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TUE HR1 031522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 15, 2022 11:21 pm

TUE HR1 031522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
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The boys know on 15 March 2022.

No, there is no going to say it.

Good evening everyone there. She is a dreaded teller to show that movie about this princes to kiss the frog and the frog turned into a mighty prince and she ran out to grab a frog kissed a frog nothing, nothing at all just and I try to tell her and so mighty and they just got nothing out of it is washed all things okay. I'm certainly give up a lot of the stuff and just not there.

No more go get out all right so no wonder Randy stays hidden back in the back room. I would to well you know what you got.

He's not hidden.

He's waiting patiently out there in Missouri and as none other than the person jittery Joe Larson think I stay out here in the middle of nowhere right, trying to keep my sanity. But anyway, I'm glad to be back with you for the splurge week and hopefully we can raise enough money to stay on all radio stations and not have to go off anywhere to question if you keep that sanity would you do good question I leave for you that will let me know.

Just in this world doesn't seem to be a place for it anymore.

Anyhow, listen to their you want to get into our Scripture is only supposed to be doing oh it's pledge week is pleasantly great. Give the numbers yet. I only have we have about seven hours left this week, seven hours to raise enough money and that's a lot of money that's a whole lot of money. Joe to raise that much money. Let's see from this point right here till the to this time next month the middle of next month we generated about 66,000 so money especially when you're talking to your highly unpaid professional assistant yeah well I'm I'm I'm highly unpaid professional anyhow lists them radio pastor 88 yet eight.

Yet we have been all that we got a lot of software you're really going to get into tonight because all of what were bringing juices driving it's driving the local folk nuts all of the stuff that people are not supposed to know you know I mean every day they get up and say how can we full them today.

How can we full them today that MP MSNBC Hall of the fake leather wagering work locate them. That's right, the fake news media were to give them a new moniker okay.

It's that sleazy S lying L untrue. You media for less than what that the word is ready.

Sleazy lying untrue that you T untrue.

You want to get in it so you know what that means. The word is slick this organ is organ a call from no one.

The fake news media what you think it's a great idea. Locate 888-281-1110 phone lines are open.

If you have a question or comment were so tired we are so tired of fake news. We are so so tired of propaganda.

So tired of being lied to, we just so tired of it. Some folks it will you think about that.

The sleazy line through sleazy lying, untrue media, there you go.

88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 we had about seven hours the rest of this week to raise all of that money so get the call invokes and meanwhile Joe and I will get into the Scripture Joe Lesko that I fail not spoken was goat yeah yeah has God not spoken. Let's go to where he left off in Isaiah 55 in verse eight for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my way, saith the Lord of the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, my thoughts higher than your thoughts to give me some examples on how God's thoughts may be higher than I thought. Well put it this way, God is all things, and we basically know nothing. I think that kind of encompasses the whole ball of wax. Okay he gives us in these next two verses kind of a little hint the stool document for as the rain cometh down in the snow from heaven and returned not to their, but one of the earth and make it bring forth and blood and it may give seed to the sewer and bread to the eater now so you have all of earth cycles of all of her cycle amount matches earth cycles, but anyone that earth cycles is is a chore in itself, but God is the complete universe. Joe, how big is the universe right of the universe from heaven on earth and him by him and for him right out how big is the universe a minute bigger than I can explain to you it's a pretty big place. Is there any into well they say is still expanding. So if there is I don't know but where would it be expanding to your question somewhere out that's above my pay grade. Okay so if we give you as you is a thing to have a look.

It rains and rains, especially around my place in the rivers continue to run into the legs the legs went into the oceans. But the oceans never full right okay but the rivers continue to flow pointer Joe Calvert all over the sun on the land or water vapor evaporates under the air, and the cycle continues.

So God, all of these things sustained by God.

He sustained no here will will we take a look at the universe we take a look at the rotation of the planets. Kate gave you have to be a complete imbecile not to understand that there is an extreme and extreme intelligence when when he says my ways are higher than yours. I mean there really higher than ours. There has to be an extreme extreme intelligence them so delicate balance.


Elliptical orbit of your everything anyone thing were out it kilter just a bit there would all come apart. It's a very delicate balance. All throughout our solar system are galaxy our universe and on the science till journal can't comprehend how it's held together how it functions Einstein and made some remarks about God doesn't have to wonder about any of these or have his theories guide the guy does that theorize he right so all these things now, but if you call me down just like for example the human body alone how he sustains us every little electrical impulse all the intermediates just it's an amazing thing and then you have this close Schwab and his minions making these absolute fully statements when they said there is no God above the clouds to gay not because God says in his word that man's a fool so and I would like to see him someday so you don't know God's never been wrong about anything and he says you're a fool. And so it's kind and that ends that argument doesn't. Her nonbeliever out again sorrow. Some of the people running around they think they're God's little known, but the truth is that ever since the beginning. Everybody wanted to be quoting Satan as God. They want to be powerful and controlling.

And that's not the way it's designed to set up, there is only one God and these already there got the job but say very good right Kevin and Chardon pledges $60 Brad in which deal is oh Brad and Lisa okay from Virginia pledged 200. Thank you Radley for thinking and okay, there I see them below you. You corrected your spelling all right. My apologies pass around the hospital to good.

I will give me some big words to practice on. Okay good thing to remember programs were all volunteers know highly paid staff here already solicit here he goes on to say, so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth and it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where I sent it now.

Joe give me some examples of where of God's word is not return void, but accomplishes that, when it pleases one of the big one or several, God's messages about their people rejected but that's still accomplishing God's purpose because God gives everyone a chance many many chances actually to hear his word to accept him or reject him.

And if they continue to reject him. It's not because they did not have the opportunity.

So every time they decides not to listen not to hear to disregard that still serving God's purpose. He warned them over and over and over. When judgment comes. They have no recourse. Let me give you some examples. Genesis 126 and God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness.

Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea of the follow. The air and overall he counted them did that was then accomplished. Yes okay I God bless them and send them be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, was that accomplished. Yes, like a will earlier and that God said, let the waters bring forth abundantly. Every moving creature was that accomplished. That was accomplished and before that, he said, and let the firmament be lights in the firmament and of the heaven and divide the day from the night in let them be assigned for the seasons the companies that happen exactly like you said. And so, so all of these things we see from Genesis to Revelation. That God has said, we see them accomplished so here he goes and will is he going to will every single thing that he said will that be finalized someday. There will will happen exactly as Pharaoh said God cannot lie cannot be wrong because he exists in all times and all places. In other words, he exists at the end of everything and sees everything before it happened so before he created the world, man in the world he could see everything that happened in that creation before you did it so you cannot make a mistake.

He knows exactly how it's going to go now when you see he sees things before it happens. Are you saying that as he is thoughts of materialized. The gods thoughts of materialized innate they become sometimes they become material things and sometimes they become actions with his very thoughts of our our materialized American happened not pony out zero God the father gives the orders the secretaries amount by the power of the Holy Spirit that all God has to do is think and it is done exactly like he thinks it kindly in Florida pledges $100 Connie in Florida pledges $100. The case of Jill are are we trying to place herself in a position where we can remember that that's how long that's how Israel got themselves in such trouble as they were trying to they were they were trying to take an amp and pretend or believe that they understood God's thoughts okay so that's thoughts are much higher than our ways and so when you get into things like for example what about time decay. Note time they got existed before time. Time is the measure minute of moment to moment of happening that happening of point-to-point decay. So before, for there was such a thing.

This measurement God created that measurement didn't write it created it better to have no effect on him. He created it, probably for our benefit. Jill since he owns time and time is what God says it is.

Can God go back in that time can go back and he go back right now today and revisit the flood if he wanted to already there exists in all times and all places. There is no place for God is not according to Scripture, so is there a case with limitations on his and God's abilities. There are none. You just said God again outline well, I don't see that as a limitation. He says something negative happens, it's true, it doesn't limit them at all. So if he cannot lyse it because that is his will. He's place to that condition but himself. Just said Scripture tells us he cannot lie. Whatever he says the truth so what is the word potentate mean potentate is the common salt potentate means the ultimate authority write the ultimate italic of the word out, and so he has so there there is the ultimate there is no greater authority in the greater power.

No greater intelligence than God. He's the. Of these, only one button potentate on only one okay that's not divulging out hundred and the Masons that have one of those men's group has a exalted potentate but they don't know what they're talking about the felt. She thinks sometimes I think that that many have listen Bugs Bunny out there from Little Rock, Arkansas. I know bugs of tycoon live on the telephone Indiana right and what's up bugs and out Little Rock. He pledges 200 and Villa Massachusetts pledges 25.

Thank you. 8828111108882811110 okay and 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 there you go is the sky. When I had to Isaiah 56 verse 10 broker command one thought before you jump there shortly and we all is getting down to the word of God's main purpose is salvation for mankind right. Everything relates to Jesus. Jesus came for what the salvation of mankind bringing sinful man being able to come to the sinful and sinless rights as holy God. That's what all this leads up to what would you know that if you go back to Genesis. Once 626 that we just read when he said, let us make man in our image that was the last son and hole in the crowning of the creation right right so that we see that that was the last thing that God made man that was the crown of his creation. Now when he said let's make man in his image, did that even exceed that the image in which he manages all end up command will be higher than an angel man.

We are created with free will, so in a way we are higher than angels. But wait a minute in an glory, time ceases to exist. So there is no end. It's eternal well on when we get there we get to heaven right now are still invasive and cased bodies okay when you get there we can look up first. This will heal ill have already looked you up okay file okay so that's a good question. There a lot of possibilities I'd like to meet already listen. Isaiah 56 verse 10 his watchmen are blind. They're all ignorant. They are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark, sleeping, laying down, loving to slumber.

Yet, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough in their shepherds that cannot understand the all look to their own way, everyone for his gain, from his quarter now so not when it what is he to them will master this question here are these dogs look highly like German shepherds or are they more like basset hounds talking about his profits as of watchmen profits very generic dumb dog dog was the lowest form Israel will the dogs were the least expect least respected they were accurate, right lead the least honorable and for that reason, in five places of what or who are referred to. There is a certain type of person is referred to as a dog and five places, my son might she write the sentiments referred to as dogs now the Alliance of the most highly acclaimed but dogs of the lease. The claim now so you referring to these pastors to the shepherds okay so to be compared to a dog is not like very complementary is now especially greedy dogs. He really covers at their greedy dogs in 13 years. Everyone is after for his gain from this quarter.

They're all working out for themselves so so today when you got these preachers that will preach whatever it takes to fill the offering plate when they swing you when you have preachers that that boast about that. They have the they have Learjet so they have, you know you know the one that one man and wife had 32 homes that their mom billionaires today than there in the top of the richest creatures in the world.

Okay. But does that have anything to do with with preaching the gospel or when we when we call those preachers today. He's gonna hear dumb dogs are greedy dogs out there.

Prosperity preachers but they are, they would be of course there I don't think the limit of the money the prosperity preachers what what have they to do what they preach about repentance.

But don't slavery to salvation is not necessary for repentance right right so now when you have people like TD Jakes says I want my stuff. Now I want it now.

I know one of wait till I get to heaven or or you got Joel's penises. Now is the time right now to live the good life now.

I have everything here on earth.

Why would there be a need for control.

All screeners write what you read and what coordinator heaven, so what does God's Word the Bible teach about the good life eternal life.

That is where we received for those of us in lab crowns and treasures we have them together for a brief moment we have our fraternity okay so please if you crowns in heaven and not here on earth right remember that they TD Jakes has a backwards think you got it all wrong is diametrically opposed with the truth already anonymous in Staten Island pledges 200. Thank you. And that was Marine in Springfield pledges 200.

Thank you and will and will be will be back right after this, and now the end is in your knots in your that you should. And that's the truth.

I know for certain.

I that's eternal. He kept me from going astray. Please God. And this I know he did it is with us. I can say is Wayne I not to already Joe you Hussein a different version of that song Frank about her. I was just thinking about that and a guy named Elvis Presley out when now listen, you, you know, here's what they know now they know now that my lyrics were better than theirs, but with the voice maybe not so much.

But the lyrics definitely better than theirs just turned it around and see you and I know something we are or what do it his way. That is the way we are to follow his his way I live my life trying.

I don't do it. Trying to do it God's way.

That's the way it should go for all of us right absolutely nobody so no Joe, I want to listen to this because when Naomi Fox had to say. Naomi Wolf has a say grammar.

What we we said this here months ago.

In fact we even set out in our newsletter and something that all of a sudden they're just discovering believing that in a newsletter and that was the different codes for the different types of bio weapon poison right okay so that different batches of different types of rights allow me to get my android played a mighty Andrew you ready to play the clip played a clip find and surface important new documentation. Ending back is over to the lawyers and we can have a webinar on the 23rd at half out criminal charges, said that it's not just single actions that people are facing criminal just a little bit in shock today like every time to be 16. They found my level of trying to tolerate shock has to go higher and higher. I would like to share with your community a finding that reached reached me from the research team yesterday, which is pretty terrifying. People need to know about your spam go ahead okay. So much so this was leaps to me it's also replicated documents. See severe acute respiratory virus vaccines what people think goes to Dr. with facts and dosages and little people have sat with one not 20. It actually many people who are nurses and pharmacists have been whistleblowing think ingredients are not in that English because if the package it's blank next incorrect here.

If you are a doctor can get our medical insider you can. People are right.

This team is pretty terrifying because there's work that's been done that I was preliminary.

This confirms that there are different batches. Essentially, with different codes, serial numbers basically they are having different effects website called how bad is my I believe that is looking at symptoms from their database that relate to different kinds of serial numbers. This is the other side of Year and again this is open to doctors and lawyers to to validate it would appear you can see for yourself lists a series of codes 91300057 and they do appear to be different batches is a whole series that are left out and you can find them elsewhere concerning vaccines/toxoid taxes/toxic guidelines look just looking for series which is about 12 batches different dosages different not LMP which is that particle spike print reach the first 20, 30 g, the second one is also 30 g of Pfizer micrograms Pfizer hundred micrograms Pfizer 3 g different batches and I'm micrograms and 50 g and I think it's interesting that like nine batches that I just read in 20005070108 different people are getting different dosages of active and possibly dangerous is the reason I find this so important, especially with the work you've been doing to showcase and went down. I colleagues charts with a broken down Jack's timeline with with blisters and the first and second injections. There was a huge spike as I recall, millennial death, right around the time the boosters were rolled out and if all it would appear that some batches could have more peace by printing more particles, which I'm persuaded or it's so problematic and said this is truly shocking and you're not adjusted for weight or size right if you're hundred euros woman went to church hi hi spike print dosages 300 pounds 6 foot and then lastly over to the right shows documentation and 1/4 dose booster and went to second third dentist recommended populations.

For example, compromised. This is not supposed to be for everyone. According to this internal document. It's targeted to braille populations. Barbara populations with the risk benefit equation is going to make more sense to take what is now called risky injection to meet you quite terrifying concept is that there two different solutions may or may not be relevant but I literally experiment you don't know what you're getting and I guess the last thing I want to say I am not a medical doctor sent over to the doctors, lawyers, triple point with you explication by what's scary is that doctors would have doctors would have seen these codes seems different in stitches at no file and is 50 g test. This is 100 g justice is 3 g test and to alert people that are different batches with different levels of the active ingredients inspection so this is all pretty shocking doctor will forget about a minute. How do people join up and assist you.

You get with 12 or 1300 volunteers now do people go to the site and in an and find out more about you and the work that's been done yeah please come to research at daily cut.I am looking assigned one of six different groups and also go to Pattaya on the right. She's that Pfizer can sign up and look at an email form to go ahead and get to work.

Please support each other emotionally.

All of us who are learning because this is truly truly doctoral work and to rejoice, Joe. I've got I've got the chart that she's talking about right here for me from the AMA. That's right in here, it has right on their starts in 3 g goes to 10 g ago. The 30 g he goes to 100 g so you have all of these different batches depending on the batch that happened that they happen to inject you with and so here you know it's like will will say okay these people. These are conservatives. These are people that we are not the one people. Let's give them light the most potent batch and get rid of them first. Maybe they might say Wallace was uses on the elderly because get rid of them. First but I've got the chart right here.

Now there is proof the I am a documents that they are distributing different doses of the active ingredient in a coded vaccines right here is the chart chart serve a chart of the line. Hopefully I was when we did that story refers to the story. I was talking to some local people and I was talking to some local people at the local Walmart down the farmers. Basically, they never looked at stuff a Nevada nurse.

It was during those shots, the stuff would command and there were some nurse came in and the elders came in a bachelor just like the top on off and give it to whoever it was next in line and they said they had noticed that they were going look at it may look very very surprised when I told him about the different amounts in the batches is what we notice the phone lines is not ringing are not reading so folks think everything 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 and we knew Joe when we tell people. These things just unbelievable. Yesterday I had until later use in this is this happening all the time. Both of them totally both of them have adult dog daughters and they both have grandchildren, and both of more tell me how their adult dollars got the poison and they don't. And here I'm here in a solid time grandma grandpa art not invited over because they didn't get the poisonous boat ride or not.

Back in these the said millennial generation of these these these people have their clueless lately what the public forces that they were indoctrinated with cultural Marxism. They lost their ability to to reason and know the Bible calls because what's happened to a large degree, they become reprobate they don't like to use that word. With that said, the Bible makes it very very clear of those that you know he this is there is no God, that's a fool. They become fools. Joe and so there you go. I know it's it's terrible and my guest last night how you are destroying the family that are destroying common sense there, destroying knowledge a minute there. We are in the middle of a spiritual battle. We are in the middle of a revolution ourselves and the enemy is running because our site has been reset our children to the devil to be educated and people still can't figure out why everything is going wrong in this country when we've had years and years and years of the devil running the education system the very heart and soul of the nation will prevent trying to warn them with seeing the parents and starting to waken up on this whole coven thing has given him. And so it's late, it's in no and blotches hope is not too little too late. But you know the remedy is very clear. I think we can bring America back to one nation under God grant that gives us he gives us the exact formula needed and that's when his people.

What repent and turn turn right on their wicked ways in our national sermon is what where you committed abortion the murder of the children.

The shedding of innocent blood and Susan and Illinois pledges 100.

Thank you, Susan. Thank you, Susan. We, but we gotta keep getting some 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Jersey area go from site. We had to do some very rapid articles here late audio recording reveals Obama Biden regime officials plotting coup against Ukrainian Pres. in 2014. And guess what that was. We talked about that in 2014 right will remember as the current Biden regime offers its love and support Ukraine following invasion by more than 100,000 they they will not offer love and support. They will even offer the military weapons that the crane needs to decay Russian forces a newly resurfaced fleet audio indicates that the pair of Obama administration officials were plotting to overthrow the elected president of the country during the main revolution in 2014. One of the key players in the coup planning was Victoria New England.

That woman if her lips are moving. She's line) very active group today right yeah she's is right to serve with Barack Obama, State Department, and is a vehement vehement vehement anti-trapper as well as an avid cycle pentacle supporter of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Quentin right and so in fact she was heavily involved in spreading the steel thusly or a hoax that that claim to have evidence. Trouble was a stooge of the Russian president that woman again. She is deep state all the way not to be trusted and all mount Murray remember were supposed to be the one who would complete Barack Obama's total transformation of America perspectives eight years. According to deep state employees putting in all the political operatives impacts and all through the valve really built the deep state incident. Hillary was supposed to come in and complete the transition. But that's what I do remember remember what Obama said to Pres. Crump. He said well it is when he was referring to what you just said about Hillary. At least I would.

I will have been president.

Another words you not going to be present. It's going to be Hillary right and that not only has Trump been president, but that the problem will be again. And that word will underwrite a amen something that is not happening.

I noticed you look at the nearest the last we heard the convoys the patriot the freedom convoy got to DC they were driving around outside capital going around and getting no attention and I heard her finally found it. That big government blocked their entering into DC would not allow the men and were getting any attention so they were going to take convoy and go into the DC proper and you know how much news coverage I found on one little blurb and the restless crickets say one of the most important things of this government taking control over us. Being able to lock us down orders to take an experimental vaccine ordering schools to be closed. Ordering all these mask ordering businesses to be close, destroying the economy and here we have people brave enough spending their own time, their own money to do this convoy for freedom and the press is disappeared. Not talking about it and as they concentrate. Here's your attention that shows the shiny little object or buddies looking somewhere else and the Conway. They said like we talked couple weeks ago. The convoy said this is our last shot at the change that was way back in the first part of March and May to complete almost a complete news blackout so it will die.

Freedom will die in America and the press is one of the main reasons for that depth of freedom. That's my take is to latest this we might as will just give up a little over an diet it's it's over with. We don't have a chance. I don't feel that way but now we just when you say that freedom ignored when use when you say that the treatment now let me tell you something okay you can't be the people that refuse to be beaten. If God is if they're on God side and right. No way. Okay, because we would rather freedom will be.

We would rather die and if he delivered enemies to the sickos of tyrants who can be against that's right, after that this is what the liberals were hoping would happen freedom where it died, people would not notice it, that it would go unnoticed and then there would just be accepted by the people, but that's why we're here to be the watchmen on the wall to tell the people so they know it's going on and if they know what's going on. Then they can fight it with truth will I've talked to a lot of people and they all know that the fake news media. The slot the sleazy lying okay on true media out there that there they are trying to cure. Keep in give it kill whatever attention that the freedom convoy might have and so we know that in some and I mean the patriot movement across this country did a very, very well aware of it. We are much smarter than they think okay late the file.

Cheese and these people who consider themselves to be intellectual giants literally middle mental midgets because to think that you can fight against God. And when well hell is full of those people president Scripture says it's not near right 88828111108882811110 lymphomas (we got here from you. We really got here from you. 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 like you got a call work on things like tonight were you faxing your hard pressed to find you're not going to find it under local evening news and a lot of these things are buried. They don't want you to know and that's why God put us here to be put back attorneys are specially to be watchmen on the wall and that's what were doing were trying to be obedient to him because that was the Patrick Henry said, and out I don't care how bad the news. I'm paraphrasing what it is I need to know the truth because of I know the truth and I know what I need to do and without the truth, you don't know what direction to go. What action to take. And that's what Pastor Ernie has been all these like 41 849 years the watchmen on the wall delete 50 years.

This should you this year.

88828111108882811110 or 88867796 and was seen divulging the other room till you tell me you got to give that number out beheading of the number of phone doesn't ring 888-677-9673 got a call isn't bombshell Melissa Joe. This is another one that we we said a while back.

Okay Fauci owns a patent on SARS: two GP 120 HIV insertion which destroys the body's cancer killing T cells. That's right. Early on the pandemic and the plan endemic. We reported the unusual HIV insertions have been identified in the Wuhan coronavirus, 19. This strongly suggests that the time that the virus was a bio weapon constructed in a laboratory. This is what we said in March of two years ago right. Since that time has been with further revealed that Tony Fauci of the national Institute of allergy and infectious disease. NIAID owns a patent on at least one such HIV insertion known as the GP 120 HIV GP 120 protein reports I Gore should of on his sub stack is the one that activates the LFA one CD4 T live for situs and increases all susceptibility to the LFA one targeting lexical toxin. According to a 2011 study get a patent on something What made you can patent something God made you can patent something that's naturally occurring so this is something that they have taken and it's man created all right Joe were coming up to a heartbreak so close after this break, we got another clip you really want to listen to the dark valley will be back when. After this, don't go away whole lot more to come right back with more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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