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TUE HR 1 030822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 9, 2022 12:17 am

TUE HR 1 030822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 9, 2022 12:17 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now I'm ready about 30 centers you and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance movement and we have a tremendous amount covered tonight on the board. We have the courageous grade. Good evening everybody and LG under and in Missouri, we have Joe Larson that highly unpaid bill here already. I am still battling him in the last throes and think of the boat you flew into anyhow but were going to go through this and Joe, you know the title of the message was is in the days of knowing that I listen to so many so many of the pastors and similar teaching concerns with they all stay away from the current events.

The times that were living in. They don't they they they totally avoid making their message applicable to the times were living in and what good is that you know of people don't understand. Another were still the state of the preaching here pretty quick for salvation and everybody's happy right that don't offend the 501(c)(3) and the money coming in the collection plate folks now and someday they'll wish that they hadn't done that someday they wish they would've manned up and become more mature and had more testosterone because you just order last night.

Her try to get through your pastors to come to her reading and try to get them to be activists like you to use your current example in but the Janice up before and it didn't work real well, well, we've traded for years but they're just like you said we can only the Holy Spirit.

If they connect to motivate those guys and I think the time is running out and so here were going to start drilling in Matthew chapter 24 versus 36 to 44 so why don't you go ahead and read all right.

But of that day in our know of no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my father only.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be essential to be in the field one shall be taken, the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill.

The one shall be taken and the other left.

Watch therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord stuff, your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come here when I watch and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be also ready for in such an hour as she thinks not the Son of Man, when you think Jesus is no man knows the people asked me why doesn't. Why doesn't the Lord tell us so we can be ready when using anything at all. Point is, we are to live like that they could be tomorrow. Lord wants us to live a certain way and were living the way he wants us to. We don't have to worry if it's tonight during the show tomorrow morning or five years from now were going to be ready okay so what you think would happen if God's annoyed. Here's today's going to be on this day this year this time in the afternoon or the evening that I'm going to return and so why do you think people from let's just say he said is going to be in 2020 32 at 9 AM. How do you think people would live their lives between now and then I think somewhere, try and do everything they could before it comes to travel to help fund or follow their pleasures.

Others were often do everything they could to help fight against it, make it sound adventurous. Not really going to happen a few the remnants the same as or better understand the ways God wants us to act would continue to do as they have been doing okay since you write it would be somewhat used in the fellow used to work for me. He was an Orthodox Jew who is quite scholarly man and we would discuss the Bible continuously and of course he we would we would go back and forth and he would often say to me that he's done this. He is undecided about Christ as the Messiah. He said he was the way the evidence in and I asked him how could you, how could you possibly possibly possibly not recognize. Isaiah 53. I mean how clear a description of Jesus Christ. There is his response was, you know well wait. We look at that. Not as Christ but as the nation of Israel.

While it doesn't fit there. Just don't fit there that you're you deceiving yourself okay but anyhow so. But here's to tell me that he had made up his mind and then right at the end. If he sees it decides he is Christ is Messiah Hill switched over and received Christ that but I told him is the here's your problem. Your problem that you don't know when urines go to be known, and it was ironic because it wasn't long after that this Orthodox Jewish fellow had a liberal Jewish wife and part of the downfall. That was a big problem and she would continuously try to him about being a legalist in and out so one of the things she wanted. She wanted him to do and they would list it would arguably time for me they would've never remember. I remember once when she came walking to the store. They were both very short, very short people, about 5 foot.

He was well 52 and she was about 5 foot, maybe 4 foot 11 here when she come walking in the door.

He looked and he saw her walking down the aisle and he said to me, do you know why. Do you know why us. Jewish men always die before wives, I should know what you always die before your wife ceases when you're married to a Jewish woman you want to die. Technically he said that a good allow for she could hear it in there. They will ever elect those two got into it again like that was stupid. Any help or create a lot of movies. I doubt I had one Jewish neighbors and they cheer is quite like it. The word through here is true and well here, in this case Doris is made cooked up a pork roast support close and commits Bob to tell him he wouldn't kill him if he was he that will equal he aided and I gave him total main agenda is almost killing me yeah and in the course she did. She was convinced it was because he had believed that he was getting at Tolman and that's what he got domain. Jordan Dorner killed them in the that's what I told him a sissy you didn't know you were expecting, but I'll bet that you were calling upon the Lord big time when when you got domain and he said you're right about that, but I remember one time I was preaching down there and in the square foot of when that buddy abortion will was there redundant that downtown return yeah and overrun what he called Circle 11 when my senior moments with the anyhow I was preaching up there in these wrapper boys cologne and in that window I was witnessing to, and their leader says to me a breach. You know what when I get old like you that I'm going to get religion is but until then I'm in a party hardy.

He's a look over there goes my hose yet is young girls over there and as a junior you know what your attitude, he probably never really get old like me and Anna and antimatter know they were dead within him.

Let me go and ask you this again. There's something that took place in the let me ask you this, they said they were were being was in the days were before the flood they were eating and drinking American given in marriage was something else that was very specific about that day that a television Genesis and that's the reason for the flood is men's hearts were wicked continuously turn your layout. Remember that phrase.

Joe today, you know, just delete we dodged a bullet.

Know when they tried to sneak in and pass that woman's health care act went up that would've that would undone every single piece of pro-life legislation in every single death or Voting for Joe. That means this and I'm telling you this, that that foe tells you right there.

If nothing else, that every single death of credit and that Senate every single death of credit and that Senate every single one, with the exception of Joe mansion.

He was the only limited our evil everyone seek God's word. Joe says there evil.

God's word says every single Democrat and that Senate is evil by their actions. The Bible says judge about what their by their fruits by what they do.

I was working at that Genesis accident. God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the air will working to get there in the minutes of the children again them in the days of Noah. Only eight people out of approximately 8 billion.

Joe most of your conservative theologians and historians believe that the population of the earth was about 8 billion.

Mom mathematically how that comes out and hear panoramic yeah and will hear only 8/8,000,000,000 had some inkling Joe of what was heading their way. Now the world was about to find out what happens to sinners in the hands of an angry God. God no. Only Noah and his family still worship God again. Imagine 8 billion people and only Noah and his family still worship God.

For 120 years. Noah preached what we preach every night on this radio program either repent and receive Christ to perish now. The people knows they had a mindset of well if we don't acknowledge God he can exist and therefore can that we can ignore his boundaries about mindset growth for everything. Like in world affairs, national security out Russia know nothing is going to happen now. There were worried until they never were until something happens and then they seem to be completely taken by surprise that there is great evil in the world and what strikes there are just so shocked and horrified and you know that if I don't believe it is not true. If I don't want to see it. It doesn't exist. The human way.

It's been out for the beginning I think. Well, today we got the PC call the politically correct the woke snowflake fools.

June the Bible the Bible God's word says their fools.

The wording because it is a full, never, never, never occurs to the full Joe that if you know it because it there. There are those that say there is no God, there is no creator will never, never occurs to the folded. If there's no creator there can't be creations of God doesn't exist. We don't exist right at the X a lot of rain. Yeah Stephen Colbert that's way over his head, and I mean that's way over Stephen Colbert's said writing the you know he he he plays a comedian. But the reality is he's the joke while Eric took such a simple logic you look at the world God was logical God is rational, you cannot find a painting on earth that does not have a painter you cannot find a piece of sculpture or pottery.

This does not have a person that made it work. The pottery of the statue purchased nothing on this earth that you have described and made the element the tree. The word the iron or the Copper Canyon out anything is put together and made as somebody who made it. There's not an example of general something from nothing in our world so what about free boundary was caused. That was the final straw that broke the camels back. Now here there's one boundary Joe that was broke back 6000 years ago and hasn't been broken globally and up until now, and I believe that it was the changing of the DNA in the human population and when you know back in those days Joe's when the Angels took women as their as their wives quieter and and will well and what happened was the day they created a new type of semi human being okay: we better acted up a fallen Angels the wonderworker thrown out of heaven.

Yeah well will and will will deal with that.

There in a minute because there's some people that if get some kind of some simplistic teachings on that but Joe go over the Genesis 6 and Remy one through 13 are and it came to pass for men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born into them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men. They were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose.

And the Lord said, my spirit shall not always strive with man that he also is flesh, yet his days shall be 120 years. There were giants in Europe in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them.

The same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in their and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart. And the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth. Both man and beast and creeping thing, and the fowls of the air where it repented me that I have made them.

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and these are the generations of Noah. Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God and not to get three sons sham Pam and Jeff. Also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with landlords and God looked upon the earth, and behold, it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

And God said in the Noah, the end of all flesh is come before me for the earth is filled with violence through them, and behold, I will destroy them with the earth, so that you know so did God did. God made a mistake. He said he was regretting that he had made man did he make a mistake. Technology out because he knew before he made it, and what would happen to her creation, but it still hurt. He still repented that it had to happen. So what little he gave free will. Knowing what it would do to mankind what you think he did that when you think you give them the free will, because without the ability to choose God. We have to have that freedom to choose to love him.

Otherwise, we couldn't be independent creatures. We couldn't have free will look element to this if you had if you had a if you had a child and you can do what they would like would thought you would like to do to him insert a little chip into them.

That would make them without free will love you and obey you and worship you for whatever would you want a child who would be totally obedient to because in an and love you because he was programmed that way in our wood cueing are with you, or would or would you want a child who would love you and obey you for who you are exactly the same thing with the wife. I wouldn't want a wife, but was like a robot that was programmed to do everything because that vendor wouldn't be any gratification back that to becoming one of the having that love knowing that you are loved and cared for what I'll be missing, would you want Nancy Pelosi usually that would be one of my worst nightmares that would be enlightenment absolutely that the unit you have a very sick mind for past well I just thought it would be something that you have to understand that the somebody out there ended up with her for wife and and you probably is evil and wicked and power-hungry. She okay what about Jessica Waters, Jessica Waters outward copy.

Much of so so then you're pretty pretty for fortune and pretty blessed with area transit. I sure am. And so now you accepted me for the way I was face.

I had everything else yeah I'm very blessed location. Back I thank God every day.

We thank God for helping us come together for giving us each to each other and that is one of our great blessings right. And God saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth was a guy was way ahead of this he was he was going to give men an opportunity and there was remember God's ways are so much higher demands and and there was a big big lesson coming here upon the earth. Things were about to change, and it was because a man was rejecting God and the Bible says that all nations that forget the gutter turn into hell felt right melamine as it is very clear. Do you think that the wickedness on the earth was is bad or is it are equal or is worse as it is here today while you're right. Sounds to me like maybe a vehicle may be a little worse for the Savior was left but it was very similar. I want you to go over to well within a stop right there because the moment we can pick it up in Genesis 19 are Genesis 9 and and so with that, I'm going to Joe we talked about wickedness and evil and to show you that the things that are is every bit as wicked as evil today here and are we bad people by talking about this issue would be like the prissy preachers and just not to mention adjusting a patella call as well and and I just you know not not do anything to upset the offering plate. We want people to come to church.

We want them to hear a good positive message. How much God loves a we don't want to bore them with current events and the reality of the days that the living and delete real love telling somebody that their behavior is leading them through hell not having if you really care about somebody you want them to have eternal life not eternal damnation. If you really don't give up in our rep about somebody you don't bother to witness to room 11. Go to hell if you look at your Job Joe Morgan play clip now in this clip you will only have the audio part put this video part of it to and at this video is the it's the world with Klaus Schwab economic form and its divorce and is Klaus Schwab and his got his second-in-command whose is evil is evil can be and the people there and I remember Joey Biden enjoyed by and tell you he's a Christian right, Joey Biden. Obama heard Christ profess that one… But I sure don't see any art action wealth at this video you'll see that Joey Biden is there and Mr. Fauci. By the way I heard Obama Joe Obama there. Yeah. And I've heard that Mr. Fauci is in a witness protection program. I can understand why he would be. Now I don't know this. I haven't been able to verify this, but that's what's with the other saying out there because so many people want to kill this guy I met got bodyguards of nothing else. Kind of being kept out of sight out of mind will anyhow also guess who else was there Billy Gates and that and that that is no surprise, Bill Gates, the fifth evil eye and all the money and power you they were all there. Now remember, Joey Biden says he's a Christian and listen to what they were all agreeing on.

Go ahead, go ahead Craig and take her away. John John he was born of Elizabeth, the son of Zechariah as my God the father blame them design was as bold as a lion in the new note here an awesome man.

A big John. John in the wilderness of Judea. There he was reading and it was very loud. Generation of life is worth the rent that are listen.

There is preached to the center the liar only one way out of that burning, like I the truth under this righteous man knows the believing promised land that John John Joseph by the father to baptize the sun. It was there, and then Jordan this awesome thing was the Holy Ghost extended his work with mighty voice of the hundred and one of this is my seven in whom I will leave John Brandon none greater than eight told other people about God the son he never got the job was done. Big nap. John John med. 2000 years later story is being told how he was going to prison being so bold was my God, to him it was on. He earned himself a man is definitely out. John now Johnson. Amazing. They perished in the shame John to the Saints Hall of Fame now in heaven above the Angels understood John preach repentance and good Baptist job in that there is one thing John wanted and now it's a terrible matter to lose your own so to call upon the Lord while you still can better take the advice of this mighty righteous man a big nap.

John John the Baptist job that John that John big John is forcing us to reduce his change what we are doing changes asked socialist Industrial Revolution. Is it just be about it later. That really means by 2030 hello and everything and he'll be happy about it. How does he expect you to own nothing and be happy about it. He's got a plan. Now that you got a minute before I do a little bit about close Schwab. He's the author of 19 the great reset when a grand opportunity. Indeed, his book was published on July 9, 2021 usually got it written and published that fast it's almost like maybe he pre-eroded before he started the pandemic. I mean before the pandemic started class is also the founder and chairman of the world economic forum, an organization that faces the public with very noble sounding goals of creating a better world. Fear mongering about climate change and disease are big goals of their dislike of the most despite your private jet over there and then go inside and pretend to be concerned about climate change close in the world economic one. A worldwide digital ID system that determines your access to goods and services would monitor your online behavior purchases and biometrics seemed like he just wants that do away with the whole democratic process. Give all the power to the state, and whoever runs the state, deep state, but that's based on both his words and actions, so it's probably an inaccurate observation with Dr. evil character based on this reptile. Mr. Schwab writes the following one of the greatest lessons of the past five centuries in Europe and America.

Is this acute crisis contribute to boosting the power of the state is always been the case, and there is no reason why it should be different with a Pandemic Ever Elected Close Schwab to Anything All Just Sounds like Conspiracy Doesn't Name the World Economic Forum Are Good. Please See the Headlines They Pay for Go Green Right Right That's Probably Right. They Truly Are Good Guys. Accordingly, You'll Be Excited to Hear That the Lineup of World Economic Forum Speakers at Their Annual Gathering of Elites and Have Us Included Such Benevolent Humanitarians like Jean Penn, the Leader of the Chinese Communist Party Is Currently Committing Genocide Anthony Fetching Is Arguably Currently Involved in Crimes against Inanity and Bill Gates Who Is Arguably Currently Involved in Crimes against Inanity and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Whose Arguably Currently Involved in Crimes against Humanity. But My Favorite Economic Form Speak of All Time. Is This Reptile Close Schwab's Top Advisor, Dr. You Fall Know What Harare Would See What He Has To Say Might Enable Human Elite to Do Something Even More Radical Than Just Build Digital Dictatorships by Hacking Organisms. Elites May Gain the Problem to Reengineer the Future of Life Itself.

Because Once You Can Fax Something You Can Usually Also Engineering Elites, Hacking Organisms, and Reengineering Life Itself Will Not Tighten and I Do Not People and Governments Wanted to Do It but Nobody Understood Biology Well Enough and Nobody Had Enough Computing Power and Data to Millions of People. The Gestapo Know the KGB Could but Soon At Least Some Corporations and Governments Will Be Able to Systematically All the People I Guess He Was to People All People to Be Specific. Indeed, We Succeed in Hacking and Engineering Life. The Sum of Being Just the Greatest Revolution in the History of Humanity. This Will Be the Greatest Revolution in Biology since the Very Beginning of Life for Billion Years Ago. Here's Nothing Fundamental Change Not Playing God. That Usually Works out Super Well. Science Is Replacing Evolution by Natural Selection Evolution by Intelligent Design Not Think That It's in Design of Some God above the Cloud You Are Playing God. See More Evolution by Natural Selection with Evolution by Intelligent Design Not Think That It's in Design of Some God above the Clouds. Our Intelligent Design in the Intelligent Design Clouds. The IBM Cloud the Microsoft Cloud These of the New Driving Forces of Evolution – You Would like to Have a Plan in Place on How to Control People with Your Client Technology. Would You and That Plan Is in, by Chance, Artie Been Implemented. Today We Have the Technology to Hack Human Beings on a Massive Scale so You Could Implemented in This Time of Crisis. You Have To Follow Science, It's Often Said That You Should Never Allow a Good Crisis to Go to Waste. Unfamiliar and I Guess You Are Implementing It Already.

Did Anyone Bother Telling This Guy Not to Say Any of This out Loud on Camera. It's Just A Lot Of Evidence in 100 Years and Didn't Define the Coronavirus If You Danny Moment When You Regime of Surveillance over Especially Surveillance under the Skin My Brain My Body My Life Belongs to Me, Although Some Corporation to the Government or Perhaps the Human Collective Is Revealing the Whole Plan Is to Limit the World Economic Forum for the Good of Humanity. Your Own Nothing, Not Even Your Own DNA Our Way Now for Some Additional Fun Facts about Close Schwab and the World Economic They've Got a Young Leaders Program, Which Is a Five-Year Indoctrination Program into Their Principal Goal of the Program Is to Create World Leaders Who Don't Answer to Their People Because They Don't Care about the Answer to the Bosses at the World Economic Forum.

Graduates of the Program Include Admirable World Leaders That Are Assessed Viciously in Step with the Great Reset, Such As Justin Trudeau, Francis Macron and Mark Zuckerberg Sponsoring Partners of That World Economic Forum of Young Global Leaders Program Have Been Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google.

I Wonder Why Google Sensors and Shapes Information to Be Inexact Support of the World Economic Forum Snared Another Fun Fact for the World Economic Forum Is Predicting a Worldwide Cyber Attack. I'm Pretty Much a Wizard of Predicting the Things Enmity to the Theory Concerns. Schwab Believes the Cyber Attack Could Bring the Camp Elite Hall to Our Power Grid, Transportation, Hospital Services to Our Society As a Whole, the World Economic Forum Then Deleted the Cyber Attack Simulator Planned. I'm Not Sure, but They Said It Was a Simulation so It's Probably Best to Just Leave Them. Also, the World Economic Forum along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Hosted Event 201 Was Only Enough Played out Exactly As They Planned Work Simulated Whenever Let's Move on. And Here's a Picture of Class Schwab Sitting in Front of a Statue of Vladimir Lenin I Would Wonder Why He's Got a Statue of One of the Most Murderous World Leaders in History When He Killed an Estimated 5 Million People and Finally Remember Schwab Whole Thing about Your Own Nothing and Be Happy about It.

What's the World Economic Forum's Plan to Make That Happen Will Is Probably Nothing but Consider This BlackRock Is an Investment Firm with $9 Trillion under Management, Which Is a Higher GDP Than Every Country on Earth. Aside from the US and China before It Turns out, BlackRock Has More Political and Financial Influence Than the Federal Reserve and Governments Sounds Cool but What's the Connection with the World Economic Forum Again and It's Probably Nothing, but BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Is Also Just a Board Member of the World Economic Forum, Let Super Convenient Probably Just Coincidence Is the World Economic Forum and BlackRock Colluding in Corporatism When Unelected Corporate Elite Dictates Top down to the Population Could Be Doing That Because They'd Have To Infiltrate the Government, Which They Haven't Done except for in One of Joe Biden's First Appointees 20 Took Office, He Named Brian Deese to Be the Director of National Economic Council IDs Came from Rock. He Was a Global Head of Sustainable Investing and Now He's Biden's Main Advisor for Economic Policy Is Making Policy Decisions.

Unelected Corporate Elite That BlackRock in the World Economic Forum. Of Course, Binds Making All the Decisions. Let's Not Be Silly. There's a Picture of Mine in the Audience at the World Economic Forum. Also, Harris's Chief Economic Advisor Is Michael Trial He Came from BlackRock Where He Was a Global Chief Economic Strategist Overseen the Strategy for Investing Actually Dollars. Well, It Looks like Corporatism, but It's Probably Not but If It Was, It Would Actually Be a Viable Strategy for BlackRock in the World Economic Forum to Own Everything in You to Own Nothing. BlackRock Is Buying up Single-Family Homes at an Alarming Rate. Often Times Paying 20 to 50% above Asking Price so Normal People like You and I Can't Homes There Is an Interesting Thomas United Here about Ancient Tyrannical Rulers Who Would Rule over There down People by Saying Things like, If You Don't Do All of This Slave Labor and Let Me Sleep with Your Wife Then God's Gonna Make You All Perish in a Deadly Storm Will God Told Me Because I'm Elite, I Have Access to This Knowledge and You Don't See You Better Do As I Say or Do Can Die. Well, As Peasants Can Proceed with the King Can so We Better Do As He Says, Go Ahead and Bang My Wife and Thank You for Doing It for My Protection.

King Good Old Fear Mongering a Predictable Pattern As Old As Time Itself with Class in the World Economic Forum. It's Climate Change Is Going to Kill You. Disease Is Going to Kill You.

Every Taxcutting Chassis Better Do As We Say or You Can at Times I Love the Weather Looks Pretty Good to Me. Why Don't You Ever Smile Class Look like a Sociopath Know You Don't Understand. We Elites Have Access to Knowledge That You Don't Think You Better Listen to Us or You're Gonna Die Same Old Fun Pattern of Fear Mongering. They Know the Scary Problems and Only They Have the Solutions to Listen Are You Going to Die. Got to Class. Nothing New Here We See You. In Conclusion to the Question Is Close Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World. Here's His Top Guy Again. Humans Now Have a Couple Animal You Know That the Whole Idea That Humans Have. You Know They Said They They Have These Solo Spirit and I Have Free Will and Nobody Knows What's Happening inside Me. So Whatever I Choose Weathering the Election Weathering the Supermarket. This Is My Free Will.

That's over. It Will Indeed Be over If You Outsource Your Thinking to outside Influences and Take the Easy Way out by Choosing Obedience over Bravery. Doing so Makes You Very Susceptible to Being Manipulated by Fear.

If This Happens, You Will Fail at Remaining a Free, Sovereign Individual. Here's How Schwab and His Friends Consist Empathically Never Smile Fail at the Great Reset and You Succeed at Remaining a Free Sovereign Individual Be Guided by Your Own Critical Thinking and What Your Heart and Soul Knows Is Right and Choose Bravery over Obedience.

Obedience or Bravery Outsource Your Perspectives or Do Your Own Critical Thinking.

We Are in the Process of Either the Great Reset or the Great Awakening in the Choice Isn't Close. Schwab's Choice Is Yours. My Friend, If You Would Enjoy That Feeling of Spreading the Message of Freedom Wherever You Go.

Check out My Phone Line Okay There You Go and No Joke Again.

The One Thing That Delete Read about This We Go Back to the Only Time in 6000 Years on a Global Scale That the Opposition Has Transgressed God's Dominion and Will You Look at That Tomorrow. Again, Very Closely so Hear What He Had to Say and What We Try to Tell People You Know and Doers of the Word Baptist Church. We Have a Classically Teaching between Services and Current Events and We Always Have A Lot Of People from Other Churches and They Come Because They Can Get That Where They Attend about. We at We Understand That Were Were Were Living Now and People Remember What It Says. Hosea 46 of My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge There Destroyed for Lack of Now and so Were Trying to Bring That Information to so They Understand We Need Bravery Today and of Course This Radio Program for 50 Years Has Been Promoting People to Stand up and out and and Again We've Been Political Fight, but by the End of a Radio Show. Keep Fighting the Fight Absolutely Not Battle It out As I Think about This What's Going on in the World.

What Good Is Scripture If the Scripture Is Applied to Your Daily Life. The Right Where the Average Preacher Gets up, Preaches a Nice Little Sermon about the Salvation Message but like You Said, They Run from Current Events That God Put Everything in the Scripture There to Give Us an Example to Explain What's Happening Everything in Scripture Can Be Used Right for Understanding like the Minutemen It Is a Car Having Understanding of the Times and We Can Have It through the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit Reading God's Word Will Answer the Questions.

It's Not a Complicated Thought. Is It No Joke. You Reality Is This. The Bible Teaches. Where Does Judgment Begin in the House of the Lower House of God in the House of the Lord, What Is to Begin Begins with the Pastor and the Plug Now.

The Effort Directly under No Joke throughout the Genesis to Revelation. Who Was It That God Sent to the Weather Was Kings or Governors, Whoever and God Sent His People and the Preachers. The Prophets of That Day. Remember Jeremiah Was a Preacher. Isaiah Was a Preacher and He Sent Them to Say, Thus Saith the Lord God, Thus Saith the Lord God, It Would Not Was There. Five. Bear out Isaiah Is the Messenger or the Forgot and What's Happening Is See. Remember with What the Bible Teaches the Pastors to Become Effeminate and Proceed to Minium Have Been a Feminized and Again I Remember When That Lynette Started Back in the Early 60s When You Had the German Enlightenment Movement Here and People Were Talking about and They Were All the Neo-IPL I Miss Member That Little Song We Used To Play. I'm Neo-I Mail I'm As Cute As I Can Be Hope Great Night and I Really Am Every Day Every Day I'm Neo-I'm Neo-I Was Cute As I Cambio Mr. Cesar, Please Don't Take My 501(c)(3) Wheel Away. We Had Those Little Girl Sing That Song but Done. The Idea That You Talk about the Gentle Jesus throughout the Wizard Gentle and Compassionate As Any Woman Would Ever Live, but When It Came to Being Masculine When He Went into the Temple to Throw the Moneychangers Out Of Me in Those Tables Work Cardboard Cart Tables. They Were Table Made of Stone and He's Thrown Those Tables over Chasing the Several Dozen People Out Of There without Weapon. That Wasn't Exactly in an Effeminate Jesus. Nor Was the One That Took the Beating the Flipping the Scourging That Was a Real Tough Masculine Man. And That's the Part They Forget They Just Looked at the One Partner Said All He Was.

He Was Humble and Meek and Gentle. He Was Also Very Masculine and They Somehow Don't Get That Part of Scripture That Now It's It's They Want to Stay Comfortable and This Is Been an Extreme Dearth of Courage and the Reason That There Is Been That Extreme Growth Occurs, like the Bible Says, When in Israel When They Were When Their Profits Were Were Not Telling Them the Truth and in Goddesses and You Would Have It That Way, You Would Have It That That the People Say Look I Want to Go Someplace I Don't Want Some Preacher Telling Me I Need to Be a Doer of the Word, Not a Hearer Only. I Don't Need Some Preacher Telling Me I Need to Go out and Stand against Abortion. I Don't Need Some Preacher to Telemann I Have To Stand up and Fight of Its Extremely Corrupt Government.

I Want to Be Comfortable. I Want Want to Go There. I Want to Find Me One of His Mega Entertainment Centers Where I Can Cut and Fit and Never Worry about Being Called upon Everything Right Is Fairly Good Because It Made Me Feel Good about Myself Where I Am Not What God Wants Me to Pay, but the Way I Write and so That's That's Reality.

You Will Find That out. I'll Tell You Funds Right Now. If You Think about Coming to the Doers of the Word Baptist Church You Will Find That There Were Doers of the Word. There We Really Do Believe That When I Got I Mean for Real. We and We Really Believe Living the Way to God and Running to the Battle.

All You Gotta Do Is before You Even Get into Our Church Stop at the End of the Driveway and Look at What the Signs Say out There and Then You Know Who We Are, What We're about and so Any Home Collector Been Worn before You and Her Right Yeah Yeah Anyhow.

Joe We Got a Whole Lot of Articles We Got to Go through so Were Going to Have To Have a Go through a Rapid Succession Because, Well, I've Got about 200 of Them Said Here When I Can Really Get to Them. But All I Wanted to Hear This One Very Quickly and Older One, and We Talked about Mr. Fauci US National Institutes Of Health Were Fauci Is up to His Eyes. $770,000 Was Sent to the Kremlin to Run a Lab for Extremely Extremely Cruel Experiments and Cats and out It Doesn't Matter. Another Was Sick. People Really Sick Democrats Really Sick Democrats Could Could Make A Lot Of Money Doing What They Want. Torturing Little Cats and Bagel Puppies Now Are Going to Camp All While in Other These Are These Are Democrats. Okay, Here Is One of the Things Is a Breaking News Today Just to Unit You Should Know That the Zielinski Now Is Come out Today and Said That He Is Ready to Agree, Maybe to At Least Some of Putin's Terms, and That's That's the Just Recently so Here, Putin Offered Him the Terms Yesterday and Today Zielinski Responded and Appears to Have Accepted Some of the Terms Will See Yesterday. Russian Pres. Putin Offered Terms to Ukraine's Musket Was Demanding.

Ukraine Sees Military Action Changes Constitution to Enshrine Neutrality and Acknowledge Crimes As Russian Territory and Recognizes Separatist Republics of Dennis and against Key Is Independence Day and Swim the Course You and I Are in Favor of Wood. Putin Is Doing but Let Me Tell You Something I Would Rather Have Potent As the President over Joe Biden Any Day and and the Internet That Say Much Because Putin and Behalf Potent Is like Hillary, If You Get in This Way, You Disappear and but Now One Thing about Putin Is This an Potent Will Course like Joey. He Claims to Be Russian Orthodox and He Has Come out and Has Made Some Changes in Russia Where He Wants to Eliminate Abortion Altogether He Wants. He Wants People No Longer to Live Together, but Mary Wants Marriage and and He Wants Sodomite Sodomites and in Russia after the First Time You Get Caught Is a Sodomy, You Can Find.

But after the Second Time You Get Deported and so When It Comes There Release of the Things Everything. I Mean I Cannot. Can You Think of One Sin.

Can You Think of One Sin, the Joe Obama Biden Would Not Embrace, No, No, I Can't. I Can't Either and See. So the People Say Will You Let's Hate Speech Really City and You Can See the Entire Democratic Party When You Can Is Is Is Totally Corrupt and Wicked. God's Word, the Bible Says by the Fruits They Bear When That Entire Party Votes for Wicket. I Mean, Ungodly Antichrist Legislation That God's Word Says That There Wicked, Evil, Unclean People. I Don't Know the Number of Abortions in This Country We Have Killed Far More of God's Beautiful Creation Than Pertinent House or Will I Know What's Going on Is Horrible. I I See That the Pictures I Understand the War.

I've Been in War.

I've Seen the Dead Bodies. The Smell of All the Things Ago.

Whether We Hang out We Forget We Have Been Murdering More Human Beings in America Than Most Countries Have Killed and God Is Not Happy Is Not Anymore Happy with Us Than He Is with Russia and the Bombing of Women, Children and Old People Know It's Not Jill but You Know There's Another Thing Happening Right Now and That Is for Every One Person According to the Attorney We Had Unhindered Just a Couple Months Ago Back for Every One Person That Dies from the Cold Right Now That Reported That That This That They Try to CDC Try to Keep Quiet, Says the 12 People Are Dying from the Bio Weapon and Will Will Kill Them to Break and Will Come Back Let's Talk about This Because I I've Been Watching Some Things. It's Unbelievable. Be Right Back You for Listening to What's Right What's Left the Voice of the Christian Resistance to Support This Ministry and to WR That You Are Mail Your Donations to What's Right What's Left Ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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