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WED HR1 032322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 23, 2022 11:52 pm

WED HR1 032322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 23, 2022 11:52 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Oh, March 1 22 I'm pastorally said that indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance and tonight we have a course on the right there on the controls really hit the buttons when needed. We have the mighty mighty Andrew who me that you owe and way out yonder right in the dusty trails. We have none other than the Parson Joe Larson are highly unpaid for the Lord. Here ready to go to work in our special guest to learn from the ministries is Dr. L Reitman are you there L here. All right you guys ready to roll. Okay, you pick it up when we left off L with her Bible study and Jodi remember the title the message, but title heartbeat away from hell and so really picking up where we left off in L you have a question or comment, just jump right in and fill well here like in the days of Noah men's hearts are wicked continuously so in Matthew 2024 to listed the deception will be so great that if it were possible that even the very elect many of those very mature believers with the guidance of the Holy Spirit would be deceived and so here today this nation that were living in was founded by people who had a very very sincere desire to have the freedom to worship and serve God in accordance with their sincerely held religious beliefs today and it was just interesting.

I was this list into another pastor today who was talking about how Jeremiah Dr. Jeremiah hey you know what us Christians are like very much today and yeah it's getting more and more of an antichrist hatred towards Christians today and so but that's exactly what Scripture said it would be like were were right there is the saying goes, things are falling apart or falling right into place so here again the world the world hates us and because we are called by his name and so really Gordon James chapter 4 and verse four and pastor Joe, would you read James 44. Broker and a culture of know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God. Whoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Nice talking at what he was talking about adulterers indulgences was a Jacuzzi speaking to their general thinking.

Thank you. Professing believers out of the labors of the right so not what he's talking about adulterers and adulteresses is he referring to that in the spiritual type of realm or is he talking about the physical or earthly actually addressing both I mean. Think about one leads to the other line. Will you be absolutely right in there. So now here I was watching the other down Fox News and here you had two lesbians. Now, you had these people that were anchors in these anchors are professing Christians talking about writing books about how women in the Bible and referring to their Bible studies on a regular basis.

This is not here talking that there there out there professing Christians and what they were doing. You had to lesbians two lesbians on the program who adopted a baby and they were they were congratulating these two lesbians for adopting a baby and thought what was wonder it was it's a wonderful thing. Now that that you can do that lesbians could do that was what's wrong with that picture out God wanted children to have a family. Father and a mother who worked to together to make one to become one and you can have the same become that doesn't work goes against God's plan okay so what you think that you Reitman the you think it's a problem or without scriptures are very clear.

God created male and female adamant needs. I know they hate to hear like this. But God did not create Adam and Eve and Steve and tell Adam he could take his case without the aid so you had that animal you so Adam obviously is is a man now one of the questions asked by Sen. Blackburn to this intensity. This is density brown or whatever was.

Can you give me a definition of a woman.

Can you tell me what a woman is and she said no and so the AMA has recently come out and said there no longer going to be putting on birth certificates. The gender because there is no absolute proof that there are two different genders, and well you know that here all this time I guess I got seven years at Harvard get you for all that money and seven years of education at 56 years old. You don't know what a woman is, I asked several women that night at Bible study and they all knew what a woman was breakable to find it and not one of them had been to Yale, Harvard, or anything like that.

Okay will then show you tell us what is a woman. The woman is the part of the man that got God created apartment when God took a rib out of man. He made a partner for woman to be his partner to be his helpmate to be the bearer of the children to be the man man and woman. Please give each other. There are three separate entities, and the purpose centers to produce children which are a blessing, a gift from God. Silly, he took Adam's rib a long time ago, long, long time ago and used it to because he didn't want the woman to be above the man or below the member to be stand beside the man to be his helpmate.

His life partner and the two were joined together in marriage and the blessing of that marriage should be there children making God so that basically if you shorten it up a woman's kind of just like an old bone. I got to go home and face your wife she's not busy that she is she's not listed tonight and I would be to say that although she might she might hear another repeat tomorrow. All right okay so then so you had to say than a male. Just the opposite of all of what you just said okay so him alright let's let's let's do it this way can we say that the woman was made in the image of man and the male and the female were made in the image of of God right timing and so create an image of God. Yes, and so so that we we pretty much know what men women Army we note, did God make as a transgender. I mean I died I missed that part.

Now there is nothing in there about the trans people about the euro anything like that transsexuals plan around a mate. Effective male and female throughout his creation okay affect animals to the Eric and Mary took some altered bikers (720 took male and female, and all through Scripture that is male and female right so Dr. Reitman do you have anything to add to them and you have a definition of what is the manner what is a woman you know on my years I get up until recently, like you, clear and never has been the need to have to define it finance and certain physical training that woman does not want to have certain physical traits that Amanda and it very simple physiology.

If a man had certain organs that the man that the baby had lacked that argument, baby girl I physiology dictates that okay so when when I was in second grade. If you were to ask me and I know this for a fact. Can you tell me who's the boys who are the girls point out the boys and point out the girls and I could've done that I could've pointed out every every in that room. Every boy and every girl okay probably the entire school. So does that mean that when I was in second grade. I actually knew more than those in the AMA had more common sense. Maybe more, okay, so, but the but I wasn't woke seek because it is blue.

This woke thing is where all of this absolute foolishness is coming from its it's unbelievable.

So now here we take a look at that here when we're looking at what we're talking about. James 44 know you not friendship of the world is enmity with God, so whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God said today we see Satan's children practicing abortion's which is murder. Sodomy lying, stealing, killing based reality, adultery, fornication, idolatry, hypoxia study prostitution false witnessing cannibalism, corrupt politicians, corrupt judges, dirty cops lying fake news media, Hollywood horse, transgender. So here we often said about this, that if the Democrats of the today that other credit party if they could invent a new sin they can invent a new sin, it would be in their platform. Tomorrow will here. I had heard Joe let me ask you this to see if you know what this is Jenna. What Coke holding is Joe Portnoy, a girl will intimately see if the phone list. If Al knows how do you know what Coke holding is are you okay will you know it's an interesting thing because in it on the radio you are you.

You go ahead, try let you know I've done a lot of research over the years. As you know we have six people to do research and and up until just recently. I had never heard of such a thing. Okay and not in so here now. The fact that words not in most dictionaries you will find that so this is something that they've come up with her this new thing this called cup holding a cake of cuckold implicate and how it probably been around for a long time but extra very small section of world population never messed around with that, but I thought I'd heard about most of the does that was a new one will let me just say this.

I asked the folks at the church asked how many people to know what that that word is only one person in the home in the entire congregation never heard of it, so maybe that's a big refreshing yeah yeah that's good.

And so anyhow for the folks out there listening. It's basically when you have effeminate males or husbands of effeminate husbands who like to watch really fantasizing about having their own wives having sex with other men.

This is this is something that's it. It's new out there and this other thing that you're calling today and that and this is the type of stuff that goes on on programs like that view or what is it Oprah or some of these these in the things that in the last days were seen with technology and things new. New types of of of sins against God. But anyhow they have the other things that they're doing now with their calling as they have courses open marriages. 90, that's another term that the it is fairly new and I don't think I heard of an open marriage 10 years or 20 years ago did did what about you two men. I had a hell of a marriage started being flaunted in the in the 60 right okay really I study cultural Marxism you're going to that filthy work that civilization book.

All that kind of thing was there with the pleasure principle. It's been around 60 with a cast place.

They had these three women there on that program on the Internet. They were interviewing and they were that they were what you call hot wives, hot wives, so the woman in interviews that will help what how would you identify yourself and know the one the first one says I'm a hot wife.

The second one said freedom sexuality without boundaries, and the third one said records report that she was only the only honest what yeah though budget came. Now all of what I just mentioned. If you add to that today something that's becoming way way too prevalent in that's child sacrifice. Unfortunately out there today. It's with the human trafficking which is becoming rubber problem to write here in Ohio where I met it's a very is a huge problem and the drug addiction here in Ohio is is really gotten bad. This is one of the leading states where there'd meant those new drugs that are using out there is really it's it's it's really gotten bad and so what we call that the name for for that for the death by drugs but by the air is called well lowest far Mikita will euthanasia so far Pharma Kia Pharma Kia that is the means witchcraft. That's what where you get the word pharmacy from its it's witchcraft and wizardry. Okay and hear what is that Fenton off it knows what I was trying to think of your Ohio. There's a it's a huge, huge problem and this is killing people that see so these are all signs and time signs when all of these things were seen. We know that the work were getting closer and closer to the Lord's return and so will stop there for tonight and I'll pick it up tomorrow over in Psalm nine cell nine. The let's move over to Dr. Reitman. I tell us about half of all Chava ministries and in your head. You're coming our way.

On Sunday you're going to be a doers of the word Baptist Church, one 4781 Sperry rotor Newberry 6 PM and so end and you're going to be and where Lorraine, I think you being a couple of the date it out here. I'll be and Lorraine Sunday Morning Your Pl., Sunday night Monday night on the Dana Ravenna Ravenna and Wednesday night.

I'm in St. Clairsville okay alright so I didn't tell us what you know to be doing here at the first will tell us about a little bit about 1/2 ministries and then is obviously ministry to the Jewish people that correct and and the and she corrected me on the name the town about and that the Hebrew word which means law so long as Messiah ministry in our cat take the love of Messiah Jewish people's okay and so while I am Jewish by birth come from an Orthodox background and a long line of Orthodox and Hasidic rap so I yeah be doing what they call Christ in the Passover for. Therefore, your church and I basically I set the table of the Passover and I go through all the aspect of the Passover fee and I so you Jesus from his virgin birth. Staff, burial, resurrection the second coming. Millennial kingdom reign that show you where Jesus was from that stable and gave us what we know to be the Lord's supper. So it has to. It covers all the bases and has very powerful impact on Jewish people that the powerful witness to Jewish people. Okay, very good, and you will be there again at 6 PM. A doers of the word Baptist Church and you want to give the wood you have the addresses we want you where you can give. We'll be in the morning and also on Monday to get that out here okay Sunday morning is that Grace Baptist Church 719 Root Rd., Lorraine, OH and that Canon 11 o'clock and I'll be doing enough 10 o'clock hour a question answer focusing on Israel the middle of the situation. Prophecy witnessing to Jewish people.

That sort of thing and then Monday night I will be at New Testament Baptist Church, 3583 State Rd. 59 and he said Ravenna I Ravenna okay Ohio and I believe the message there that I call the forgot mission field, and then Wednesday night. By the way, let's event starts at 7 PM Wednesday night of the victory Baptist Church, 67, 300 Willow Grove Rd., St. Clairsville and I'm doing now-the Passover there as well and they started 7 PM all right very good will announce those again before we go off the air tonight and they're going to be replayed. This is were replayed on member stations tomorrow seal you get those spots on a couple more times were going to switch out now and and that we're inviting you to. I know that you been traveling a lot, and I would imagine you can type it but we like that if you want to stay with us for a while and cohost a program with us tonight were going to go to a quick clip radio. Click here in a we'll be talking about the the 20 agenda 2030 that's what I'm trying to think this is going to be a short clip because things. These are things that are happening and that the whole world, and of course the whole center of all of this is Israel. It's all kind of centered around the nation of Israel, but so go ahead, mighty Andrew, would you play that clip from the agenda 2036 planet was agreed to by hundred and 79 nations. It's called the agenda for the 21st-century. It's a totalitarian state being developed right now all over the world. It is the inventory and control plan inventory and control of all land on water, minerals, plants, animals of construction on means of production. All food all energy, all information and all human beings in the world.

This planet was agreed to by hundred and 79 nations back in 1992. It's United Nations plan. It's called the agenda for the 21st-century and so many events around the world think that on sustainable development to sounds great about recycling and creative reuse center and creating energy and food resources for everyone.

And the answer is no, really it's not. It's about moving populations into city center concentrated city center and clearing out the rural areas. All systems have to be brought into harmony in order to control them canceling systems don't out of balance are not in sync with another can't be controlled centrally in the call of agenda 21 is one world government total control from the central every nation that signed on to agenda 21 has its local agenda 21 plan people in the United States are completely unaware of this. If I go out and talk about as the United States press attacks me and tells me which is totally ridiculous. It is, but it's not. It's fact that three pillars of United Nations agenda 21, our economy, ecology, and equity three and everyone's heard think something that means the idea of social equity must mean that everyone's going to have access to clean water and clean air nuance properties can be used as a dumping ground because they are at poverty level, but really what social equity is about is about impoverishing huge portions of the population in bringing down different. The developed nations everything looking at now is destined to collapse their economies. It's a totalitarian state being developed right now all over the world and what major corporations want in this development is to be able to to have movement for movement of fun of workers with Apple borders boundaries to be able to move their goods through without regulations and to reduce wages and said this is the call so this is what you find with social equity and of course economy and ecology is about facing the three circles economy ecology, and social equity and when they meet in the center is balance really that balance is a communitarian balance to not balance and well-being of the people, but it is balance or corporations that they can exploit control and have populations in an area tightly packed dense areas that they can be surveilled next and this is what balance looks like as far as the development of totalitarian state's the mainstream media is owned by five major corporations and you're not going to get this information from the mainstream press so you need to be your own press need to educate yourself to get out there and educate your neighbors community. Real community need to help your children understand that they're being indoctrinated from prekindergarten postgraduates.

All of us have a responsibility to ourselves and to others. This is true community to work for personal freedom and office.

Remember that even though we work as a group. If we do work as a group of individuals in the scripts and we answer only to ourselves and essential. It's essential as as as free human beings as we are.

We are free, and we need to continue to be free and I do believe that we will win, but we have to become aware client and and make our friends in her knee.

Sent her community awareness and work together when when they block her out those few words there. Those weren't those weren't curse words of their their words now like the Wolk or conspirator or deep state these words you that that are automatically blocked out by big tech and so I'm in and it's it's it's happening a lot you like this radio program right now.

It could be picked up a course, it goes out over the Internet and some of our words will be automatically anywhere big tech and do it they will try to censor us and that's these are the days were living in here so we have a greater degree of progressive catalysts that they wanted to about 500 order to combat the climate crisis with racial racial justice and fair fighting for their use… The impetus but it's talking about. They want eight points lower healthcare costs cancel the federal student loan debt was at the direct global warming crisis in the climate crisis expanding worker power advancing immigrants rights delivering on the promise of equal justice under law, here we are combating the climate crisis by reducing fossil fuel dependence investing in health care economy jobs regulating economic hey hey hey LL got to settle down because it's is coming out over the air. Can you hear me L 700 that you're quietly all that there is a bunch of noise coming out to around yeah it's it's like papers moving railing yell at a beat. You gotta consider that's is being picked up and is very sensitive so anyhow. Go ahead and and finish what you were saying their children, showing that they're talking about gender. 31. They used to have agenda 21 before that they had other words, it's been the same program for years.

It goes back to way back. I remember in the 60s and 70s, there were expecting that there was going to be another Ice Age in the government had to take control start getting more and more control to save us from the Ice Age. Well, the net income so all working to help global warming with the government's gotta take control of the economy and this and that the savings from global warming looks well, now it's climate change.

See if the same story, different words, different meanings and now this. It has to do with student loan debt healthcare cost worker power immigration rights have nothing to do with the environment with no climate change, global warming, whatever you want to call it all it is is the socialist agenda to make it's it's about control its blood control. Governments also but the population Joe one of one of the things here like in Ohio. The agenda 21. They call it. No waka name and no waka tested the name and basically what they do is they find ways of the these are not elected officials.

These are bureaucrats there like in the shadows very shadowy creatures and what they do is is another was like with your Highway you money, money that is paid on taxes for highways to constructions on how we they managed to get a lot of that they divert that far off highways and bridges over to bike paths, you know where you have bypass the gate. You know to get people on bicycles and keep them off the highway with the other things they do. I don't know how that works there where you're at in Texas now for you Joe out Missouri but what what they want to do is the they want to bring more more people are out of the countryside and movement to the cities and there will be if you you could have a farm's exit. For example: on the farmhouse in places where this civil wetland little wetland will Bill come out and they'll find all kinds of violations in the tell you that well you know we can't give you could never afford.

What would to to correct all the violations on your land here but will we can do that for you but there's some conditions involved. You'll have to agree that that if you should die or move you instead of selling this to note if you have your let you you consult your family member or son or whatever, but other than that you have to agree to to sell your property to the Parkland okay and while you're living here on this property will help you out but if you want to plant crops you'll you'll have to get those crops approved by us. We can, we will tell you what you can plan what you can and if you wanted to dig upon will you had to get that approved it will tell you if you can do what you can soak basically wealth will tell you what you can do with your property. This is the political correct people. The other thing again I was you know way going all the way back again. We set in their meetings with their all part of the same thing of the depopulation program and they're all the same people. The agenda 2030, 2030. Now there: it and what they want to do again.

They want to build the 10 increase the boundaries the limits of your major cities out 10 miles out all the way around.

They want to build apartment buildings 33 stories high. They want to move everybody into the cities at everybody where they can control them, and those apartment those huge apartment complexes they want to have on the first two floors. All of your government offices in your shopping malls and all of that. The rest of the hill they want to put you people in a partisan apartments and that and then as far as transportation, you will be driving cars you will have to get permission to visit the countryside. This is all the other they haven't tried to hide any of this.

This is the planning group on the ballot when they wanted to population density equal to that of Manhattan and it didn't one private property rights and your house without her Missouri. We found it felt long ago, way back in the late 80s and the people rose up and like where I live. I want to build upon my property. I go build a barn validator pond. I dig upon I will build a house I built a house I don't have to ask anybody for anything and that's where we like it out here and the lead. You know the environmentalists no better come from these places they can get hurt. Yeah. That's it's still pretty much that way where I met to, but not 10 not as you get end into more into the sitting area city close to your Yahoo area more than secure and interpret your absolutely right.

You see people but without the country are independent. They're used to taking care of themselves. I have my own. Well, I don't have to have government water. You know I can raise my own food I don't have to depend on very independent and if it lives up the country and the government does not like people who are independent were not dependent upon them, and this stuff was. This is been an ongoing battle and they tried to call you can donate your land that there's all kinds of things you can do better grassroots people have stood up against this environmental movement told the truth, especially out in the rural areas. The deception is basically still in your populated areas where you got your liberal government right where you're at, out there in Texas. How close are you to the major cities now live in Fort Worth. Okay, you pretty close okay how how is that as far as work goes to the regulations and zoning is pretty tough tighter. Now we don't have the independent not inclined to go along with these sort of control. So I just not seen anywhere that work finding anything we do see people relocating in their coming from New York they're coming from New Jersey are coming from California, ostensibly because their governments have destroyed their way of life and Texas as job and so they come down here and so you'll see the typical sentiment is from California. My New York my taxes because the come down here with with and bring their policies and patent. There's been the hope that they'll turn taxes that liberal mindset is pretty independent. We need to turn from their wicked ways, right exactly directors become attractive and don't expect us to become a New Yorker man now so it's all of those those very same overregulation. All of the that the blue states have that are driving people out of their but you're right, it seems like they that they're not smart enough to understand that if if you bring that with you then do not really getting away from it. It's a memory going to go from here. Yeah, you know, you bring up those ideals with you and you create a New Yorker California mind that impacted our government is concern and it destroys your way of life here that Marty got well here in Ohio we have we have a a lot of that lights communist my insipid.

We also have a very very strong tea party movement in Ohio to tea party is very strong so the conservative movement here in Ohio is the stronger our problem is we know is not so much with the kindness I called and other credit kindness collected but are our bear problem is rhinos in our government those of the so-called Republicans that will will just stab you in the back you know you'll use you you the present themselves as one thing the come out in the same thing with those in Congress and in other words, you get out the tell you this and you go out you will work for me to get elected.

You send them to DC and then they betrayed you and I can tell you that that's one thing here the people in Ohio are really fed up with really fed up with being betrayed by these these rhinos and so I would I would I would imagine it's the same way out there.

We are at in Texas right bad enough that you got a guy like Beto Rourke keeps trying to get elected and put the name side-by-side. Beto is the Hispanic name all Rourke theater that guys not to stand but he claims that he can get sympathetic, both from the Hispanic and he's been able to write a lot of money but thankfully money get by him. The Senate now he's wanting to run for governor, and we tried that, on one side and then you see the rhinos you talk like 23 of them voted for part of this package that you're talking about the past. It these rhinos that held farm then Artemis would never have been passed. But they did it to stages.

The first stage Because he had 23 rhinos and their excuse was what we figured we catch him offguard and give them what they wanted this time and then nail them on the next one and that will let them visible down but you know there's campaigns to get rid of these rhinos in primary them and will see what happens. Yeah, I think you going to see that what we did see that here in Ohio we had several of them that we did get get rid of what is one of the problems that we also have here is we have some good candidates running but in the primary and and that are running against the the rhino in the primary and since instead of what they're going to do as far as the going to split the vote, the go to split the vote and give give the primary election to the rhinos and and so would they need to do is they look in one of us has to step down and so that all of the people can get behind the other one and and take the rhino out in the primary. That's what were trying to convince some of these people to do it to do here in Ohio slowly after the seven here with this. Could Tangie Brown Jackson, have you been following anyone been following Ivan following this and look you mostly what you got was softball but she got there was like Josh Holly Ted Cruz and that Kennedy and some of them kinda went after her and in the spring and little low.

Oh, I just had mentioned her early, the, the woman Congress. Sen. who asked her about Vern Marsha Blackburn itself is the anyhow so you know some of this. This woman is got a horrible horrible record but would you think your bag is like, I can tell you I excited expect Lindsay Graham to do it again.

He always they always given these rhinos. They always given an you know just and I and I truly expect him to go ahead and endorser they could stop this is a very wicked woman. She's a very very wicked woman she was tea with setting sentencing hard-core criminals, especially pornographers and pedophiles way below the the limits that they were allowed to do that. Number two is virtually violating the law and is sentencing. These people were you had a minimum of four years for some of the child pornography and that she was given three months and putting it even without going to court now. Yeah, yeah, I contend you Brown Jackson yeah I wouldn't tell Wendy Graham start at this point he he he had been the last couple years to very farm where the Supreme Court nominees were concerned, and is been very strong and in his position in leading very very very conservative so I don't know that that's because in the path that was the past is this the past the pastel he voted for all three of the Democratic all three of these.

The two females and well know, the two females.

I know he voted for in the past which were which were very very liberal ran so bad. Something happened him in the last few years and you come out strong part of the right and this concern so I'm not sure that I'd be willing to count him out at this point.

Well I you got a lot more faith. It in them that I do. I don't have the bodies been very vocal and taken a lot of hard flat for standing on the last three not dealt with those those three were conservatives they were all three conservatives exacted in part is that which, according to the path he wouldn't have been that arm standing with them all right will will see what happens now. I had a comment you figured out what what I have been paying a little bit of attention this lady a color lady.

She is dodging she is avoiding questions what they try to do. They try to pin her down on what her philosophy is, and she says oh I don't have a judicial philosophy will write their peers line. She's been a judge over a decade and an attorney longer spent what seven years at Harvard and she says she has no judicial philosophy welders only really two philosophies is either the Constitution as a document is the founding documents. This based on the rule law. Laws that do not change sources living breathing thing. The liberals say that depends on the whim of the people what they want to be changed. There's only really two philosophies suffers from. It's been a judge for 12 years. To say I don't have a philosophy, one or two sides ureter constitutionalist, or if they do judicial activists which is right again asked these questions and are trying to get her philosophy and she talks about the philosophy yes I understand all this, but when I asked her that she believe it will she judge that way she dodges and she pivots and talks about the methodology what she is doing the whole point of the hearing is how are you going to read on the issues of law and she's not answering their questions and if it is inconceivable to me that she doesn't have the answers. She's playing the game and she's trying to guess of approved without anybody knowing what her real philosophy is as a judge. Well I know what philosophy is she's not telling the truth you well Joe. She made it pretty clear when she was promoting when she said we actually from the badge is critical race theory and then she reversed that okay talking about. To some of the in sentencing and similar organizations that she works with promoting critical race theory, and then she turns right around and denies that and then it's like trying to line yeah I already know what year is already not worthy to be on the federal bench. Not she's not put you going to see what I wanted questions. Was it was an interesting thing because one of the liberals before had had asked about that Supreme Court justices being bought by dark money from the right. They referred it will, and the fact that it is which he was, as were the questions about two minutes with you, think what you think about justices being bought and that of course he she played played without the other one was about packing the court yeah packing after that. No noncommittal right and so not have a court case for something she can answer make like you can answer that. That's wrong right and she doesn't she doesn't agree that there was any any as far as is buying the justices with Gina, who we know better know we and so that critical race theory, she said, school board, the pictures that I've seen the stuff that they handed out to the teachers and their what they're teaching the students and she claims she has no knowledge of it thawing out. Her gums are rock deceptive all right where the Albuquerque to yeah and you know what I could tell you who really things were as dumb as rocks and is what they call the mainstream media that you don't inherent these people have washed all credibility. I mean there's there's no credibility left to them their own by five major corporations and basically they they are contracted lawyers. There contracted to lie, they don't call it a lie. They call of the narrative and they agree and contract to whatever the narrative or the lie is that that's that's the direction no go something multi-were coming up to heartbreak would come back. We got a whole lot more to cover here. So we will be back right after this with a whole lot more adult go away. The writeback, thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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