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THU HR 1 030322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 4, 2022 12:12 am

THU HR 1 030322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 4, 2022 12:12 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded standard of the Christian resistance data by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Good evening and welcome to another additional what's right what's left I'm radio about 30 centers.

Then, indeed, this is the voice of the Christian resistance, but we cannot do this. March 3, 2022 and tonight being the first Thursday of the month. We have none other than Dr. Peter Glidden with you there Peter, your letter" they list of heroes that you have to carry the program because I opened home walking wounded tonight. Anyhow yeah you know what I had. I had the Fauci flu fiber get my hands on Fauci. I will tell you this guy. I had to Fauci flu tonight in the Wilmette defendant Lemaster question because Evan told.

Usually you'll have it for two days before you reach the very first symptoms of the criminal are different for everybody. Nobody really know what time is different people, different body weight, metabolic rate agent, but nonetheless what our experience of the been clinically vetted about 14.21 days pain-and-suffering and normally stop influenza or any other type of viral illness responds really pretty quickly. Naturopathic or homeopathic or holistic treatments really the treatment of joint but what myself and all of my colic. Without cheap blue that it takes much longer to get on the other side of it and we are of the opinion that that is happening because it's not a naturally occurring fire man-made man-made yield. The way the other viruses due to holistic therapies last couple of days feel a lot better last night, I was able to tie radio program and then let you know I thought this morning I got up I wouldn't bed and all of a sudden then it hit me like a ton of bricks and no back into the back into the lungs and then chills like you wouldn't believe. I really get chills and so what I don't know if it would be appropriate to do it on Eric.

Might be interesting to do it on their but it sometime if you want to do that tonight we can do that tonight or sometime tomorrow off fair. I'll take UK zero homeopathic workout.

Naturopathic workup and put you on program to accelerate the healing and I'm happy okay what we can we can do that. The first, let me tell you what I've been doing okay. Let me talk and then nurse Alain with several doctors and 11 taking them fiber lectin.

I've been taking the vitamin C I've been taking the vitamin D3 I've been taking the what he called little little little teletype tablets so I can think of what I'm trying to think of right now being taken. Zinc yeah zinc and the black black seed oil and enslavement. Evan taken those and like I said I was getting better. I wish I thought I was at the bike tomorrow I'd be glad to be back up and added really come back and hit me hard if you been hearing that that's what it does not (cognitive very much like a roller coaster ride.

Depending on what you doing therapeutically. You know other structured in your life so of all of the things that are. We didn't know that you had the bounty of all of the things that are bothering you what most bothersome be very good at showing the copy that headache. What's the biggest symptom that you're dealing with earlier earlier today I mean, stream, chills, and an extreme chills and that but right now is like this lather's labored breathing in the butt again so it is not doesn't stay the same and have you noted that the breathing when it becomes labored is more difficult or easier under certain circumstances, strengthen much easier to breathe. If you lie down or it much harder to breathe.

If you lie down or stand up or walk around or under any mitigating factors for the breathing that you're wearing sees you standing up for setting up that is lying down right and when it's hard to breathe hard inhaler hard inhale and have you noticed that the respiratory stuff or not, yet that comes and goes and when it comes that I have you go through a period of really extreme congestion.

I mean a lot of extreme congestion. Then and then I cough it up and then it's gone and you know for that would have a more for several hours and then and today he came back at me big time and have you noticed the color of the top yes is pretty much in grace color and had to have you take your temperature you know what I could tell that when I have a bit of a fever that had just a slight fever but you know in the militia, when little things you sticking your finger to check your oxygen level in the unit comes up at 98 so that's not bad but so there's a homeopathic medicine that you should send somebody out yet.

Probably too late to get it night. Although it really depends on you can get this type of home food vitamin shop and help there probably by now but personal Fayette mental ballot called aconite on the pallet so my guess. Here's how you spell it and get somebody in the food. Write it down a like Apple like Charlie. Oh like Oscar and like Nancy I like India, Eli, you like uniform and like Mary second word and like Nancy a like P like Peter you like Edward L like Larry L, like Larry, you asked like Sam. You can find that in the 30 feet strength on the label. It will play aconite in the pallet.

Sometimes it'll just say aconite ACO and IPC 30 feet it'll be called a little blue cylinder about the size of your pinky finger in the vitamin section of where you go to pick it up and it's going to be to strengthen a shelf with about 50 different medicines all alphabetically arranged will cost about 10 bucks and inside that little blue to going to be about 100 little white medicated pellet recommendation is you take three or four times a day free pellet thoroughly four times a day spread them out without woken up in the middle of the night with the problem breathing. Take three more pellet three pellets four times a day.

I'll be in touch with you on tomorrow's Friday, Saturday defeat that medicine, homeopathic the correctly prescribed homeopathic medicine turn this around on a dime and dramatically accelerate will get an lower down his window clerk folks: let out there and get minister tomorrow for sure. XO we really get into the Scripture whose work will run into this and were going to be reading today from Luke 13 not actually Luke chapter 12 starting with verse 49 you know graphene is being transmitted from vaccinated to the vaccine free people, and because of that, there's a lot of families that led that that they don't want to get together anymore. I mean they don't hand.

I have a lot of friends friends were people. Relatives that are gotten the poison is poking and because they were told that it's us that the younger asked that that's President Clinton's just the opposite. But here's here's what it says is his. I have come to send a fire on the earth that I will and that will will I be already kindled. But I have a baptism to be baptized with and how am I straightened till it's accomplished. Suppose you that I am come to give peace on earth. I tell you name but rather division or from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided three gifts to two against rape, the father shall be divided against the sun. The sun divided against the father. The mother against daughter. The daughter against the mother. The mother in law against her daughter-in-law and her daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law were seeing all of this division takes place. I almost fell off my chair when I heard Joe Obama.

It was an amazing thing about you Obama did you know that you Obama when he gave his speech. Did you watch any of that speech, Peter.

I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had just eaten dinner and I didn't want to. Here's a guy talking about were going to secure our borders.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here's a guy is talking about how were going to become energy independent, unbelievable. He knew everything that he was saying was an outright lie. Okay and and and he was there and then he when he got and I couldn't believe this was I couldn't blue to hear Democrats saying USA USA. Remember when we were doing that of trunk rallies.

We were called Nazis for saying USA US and and all is and they had this you talk about a Hollywood production. I mean, I would've thought that it is able automate some of the liberal sick to do that but everything this guy was saying Simon be preaching on Sunday, Lord's will and what God loves what God hates what God loves because the Bible doesn't stutter really clear and I could tell you this America. America is in real trouble with God.

America is in big trouble and so here today I limit just as you, but the stews as I got you today.

I got the a box of that powdered clay sent to me from one of the wonderful wonderful lady in the church ordered it sent to me and I have a I have the baking soda and in the old senior monk, the stuff that you take in a wing in the bathtub when you read it right so here I was told to take one cup of each vitamin a full tub and soak in their and rub that and note it will take all of these little pull all of the these nanoparticles in the graph line tells Lisa protein things out it we think well. They are probably bentonite clay to be talking about yet is a that's it that's it Longer and you get overall be talking problem with this graphene. In the problem of the like proteins and problems with appointment is that we don't have a copy. Nobody knows what the heck it is because of the brand-new and were all kind of you know, flying in the fog here trying to figure out how to fix it. How to mitigate that the fallout what to do to fix the problem. Nobody knows what to do, so I don't have a problem with doing that that therapeutic is gonna hurt you.

I think there is some validity to it. So I would run it up the flagpole at the live and then you know report back to the world what you're hearing what we were gonna move this forward. I just just that you're with me. Attorney Thomas rents we hear on the radio program and he he silly and he came out and he said, today I want to know I want to know who's going to jail for the first where out and I'm headed data they come up with from Pfizer was then was forced to release they made him the release of member. This is some of the stuff those pages. We played 25 minutes of of them, the stuff the Pfizer had done the research and it was trying to keep quiet and we played that clip was very interesting and they talking about how so many people expect all of things people expect to die from any percentagewise wire. He says that the Pfizer forced to release a 3% mortality rate for the vaccines, which is 12 times the call. The death rates are for everyone that have died from coven 12 have died from the vaccine go ahead and nobody go to jail. Yeah, you're right. The country is in a bad way and whatnot from my vantage point, all of the non-covert misdirection and covert propaganda and the COBIT live. I frankly are the tip of the because while the bench while the medical marketplace is been monopolized by the pharmaceutical industry which happened in 1918 12. By the way it went longer than anybody in the live chronic disease is getting worse and getting thicker not getting help.

Alzheimer's is at the leading autism is escalating hard to be going up arthritis is going up of the going out getting thicker as a nation not getting healthier in the leading cause of bankruptcy is medical bill, if not tell you the coronavirus is that of the eye heard and this is what you get inside of a monopoly. We desperately need a free medical market, but because the pharmaceutical industry is evil and by evil I mean evil by evil I mean evil because the pharmaceutical industry evil not going to change. Save half their into every aspect of society. And even though they harm even though they bankrupted even though they fill out everybody give them a path, God only knows what tomorrow night Peter were going to be playing so very close on what is will what is really taken place in the Ukraine in the history of Russia. The crane was the real not what you're saying on the fake news media on the propaganda channels were gonna bring you the real behind-the-scenes what they will you not supposed to know tomorrow night Lord's will and you. Your fellow kabuki theater away.

I think that one of the reason for doing the Ukraine thing now you distract everybody from the abject failures of the port bow and so here the Pentagon ran bio weapon labs in 25 countries, including Ukraine at about five in the Ukraine.

Yet no global outcry against the USA for funding coven gain of function crimes against humanity and somewhere along the line we got a bill that will work with doing the very best we can to bring people to inform people about the realities because you don't when you said here.

You said the pharmaceutical is evil.

You know said that before you did God.

Well, I'm in good company that will yeah yeah and so again you know it's called farming Kia. You know it's called witchcraft and wizardry, and it was forbidden forbidden and everything that they're doing in these companies.

I have a little clip fly to play in this Mr. Fauci if I should if I should find this clip.

It's an amazing clip in this Mr. Fauci and they say well you know sometimes we made mistakes in the past and sometimes her vaccines did more harm than good is felt. That's what she's thinking is and know the one thing. There were nothing else to do about coronavirus, it would be one thing.

Maybe we can do and your mental vaccine. Maybe we can all get together wrap our arms around that. But that's not there were lots of other thing to do in order to help people recover from covert, all of which were suppressed and they were suppressed by the chiropractor. They were suppressed by the naturopath. They were suppressed by the acupuncturist of the aggravated practitioners. They were suppressed by the botanical medicine at work. They were suppressed by the medical doctor in the pharmaceutical industry and I don't know how these people can sleep at night now. You see, and all the people like Peter McCullough and that other guy worked for DARPA going all around the country thing all coronavirus battle coronavirus bad, but you never hear anyone of them except Christine Northrup was the only one to say luck if the profession that the problem I can't stomach the profession anymore. I can't be a member of this progression anymore. I'm turning in my life. That's what needs to happen, but you're never going to hear that nobody is looking to the root cause of why all of this happened in the root cause of why all of this death and distraction and misdirection and propaganda as happened is because of the pharmaceutical control of the medical marketplace and as bad as most people in the late public think that it is. If a thousand times worse. I'm telling you it's the thousand times more know what I've I've always been the guy that was skeptical about going to the doctor. I was always told going up that the men are much more skeptical. Let's act to go to the doctor and no then out that women women are much we will go to women have more trust in doctors than men do and end but that but I never had much but even him but III didn't totally distrust when I was growing up. The doctor came to our house and we had some end. And hey, he did his job and then a lot of times what he what they prescribed was great flight. Get vitamin D get vitamin C and basically elderberry elderberry syrup the cement with our doctrine based pretty much gave us what we could get out of a natural pathing store to get an right kind of thing. If not for the better and so almost the biblical proportion no getting yeah so here the medical profession has taken a huge hit. I mean I look I got people calling me every day wanted to know if I know any doctors that you can trust that because they tell me. My doctor told me I should I should take the Polk and in so boom that that's that they lost all trust. I had a fellow called me and tell me that the and another one wrote me one of them. He said that you saved my life. He said my entire family took the took the poisonous Polk and they they were all on me all berating me for not taking it pastorally ball died in the 90s rolled a people pleaser. Older people, he said I'm the only one that didn't know was another guy pretty much the same story, but were trying to tell people out there are current all people, and let's put it in perspective. Patrick can imagine, just for a moment that it was a naturopathic doctor or a chiropractor that told the patient to do one therapeutic take one particular medicine, and it killed him. Imagine what would happen we be pilloried in the sound and the front lot. The headlines all around the country would be all those quack alternative quote unquote doctors there killing people. But when conventional medicine does it when the pharmaceutical industry does it.

Everybody turned the other cheek and give them a path and I think the reason that that's happening is because of the evil influence. I think there's a dark malevolent force that play here that's keeping keeping people from seeing what really is. I can't imagine at any other reason. All answer the answer to that is found very clearly written Hosea chapter 4 verse six my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and their believing their believing in and by this time the extent of the point they don't understand you can't believe the fake news media.

I mean you can't in all of the stuffed and are just unbelievable arming how dumb is dumb anyhow. Hang tight. Peter will be back right after this was tested and went all in one and all consumer buyer is inside you will know the truth of the ring to it doesn't it. I still would like to be the Fauci oh Lynn, these guys Fauci Gates sorrows. All of these you know and and here I get is a Robert Malone is going all around trying to undo what he is doing all around placing that this stuff is not is everything the Pfizer doing is filled with scientific fraud and so the money grab. I think he worked. I think you the puppet of Garp and I think carpet is trying to get the FDA's money.

I think that's what the real play here behind the scene. He had tied the dark, but at least that's the word on three and the money you drug administration money is gigantic and I think he's trying to get that money for the dark but by things like the FDA screwed this up super bad and I need to go bye-bye which I copy all in favor of] Food and Drug Administration regulates the nutritional supplement industry and there is nobody on the Food and Drug Administration you have any training any. Really any appreciation for nutritional supplement and they passed a law that says the only thing the completed disease of the drug, so I'd be happy to see the food and drug administration go the way of no doubt, but I think that's going Malone if I had money well you know Malone and and Ryan call to say look, the CDC is purposely held back all of this information and you know they're responsible and those that held back. You know I'm talking about going to Joe Obama holding back near hydroxychloroquine and labor Mexican all the stuff and didn't like what they're doing and making it to some, these doctors tell them if you do use actual medicine from God in all the natural stuff that can actually cure you will find you or you lose your license bad happening in United States of America in the 21st century amine right here in broad daylight and that inquiring minds would like to know who's going to go to jail.

When the gun and what are the consequences going to be. While I mean I don't know because Bextra killed how many thousands of people Vioxx killed how many thousands of people nobody went to jail that the company that made this up with spine big deal and you know light goes on too big to fail.

Too big to jail. That's been our gestalt concerning the pharmaceutical and recent World War II and if the rocket living crap and I I'm sorry if I sound like I'm beating a dead horse because I am there is a cure for all of that there is then stored with eliminate all of the overnight it would be the creation of a premedical market and you know it was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Rush warned us about this. In 1776. He said unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution. The time will come when medicine will organize itself into a dictatorship to restrict the art of healing for one class of people and deny equal privileges that others will constitute the Batmobile of medical science. All such laws are un-American and spotted" and that is exactly what happened here in the United States, and it started in 1912.

This came right here family. I have two books limbs called attempt to cure with holistic medicine and the other is everybody sick and in the light now these two books are my own personal copies and I'm soon to happen for Kamal. They got to go out because they've already been purchased.

People out there so incident donation and asked for some very nice ladies and so Peter, we promote your books tonight.

You know was going to happen you can.

I have a whole lot of people wanting your books do you have a whole lot of books due to put forth. I don't. But you're going to win just a minute because earlier today. I think you hundred and 50 new crop all crazy cut floor for that thank you thank you thank you that the reason because the folks listen.

Here's what were asking you to do were only asking you and all you people listen to us to do one thing and that is not to be stupid here.

See, God gave us the natural herbs gay God gave it to us and we believe the God who really knew what he did that he gave us the holistic what he was doing and inherit in this attempt at your starting for me to see you talk about every kind of ailment and then you talk about here.

This is the natural herbs.

This is what you use.

This is not only that, but you go into real detail on the mouse to use and how to use it and everything okay and so if people were to do this and was having people's it will pass to Sanders, I know what you're saying and I believe you, but my insurance won't pay for that.

Well, would you rather have your insurance paperwork that would kill you, you sick right would you rather pay for it yourself and get well Nila I the choice is easy for me okay and this is why I I never take any drugs I've avoided any anything from farming here forever. Okay partner. So yeah, we believe we never do that and and so here I'm folks out there these books that he's gotten four for your attempt to cure, we would we would ask a donation of $40.

Would that be right in your and for the everybody sick and I know why. What about a donation of them 60 bucks for both Napa great deal for an upgrade okay and that would be enough. Peter people call me all the time in the they want but they got medical questions they asked me could you give me Dr. good to hear you on here were going open the phone lines where they can call in and talk to you directly. Okay.

And then, and so but I have your phone number or your can I give that out you can give the office number out. Certainly my office number 855347369 Qubec Bay 55347369 thick a better number for people to call, though they want to engage the healing process is Eiffel help if that number is 888-618-1796. 888-618-1796.

Because the people at Eiffel help can help you with my generic health recovery protocol. The revelation for most people, and for most people it hard for them to believe, but it through based on 33 years of my clinical experience, you know every once in a while you need a private appointment with a physician like myself, you do but most of the time you go with a 75% of the time you don't. You just need to know what to do to get your body into the game of healing and that's what I attempted to line up with my attempt to cure, but that's the information that I have put out on my Dr. got hundreds of hours of instructional videos on my website which walked people right through the simple steps that they can do right now from the comfort of their own home without having to engage the services of a private physician in order to get their bodies into the game of healing if my life works.

I really feel like I'm just hitting the ground running with it even though I've been doing it for three years.

I can imagine retiring. Honestly because you are absolutely 100% lot on right Pastor my people are destroyed by lack of knowledge and often it's just a little bit of knowledge that make all of the different that's what I endeavor to do on my website and my book.

I got a text here brother that fellow wonderful lady. She/she is such a little sweetheart What are you feeling taken. Roaches always always help and always put other people first.

Marie is her name. She texted me and she said I've order that accosted not to the pillow and up to the pool.

Okay, yeah, it's been order to give tomorrow. I can't believe what God is good, God has blessed me with and I just want to say this because the people out there and I was telling my wife is really really blessed in our old age will that you know when when we need help. We have so many people showing up to help us because there's a lot of folks lot of folks Peter I know and I know to help a minister to the don't have anybody you don't have anybody at all in the that that out that there all alone in and it got his blessed us in such abundance that they have Andre Susan prison inmate stunted Franklin medical their hospital in center in Columbus, whose laying in the bed with stage IV cancer and heart are Department of Corrections in the prison system. There are some good people in there but but it is it is is terrible it is absolutely terrible. It's like you see in the movie you know and some of these movies were well seen situation when David people.

It died in the just covered them up and roll them out and left him in the hallway for wild like them all away just was not good right we got some calls and we have stand here and there after my call. Dr. Glidden, I believe on one of your previous programs with pastor. He recommended that we do not take any drugs.

Explain why we could avoid that group of drugs. Yet the great question I can answer that 100% and I will do a little promotion on my website.

Dr. I have a decryption service which gives people ask that month-to-month and cancel anytime. But when you become a subscriber gives you access to hundreds of hours of instructional webinars that I put together in one of my favorite webinar. They have two favorite webinars, but I did one was on statin drug, the kind like a 45 minute expos of what they are and why you should take another one was on cholesterol right so I'm to give you the Cliff note here, if you really want to take a deep dive into it, which I recommend everybody do go to Dr. become a briber and check out the content behind a pay wall. So here's the deal. The research has been done it academic and it's not arguable anymore. There is no relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease.

It does not exist. Let me say this again there is no relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease. The research has been done the deal has been field problem that we have here is that the statin drug industry is a $20 billion industry a year and because we have a monopolized medical marketplace when information which is contrary to the pharmaceutical agenda becomes published. It takes a long, long time for that to enter into the mainstream because like I said thousand times worse than you think that it is an big farmer it does in fact control everything so no relationship between high cholesterol and heart to the statin drugs do have a limited impact on heart disease, but it's not through the cholesterol lowering mechanism, number one, number two cholesterol oh important to the human body that your body makes it your central nervous is made from cholesterol every wall of every cell in your body is made from cholesterol all of your sex hormone are made from cholesterol. Cholesterol is extremely important in the overall function of the human body and when you drive cholesterol into the ditch with statin drug back pre-diet and exercise will guess what happened.

The brain drives up your sex hormones. Dry what is that mean well, it means you get Alzheimer's or you get the venture and if you're a man you get erectile dysfunction.

If you're a woman you have hot flushes for five years instead of three months, and the lack Of your life is horrible because you're moody and you're depressed not because you're getting older, not because you have a bad game.

Not because you have a voodoo curse, but because your body doesn't happen on cholesterol and if you look at a graph of the incidence of Alzheimer's disease which came out of nowhere in the mid 80s.

By the way it came out of nowhere and it is skyrocketing. Now in biblical proportions. If you look at a graph of the incident of Alzheimer's to the and charted against the introduction of that drug. They parallel each other almost exactly.

And oh by the way, since we've been purchasing statin drugs to the tune of $20 billion a year heart disease rates remain unchanged and this is the depth and the breadth of the pharmaceutical propagandized nonsense that everybody had, you know built an altar to in their medicine chest at their home and they genuflect at it every day nonsense you have. So that it in a nutshell you and statin drugs. By the way, are the only classification of drugs that I recommend people stop immediately by what they called statin. What distorts statin mean I don't know Latin firm. I think that I'm probably an acronym for some type of biochemical thing okay but all statin drugs, whatever they do. Their intention is to lower cholesterol levels in the body and most statin drug that by creating inflammation in your liver because it's your liver that metabolizes left and that's why you're taking is that Dragon you doctors on their game, you have to have your liver enzymes check every three or four months to make sure that that drug is hurting your liver.

But, of course, most doctors don't do that anymore because they're lazy and they pay more attention to what the pharmaceutical rep says that what the actual research ranging some years ago I had a husband and wife who work together they worked for big Pharma and research and their job was to gather information on the lease. Certain statin because the people were taking and they they found out that that the people were about 10 times more likely to get diabetes, but taking the statin drugs than the name.

Otherwise, and so they found this out and then they were told by the pharmaceutical know you not going to publish that and told that don't know don't publish that don't bring in a pulley.

They wanted to throw offices at night to get this material because the conscious got a hold of people getting diabetes and dying and instantly taken us drugs and you know they were caught and they were handcuffed putting chairs by security and interrogated in their own office for doing that and I had him on the radio program by both the mother because they wanted to sue big Pharma for when they wanted the people to know exactly what was happening out there so and him when we have next. Thank you Dr. thank you from very much okay we have did you say Cliff Cliff here and there You not read 1984 exactly what's going on right that I thought Katie will I know is chapter 15 natural wailing down and that's what the Delaware mass get tested. Stay 6 feet away, but to my question.

One would be installing the rock rose actually that was a toxicologist that was get some reversal on the packaging.

With that, but my question would be on three supplements coenzyme Q10, which is endogenous.

I believe L, carnitine or aceto-is also what else endogenous authority in the body and that El Cajon is saying I believe is not in the body or or instant luncheon meats right. I'm not familiar with the last one but l-carnitine and coenzyme Q 10 are both really important for cardiac function.

The heart need those nutrients in order to get the job done at CoQ10.

The heart is really an interesting organ because the only organ in the body that always working your heart never stop beating your heart beating all the time even when your sleep. If the only muscle in your body that Navarrette back to the only part of your body that Navarrette heart is always acting and because the heart is always acting if demand the significant amount of energy are all of the time right and in order for there the there's the thing and not the biochemical cascade by which the body transforms sugar into a Dennison, diphosphate, in order to create energy for all of the cells in the body is one of the key steps the rate limiting step in that chemical conversion of sugar into energy companies that so if you body runs out at CoQ10. The first thing going to be affected is your heart because your heart needs energy all the time and if you don't have enough CoQ10 you can have all the sugar in your body you want all the fuel in the body that you want, but going to start beating weirdly just because you don't have enough CoQ10 I forget off the top of my head. What the operative metabolic pathway of l-carnitine is but we prescribed l-carnitine and CoQ10 as kind of generic heart support supplement for anybody that having any type of the cardiac tissue like cardiac myopathy. Your coronary artery disease or atrial fibrillation or funky valve right we extra hard nutrients that only make them feminist by giving somebody with a broken leg crutch. What a good idea so their wonderful heart nutrients and because of the poison that spoke one of the major life-threatening side effects of the poison spoken cardiac myocarditis inflammation of the heart.

Anything we can do to support heart function is a smart idea and that wife that goodbyes clinically.

Now so you put them as light show of like what other heart supplements which recommend that what you put them as captive. Well, all right. In the "old door that is very important for people to understand because you know that many doctors like myself licensed and regulated clinical experience. There just aren't that many of us around and most people who get their feet wet with medical nutrition are medical doctors and so they start to use nutrients the same way that they use drug right so they'll use large doses of vitamin C don't get intervening without vitamin the Dell recommend large dose of the think like they're doing now and coronavirus time. This is referred to as orbit CoQ10 or carnitine and this is referred to as fractionated nutrition and fractionated nutrition is better than no nutrition at all, but what much better acclimated nutrition is holistic nutrition because $25 billion in federally funded research proved in the 1980 that there are 90 essential nutrients that the human body needs in order to function problem 90 is not one there's not. Not breeders 9090 essential nutrient.

Your body needs all of them because everything is connected so the first thing to do to secure your help first thing to do to get your body into the game. The first thing to do to stimulate your body built in God-given ability to fix itself. Make sure it has 100% of the 90 essential that the first thing the were not doing that with written into the wind so that's what we do.

First, and then you have a lung condition.

We give you extra long supplement that you have a kidney condition. We did you execute a condition yet heart condition what ever does your add-on to the top of the foundation. The foundation is the maximum important and you know that's referred to in our powerline and 90 essential nutrient for the foundation pack and that's what 88818 units briefly.

As far as long supplement to other relatives that has long issues. As a former smoker at spoken, but what you recommend any supplements you want to be at the 90th nutrients and play then we give omega-3 essential fatty at omega-3 attentional bad art to the lung.

What calcium is bone really, really important and if somebody's lungs have been compromised right because they worked in a coal miner because they were smoker forever. There are some wonderful botanical medicine that will really act nicely to support and promote lung function and that the my favorite is made by a company called good herb and that the formula is called respiratory support combination of more I think maybe five different botanical medicine based on over 3000 of clinical experience later just a heart rate so folks will be back right after this was a whole lot more to come. Be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

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The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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