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TUE HR 2 030822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 9, 2022 12:17 am

TUE HR 2 030822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 9, 2022 12:17 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast WR I mean people that I saw Hollinger hiding in some ways away housekeeping soldiers assigned for settled soldiers to perform their duties without fully vaccine against the virus scanner always rush into living from like Bill Gates and Dr. non-apparent warehouse club meeting the rest of the world.

Each scoping first and then everything else.

Remember yesterday's propaganda said that we were fighting an enemy in this together. Propaganda says that were fighting a calamity actually increase his lie low vehicle using inexpensive ANA things in a completely clean, it is propaganda insects. Citizens must never be on that we need tighter restrictions on dimes and Ukrainians are being armed and drove by the government to defend their homeland that we should be celebrating all of which is it swear this just a week ago I was told that biological differences are not real gender is a social construct asked to donate to the women and children are fleeing Ukraine for Poland.

But what is a woman how my expected to donate something that doesn't exist at the very least, list all of this insanity.

There's one thing that has remained constant and that is the fact that we are all going to die no matter what, unless I do exactly as our government and media size is perpetual, existential crisis, unless it really is the glue that keeps this great nation together united into one nonsensical state of emergency, followed by another which requires the never ending understanding of economic sacrifice from us little people there you go you will goes to show you some of the asserted that these were living in… We have to keep worth to lift hubris and what is one way to do it to us this week and am going to be the Lord's will in Corso B.

The was taken place with Molly and her bring America back to life with this are already sold out. This could be streaming live but also this coming Saturday to 6 PM at Lavera's party center at 32200 Chardon Rd., Willoughby Hills, the best me to open up and that's going to be.

Tickets are $50 and you going to have all these candidates there for more understanding a gym relates either is running for governor good joke could up.

He's the guy that that is wonderful to look over.

He was the filmmaker of the unplanned remember the pro-life will for Jane Temkin is running for Sen. and Mike Gibbons also in judgment all running for U.S. Senate to be a whole lot of candidates there are bad member who called me and tell me over there hoping there will be there and so I know also driven will be there and drink the list of the some of the people he called me told me to to those that may be a more tomorrow, but that's just coming said grandpa rebuked out longer to report.

I see Jim. She very well may be there because birthing is on the Thursday morning for Friday morning. Okay so so first thing in the morning. Yeah, I would be with hers.

So, for I had committed early. I have a meeting over there with the globalization committee and 11 o'clock and so I committed to the loan to and so you know we were going to fight this bloodied plenty horrible pupil with considerable portion with every breath we have, but in the old politicians going to be out there and that again is going to be.

That's an Willoughby Hills folks again. It's on road 6 Which Is Chardon Rd. road 6 Which Is Chardon Rd., Lavera's party center 32200 for more information. By the way.

Tickets are $50 for 404 table of eight for more information, you can call Mario call Mario told me heard about Amir and his radio program Mario at 216-520-1977, that's 216-520-1977 and tillable pastor sent you there okay got that done did not show Patrick felt like you handled it quite well. Almost like you know what you're doing well and every now and then 40 years general. Don't couple things here want to get said is no more lies.

Biden bends Russian oil then says his politics have not held back. US energy liar liar liar liar liar. You know it's it's like these people tell you who are you going to believe.

Also your lionize, you know what when I go to the gas pumps out here now they've got these little stickers on the gas pump. People but note there is a picture of Biden saying I did this in the here function, leading to do it. You know he did it to appease Antioch to appease Pocahontas to appease crazy Bernie to appease those policies from hell: put back from everybody, even Nancy Pelosi don't fill the Russians oral because they saw that politically starting to hurt them. No elections are coming like Biden hurry up and fix this before we all get hurt too bad and he liked the man. He is out to the winds of political pressure and decided to make it look good again but you go back to the very beginning we were energy independent.

At the end of trumps term of office and had we kept everything in place on energy to trump outgoing we still would have the same gas prices even with this war because we wouldn't need Russian oil we would need Saudi Arabia oil oil from a rack around Venezuela fact, we would have world through exports sounds so that's the truth we would be the same position energy wise, except that Biden undid all of trumps policies such as K-1. The first thing you did was stop the pipeline to bring all that beautiful crude oil down from Canada. Our neighbor and all those jobs were destroyed. This was a project that wasn't complete but it was well on its way and when completed, would have made us even stronger than we were when no trump left office and so there is no way he can say that and what amazes me is the liberal news in their fact checkers, crickets, crickets, crickets, they show anything had not been if there had not been a coup in anyone and everyone. This is wasn't is a liar. What is your right as a liar and there's not a bit of truth in them. These talking heads and those includes those in Fox News that looked right in that Camera and said where's the evidence they are liars and there is not a bitter truth is not a bit of truth in them.

Were going to remind you that you can expect all of that appeal. MSNBC you can expect all that it NBC, ABC, CBS look call Schwab and the billionaires of the world pay these people. They own them. They're not really just prostitutes and horse they really are there there media horse.

They will say whatever they're told to say there is no no integrity.

There is not one single journalist, not one single journalist left it NBC, ABC, CBS P, MSNBC, not one, not one foxes got maybe two or three okay thereafter. A couple artisanal. I went workers a graphic Code on the radio, the EIA, the official government energy statistics on gas prices and oil production and you go look at this and you can see everything that Biden said wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong is oil production is not its highest levels. It was way higher and December 2019 and I did a story last night that I want to repeat normally don't repeat stories but the story was very simple. The US government spent $1 billion fine and provoked the vaccine the parties in this poke and the normal dental ABC, CBS, all of the funeral media report. What amazed me was news Max and Fox News Turk and Randy took the money telling us how wonderful the faxes house and all I was going to stop the pandemic how safe it was how effective it was so good to main sources of other than radio, the Internet, television, conservative news, here's your taxpayer dollars to run ads to convince you to take something that was bad for you harmful for you, but didn't work anyway and we got to pay for with our tax money.

So next time you get a chance thank Fox News and the Newsmax and tell him you know that they like by a mission they didn't tell us that they took all this government on money the government has no money. It's our money to give the false narrative so they sold us alive for money orders, Jill. I watched 20 minutes of people dropping. Then I watched this film now and I'm not going there but is a list of names if you wanted to know who young people that have been dying from this poisonous poke is a list of names he goes on hundreds of thousands and thousands of people now but one of the interesting things and this is why it's getting harder and harder for them to try to keep quiet. People are finding out they know that this is why the medical profession. Hospitals especially have lost all credibility people table would almost rather die than go to a hospital. Nowadays they don't question it was the lust of trusting people for the people are scared to go to the hospital because the government was giving treatment out of the author better that the creeper was going to kill you instead of the couple hundred dollars per survive American furniture credit taken right away and survived general.

There are scared they could be scared because they've been light to the been cheated that been conned and if you look at how many deaths from this covert.

Many, many, many of those deaths or the vaccine, and many others were make-believe made up to make you afraid to take the vaccine. The vast majority of Jill and I watched as the interesting part was you had all these athletes at soccer players and tennis players in football players unit would show you there is in basketball players is a player down the court display are done on the field is a player that but you know the most interesting one was the people live on air media.

This was from around the world world or that are from the art yeah and they were talking about. It was watching all these are the very same people that are propagating the life, the ones that were promoting promoting this and it came back to bite them so hard and I watched one after the other after the other with a collapsed and died on the air, but they're getting. They keep this quiet eunuch of the seedless limitations of the if you got it. NBC, ABC, CBS if every single person because you know that the time delay Joe is a time delay does it's not every single person on their they got up with thy every talking head. You wouldn't see one of them because they would not show it.

That would cut it.

Okay, so here the interesting thing was, there was this woman, this blonde comedian female and and she was no you could tell she was the modern Millie feminist type and she's out and see saying how and she's promoting the facts and she's she's making light in the mocking people like you and I who don't who are telling the truth and she said I had the VAX I had the first booze. I had the second booster and 1/3 booster and she said I even had the shingle shot and show Joe you are a C. All of a sudden she got a look on her face of pure frightened.

She dropped dead, dropped right did and it was right there and is on the film might be obviously potential for radio my radio right now, but the anyhow and so more more of this is going to come out they can keep remember Joe. We've always been right. Remember, after over 50 years. Eventually, what we've said is proven to be true. Every single time every single time in 50 years and so they're lying again. They're lying again.

Now here's a stripped-down hockey tree came out there was when heroes ask about things well if it were producing oil person. The oil companies have these 9000 drilling permits that are being used while yeah they get a bunch of permit.

They look at the will takes years to develop. A lot of them are dry holes and they're not even if they have a permit still good for a couple years. They've already explored and looked at things and there's not enough oil or no oil or there's not enough of it to go to the expense of drilling. They begin they've been lying like that older catalyst leases well I don't know how many MR, but a great many of those are no good. They found oil in different places. They want new leases to go where they want to drill where the oil is in the way these people do it, it just sounds so slick like the give effect these drilling permits are not being used well if there's no oil there are not use the permit and let it expire. I'll say one thing about circle back sake. She's become an better liar than she has been in other words veteran when she committed it.

She's out there she's told you get out there and here's your life you take this line.

Remember they don't call politely called the narrative makes him feel a little better get out there and here's the light you going to tell today. Now 01 of the things with their course with Jennifer used to talk about was the fact that they are so overregulated, so overregulated, Joe, that it doesn't it doesn't pay to try to make an investment in this you gotta do it like a truck look we had the best president we've had since Ronald Reagan in the White House. He was the best president. No, if he was still in the White House today, he Would What Is Taking Pl. in Ukraine would not be taken place. It would not be taken not happen okay let me let me just say something here because the legends head that I did I do that article on Pres. Limited… The president from here's what he had to just had something to say said the latest statement by Pres. Donald Krebs when the most important statements to date. Listen to what he says. Why does the FBI continue to ignore the thousands of pieces of evidence and videotape exposing fraud in the last election report from Tuesday calling for Wisconsin lawmakers to do, certify the 2020 election results in their state due to fraud. Now that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Wisconsin said, look, this this election fraud was unbelievable. We got it the certify that we do know just like it was in Pennsylvania just like it was a Michigan just like it was in Georgia and everyone and anyone and I went right there anyone in any of these lighting talking heads to come on his radio program and challenge me because they're lying and you guys were the Bible says all liars all lawyers locate will have their place in the lake of fire, and so Pres. Trump mentions the 240 ballot trafficking mules ballot trafficking mules and video filing ballot drop boxes with thousands and thousands and thousands of illegal votes, Trump describes the death of Craddick illegal operation to abuse elderly Americans in nursing homes and steal their votes.

Pres. Trump mentions the election bribery in battleground states by death of Craddick operatives. The Pres. Trump mentions closely refusing National Guard soldiers to the January 6 protest in Washington DC and that was a false flag and those people were killed and Nancy Pelosi is guilty of murder Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden there guilty of murder absolutely guilty of murder in the same be said for although like to talk through the first of poison concrete killing people. Although the Republic died of the vaccine or complications after the vaccine like never got myocarditis from the vaccine and that they died of a heart attack you know because it affects their out the same thing these people for the love of money, profits, and knowing there jobs and their fortunes to the pharmaceutical companies in the figure.

Government figure out business. They allowed people to die so there guilty of murder to go Job CDC officials of this is an article by Julian Conrad sin CDC officials admit agency has withheld critical covert information from the public, including data and breakthrough infections over fears of vaccine hesitancy. Throughout throughout the pandemic. The CDC is diligently maintained a running tally of coven 19th, cases, hospitalizations, and death for the public view and you know all the numbers that make up the majority of a virus, fear foreign and withholding information is a lie by omission. And God says that even worse than they general.

Why were you to see the lie of omission, because you know something and you do not tell the truth, you are guilty and liars have no place in heaven.

Today know he goes on to say, according to the new report by the New York Times. CDC also is been collecting much more detailed data about covert infections that breaks down by age raisin vaccination status to critical information we go a long way towards figuring out and into the pandemic, but the agency has purposefully suppressed information from the public over fears that it would be misinterpreted and because vaccine is of this. In other words, sit there saying that the cat we can tell the people the truth that the CDC is a vascular organization it's it's a pastoral organization has lost all legitimacy there is since Obama got in.

He started infecting everything with the Obama virus and and now the CDC is totally gone. Here's an article on nothing gets me worked up. This is a fellow here Steve Bannon.

Nothing gets me worked up as much as these guys, the skill of the Bush who are just complete complete filth and trash. Now Steve Bannon goes off on turncoat Bill Barker bar is a traitor. As far as I'll always remember billboards committing high treason always remembers him being one who and and that's the most despicable kind of people that I can imagine one who pretends to be one thing gets in there and betrays God and country, you know what Bill bar better hope he never runs into me at the bar ever runs into me. I met a preacher in heaven sweeten how hot a minute preaching. How hot. So hot okay that his hair catch on fire because he is committed high treason against God and against country and I hate traders.

I really Joe Needham. God hates traders to he hates those that have committed treason against and so need of the Bible. You often hear people say will.

The Bible says we are to love the hate the sin but love the sinner know it doesn't out of this is where they hate would God hates a lovely God loves. Okay and got on that love traitor zero hates liars create section 88 shedding innocent blood that this reminds me of something many years one of the first things I remember in high school I was taught this Marcus Tullius Cicero back 42 BC before our Lord the enemy within a nation can survive its fools, even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from with in the enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

But the traitor moves among those within the gate fresh. This life whispers rustling through the alleys heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor bespeaks of accents familiar to his victims. He wears their faith in their arguments, the appeal to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation. He works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist of murder is less true here that point I could think of the names just go down the list and all starting without treated traitor within the town, Joe, Jill, you know what it would finish my article but the military.

This is Steve Bennett would often cello bar on Tuesday and this was the former Atty. Gen. turned on Trump and landed on the liberal media guest list to pot pushes new book out wheeze. Walter Mitty really is a nerd and he's a nerd of his life is not just stabbed Trump in the back. I feel he stabbed me in the back. I think we stabbed the entire nation in the back on this hard drive from hell. When he did he suppressed this information so that while the elites in our country were doing compromise were were doing compromise by Chinese Communist Party and all the situation in the Ukraine stealing money stealing money and stealing money with both hands bar is not going to come out were going to have a field day going into the details of what a totally complete scumbag your according to Ben, this is what he says you had this in December 2019 countries laptop and you actively suppressed it from the people of the United States you sold us out your you know when when people that sell themselves for money. There call horse or Mr. bar here called or call the horse.

Don't worry about joining the law firm and you better Lori Boyer up yourself. Nothing gets me worked up as much as these guys that are just complete filth and trash were going to do the do it with facts were going to walk you through the facts of what Bill bar new when he knew it and Chris Ray through through through throw Chris way into the pile to you.

We got sold out big time by the whole dirty cops by the so-called Justice Department and the FBI all so many dirty cops. Unbelievable. But now Joe, here's the thing Joe, you know, no place in the Beatitudes is a Blessed are the stupid unit you've read that right. I mean you will find that in there. Do you know about their artwork looked a lot. Let me tell you who's come down with the real hard case of stupidity. A really hard case of pure outright stupidity.

That's our entire Republican Senate and I retire Republican Congress yeah Joe they've come out and they've lined up and they're happy that they can agree with Nancy Pelosi and the death of Kratz and there saying that that Mr. Putin is America's worst enemy. Well let me tell you what the Democrats are my worst enemies I know the death of Kratz their antichrist are satanic there very satanic. Therefore, abortion. Therefore, euthanasia. Therefore, pedophilia. If God's Word the Bible because of the sin as a closeted betrayal if he causes a transgression of his dominion, they embrace it and every one of the stupid Republicans that well that that the say the how they're so happy that they want to join Hannah and they've got something that they can be in common with the death of Kratz. Well, I don't want to know I would be glad to tell them you know it, I noticed that you become a fool lately an absolute fool what you think you think when I read that Cicero thinking the same thing. The murderer is able but we know he's said what he was going to do.

He wants to reconstitute the old Soviet union mural bring back the United so whatever USSR these people, white sheet steel deceive yeah you're right. I sure that much more. They are the real enemy.

The enemy within their the ones that are going to bring America down hate that Jill would be back when asked.

Sin is all you going down down down rice is a saving keep testing is there all right with an open phone lines and the phone lines are open or closed with a clear clip clip here and there.

I want to bring up one line site go what she's talking about world economic forum. Second happy growth with analysis on the claimant project wanted to let think that the nature rare minerals Palladium and I think it's something like that that are needed and shifts of the car today are made exclusively from the Ukraine and Russia so we'll see what happens with… I think he's still in hiding from the pulpit and the deep state but really impressive article, but I wanted to go with what you would just saying from second Peter chapter 3 the last three sentences where talking just now.the Republicans like kind of joining with the Democrats worth talking about. People are involved as our own destruction and that it fitted to where still full-length is that the instruction which, to see if that he took in the sea.

At the last referred starting with 17 limits, no, no, no, no, that's right. Let me see them get the okay computer creating pain in the count that long-suffering of our Lord is salvation even as our loving brother Paul has according to the wisdom given to him at the written into is also all his epistles, speaking in them. And of these things which are so no hard to to to be understood, which they are on learned and unstable.

The rest, as they also do with the with the other Scriptures into their own destruction.

Will your you right here therefore blow the scene. You know these things beware lest you also being led away with the error of the wicked fall from your own steadfastness grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him the glory and both now and forever. Now here what would you got and that's true. You have so much biblical illiteracy to the union.

Note all of these polls as they come out. Joe the keep seat all the time people are who were professing Christians are totally biblically illiterate. They're not saved the fast majority of these people out there are clueless. They they did have the soundbites that they say like we just sit here a minute ago but they're not saved their their I give my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge they've got there clueless when it comes to a guys were to buy likely teachers very much so.

More and more and more of it all. Even the women pastors all kind of exit around here read Scripture you knew would not be now to lesbian pastoring co-pastoring a church they Be pastors and to Be at church so go there and listen. You are absolutely right. I just was reading an article down you got one of these apostate churches with women pastors and their their apostate church with women pastors that I have open marriage. They preach open marriages in the church. There you go. In other words there swingers in the church. Cliff got a move on. But thanks for: that's a good part of the good one who's next AC here and there. Hello hello you're in there. Go ahead. Yeah, and following your Bible study on Jesus teaching was in the days of Noah at two 2437 3839. Specifically looking at the historical example you have a question for you and the question is that using a historical example. So does Noah represent as a type and shadow does he represent a pre-tribulation rapture Christian or does he represent a Christian that get saying during the tribulation. Okay, what does this look at this okay first of all when the flood came.

Where was the flood at over the whole earth so done in the earth where was no one in the and the eight he would faithfully in the ark. Now what happened when the game when the rains came.

The rains came and the water rose how high did the water rise high enough to plug beer rose 15 cubits above Mount Ararat, the highest mountain right right so now let's take a look at this would happen.

God's judgment became upon the earth. What happened to the people on the earth while the people are left behind outside the ark.

They perished. Then God took his people.

He raised him up off the earth up into the to the first heaven okay and they found they were saved from the tribulation.

There and then what happened after this, the waters receded weld on the ark.

The ark rested on Mount Ararat okay and what about Noah and his family. The they were given a new light. Okay, so what happens during the rapture of the church.

The Christian that are rapture living Christian living believers escape the plot of God's wrath, which will cover the whole earth for seven years and will be given a new light glorified body AC. I think you're onto something. I think you're on point I want to point out something okay concerning knowing you and your cohost read it earlier. In reading the Scripture, but I this is a very interesting thing. He ran that no long walk with God. Okay, Noah found grace with God that he was perfect in his generation but then it says. Noah walked with God right you know that there's only one other person in the book of Genesis, at least before the plot and maybe even after but certainly before the flood is only one other person that was ever described walking know that was enough exactly and what happened in Phoenix. He was rapture.

He was taken out grandchildren now actually you know when they do they talk about his father being the longest living man but not apparently never died. So he that puts him is the longest liver. Still alive right now though he was very 365 years and then the Lord rapture. So he outlived Methuselah okay well now I got another question you visited the ark encounter some time ago right three times yeah I went technically fine.

I now do you really believe from what you saw.

Okay. And again I'm I'm using reasoning here.

Do you really believe that only Nola and is done built that are or could there have been other people that help Nola but they fell away from Nola slot gospel because they just lost interest. Like people are losing interest today.

You know, that's a good question that I thought about that myself and I got had a field the remember now they were took him hundred and 20 years will you can get used to. I used to be in building and and years ago we used to rough in a house in a daze and of the rights of you. Can you even even for men can generally build a lot and that in her 20 years, but I don't know. I got in your writing there as there would've been people there that would've wanted work for sure.

And what if they started out believing Nola and then they decided well, you know, we know that going to be a flawed but not going to happen in our lifetime so they just fell away from the flood gospel like people are falling away from believing in the rapture.

You're right.

But just like in those days when they were sitting with a razor coming know what the rains are coming. Never rained and it never rained okay and so today again in the people against the fact of it is the vast majority of people are biblically illiterate. Most of those kids. The and I'm talking about those minimum lately. Go to the big neo-evangelical no country club churches, and of course to the apostate. There the biblically illiterate. The three they don't learn the Bible. Okay, they learn a socialist gospel or there there and so again, the vast majority of people out there today are biblically illiterate by members. Some of the characters have found a closet start coming to the church to give gifts to the children.

I thought about your children know more about Santa Claus and the debauchery you you know will again. Those are the days we are living in okay the time of sorrows, which the Bible clearly distinguishes right now so as we look around.

We see in all of these things that are happening. We understand what's going on with the vast majority of people are clueless, not for example know this this piece that I played here earlier about was going on with close web will be playing that and our church on Sunday, either during the probably during the credit class so the people and attenders in our church. They know about things that are happening. They know what the Bible teaches about things that are coming and they know about things that are happening now. You will not get that out there today. The vast majority of pastors just don't have the courage to do it there you go. So those are the days that were living in it. Isn't that exactly AC with the Bible so would would be like anything of George's at night.

We lost Stacy George or near hey George, better speak up now.

George yeah I hyperactive getting to me. The Aiken area. Lola I'm doing okay.

How are you going to benefit bank like you and that is in on the island and sons of God meditated… Enough man make a note.

It's the lightest and giant, but you know I found in the 20 I was dating is a day and I have donated anything and only when people read Diane in the negative action in LV and that Angel may not given a mandate is painted in on that. I know that list limited, you'll find that in Matthew 2238 okay and then here George you go to Mark 1225. Joe, would you read Matthew 2230 yeah loud and then George you will go to Mark 12 2500 Matthew 2230 right. It says, for in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. Okay, go ahead, George Mann 25 nine development on the phone when I found again dating Maddie and no one given a mandate man and that Angel didn't have here is what this means and means exactly what it says exactly what it says okay now where are those angels that wear those Angels at George and Joan Downing heaven George the angels that God cast out of heaven down to the euro. Did George. George the angels that God cast out of heaven down to the earth, did a test amount for obeying him or did a test amount for disobeying him not being so now if they didn't obey God in heaven.

Do you think they would obey God here on earth nominated the outgoing dammit. So they were told they were told to not have anything to do with human beings but that they didn't listen. Did you antedate did they transgress God's dominion.

Okay, so that's what I meant, so they were those angels in heaven. Don't you know they're there because they didn't transgress these that were cast out, they transgress God's dominion, and they went and they took women when it says it took him did mean that they would out and said that the proposed film an estimate for their hand in marriage. They went out and took whatever was they wanted because nobody was able to stop and so and then you ended up with these offsprings that were not all not fully human. And that's what you have today. According now right now. Okay Tom rested that that article that report under 35 pages and here they they wanted to they try to get the courts to give them 70 years, 70 years without before they publish. This made public know, why do you think they wanted 70 years before that report was made public because in their it showed you how many people were dying from this covert now. Big Pharma now has said will sense their vaccine changes the DNA of people that these people are literally no longer human beings. This is a big pharmacy okay and so they went to the courts and the Supreme Court says that if you own the patent on that then those people that have that.

That's whoever has that. That's the property of the whoever owns the patent so this is this is what's happening right now so there you go. Who's next Bob during their the Aiken area article in the daily news about a captured Russian Lieut. by Ukraine Russian commander, Capt. Ben Ukraine condemned Moscow's invasion of the genocide thing in a televised date that is true for doing into believing she had been withdrawn by not and and needed liberating Lieut., blah, blah, blah, who was captured along with two habits of this study have been found that they were being sent to help you crank the class was dominated by a fascist regime and nationalism Nazi had seized power. Well, that was a no-no that was that was partially right. It was there were a bunch of Nazis involved in that government.

The government was corrupt as can be and there were there were a lot of Nazis involved in that government dictate so that was partially right but not potent in at least all of these Russian troops.

They thought they were going to be welcomed as heroes right and arresting authorities that obviously this information was unilateral information that other people know about it that he was completely over. That's something I would say if they were captured right that I got a move embolism things and do not believe the fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN half of what Fox does you don't believe it. Joe you got about three minutes.

Can you do character. I was just thinking in second Corinthians. Therefore if any man be in Christ is a new creature, old things are passed away and behold all things are become new. Second Corinthians 517 and Romans eight, verses nine and 10, but ye are not in the flesh but in the spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the spirit of Christ is none of his set of Christ being you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. But it's saying very simply, is if the spirit of God is not dwelling in you. You are not saved you have none of his urine out of his clock and the only way you could be part of the family of God.

Be a real Christian is to be born again in the spirit and you have to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and the only way to do that Scripture says is you must repent of your sins. Those sins that put Christ on the cross because he came to this earth to take your place my place. He went and died on that cross to pay the price. The penalty of the first settlers death. The father made it clear, and he died in our stead. And if you accept his offer that he died for you that if you ask God to read and I'll forgive you the sins of sounds that put his son there you will be forgiven and then you must ask the Lord Jesus that you're wanting to be Lord of your life.

All of your life without reservation you want to become born-again believer you ask him to give you the Holy Spirit that makes you that your down payment on everlasting life that the seal you are now belonging to Christ in the family of God, your joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life and use Scripture said are that new creature. All things become new.

You are a new creation and new person spiritually and this is the greatest decision you make. And it's so simple it starts with repentance calling upon the father prayer and believing that Jesus died for your sins and accept his offer of grace and there is no time to waste. Look at this world of violence. People die every day. Every night, all over the world and for those things. If you put off there may not be a tomorrow for you to change your mind and accept Jesus as your Savior, especially Jill with what we've just seen again with what's taking place where man now has what you heard tonight with this. These these animals who came from Delos with a have decided they will transgress. They will take take complete control of mankind. They would cross paths bluelight boundaries of will routed time for tonight so until tomorrow.

Good night God bless and always, always keep fighting way the right. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

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