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WED HR2 031622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 16, 2022 11:59 pm

WED HR2 031622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 16, 2022 11:59 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast WR already were back in the windy I know I was there I was just waiting though what I thought about doing the fake news media and I said their sleazy in that listing. After listing the sum some of the fake news is being put out of there and watching some of the stuff is taking place right now in the Ukraine where you were seated is been set up. It's all photographed. It's unbelievable the the line so anyhow I worked on sleazy for the fake news mainline that untruthful and then talk just talking and so when I I did that night. I look and I came up with slot's slot medium SLUT and split media and so that's what the moniker that were giving now on the fake news media because there is so much that people don't realize there was set in there watching, and these people present like it's true. Why do we see that in fact give you an example.

This morning Jim Hines representative Jim Himes and death. The grant was on C-SPAN and he was lying like a rock. He was lying like right he was saying that Pres. Crump was lying there was no election fraud that Pres. Krupp was lying there was no election fraud and that Pres. Crump caused the January 6 insurrection that was, that is a lie told by liars that is a lie told by a liar and boy I would love to have him come on this radio program and say that across from me, but he never would you like is that we would go to the facts of the matter. In fact, right here in front of me.

I've got exclusive Aaron Babbitt. We will drag our bloodied stones across the ground before will stop fighting for Ashley you Ashley Babbitt was murdered she was murdered by a dirty cop.

She was murdered. I watched it I watch this dirty cop shoot and murder her in cold blood, but because he's a deathlike craft and because he is a part of nasty policies, crimes and criminal cartel there that the dirty cops there in DC. He hasn't been he hasn't been punished.

Why, why hasn't he been charged for murder. Well, when is it that he could say that could cause nasty Pelosi and Chucky Schumer and others a lot of trouble. Well anyhow I'm going to be playing a clip now here in this clip is going to be by Russell Bentley and Regis Trimble and them it's about what's happening in Ukraine. This was got to do with what we've been talking about to unleash them.

These BioLab's that you're not hearing I'm sorry that went with it was no Francis, let me see Francis Boylan register family out the reporting on the bio weapons that we reported on weeks and weeks ago. So go ahead and taken away my Deandra conversations topic these days is Ukraine. My guess is been on the show before his got some incredibly important videos we've done with tens of thousands of euros. Francis Boyle. He teaches international law at the University of Illinois Francis welcome back to the show prejudice. Thank you for having my ministry viewing audience well you know in this part of the world.

Everything is about Ukraine and what were to talk about just one thing that you're an expert on it was revealed in the last couple of days that the Russians had discovered and captured some documentation and biological labs of Francis I know you know about this. I've seen a map that showed maybe a dozen of these labs in Ukraine.

What can you tell me about the legitimacy of these claims that the Russians have captured some of these and have documentation proving that United States is involved right just let me first start by explaining my background here in 1985 and a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill. I called for implementing legislation, biological weapons convention for the United States in order to counteract the Reagan administration and their neoconservatives abusing DNA genetic engineering for the purpose of research, developing and stockpiling biological weapons. That's how long United States government has been involved in, and my pleas and land for me to draft that US domestic implementing legislation known as the biological weapons antiterrorism act of 1989 it's still on the books today and was approved unanimously by both houses of the United States Congress and signed into law by Pres. George Bush Senior political independent with the approval of the United States Department of Justice, that's how long I have been proposing United States biological warfare programs and my legislation provides for execution, life imprisonment for all US nationals and residents involved in research, development, testing, etc. of biological weapons with DNA genetic engineering synthetic biology gain of function or any other mechanism or device based on my staying on top of this field since about 93 or so. It does seem to me that the South allegations by the Russian government are credible yes and my assessment of the stop bite US biowarfare labs in Ukraine and also surrounding Russian if you take a look at the map at they they are all offense of biological warfare weapons facilities that were being designed at some point use against Rush yes that is my conclusion I have heard that the United States funding and organizing.

These labs have also been connecting Russian DNA is that fact you know about that. Yes, of course, regicide given interviews to the Russian on the circumstances. Yes, in the ghetto. They've only been broadcast over there Russia TV documentaries, but yes they were harvesting Russian DNA for the purpose of manufacturing an ethnic specific biological warfare weapon against ethnic Russians, correct and indeed after I gave an interview over there and Russian TV. I recommended pressing stockings and the law was passed. I don't know if this was me. The law was passed to prevent this of harvesting and if you don't believe it greatest. I'm sure you're aware of the project for the new American Century, the neocon manifesto right well in my book of biowarfare and terrorism right here on page 55 you will see that the neocon's including Victoria new just testify ever.

I noticed that stop you from this we can give that number out. I gotta keep those phones ringing, I only have two days after today. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673, when the joke what you just heard there's much more to come is nothing like what you're hearing on any of the select media is there ground are not talking about so many things are not talking about letting them listen want to say Susan, the Staten Island pledges 20 Mary from Rocky River pledges 50 Celesta Museum pledges 100 grand in the Michigan pledges 50 folks got a keep me going to Gotti for becoming a what you think. Wendy tried all of the thing. You know what you brought up tonight you not hearing any of this out there and any I mean were being betrayed. People don't realize how much they're being betrayed by the fake news media right.

Let's go back to the clip who had been in the brings back over there okay biological warfare and Dorset and not only that, but ethnic specific biological warfare. Let me reduce your quote that this is page 55 of my book from VP neck report quote okay so the peanut people Bush Junior administration's foreign affairs and defense policies to staff its bureaucracies in their several report on rebuilding America's defenses publicly recommended numerous policies for adoption by the United States government. In particular, quote and advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the wall realm of care to a politically useful tool.

Uncle to a politically useful to this is the manifesto of the neocon's going back to September 2000, such as many of the others so this really goes back to big knife Brzezinski stop when he worked for Carter pop-culture ethnic nuclear target where Brzezinski took the position that Russia is ruled by the great Russian ethnic group and therefore when it comes to strategic nuclear target doctrine of the United States should target great Russians and starched and the Soviet Union would collect non-call. I get a my old writing and on the work lecture set the date.

This policy is clearly genocide and I would say the same for the harvesting of the of the DNA of of the great Russian people.

Yes, this is genocide by condemning the strongest terms possible against and I think not only genocidal is pure evil and were talking about Victoria Nolan well right right just before we get into yes this is a Nazi mentality at work here along the lines of Dr. Ming. There's no other word to describe it. Based on my study of the yelp. The history of the of the Nazis front witnessing a Nazi mentality work here like like Dr. Mendel and Nuremberg medical doctors case which we've already discussed before, register in a previous interview and you been very clear about how you've described the people who are working on these biological and chemical weapons. You've you've called them death scientists and Nazis and I don't know that there's a better definition of that and what's been going on so did this research begin with the Nazis in World War II. Yes, regicide.

I'm not exaggerating. He remember I'm a lawyer and law professor. I spent my whole career doing this type of work and I don't exaggerate. You really have to go back and read the Nuremberg medical doctors case to see that they they were working on biological warfare weapons at that time. In that case, so yes there are back.

This goes during the second world war. Pres. Franklin Roosevelt authorized instructed work of more chemical to develop our own biological warfare weapons program in reaction to what the Nazis were reportedly doing just like the icy hot and sorry the Einstein letter to Roosevelt recommending an atom bomb because he had word that that the 90s were doing right so up, but I'm not. I'm not exaggerating. I'm a lawyer, law professor, I would make any claims that I don't believe I could prove in court based on the public record will I think you are unquestionably the leading expert on these biological and chemical weapons in their development ever since you began in 1983 that there is no doubt in my mind.

So let me ask you won't let me. Let me also say that one thing you wrote the Russian army is now correct and in my opinion they have to secure these laboratories.

First, they just can't global markets to think we United States made that mistake and go for one we had given biological weapons to Saddam Hussein in the hope and expectation that he would use them against ranked and then when our troops got in there the movies weapons up and contaminated themselves infected themselves. So the Russian army screen have to be very careful secure these facilities and then bring in their own top biological warfare weapons expert to decontaminate completely and then rather than blow them up just render them permanently inoperable, so they can never be used to get Dino Russia has its own biological warfare experts, but that's how dangerous all the ships and not just for Russian troops but also for the innocent people of Ukraine and in all humanity. We have to be very careful how did hunting purity/everyone this is just another horrific possible outcome of United States activity with these biological weapons labs how they could be used on civilian populations they could put the whole world at risk.

I heard in another interview that you gave you use you said how much the United States has spent in the development of these biological weapons could you share that with me please. Sure as the last time I looked into figures as I've been pretty busy raising but the last time I checked into figures after the terrorist attacks of 911 2001 until October 2015 we had here in the United States about 13,000 Nazi death scientists doing this type of research, development, testing, stockpiling biological warfare weapons for use 13,000 as of 2015. I have been with since that and second of as of 2015. From September 11. We spent and I did told the figures up in October 2015 $100 billion on research, development, testing of offense biological warfare weapons to be used up to give you an idea here in 2015 constant dollars. The Manhattan project for the development of the atom bomb cost $40 billion.

So, clearly, this is a weapons related program.

As a matter fact and certainly after 911 2001, the United States has developed an offense of biological warfare industry.

Industry in this country that has spread all will with these these file warfare lamps. This is as bad before we became a party to the biological weapons convention in 1974, the Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter site Hirsch wrote an exposé on the mountain extent of the US biowarfare industry before the biological warfare space for the biological weapons convention. That book was about 96 and Penny. It's all in there and basically we resurrected that entire industry in space and that's what's in place now so not only is the United States refused to destroy their chemical and biological weapons. They've been mass-producing these things I have not stopped production.

In fact is you just said it's exploded.

It turned into an industry that's that's really frightening. I have no point what the polyglot with respect to the chemical weapons and this allegation that there might be a false flag by Russia. That's what psychoanalysis calls projection sugar projecting onto them were planning to do. But the truth of the matter is, there is only one government in the entire rule that has refused absolutely adamantly years to divest itself of its chemical weapons and that is the United States of America. There was a deadline date certain for the United States to get rid of all of its chemical weapons and so I think 2012 and they have refused.

So they still have advanced chemical weapons wall of all sorts and not maybe there are other governments that covertly have chemical weapons. I don't know but there is a chemical weapons organization that engages in inspections and supposed interments but only the United States is open and material breach of the chemical weapons convention with their chemical weapons that that's another side story.

Registered, you have to understand the legal regime for chemical weapons. Biological weapons are somewhat different.

I want to go back to my last question I want to take us back to the beginning you firmly believe that the United States is funded and organized and set up these labs in Ukraine. Victoria Nolan even admitted this in front of the United States Senate hearing.

Tell me a little bit about that and she seemed to be absolutely clear that the United States had these labs, there just as I said as you well know, Regis is a long time neoconservative I can't recall I haven't had a chance to sign the project for new American Century. I guess you can go back and find out and sign. That was the neocon. The manifesto I believe it was drafted by John Bolton just off the top of my head. You have to research this so and I told you this is 2000. They endorsed ethnic specific biological warfare weapons as well as other eye worker with so she knows what she's talking right and you remember she also was involved in the 2014 coup against the democratically elected not identical. The government there in Ukraine that we talked about you. Brandon spent $5 billion on and then click the ask their empower and you have a neo-Nazi regime there. In Ukraine, with access to biological weapons.

So this is extremely dangerous. What what's going on here will I just want to make clear for people at will. Watch this and will listen to you. In the United States that Victoria Nolan in her testimony admitted that the United States had these labs in Ukraine so people can go around sandal. Russia just made it up. This type of thing while you have to understand these are all things biological warfare weapons. Indeed lamps, indeed, there is a BSL three down already written it were to stop right there of a post. Listen we have BC solicited in Michigan budget 100 Brandon in Michigan pledges 15 Judy in Colorado pledges 100 Gloria Michigan budget 25.

The phone lines have not been a lien where were in real trouble right now I'm we're way behind way behind.

88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

Wendy and Jill listen and we talked about this this Victoria new and she was a part of that coup we talk. Remember when that hat we told you back in 2014 what was going on. Again, you know everything that you just heard here tonight folks. I think he's a little confused about we conservative's definition of conservative is not our definition of conservative but Woody what he is saying.

He's telling you what is happening now. I do want to say this. In fact, Joe, you know, and I know that yeah China yell Russia via North Korea and a lot of other countries have just like we do they have these bio weapons just like we did the whole world filled with bioelectrical and chemical reality.

China and Russia dear Evelyn North Korea. I'm sure because her working on the nuclear you remember when we had some of the people on this radio program who were soldiers they were in Iraq and their job was to blow up these huge bunkers, bunkers, the size of cities, bunkers and size of cities huge field we chemical weapons and all kinds of things in order.

Probably won't remember there were blowing them up. Well, they found they found the been the barrels were marked from the United States and then remember we had those two US Army intelligence agent on the program alive from Iraq and he said right there. We are watching a convoy stretching from here all the way to Damascus, Syria all the way to Damascus, Syria, and they sit in the convoy was the fill with all unstable biological and chemical weapons from Russia, and Russia had given and possibly nuclear weapons through yeah well until we saw that when we we had that light we had them live now remember what was that Jen was named whole, the fellow who was in charge. It was like blissful cough or something like that.

Can you remember how I can, anyhow, but the general sense his his driver and also one of the guys it was. He appointed to blow up those bunkers became very, very ill, because the because of the chemicals and he had a child and the child was born performed very very very deformed. We had him on the radio program. We had his wife in the program.

It was unbelievable what was taking place back then we brought rollout and filled anyhow, let me see what we have here and now, both from Cleveland pledges 100. Thank you, Bo, Bill from Parkville pledges 100. Thank you Bill for one problem or not mentioning is our trouble is, we cannot trust our own government.

Government lies steel treats the people, and here's a perfect story to remember the young Secret Service said they couldn't find these emails about these dozens and dozens and dozens of Hunter biter writing trips all over the world right and they said well we just can't find the search parameters did not yield anything for 2010 2011 2013, but you know who John Solomon Nancy's reporter he's started just the news all yeah but he did that the whole Secret Service in US government couldn't do. He found five dozen emails between Hunter Biden and his Secret Service family errors and he found them on the FDIC's laptop Hunter Biden's own laptop had these emails back and forth with her so Secret Service handlers and that so it just right.

There is total proof of our government hide things from us. They like to if they deceive us, not you look at the spending bill number, the big spending bill that was just past and in that spending bill pork pork pork pork will we did the port but here's the stuff we didn't know it is so big that it would take an average congressman over $300 just to read the bill and it was a red dirt almost 2741 pages the text and it is so convoluted he said in here we are in this total debt 30 trillion in debt.

We've grown 5 trillion in the last two years another to trip into coming this year with Biden and spending, and the Democrats wanted more money for what domestic programs they wanted another 15 billion for COBIT but were sitting there $100 billion is sitting around unspent I meet you. The more you look into this stuff government just gave itself huge raises Congress just gave itself. In this bill a 21% increase in their staff, budgets they gave another 20% to the capital police and security. Member organ of band, the cops, but they split 20% increase in the for the Metro DC Metro police and all the things associated and ended through and things like $600,000 for lobster pots and main $600,000 for New York greenhouse $4.2 million for something dealing with sheep. 1.6 million for Rhode Island shellfish $2 million for quote a solar power equity program your time at the port. The stuff we got 20 minutes left 20 minutes.

888-281-1110. Listen got to hear from you.

We got 20 minutes and women that they just how far off we are right now because I know that were nowhere near our goal goes walking in here right now. Let me see here find it okay let me for the that that there right right so right now we we aren't that we need $4470 4407 were 4400 we get 20 minutes to raise $4470.07 how it will be back right after this, so don't go away more, call call call me right right now we are down with it. We need to see that dinner for right there for okay there you go.

So now we need them were were down to about that so much came in right okay so now we are down to about 11.

Lily was about 2500.

We dined about 25 we need about 2500 okay to pray to the Lord, now let me see when we leave off here. That's the oh Andrea in Illinois pledges 1800. Thank you, Andrea. Andrea okay there okay and we have the James in Minnesota pledges 25 Craig from Michigan pledges 100 already, so were going in the right direction for you yeah keep it going to get the make Wendy and Joe just think about this. Think about the minute, what about this.

Just think about this when a people out there lifting right now another listing and innovation: they know that they should: pledges and but they don't do it in God's watching and tomorrow morning and wake up to find out that they have become Democrats. Would that be enough to frighten you into the into calling and right away I can't conceive of that happening, but that would definitely frighten me with a Wendy which you can invite the kid you think of anything worse know I was here when you're talking. Proverbs 3.

Honor the Lord with five substance and talking about so shall my barns be filled with plenty) shall burst out with three times in Scripture got it just made it clear that if we trust him that if we give.

He will make sure we can keep on giving and then he says in Psalm 37 trust in the Lord and do good, so shalt thou dwell in the land, and thou verily thou shall be fed is going on talking but commit yourself to the Lord put your trust in him and he will bring these good things to pass for you and I'm paraphrasing and remember the exact quote, but we have to remember that we are here primarily as watchmen on the wall because that's what God called you to be and we are here to preach the gospel and warn the people and we'll put it in your hands out the listeners hands and we just all we could do is personally asked that you consider donating keeping us on the air and we know we've got awful lot of nervous and that only a very small percent of those listening never donated some of just 20% of the people listening would donate we would never have a problem. I know already here and actuality to most programs are like Lucy like this only to the 3% of the people actually list actually donate okay. That's right, all percent. The Raven had 10 and 15%. We would never have worry about paying a bill at a radio station we can stay on every station immediately felt the focus of the year that have never donated now might be the best time that you could do it. You know, think about helping us this year is going to be one of the craziest years probably my life pastor Ernie's life there is more happening on a daily basis that used to happen then to three months.

Sometimes I get back me up on that ends the voice of the Christian resistance is going to be needed more than ever, ever, before and God had to wait till we were old and little feeble to put us here, but apparently that was his will. So all we could do is the keep fighting the fight right off the snow as I get this article here and now is by Christina Lila and it is usually too late to Joe Biden says this really I bet everybody knows somebody that in an intimate relationship. The guy takes a picture of his naked friend and then he blackmails the know what you think. Turbine will undergo you the I bet everybody knows some but all I see so that I see what he saying that will you know that's kind of a normal thing to do) I know I know nobody in all that you… Wendy doesn't turn out that everybody in the studio with you. I don't think you could find one person. Andrew maybe as he looked at his ability or eight votes call, please call 888677 will run another time. 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 give us a call.

Here we need to hear from you ASP or 88828111108882811112 Wendy say something to make him call. I think I have any idea before I get my own radio show how expensive airtime and maybe get an inkling on how expensive it is in NR I get one. Well let me put it this way when we started here with the pledge week this week we needed from one one month from that date to the middle of next month. We have the raise $61,619 now that's that's just not to the middle of next month. $61,619 and so that's where which we have to raise just keep all of our stations going after white like the government this past week. They just delivered and their members represented total representational allowance of 21% increase.

They have staffers that were underpaid that Col. may hundred $99,300 a month and now with the increase pay their get a bill that not only hire more staffers that increase their pay and all and will enable Congress to recruit and retrain retain a talented and diverse. In other words, more sodomites more transsexuals marginal funny people in your more diverse workforce.

So here we are.

We have this 15 to 20% inflation using the old figures 1970. Of course, nothing new. Lies we have these gas prices are going to go up and up and up with got a recession coming. We are going to be in deep do do and where they do they spend more money on pork. They spend more money on building their staff paying their people more money and then all these pork bills we talked about and were just beginning to find out what fallen it and then made out of all this and add another hundred and 50 officers to the capital police force are going to increase their pay because of all the insurrection and blah blah blah. The money just they were spending money we do not. And here we are having to beg for money in all they do is start printing money writing checks I killed Craig from Michigan pledges 100 Eva from the Bronx New York pledges 25 Margaret from Australia pledges 500 thank you thank you thank you okay and she knows what is what it's like to be up against what outbound area really put their people in lockdown and well that they have at the close ally because they had a 1 1/2 million and a 1 1/2 million car Woody called convoy down there to yeah try to get free of freedom. Freedom convoy was a freedom convoy in and we talked about no news in that freedom convoy again today almost trucker still there in DC somewhere and crickets were gotta support those people they were putting themselves out spent a lot of time, money, they didn't have to help us keep our freedom and we need to understand there is a revolution going on and we must all join in the battle so close. You remember now who was it to betray Judah, who was it did what you what is happening and who was it we turn on the television and you look at those that so-called anchor, a talking head. There in those people they look you in the eye and they did not tell you the truth, but remember who was the brother to the truth that told you the truth in them, if unpleasant, you must know the truth of what you can know what to do to deal with it.

What the hell out. Make decisions in the future. You can only work with the truth. Amen. And so one of the things we we blunted the truth about was with Aaron Babbitt. You know what took place that whole thing in January 6. That was a false flag the death or credit Communist Party put that off everything they did they tell you is ally Nancy Pelosi refuses to turn loose of those thousands of hours of taping because because it we can think of that would put her in prison for life and she knows it and she refuses to give that NBC, ABC and CBS they lied to you.

They really like to so here NBC means nothing but criminal. That's what they are they if they lied to it with.

We told you the truth, that is what we call again sleazy line untruthful clock other words, the what they call mainstream.

We call it the slip media now.

That's the new name slip media.

That's when we refer to that because that's exactly what they are is it totally is illegitimate. If you can possibly be right out and coming news network inherent in hearing about all the media, but there is good news out there. One of the things really talk about is abortion how God hates to show you now that is good news and I'll legislature one final approval in Idaho.

I'm sorry Idaho to pass the Texas style bill. The fetal heartbeat pre-born child protection act is now going to be in a state Idaho will be a big state but it's a start another now another state added and there's only one difference that the ad has to be a father, grandparents, sibling, aunt or uncle to sue the abortionist for killing a child where in Texas, any citizen can file the suit but this is what's going to stop the abortionist cold.

So thank you Lord working on that Joe here in Ohio working in the same type of thing here in Ohio right working on it just made up something everybody can call their legislature. They can keep working, past the heartbeat bill in your state right now. Write letters, make phone calls to take people inner voice loud and clear. That's how politicians hear things when it mass of people already killed anti-jam left this from Jackie pledges 40 anonymous in Texas pledges 20 Sharon in Maine pledges 100 D from Illinois pledges 100 angel from Tampa pledges 50 and we got and they're still coming. Debbie from Oregon pledges 300. She managed to to Wendy after 1 PM and they're coming in. JC from Detroit pledges 20 already.

I'm beginning just in a minute here to find out where we stand required doing that I got a color quickly.

Remember how we told everybody this black lives matter black lives matter. There was a communist front group that the founders were all kind of did. Not only that none of that. But they practiced Satanism later admitted that they were practicing. Satan is a good well here we have a prominent black lives matter activist called the Bostonian of the year 2020, was indicted yesterday alongside her husband on accusations of creating an anti-violent security as a personal piggy bank Monica Cannon Grant and her husband Clark Grant conspired to use the charity violence in Boston is a vehicle for personal enrichment.

When they found of the group in 2017. Then out of the indicted charges of stealing money that was supposed to buy meals for hungry children help at risk people cope with violence organized by blog about people pay for rent in all things like that food, rent, and they were using it as their private piggy bank will which is welded communist leader right you take somebody else's money and use it to enrich themselves.

We need 1400 you. We need $1400 with 1400 short okay so I take what we can do on doers of the word Baptist Church is in the pledge. 1000 doors of the Will Baptist Church will pledge 1000 and so that puts us at 400 were but will we need 400 more to make a go for tonight.

I'll add another hundred or what I pledge Monday night that makes is 300 we need 300 and tonight so there you go.

So we got this syphilis work and we only have 1:58 minutes left to terminate her 200. Yet we have two minutes for 200 phone so hopefully one personal defendant another 400 will go over the top and actually be ahead of the game. Absolutely we need we need. That's it, one more person to call for 200, the better.

Though, I'd like it more if he pledge 2000 what you think. Wendy Wendy say something I think I think I get a couple call another money order the end of the week.

I mean, I can count on at least 200 for me.

We can another 200 and then that's really made, but when he dove another 200 there you go after him.

The Col. element in the church is a lot of people like us that have never donated so prayerfully consider be on the air tomorrow night and that we still operate a lot more money for the month. Yet we can't leave that actually less than four hours left the race all that money ThinNet. See if enough people were to buy all of Winnie's herbal medicine and she would become like multi-multimillionaire and she would pay off my radio bill and she would buy me a Learjet like you can pay out the radio bill but no Learjet set phenomenon click agreement. Good. I minutes is that it's a thought right already like this from your sober, neither one of us drinks so that it was time to have left all right here you go. We have three minutes left until three minutes the nightly until folks remember what we had read when over there in Isaiah 55 where he says his word always accomplishes what is set out to do right anyplace that word out there and were trying to tell people they need what's happening.

All of these things are signs of the Lord soon returned and so what happens if you if you die in your sin. The Dionysian QWERTY went where you spend eternity in hell Joe LOL naturally you have in a happy place that's for sure. That's right. And so I think it was William Melissa changed you how we always have.

We always try to do a program in a message whenever my messages will attempt to have an application of current events and people can see how it applies to with as were living today right right and so I think this coming Sunday I will be preaching on hell because the whole Lotta people I know are going there I'm looking and I'm seeing a whole a lot of people out there that are dying every day and that in their sin. The God's word doesn't return void as he said his word always accomplishes God is most merciful, most most merciful he doesn't. He gives every everybody has an opportunity to avoid the lake of fire and to get the glory.

God gives everybody an opportunity he's given you that opportunity. We tell you this about an overnight and that in. That's why what is the most important thing that we can send this radio program because everyone of you. Do you want us to continue doing that every night everyone of you that listing to us out there will die.

That will happen today for sure and and again, and this is why were trying to tell you you need to be prepared.

You need to make your salvation. Sure how you do that the Lord Jesus made these. He said pray to the father, plaintiff, God the father and his name, ask forgiveness of your sins as forgiveness. He is, and then call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and ask him to be the Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations. If you do that God is always faithful and true, he will always honor the commitment he looks upon your heart you will become a new creature, a born-again believer in their the kingdom and be indwelt with the Holy Spirit and you began the road to mortality you have God's word on that list you have God's word on that. And there's nothing that's ever been a sure nothing that can never be more short time so until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless and always, always this to fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right much left posted by Pastor Ernie send their to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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