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FRI HR 2 022522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 26, 2022 12:39 am

FRI HR 2 022522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 26, 2022 12:39 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast you are welcome back everyone and reasonable (you can for Lieut. Gov. Russ diamond vision continues and weathers. Please continue to our candidate. The diamond and thank you very much for being with us talking about all I want your Kodak 77 which we got in 2019, creating no excuse mail-in voting, which was a departure from our previous system work for reasons that you needed to have in order to vote by absentee and there specified in our Constitution.

So we got the bill that allowed for no excuse mail-in voting and there's been a lot of controversy about it throughout the 2020 election cycle. It was abused heavily by the courts by the ministration by the department stated by certain election officials, but challenge the law itself in court until July 2021. This is just eight months ago Doug McCoy go to the county commissioner from Bradford County filed a lawsuit making the claim that the act itself was unconstitutional and is his claims were based on two Supreme Court precedents from 1862 in 1924, where the Supreme Court ruled that in order for the general assembly events me to pass a law creating a new method of voting in Pennsylvania. They would first have to amend the Constitution to allow for now. Click your text of the Constitution does not say that that was the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Constitution in 1862 in 1924 when we were voting on and working on 37 no one no one pointed out these two Supreme Court precedents to me or many of my other colleagues I can't type. I haven't left her single colleague, who knew about the Supreme Court precedents now as a rank-and-file member of the general assembly. I don't have legal staff that works got a secretary nurse in my Harrisburg office in about two young ladies that work in my district office so I don't have the resources to do that kind of digging through old law books to highlight known about those two Supreme Court precedent. There's no way I would've voted for X 77 we have the Commonwealth Court which is one of our low avant-garde art are our appeals court cured Pennsylvania. They ruled that act 77 is in fact unconstitutional. Based on those two Supreme Court precedents and we are now awaiting an appeal to the Supreme Court again in our Supreme Court isn't currently in the position of are they going to uphold their 150-year-old precedent or are they going to overturn the president and once again Whitelaw and you do what Democrats want Joe or will awaiting a decision right now we don't know the arguments really heard on March 8 for that case don't know where X's final decision will come down, but we will see what direction Pennsylvania takes whatever Supreme Court rules what Supreme Court rules on the Supreme Court, Pennsylvania. I have little faith to so do anything right. Will do with politically correct for them well talked about the Pennsylvania go Russ and I had the clause to read a lot of the Pennsylvania go to the last two years and John return.

I have though I think a unique insight into Pennsylvania government functions and what I have found is founders Pennsylvania code is antiquated needs to be codified.

It is, it's a mess and there's overlapping areas of authority in government and when you actually go into a deep, it looks like it's almost on purpose to run people in circles and have initiated these should be dealt with via deacons of any agencies which are opinion about the you are absolutely right. I mean, we actually experience to guide last year or will be two years ago when the governor declared his emergency powers.

I mean this is a law that was written in the 1978 and part of the emergency powers law is that if the general assembly disagrees with what the government is doing. They can terminate the governor's disaster emergency merely by passing a concurrent resolution. That law was written in 1978 we lived fine under that law for 42 years, until someone our Gov. abuse those emergency powers are we actually trying to terminate the disaster mercy. That was my bill I clouded to 11 days into the disaster emergency because I saw some of these decisions were good judgment calls anyone or judgment calls so I filed a bill of course I took a lot of ridicule porkers did call me crazy, they call me radical, but within three months, the entire Gen. assembly agreed with me and approved a concurrent resolution. However, that law contradicted the Constitution itself, because in the Constitution it said any concurrent resolution that the Gen. assembly passes must go to the governor for signature. Now think about that from 1978, they wrote a law that says that in the general assembly doesn't agree with what the governor is doing. They have to ask the governor's permission to say that they don't agree with equipment correct. Everything originally goes that it I didn't know that that provision was in the Constitution and I talked to many, many people, including people who had been in Harrisburg at the time when that emerging powers act was passed in 1978 and they had no idea that this contradiction exists as to that goes right back to your point is that there is a lot of convoluted law in Pennsylvania. We do try to sort that out and codify product. We've got some consolidated statutes Pennsylvania so a lot of them have been cleaned up and we have a lot of unconsolidated strategies as well.

We really do need to go back and review of the looks of it, the Pennsylvania Gen. assembly is the longest legislatively the longest serving legislative body in the entire North America we go back to the early 1600s in pre-colonial times, and you all, there's a there's a lot of things on the books. There are very antiquated.

They use uses language that we don't use anymore and we find this all the time is that there's always a lot of cleanup to do so. You're absolutely right. I'm not sure how you tackle that all it wants because it's really, really big job like you're correct, there's a lot of conundrums there's a lot of the other just a lot of things that work against each other and we found that out during Tobin and quite frankly not by as a result of my concurrent resolution with the governor refused to sign.

That went to a Supreme Court battle and it was a result of vast Supreme Court battle in that whole process that made us realize that we had to actually put constitutional amendments on the ballot. To fix this problem which the people in May 18-20 21 approved and we were the only state in the entire nation during Tobin that actually limited and reduced our Gov.'s emergency powers, but you know I mean I kind of take a little pride in that because of what happened.

I don't think had I not followed up till 11 days into that 462 day nightmare but there are a lot of things that happened during Tobin never like at that.

I stood out from the crowd and I should decision right this is an right people, crazy people call me radical, but eventually you know that the major narrative fell apart and it looks like I was right and I hate to say I told you so but there's a lot of issues that I can look back, especially during Tobin and say I told you so but you know legislative. We later learned here in Pennsylvania and hopefully we learn our lesson about disaster mercy and hopefully we can learn our lesson about voting laws and Supreme Court precedent and hopefully we can get motives on those conundrums that lie between our Constitution are statutory law questions for you. Did you guys have a in Ohio.

We don't mind that I'm a big proponent of a means of law are removing people in the middle determines from office.

Recall Scully recalled. Did you get several provisions of we do not have a recall.

Provision inherent in Sylvania, we also don't have initiative we don't have citizen driven referendum either in Ohio, you know, I don't think we have much of that, you know, we have no provision for recall obscuration because I really brought that out here that a lot of these people should not of been allowed to sit for a couple more years after the stuff that we do what we do have about the radiators engagement okay and there have been articles of impeachment filed against the governor. But that's a very very long process. Even if you get the majority of house colleagues to agree that we should have it impeachment against the government if it's a long process because it is a very serious thing to do. You removing the chief executive of the sixth or seventh largest state in the union at the big deal we don't have too many very raucous floor you we don't do many impeachments at all want. Probably the biggest impeachment we had in Pennsylvania believers, 1994, the Supreme Court Justice Mabel Larson but it wasn't really for anything he did on the job. It was because there were some a legal prescription writing going on and he was involved in that that was what his impeachment was what about what it will. Impeachment is a long process because it is essentially criminal, civil trial writ large, and it shall be done in public health hearings you have investigations. And while you're doing your roots among them that really can't pay attention to the ship of state. I agree with you. I think the problem though is it once it becomes obvious that in this issue is not doing the will of the people there has to be a better way of getting them out of the office. If there are no monks because they were for us and if it's like if somebody no longer wants to do what we are asking you to do, then you really can't work for me.

Well we do have elections every four years for governor's reelection every two years for people in my position I made it with a house that's closest to the people were answerable to the people because we do have to run for reelection every two years. I don't know how short you will you will make those terms shorter or not, should be so easy a governor for one year. Actually it's 7076 when Pennsylvania's first constitutional amendment to affect members of the Gen. assembly. They only serve a one-year terms. But of course you have a governor that either unreferenced Constitution. We had an executive Council made up of 12 people. We do have the same singular governor of Pennsylvania Joe in 1791. The Constitution was rewritten and naturally came up with the idea of a Chief Executive Officer one person in the executive branch and that's always been ever since. So there have been many many attempts at reforms and outsourcing in Pennsylvania.

But here's the real answer. The real answer is that you can change the system all you want until you start electing people who are just good people are people who I'm trying to figure out the best way to save people who know that God is watching and that people who have the good Lord in the heart.

People who are all even when no one is looking will do the right thing until you start electing those kind of people consistently. The system will not change and you can change the system all you want and without godly people in office without people who have moral values and standards who have conviction and courage to stand up for what's right, no system of governance will ever be satisfactory to the good. You know the good graces of the people you are absolutely right, and I'm not a perfect man will not have my fallacies just like I always know the God is watching me and when I'm not thinking about that. I know that all my over shoulders my mother because Russell you go on to consistently elect people like Jack who are not going to cheat systems for their own personal danger who were not going to take advantage of loopholes in the law that nobody saw before until we have people who say look this is what the law says just because the law doesn't say one thing doesn't mean I could take advantage of that mean there's a there's a letter of the law. Then there's the spirit of the law and is the spirit of the law that I think is not getting out of until you until you start consistently electing people who weren't good people and were God-fearing people. I just don't think it will change all that much and it's a crying shame.

What would you write take some calls. We got a lot of people; it's just you have more to talk about. Please do but it's up to you but I'm in general do people want to ask you some questions take calls yeah okay is that okay just got John a woman, hook him up to John and Ohio's etiquette but was a bright light like a creek I law, I wasn't going to talk so much about the voting regulations but about Ukraine.

I think of the fact that the Obama administration in 2013 and 2014 actually perpetrated a most violent coup spearheaded by neo-Nazis in Ukraine to overthrow the democratically elected Ukrainian government, you kind of the government because it had relatively friendly relations with the Russian and trade relations with Russia and was a very violent Nazi neo-Nazi perpetrated against them funded by the United States and the CIA to the tune of $5 billion and that was actually proven by a hacked phone call Victoria Newell and was giving out cookies to the neo-Nazis and made them square at the time, and behind the scenes was working and organizing and financing neo-Nazi cool great thing there. The first aggressor in the United States and and taking over that government and putting in a puppet neo-Nazi CIA, government, and were not going here that many of the median.

II suggest people get global research school research is creating about this history of the United States getting the four decades in supporting the neo-Nazis and the NATO countries and in the United States by importing many not say John so as not to be rude not not to cut you off with trying to make the most of all about rest time is up presidency of Lieut. Gov. Kennedy from Pennsylvania and what were trying to do and I'm not trying to catch up.

As you know, the ball rolled into Ukraine puncture next week so if you don't mind that we want to move onto another call and I really appreciate the call them.

Please call back next week.

Thank you. Next question quite okay been dead but that's okay been then rest go-ahead you guys you get the floor back that it will make one comment about that settlement call what's happening in the Ukraine is very very troubling who enabled that I mean do you think if Pres. Trump would've been reelected happened will of course you know and and and this is what happens when people empower them to the inflation of power Pennsylvania abuse election laws for one purpose and not forget.

Also defeated look understand that there were people who didn't like Donald Trump as a person. I understand there are people who didn't like his mean tweets so to speak. I understand that there were people who thought he might've been personally might've been a jerk or something like that. But look, you cannot argue with that man's repositioning of American of American presence were absolutely right. Right on. I mean it's just like having to answer. Not liking the brain surgeon will you know it's like what you wanted for you wanted to do the brain surgery do you wanted to be your drinking buddies. People who met Pennsylvania's law outside of the legislative duties of the Gen. assembly are personally responsible for what were seeing now absolute in the Ukraine longer. You had not been elected by not been sworn in as president is Donald Trump with the president now this will not be happening. This would not be happening so I only blame our Supreme Court ministration, the Department of State's election administration officials in certain kinds and you know what some of those people who because of the mean tweets didn't cast their ballot for Donald Trump. I personally responsible for what's going on in the same or allergic before you came on. We mentioned that Pastor Sanderson left a message that he was thinking the lizard 81 million people that voted for Biden for causing all this trouble because they did they did they caused all this by by putting him in office and I know you miss that portion because I was before you came on Monday not enough to go I mean you can say well you know the secret nobody knows who voted for their people out there who actively working with Republicans out there who actively worked or sat on their hands when the biggest decision right now.

The biggest decision American history came down and not November 2020 leave your work against our president didn't vote for president. I don't care if you like the guy I didn't like him to have a guy I like that's what I elected him to get America's house in order and he did and to give that all up and hand this over the likes of Joe Biden. God bless his soul or she is not in control. I don't know who's controlling please for America right now but we our presence in the world is wilting like the houseplant that I forget to water every week. It's really and I'm not.

I'm not pleased with it. I'm not pleased with the people responsible and I can point to those people right here in Pennsylvania I can point Roxette leaves me to a question maybe this is what you're going to go to Dominion was called to testify before but some representatives right and they just said. Thunder knows Adamson were not doing it and I was in yours – yet I was actually our house a government committee to be units that they were willing to come in to talk about their systems and their machines that they had. Now they only have them in 14 counties earned in Sylvania and they were willing to come in, but the night before they were scheduled to come in the castle. Why, I don't know what let's talk about that for second after two years of this malarkey that we have going on with our elections in Pennsylvania, I am a firm I'm now a firm believer of what one of my friends, you having to be from Ohio by way he called it Amish paper ballots marked by hand counted by human beings at the polling place in your local neighborhood on election day in the story know millions no electronics everything on paper.

I think we need to go back there number of people here, myself included, we been saying that they when I have actually monopole site for a number of years. I don't anymore, but that is the problem, and I agree with you.

The other thing that that bothers me is this whole that you gotta have the job. The one called the election season where you you can vote for a month and you don't eat and then the ID issue. I mean it's okay for me to have my ID and and I'm an African-American.

I look annoyed by conception my voice but my point is that if I can have an IT for my welfare stamps, then why can I use one at the election and it's okay for me to use one to get on an airplane. It's okay for mediums when the group given the bar or from at the store to buy cigarettes and all of a sudden got it, but it's not fair. Suddenly, at the election of the life that you need ID for you need ID. In some cases by cough syrup.

That's right that what you hear behind that he'll be the Sylvania to get 19 vaccination and the Democratic national convention was held in Philadelphia you needed ID to get in this yet no one complained about being racist. No one complained about hurting poor people.

We need notoriety we absolutely need voter ID and you know I did talk about the code I just mentioned the covered nine back 19 vaccine and I believe that really is one of the new several moments or seminal issues of our time is medical freedom, absolutely, absolutely positively have to recognize medical freedom in this nation after what we've been through for the last two years and how we didn't busload by people in power for the long reasons without any science behind. I believe we firmly need to establish medical freedom as an fundamental individual right in this entire nation's book.

I only work about something I think we have been struggling but here in Pennsylvania because I work in Pennsylvania have hospital 2013, which would in fact establish everyone's right to say no to any medical treatment or or injection. But there is such a thing.

What have you.

This is such a thing. The trials in November. We have a disclaimer here that we can mail out that has the world court from Nuremberg saying that they must tell you about what they're putting in you and my point is it they totally disregard the and that the number one right that a person has is not to be part of experimentation like nobody saying anything about the fact that virtually every life insurance policy has a disclaimer that if you die from an experimental drug that they will have to pay you but nobody should hold it and and and you can bet that ultimately that's going to raise its ugly head.

Because insurance companies are going to get tired of paying for covert related things they wanted to hear ahead of the curve there and you're absolutely right.

But we have never actually codified that into our most fundamental law here in the wind on the highway driving it.

There's there's there's none of that. It say it right so I propose a constitutional amendment here to establish medical freedom in article 1 of our Constitution as a fundamental individual right just like your right to bear arms is like your right to free speech. Just like your right to a jury trial. It needs to be elevated that level and I have been blessed… Some national attention for this bill and some people called it a model for language for every state I've heard from legislators from Idaho, South Carolina and a few other states you want to do the same thing in their state and look this is the way I see it, the people who wrote the provisions of our Constitution to protect our right to bear arms. They were recent because they knew what it was like to live in a society where you did not have a protected right to bear the people who wrote the free-speech provisions of our Constitution.

For reason because they experience what it was like when the king imprisoned you for what you said we now know what it is like when a federal government and the state government and corporations attempts to make people take medical treatments that they don't agree with.

We now know what that's like. So we now need protection so that it never happens again. You don't realize you needed but they actually need it and provided a tool for us to achieve that here in Pennsylvania and I'm hoping that we can get that constitutional amendment on the ballot to the people can vote for it and a big part of our most fundamental water Pennsylvania that's good to hear that that's out of trust and you probably may be aware of this but there are now Ivy League doctors you know that I can't remember the name of the person. I read the article the other day, but there advocating for no vaccination. No medical services to know how we deal with that. You don't get a vaccine you don't get medical services you are ready made fun of Sarah Palin when she predicted that panels under Obama will go the gender panels.

These are the panel she was talking about, you know, nobody imagined. I couldn't him if you irrefutably back two years.

February 28 or 26th or whatever date it is right out February 25, 2002, 20. This was a week before customers. He was declared in Pennsylvania I would've never believed you if you called me but we would experience I would've never believed you if you told me what we've been through, but here we are.

You don't you don't know you need a constitutional protection of anything you actually we needed were at a close crossroads in hearsay Street. We lived for a very very long time where schools told us we had to get Nino to get vaccinated, where you know hospital workers like okay you have to have a flu shot or you can work here we we can't do that anymore since 1986 the vaccination schedule has radically changed. It is only radically changed for one reason, because there's no liability for any one who creates a vaccine.

This has to be changed and people need to be when there's no liability for the company making the vaccine and distributing vaccine then you absolutely positively need no right to say no and the right to not be discriminated against for saying that my bill will do. I believe it is the seminal issue of our time. I think it's the big take away from covert and is the big thing that we ought to do all across this great nation of ours. Men were our station break to just lose out on the only half-hour Satan break you will have a greater next. Please don't go will be right second Peter 310 but the day of the as of the night and the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with her ability and also the words that are therein shall be burned is so is Peter. Peter 312 looking for the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved and the element with Bill Melville for he housing for poor man's Johnny cherish that voice sounds familiar, doesn't really like getting right back to where John and the Mr. Kennedy diamond there. I really appreciate the show tonight and in the jazz audit continue. We got about 10 more minutes and then we can wrap it up. You guess what I don't like turning yes there aggressively still I am filled with thank you very much was for first for staying with us. My question to you is this, is that we do talk about them. The medical freedoms and that sort of thing and I agree with you that that that that they should be able to prosecute people, but you know I I feel like it should be choice though I needed if it's okay and the right to life arena decide my body, my choice, why can't we say it in vaccines and and and that's the way that it should be because this thing isn't even a vaccine and it's never been isolated on the petri dish and and that's the other problem and how do you feel about people like Soucy who was the president of Modano the and the spokesperson for for that sort of thing. Now there was a time when Mike those guys never would've been able to have been involved in this with affected CDC is a private company, given public policy. Well, your spot on that I had ordered the book the real entity. Soucy by Robert Kennedy told you this nation I have. I have not had time to read yet my wife is writing and she's very upset by it and I can't wait till the campaign season comes down a little bit so I am trying to read that book but it will leave these people are charlatans they really are charlatans. I don't know if you guys have ever read the book, and cultural can actually and it's about the doctor be the fellow who set up all the big Mexican AM radio stations and broadcast a lot of stuff and he went around he heard a lot of people bought a lot of people you know, just listen to him because he was he was singing the praises of of the Lord and you know what you heard a lot of people we have modern-day charlatans running the medical establishment here in the United States of America. I mean the SPA itself is a captured agency it's captured by the industry is supposed to regulate. We have far too many agencies like that further totally captured by the industries that this close to regulate but this one is incredibly insidious because now it is infringing on your right to say what goes on with your body and I will differ with you just a little bit.

I don't think it's okay for the pro-choice choice people to save my body, my choice I could not bear body. It's right it is another individual's body was just yet unborn. That person is an individual, God knew that person before the person was in the womb.

And it is not bear body nor making a decision about it is another person's body and win-win people I sit all the time.

You know you know that the abortion fans may come on my my Facebook page and stay close to your phone my body my shortsighted absolutely on for my body, my choice when you're talking about another individual's body.

Another child of God you were talking about a separate question not you are not your body you talking about a separate person's body. So I I always like to draw the distinction between his medical freedom argument and the abortion argument. Let me clarify this. I know way abortion absolutely no no I understand that if I just want to technically Nero that absolutely not. It is ironic of those people are my body, my choice until it comes to vaccine and SSNS. That's what I'll say is it like with the vaccination suddenly that doesn't work anymore right because big brother told you to inject this chemical potion into your body will we know what's in it know everything that's in it, you know the long-term effects of it as a contested know it hasn't been, and look, this is another thing where I came out early against mandated vaccines. I should be working on a topic current is a venue for how I think this is my third legislative session into your sessions and x-rays record legislative session and it only began out with a simple bill try to get our schools to acknowledge conspicuously the parents permission of the vaccination announcements every year that in fact the intent of any law you have the right to claim an exemption based on your religious, philosophical, or medical objection to bashing about are not our schools conspicuously tell parents that available to them and what happens is every year we in our legislative offices get calls from parents who actually have children who are vaccine injured and they have a medical exemption to vaccines and they call a psychic only got doesn't look like my exemptions good anymore. None and enough lot in change schools just not informing you properly.

So I started in this topic with that element in three sessions running up and now it's going far out of control and in no it's just, I'm sorry. In every other area of law. The physical human body is a bright line of demarcation. You can stand in the street and you can call me bad names and you get right up in my face and you could say nasty things to make in the course you're going to get is a harassment charge out of that, but as soon as you touch my skin.

Now you're talking battery you're talking assault we make a bright line in the law around the physical body and many many other areas of law and we want to do the same thing when it comes to vaccines. Your body is a temple and no one ever ought to be able to violated in any way at all. And the story that the fundamental individual right and we need to codify God into our constitutions all across America. Clarifying a lot of things and I'm glad we drifted down side Eddie of the pro-life is good thousand and ask about that and how you feel about the alphabet, the alphabet issue yell about it.

Very very troubling to me. I just one of my colleagues just just told me that they had they had that his church had scheduled a seminar on with a group that allegedly is in the business of helping children that are abused and local regulatory status. I draw the line at doing anything that harms a child guide and to abuse children that's that's a very touchy subject for me, but they were bringing in this group that deals with abuse children. But this group and also on the other side of it is very pro-alphabet. Okay and bear their church back out simply because they were very uncomfortable with this group not drawing a line of distinction between one thing and the other because when you're dealing with children who were abused as children are very emotionally and mentally delicate and making the suggested two very very easy children to be suggest blueberries late already. When you have an abused child and you know them very susceptible to suggestion and my college search back out of that seminar on the helping abused children because the GroupWise Io very differently, shall we say there is there is a disconcerting movement and look it's a movement, it really is a movement to get the world to believe that things that we didn't used to consider normal are normal and the fact is there not book. I don't care who you love. I really don't care if you love what you cannot force this on people and make them think that it is bigger than what it is I am troubled by the direction our world is taking on these topics. I believe that in some respects it goes into debauchery and into ungodly things and just very troubled by the very trouble on a very traditional man in the know my beliefs in that sense and I'm troubled that some of our younger people who are sensitive to suggestion are being led down these roads that ultimately ultimately don't work out good for them.

Even when you have a child who is somehow prompted by adult spec yes you are not the gender that you were born and that child travels down that path and tries to fulfill that vision. At least two of very very troubling life. The suicide rate amongst the community is huge and you're prompting a child to go down that road is very very troubling to me. Nine more minutes. Click okay. So listen for more. And then I wanted John returning.

Would you please give a call to salvation tonight. Please okay thank you for you and it and obviously you guys you guys got about five more minutes if you want. If not I can read it.

I got a couple announcements I'd like to read. There's a truckers rally this going to be on next March 6 and put my glasses on here and I got just relay Tommy's on March 6 is viewed in this for the people here do depart from the Golden gate shopping center and it tells you how to do it all the way to Washington DC and then of course you don't have to go of the doubt, the whole distance there, but those assembled at the Golden gate Plaza in Mayfield at 8 AM on Sunday, March 6, then they want to drive down to Zanesville which will take them really about another hour and 1/2 and that that meeting at the 605 Sonoma Rd. in Zanesville in the then the travel from there via convoy all the way to to DC now were asking that any medical people that are going to be in the convoy would make themselves known so that you and would make themselves available if you need any of the truckers should needed and the following people have stepped in to assist in this and this is the hubs over Mascot Northeast Ohio chapter the empowerment through a hardship of violence. Defending freedom American patriots of northeast Ohio United and dyslexic, which is going on here okay and then also odd while doing the convoy.

Keep in mind like if you want to go so far. You can certainly pull out anytime along the way and we expect a lot of people to do that but I just want to make you aware of that and that's on next Sunday, March 6 and that's a truckers convoy that will be originating here and going to Washington DC. Let's see what else there is on. Then on March 12.

There's the Ohio right outside, not the Ohio the national right to life people the eye with Molly. What is Molly's last night.

I know Molly is the salient Smith. That's right yeah and I attend this every year but March 12 I think it's 1110 to 12 that set Friday and that Saturday, so it and that is the largest right to life of convention in America and the distant excellence because they are outnumbered on the David Barton will be there to share who I am absolutely fascinated with with his knowledge of the Lord, and of of just American history that that's another thing that you you you might want to mark down on your calendar and if you plan on going. You need to. That fills up pretty quick so you need to try to get in there and that's only a couple weeks away.

Let's see if there anything else that we needed to do that I missed anything. If not, you guys have like a couple three more minutes if you want to address an issue. Mr. Russ Nyman and we certainly have appreciated through the night you been a blessing will wrap it up the way I started on running for Lieut. Gov. Eric Rainey why you guys we need to be Josh.

We need somebody was on that back buying tickets of government would think around like a lot of people understand how this works in Pennsylvania like the president gets to choose his running mate.

It's not like that.

The governor runs the Gov. Kennedy thrown against each other in the primary and the Lieut. Gov. candidates run against each other in the primary and then after the primary. They are inextricably tied together on a two-person ticket to Charlotte and arranged marriage and the boat is a matchmaker joke when the voters go to the polls they need to vote shortly and in order to take back Pennsylvania limited need to appeal to most voters possible. I believe at the top of the ticket. We need somebody who can reach into the suburbs and make those people who voted for Joe Biden feel little bit better and more comfortable about voting for Republicans to turn the ship around Pennsylvania in the second position. We need a more conservative voice someone is living there fighting for the people for the last two years and that's exactly who I that we need to be Josh Shapiro. I we Lieut. Gov. who can help governor can it be Josh girl we need to Lieut. Gov. candidates who can help that governor then form a bond with the general assembly and I can help you that I'm uniquely situated to do that and then of course because the only reason we have a Lieut. Gov. Nikki is in case of Dr. Ben should happen to the governor. We need a steady and they can go in and make a transition if it needs to happen, make it as smooth as possible for the people of this, next 30 seconds. Would you please give us your email address again so you can get those petitions signed make sure people can go to www.Russ diamond.spell just like a rock diamond Russ but Russ diamond got to go there and they could support me in any way they choose sport and I would I would greatly appreciate the support of the good people who listen to your program.

Thank you very very much if you stay with us. We don't have judge on the team's job to do, the altar call and I want to say thank you very much for pin on the program and be blessed. No stress. Yeah, I was listening and I was thinking that engrossing right on the head. We need godly people in office and we need godly people in all walks of life. People fear God and understand that Jesus Christ was Lord Lord and Savior. So it's the computer work right.

We have to have godly people in so father in Jesus name I ask that it will be a mighty move your spirit here in the nation. Lord we humble ourselves before you. We thank you for a man like representative diamond Lord who walks the true peer review. We need dozens and dozens and all the state legislature. So were asking for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit for those that don't know Christ is done by repentance of sin. The Bible says the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord so takes repentance of sin and turning to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and realizing that God sent Jesus and low to pay the penalty for sin. The wages of sin is that so on the cross he died and shed his blood penalty. The death penalty person that in his body and in the exchange as we get is righteousness the wonderful exchange for goods. Our sin, penalty, and we get is righteousness that can only happen by realizing we need to Savior and that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood and the other part of it is that he did raise from the dead, bodily rose from the dead and that he is coming he is going to return a second class. So that's the gospel repentance of sin, confession of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and also recognizing that he raise rose from the dead, and that is coming that is going to come again just like you came the first time you will be on time. That's the message and that's great because here because we get 10 seconds out.

So here we go that's a good night God bless.

And always, always, always, that's a phallus. She fighting the fire lighting up the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL got on the next time was right to left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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