Bless and Always, Always, Let's Do It Cape Fighting the Fight.

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