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MON HR1 032822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 28, 2022 11:25 pm

MON HR1 032822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 28, 2022 11:25 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now I radio bathroom incentives again will we see this 28th day of March, this is the voice of the Christian resistance and boy do we have a lot to talk about tonight. Seems like that's always the case with the we have with us on the dial with a smile. None of the mighty Andrew that's right Pastor, I am here and then way out yonder in Missouri. We got Pastor Joe Pastor Joe are you there anything bad before you do. Pastor Joe Annette well what if I just say my real or anything like that. I thought about that you know the folks out there all listing right now they're just everyone would just close your eyes and picture Joe writing that mule you know I've I've pictured it many times. I know I feel better. All I have to say tonight. I am redeemed through his infinite mercy child and forever.

I am glad to be with your boss.

Glad to have you there. What you just sit as a whole of the bed and say well I'm an old toothless hillbilly is richer right about now. Okay there you go to giggle before I get more people mad at me say nothing if my wife heard me say in this stuff.

She was a dealer which you just said but we've been going out for years, so I figure out a laugh. There's enough bad stuff you have to humor. Yep, you got a have a sense of humor he got to Dr. yet. Now you remember what the title of the message was well up the long run, how to avoid being left behind, which Greg and what to do if you are left behind right so right were going to pick it up tonight. We start in Luke chapter 21 and we start with verse 34 through 30's 38. So why don't you go in a way that worldview and take heed to yourselves listed any time your hearts be overcharged with surfing and drunkenness, and cares of this life and so that the day come upon you unawares for as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth watch ye therefore, and pray always, that she may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man and in the daytime. He was teaching in the temple tonight.

He went out in the bode and the amount that is called the Mount of olives and all the people came early in the morning to hear him in the temple for to hearing right so not here lately see that he's speaking loudly at the apostles of their speaking to the apostles, but there's there are many other people there now. Speaking of a time when he said all these things come to pass the time of the tribulation.

And so here when he says to this there though say will what he was saying applied to the apostles, and that was enough for that time, but know if you read the previous verses is clearly speaking about that the coming tribulation.

Right right so now when it says not take heed to yourselves listed times your heart be overcharged with surfing and drunkenness, and cares of this life.

Do you think that would've applied to the apostles.

I think it applies to anyone.

There were things going on with the Roman Empire in the worship of other gods, they had all their craziness going on, just like we have and I think it applies to all yeah I mean, he indicated that the trailer with nobody saying this is so that that day come that day come upon you unawares know I he's talking about when he comes back okay now. Then he says for as a snare shall he come upon them that dwell on the for the whole face of the earth which you therefore watch you therefore, and pray always now listen very carefully and this is how you know he's not addressing this directly to the apostles that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the son of man. So what is what you think that means what he says to be counted worthy referring to one thing in particular biography worthy repeated favored the born-again spirit be born again and ready to hear that you've accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, and you will and one of his children. He will call home okay. So he says that you be found worthy to escape all of these things to escape all these things during the tribulation, the tribulation.

Now wait a minute, but Nancy, he knew that as apostles, he knew their future.

He knew that they were going to be crucified okay so you know that I will not now will end up in heaven will that's true but why would he be born in them to be found worthy to be found, saved to escape these things that he knew will will eat when he knew that they were going to go to the tribulation. He knew what the rent would be right there arthrogram of the preaching others who were going to be there. Were going to be writing Scripture their work to be passing the word on duress today at people hundred years ago, a thousand years ago and they were totally understand exactly how important this was. So Jesus said in Matthew that heaven and earth will pass with my words will never pass away right of her path without so he knew that we would be reading his words today didn't have that right in verse 33 of chapter 2221. Heaven and earth shall pass my words shall not pass away. Okay, so now here we take a look at God's word we see is not in chronological order.

Okay if you try to understand the study in chronological order here that I have a dog's breakfast of doctrine can do the right to put everything in perspective.

Okay said that we see current events, and an eschatological future events overlapping each other. In other words, actually, from verse to verse 12 we get types and shadows different things are forbearing of things to come. He ties it all together and the case of the 2000 years that this is what you'll hear you heard that people say often having state. And in that hear all the time for 2000 years. You you Christians have been telling us that your Jesus will come back and take you to heaven and that is going to be so nice. Everything will be just perfect guilt and you'll have more free stuff that even the government can give you advocate and so so what is what is wrong with that statement did that, did Peter speak to that outworking Bureau you're a follower actually spoke. Q they persecuted me, they will persecute universities not telling us organ have a better roses okay and I have trials and tribulations, and problems. In fact, we may have more than other people. What so we read verse 36 against watch you therefore, and pray always that you be counted worthy to escape all of these things so that that is quite up an important first when it speaks to the tribulation the church went to the tribulation.

Resident, curtains and elevator doesn't want his children to go through. They've already been saved from the tribulation is for the purification of the Jews and the bringing judgment on those that God is already condemned right so here again, so that's one of the most overlooked verses in all Scripture.

But it is the key that really unlocks the ministry of the pretrip rapture is at her residence wires making it so important to them 1000 evening speaking to them, take heed to yourselves, they needed to understand is clearly when they were teaching and preaching.

They needed to warn us today or they needed to warn the people they were speaking to bit as they wrote the Bible. They realized it had to be cleared of us today.

What Jesus was telling them I so today. Loneliness is entered into the church in such a degree.

All remember that it would be. Remember what Ms. Goldstein said. She said it's not about God, it's about us and remember what the couch with his name he just said in his men minion other is female.

You call Schwab. He said there is no God that lives above the clouds. It's not about God, it's about a society that we heard that phrase before from evaluators, dictators not only take a look at the apostate liberal church. The magic question today in the apostate liberal church which is more desired, which is more desired.

Okay's sexual sin, the LGBT Q abortion-rights of pedophilia, witchcraft art, which is more desired. That or the worship and obedience to God is much more to be desired.

The pleasure principle of mighty power God one day of this God wants to give you your share now just the opposite of what the Bible says okay so let's just say that you were watching Joel seen one of these others and prosperity preachers and you are that the cameras were focused on all the people of the stadium. There where all of a sudden the rapture of the church takes place. You know it, you would know anything if you were watching that prewritten related anything that happened so if you would ask if you could ask one of those prosperity preachers about what do you think would happen if if the rapture took place during your service you think is the answer might be.

I hope it's after we take up the offering up an interesting question. I would love to see the face of somebody really asked that I would like to see them try and answer. I really would. Well, I would answer with you with that. I was also sure most people would let either one of us anywhere near the so II don't remember positive about all right, let's go to first Thessalonians chapter 4 all right in first Thessalonians chapter 413 through eight. Yet that's what it was. Glenn related, but I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep for QSAR will not even as others which have no hope for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with them. For this we say and do you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain under the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. The Lord himself will defend the sand from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the cloud to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words right so here he says you I don't want you being a brother concerning them which are asleep, that you sound, not even as others which have no hope for. We believe that Jesus knows that are in Christ. There are asleep there that they are spiritually alive in Christ whether their body. The body is dead, but their experience along with Lorna right now but here now when he says this remember what we just went with Jesus just sent over in Luke 21 about pray that you can you be willing to stand before the Lord. Right now here and read verse read verse 15 for this reason, and to you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep, the case is not here when that happens is we see we know that the Lord comes back. He doesn't come back to earth he comes back to the first seven right and those that are alive in him first. Those that are dead in him shall be caught up first. And in that air in the air.

They will be reunited their bodies and so will be written risen together and given glorified bodies and so then those that are alive will be changed in an instant. Given glorified body now so this is doubly standing before the Lord.

There and then later on we see that there is a bema seat judgment that judgments board Christians would then again there, standing before the Lord. Again, I think that there to receive the crown and treasure okay so we go back to verse 15 for this we say unto you by the word of the Lord. This we say unto so is he telling his now remember who wrote this right was all right right so is he telling you that he was told directly by the Lord. He was, he was told directly by the Lord). Like the other apostles, Christ with his teacher was a little different, though he was mentored for 3 1/2 for three years in the Arabian desert by the Lord one right and so apostles were with the Lord for about three years so critical.

Okay, so he says we which are alive and remain until he come in the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep, the word still go before we are, for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, and with the voice of the archangel and the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall raise personnel here a couple things here will be talking about the shout were talking about the trump. This is when the Lord turn returns. This trump is the sound of the trumpet makes and is going to be the first trump isn't well and will actually be the last trump of the first trumpet so when the trumpet sounds notice of the first trumpet we admitted trump us to go up because after this there is a number through the tribulation. Right. And so starts at all okay and so now he says this here and that the voice of the archangel. The trump of God and that dad in Christ, the dead in Christ so then this is the day of Christ, right right so felt like. So the day of Christ differs from the day of the Lord is not the same things, not at all. The day of the Lord is judgment day of Christ. Salvation is coming to save his people and we see that in Revelation 3 verse 10 because thou hast kept the word of my patients.

I will also keep the from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth.

You jump ahead and stay home while I here you go.

Now you see here. First of all, only take about the day of Christ, and always deals with crisis is the Messiah. He's the Savior is the deliver. He's the Redeemer.

But down here when we when the Lord refers to the day of the Lord.

How does the day of the Lord refer to both judgment and wrath, and also a blessing and refers to three things, judgment, wrath, and also a blessing. If you turn over to turn over to chapter 5 in chapter 5.

Now we look at the day of the Lord right and so now, but it refers to judgment and it refers to. But how does it refer to a blessing refers to a blessing because the those that are saved are not to be jar not in that judgment. A doctor that blessing now negative so in a way justice and is coming for a lot of people that they picked the world of been bad and a lot of martyrs and stuff in a way it will be a day of the judgment okay welcome to them. You know what I think. Yeah, I think we probably should stop here with the play clue because we get will pick it up tomorrow and in chapter 5 will take a look at them.

What is taking place there because we have about another message in chapter 5, and that that would be verse nine will pick it up there but to mighty Andrew, would you play you Joe hi, I've been I've been wondering i.e. I get letters all the time from people and it's a pastor. Be careful, be careful because what we do because of the stuff that we bring the people here and and I know that the people that are out there.

Those that are coming against big Pharma you had over 100 people in the last five or six years, according to Dr. Peter Glidden that have been killed off because they are exposing big Pharma and you have a brother Zaleski here. Dr. who well you can hear for yourself. Go ahead and do them play that clip they have named their targets and now it is time to put this into action for so I did confirm an art artist. I did receive a warning similar to Mark now are did he receive his morning from a different source other than yours are meeting the name the source, but is consistent with the messaging that I got so potentially multiple sources are aware of this assassination hit list. Not surprising at any of the personal and limited time you how impressed I am doing my due diligence and have security in a Martinson.

I'm not the path of least resistance is I don't change anything I'm doing nothing. Best of all, I have multiple decadent, which means that I have placed critical Intel was going to be released anyway is in the process of being vetted on treatments that will eliminate the flu shot industry that will provide treatment far as the virus will provide an option for smallpox herpes human papilloma virus and chickenpox and also to mitigate the risks of the poison from the direction that if it all that research and technology is been refinished to be released after the vetting process transported through, but the data is there and it's also placed in multiple places around the world for five severe.

The instructions are to really study need flood the world with every media outlet, the maternal.and if it's we begin to die. They were born and I been a death store seven times in the last four years. The guy doesn't that has many wasting the pulmonary arteries: I wake up at night to be an assassin. Doesn't matter to me how I diagnosed Marilyn already okay there you go to so supposed that was happening out there again. One thing you can absolutely depend on the mainstream media is to call is that they will lie to you that the deception is unbelievable. There they walk they walk in and stock in and together, lock, stock, if you will a lockstep. I use the word as though they walk in lock step the have the echo chamber and they are not. There are no journalists left.

I I remember… Recently Harrington about Leslie Stahl being a journalist that I just sat there and laughed health. Anyhow, so here folks, that's one thing you can absolutely depend on now with what is taken place over the Ukraine is not a good thing and it would it would have never taken place.

Never taken place of Donald Trump was still in office and the fact of it is as we just had recently not reading that another Clinton bought and paid for federal prostitute. Another Clinton bought and paid for federal prostitute has just come out and said that Donald Trump was guilty of causing the January 6 well fed ceramics in fits of rage and actually as you know it was a deep state. But on the FBI and that with deep state operation.

It was a everything that you hear in the lame stream media is totally corrupted them in as we go through this one a part of the things that I'm talking about. As I go through this and this is we give a we give a scenario that would should take place if the rapture is taken place and you find yourself left behind one part of that is that the people you'll notice immediately that a lot here, your family and your friends are gone and but all of the media still there none of them are gone. Okay. And so, and that there is a good reason for that. But anyhow, without Joe we got like a whirlwind of news articles to get out so let's really get working. I've got what I wanted to do right here. The Salvadoran president may have Buckley breaks silence, and he points out. Now listen to this date obvious on Biden regime, and here's what he says, the USA can't be destroyed so quickly unless the enemy is in is from within what we been telling people is that China is not Russia, not North Korea that are.

That is the biggest threat is the death of credit communist collective the Biden cartel. The crime cartel in Washington DC. They are the biggest threat to America's freedom and so in the enemy within within the scope of our careers that accept the beginning warning about the enemy within.

He makes appointments is wide open borders, 2 million illegal immigrants flooding the country and the site is going to be about another million coming in soon and just a one year drop. From a video Trump rules were in place and is gonna stop close and once he does that that's gonna be a complete free-for-all surrendered Afghanistan, abandoning essential bases arming the Taliban and with 80 billion US itself.

He gets $80 billion worth of our weapons to our enemies. So does that your enemy in our enemies there. Washington DC shutting down energy sector trying to destroy the economy.

He's the one that empowered its Biden in the Communist Party here.

The collective the nasty Pelosi's and then that if empowered prudently, empowered a record spending regular inflation nearly 10% annually. The highest gas prices in all of history.

Destruction of the First Amendment by big tech. Yeah, big tech is trying to shut down in silence. Everybody right corrupt media, gas lighting, public so corrupt. Unbelievable how corrupt the media is total destruction of the working class I double whatever they tell you we went back electrically formula they used in the 70s and we went back and use that same formula were way over double when they say it in on nine point something that's more than double that. Yeah so it goes politicized and broken Justice Department. The Justice Department is corrupted. It's not.

There is, we do not have an independent Department of Justice.

It is simply a branch of the death of credit communist collective we don't have an FBI we have a bunch of government, government and agency is now turn to investigating the citizens for the benefit of the government what we call dirty Mild Dirty Cops – Eight. If We Look at It. Remember When the Ayatollah and All the People Were Screaming Death to America, Death to America, They Are Not Going to Be the Death of Us Is Joe Biden and the People Pulling His Puppet Strings That Are Really the Ones Bringing Death to America. They Are Destroying Our Money System. They Have Inflated the Dollar to the Point. It's Getting Worthless like He Said They Destroyed Our Government. They Turn the State Department, the FBI, Justice Department Are All Totally Corrupt so They Pretty Much Destroyed Our Constitutional Republic from within.

They Have Really Destroyed the Original Intent of the Constitution. Right Now the Headlines in the Financials Where It's Going to Cost the Average Family $3000 More This Year Because of Biden and the Stupid Policies. You Know That the American People Think the Reason for Inflation Is Government Spending More Money Simply Not True, Simply, Is True, the More Money They Throw in Their Economies, the Less the Money Is Worth. They Are Causing the Devaluation of the Dollar and Now Biden Is Talking about. He Wants to Bring in a New Form of Money System My Mother Destroying When We Have, They Want One That They Can Control Even More Digital Money. What That Does. It Takes Away the American Status a Superpower Because Were No Longer the Refinance Is Worse Than That, but I Think You Know.

Remember, Biden Said about Putting This Man Cannot Remain in Power. I Think the Problem Was He Was Talking about Himself.

This Man, Biden Cannot Remain in Power. He Is Too Evil and Is an Evil Puppet. If the Puppetmaster Is behind That Are the Most Evil. These People Cannot Remain in Power.

They Are the Ones Who Are Bringing Death to America and Somebody's Got a Say in Whether the General Disliked or Not They Are Bringing America to Play Cliff in the Site and Our and Is Got to Do with the Laptop from Hell, and All of What's on There and You and Find out That How Many How Many from Here and Some of the So-Called Conservatives Think about Conservative You Know. But When It Comes to Doing the Right Thing When They They Stood down When There May Be a Better Reason for Them Standing down.

Remember How We Got after Those People Who Don't like Tom Cotton, You Know, II You Know I Always Thought He Was. He Was a Patriot and Tile.

I Saw What He Did When He When He Refused to Back Pres. Trump and Also Blackburn II Just I Could Not Believe I Could Not Believe That Marsha Blackburn Would Would Do That. I Was Said That the Highest Regard for Her and When She Stepped Back and You Wonder What What Is Wrong. Why Would They Not Stand up Well Maybe Some Very Good Causes and Reasons.

When We Play This This Tape an MSA That Applies to These Two for but We Do Know That It's Not Just the Death of Kratz That Were Caught up in That Money-Laundering Scheme with What Was Taking Place over There, but I've Got Her Three Articles Little Back That up with a Peer Russian Parliament Chair Calls for Joe Biden's Impeachment over Illegal Funding of A's Battalion That A's of Italian or I'm Looking at Right Here.

There Are Gathered Together and with Her All the Military Gear and Guess What Their Flag Is Their Flag Is the Swastika, and As It Is There, Standing Here Is There, Standing Here in Encouraging the Heil Hitler. How You Put Your Head Straight out Right and That's What They're Doing. This Is the Eighth and This Is What Biden Was Funding Them.

Okay, the U.S. Congress Was in the Double Standard and Hold Joe Biden Responsible Wild and Wilderness Official Telegram Channel. There Is No Way around It. In the United States Was to Obey the Rule of Law. Please APCs He's Telling You the Truth. According to Followed in 2017 U.S. Congress Passed a Bill Prohibiting Supplying the Ukrainian A's up Italian with American Arms Is, As of Was Designated a Nazi Organization.

As of Uses the Same Emblem As Adolf Hitler Second SS Panzer Division Does Watch White Supremacy and Neo-Nazi Is Unacceptable and Have No Place in Our Unacceptable and Have No Place in Our Word Will Representative Row behind the Deed from California Said in 2018. According to the Hill. I Am Very Pleased That Recently Passed Ominous Bill Preventing the US from Providing Arms and Training Assistance to the Nazi A's of Battalion Fight in the Ukraine and so Here's What Happened.

Joe You Had Any Crane Close to the Russian Border and What Is Adopts Dusky You Have an a Large Population of Russian Speaking Russian Speaking Ukrainians Right with These Nazis. These Nazis Have Been Killing Their Killing and so in the End. In Other Words, and These People As Potent a Big Potent to Come Help for Help and so so Potent Felt Justified and Say Looking out These People Leave the Russian They Want the Money Come Back to the Motherland so He Felt Justified in Sending in His Army.

Denny and Her Desire to Re-Create the Old USSR, the Old Soviet the Whole Big Empire. Been Playing That for Years. You Never Noticed Brief Part of His Radio Program for As Long As I Can Remember the Enemy Tells You What They're Gonna Do in the World Does Not Listen.

The Fabian Socialists That Were There Were Going to Do and They Did It. Nobody Listened the Cultural Marxist Put in Writing What They Intended to Do the World Ignore Them and Didn't Listen yet Safe, Brought about a Complete Cultural Revolution That so Many of the Enemy to Go Back to Calm Mark Circle Almost Anything I Can Think of That Work. Everybody Said What They Were Going to Do the World Ignore the Warning They Did It in the World Suffered, and Here We Have All These Years, Saying How He Had This Desire to Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again like It Was Supposed to Be and He's Been Ignored by Europe by NATO by Our Country If They Think You Know over Time. All They Say If You Don't Understand History, It Will Repeat Itself in Here and I Have Been Saying That over and over and over Again for More Years 91 Account Well Here's Here's the Problem to Use Them Potent As Is Resisting the New World Order Is That He Standing Just Wanted Right Tonight.

We Know What It Would. And so That's Why the Need the Powers to Be the Antichrist World System and That's What It Is. The Antichrist Will System the New World Order. That's Why There They Have To Get Rid of Russian. They Had to Take Russia down the Plans for a Long Long Time Is to Be to Reduce the United States and Russia and Make China the World Superpower and They Bentley Been Planning on That for a Very Long Time and so Here US Government Conducted Biological Know We Talked about This before but I Want to Keep Telling People the US Government Conducted Biological Spirits and Experiments and Allied Soldiers in Ukraine and Georgia.

The Documents Show the Federal Government Says It Is Obese Beeping of His Military Presence in Eastern Europe in Order to Protect Its Allies against Russia. However Internal Documents Show That One American Protection Actually Means Is in Practical Terms Is to Conduct Horrifying Biological Experiments on Allied Troops. It Has Been Revealed That the Pentagon Expose 4400 Ukrainian Soldiers in 1000 Georgia Soldiers to Biological Experiments with Potentially Lethal Outcomes. According to Leaked Documents. All Volunteer Deaths Were to Be Reported within 24 Hours in Ukraine in 48 Hours and Georgia Well I Do Know What Their Dismay Done in One of Those Labs They Were.

They Were Trying to Come up with.

I a Virus That Would Would Destroy a Nationality. In Other Words That's What They Would Cost Wants to Talk about That to Other Words the Start of Virus That You Want to Take out That Will Take out Russians and That's What They Were. It Works but Were Doing in That Lab and That's What These Experiments Were All about the Same Thing We Did the Report Finding the Camera for the Start Everything Out Of Other Things, the Chinese Wonder There Was Medically Virus Specific to Certain Cultures and They Were Working on the Same Thing under Piano. People Need to Wake up with Some Scary Stuff When You've Got Governments, Ours Included.

Trying to Create Different in All Our Countries, As I Will Never Use Chemical Weapons That Were Working on Biological Ones and I Don't Think There's a Times Work.

The Difference between Whether You Drop Chemical Weapon or Biological Lesson on a People As Today Is Pretty Much the Same When You're Very Well Usually the Chemical Weapons Work Much Faster Biological Weapons Take Much Longer and Spatially and Very in Depth in the End of yet Yeah and so Here Is Coming. Joe Biden Casually Says Russia Is Planning a Cyber Attack against the United States Them Is the Used To Be a Day Knives Truck Was Still in Office.

We Could Believe That That but with with Biden in the Deep State and with the Way the FBI Is That We Will Wear Very Suspicious of Their Gonna Say That and and If There's a False Flag If They Actually Do It Themselves.

We Can Trust Where We No Longer Have a Government of the People by the People Our Government. I Was against the People and so When Joe Biden Last Monday Joined the Business Roundtable Seal Quarterly Meeting. He Discussed the United States Response to Russia's Invasion. Biden Mumbled through Reflection Casually so I Rushes Planning on a Cyber Attack against the United States. Please See That We Can't Week and We Don't Know Because We Can't Trust As Government If They're Going to Do It of Our Own Government Is the Deep State Would Would Actually Do That, I May Just Find out. I Did Find Something. There's a Group Called Anonymous. They Are Some World Hackers Are Catlike Why The Good Guys and According to Stories That They Put out on the World Wide Web. They Have Been Messing with the Russian Banks and the Russian Military and Communications Things like This Had Been Breaking into Russian Communication Phone Calls. What Kinds of Things and Putting Stuff out There. So If Biden Didn't Hear about That the Figures the Russians Are Going to Get Mad and Maybe Blame for What This Group Anonymous Is Doing.

We've Never Been Able to Find out Who They Are but Redundant Couple Stories on Them over the Last Eight Years.

So There Are Possibilities out There Right Here. You've Got Wayne Just Returned from Our Lago and He Said I Have Bad News for the Democrats America Haters in the Media 12 Is Back and He's He's Talking about. I Guess He Spent Some Time with Trump and He Says He's Got More Energy Than Ever, but That That the Question Is, Can America Last.

People Are Talking about Trying to When We Window 2022 Election. They Want to Nominate Donald Trump As the Speaker of the House Used To Speak of the House Does Not Have To Be an Elected Official. People Don't Know That You Can Be Anybody That They Select and They Could Select Donald Trump to Be Speaker of the House for Two Years before the 2024 Election, They Can Quit at the End and Run for Office for President after Serving a Speaker the House Was Interesting Thing Because Now You've Actually Got 38% of the Death of Kratz Are Now Say Yeah We Knew That the Election Fraud. We Knew That the Election Was Stolen like a They Were Afraid to Say before, but Now You Know It's Pretty Hard to Deny Right and so There's Actually 300 Coming out and That I've Got a Pile of Stuff on and You Know the Lead Here. The Fake News Media, the So-Called They Have Lost so Much Credibility They Have. They Have No Credibility Left at All. No Believability, No Okay to Give. We Can Talk about It More Later, but One Headline Election Board Authorizes Subpoena for Evidence 2020 Elections and Are Talked about in Georgia There Working Special Report, the Stealing of the Presidency News Busters. Rich Knows and Is Tiring about the Whole Thing about How Stolen and All the Facts Coming Together More and More the Big Story Will Maybe Do Tomorrow Night to Media Research That a Big Survey and It's Very Interesting. They Found out That about 82% of Biden Voters Were Unaware of One or More Key Items That Was the Election and They Say about 17% Say They Would've Abandoned the Candidate Had They Known the Facts from One or More of These News Stories. These Five or Six News Stories and According to This Failure Survey That Was Done by the Media Research Company and Have Large Polling Firm As Basically It Goes down Very Bad News. They Didn't Know about the Hundreds, Biden, and the Laptop and They Listen to the Wrongdoers.

There Were so Many Things That They Had Not Heard, Are We Going to Detail Later. That's One Story, and Now I've Got Another One out Today That When You Said According to John Lott Even Democrats Believe There Was Voter Fraud.

Big Time, and He Has Done a Different Kind of Survey and He Found Some the Same Thing As the Rasmussen Reports and Survey and It Turns out That the Democrats When Devoted to Had the Truth Been Known and They Went and They Did, They Found out through Statistics That Those Swing States for All Fraudulent and They Can Improve Them by the Counties That Are Surrounding the Ones That They Have All the Fraud and Show the Difference in Total Boat Registration Is Complicated Story but Basically They're Showing That There Were Hundreds of Thousands of Excess Votes for Biden That Really Works Then Because They Couldn't of Been 250,000 250,000 Excess Votes That Work and Change Several of the Swing States Were to Change the Entire Election yet Which We Knew That Again You Know and and Folks These People the When the Echo Chamber Came out and Just Recently Read Bear Was out Again Line Again about Saying That That the Arizona Senate Did Research They Found out They Found No Evidence of Voter Fraud in Arizona. That's One That's Got to Be One of the Biggest Lies You've Ever Heard of Driving Are Quite A Few Different Things They Found All Yeah I Mean What a Minute, Nothing Which There Were Several Stories I Know We Did to My Doctor Go to My Computer File, but I Know We Did Several on What They Found and Yeah They Found Is Not True. Yet Lately Found Them Were They Embraced Thousands of Hundreds of Thousands of of Balance That He Come in Here Okay so and Again You Can Count on the Lame Stream Media Cows Say What They for Bread, Bear Eating It. When He Looked in There He He Really Looks like He Sees There Any Means. It Is Getting Tighter Truth, but Now I'm Just Wondering What Would What Would Happen You Know If They Were All Given the Little Card to Read You Know When It's up There That Says to Them Yes I'm Wearing Pink Underwear Today and That You Know They Would've Waited and They Would They Would Parent Because Again Is the Echo Chamber Whenever the So-Called Narrative.

Whatever Goes up before Them for Them to Read off of the Sand.

They've Got an Order to Be in That Media You Got to Lose All Self-Respect You Cannot, in Other Words, You Have To Be Willing to Tell Any Kind of a Light and Then Try to Justify It in a It's Just the Knowledge. It Just Amazes Me That the People Can Do That, and Well out but He Wrote the Big Lies like We Know That the New York Times and Washington Post. Remember They Got Pulitzer Prize Prices for the Restricted Stories, and Even Now That That's All Been Proven False False False.

They Have Not. They've Already Fused to Return Those Prizes and If You Go Back and Look at the End of the Elite Media Is Our Enemy. They Are, They Are Basically the Force behind the Liberal Left. They Report Everything As They Support Every Lie. In Fact, They Encourage and Delete the Lies and Deception, and They Lie Not Only by Twisting the Truth, but by Omitting the Stories That Are That They Know That They Couldn't Spin.

So with with Got a Worse. I Think I Media Isn't Bad Explicitly a Couple Exceptions As the Median Russia. I Think by This Time, out There, Given That Speech about Freedom and Freedom Imprint. We Don't Have It Here in America We Don't Have a Free Press Anymore. We Have Most of the Population. United States Affect Other Causes Talking about.

They Didn't Know All the Stories They Didn't Know the Truth, They Didn't Know or They Wouldn't Have Voted the Way They Did. So We Had People That We Have a Stolen Election Because of Monies Six Media Qualities Name in Silicon Valley That They Grips the Millionaire Mike Zuckerberg Is Dr. Beth's and Owen Getting Almost 6 of the Register for One Party When They Weren't Most Do That, I Country Is the One of the Most Corrupt Countries in the World and yet We Look at These Other Company Countries and Were Pointing Fingers Degrades Corrupt Pleasures Corrupt Well Flickers Talking Functions like Leave Get the Most Corrupt That the Vast Majority People Still Know That Right. We Got A Lot Of Lala Land Is Here in This Country Middle Level and That They Do Not Want to Face the Truth Because the Truth Hurts and It Hurts Me Collect but It Still Look at This CNN Anchor Stamp Standby Staggering Scope of Biden's Border Crisis. Best CNN Interview. Take the Border Patrol Is Bracing for a Staggering 8000 Apprehends since the Day and This Clip Reporter Patricia Alvarez Is Looking Almost Certain She Actually Looked at Some of the Talk to Some of the People Data Interview with This Guy Say. And Then There Was a CNN Anchor Breanna Keller and They Freaked out When They Finally Realized That This Is Staggering. What's Going on Joe If They If They Would Tell the Truth. Believe Me, If They Were to Tell the Truth, They Would Be Fired, They'd Be Out Of There in a Heartbeat, Watch This Acutely All Right with Me up Will Be Back Right after This. Don't Go Away.

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