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MON HR1 032122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 21, 2022 11:14 pm

MON HR1 032122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 21, 2022 11:14 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Welcome to another religion was what was the radio bathroom is. And indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 21st day of March, 20, 22 and I want to celebrate the good Lord for last week we had a really good pledge.

We can only think will be posted that they came partnered with us. And tonight, as always, we have on the board hidden dials from none other than mighty Andrew. That's right Pastor, I am here and way out yonder. We have the back roads dusty trail preacher, the person Joe Larson remain highly paid professional familiar. Here again is going up the limits of the highly unprofessional paid highly unpaid rollers talk about girl highly.

For all our business were highly unpaid professional will pays little differences. The Lord told us to place an open heaven right right crowns and treasures in heaven were rusted and everything will not harm how many times a guy got it right.

Always 100% never will be. The world does.

The world doesn't get that to the no peer of the things that don't get picked up. The main one already title the message this with all were little item of this week was a heartbeat away from hell and so were going to start out today I'm going to lump all of my sermons. I do the best, just like his radio program to apply the word of God in such a way that it reacts to current events.

Now it's hard for some people to associate past history and to recognize the way that it is well repeating and reoccurring as Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun limit giving an example that never forget what you're reading is now out there. You've got all of this rhetoric coming out now days there telling you that no that that the bio weapon does not change your DNA well you got all of these virologist national virologists as it does. But anyhow that happened only one time before in history. Were we sought on a global scale. I mean who knows what is been going on between now and then put back 6000 years ago during the flood when fallen angels with fallen Angels, took women as their wives and they had offsprings that were listed human.

They were not completely human and so here today. According to what the virologists are telling this and I were talking about the people. The main people that study these things work with these things is that the the bio weapon vaccine that is being given out there does exactly that.

It changes your DNA and then they claim since you're not human and they hold the patents on it.

Did people should really belong to them. Now here is a there's a huge huge increase in deaths today. I mean a huge increase in pressure overload just this year so far over last year. Another source of the content of my sermon is the most reliable document that ever existed. To be handed down through the centuries and that's the King James Bible right here so would we hold exactly to the teachings of the word of God. Now we have absolute complete and total confidence in that the Ouija puller is a very burger we sold them years because there's only one thing absolute in this world and that's really what God and God's work absolutely soon here. What is hell is is it a place or is it the thing that you know in the Hebrew the word out well and well is not actually both okay will take a look at what point does the Bible actually teaches about Rachel in in the Hebrew the word shoal is for hell and intercourse in the Greek is Hades okay but both both the definitions and transitions. Translations referred to whether it shoal or Hades is the grave, the great figure.

So as we refer now were living in a day where death is again becoming ever more common place and so because the wages of sin is death and the practice of sin is greater than it's ever been.

We see pastors like myself.

Words that are very busy doing funerals, a lot of them and in funeral homes have a Kelly I talked to a friend of mine from North Carolina just recently in them, but no I didn't. I talked to my dignity talk to him and he was telling you that is been so busy doing funerals went up to the number of pastors of been telling me how busy they've been doing in funeral Centocor's nursing aren't funeral homes or are being backlogged right now, but you're not hearing very much of this in what is called the mainstream news media around cracks that were collect. So Joe were going to start tonight in Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verses one through six. So wanted to go in and read that right.

For all that I considered in my heart even to declare all this, that the righteous and the wise in their works are in the hand of God. No man know if either love or hatred by all that that is before them. All things come alike to all.

There is one event to the righteous and to the wicked to the good. Enter the claim and to the unclean, to him that sacrifice, and to him that sacrifice the not as good. So is the center and he that's where is he that Terra and this is an evil among all things that are done under the sun that there is one event on to all PA. Also, the heart of the sons of men of evil and madness is in their heart while they live in. After that I got is it that clear to him that it join to all the living.

There is hope for a living dog is better than a dead lion living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished, neither have they any more a portion forever and anything that is done under the sun's light source here now and in that time resurrection to a new life after death was kind of a very very vague concept there in the Old Testament believers came but it was made very, very clear by the Lord Jesus when he rose himself from the dead, but here now we see what he is talking upwards what we know that death death is this great meeting separation from God's site separation on the night that earlier micro focus physical with other because there Separation from God. Then there's a lot of living dead around Arthur yell and take a look. Will you see again you write that they are the deadened. What did Jesus say remember when no young man came and ate it said Lord nor what should I do in Jesus. And so whatever you have and follow me. He said let me let me bury my father first when Jesus say let the dead bury the dead didn't write that bury their dead. So he was referring to the unsaved was okay. Now here here when he's talking with Solomon is talking about this that he's making a point now of course we have body soul and spirit, and so when those that are saved when they die, the body goes to the ground with the sole spirit would be would Lord and were waiting for that day when he comes back with our soul and spirit, and resurrects our bodies from the ground so now here with Solomon is saying he's making a point that the when he says the dead know not nothing, if you're dead okay can you give me keep doing the good that you're doing well. Your life well. Can you undo any of the evil that you that you did when you were alive and well. Have regrets in hell will be no change in anything but if you're also spiritually dead. You know nothing, because the only knowledge in this world is the knowledge of God and his word and that goes to that knowledge is given to us through the Holy Spirit indwelling of the spirit which is only in the born-again believer location them in the Middle East at that time the most unrepaired in fact despised animal was with the dog. The dog and of course the most revered was the line in any says, when he says that you're better to be alive dog than a deadline. What did he mean by that relic deadline that no matter how great he was on this earth but that document still using an example can still find God in change of status in the world. So as long as you're alive, you can still repent and be changed when she went to dentist to Linda okay and so here the Old Testament of nano on it and correct about people, not the believers had to understand that they were living in the promise of the coming of the Messiah that would someday save them, but they had to live just without promise of something coming far in the future to them. That took a lot of faith in so here now. David David understood about afterlife when his son who God took the his son is inconsistent and adultery who God had taken home. Remember David fasted and and with that claw thing was the boy died. David got up and went about his business of the service was wired to the boys that went to morning now and David said that I can't, he can't be with me but I can go to be with him. What is immunity mean that someday when he dies he can be your confidence, and it can go to Pharaoh that envied him again in heaven jotted. How did David know that the boy went to heaven because God took him. His punishment got there was a victim of anything appointed. Well, what did the Lord when he wasn't old enough to have accepted or rejected the Lord gave the Lord made out made his statement about should I should I take those that are not who don't know the right from the left.

Okay remember Jonah wind when the juvenile Jonah wanted Nineveh to be destroyed. He wanted to be destroyed.

He was really upset the God didn't destroy them and remember what God said to them, he said, should I should I have destroyed these here that the don't know the right from the left. Those that are not at the age of accountability) Arnold Dr. Victor on the cake.

Now can can you be 10 going on on 20. Another words are 20 going on 10. I mean, there are there are some people that, at a very young age have much better understanding and discernment than those in others that are very creditor protection have to be in their mid-20s before they start to work out what will my point is that God governs above the hearts of people so he knows whether or not there at the age of discernment and accountability.

The only one that does and so silly was making a point to Jonah. Jonah only we don't take that in a children, you know, the point was, the children should not are not accountable." As we noted on the Lord what he say about children and their angels in front of the father, Darnell, expecting that other line workers that the little children want their heroes so the children belong to Jesus when he said their angels are for the asking. And I said their angels before the father continuously. So now here we look at how hell is not a place, hell is is a state of being in for the wash dead hell is Ella separation from God and is death, but hell is also taught by the Lord Jesus is a state of torment and suffering the turnover to Luke 16 and start with verse 19, Joe turned to Luke 16. If that were verse 19 wrote a certain rich man was quoted in purple and fine linen and ferret sumptuous way everyday and there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was later is great, full of sores and desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table.

Moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.

And it came to pass, that the beggar died and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom. The rich man also died, was buried, and in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments and see if Abraham afar off Lazarus in his bosom and he cried and said father Abraham, have mercy on me and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, for I am tormented in this flame. But Abraham said, son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receive is that good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things. But now he is comforted, and thou art tormented in the side office between us and you there is a great gulf fixed so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot, neither can they pass to us that would come from thence. Then he said, I pray thee, therefore, father, that thou would've sent him to my father's house, for I have five brethren, that he may testify under them, lest they also come into this place of torment Abraham saith unto him, take out Moses and the prophets, let them hear them. And he said hey father Abraham, but if one went under them from the dead, they will repent and he said, and to him they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the bit I saw him was a certain rich man and he was close in purple and fine linen, what, what does that mean proposals for kings and the very rich and powerful that was slated will assemble the world. Okay great wealth and so here now we see that you had Lazarus of the beggar and he was he set out that the gates of the rich man and here when it came to pass the he died. He was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom, and so the Richmond also died and was was buried and he was in hell and lifted up his eyes, being in torments and see if Abraham afar off, unless within his bosom, so here he's telling you what hell is what he says he was in the hell torment portal right after he got cut off okay and whatever were reducing any lift up his eyes, being in torments, which is plural. So God is definitely making it clear here that the wicked dead are going to help.

And here was a poor beggar last throughout the believer, but the results of probably suffering from something other than just lack of being able to work because I talked about the thoughts coming to Flickr sores. We get the picture here was somebody that the resurrected torment on this earth by probably some disease or illness or something that Scripture doesn't go into detail but is making it quite clear that there is a very different services gulf between God's people and those that it rejected God and that the not being obedient not believing they were sent to hell. So is making a very clear back in the Old Testament hell was there was torment.

There was punishment and Abraham's bosom is not the place when he said when he said torments Jill. He he was making the point that in the hill. The world never dies in hell. The flames never quenched in the Hellenist in this. Talk torment this state of being in torment of you have there's there's gnashing and nonentities so it is a time of torment, but it's it's in a state of being like death is the state of being and and and were going to see as we go through this that both of the statement, all of those that are in the states of being are literally cast into a physical place. The physical place called the lake of fire, and that physical place is made up of of sulfur and fire and brimstone.

Now, so he goes and he says he cried out and said father Abraham, have mercy on me and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue for I am tormented in the flame and so. Here rather Abraham to correct any hereafter poor beggar to do it.

Yeah, he's worried he told them to send him the to do that and so now, and Abraham's son, remember that thou the lectern received thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things now. So today, how would you apply that was in the prosperity preachers. Have there today very will get there while worker will receive, whether it be good or evil. God will rocket recompense us for our works and recompense can also be punishment for the things they did not know Joel Eisner told so, Jill Goldstein says live the good life now live the good life now. What what does the Lord Jesus say about right yet.

What does the Lord Jesus say about the good life.

What does it say when this is the life to come. Life comes from where were created in heaven or more joint heirs with Jesus and everlasting life. So T TD Jakes says I want my stuff.

Now I don't want to wait to get to heaven.

I want my stuff.

Now the red cavity melted me right here is a perfect example of the rich man had already had it now about that is located in a heartbeat for restraint positions with Lazarus if he could do it all over again so so how many people do you think the sit under the tutelage of Joel Steen or a TD Jakes or any of these prosperity preachers understand any of that. Do you think that there their minds and their eyes are blinded by the level of lust of pleasure it is that lust for love of pleasure and money more than the love for God arrives and been blinded so they cannot see the light of the gospel. They cannot flee the crew have been deceived because they wanted to be deceived. They didn't want the truth. Otherwise, they would search for right so here now, when when Abraham said they have Moses and the prophets. Let them learn and and he said they father Abraham, but if someone came from the dead, they would repent and he said unto them, if they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead say remotely. Note when he preached people ignored him didn't believe him and rejected him and he came from the dead, so the Pharisees considered a wealth as proof of righteousness if you were the wealthy that that you are wealthy because you were righteous. And so here they worriedly cut had a very rude awakening did me. Jesus really startled them out with this story okay and so hot.

Do they do that kind of reminds you to begin today with the religious leaders of today would not just the religious leaders of today would also I'm talking about those billionaires and millionaires out there are oligarchs validated the military-industrial complex felt a lot of that comes to mind because it seems like okay you get the crazier you get, the more a antichrist, you are already working to play a clip here. Jill now and that this clip is got to do with you know with with Bill bar member and this is this is an interview that Jesse, what is there with Bilbo. Remember we were telling you how he betrayed that we were so tired of being betrayed so tired now. He wrote his book and now all of a sudden Bart knows he got a lot of pushback.

People were angry, furious with him and him and the word.

The word rhino rhino was was was put all over Mr. Bartsch and now he's trying to walk some of what he said back and this is just a very short interview again, Jesse Watters, how we didn't understand her thinking. Yeah buddy and give you have the clip go ahead and plan to do just hear the conversation about the laptop from hell. As I did when this is all going down in the fall.

Did you see what the left was dealing with this disinformation campaign did you come out and say anything about that absolutely soon as this letter came out from the so-called intelligence specialists. The DNI John Radcliffe at the time and the FBI, which worked for me. Both came out and said this was not the result of disinformation. Russian disinformation, the media ignored that completely just kept on going with the disinformation line. That's pretty egregious.

I mean, would you say that there was a conspiracy between big tech, former intelligence officials, the media, the Democrats to I don't know. Let's just use the word reg on election definite. That's yes that definitely made an impact on the election, suppressing that news and it's not a question of whether it was criminal or not.

Right just the facts alone were shameful and most Americans would immediately see what was going on and how repulsive it was and I would've had in the fact the issue of criminality is it is it different issues will get to that again already here and next were going to put another clue, and this is that the above Bidens pick for the Supreme Court, you know he he said she had to be a black woman some so what you think. I will implement. We could trump back in what should what should the next Wednesday I made a phone what she should be an American Indian should be a step, a Cherokee Indian should be a Cherokee Indian I mean so you were going to pick what what happened to the termination. What happened here wrote some of those other now and in Christ. We want one from every tribe. Well, if we if Bidens stays in there. It would be a transgender you know that we have to be at an unspoken transgender. This would be have to be an Alaska Eskimo, transgender and Asian transgender have to be something different there. You have had nothing to do with qualifications biblical go by qualifications again okay and so here but in the end this case here this woman that he picked the second that will lead us to pansy Brown Jackson.

Jackson Brown American country here already pronouncement that we got. Be careful. There are pronunciation monitoring, but basically what we have is a simple problem.

That's not the color of her skin. It's not her sex.

It is the fact that a judge is supposed to be what judge on the merits of the Constitution want yeah they are to judge whether or not the laws passed that they have THE Constitution want to challenge comes up doesn't meet constitutional muster. They are to decide the constitutionality not to make laws not to interpret laws not to put things in there that were intended, but they are strictly to look at the Constitution.

Are you sure I mean, isn't that like a racist statement as opposed to plexus, racist, homophobic self, but still some folders go off and we know that the founding fathers of the law was based on what the 10 Commandments. Forgot the teaching of the New Testament which is the.Christ were the basis of all our institutions of law and government so we have God's law at the basis in all these laws are made by the legislature makes the laws and executive branches to carry out the law and the judicial branch argues that between the federal government, the state and determines the sentence constitutional according to the law allocation I let me ask you this, to the point of the law.

If you have minimum and maximum sentence in standards that are set for the crime of pedophilia seeks pedophilia is really a crime and you know that one of the most horrendous crimes fabricate, like the Democratic Party tries to steer away from that.

We know it's worse it's it's it's worse than just a crime is a sin and why God would God cause an abominable and abominable sin.

Now here you have a woman right now this Constitution in this oath, you said she would always sentence she would always sentence people below the minimum below the minimum of four that the crime of pedophilia and she was very, very, very soft for that crime of pedophilia now judge Holly and some of the others. They lived there trying to bring this up at the of course we can we can expect Mitch McConnell to take a stand. Cantley worked with cream, econometric marketing McConnell rhino II never trust him on anything but I do know that this can Brown Jackson Street doesn't listen to the Constitution.

She is a believer in the Constitution of the living document.

It is not a living, breathing, changeable document, a constitutional republic is a republic based on the rule of law and that is laws that do not change in a constitutional republic. Murder is always murder central air means what it says it says what it means and she's in her career helps defend what doesn't in the Constitution like she supported the late-term partial-birth abortion the murder of innocent children shedding of innocent blood. She was for.

That means to me. She is unqualified to ever sit on the Supreme Court.

The case so according to God's Word the Bible no jazz with the Bible is the ultimate authority right that that is the law. It says that she's wicked. She's unclean and she's an abominable fleecy with was got a racist created the different races there at the Tower of Babel is one of created all the languages and races will actually is only one race and as the human race. He gave different skin color and everything else. The people different language so they so here you had races that he created mankind does not those on the left was on the left of the been coming out all day long and saying that if she is not confirmed is it's only because of racism are they out absolute flat outliers where you sold to those of the what they call the mainstream media are due are they consistently caught lying in wait. We didn't do nothing but just go over the Democrat lies records over radio show every night of the week. I played clip and mighty and you play the clip.

I buy T Steve Bennett and Terry Schilling on buying Supreme Court pick the locate get it whenever you're ready.

Breaking news and Terry appear to get Terry Schilling to be actually cohosted a 5 o'clock and the reason is is not my line, a country, but the something not right and folks to get a focus on the Schilling walk us through what's this issue that's up now with the Supreme Court. Leslie was just going to breeze through what's the issue this record nominee and why are you going to be here cohosting at five sir so thanks so much Remi Steve and by the way, I love the warm audience because they are so smart like you just demonstrate info in there and know what to do with it.

So basically Josh Holly Center, Missouri I did his due diligence started researching this can times he Brown Jackson the nominee for Scout is not provided and found some really troubling things, the more I mean by that I mean is you look into some of her sentencing history and found that in every case where there is child sexual abuse or or a sex offender. She has deviated from the recommended minimum sentencing.

There was one case where the recommended sentencing was 10 years. She gave that person. Three months and the reason that that's important is because law enforcement is so overwhelmed by the by the amount of child pornography and the amount offenders out there that they can only focus on the worst offenders. So when can times he Brown Jackson got these sex offenders in front of her.

She was dealing with the biggest culprits here.

It wasn't just some guy who accidentally download the steps. These were the people that were processing the most hard-core violent videos.

The most amount of videos and pictures. It's it's egregious and what's happening now is it starting to boil to the top and work hearing. I got this from two different sources. Now that Republican leadership, including McConnell's office is putting pressure on the Republicans tend not bring this stuff up. They want to sail through this nomination and not have a fight. Steve these guys the Democrats have been so evil towards our good nominees look at what they did to Clarence Thomas. But having him help but but I know but this can only get to to protect my point. Your this run heavier. Is there enough as you see as a professional. The deals in this arid desert that this warrants people actually to drill down on this or is this just picking on to the whole thing hey what's good for the goose is good for the gander because it these child what Holly saying is so disturbing that is it warrant further due diligence in real discovery and really get to the bottom of it, or is this just trying to be noted take for TAC.

Those guys were anonymous. Note this is not tit-for-tat that this is policy right like the other the other cases when the Democrats protect marriage that was personal destruction. This is actually her public record.

Her writings and what she's done while a judge and that's what's so troubling here and that's why required due diligence in Steve.

The most troubling thing here is that this is just what Josh Holly has been able to find himself. We still don't have K BJ's. While Collier does concede your branch is we still have her full sentencing record.

We have to get her full sentencing record, we have to ask her to grill her JEREMY Becker five.

There's a lot to go through another lot of work being done on the some people, we gotta make sure this does not picking a semi that this is actually Corbett what's disturbing they have in turn of the sentencing record. You would think that would be happy for Lindsay Graham sit on the sofa. The people he do some modicum of due diligence okay. Would I do it at 5 o'clock. Joe, first of all I don't trust Lindsay Graham rhino Graham is rhino's McConnell Imperial rhino trail somehow got healed yet he always finds a way to do that and and and so here it course they keep marching the mountain and a note Hannity keep marching them out there like he's lights like you, someone you can trust that the that's not it's not a good idea. Not very smart for Hannity do that but but here and of course we have all of these rhinos and and people are getting more more work were so tired of being betrayed which is so so tired of being betrayed sending these guys to Washington income time alike and all of a sudden they start moving towards to the right, no, the rhetoric moves that way until they get reelected in the book McConnell Lindsay Graham is only a handful of immuno senators like that one from your state right there, Holly. Just as Charlie on drought Holly and hear people that federally means and means what he says and does what he is talking about. I could I would look for him for dead.) Paul just a handful of those senators may be maybe likely I don't know the two entities, yet he goes back and forth to and so anyhow I would look for some of those to maybe limp, but will see. I watch some of that. I didn't ask.

I'd did you watch any of that ever. The conference can now make a greater much to do but I did do some reading. I find it interesting that the first thing the Democrats did were standing up and calling for civility and the confirmation of the Biden Supreme Court nominee and made me think back, let's see.

There was, how do they treat Rick Cavanaugh. They brought in a letter prosecuting attorney.

Complaining witnesses allegations of rape drunkenness that the debtor that they lied, and a lie is a lie. You know that's what Democrats do Democrats love all, when it's there nominee, whether they want. We want ability to remember what it says and in Isaiah 32 about the liberal being a liar right and that the liberals will be will they will there be in the liars. And that's what you know it's with the word, the Bible tells you and that's what they did the hypoxia and also says what they practice hypoxia city and that's ask Zach Miller, Amy Conant, Connie Barrett, how they treated her. Yeah, they didn't exactly they were nice to her. They would use the same dirty tricks. But then when they're in charge. We want now nice and we don't want you bad things and that we want civility and that they don't want anyone to tell the truth.

Another was that the one thing that is not acceptable to Democrats of the truth while they started going after everybody that's brought up questions about her record there trying to make it sound like Teresa seen her race is looking at her records strictly lightly of the GC. Remember what the narrative is any time you go against the communist narrative, it's because you're racist RIGHT back with the heartbeat bill of a never mentioned the word, the protection act because it didn't fit the agenda and with the murder rates in the crime rates in all the cities they don't talk about that because that's not helpful to the agenda and see the price of gas and food for the day Iraq any day I can squat if you if you are upset and angry about higher gas prices than it's because of racism, you're racist if you don't.

I guess right and if we don't like the open borders neuritis items you're racist you're racist. They don't want talent again. It doesn't fit the narrative. If we talk about the over the hundred thousand deaths from drug overdoses and poisoning and mostly from Sentinel coming from across the border made in China. There, now started in China conducted New Mexico brought over the border. Again, that doesn't fit the narrative everything with them is the narrative and they don't care what they have to do the light to deceive, they must maintain the narrative it off once they given their narrative.

Then they acted the activate the echo chamber. The they will all say the same thing. Even in the same cadence that you watch and just which is also exactly the same thing. The same can cadence.

That's the echo chamber. Remember what Mark said install in him. He repeated it that if you a lie told long enough and loud enough becomes untrue. Hopefully the trouble is with retreat like on Fox News and other places near backs or they run these things work.

They show the liberal media like direct the one night I cannot forget it gravitas because of the word nobody ever accused that all yet they learn. I remember when they learn that new word was a new word every talking head in the liberal media of so-and-so has gravitas and this is great and of what is going on. If people lost.

Well, now it's the when they learn, remember that that's the danced he did was a Mary O'Connor summit that was the name of the incident. Can't remember that that was the dancing came out and all of a sudden it's all you heard in the echo chamber and everybody was doing and showed Al Gore doing it limp and I can think. Can't remember the name of the dance, but it was I would just same thing.

The echo chamber had butted out and they had learned a new word, and so the house feels like he's the fax death cover-up. One of Germany's largest health insurance companies just fired its CEO guess what he did to get fired you and I can prove that's what he did.

He told the truth with her about the cold vaccine. He reported it didn't way yeah and Nate and they tell you that you do not come to disinfect a you can be investigated here. According to our what is it Merrimack and whatever his name is familiar more cacique you will be investigated. If you tell the truth when it comes to these vaccines is speaking about that will hear and listen to this, the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street analysis says: vaccines are the greatest fraud in history will melt more reactants might be going after Wall Street here fairly vaccinated millennial's are reportedly dropping like flies due to Wuhan coronavirus vaccines and former Wall Street guru Edward Dowd. We played him last week) story wants to start a national conversation and is about to penetrate the establishments media blackout on the situation lease doing that we in the week we reported this last week of this is my goal to what would actually we said this two years ago we said this two years ago. Remember when and when they first came out when totals can be one the biggest hoaxes in this is my goal to just change the conversation to give people cover us as Dowd who used to manage portfolios for the multinational investment from BlackRock. The BlackRock is not a good organization you know once is basically a member's current terminal electrically facts and figures are what up-and-coming young company to buy stock and to make money so he wasn't part of the management. He was simply out an investor Neurontin look at accompanying factors can be good or not. With the help of the Wall Street insurance analysis analyst with Dowd discovered that, based on from the US centers for disease control of the millennial generation has suffered a Vietnam War event with more than 61,000 excess deaths between March 2021 and February 2022.

So in the fall of 2021. There is particularly significant spike in this among the jab that young people that cannot be explained by the so-called adult environment. Oakfield abuse or suicide, or other causes the case of but wait a minute, let me go on to where he gets to the because it is a much higher number when it gets to the baby boomers.

But anyhow, he goes on 84% increase in the millennial 25 to 42 work ones weren't supposed to die from covert any photos or worse ever excess mortality in history that he could find numbers And guess what, you don't hear about that anywhere else, the mental silent look on stuff like this story is are we doing. I got a couple people asked did you see this anywhere and thought of the and you and I have other people checking in looking and they don't know. I didn't hear that on our evening news air at the local stations in Missouri. I didn't hear that on the websites I go to so we know the truth is very weekly, said that during Frederick. The truth is a very very rare commodity. You know Joe Peebles. He will why should we. Why should we believe you over the length, cadence of so-called mainstream with a news media about is what I would say let's go back starting 50 years. We started waving 25 years go back in and listen to what we reported on and what they reported on and thought that we take a look at who was right and one thing then the other areas you and I are doing this for free. We are not earning any money for doing this were not getting rich or not doing this to increase our wealth anything we are doing it because God called us to be watchmen on the wall and we've done that studies explained that if you're a watchman and do not warn the people God is going to hold you responsible if something happens if you did not warn the people and were in a totally different position. These other people are making money trying to get important.

I don't go around and do you know national other stories.

I don't go around your public speaking anymore. I'm working for the Lord in his work and solely we don't have any motive try and see people write point is to blame the truth. The people say to me I remember we had a woman call here live on the air.

One time, and tell me that I must be working for the deep state and the economy as she said, how else would you all be always a week ahead of the national news. How else would you know that if you were working with the deep statement K that we see this woman had no clue that our job, our job out here today is to is to tell people to be the watchmen on the wall to warn them the deep state. Their job is to keep a problem and win if they get once it's out once they can stop it.

Then they got a put a spin on it and that's erratically. The narrative greatly affected the other day there was was a stalker. The finds office of, lad said something membership said that the year, basically she said Ukraine was a NATO and so they went and they changed it actually up on the websites and everything and change that that we were going to help Ukraine and defend our NATO partners. They went and actually change what she said and here it is been all over the Internet. The truth is out there and yet they go and lie and change it on a legal document that supposed to be, you know, things like that are to be archived so but there's nothing they won't do they change the truth in Scripture talks about it right changing the truth and to align right okay here you go.

Here's one that you don't see very often.

ER doc admits that he was wrong. This is from class daily care from a Doug Clouse ER doc admits that he was wrong about lockdowns and he apologizes to all of his colleagues in here is Dr. Freeman.

Then I realized something that I kind of ignored you know how much of the people have been brought up and discussed which is in these policies were harmful. Initially I was. I don't want to say I was ignorant but I was I was. It was irrelevant because there were lives on the line.

Now I'm I'm an emergency doctor. There is lives and is like well now know we have to do it would if the policies don't make a big difference than the only cause harm, then you have to start rethinking what you're doing other words, he goes on to say he was wrong wrong wrong about that speaking out for these lockdowns lockdowns did a lot more damage than they did good. They didn't do any good. All he did was damage and so were coming up to a break and will be back right after this break, we cut a hole boy. We have a lot more to talk about tonight contact. We had a clip to work in the play another one folks so hang in there. Will be back right after this with a whole lot more.

Don't go away. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

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