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FRI HR 1 022522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 26, 2022 12:38 am

FRI HR 1 022522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 26, 2022 12:38 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening and welcome everyone. This is already judge said no for Pastor Ronnie Sanders your localhost and Mike both up after John Holman know how are you doing very well on good to hear you're in the Lord's blessings to everyone will thank you very much. It's a blessing to be on here with you.

How about you, turning doing real well, but I am glad you're here.

And one of the children why you get you guys are going to be the backbone of the show on just 1/3 wheel and then we got back there were are right engineer who makes everything work and you are, the Strada started Thursday June come one would say hi great everybody have a good weekend. Good evening, and is Friday, February 25.

Talk to pastor Sam is really the day he told me a couple things appointed to Satan said you automated one is a little under the weather. You'll be back for us on Sunday because will be at church and will be at church on Sunday and hopefully will get a restful two days here. We had an ice storm here in Cleveland and it wasn't the best time it hasn't been the best weather but a lot of you would use use was. Anyway, what I like to do. If we can is that's that's open up the program with a prayer for me are our shepherd. Our friend and I'm Pastor Bernie Sanders, would you want to do when you John's want to want to pray for Pastor Sanderson and I got a couple of the people you asked me to pray for as well go go forward. Yeah father, thank you come before you, Lord, is so important in so many ways is really congested so masking now or clearing just the grieving Lord and that you get them back real quickly and that you will be ready for Sunday at church and then Monday show next week. In Jesus name we thank you very much.

And then also father I might like to ask prayer on Leslie Evans, who was a one inmate who's been part of Pastor Sanders prison ministry for well over 30 years. He comes up for parole and what he needs is to people two different addresses to cosign for him is sponsoring him when, upon his release, and we pray. Dear Lord Jesus did, because you came to set the captives free. I asked that you would literally set this captive free. This is a man's weight of a long time and suddenly certainly knows you, dear God, and is been been incarcerated for a while and I thank you for the privilege of praying for him and thank you father God for the privilege of this program.

We pray to David that whoever hears that if they know you that they might know you more and and in another way.

When they come off the program and those that don't, that we might somehow the might connect the dots of the Bible on the news all the way to salvation for those who listen in Jesus name of what I'd like to do. If I can is out of what you have had a Bible study I do with you if you don't and I will. We can kinda go from there.

But obviously you, follow your lead tonight. Thank you, Jim and I was thinking where you're going go. Okay, let's go to Psalm 107 and and and I and I wish you guys to get there and what I like to do is give praise and thanks the Lord, and I think that that there a lot of people a lot of times when we asked for prayer. They call it with burdens on their heart and so I chose this one because if you've messed up. If you've ever messed up which we all have. If you've ever been depressed. I think this is a great Psalm because her children about the goodness of graciousness and the mercies of God among the leaves something out of Nahum chapter 1 verse three and go right over to Psalm 107, says the Lord is slow to anger, great in power and will not at all look with the wicked, the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind of the storm in the clouds of the dust on his feet so remember that when you're in find yourself in the storm clouds of the dust on the Lord's feet and think about it. God doesn't come most of the time in the sunshine comes in the storm and and and if that table. Let's do it like this if if you John Holman will go versus 1 to 6 and then one through six accusingly and then if you John's eternal go through 13 and then I'll go through 14 to what is that through 19 and all of them end with a credit to the Lord. So if you start John. John one to go through verse six Jesser For the Lord Is Good for His Mercy and Doors Forever. Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say so, Whom He Hath Redeemed from the Hand of the Enemy and Gathered Them Out Of the Lands from the East and from the Last from the North and from the South. They Wandered in the Wilderness in a Solitary Way. They Found No City to Dwell in Hungry and Thirsty Soul Fainted in Them and They Cried unto the Lord in Their Trouble, and He Delivered Them Out Of All Their Distresses Second and 11 Four by the Right Way That They Might Go to a City of Application. Older Men Would Praise the Lord for His Goodness and for His Wonderful Works of the Children of Men Fully Satisfy the Longing Soul Philip the Hungry Soul Such As Sit in Darkness and in the Shadow of That Being down in Affliction and I 13.

Please to 13 Loss Likely Because They Rebuild against the Word of God and Condemned the Course of the Most High. Therefore, He Brought down Their Heart with Labor. They Fell down and They Were None to Help. Then They Cried unto the Lord in Their Trouble, and Save Them Out Of There and I Hope You Guys Are You Guys Are Bad People out There Catching the Rhythm of This That These Are People Who Have Messed up Dumb Things That They May Have Caused. But When They Cried until the Lord.

He Didn't Turn from so Those of You That Might Have Financial Problems, Health Problems, Even Those You Taken the Poison Spoke I Wanted a Panic, You Know, Look at This Is Kind of an Allegory of Your Own Life, but Also This Is the Encouragement to Go to the Lord Because It Says That They Cried until the Lord and in Their Trouble, and He Saved the Mother Distresses. He Brought Them Out Of Darkness, the Shadow of Death Break There Man's Asunder All Good Men Would Praise the Lord for His Goodness for His Wonderful Works of the Children of Men for Your Broken the Gates of Brass and Cut the Bars of Iron and Sunder Fools Because of Their Transgression, and Because of Their Iniquities Are Afflicted Their Souls Aboard All Manner of Meat and They Draw near unto the Gates of Death. Then They Cried until the Lord in Their Troubles, and He Saved Them Out Of Their Distresses Want to Go.

John One down to Get to A Lot to 28 Where Then They Crimes of the Lord Sure Word and Healed Them and Delivered Them from Their Instructions That Men Would Praise the Lord for His Goodness and for the Works to the Children of Men. Let Them Sacrifice the Sacrifices of Thanksgiving and Declare His Works with Rejoicing That They May Go down to the Sea in Ships That Do Business in Great Waters, These That Work. Please See the Works, Lord, and His Wonders in the Deep Command of and Raise the Stormy Wind Which Lifted up the Waves Thereof They Mount up to the Heavens to Go down Again to the Depths Their Souls Melted Because of Trouble. They Reel To And Fro and Stagger like a Drunken Man and Arthur Would Send Then They Cried unto the Lord in Their Trouble Only Bring It Them Out Of All Their Distresses Again John to Make It to Storm a Call so That the Waves Thereof Are Still Then Are They Glad Because They Be Quiet so We Bring Them out, Bring It to Their Desired Haven. Older Men Would Praise the Lord for His Goodness and for His Wonderful Works of the Children of Men, Let Them Exalt Them. Also in the Congregation. The People and Praise Them in the Assembly of the Older Turnip Rivers into a Wilderness and the Water Springs and Dry Ground Full Landed the Barrenness of the Wickedness of Them That Dwell Therein Turnip the Water Wilderness into a Standing Water in Dry Ground into Water Spring and Barely Make It Hungry to Dwell That They Might Prepare a City Gravitation and so the Field of Plant Vineyards Which May Yield Fruit of Inquiries You Want Me to Take over. It's up to You. Okay, He Blessed Them Also so That They Are Multiplied Greatly, and Suffer Not Their Cattle to Decrease Again They Are They Are Finished On-Site Minutes and Brought Lowly through Depression, Affliction and Sorrow.

He Pours Contempt upon Princes Causes Them to Wander in the Wilderness Where There Is No Way yet 70, the Poor on Hi from Affliction and Make of Him Families like a Flock. The Righteous Shall See It Rejoice in All Iniquities. Her Mouth Who Soul Is Wise and Will Observe These Things, Even, They Shall Understand the Lovingkindness in the Goodness of the Lord and I and Amen. And Then They Got It at a Blessing to the Reading of His Word.I Want Later Sought to People Because Obviously I Think Some of You Are Realizing the It Appears It Were Sitting on the Verge of World War III. But Remember That at the End of the Book That It's All Here When Jesus Comes Back. So the This Talk of Nuclear Warfare and All That Regardless of What Happens the Earth Is Not Going to Be Destroyed Because It's Here When Jesus Comes Back Anything You Guys Have the Same Thing about the Boys Looked at the Future Which the Greatest Thing You Can Trust the Lord with That You Possess Great to See You Got Your Life, You're so All That. So Here's What I Looked at It If You Want to Keep Your Heart Just Read This Verse This Morning. Philippians It Tells You to Pass Craig. I Think He's Written up with Losing One Happy Marriage. I Don't Know Either. I Did Get Where We Have Some Trouble While You Think of These Things That That You Want. You Have Peace That Passes All Understanding. So When You Trust God with Your Eternal Salvation in Your Attorney You Can't Trust Him with Light Green Is God Gave You His Son, Which Is the Greatest Gift He Could've Given How Can We Not Trusting for All of the Things That Pertain to Life and Godliness and What Else Is There but for Us, Life and Godliness.

There's Nothing That I Go to Heaven. So, Lord Jesus. Amen, Amen. I like My Internet Is Part Now. I Think Getting John Back in One Second, Got off yet He Did. He Did You Get, John Hello Yeah Okay Good You Are Welcome Back. You Did You Want to Finish, John the We Were Young We Were Talking about the What Else Can You Trust God without Debbie What Can You Trust God within Us with Your Life, Which Is Really All That There Is the Greatest Gift That There Number One Back yet He's Back He's Back Now. Okay, Here after Me, yet I Am the Same. I Little Perspective I Want.

As of Course I Trust the Lord Your God and in Jesus Christ Work on the Cross for Eternal Life.

But Now I Live at the Blessed Hope and the Bible Says Looking for That Blessed Hope and Glorious Appearing of the Great God and Our Savior Jesus Christ. So I Feed Her Here on Earth but My Eyes Are Looking up into Heaven, for Christ's Return and Accuse Me Joy. It Gives Me Great Peace and He's in Control Others. Nothing That We Can Do about What's Coming down Brother. Also We Can Do Is Really Crazy and Seek Seek God's Will Look Where We Should Be.

But He Warns Us in His Word As All Such Warnings, and so My Life Revolves around Looking for the Blessed Hope and Glorious Appearing of the Great God and Our Savior Jesus Christ. I Think That That's Think That's It. I Think That's That's It. As They Say If You Get That in Your Head. You Have an in a Nutshell, Right Right like It It's It's It's a Boot Moving Right along Here What I'd Also like to Look like for Us to Start to Look at Today. Maybe If We I like for Us to Talk about the Current Events Today and May Beach on in the Last Hour We Can Sort Open up the Phones and Have People People Call Me and I Mean Obvious He Got for Us. We Been Kinda Decimated by the Ice Storm so We Are Kinda Herein and We All Do You Know a Bit. We Can't Replace Pastor Santa, so Let Let's Not Even Try. But It Did You Guys Hear about the UN Resolution Today Randy Yes or Tell You. I Guess That I Okay Is He on His Yacht with Representative Russ Steinman from Pennsylvania.

I Don't Know If He Called and yet Because I'm Looking at the Board and That's What I Thought so Too. He Told Me That That I Will See More of the Borden I Will Shrink on It and 3010 31 Bible Studies from the Hotel on about 1030 Start against Time.

So It's up to Them Whether They Want Them Gone. Not the Work We Need to Maybe Have the Song a Little Bit Sooner.

He's Coming to You Have To Do That Okay Click Think I Will.

Could You Give Us a Little Bit a Heads up in a Bio on on on on Your Gas and Penciling Yeah Russ Steinman Is an Activist in Pennsylvania and Then Became Involved in Pennsylvania Political Life and Wound up Being Elected Pennsylvania State Representative and Really Has Been on the Forefront Lead the Charge Here on a Really Critical Issues That Face Pennsylvania for Years and Most Recently Is to Lead the Charge for like Medical Freedom so That They Can't Force You to Get the Vaccines Schools Voter Fraud, You Name It. Russ Has Been on the Forefront of Most Public of Most Local He's Been at the Rallies That We Had. See One Night When Election Happened Very Active Good Christian Man and so He's Got Going Here Tonight and Give Us His Vision If He Is Elected to Become Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, and I Know He Is A Lot of Experience and You Will Be Given A Lot Of Good Information so Hopefully You Know Were Heard in Philadelphia and Don't Really Hoping That He Prevails and His Effort to Become Lt. Gov. of Pennsylvania, so Russell Oakley Beer Little Bit and Turn Him Loose and Let Him Tell You about Him and His Vision for Pennsylvania. You That's a That's a Great Thing Because We're Trying to Do the Same Thing Here in Ohio, You Know, Adele Portman Went out. He Doubt the CDs Retirement and Were Hoping to Find Somebody like You Have There Not Use If He Comes at Your Recommendation, Then RBCs Are Kinda Guy and I Want to Thank You Very Much for That for That Information so We Can Kinda Be Ready for This Guy. But Though the Other Thing I Forgot the Pastor Santa Said to Tell the Listening Audience Is That If You're Looking at What's Happening over in the Ukraine and You Get Really Upset. All of the 81 Million People Who Voted for That Guy in Office That You Can Take a Bow Now Because You the Costs of All of This Here Because of All, Because We Know That of Donald John Trump Was President What's Going on over There Now Wouldn't Be Happening. Yeah, That's up to Me That's Pretty Obvious We Have That Sniveling, Incompetent President That We've Ever Had.

II Can Imagine That We Have Not Had a More Evil President, Vice President, Device John McDermott Don't Forget the Vice President See That You Know There's Precedent on the Verge of War, Did You Did You See the Virtual World and 75 Years and I like the Fact That Two Days after She Went over There. They Invaded the Place but Anyway I Think That One of the Big Problems with That Bit What We Have As a Nation. Also We Lost Credibility. I Mean Look at the Two Things and Then Because It Is Probably Based on the 1030 but at 230 at the.

The Two Issues Are One Think about This If Ukraine Had Agreed Not to Join NATO That the Whole Thing Probably Would've Went Away, but the Other Thing That Happened Was That When They Requested the Nuclear Weapons. Basically, Then Putin Made His Move and They Wonder What the Russians Called the Call from the Military Cauldron Where They Surround You and They Crush You and Basically What They What They've Done and Is Is Textbook Soviet Warfare They Surround the Nation They Basically Crush the Military. They Did the Navy and the Air Force There and Then They Realize That with Whatever the Political Powers That Were Supporting That Military Discretion Is Going to Collapse and That's Exactly Was Going to Happen There.

I Mean Zielinski Has Suddenly Said He Would Negotiate with Food While God, You Know I Great Listened Note Note on the Military Equipment on Him the Gun, It Looks like the Green Light. We Did That Because All the Selectable 60,000 for for Want of a Better Word to the HDD Expert Troops. I Just Every Version of the Seals Are or the Green Beret or Whatever, but They Surround Him and They Got like Two Days and If Not, and That They Want to Wipe Them out, and That's It.

That's Basically What They Said but the Other Thing Is Interesting to Me Is It. First off It's It's Proven One Thing That One Our Sanctions Didn't Work and What I Found out about Our Sanctions Guys Was That the Sanctions Did Not Include Food or Energy. So What Kind of Ascension Is That If You Want to Sanction a Region in and Not Include Food or Energy What Kind of Hardship Was I Going to Cause Anyway. I've Been Following This Every Day, but Going on There.

What's Going on with China Going on with Israel and Kinda Clear-Cut Going on and China Is Very Clear-Cut Going on with Absolute Chaos Trying to Figure out What's Going on with Ukraine and Russia by NATO What's Going on but If You Think about It.

If You Look at the History of It.

When Khrushchev Basically Gave Crimea Back to Ukraine. They Were All Part of the Soviet Union. Anyway and Obviously the Dynamic Is Changed a Little Bit over the Years, but What I'm Beginning to See the More I Read about This Is That This Isn't This Wholesale. Nobody Wants Russia Here There Is a Fraction of People There That Are Kinda Welcoming the Soviets.

It It It It Providence and How Much Time Okay Great Problem Provinces and They Are Primarily Russian Right near Primarily Russian Stop with That. I Think You Probably Could Get Away with It. But Now It's Gone Way beyond That and It's Almost like Bloodlust and Destroy Ukraine. If You Hold That Thought That Craig Is Signaling That He Wants Is Coming Okay and Leave No Way in My Mind Will Will Government Health Flea Bitten Democrat John Your Guys on Your Rug the That's Calling Sen. If You Will. Resident Zone and Then I Looked out. Alternatively, You Lose with Us Tonight Folks Right Now. Welcome to Show Us Well It's a Blessing to Be Back. How Are You Guys Doing Great Were Doing Well. John McDermott and Abandon Pennsylvania. He Went down to Texas Is Not in. How Are You Tonight Doing Very Well. I'm Going to Grow. Good Deal about the Wonderful State They Do Something Right There That We Get Wrong Here in Pennsylvania. Despite All My Efforts Thing Generic like Putting That Boulder up the Hill and Trying Hard but You Know You Keep Trying Because You Know There's Light at the End of the Tunnel. A Man and I Know Russ and Bonnie Pretty Closely for a Long Time and I Know That I Think the Last Thing I Saw You Needed Some I Don't Know If You Still Needed Needed the Some Petition Signers over the Requirement. There No Profits Only Started Today. Usually We Have Three Weeks for the Efficient Profit Process in Pennsylvania to Get a Candidate on the Ballot.

The Supreme Court Messed around with Congressional Mass Here in Pennsylvania and Everything Was Determined Based on That on That Ruling That Came out on Wednesday and They Said We Could Start Today and We Have until March 15. In My Requirement for Lieutenant Governor Is a Thousand Signatures Total across the Whole Commonwealth Pennsylvania, Including At Least 100 Signatures from Five Separate Counties so We Just Began Working on That Today. Actually, the Department Of State Was Very Late in Actually Getting Petitions Only Happen after Close of Business Last Night.

Joe That's Kind of a Rigmarole in Itself Because They Give You This Long, Long Petition That Has All 67 Counties on It That You Have To Break It down Out Of the PDF Document and Get It out to Each County Because Every Every Petition Must Have the County Name on Top and Only People from Back County Can Sign That Petition. It's Really Just Kind of a Cottage Industry for Allow Lawyers about Romanian People Who Have Never Done It before, but I've Done This Doing This for 18 Years so Pros We Have a Machine Going across the State. We Have People out There Hustling Again Signatures Already.

I Have No Fear That I Might Make Ballot That Will Make the Ballot Member in a Win.

Amen. Okay You If You Don't Need to Tell People How to Get Signed up on Me, Not like Science Where but Anyway Sure You Actually Easier. I Don't Know If Anybody Ever Done This. I Actually Put Them Online. Each PDF for Every County in Pennsylvania Is you're going to vote for Russ diamond's Russ diamond.boat go on. There is a link on the main page.

He says he'll help Russ get get on the ballot or help Russ get some petitions you click that link go to the bottom of that page and every single County has a link application you can download as a PDF, you can print it, you can get your signature on it you can get your family signature on it you can get your congregations signatures on the public and voters, and then you can sign the back as the person who actually circulated the addition envelope put a stamp on it get in the mail to me I would have some instructions that folks can download there on how to do it properly to help us avoid legal challenges. Of course we are relying on the mail there and we all know how rotten the mail is right now.

So were asking people to get it done this week get in the mail so that I can have it on hand at least two days before my filing deadline was March 15 so we won't have that body.

At the very latest March 13 so we can assemble them altogether. We have the number the pages we have to confirm all the signatures are valid Republicans, all that sort of thing. So we need a couple basically that you're asking people to get in there and do this, at least in the next five days and get in the mail, so the mail will deliver it to us by March 13.

So this is ready.

You know in Ohio. I wanted to ask you a couple things to clarify that and that's it. So now you just need a total of 1000 signatures out of the 67 counties is accurate, but a minimum of five minimum 500 and signatures included in the 1000 is a minimum of 500 signatures from five separate counts. Also, total five separate counties have to have 100 right within that child okay yes we'll shoot 4000 we shoot for 3000 4000 right right right and the Lord can't pick it apart.

Yes, already very good.

So of Russ what you think though it is a question we noted Pennsylvania, at least from what I read is losing population and we know problem you think is the main cause. People are moving out of Pennsylvania knowledge about government that Pennsylvania is a Saudi Arabia of the United States. I got a lot of stuff going on there and are much larger than that of a nearby per square mile.

We probably have more energy under our feet than any other state in the nation.

We have continuously lost population over the years. At one time Pennsylvania had 33 seats in Congress. 33 seats in Congress now have 17 we lost another Congressman Mr. a reason people leave is because people always say executive branch people in our ER government have totally mishandled what Pennsylvania is all about all the good working jobs.

They ship them offshore and you know sport about the federal problem, but some of it is this management here at the at the state level as well. In that, at least for the last eight years we've had a governor that has overspent by almost $1 billion every single year overlook general assembly appropriates for welfare programs; human services now about his welfare programs intentionally overspend. We have a gas tax.

We want the highest gas taxes in the nation. Here in Pennsylvania and gas technically close to go to pay for infrastructure, roads and bridges that sort of thing. The governor has pilfered off about $4.2 billion over that of that over the last seven years to pay for state police coverage and unit when you see a bridge like that bridge in Fitchburg that falls down because it is just rusted out. I mean I saw some pictures of the underside of that bridge when we had steel beams that are probably eight and 12 inches thick. Literally just broken off and this is been like that for four years when the governors pilfering back kind of infrastructure money away, but mostly dedicated to roads and bridges. You have a management problem and you know this is kind of like him running for Lieut. Gov. because in the last seven years and I've been a member of the general assembly.

I'm just seeing things get worse and worse and worse and worse.

We really need to turn Pennsylvania around. And I do believe the lieutenant governor candidate I you don't really have your hands directly on the levers but you can influence the governor and I believe that we need Lieut. Gov. candidate who can help our governor against John Shapiro is currently our Atty. Gen. and he's in the same vein as Tom or current governor except he's way more aggressive way more aggressive. Think about the many will get worse. So even Lieut. Gov. candidate who can help our governor. Shapiro then we Lieut. Gov. candidate who can help our next governor hit the ground running and what I mean by that is we need a positive partnership between the general assembly in the executive branch. A lot of people in Pennsylvania don't realize this. Don't know this but it's been almost a dozen years since the governor has been inside the House Republican caucus room in Harrisburg to talk about policies or priorities.

Gov. Tom Corbett visited right after he got inaugurated he said hello. He never went back after crying shame a dozen years of that you need an executive branch and legislative branch network in Canada as partners not at odds with each other, especially when you have courts seem to think that they are in the business of writing laws so I think that with my relationships with current house members.

My colleagues in the house and my colleagues over in the Senate. I believe I can help bridge the gap that's been sitting here for 12 years now and help the governor hit the ground running with policy and and priorities that are very positive turn the state of Pennsylvania around the third thing I think is most important early 20 Gov. candidate is the whole reason that we have a Lieut. governorship estimate graphic a some tragedy God for bid occurs in the governor passageway. You need somebody who is who has a vast well of life experienced from who's going to step into the governorship and make a transition as smooth as possible for the people Pennsylvania and what I bring to this race that other candidates don't bring a vast life experience any of the nine in Harrisburg for seven years now but before that I ran an A/V production business were celebrating our 30th year in business this year. I was a factory worker for seven years, like old scholarships overnight before that an over the road trucker. I've been a working musician on an offer on the pilot vast wealth of experience in life just pulled from to have a steady hand could step into that role. Governorship conservator tragedy occurs and something actually governorship. This is why I'm running for Lieut. Gov. count be just Shapiro helper governor when governor governor is elected and to be prepared to take over some tragedy should occur like that.

I like that a lot. I can agree with you more.

We are losing population.

In my opinion and I think you express it very well. There was a study done, seven, eight years ago. Pennsylvania is come up with like number five in the most politically corrupt states in the nation that was based on the number of elected officials that are behind bars.

So we have a long problem, political corruption here in Pennsylvania so yeah I believe you're right on you yet we have and look at look at one time. Both parties had drained off, you know, we had trigger the house that was a bigger house. It was Republican both went to jail Ashley Scher prison cell. At one time but the last 70 years. Really Republicans have not been involved in anything like that that I can recall, we had at least in the house without Democrat after Democrat after Democrat been in trouble with the law. We just had a Democrat who was the chairman of the house. A government committee on which I sit, we oversaw only hearings about the election election form and I think she got there the whole time and said you know, the election was for years most secure election encountering history yet after their attorneys rented.

She got in trouble with law. She took some.

She took some mock campaign funds in not actually what exemplifies you to some state funds a credit got into trouble. And of course our Atty. Gen. John Shapiro in the end just in that I think this happened just last week the week before applying for the crimes $150 but we Democrat after Democrat in my career in Harrisburg get in trouble with the law and they all can I get a soft landing. You get to keep the pigeons you know, that sort of thing. It's crunching but we haven't seen any Republicans go out like that.

At least I've been in Harrisburg. I believe the Republicans are cleaned up their act a lot and it is what I'm doing years in the week. We were trying to clean it up and now sometimes it's a long slog, you mentioned something you know about the police getting the state police getting all its funding to issues that I'd like to ask your question about one of his would you favor the shares having their power restored here in Pennsylvania and the second question is why is so much money being funk followed often the state police while you're here here's what's really happening in Pennsylvania that we have municipalities or disdaining their local police forces because, quite frankly, for many small municipalities is very very expensive to have a full-time police force.

So in their stead. State police actually cover that, whereas the state police used to be more like a serious crime investigative unit and Highway Patrol out on the interstate and the US highways. Now the state police are providing regular kind of peak Coverage are responding to accidents and incidents and smaller music municipalities which have either never had police coverage or have disbanded their police coverage because that coverage becomes too expensive for small community that has limited growth was really happening in Pennsylvania, you alluded to reevaluate our sheriff's Constitution is not like other states constitutions where the sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer as we as we consider it.

Commonly, we don't really have that kind of system in Pennsylvania. However, I do believe there is a lot to be said for instead of having state police coverage and by the way, when the stately one out to these municipalities to investigate incidents crimes asserting they have no authority to enforce a local ordinance is kind of a problem there. And I get you quickly. I don't believe that state police are best suited to be a peacock in any neighborhood and we had an incident like that regular my own County. We had some form we had a farmer whose barn caught on fire and the state police that responded that a policeman he was from the city. He just happened to be stationed in this area as part of his career.

He doesn't really understand our area doesn't understand programming were real rural county here and he doesn't understand the foreign ways and got into a scuffle with the farmer who was trying to save his cows and you know that farmer got in trouble got threatened with all felony charge for that scuffle with the state police officer while the firemen, and, and what the firemen are doing directly going in the saving account and these are volunteer firemen just like what the farmer wanted to do himself to the state police are not really the best suited to be local because if we add either countywide police force with some sort of regional police force. I think it would've been a better understanding of what that form was doing and trying to save his cows. The scuffle wouldn't have happened. And even when you been in any trouble other than barn burning down, which is a tragedy on itself so I think that's really what we have to do is model ourselves a little bit more like other states where we have County-based police forces or regional police forces were those officers actually live in the community have been raised in the community.

They understand the community and that way. That way, finding them locally and minutes. It's a better solution really really tough to do that in Pennsylvania because we have 2400 individual municipalities in Pennsylvania actually might be over 2500 and anytime you get kinda like a regionalization. We see this in that volunteer fire service you you get on companies that are all hurting and they're kind of in the same region and they may try to merge and and sometimes are successful. We've had a successful merger of some of volunteer fire company here in the northern part of my County, but a lot of times there's like a turf war that happens know this is our little surfer mentor a little surfing, but we Pennsylvania we we need to take a broader moral more holistic view not just of fire service but police service and ambulance services.

Well, we need to start focusing on doing that more regional basis, rather than assigning each little municipality responsibility because it's simply not manageable like that anymore things are too expensive services or to expect and I mean even to become a fireman.

Firemen one of course cost over $900 is a real problem because in that unit 30 years ago we had 300,000 volunteer firemen in Pennsylvania. Now we have less than 30,000. That's a real problem and I think all those emergency services Pennsylvania we really ought to take a more holistic look at how to reform and I mean re-forming them not correct them but reforming them more as regional units for countywide base units and like to do another states is very successful in other states and the Constitution kind of makes it so that the sheriff himself is not in a position to be that we would not change the Constitution for that but the idea of having a regional police force for countywide police force at countywide English service countywide fire service. It's all united under one umbrella with different equipment here and there where it's needed that sort of thing rather than a million little different thief comes back. You know you can have turf wars ringing up the whole culture change and you know in Pennsylvania here where I live in Lebanon County work word entering the document and now some people cost stubborn Dutchman, Pennsylvania. For some reason weather changes for the better or not, that Pennsylvania is a very resistant to change.

So it's a long conversation really have to have we have to have a rational conversation about how we handle all these emergency services not specifically our fire service in our English service as well. I agree with you hundred percent.

I actually had a personal experience with that cultural difference with the state police and I live in a country so I right on about that. So trust one another issues.

I guess her hot topics. McDermott followed very closely. When John was living here. The election I will read the Supreme Court's decision and about the they basically became judicial activists graded their change the law from memory that we loading it was about the election he had during the 2020 election cycle, the Supreme Court, the Department of State administration and certain election administration officials in certain counties upon themselves to alter the law outside of the right slot of the legislature asked me. Okay I will on one of 253 but were supposed really want to write laws, but in the middle and through the process of the 2020 general election and some somewhat in the primary election in 2020. These folks took it upon themselves to re-interpret or rewrite the laws simply because you think of it as an excuse and one of the laws that they abused was we had passed a law on the year before, creating no excuse mail-in voting here in Pennsylvania.

Now I know a lot of people that's at the sky and all the name of the actors act 77, and a lot of people blame that for what happened in 2020. Here, Pennsylvania.

However, when folks do that.

I like to point out the van back In the other states as well and waited another states was to abuse that states absentee voting system and we had a nasty voting system here in Pennsylvania for many many years and I think the records and will demonstration in the Department of State in these local elected officials would've done the same thing with her absentee ballot system here in Pennsylvania. Given COBIT show show live at any rate they did abuse their positions to rewrite the law outside of the scope of legible legislative authority, and now that the act actually act 77 itself was challenged in court and was challenged successfully. So as of right now our predominant court ruling on no excuse mail-in voting in Pennsylvania is that it is on constitutional. Let me back up truck here. I actually voted to outlaw why because when we had that long.

We were wanting out through committee into the house represented actually written the Constitution and the Constitution has no language in it that prevented us from creating a new method of earning a Pennsylvania to I fully believe this law was constitutional until a gentleman named Douglas Blanco is a County can represent rough too, but will roll them up on the station break will you stay with us past the top of the hour. Please, I absolutely will. I thank you that we got about 10 seconds, and with the station break. Okay 10 you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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