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TUE HR2 030122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 2, 2022 12:00 am

TUE HR2 030122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 2, 2022 12:00 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate a listen to the podcast WR already, we are back in the we have with us little other than big John returned John to be a regular yell, you know you made it made it to the big time. No anyhow… We got a whole what I mean a whole lot to cover perversely go to do this because I have some very good friends Sue and was skippered and then they run what is called Gabi Christian Academy school and that's where I sit. My grandson and then I tell you why because I help them get started some many years ago and the starter from like a little one room schoolhouse right now until it's complete school starting from preschool to kindergarten all the way through 12th grade and it's a it is a solid Christian Academy and now let me just read this because there have an open house Gabi Christian Academy is hosting an open house on Tuesday evening, March 8 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at both of his campuses parents and children are invited to attend and meet our teachers and staff see our classrooms and gain insight as you consider the many benefits of a Christian education for your children. Learn more about our small class sizes academically rigorous current curriculum with a biblical worldview, academic intervention programs investors for grace, sports teams, local and international ministries college credit courses and loving environment.

The school serves students into campuses. The Burton campus house of preschool through houses preschool through fourth grade students is located at 14220 Claritin Troy Rd. and Burton just a few miles north of the Burton Sq., Tory campus houses fifth grade through high school and is located at the intersections of Route 704 22 in Troy.

Now folks I know a lot of you sent. I didn't have time.

I wanted to write this down and we were talking about the local I know were were national but of folks on a military we need to get your children if you love them, get them in for this thing get a minute good Christian school was taken place at their Nepali schools out there.

It's a unbelievable one.

Anyhow, the for more information you can visit the school's website at no it's a GAAP ECA agape, a goblet or you can call now.

I'll say this nice and slow so you can write the phone number down. It's always the way I like to do and I like to get a phone number and call and talk to a real human and avoid computers as much as possible, and the number is 44083480224408348022. I highly highly highly highly recommend a copy Christian Academy weaves that many people there and everybody I know you know when and a photo meditate enrollments can happen fast. People are pulling kids out of public full system you know when this whole thing was going on in all the public schools appeared and that they were forcing masks upon the children in the school support kids in a first graders kindergarten but not not in the Christian schools. A note will have no part of that went when I can fall into that and they were treated like human beings, not like little guinea pigs and also I wanted to get one quick announcement to the Northeast Ohio conservative club Lincoln's day but have Lincoln's day dinner and met Saturday, March 12 at Lavera's party center and at 32200 Chardon Rd., Willoughby Hills. They've asked me to open it up for Amanda it's candidates night so you don't have a candidate for governor, Jim Renée C and you're going to have Joe cannot Joe was the Phillies candidate for lieutenant governor. Remember, he's the businessman filmmaker he made the that film the pro-life them unplanned and also the trump inode and these can be there but I'm hearing now with her telling me is that they can have a lot of candidates there, and I expect that numerous candidates there from running for the office of governor and senator plus Congress not tickets are $50 apiece and you can get a table of of the 844 400 bucks for more information more information call Mario Mario and that's it. 216-520-1977, 216-520-1977 one more time to get info since not quite over yet but I will be 216-520-1977 all right thank you and now big John did to earn.

Did you watch Joe Obama's speech nonnormal out my I will have Bible teaching on that crime of knowledge and I've never seen so many flat out lies told, and people standing and applauding them and I'm talking about Republicans. Did you know that Joe Biden did you know that he wants to close our southern border border. He said he wants to cut off all of the incoming illegal aliens and border.

He was to secure the border. He wants to make the border secure and he wants to improve the immigration service did you know that Bernie, you know, I know all our listeners know that it is apolitical why do the job to destroy America drop that it was important office but Billy was elected the recording compartment over the construction of America all the white how do you explain everything he's doing.

Please say. Remember, it's watch what I do what I say and not what I do onwards your your right after we don't believe a word of the politicians we look at what they do and what he does is recruit and he is trying to destroy. So here now that I look there and I saw this I so Merrick Garland I saw that Gen. Austin and Millie and let when I looked at these people. Nasty Pelosi. I looked at and I saw people there that wanted to take away every ball of my freedoms. Every one of my freedoms and I saw people there that would like to take away my life would you think absolutely earning. I mean they are screaming about us they hate us for variety or reasons and more of us because we were Christian.

They hate Christianity. They hated they have the same hatred for us the Nokia have the same hatred well here now. Giovanna said that he wanted to start a new unit to prosecute pandemic fraud clinic what you think of that back, nothing more than the KGB of the communist than the melting of the Nazis parent.

They are in charge now ruthlessly rose what they've been ruthless or bottom. How many years they've been suppressed that in our power now, so they want to destroy anyone at all opposition. They won't strike that is what totalitarian government. One of the first things they do when they get into power destroy the opposition so that when looking at a classic while I sort of communist takeover of a nation that soaring timing is total communist tool which which called cloud communist or globalist today. Indent that's what I mean. Bernie is a little different than the classic London market is flexible so now here welcome course you know that Biden said he was. He wants to make America energy sufficient energy independent and more things made in the United United States, so what you think that you think he really wants to make America energy independent know that political rhetoric was because the pipeline we were independently from one of the first things he did really cut down the pipeline and we became immediately dependent dog is an outlet that started crying and who Saudi Arabia pump more oil in the Russian more oil because of our prices were the prices are going up so yeah shut it down.

The reason he shut it down is because while destroying America. He wants to pull it down because of the goal of the note agreeing greenhouse. They call it online right now.

Greenhouse gases are yet not as with the allocate what they call the green movement.

There were gladly squadron. It's is that moment there now so the Keystone XL pipeline and the Norton scream to pipeline America would have been energy insufficient for years in years and years data yeah and so but now it's not quite that way so all of these things that he's talking about is doing exactly the opposite. He shut them down. And now we got these huge quote yes prices okay and here so people of everybody stayed in and I watched his Republicans stand and applaud as he said he wants to secure the southern border 10 why what an absolute lie he told them, and then I'm looking at that now we just played. I just played a 25 minute clip and then a 25 minute John clip it was 25 minutes long and it was reading the list and that list was a secret Pfizer document paper incident several number of pages, aliens 4050 pages and are in here, it was found of a whistleblower got it out and now it's out and set up on the Internet you can rated and they talking about what the research.

This is why they wanted to wait 75 years before this information asked the court to give him 75 years before this information amount and it tells you in there all of the things is happening to people because of these bio weapons that they were shot with and now here Biden went that Biden says he wants to have a special unit to prosecute people that have a note to it that have worked comes to pandemic fraud.

Now look Biden did everything he could to cut off all supplies of people of Iver macular hydroxychloroquine anything that could save the life of people they got the got the pandemic they got to the fudgy flu right now I'm totally try to make it hard I was by God's grace we we want with all our sources and we got. And of course a lot of people were big and trying to find it and they were dying because they couldn't get it okay and so purposely so here now and then that this man who we just read the who we just heard is absolutely right. This is war crimes and killed more people than what's happening over there right now with with Russia is is is nothing compared to the amount of people that were killed by Fauci that murdered by Fauci murdered by Gates Soros and all of these people these in and and and they're going to be people and they know that they know that eventually if they will be tried. If we can get back in office now in this the person that was presenting that also mentioned the Republicans all the all the Republicans that the talked about getting the Swift and fax back soon.

Of course he was referring again to trump, but if you remember about trump truck did all he could to keep Iver American and hydroxychloroquine available to people they wanted. If they got this that he talked about the facts which he never should have done, but I know why he did it now but I still thinking never should have done that but the truck did all he could to make hydroxychloroquine and and we had doctor after doctor after doctor after doctor on this program telling you that how many patients they saved by using them and I'm in. By God's grace and I'm thankful that I was I had access to it. When I got the fudgy flu and so anyhow did they hear him make the statements about the border and our freedoms. Unbelievable.

I mean just and you know what Joe John out as I was watching him. He had two dingbats sitting behind him. Nasty Pelosi and let me invoke some not trying to be mean or nasty but it's just true there's these two. These two women are unclean women are unclean women. There they have no morality if at all if if it's if it's a sin if God's Word, the Bible calls it a sin whether it's abortion.

Whether a sodomy part of whatever whatever sin it is those women embrace it and and so here sitting behind him and I remember when we had a real president when we had a real president president trump and he was given his speech nasty Pelosi set behind them tearing up his speech showing complete disgraced dishonor not only dishonoring president trump, but all of those people to vote for anything I character or lack of it. I mean the man everything against God's word politically. People don't think repair or certain percentage. Don't think the character the current and they think that they can vote for people in a real reprobate that want to kill every baby right after birth that want to mock marriage between a man and a woman take little boys 10 years old. Try to tournament the girls and vice a versa, and the list goes on all the legal and that God blackening hear from heaven best burning electric from God and heaven on this pricing. The complete lack of fear of God that it permeates the nation well there was another time in the history of the world.

When we had that that's in Genesis 6 where they had gone completely away from God and you know it's an interesting thing to because what was happening. Back then they were messing with the DNA of of mankind. And we want you in here. Now let me just what's going on right now in the Ukraine. I have an article here and that this this article is from punch is the incident with another one. A big website info people now and here Pentagon bio lab in Ukraine exposed performing biological experiments on local soldiers.

Though this is this is another one of those fudgy maniac and I mean this is crazy linked internal documents. Joseph surfaced proving the Pentagon has been running top-secret bio labs in Ukraine and will performing biological experiments and Ukrainian soldiers will full legal and indemnity against deaths and injuries as the mainstream media and fact checkers. Continue claiming Pentagon bio labs in Ukraine do not exist yet more evidence continues to surface, proving them wrong know they they are part of it. The co-conspirators while the US is planning to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe to protect its allies against Russia. Internal documents show with Anthony flouncy sponsored protection and Pentagon defense means input in practical terms, the Pentagon has conducted biological experiments with a potentially lethal outcome and 4400 soldiers in the Ukraine in 1000 soldiers in Georgia. According to the leaked documents. All volunteer deaths should be reported within 24 hours in Ukraine and 80 in 48 hours in Georgia. Both countries are considered the most loyal US partners in the region with a number of Pentagon programs being implemented in their territory. One of these programs is the 2.5 billion defense threat reduction agency called the DTR a biological engagement program which includes research on bio agents, deadly viruses and antibiotic resistant bacteria being studied on the local population. So here I missed the article is a very long article goes on and on but one say some of the names of some of these here goes on to say this, according to the project description. Blood samples will be obtained from 1000 military recruits at the time the military, registration, physical exam at the Georgia militant Georgian military hospital located in Gore. I samples will be tested for and antibodies against 14 pathogens a backless Priscilla GCC HFI was Coccinella Francisella to total blurriness to learn.

Mrs. Hatcher antivirus Rick into reconsider species and letting them go.

I will know this but in 1/2 to get the point. Unbelievable. Now let me combine that with this article here. US Embassy just removed all of their Ukraine bio weapon lab documents from the website but here they are and I get a print out of and so it shows you where you can go to find all of these the quantitative now, but now here's the here's the good news body cam footage Dominion executive Eric Coomer cuffed and arrested in Colorado video appeared to show he drove a truck into bar, fled the scene and lied to the police that there Coomer, the former director of security and product strategy for Dominion voting systems after the 2020 election debacle word votes where votes in these five states were suspicious results while running the many computer systems that are right journals is made common sense observations with the results appeared rigged in the one journalist who had infiltrated a conference call filled with antiphon sympathizer callers remembered that on the call Eric from Dominion was going to secure the trunk did not win the reelection was surprise, surprise. John what you think. Knowing the learning what can I say it. We really have to keep her on the Lord because there is no and the line the bottom with the site anymore. We we need a big move of the Lord to leap across the country.

Ernie be good with their that acceptable to get the remnant of Israel.

It would've been turned in Solomon light of the glory. Next we were heading right now the nation going down just like that.

Yeah I know it's in the say things can happen your scene and ailerons. There were kind like a voice in the wilderness but did this. I know sometimes you feel like to cut all alone on your country.

Yeah yeah not not accredited was years ago about well today. I mean it to be.

Not today.

People seem much more biblically illiterate today than they did years ago. I mean that's the way I feel. Yeah, yeah, I guess you're right. Learning well enough here you know. Remember Joey Biden. He wants to secure he's going. I can't believe this.

I can't believe what I saw these Republicans standing and sharing. When Biden says were going to secure our border he's done he's brought in as many illegal aliens he's placed them and ship them all over the country is got them in position that wooden when they need to because when when they know that they're going to the when they need to stop an election when they need to do whatever they have to do to stop election he's got them there to do that and so here and the Republicans stood and applauded light in late you know sometimes I think a lot of those Republicans are pretty stupid people learning, one of them down there clomping McConnell McConnell sees he's a Rino from the word go in the I didn't see him clapping, but the people that should've never been at work and it on again. Maybe. Maybe they're just I know you say nowhere were party, for which a sacred you're finally saying. And here. Oh, and the Democrats would say no, Joe Biden says look with God and stop this bickering in the fighting. This division and we can't got a come together were all Americans together and and they all applauded.

Do you think they meant that you together mean Ernie coming together from there lingo means we stop believing what we want and we come under and obey them in everything that that's the only thing they think that that's the way they left their mind, we are gone we are we are against everything they stand for. So coming together means we believe like them. I want to leave very quickly the secret shocking truth about Biden's border policy and that by David cotillion with future historians inevitably address themselves to the identifying the most single destructive and suicidal policy of the disastrous Biden administration.

There will be many contented to consider policies like racking up unprecedented levels of federal spending while strangling America's fossil fuel industries, thereby creating ruinous inflation in rendering the entire US population markedly poor policies like condemning that the lease raises nation in all of history is entered irritably racist and then brainwashing the next generation with the big lie while branding tens of millions of Americans who disagree with such menaces, white supremacist violent extremists and domestic terrorists is exactly what with the done this. He said it right the world. This is from world news daily exclusively he's he's got it exactly right. Anyhow, he goes on very quickly to say we corrupt and perverse approach to foreign policy leading directly to America's catastrophic exit from Afghanistan and then virtually inviting Russian Baltimore pulled into ravens Ukraine pandemic policies, which include forcing little children with near zero risk to wear masks so they will present the entire population to receive repeated injections of poorly understood experimental medicine that prevents neither affection or transmission that has reportedly caused more than 1 million verse events including over 24,000 deaths, all while intentionally suppressing cheap, plentiful, effective and safe medications that would have saved hundreds of thousands of Americans from needlessly dying.

I mean, he goes on, he is the nail in the head but you think we should open the phone lines take a few calls. Concord already phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 nationwide via a question or comment, if you watched tonight if you watch Biden out there tonight and if if you believed any of what he says would like to know 888-677-9673 again. I was there yet. If the court. Michael commented on going baby I did I did know he never did. I never heard one thing about killing baby art, so he know he wanted to I mean here's a guy that all of a sudden is for secure border is for things being made in America. He's for being energy intensive energy sufficient and I'm in everything that he that he tried to undo everything.

The trunk did the help America under Trump note Trump in my lifetime is is right up there with Ronald Reagan is the best present a real actual president in our lifetime and to to see how Trump was treated.

I mean, how we managed to do what he did while being the yield. What while having on all sides.

The deep state being attacked on all sides.

The deep state those of the traders at the treasonous traders and in the military to be in and also, but he did have a lot of former military. They're the ones that got him to run to begin with was former group of former generals of the wanted that as Trump to run but to see the way he was treated by these lesser people such lesser people and wicked people and then the watch hello how Biden how you know they never even binary got a hard question. The only time he would give when it is women. Steve Ducey would ask you one and then that he would call them calling my name. Anyhow, but just unbelievably while you're talking I'm looking at headline Congresswoman Marguerite Taylor Greene and Lauren Bober and little Walter and Joe Biden speak. I did hear some saying that I heard some say that I did hear some shelves and things up which connected till what they were… Thank but I never saw such Glenn and Lauren Bober called out Joe Biden's failure, and after Afghanistan that the 13 troops during his address so that noise you heard that was leased to Congresswoman calling out Biden praise the Lord okay outages in the first one.

Alex, Alex, you're in the air. Hello Alex Hatter I wanted. Afterward, thank you for taking my call. Absolutely love your program guide conflict with the active media network out and I have a challenge for your viewer. Give me the name of company Washington DC. That doesn't expect million dollars from the big pharmaceutical company that any court on the event that would come pick, creating a way for Walmart, Ukraine, Russia might you scratch my head, working with the giant billion-dollar lamp reviewing wife of me out now be different or well you know Alex. I also appreciate you got what I Alex you know what they want to keep your attention off the body count. People are dying to getting sick and dying, I've been talking to funeral directors and in ident six euros early this year's gives me that I mean they were telling me that they've never seen anything like this, people dying like this so fast and and and and then the morticians are telling you they've never seen anything like when they're performing autopsies on people which are not here in one word of that there these morticians are saying they're seeing things and people's arteries and veins like caulk or glue. They never seen anything like that.

Not one word of that will be out on the fake news media because there a part of that there conspirators in that crime aright. Who did you say was next holiday here and there. He called it that out.

I was wondering why you called at current County over the over that either are not are hearing me at come out of inflation for the coming 19 by the first of all she's been there far as I can remember. I think he's been there.

Going back to I think I know it was there but going back to at least Clinton's day when Clinton was in, so he's been in on during all of that time and so basically who put them out there. Bill Gates and George Soros is how you buy you buy your way into that and then the big Pharma and so I call it the fudgy flu because he is up to his eyeballs in every underhanded, wicked, evil thing is happening from experimenting on on puppies on children if if it's evil and wicked Fauci. Not only is involved in it buddies made money off it.

So there you go there's the answer to question aright must she's gone, who's next Bob during the year their prerogative. Not everything that is not American. Utah is upset at me but I have some loud talking time with Mr. Lacey.

I think our decision might have at dinner something is going to BSI I the link in the Northeast Ohio conservative club Lincoln dinner that Saturday, March 12 and that's it. Lavera's party center at 3220 Chardon Rd., Willoughby Hills and it starts at 6 PM and so on.

Right now they want to. I appreciate info, but I won't go but the family didn't know that make you guys upset so don't get upset at me. Haven't talked to the man. Having looked at his voting record amnesty what he has done hasn't done tells me I need to know about them. We want to get the one guy out of their useless immigrants. Another gay marriage is so like you don't have them sit you don't have lives that because Londa for the lease agreement obliged well and I think he's gonna be there eyes okay according to who I talked to Mario is going to be a number of the candidates their decay. You are you really pro life itself as I am, and I remember Mr. Lacey having any kind of idea about that. I met a guy ran against them which outbreak of his name. He got arrested like yourself a few times for taking a stand and I don't think this guy anything you do that yet that that group up there stood behind him. So the other candidates. I think I never did understand any of this.

Now I know I could tell you, you know, I can understand some of the endorsements either. I don't want to off, but I know that that this is why I'm giving all of whom an opportunity to come on the radio program okay aggressive so you had.

I've had Joe placed it on here. Twice he dieted every monomeric lady had them on and also Mike Gibbons is going to be coming on in there is that there is enough of the people that there then all of a sudden a real hard-core trump supporters that they were counted before and what you are but you guys and not I think Lord in your corner. We are to and not negative information of your have a good night God bless and thanks for call okay but I know who and who do you have next out there.

We got another Bob, go ahead. I know I started talking and everything but I didn't realize it was somebody out into a pastor. 99 appreciate all that you do, can you sound completely ignited the difference between night and day to night. I'm glad you're getting data from the cloud C virus. Thanks, Sally. I only lasted half hour. I was only lasted 39 I was alone.

The question I've been listening to that actually provided document he finished circulating on online you have like one of the website to whatever it circulating on the life I gave you that information where the beginning I didn't write off my computer, but I don't have it here now would if you go to the me see if I can find something here. Maybe if you go to let me see here we go to well it's called it's a bit shoot go to bed that you VI BCHUT EBIT CH ahead video. Watch the video now there is safe. It's a video in the papers he was reading from. You have that and then you have the address on that but you can't you can't get that of off the radio.

You have to go to that.

Watch the video and I appreciate that. And as far as the fraudulently elected by beach tonight. I want to limit student loan to listen to it, but it's sad to see how some Republicans around running in whatever but not in the government. I'll tell you about the Lukoil gas stations everything else like that about Russia. That's the love said in the getting bad pastor and you know you got other people. Thank you for your work. Let me tell you what trumpets that this had he been in office that never would've happened and I believe John returned the trumpeter not only Dillingham yet what you think the thank you very much Bob what you think John won't need a leader to earn and he's very strong leader know that so he would've had things wanting to look at many way ahead of time to show proved that he could do it.

So know this would not have known him.

Now what is it that 12 them food and would've had in common, they would've had something in common. Okay.

And that is they were both anti-military industrial complex. You need something to record now. We will write years to three years ago seeing this coming correct absolutely good morning, yet he warns away 100. We wanted one so what happened now is the same guy whom we just suffered with 323 years with all like you call the county.

We told people up front scan how dangerous it was completely shot. This kid was recoated linking.

Now what they've done is they've invaded Russia into the bad guy in the bed they painted Russian incident in the New World order is behind the Ukraine same people that were after was medically on out with this war. I just heard today that shutting down the shipping of green from Ukraine. It completely shut down from Russia and they supply 1/3 of the green light comes from moisture in the Ukraine consulting shutdown and people start starving.

Recent testimony and especially in Africa and Asia. That's what most of the grain from Ukraine and Russia go so you can have famine on top of what they're doing now prudent in most guys.

If he is gotta negotiate your gonna work with this guy because he's got nuclear bombs.

Each got the missiles delivering them that there is no defense against the submarines off the coast of the United States you can say wooden crutches economy and lifelike party time it's like party time is 35. They lost their money. They have lost their mind. Yet it is already born. Any sanctions against Russia nuclear at that defendant will come fast.

You will know what happened Ethan and the destruction will be like the world and never see people with entanglement in the United States in your and these people are insane you groom advantage is you must work with them. No border is leading the charge. They want me there jobs they populate your correctness pattern absolutely that's what the genres you gotta warn the Ukraine and all of a sudden the third of the wheat crop and other crops are all gone and you've been feeding Africa or need. What happened after grenade here which is sitting right thing and I don't believe he can forward messages are ancient, but it's likely it's like they've got the whole thing behind them.

The beginning everything behind.

Just like they did with shot, you will be able to speak against this need any type of cold favorable even though there is a real guy you talk about what you got a negotiator with nuclear weapons.

One of those for your pro to you.

You are aged of the Rankin in the meantime he sitting there warning us on the new you stop… Let's look at that for a minute now is the strange critter because you he he actually isn't courting heat.

He's very heat has a strong faith and the Russian Orthodox Church. He says he believes in God, he remembers out of the pulling out of the fire. The Rose one day each picked up his cross, and that you and I just was listening to him and ambush and it was tell Bushell that out of the ruins of something that took place them during the winter was but anyhow a war that he was in the cross that his mother had given him.

He found that in that net. He knew that there was hope and that was assigned so on so forth. So he's talking about how he does not want the influence of the West the side and me the abortion. He said in Russia. We don't let sodomy we don't want abortion. We don't want these transgender things we want. We want to end end of these things and and we want couples to marry and have children and have excellent and so one sense he's saying the things we agree with you, you know, I mean look at look at that very moment – white bed. That's why they want to link big bear trying that already just what you said about the family and all they're trying to link us with nothing demonizing them in liquid and we band like that we can demonize us just like yeah I never had no he's got a lot in common with Hillary yeah with it. Only if you cross him. He'll make you disappear. Maybe not as many people as Hillary is killed off buddy's got a good list go to John.

John your near to me your last called him. He got about two minutes on the clock care are grieving up that your on-demand thank you and your healing and protection in the data.

The state of separation tonight. The dog and pony show that took place on the TV was very feckless and not we we deftly have her work cut out for us in the primary and in the in the years to accommodate. We have to put up with this for three more years and we found out tonight when you if you asked the audience think you are saying side of the Bible is clear you there for the year against me and anybody that stood up and applauded what we know is resistance to God and anything and everything that comes out of their mouth than those people have to be swept out selected all the Democrats are to be swept out anywhere. Anybody with an iron for other names. That is not for God and for the things of God. You have to go right people in their that this is one nation under God that will never change. Bible never change. In the Trinity is unchangeable. We have sovereignty in God's providence on our side and we have to stand up for those things never waver. Don't take the cab where the mask noted to write you don't to write him again. You're right, Timothy, and he knows a good thing to find out those Republicans who had big investments and big Pharma are just like every night, I get that entity on here after the edit that with the governor from Iowa do the rebuttal. That of course they do. The first thing Albert. They have two Democrats rebuttal.

The rebuttal that only you can't write this stuff, only the Democrats think it is they have to rebuttal it because they can't let the truth come out.

And yet that to 25 minute dissertation that you had there on that the fighters that the PICU thinking that needs to be hurt and I hope a lot of people got reached by, and that they will tell others about it and so on and so on.

To me the truth has to get out at the stand on the truth that we have to put these people out of office. The ones that that are in office and we have to get this nation back Monday God you write Timothy. We got to do just like descendent in the Lord never said it was going to be easy regardless of thinking: what now it's time to have their Andrew all right big John you think you can give an limitation of three minutes while I did last night okay I wish I could've heard I wouldn't able to. I was I was still not out of the was but I'm doing a lot of the quick quick question and humbling night. Did you get any feedback.

I spoke about the blessed hope we get we had some people say was good program so that's that's excellent got so far.

I'll get to when I get back to when I finally get back to church then here a lot people tell be talking to me about not earning it very clear, good and evil is manifesting now the evil that was kind of suppressed it out in the open now, and there is a God and he is good and he has the word any have eternal life for us and there is Satan and his agents are running amok now on earth. And that's going to happen until the second coming of Jesus Christ, which is not all about.

So we want to make a decision parley with the Lord or not. And the problem to be within the sarsen and the Bible says the wages of sin is death of the gift of God is eternal life. God has provided everything for us to be with him in eternity is provided. Jesus Christ who is the sin was only begotten son of God died on the cross to pay the penalty instead of sentient booking penalty percent. So to be on God's side and to have eternal life assurance of eternal life with thoughts of buffaloes that repentance repentance means you live the life without Jesus Christ, which means and turn the repentance that to him and his word that your new life. And then you realize that Jesus died for you paid the price.

And he rose again.

He bottled rose again and he's coming again. If you live with that will have assurance of eternal, otherwise there is no salvation outside of Christ is yet bluntly right if we reject God's way we have to pay our panel and a few problems. Sin which is eternal life separated from God with the Bible like fire, so please quote me on God's side be on the side of righteousness. In a way from all evil weekly management, a man we know John we have to go program when these days I why we are absolutely positively certain light unit.

We don't we just don't think we know this and why we are absolutely positively certain of what we why we believe what we believe. I'm a great and we need to have all of the evidence.

All is a lot of evidence there that the to show why we believe what we believe so but were out of time for tonight again and so like we do at this time every night. This time we want to save well good night God bless and always, always, let's do it. Okay fighting lighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left hosted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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