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THU HR 2 031722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 18, 2022 12:21 am

THU HR 2 031722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 18, 2022 12:21 am

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Educational learning new trick.

Ya tricked you a happy, fulfilling life. Maybe I learned amount narrowly. She's my inner peace rip and power the whole crew was all just a spontaneous joy.

Okay, that's nice guy come past what you do you 50 destinations worldwide from 249 adult drop in for next winter now and save it by donate and listen to the podcast WR and he goes on to say, it should be obvious by now the abundant to destroy the US before he leaves office, raucous is working on a very important project rather than shut down the border. Americans released new rules on extremism. The new guidelines and extreme extreme his behavior include those who question the fraud of the 2020 election and anyone who questions the regimes talking points uncoated as treatments including the mandates will there you go right.

Here's where were at right now. We just got an update.

We need right now we need 4080 $4880 $4880 only free if you have a lot of commercials a lot of advertisers and sponsors but somebody has to pay the airtime bill and that's what were asking you to do. Already we have let me see Jerry and Ohio pledges 100 anonymous of Minnesota pledges 300 Mike in San Diego pledges 100 and Nancy in Wisconsin pledges 50 thank you thank you all know I was on a rant about the lies and deceit.

There's gotta be the funny one. The big giant social media giant Facebook Facebook.

I call it flipped out over a video by the Heritage action for America and they slept a warning on it. They said independent fact checker say this information can mislead people don't listen to it.

Well what the Heritage foundation.

There is a video using Biden's own words were taken when Biden spoke, so these fact checkers flagged the post for missed information because they quoted exactly what Biden said about and it was all about the oil and gas industry and how he is going to try and shut it down by executive order. So even Biden's own truth is misleading and inaccurate in your not supposed to hear itself folks don't listen to Biden because Facebook says it's this information is an article in here. The this is by Mike Adams and he says this Biden and they told no one peace in Ukraine will know they don't remember the military-industrial complex. But now here's the other thing to unite you know that Putin has got a lot of inviting. He's got enough stuff, probably on Biden to release in the course than the fake news media wouldn't print a word of our work, but we would bring out okay right under right an option in the big guy and so is cut so by the native no one peace they need in world war. In order to pick up their depopulation agenda. They didn't achieve the extermination milestone that they hope to achieve with a: vaccines that's what we been telling people all of this is about the populating the planet and they cover up for all of the spending that they've done to buy votes that create all this money that they used to buy votes. It's creating all the inflation all of the economic problem so this war is what going to be the scapegoat for the environment for the economy for inflation for everything and take your mind after watching all those horrible pictures of the women and children dying and will take your mind off of all of these other things and then they even took your taxpayer money to pay Biden enlists social media influencers for its prudence fault message so he's given money to some of these little online starlets. These cute little things in the tight outfits and energy to tell you how it's all Vladimir Putin's fault.

Biden is doing a wonderful perfect job so he's having to hire and pay people like Lauren okay where you know if we could. We was stuff that war with Iran is is terrible. What's happening to civilians is terrible was happening out there, but it's not what you think what you're seeing is not the reality. We watch clips and clips of of the fake news media staging events they were staging events they were showing new things work. People were blown apart and specially you notice that they keep showing little little children and babies little babies.

A lot of that wasn't even was it even in that area was even same place. So the fake news media here in skin continues to stage events, folks did what you seeing you cannot believe it, and I'm telling you this and that includes Fox news there's only a couple there that we would gladly so far Tucker Carlson is holding good that little that little fellow. The committee and what is his name. He is a pardon. Great job got filled he's he's he's been holding fast Jesse Waters is pretty good. This is about is about half of all that are holding up and kinda come across with the truth. The other half are not even know they been pressured. It's insane.

You do not talk about the election fraud that's is where they drew the line for cages like you were, they drew the line about no you cannot come out and speak out against the sin of sodomy or the LGBT can do that. That's where we draw the line and so there harnessed and that I didn't remember what I think there are people dying.

We know that Fox News had somebody die other people injured areas. Horrible people are dying.

It is terrible.

There are mass graves. War is a horrible horrible place but they you got remember that both sides all sides use propaganda and try and and I'll make the most advantage to what they're trying to do, and whatever when they talk about the fog of war propaganda of the lives it's really hard to sometimes discern the truth and that's why we have to pray that God's will be done and that the righteous will transcend that the weather God has a purpose going on.

We may not know what it is best 88828111108882811110 folks. We really really need to hear you hear from you in the 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. We really need to hear from you if you gotta keep those phone lines going now here we would got some things happen. Can we go to that clip with God now right. I think we have a win-win where stations itself line so we can get to. Can you hear me in their okay really go to that clip to be able to speak this afternoon with that at doubt and many of you might have heard that big news that Ed brings to this whole issue of vaccine related injuries and deaths and it is really God. One of those things where we would say if true, this is really earth shattering and south. I really wanted to get the chance to talk to add and to to just walk through who he is and how he came to this conclusion in the big one that really I think has as has struck people is that right that you found that in the last quarter of 2021 there were 61,000 excess deaths among millennial's that's that's a healthy working generation where you would not expect that at and to be clear excess deaths is is a metric that the CDC uses it it's it's one that may be you could even argue is one of the best ways to determine exactly what happened and not only with confidence work, but with vaccine related injuries – and in so just it. In short, my understanding is, is that in any given year, you expect a certain number of deaths based upon previous data from previous years and the excess death is just simply what you observe the actual number above that. So add. Thanks again for for being here and I want to start with just your credentials a little bit about your background and what what brings you to this analysis that you made but but just real quickly. What are the credentials that you have two make this kind of analysis chart while I began my career on Wall Street and HSBC which is a British bank that that is global was based in Hong Kong Shanghai. I spent five years there analyzing credit markets as an institutional fixed-income salesperson. I understand currencies understand the derivatives. I understand all sorts of economic issues on constant global macro front, I went back to business school and university undergrad was Notre Dame. Then I went to DLJ Johnson locking Jen rat which is an investment bank and was bought by Credit Suisse in early 2000, but it was a career stock research houses founded based on equity research. I was an electric utility analyst and there I saw bubble start form and somehow investment banking really works and have the money and sausages mates out by Debbie was my first job out of business goal. It was a high-profile job and I yes I spoke to client sites but I presented before the sales force. I was a junior analyst.

It was then I went on to withhold by side up in Boston from New York independence investments where I became a technology analyst right 1999 and being skeptical.

As I was about all sorts of things and having extensive history on the skeptic by nature. I knew that was going on was kind of called and now I know you have a chunk of mass formation psychosis. That was my first one.

It was in the tech bubble one believed was a new paradigm was a new word. You probably remember the And what I saw was basically what Wall Street does what she does raise a lot of money for a lot of companies that had lots of prospects way on the distant future. Unfortunately, there's no cash flows and eventually not unwound nice… Coming I was able to parlay that call at my firm enjoyed portfolio manager John BlackRock in 2010 we had your billion-dollar growth. Gandhiji we grew to 14 billion by the time I laugh but also with the defendant.

Great financial crisis.

During that time and we stared our growth ship that is best is because it would be most of the gears we outperformed on the way down and out on the way out so we saw that one coming. So I'm very familiar with fraud and how it how it unfolds corporate fraud.

Then we saw fraud with the rating agencies and the banks and know my running pieces is the fraud didn't really go away. It was kicked under the balance sheets of the central banks and governments that you rearchitect it or so later the same problem so when I saw what was going on. I trust you one second, 61,000 death is not an in the fourth quarter.

It was from March 2020, 21, February 2022. However, 20,040, 41,000 died in the fall and about a lot of them started dining the ball into the vaccine mandates got down the bottom line is I got involved in this because you know I started seeing what was going on with common good and the strange civil liberties issues that started arising and I became very concerned about the vaccine early on because I only knew two things I did not get back to myself for these two reasons. One operation warp speed. Sounded to me like a disaster. It sounded to me like Warners would be cut safety protocols ignore whenever you speak something to market. That's what happened, such as how I knew out of real world works.

Secondly, I also know of my experience in Wall Street that the vaccine approval process usually takes 7 to 10 years and safety data in trials and that we had none of that. So might the only with those two facts. I said to myself. I'll wait to see what happens while early on we started hearing anecdotes about what was going out of the bear system and how is your friends about some injuries. Other people are hearing things they heard about the oddball death during their and one thing I know about statistics is that there are vaccine injuries and death associated with vaccines, but they're so real that anecdotally you should not hear.

I should not know of someone that had an injury or death.

But there were people all of the country were having a self, I knew there was a problem and I was watching what was going on and in the summer I was getting kind of depressed about the state of the state and watching in horror as I started to do rumble about vaccine mandates and I knew something was terribly wrong and so I got involved locally on Maui with anti-mandate protests and theories. What I want to call an act of God series of coincidences.

I prayed I make my skill set service and I that my progress did and I was affiliated with Dr. Milan stated Kurt in the body to visit and from there I became teamed up with them and as the fall unrolled.

I started to become very vocal on Twitter for two reasons. I learned that the fighters all cause mortality endpoint had been missed but never really told to us and what that means.

Gerard agencies that the all cause mortality endpoint usually means we fail that endpoint drug is not approved, so they felt it yet.

The drug was approved, then the other thing that really got me started. I started screaming fraud on Twitter when the FDA said they were to hide chemical the original Pfizer clinical trial data for 75 years, and I suspected that the no FDA was in the tank with the Pharma companies but that was prima fascia evidence on me so I came up with the investment thesis that fraud occurred and that the FDA much like a great financial crisis corollary with the rating agencies is the trusted third-party institution and once you correct that. That's how everybody trusted the strong, much like the AAA bonds in a great financial crisis. The rating agencies said they were fine but they were also corrupted by what I call institutional (so I became very vocal about that and Dr. Milan started to elevate my voice by getting me on some media and I appeared on Steve Benish. I think in early February and regarding Steve's insurance company, signaling that things were going wrong with with the death reports and that I made a call on that show on Dan and I said I would just go to the folks Brian in Florida pledges 100. Thank you Brian folks full-length scattering ran out of time. We have 30 minutes left. It's 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 okay take us back.

There were also corrupted by when I called institutional card so I became very vocal about that and Dr. Milan started elevate my voice by getting me on some media and I appeared on Steve Benish.

I think in early February and regarding Steve's insurance company, signaling that things were going wrong with that, the death reports and that I made a call on that show on Dan and I said I wanted to be a lightning rod and incredibly an insurance industry analyst from Wall Street is no longer Wall Street reached out to me. So the analysis that you're seeing is not done by Ed Dodd at the is just someone that helps interpreted in the no just just not my friend and I working arm in arm, analyzing data, he's doing a lot of the work and heavy lifting, and then also Britt Jackson reached out to me as well and then I that's where I really discovered the clinical trial for fraud so it's really interesting how I got your only explain that it was an act of God on I'm finding on more and more things and were uncovering more more of this is what I call global and national disaster and most recently we were able to derive from the CDC's own data own data, they don't break it down by age by my insurance industry expert did that the millennial's experience and acceleration of mortality from 2020 2021 with the slide into the mandates and the rate of change of that spike can't be explained away by Delta by everyone deciding a three month timeframe to overdose on that knowledge and opioids are starting to use and commit suicide in the three month timeframe. The only signal it makes sense to me.

And that's why I am saying is the vaccines. Now you don't have to agree with me but I'm hoping that the start the national conversation and know but let's let's get past the Senate hearings.

Let's get some experts involved so I'm opening up the door for my friend and I are opening up the door for conversation and, arguably, but did so for the mainstream media doesn't seem to have any interest in or sign.

I like to talk more about that to about the kind of feedback you get a bike think it's important to emphasize that you are in an industry where you have skin in the game so you have people and in academia who make analyses that they may try to predict the future. They create models, but they don't have the kind of skin in the game that you do and and also certainly people the insurance industry. It's very important for them to use hard data and and McGrath has to an assessment as they can.

Of of what the future could be because there got a huge risk.

That's at stake so I I think that that's really important to begin with, but maybe you could just take off from there and talk little bit about the methodology because you are opening yourself up and saying if you would like to, you can check my data and and some people actually have and they do not even send Dave come up with the same result. Maybe you could talk about that to begin with now so let's the limits of the frame of what I do as an investor and what good investors did notice two dozen different types of investors alike consider myself a good one so limited. What good investors that we we come up with an investment thesis and we only have 20 to 30% of the available information and were seeing something that the rest of the marketplaces and seen yet and so we have a thesis and we using critical thinking skills and some you know you know just different pieces of the puzzle and breadcrumbs that we put together so we come up with these in the thesis is usually I think the stock is going to go up 100% over the next 6 to 12 months because of XYZ. XYZ is not apparent to everyone yet so that's what I do. I do not wait for the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post tell me what just happened because the opportunity is lost like that. I bet when I was on Wall Street at the client's capital. My capital on these what I call investment theses guide and facilitate where my doing what and not that's what they call traditionally stockpicking.

Okay, now you take my skills and you apply them outside stockpicking is called conspiracy theory and that's what that's why this is ridiculous. That's what people who want to call me crazy and calling conspiracy.

There is, that's fine. Go for, but I'd really honed in on Pfizer McDermott stocks presented in investment thesis of Fry and unfortunately I think I got the clinical trial data fraud nailed down. It's my opinion but were seeing the fruits of the fraud showing up in real world results. The vaccine injured and dead, and so that's that's my call and I can say things because of the freedom of speech, not investor is an investment thesis so you know people can attack it all they want is a thesis.

But the reason why think I'm doing a lot of play recently in the alternative media because I'm saying things that other people really couldn't say because of their debt in professional designations, and/or just the way their institutions operate. Didn't they don't stray too far from from the herd. Now the front line doctors of been very vocal.

These guys called the South in month 123 Avenue of the vaccine. The last of the great ones that your what ended up happening was the government apparatus.

The corporate apparatus.

The immediate apparatus inspired to silence them and maligning them in the signal was never boosted with his vaccine should've been pulled. So, here I come in. Unfortunately on the backs of their hard work and their bravery to now show in real world results. The data that's emerging so I wish I was earlier Mike. I was out there vocally, but the data hadn't shown up yet. So the reason why I become more prominent is on his because the bodies are piling up in the P and the injuries are piling up and is is is in real world data. I also suspect that's why no one's attacked me because the real dad is here and it's no longer speculation that's that's why I think the silence of media outreach and are to pieces on the air as it is, and also because of your reputation and you mentioned that you managed to find that for okay were going to stop right there folks him again this is what we've been telling you all along. From Joe everyone March 2020 we were telling people in March 2022 years ago.

This is the biggest fraud.

This is the biggest fraud in a new note.

Again I I keep hearing from parents, older folks like you and I who's who has adult children and their and their adult children have been so indoctrinated by cultural Marxism that they they refuse to let the adult parents, grandparents have access to the children because they haven't taken the boys in this pope. Not only that, but these people are so depraved they're getting their own grandchildren or their own children there. There having them take the poisonous poker and were trying to tell him we keep trying aluminum right where we been told by her doctor after doctor after doctor.

The children have more danger from the common flu them from covert. That's was the truth.

Our year and 1/2 two years ago. It's still the truth. Today, more children get sick and die from the flu them from co-absolute vacuum berm all the veggies 445 Diane Diana in Oregon pledges 100 Stephanie New York pledges 50 and anonymous semesters pledged to do without.

About 38 we need about 3800, but we only have Jill we have 25 minutes to get that 3800 children hard. It's very, very only occur, you need to hear and I've got one more history.

While everybody's focused on Ukraine, Biden, and his, his staff is over there making a deal with the Ron and the Russians here know the Russians are at war and is making a deal using the Russians but the trip flights as a former CIA analyst he was with the House intelligence committee and is well known on the news media.

They wrote that this deal that the Trump withdrew the Obama deal with the Iranians. There was a horrible horrible deal and they call it the joint comprehensive was $4 billion that in cash. The other was a lot of money in cash and he had to go to several different blunder a lot of money. How much of that you think came back to Obama and Biden wish I knew that whatever you make deals in cash and other corruption or fraud whenever you don't want a paper trail. Anyway, there really doing this deal. Only now, the deal is worse. This is even worse.

It was one of the worst deals ever. Now the worst bill ever is getting worse. If you can believe it, because in the deal they're trying to exploit the Russians are demanding that they are able to trade with Iran, weapons related, that they be exempted from the global sanction imposed on Russia in response to Ukraine, so they're going to be able to trade with Iran, which means the rank and traded anybody poker middleman and that you don't just recently ran fired dozen ballistic missiles at a US consulate there in the Middle East and they keep this there crying that the Biden people trying to keep this under wraps because they don't want people know how bad this is aces it's astonishingly bad that also lists sanctions off of the Uranian terrorists and of the Revolutionary guard. We've been putting things like add only in New Jersey pledges one pardon Adele Adele in New Jersey pledges 1000 think that what we need leaders that takes his way down we have a bout 20 minutes to raise 21 minutes three 2800 characters Three more things here so this still going to lift the sanctions off the terrace. The rating guard the Koran to receive an additional 90 billion in sanctions relief another 50 billion in extra revenue from higher oil and exports and it will get 7 billion in cash that was frozen in assets that were held in South Korea in exchange for releasing some for American prisoners, falsely imprisoned, so the this payment is really a ransom and it's no different than the 1.7 billion play motor case that Obama did, because the same people are making the deal with Obama are making the deal for Joe Obama now and the thing just and they're going to barely keep producing nuclear feel on and on and under the more I read it in its 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 phone suite were down with 20 minutes left. We need to hear from me 20 minutes left over here. I've got this the this where you can't the another conspiracy theory comes true, as Biden signs executive order to create a US central bank digital currency for this of the and and how this is going to work will anyhow of getting ready to crash. So he's going to try and find another way to make it look like a smart Christine in Minnesota pledges 100 Felicia in New York pledges 100 I think 2026 weekly down to about 2600 or honor roll. Okay the blogger and another website wrote about the patent application for Microsoft crypto currency system using body activity on an unknown April 20 of this able 18 2020. This was written out that Excel is ultimately chosen mock the non-vaccinated regarding microchips being implanted into them. There is now indisputable proof that all of the injections contain a quasi-middle graphene oxide known for its ability to transmit radio signals. Further, vera chip implants were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2004 there are chip manufactured digital and Angel Corp. has been partners with microscopes of Microsoft since 2008 the microcell body activity data system rewards people with crypto currency when they accomplish certain tasks. The system is a slick system that that aims to control all of your financial drench all financial transactions. Transactions for every human being on the planet. But every but first, every human being. These the software installed inside them for to work those invasion and days of nightlife invasive nasal swabs in the injections, took care of the that step then the global ministers need to centralize crypto currency system that they have 100% control over the process commenced last week. There you go back that up article that came out today. Smart devices are watching you wherever you are. Start out good care of that creepy feeling you're being watched it all the time. Ruth in New York City pledges 200 ethics is down the blood 2400 and we have about the C-17 minutes folks good right 888281111088828111108886779673 888-677-9673 month post we can do it. We need we need to do it. Her help, but backs up after everything you just said in the previous article to computer scientists at the University of Maryland warned that billions of digital devices are now scanning and sensing your movements every day. Some are sitting in front of you insight, televisions, cars, offices, even your refrigerator. This new technological revolution is, the high price and our privacy is not just your smart phone. Now it's your research your refrigerator. If the global leader.

They fit everything that's digital is tied to the Internet. The Internet of things.

Equality IOT Internet of things and it's used in everything agricultural farming industry, everything. So all these devices you by are all tied to the Internet. Everything from Alexa on the smart lightbulbs the smart vacuum cleaners.

Everything is tied to the Internet and because it is edited. Amazon workers can listen in to conversations with Alexa transcribed them, annotate them before feeding them into a automated decision-making system. These two guys names I can't pronounce talk about and they warned it. Nothing is secure anymore.

You don't even have the option to choose privacy over connectivity when it comes to the devices anywhere in a public place so buyer beware the more technology you have, the more they know about you and their time. But there are some ways to get out of it that. Be warned, you are being watched on everything you do that involves technology is exactly what how they're going to the antichrist is going to try to appear like it's a limp intent on the present and made the going to use technology in the new head of the alley very well. You just had a call Schwab and his minions come out make the statement that there is no God above the clouds and they are God's now and they can manipulate the human being in a human being will be what they say it is okay that's happening now so this again this is shows you where were at. Here the timeline went because this is what the Bible talks about is that the days and sorrow for the days of the birth pangs.

So, we women were ever ever closely closer to rapture the church and the start of the tribulation. At work were getting closer and closer every day info so you need to be tape here this world that you're living in this world is temporal and the reality is God's with the Bible. If you want reality. If you want reality is God's Word, the Bible that God himself has said heaven and earth will pass with his words will never pass in force millenniums you had people have tried to destroy the word of God info so they could happen guys on the throne is in complete control and every single thing that he said he would do he will do.

That's, that's reality. That's we can count on the rest of what's going on in this world with folks that is illusion, confusion there you go.

I just set it right correct term. Thinking of that shows the smart medical lawsuit against Phil Boyer. Sidney Powell has been dismissed.

Now it's hard to believe that it it's that a judge in New York could do a good thing, but apparently the judge in New York has dismissed Sidney Powell, who brought multiple legal cases challenging the process and procedures by Democrats to defeat Pres. Donald Trump in the 2020 election from a lawsuit brought by one of the several voting machine companies that were offended by concerns about possible inaccuracies in the voting tabulation they were fraudulent, and fraudulent and corrupt and scrubbed units. MSN reports that that's the mainstream media. We also referred to that as the slip's lazily lying untrue dog but the reports that the New York State Supreme Court judge David: this week dismissed Powell from Lisa smart, a medical lawsuit. Even as a company official said the they brought similar claims against Powell and other jurisdictions in the soap in the living one after that poor lady but I think he was afraid to encourage any further because she had enough stuff to back up. She wasn't lying, and I think EFA carried to sit any farther and she started putting up stuff. There were things she had that they don't want in public all right hate Ruth in New York on we do Ruth, I think we did pledge 201 in Texas pledges 1000 and Joyce in Orlando pledges 100 think you really think you want to do is let me see the red now okay let me see here so we are down to about so we see here. We need about 1600 about another 1600 to make up a goal for tonight and we have 11 minutes 11 minister Ray 1600 and some folks don't like to call him and make pledges affect wickedness that we still would appreciate your donation, large or small, and you can just simply mail it in. Like Randy said at the beginning to WR WL ministries 14781 Sperry Rd. SPE RLI Road there in Newberry any WB UI BU are why OH 44065. It's all there on the website at WR WR Doug WR WL dot org and be sure and asked if he thought on that newsletter list. That's absolutely right it out near the newsletter is you want to get that it doesn't cost anything and you know you will hear about things like were talking about here what you have in your hand. For example, I had a woman they get upset with me when we talked about the Nazi-ism that was involved in Ukraine. You know it's remember the narrative is Russian bad Ukraine good and that will we talked about in of the former president of the president there. Lewinsky. The fact is this guy was heat was a Jewish comedian and actor and he knew he had done some of those stages. You know where they dress up the transgender things in the he was involved in some of that you know the way that they wanted this cross-dress is what he calls the current trends that affect antibiotics that he he did he did he was involved in and doing some of that note performing as that.

Okay, exactly. I'm trying to figure drag queens when trying think about the case for letter correction. I think he after seeing the danger.

Country is people suffering the death of a keys become a changed man. And I think the situation is making a real man in a rural world leader out of him. I hope you and I hope he that is exactly is the case it didn't.

I do abutment at the same time in you have. Though there are those right now in the lame stream media. Call him the God man and Steve Ducey from Fox News referred to him as the Superman okay and so what you call that her droll first wrong and bad that journalism is not a Superman is a brave man. I think you are things you could say he's becoming a leader, but Superman now there's only one Superman world new things that would will be referring to two was only referred to the as of Nazis.

The S of Nazi party there in the Ukraine will this woman that stayed is that what you're saying on the news. Dissident well I just give her some articles. I gave her Eliza check it out go down there and verify it now all of a sudden she's going the other direction. She said no, listen to what you're saying. I did notice something it seems like no matter where white kids blown up, they keep putting babies up there and now I'm starting to see what you're talking about staging things became all sides use propaganda happened every country, every war, every political debate whether global warming. No matter what it is, energy, food you name it. Money is always a letter and that truth is a very very rare and in this country.

Some of the worst offenders is the US propaganda right here. The main shaft with code mainstreaming is more than I think they did in Ukraine right I folks we need to hear from you. We got we've only got six minutes left. Six minutes left so 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. We need to hear from you. We can do it with your help we can do it now.

We have to deal once in the pledge week so that we can go back to doing things normal and that we know that we have to raise up that money and you don't realize a lot of them don't realize how close the stations they listen to his son word going off the air coming week we we had to scratch and we had to fight and that you know the pressure. The pressure put on us enough from the corporation up there is is been commended have to be paid back down. Everybody knows that you gotta make your rent payment for your house payment. Gotta pay the electric bill know certain things have to be done and our big bill is the radio airtime must be paid. Ask yourself this proposed listing to assess yourself is when things are going bad. I mean, when you really see things changing and quickly. Who can you trust me, turn on NBC ABCC be thin and that you have that talking head. There for us, who can you trust to tell you the truth, the money and a lot of people look at what those talking heads are being paid every year and when you're paid that kind of money. Their morals got I'm sorry but money talks and a lot of people fall for that will do anything for the money and the prestige and the attention they get. And that's why we are proud that we are doing this to serve the Lord and none of us take a dime for the work we do. The time we put in jail.Minnesota pledges 25.

We have approximately four minutes left folks and some of you could ask your church. If you've got a good thing especially if you have an unregistered church to try and put us in your missions giving, we do have several churches, several but we could sure use some more churches, and neck as part of their missions and something a lot of the listeners to bring up now they can and they really should they should go and say looking up the folks at their little ones.

Remember they warned us about the public school system. They warned us about the, the ability killing since abortion, they warned us about the settlement move they warmly all of these things that we can warning people about his coming here and it all happened and we need them up there. We need the watchmen on the wall. They're the ones that will not compromise that will not standdown. We haven't ever stood down with never compromised during the relevant throughout our Boston allelic note, one of the things that when you serve the expects more out of these pastors.

He puts us on a higher plane and he says you know you have to warn the people of the blood is on you if you don't do what I've asked you to do so till we got to make that so I'm going to pledge even though I'm working here every day I'm going to pledge $1000 myself on the pledge of thousand dollars and so right there so all I need is somebody to match meant that I wish I could match that I can't can't can sheet it put me down. Cancer cell tractor something I need to tractor what about that milk, then in the in the barn. Stay away from my critters already put this down to about well I think redundant area about to about 500 buxom somebody massive match that of thousand somebody up there any one more person. The mass 10,000 tonight and you get to tune minutes to do it will actually actually even after Pastor Hal goes into you can still call even when he's given invitation.

Okay 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 already, we need to okay Joanna New York pledges 200 square getting there. Leah Willie Nina at vascular prayerfully consider making this part of your giving and is monitored during the Lord's work. He said he will reward you. We can thank you that God is the one who says that clever blessing that this ministry at whatever we do in this ministry that blesses him.

You get to share in the blessings that we have the right to life ministries of prison ministry of trucking ministry faster than hospice kings were school of the Bible plus the radio show so anything that glorifies God that there is a blessing. If you give all right, we've got Andre and Illinois Andrea.

Andrea pledges to match me with 1000 thank you. All right we made a goal. Thank you folks tonight. Let's go to pastor Hal tell us how to get to heaven okay is whether the even rage, and the people.

Imagine a vain thing. The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed break their pants asunder and cast away their cords from us in to sit up in the heavens shall left the Lord to have them in duration. Right now we been hearing a lot about the Democrat communist antichrist party and how I bite in the deep state are doing everything on purpose methodically to destroy America and in everything America stands for.

That we don't have to worry about it because God is going to destroy them is timing is perfect. He is in complete control and the DI thing that really matters is where your soul spends eternity. Don't worry about the even their rage, but their dinner there. There gonna be stopped and you will you don't have to worry about them forever and that the thing is, Jesus died on the cross to pay the payment for everything you've ever done.

Got a righteousness. He said that has to be paid for is no getting around it. But even though God loves you, but got love is entered into Intuit and that he allowed Jesus to pay that righteous payment in your place of mine on the cross so right before Jesus died, he said three words it is finished. Which means all the work necessary to pay the payment for everything you've ever done is been done by Jesus Christ, accepted by God the father whether that payment becomes yours are not depends on whether you by faith will come with a repentant heart to Calvary and asked Jesus to come in your heart and Savior God made salvation for you a free gift. Jesus did all the work to get you to heaven.

All you gotta do is by faith be sorry about the factors that are let Jesus know that you need to become in your heart and your trust in him and him only through salvation that works can't Savior the pup can save the world religions can't save it. Water baptism can't Savior Jesus Christ.

In his shed blood can wash away your sins. So God is me talking right now that is going to monitor your heart right now and right now. Revelation 320 says knocking at the door of your heart that only you can open up the door and let him come in. If you do that. Romans 10 13,000, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. That means if you believe Jesus died on the crest and shed his blood for you. Praying at the company heart is going to do it right now so let's pray dear God, I'm sorry I'm a sinner and I believe Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood for my salvation, Lord Jesus, I hear now ask you to come into my heart and give me the payment you paid in my place on the cross so I can have eternal life that trust in you and you only for my salvation, because you said in John 14 six I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me. So I hear. Now make you my Lord and Savior forever and ever.

In Jesus name, amen. Go ahead faster thank you and praising the Lord animate Chicago mass to the point of pledge.

The thousand and Magana Magdala in Cocoa Beach pledges 50 thank you thank you Lord answered our prayers tonight. He really did did look good. Things did not look good for a while but them crazily come through for coming up to was found with and so with them in all of this and you know we were going to do everything we can stand on the stations but the most important thing for everybody out there to try to remember that always understand that them. Even a guy, and when you die you really go to heaven or hell. God has said that God has said that function. Remember it's it's what God has said this from real wood, God has sent will come to class because you're in a world today your ear in the world today of every kind of delusion and confusion out there again. The Bible says appear friend of the world.

An enemy of God.

You don't want to be an enemy of God. Believing well until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless. And always, always a student of Ellis K came by the high thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. What's left hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on the student next time for meditation was right to left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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