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MON HR1 031422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 14, 2022 11:08 pm

MON HR1 031422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 14, 2022 11:08 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now this was at the port of March 20 that was 2022. Okay folks in note little Lisa finally she was. She was thrilled to finally put up enough weight on. She left her first footprint in the snow and everybody was happy and she was happy. Then mighty Andrew sneezed and I was all for naught. So there would just leave that golden move on to better things way in the back of better things is rowdy.

Randy is on those qualities. Weight and boy he's really ready to go tonight. Is this is pledge week. This is pledge week just in case just in case we get over included O-rings over intergenic and in-kind overwork. We have nurse Elaine Conley right here ready to resuscitate us if that was necessary. Okay are you ready say hello good evening everybody. I'm ready and raring to go. All right mighty Andrew yes Pastor okay this is your big chance, go ahead little Lisa. Everyone knows you do that well okay yes he does get out here going to hurry up there you go.

Now, there he goes. He's easier.

He's written dusty back roads of Missouri, with his Bible in his hand preaching. The preaching man none other than the pastor Joe Larson three or more of the world made about your highly unpaid professionals. Tears here and ready for what work you call it a sense of humor. Others have said were weird. Well, you get lovelier humors on now. Well, maybe working like in between there.

All right will now that we got all that done a this is pledge week 88828111108882811110 and 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 already little Lisa pledge 125 Ronnie Randy pledge 135 Phyllis from Brooklyn pledges for 40 Bob from New Jersey pledges 70 and Deacon. I think it must be Deacon John. The pledges 7100 all right got off to keep it coming close to becoming known that all happened before you give up your members while I was given at the numbers okay are again so let me give those numbers again. 888-281-1110, you know, we discovered in here right here tonight that Elaine Conley, the only regular newsletter that's like 90 almost like not having a birth certificate which is good to get it now. Looking forward to it already. Nor 888-677-9673 folks give us a call now and are supported. We have never advertised renal cell things. We have a partnership with you, the listeners, we donate our time, talent and treasure to do the work in your donations pay the bill to keep us on the air.. We are going to get into the message like as we got a lot to cover in the title of the message tonight.

Jody remembered what was God not okay that's exactly right. Working the picking up over in Isaiah chapter 54.

Now before we get into that I'm the kind of do give you a little analysis will really be talking about here now God is telling Israel here Joe that the that he was going for second he was going for sake or for a brief time in his anger.

But if she would repent and return to him. He would restore her with the blessings of prosperity and peace and so he's good. He goes on to say that as he has kept his promise to know he would keep his promise to Israel now the promises for the millennial kingdom is where we go through your will see that he's referring to the millennial kingdom know for sure. He'll talk about the present time, but then he moves ahead into the millennial kingdom when none God will will he be personally in that millennial kingdom. He said he's going to personally be teaching the children that if they had been, and we see that remember if they had been obedient for me getting if they just listen they just kept the promise that he would've ushered in the millennial kingdom and they wouldn't of had to go through all that they went through. But basic cream of a viable triple repent and turn God forgives and then bless us discover universal theme from beginning to the end the Scripture. Yeah but see here now so different because 01C. They entered the millennial kingdom. The goodness can be little be it. They won't have. They will have to keep that I can continue to fall back or the fall away because God will be the Lord Jesus will be raining on his throne during the kingdom and all judgment will be instantaneously located and so and we will be there too, but not in the same capacity as Israel now my own communicative again been assured and if they had only kept the covenant with the know that God had made a covenant with David there.

But again, Israel did nothing.

Phyllis, it's part of the covenant and what did he do to fell back and started worship idols again so Joe, go ahead and start an and 54 verse five and read it all the way through to and then stop at 17 will pick it up there right Mike.

Hector caught button for my maker is thine husband, the Lord of hosts is his name and they reap dearer, the holy one of Israel, the God of the whole earth shall he be called for the Lord hath called the as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused say if the look stuff up there to know what's the difference between note, we referred to God refers to Israel, especially he does that in the book of Hosea as his wife right as his wife and he gives an example is Gomer, and as part of a prostitute for a wife of God: now what is a horse wife that went a whoring archaic and but he uses Hosea to to his example that held how Hosea deals with Gomer, his horse wife is the way that he's going to deal with Israel the horse nation. And so here but now there's a difference between that and the church. The church is referred to is what the bride of Christ, right right not to wife the bride and so the church has already been judged and it will not be his will is visiting the beam as a judgment but it doesn't have to go through the tribulation. The tribulation periods is what was the purpose of the tribulation. Bring Israel back to God.

Well, it was to purify her. That was the purification of the nation of Israel and and what we see that the purification of Israel. That means the two thirds of Israel.

Okay are going to be there. Not true Israel. They're not going to be received during the purification. One third is to Israel right so only a remnant will be purified. All right, so pick it up in verse eight in a little wrath I cured my face from the firmament but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on the say of the Lord thy Redeemer, for this is as the waters of Noah under me for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should know more go over the earth, so I sworn that I would not be wrought with the snow review. The mountains shall depart in the data be removed. My kindness shall not depart from the data so the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord, that hath mercy mercy on the overall afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will live a stones with fair colors, and lay thy foundations with sapphires and I will make thy windows of agates, invite gates of carbuncles in all thy borders of pleasant stones and all the children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of thy children in righteousness shall thou be established. Thou shalt be far from oppression. Thou shall not fear, and from terror for it shall not come near the behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me first, whoever shall gather together against me shall fall for thy sake. Behold, I have created the smith that blow up the coals in the fire, and that bringing forth an instrument for his work and I have created the waster to destroy. No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.

This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. Okay, we have Harold Illinois pledges 150 Tony in Toronto 125 Betty from Escondido pledges 50 Jerome from New York pledges 200 and Bob from a story of pledges 300 thank you thank you thank you thank you are under siege. Even worse than we are absolutely right here at the at the bottom of the over with and have a little clip and people need to hear. And in that I'm going to be talking about will with what's happened so far just so far this year.

I want to dedicate this radio program and I'm going to name six men who going to dedicate this quick radio program to and then when you listen to the clip you will really realize more about what were talking about, not just pick it up in verse 55 verse one and go ahead and read all the way through, and I cannot tell you when to stop the go ahead okay hello everyone, each of the water have no money, me by any come here and come buy wine and milk without money and without price for four do you spend money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which satisfy if not hearken diligently under me and EE that which is good and lecture sold the light of self and fatness.

Incline your ear and coming to me here and your soul shall live, and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David. Okay, set right there for minute now he was speaking about a specific because the covenant that he made with them in a few turnover the second Samuel chapter 7 in the second Samuel chapter 7 okay now I'll read it all right. Moreover, starting with verse 10. Moreover, I will appoint a place for my people Israel and will plant them, that they may dwell in the place of their own and move no more, neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them anymore as before time and as since the time that I commanded judged to be over my people Israel and have caused need a rest from all thine enemies.

Also the Lord tell if the that I will make the in the house now here he sees making it very clear point here that don't. God had turned down David's request to build him a house to dwell okay here. God had something much, much better in another. David's request was good because it know now this doesn't mean they got rejected David in fact a guy was planning again like he was saying to do something much, much greater with David's life than allowing in the prestige of building the temple remember why he wasn't allowed to build the temple recovery right so God turn down David's requests, but he promised to continue the house or the dynasty of David forever like it that would be the lineage of Christ Redeemer King would come through the line of David O. David's dynasty entered ended centuries later but it Jesus Christ is a direct descendent of David, and he is what the ultimate fulfillment. He is the only one that that the is eligible for the throne of David is the only one.

Now here. Remember to what what he had told David TVC want to build me a house right in a house that contained me.

What did he say what what what what does it take to contain God. The whole universe takes the whole universe, date of sale. He is very very solid all universes feels and really find nothing so absolutely I still gets all they had to do all they had to do is keep that covenant and they could've gone right into the millennial kingdom, but the again they refused. Now John in Minnesota pledges $50 thank you John the right folks, the numbers are 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 gave them, we need to get off to a good start going yes to going 48888828111108882811110 now I here come the lease and inched fluttering about rightly see what we got so far. Okay now where are out running back and forth from the phones to keep you updated.

We need about 4700. We need about 4700 yet so for the rest we got we got a raise another 4700 for the rest of the night or don't. We got we got off to good start. Amen. Again, so Lisa gives a new pair shoes 4700. All right there you go, already solicitous pick up where we left off in verse 455 are on that verse were talking about the sure mercies of David back in chapter 13.

In acts where it talks about thou art my son that I've begun a note for and concerning either raised him up from the dead, now no more to return to corruption, he set on this wise, I will give you the sure mercies of David. And that's New Testament and the Old Testament to make people still felt we don't need to read the Old Testament. There is nothing there or you forget that's what Jesus preached from and referred to all the time right now.

Absolutely no master this question because people often will ask.

Wait a minute, Pastor, you said the Jesus is that he raised himself and he definitely did and then he says, but wait a minute, but it was is the father. The that raised Jesus, which was the father from the dead and then the skepticism was the holy the power the Holy Spirit. So which one was it the father son and Holy Ghost.

All the father and I are 11 of the same Jesus was begotten came forth from that we have three who are one God the father. So, from Genesis to Revelation. Who gives the marching orders. The father gives you carries about every time the Lord your carried who provides the power every time work of the Holy Spirit.

Okay, very good, and it takes L3 to accomplish Marilyn of Florida pledges 100. Thank you Marilyn, thank you okay pick it up in verse four, behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader and commander to the people. Behold, I also call a nation that thou knowest not send nations that knew not the shell run entity under the because of the Lord thy God, and for the holy one of Israel. For he hath glorified the CT the Lord while he may be found and call ye upon him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way of the righteous man his thoughts and let him return to the Lord and he will have mercy upon him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

Okay, stop what is what is the last thing we do with the radio program. We do something we give an invitation and we say that you we have to what we repent or perish cherish and so that's what he saying here when he says, seeking the Lord while he may be found when a means by that means what in order to find him.

We have to be what alive and breathing no way out. So you stay in this crazy world of people that die from covert the heart attacks, gunshots, accidents, car accidents or pestilence of a lot of people that are listening right now will not be here tomorrow morning. Absolutely. And then the next verse he says repent, repent, and so there are those out there and in the Word of Faith movement that this this is repentance is not necessary for salvation gave way to the Lord Jesus find that Anna, the first word ministry repent. The very first word. How could anybody think otherwise. Even before that, he sent John the Baptist out to preaching what repentance right right runner with so what is Isaiah here preaching 800 years before the birth of Christ. Repentance theme running through the Bible right absolutely no this next verse you listen to this for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord not listen for as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts in a joke. The people of Israel had come to the conclusion they decided that they knew what God was thinking and that that they can conform God's plans in a manner that would fit with their own plans.

Okay, now how do we see that kind of thing happening today. All the time in this world, and regardless loves everybody.

God's not going to judge Richard freeman always trying to take God and make God for what he wants make God to be so that the man's happy okay so so delete it didn't do men sometimes take the word of God. They take the word of God and in the they kinda read things into it.

It's not there. For example, where man always will will will ask Elaine this will see will testing Elaine where in the Bible does it talk about denominations doesn't matter all does it in a Gazan man makes man makes the Bible to try and fit into their own narrative so we see that the simplicity of the government of the church, the government and churches who's there the church to Christ the Lord Jesus Christ who is the under shepherd the local pastor the local and under the local pastor the elders and deacons and then the assembly that's that is the entire government of the church system of church right there right so what happens when you have a denomination. What if you have assented or will a Presbytery.

What would when you add anything between Christ and the local pastor and that is the local pastor what are you doing your putting in a level of control and oversight. That's not needed. Okay so so whether it's a Vatican for the Senate, a weather with a Presbytery whether it's convention all of those out in the death that the Bible is wrong church… So that's man's invention not God's right track correctly.

What about the 501(c)(3), where where the neck and into the church think is that government wanted to dabble into the affairs of the church.

Jill has for control reasons and it worked to its working to certain extent Sondra 501(c)(3) Kendra 501(c)(3) than who was the head of the church for the month under 501(c)(3) the church no longer the church. The church becomes a corporation correct right corpus means nonliving creation of the state. The church of the living body of Christ or can you be the living body of Christ in the nonliving creation of the state. At the same time now so under the 501(c).

It says that the the pastor is an agent and if you look that up in Black's Law. It says that these two definitions primary definition is an intercessor between the state and the congregation. The secondaries a spy for the state against the congregation again and so if you you can't be both living and dead, you can't be both the church and a corporation good. No, you can't do that. Okay now listen all of this except in the twisting and perverting the word of God mess with. That's what people were doing so, the people of Israel had made the decision that this is this is what God meant when he said this is said that he says my thoughts are not your thoughts. Okay, I'll tell you what I mean. Don't tell me what I mean right and that he says where's the heavens are higher than the earth or my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Okay in film to stop right there and pick it up there tomorrow joke it's it's some real important stuff coming up right there. Look how big the universe products of the heavens are higher than later. Look at the universe, we haven't found that you were just beginning to see how big you were going to pick it up there to mouth right now.

I wanted to say this, I want to dedicate this radio program to these following this year so far I have buried these personal friends of mine and all these are all patriots, Christian men that's just as far with they have died. Ed Corsi Dan Shafer Joe Clark Denver Sally Jo sumo and just Saturday night buried pastor Bruce Pfeiffer who was the major part of this ministry for years. Pastor Bruce was a man of great stature. Pastor Bruce was well evaluated been a politician he would've been a statesman. He always put other people before himself. He loved his family. He loved his children and grandchildren, and in this ministry. He became with me and he said look, he was a kind of a guy that would take charge. I'll take care of it. Don't worry about it and I could do that when I when I would tell him what we needed.

That was all I had to do. He was the Eagle loved the children he was adamantly adamantly pro-life and for a guy a man who was 78, 79 years old in the dead of winter. He'd be out there on the streets in the cold saving babies and it and you would see it to be was a bright big man and sometimes some. Some of those people when their shame we get violent. And they would come running up and when they got up.

All he had to do this let's Bruce was just set look human kind and always turn around when the other direction and so I know that your family misses you tremendous amount. Pastor Bruce with your friend right here pastor Ernie, I miss you tremendous amount to so we know is heavens gain or loss and no within a player clip list just go right to the clip and function want to play. Listen to this clip because what I just said all of these men who died this year. Listen to what's happening and go to the first clip the Adele Georges Ed before I can I get some specific things and vaccines.

I think some charts put up but I can't have you on one of the smartest portfolio management route without asking you that the today you sought the 7.19% on the on the CPI plus you've got the orgy of spending here this insane $1.5 trillion description overall economic and financial assessment where right now while I heard you guys earlier talking with Navarro and I'm of the opinion we go in there with recession in the third quarter a lot of smart folks.

I was talking to all last year projecting third-quarter recession. So I think come sooner than the end of the year online recording system analysis. I've seen that is trapped at the rate cycle rate hike cycles Artie over before it began wet the end of this Ponzi scheme, so to speak and I were at a very critical point in history where a lot of the inflation of the last 10 years. One of the assets in our Tennessee inflation in things we need and deflation in those assets, so it's a one-two punch and that's coming and we also have we also have what I see is supply shocks that are different from monetary influences. This is the first spike in commodity prices since 83 that we see without a corresponding rise in interest rates so as to supply shocks written so it's going to be a disaster over the next 12 months, my humble would go back to Ed Ed and I will have you back on in more depth on your assessment of the economy, in particular, this economical rent but I want to turn to the vaccines.

Your charts walk us to review, the same one I want to make sure you get the floor get at six minutes walk us through what you get violently set the frame. This is the CDC's own data that they aggregate into all ages. The bottom line is my insurance industry expert works outside Wall Street analyst wanted CDC data. We were looking for other things but we found was pretty shocking. He took the data. It took some time and effort do a lot of work he broke it down by age and created baselines for each age group to come up with excess mortality in the money chart is really chart for which shows that the millennial age group 25 to 44 is experienced in 84% increase in excess mortality into the fall is the worst ever. Excess mortality. I think in history on just to give you an idea you look at chart for the C1 mandates and boosters hit acceleration into the fall and then we accelerated into the end of the year, the drop-off, not data you see that art is reporting issues. It takes time for millennial age destiny reported as are usually not hospital deaths so that that is to be updated and publishers continued a disturbing trend so as to put some numbers on mass in the fall. Starting in the summer.

The fall with the mandates of the boosters there were 61,000 excess millennial deaths basically millennial's experience. The Vietnam War in the second half of 2021. Okay 50,000 people died in the Vietnam War.

US troops so this generation just experienced a Vietnam War and I think this is the smoking gun that the vaccines are causing excess mortality in all age groups and no coincidence that Michelle Belinsky refuses to answer Sen. Ron Johnson's letters there hide how she's gone. She's gone there hide so put out a word out there it's a word that's old but it needs. Introducing the conversation. This is what we call demo side death by government so the government mandates and killed people. Okay you know what I need to do in Ed, I know you're in a different slave different times and we are in there. B got set up and hopefully have you back on the evening shook his expose of the one question of God because your boss regarding not just at the top of Wall Street for status out there.

Why did it take you and your research partners analyst, why hasn't. Why haven't other people done this wise a first time hearing this from you because if you're correct. This is so explosive particular same millennial's millennialism had a Vietnam War event right in. In 2021.

Why did it take you to do it. Why is no one else because it's easy. I know this information is reasonable. Why is no one know that so interesting because I was talking to my partner just didn't understand why no one else is done this yet. We suspect insurance companies may be doing this and try to figure out and are looking at each other. Square.

I but that was an interesting question were not we want other people to literally re-create the data here world I defeat the CF they hypostatic took him a while to do. This wasn't easy, but yes, actuarial training, he was able to create the baselines, so it takes still more in your prepared I want to make sure immuno consumer in all the left washes your prepared you Ed your your your actual analyst partner prepare to put it all out and you'll take a murder board right you would sit there and have people try to tear the Spartan Terrier theory, the case apart yes and just so you know, my partner is going to become public soon but under his own way of doing it on the non-not. I'm not controlling anybody here is going to be ongoing public to a certain audience as financial interests year.

Eventually he goes out of the public so stay tuned. In addition, I had a actuarial risk accountant Rick risk officer permit recurrence company reach out to me yesterday wants to compare notes that this is this is beginning state people are looking this know this can get a bigger just one question. Fred let you go when moisture social media like Angel will be getting back on this afternoon consists of big does the liability protection that was given.

So when they started this program work speed with that protect the wood that protect the farmer in the situation as you see it's her on know because I've done a lot of work into the clinical data with Jackson.

The front fascia evidence that the FDA wanted to hide the data for €75 points to clinical fraud is also problems with manufacturing processes all coming out. This is this is the most ridiculous disaster in history nation of the preceding with government cover demo site. Ed will quickly have social media had a people follow your sub stack all of already know, Elaine, why, why was it that the Mr. Dowd when he as Mr. Dowd.

Why is it you the first one talking about this. What's wrong with that while there. There is a major problem because we were talking about this last year. Yeah. And even at the tail end of 2020 that things were not right with the statistics and the deaths with Joe were we not talking about this a nationwide radio sure were required of all ago. I remember talking about how some insurance companies were having trouble with her actual or actuarial tables relates to the death rate was raised 40% and we know that in the day and what they call the Gen X it generation ages 4156 with the recalling since August of last year there was 101,000 deaths and that was Lakewood like 61,000 more than normal.

We can locate now what way more than normal but Joe you what you would call we would be called a baby boomer, Joe okay word perfect as sometimes I just went on a copyright in that same category.

A case of any of you know your boomer hike.

I see another one in the room here right now Jimmy the Greek swimming around in every case by himself is on the board and tell them we'll do not tell one of those easy Titus, which is oh boy anyhow so there's a 306,000 baby boomers listen to this 306,000 baby boomers to know that not just death that excess of three normal that's can you believe correct and then the other other peace to that was when they started talking about ministering these chats to younger and younger children, and the statistics that were coming out that there was an over 5000% increase in their protected tests from these chats that you see this is what I call leader. They call it what it was to them. Murder by government genocide Genesis is called genocide and holocaust silt. No remember what we've been telling you for the last couple weeks that we think Mr. Fauci. We haven't been able to prove that we think he's in a witness protection program now there's a lot of people out to kill him now the only put you in a witness protection program.

If they expect you to turn over and somebody else cracked exactly got a lot of things he can turn over but I remember the British, German doctors and was a German insurance company to PKK.

One of the largest and oldest health insurance in Germany, sounding a alarm on the underreporting of vaccine injury and death, and they have like almost 11 million policyholders and they been looking at their figures and they go that there is significant underreporting of deaths and side effects of the vaccine and they said Davis already seen over there. This is just this one company 216,700 cases of vaccine side effects and not just in one insurance company in one country and they were starting to read let out some stuff like this from other companies before and the big news of the day is right now the government of Thailand came out and we find they have just paid out more than $45 million in compensation to people who developed illnesses and injuries after receiving the poison punk after the facts and what's really important here is that fact that there's fraud involved and there is deliberate withholding of information and manipulation of data by the FDA and also the CDC that legally negates any liability across the board as far as who's touching these shots as they go to the public actually now here Teresa from Dallas Texas pledges 100. Thank you, Teresa. Gotta give those numbers out to the phone lines have fallen silent, so I take 28111108882811110 or 8886779673888 677-967-3420: try not to stand the phone and long and about two or three minutes is we got get on the phones ringing, we gotta grab them right then because we we have to write right now. Elaine tell us this, that and more than one of these doctors is very well known doctors and virologist them in making statements that I made a number of them said that you got people in 3 to 5 years in a subtropical and flies quickly and tells what you know well basically Drs. Blanco was on the X 22 report on Saturday and he specifically said that 20 to 50% of people who read received the shots with their boosters will be dead in three years and that's because those mechanisms that are in place. I it reduces your immune system by 30 to 40% with each each injection and then from there, as you are exposed to other viruses in the common cold, etc. I year body keeps on attacking itself. If you have pre-existing medical conditions. Those accelerate and they can no longer be managed correctly okay them within a number of people tell me that they took the first shot before they realize what they were doing and they got so sick they got so deathly ill that they never took another one. Okay I just talked to a dear friend today who's ended up in divorce proceedings because his his wife acted after he told her.

Do not do not do not take the shot, but the her children grown children, settled in order for you to come and see your grandchildren. You have to take the VAX so took the first, and then after each talk to her explained to her and everything she agreed. Not that was it. She wouldn't take the which he just admitted to him that he had taken she had gone and she had taken the booster and so this cause such a disruption peak of trust and the family, and we seem family after family being broken up because of these these faxes cracked you got these and it seems like the I don't know the millennial generation. When we call them MX or whatever it seems like the video they're missing something that they just don't listen. They leave their so it is so indoctrinated in the world and into the people that were sent to public schools, public colleges and become so indoctrinated the cultural Marxism. Instead, listen to their parents and there was something I was listening to podcasts and they were talking about the pack that there had been some kind of a survey by when in the universities and that 30% of the millennial's in general are atheist on a bath unless their connection to God.

And that's exactly what would Joe do we not tell people 50 years ago. If you send your kids your children to the public schools. They will tournament atheist. They will take exactly I wrote a college course on everything else was likely education system going all the way back early part of the first education in the world was to what teach the children to obey the government take them away from their parents train them to be obedient to the state. It's been the history of education throughout the world cutting detectors and mentally. He said if you, for whatever reason you taken any of these shots that you need to take full responsibility for doing it because nobody forced you to do you work for worst and basically you buckled underneath that and then you need to turn to God, but in relation to remedies irate that he recommended. He said the major problem is blood clotting so you can look to the NAC the NSE to sustain you can look at baby aspirin.

Some people are on Coumadin hello class, but he said he predicts that in 2 to 3 years that they'll be further immunotherapy that's developed that's being worked on. Right now, and he talked about that. The benefit of zinc everybody needs to be on think it reduces any further development of the irises exposure and it can decrease that antibody -dependent enhancement that goes on green tea extract with the CDC declares that 10 the vitamin C vitamin D3 now is accurate. I removed the hundred percent of what you that we don't really know exactly what you got. You need to look at your vaccination card. There's lot numbers and course. She had the manufacturer. There you can go to website called how bad is my and you can look up the exact injection that you received because they were all different and it's rated as to its mild, severe or serious right now. Here's laments about this than to because we went we been telling people you know that the people are shedding hand and said the denial of the end VAX to the unmasking can pick this stuff up for those that are shedding yeah so it's now the setting occurs with a virus and basically what you're being transmitted to irate from something that's a lot to Dr. tenpenny and some of the doctors are talking about shedding versus the transmission but from everything that I'm saying I think eventually everybody in the world is gotta be a cold that long holler, meaning you're going to have fatigue, you're good to have battles, you know with on with lung health. You know on etc. etc. I believe that you have to manage your signs and symptoms and there's things you can do to mediate the signs and symptoms that you have a right to know. I understand that this if you one of those things is to get in the bathtub. Take a couple Borax take a cup of baking soda take it a couple of the clay. What is the cold it's called it's basically it's birth measures are okay, and then 1 cup of which the stuff you use when you get the bones are aching in the absence of Epson salts not understand this, that and I've got this from several different people in the last month that Dr. Manji midday when they know they said if you'd you put a cup of each of that one company and is bathtub and you get in there and you rub it all over yourself for about a half-hour and you have to stay in there is as hot as the water you can get know what they're saying and is that that will pull out a lot of those particles. Those of nano chips those spy proteins that that will pull that out of you.

Okay so you and you recommend doing it and I think there's an easier way to do it. I was right.

Bottom line is I don't send in a chlorinated bathtub irate because of the chlorine and all the of the other stuff that's in there. So I believe that you can cleanse your body and other ways that are easier to handle. Night had individuals call me and said they ended up with this big mess in their bathtub irate and they took him almost a whole day to clean it up and they're not really sure how much was really cleansed out of their system. And so, from my perspective, you need to be staying hydrated. You need to be on herbals and supplements to help clean out your lever, but you're better off you know cleansing in a different way from my perspective the detox foot bath. That's the whole principle of doing the whole body irate and they you can also do it. You know with different oatmeal bassinet type thing to.

So if you want to do that, that's fine, but I think there's other ways that are easier to accomplish. All right, very, very good.

Now yes chlorine in the water that say that city water where where he lives out where I live. We don't know what that is right.

In fact, you don't even have the bathtub Eagle on getting that horse 12 well you got a well and your well has herbicides and pesticides and it not my will we get will sweep with that we keep it out of there. We don't we don't let it get in there to know the latter tables in the US I got it my my wills very deep mine was 260 feet and you had herbicides in their Roundup in the Dina County in the 60s and 70s was allowed to be put on the fields and if they did that in the Dina County in Ohio. They did across the entire country and they're still using random daily habit. They don't know what that is, a Missouri well here. Yeah sign the shelves here would without there were Joe's that when a round of that means they have a cattle drive that's good refrigerators cut the grass letter following the biomass back in the land who had very good very good all right will work in them to break globally. Let me see, we have Leslie from Wisconsin pledges 50 thank you Leslie Mack from retinol retinal pledges 55. Thank you, Max loves. Gotta keep: 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 we got here from it now. Don't forget to close. You needed to get the newsletter is free. We get more people on such a response from people over that newsletter which you do to get the newsletter you gonna write us the best way to get this right is this way we have a very clear and Lee was a very, very clear address, return address okay and that's WR WL 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 WR WL 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH, and is 44065 were coming up to Hardwick and will he come back. We got a whole lot of stuff to cover tonight so we will be back right after this with a whole lot more. So don't go away will be will be back at we will we were picked. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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