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WED HR 2 022322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 24, 2022 12:07 am

WED HR 2 022322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 24, 2022 12:07 am

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Donate and listen to podcasts WR right so I go to finish my story out and and so what happened was on the show over this does lose his artistry tried to just just didn't have a breast okay and so she's I have to get much by superior surgery goes into guesses of older woman who comes in and she was kind of like the fact I think actually what she was a veteran before she went into that field.

She was a blue Sgt. Irving publishing told me anyhow she comes in and she said what was going on here we explain Jesus look, get up here and she pushes me up against this this board and note she's trying to pull this other thing and just wasn't working, and to finally to give up Jesus you're okay, you're good. Just I couldn't believe this but this you understand this is how silly some of this stuff gets with that. That's a true story. Tell you to go get an MRI or a Character from something else we could actually do what I remember grandma Dr. Doucet all go home right yeah she was frustrated and know and I think you probably figured, you know, I don't know what to think with anyhow.

Maria you're still alive and nothing fallen off right right Mario from Florida pledges 100. She urges Joe to Howard Gallagher from Arkansas on San Diego and Seattle and that's right we haven't had one California tonight, so we have to have and when we had the very first one was from North Carolina. That's right begins more than slightly too all right, so there you go folks 888-281-1110 know when Dave G I'm Gina who close Schwab is would you give them a weapon if you had the chance.

I give them a weapon. If I had invaded I you know what I do I get him and George Soros together in them.

Give them a both weapon and not want to work my hair every pregnant touch them. This a pretty wicked people help the close Schwab.

He's the head of that New World order. Now he's got a guy who deducted nova Ferrari and that Wendy didn't listen because he's going to convince you that people human beings might as well recognize that were no longer independent sovereign humans, but we are now the property of corporations and government, and we might as well get used to it. So go ahead and and not bring up that clip.

If you would and like joint organization, perhaps the most exciting point, transform this country and eventually the whole world one is finished getting centralized resource that organize and distribute the benefit of competition in the center will build a utopian world to share based on this presentation is organization is I will help answer some basic questions you might have that I will reach as we watched together all people are aware of class that society is made up of the rich middle one thing that will free classes don't understand. It continues there is a detached capstone made up of an elite Board of Directors own advantage. Three classes below. In essence become the assets and resources of corpus divided various illustrative branch. The same five hierarchy section role will be to make sure orders are carried out some corporations will be placed in plain sight.

The head of a company is the public sector to carry out plans. Your role is very important. You will be the face of the outside world. You are a connection message below orders now with six administrative branches functions placed in the top position of power.

Following already.

Where to stop right here because this is a little longer will it take it right to the important part before we do that I want to say folks will get to hear from you. 888-281-1110 is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 the folks we have Wendy Wilson with us here.

God gave us natural medicine, God gave us the natural medicine. These people are giving you these poisonous pokes. These bio weapons. These drugs farm Acadia comes means the word farm Acadia means sorcery sorcery so you get a choice of taking what God is giving you, or when the world is given you folks so here let me give Wendy phone number you want to catalog anything that you what you really need this cattle in this catalog is kind like a part of your survival kit and that's it. Number is 888-229-3663 888-229-3663 or you can go to the power of our that's the power all right.

We want to go to anonymous Illinois points 100 Caroline from Strongsville pledges night are 50. Thank you. Okay take us. My dad grew to about seven minutes in that flick.

If you can that clip okay. Going public can't imagine we were in the process running will be able to create drafts plus hurricane means no fingerprints attached the political system of America is under direct control. Some time was actually relatively easy acquisition is easy to manage politicians no unspoken agreement and two-party system benefits uses all issues in black and white paint. The place I can sign using age when necessary. Go usually diminishing faith system among the public little corpus designed to row candidate program provide a voice and dispossessed this disbursing image is sent among those who do not feel represents and builds a database of potential turn of the last century, serious counsel, realize that by creating a private organization dictate curriculum's interest in promoting corporate class hundreds of millions of dollars were invested create the general education 1902.

Result of doing this is evident today.

Doctrines of public education transform recent generations just meticulously planned curriculum. We have control process by which the average child. Thus, we can vote to obedient workers were conditioned to accept land. In addition, I set up many Association and the American historical determine and uphold knowledge is power, so we must at all costs be the office of the true by writing history to suit our interests. Dissenting voices connecting ground fast current events desire to do new program. A variety of emotional responses in the past entirely now multiple mediums to utilize programming massive cable news, we have directed the public to avoid payment based consumption of world events infotainment all right that folks was actually not like what happened here. What clip that's about a little core course maybe was no accident may be the good Lord had his hand on that explain that there that did like some people the clip we had here and maybe will played a little later on in the program itself it's it's got to do with close Schwab and they come right out. He comes right out and there there telling you that the great reset now it's time that people recognize that that we are expendable, where we are the property of big corporations.

We might religious give into that and it's got all got to do to with the all of the trans-humanism, no Wendy with people that have taken the poisonous pokes when their DNA has been changed and now this is this is the big issue in the courts know whether or not is not whether or not like.

Actually, the court actually ruled that once you have the M RNA and in this change your DNA. You not really human anymore. Here trans-human and ruled that whoever holds the patent, the patent on that bio weapon they owned. They own the trans-human 20 think that a court here in America. Yeah, that was the case.

That was before the Supreme Court, whether or not these vaccines that was brought before the court in the backseat. They didn't do it exactly those words they did it in a roundabout way, but that's pretty much words left at and so we just played a clip. It wasn't them last night. Attorney Todd calendar he represents for thousand military military personnel and that's what with the case was all about their as far as giving them the shots. In fact, I just had an article here were talks about what this is doing to our military and the figures. What I needed that one. I got some the articles here with them. Anyhow that's this is what this is why so many people do not want to take a shot now to tell you this something when the number one profession of people that were refusing the shots aren't doctors and nurses. What does that tell you who who is around the people that are taking the shots when anybody else people getting Gary a break from regular flu shot regardless of coded shot so you now a lot of doctors people don't notice a lot of doctors architected with instruction should they be unconscious enough to get the medallion around your neck with information about your medical wishes. Now they get To enter, so there's no excuse that you and I just had to date that article but the CDC how they have been hard here you go.

Scientific fraud by the way, Nancy from Wisconsin pledges 50 thank you Nancy scientific fraud Drs. Robert Malone and Ryan Cole react to CDC Haydn data and hear what they did is as they brought out that that the data that they had on people that were between the ages of 50 and 65 and what they did is they the purposely refused to bring the data up on a people from 18 you know to 50. Let me just read this fruit for good reasons.

When here urging CDC scientists to speak out Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Reichel reacted to the news reported by the New York Times, the agency officials admit that they have withheld Cova data Cova data broken down by age, race, vaccination status because the American people might misinterpret it now were going to misinterpreted.

This makes the crack criteria scientific fraud, said Dr. Malone, the key inventor of the M RNA technology which he invented for the military to be use as a bio weapon platforms using the Pfizer modernity vaccines withholding data is the scientific fraud there you go, so we had also been working workfare Dr. Riordan call urging Mayo Clinic pathologist runs a big diagnostic lab and is talking about an ethical physician taking an oath to the human race. He said this is very disturbing. These are the people that are entrusted to tell us the truth and I think what they're doing as they have been calling on the doctors and the CDC to come out and tell the truth because there blaming the hierarchy there.

The heads that are running it governmental leadership of the CDC it CDC has stifled the CDC scientists in preventing them from disclosing key information to the public about the risks of the vaccine itself where we talked about this before. It's the head of these organizations, the head of the FBI, the head of the Justice Department to gather the CDC and the NIH. This is what the Fabian Socialists told us a long time ago there were going to do is get their people in to the organizations to roll deep from within to be the heads of the organizations that run the country and this is how they would control from the top down. They would control and control management. You control everything under management right that's right Steve in Minnesota pledges 100 and Greg in Illinois pledges 150 thank you, Steve, and here we get the update now let me see. So we need about 5200. We need about 50 were about 52 short short again. We've got approximately 32 minutes. We need 5200, don't make Pastor Joe do this by himself below harder my budget but I do have some striking other news or goes long over and not India, the central drug standard control organization expert did not support the vaccine and the bar 2.8 billion people. Pfizer vaccine. They said no we won't take it in India and the firm because of the problems with that. The three serious adverse events that have been happening. And so here this entire nation of India has banned Pfizer and China never approved the Pfizer vaccine either. That means Pfizer can't sell to China's 1.4 1.45 billion people. India has 1.4 billion assaults on the drugmaker just lost some huge markets about what both countries said is because it was not safe.

It is a dangerous vaccine. So you have to of the largest countries in the world saying hey there's too many bad things in death happening from the Pfizer facts which I know was in on it from the beginning then nobody in their as taken one of the coven vaccines over in China nobody's taken one of their environment.

They have Kaman said that this fact is dangerous. It is interesting that India very bringing in other things. There were the ones were handing out the American tablets and skipping all of the things that are CDC said had to be done and there are doing far better than we are and they they disallowed the vaccine at all you know Elizabeth you know she had the coven right right you know you know which he was poor and she had my neck didn't show right. I think she's doing quite well. They said she's on light duty, you flight 30 for a 94-year-old that doesn't sound like they're worried that she's in the hospital breathing harder anything that's what I heard.

The last I heard it was that she was on light duty. I joke. I was – it is windy. If I was to ask you this now who would you consider to be the most intelligent those that refuse the vaccine or those that take the vaccine product should be a simple question. Those who refuse that's right, the Department of Defense document proves that military purge of unvaccinated servicemen are putting the country at risk.

Another words, those that are smart enough to say wait a minute you know what if all of these people are getting sick and dying, and these people that have died if their arteries and that are looked like caulking or look like strings of glue and maybe I don't want to take that all these people were saying of the dying left and right. If the funeral homes are working seven days a week and the corners of saying they've never seen anything like this, then probably the smarter people of the one that said you know what I don't want that poisonous poke.

I don't want that are all right and so here but the attorney Thomas Renz has released a new 35 page we had him of the program hear back about two months ago. Remember 35 page unclassified document from the Department of Defense called senior leaders brief Cova.


This shows how the United States is being put in an extremely serious risk due to the biting regimes who want coronavirus coronavirus Cova 19 vaccine mandate page 6 of the document which addresses national security highlights how the Miller American military is being weakened by the removal of unvaccinated servicemen who refuse to modify their DNA into immune systems with the big Pharma poison. See the remember we have Austin and Miley and their they're the ones that had the young Marines put on red high heels woman's high heels and walk around these young male Marines and red high heels so that they would know how women feel when they walk around red high heels.

When you think about that Wendy. It's really irate. Yeah, I think their peer group. Like watching one of that dumb and dumber stupid is as stupid does restaurant want break-in for moment. I think we need to have a moment of prayer. I'm working at the London daily Mail missiles are raining down on Kiev's ambitious assault was launched on Odessa. Putin ordered special military operation in the Ukraine to do not supply it and is calling for them to surrender and there is an invasion going on right now and you can go on Twitter there showing pictures of the Seabourn landing in the Black Sea port of Odessa to complete a large landing craft and helicopters going and so maybe a prayer for the citizens of Ukraine.

The night would be in order. Missiles raining down on several other major cities. That's diligent that you write you and also I just remember I did gotten just gotten a text message here. I noticed earlier and is from somebody who was looking for prayer to for lady name Nora so let's go ahead and frayed.

You want to pray for the war over there in the Ukraine. Pray for you sure whether folks pray with me you will need prayer sometime in your life.

It's one of those things that the Lord wants you to pray for others. And the more people praying, the more the father says he listens and pays attention to our requests and needs.

Dear heavenly father. There a lot of things beyond our control that are going on in the world you know what's happening far better than I ever will. But Lord you told us to bring everything to you in prayer and whenever there is a confrontation of war like this. Whatever people choose to call it. There are always the innocent to get caught in the crossfire. There always the unintended consequences and are always people die needlessly and largely redressed offer up all those people caught in this conflict that the Lord you would be merciful that you would the protect them. That Lord that you reduce bridges, have to put this in your precious hands, Lord, because it's young I don't even quite know what to ask for except for mercy for the innocent, and that the Lord that the buy will be done tonight and that are nation and the United Nations and the world will be doing the right thing. According to thy will we assess in Jesus precious name amen amen thanks Jim I get this again. It takes here. Nora and her name is Nora Nichols had a (this is Gothic surgery to remove the gallbladder and it went well. They sent her home and then not start having pain in her right side.

It didn't go to the better. So they went back to the MBH of this is the latest situation that needs to recover her in prayer because now she has a complete body body infection, and they just alluded to the ICU soap must plant heavenly father will got. I don't know Nora would know Mr. Lord, we know this, that if if enough people out there prayer that you answer prayer. We know Lord that sometimes the answer is not now. Sometimes the answers no, no, not sometimes answers my grace is sufficient which you told us to pray, and we've seen time and time again where the answer was yes and people have received total healing. Since the Lord got I would just as father got in this situation as we older up first. Father God, Lord, I don't know Nora. I don't know her and so I would ask you if she's I don't know. She saved in that if she's not I would ask for that for salvation. For the first thing Lord that she would be and then Lord that you might touch her and bless her in every area which you can receive that blessing and for the people that cared enough about her to send and ask for us to pray for her also tonight want to pray for Andre that prison inmate who was beaten up. The elderly man who was beaten up by the Satanist that they put in his cell. There limit graft imprisonment is in the hospital now and finally after all these time he finally made a call but unfortunately nobody was there to answer the call. He left a message meant Lord, we would ask, we know now that them. He has stage IV pancreatic cancer up on top of everything else that happened to them.

And so we just when asking to Lord, two things that he should have been out of prison many many years ago.

He should have been out of prison, but he was There to keep the parole board.

We know that all the old Laura inmates were just kept in prison.

Those who should have been out done way more than their time so that the parole board could stay in business until Lord I just would ask that you would one heal him to set the captive free and Lord for these people and for all those folks out there listening to us tonight. Everyone of them. Lord, you would turn their desires toward you. More and more every day in every way in all things at all times without any reservations that would be my prayer tonight and this date, which we see what rumors of wars. Wars and rumors of wars, as we see the evil day upon us these things we ask in Jesus name, amen. Already we want to say thank you because we go to Bob from New Jersey pledges $25 from one go from Texas pledges 1000 thank you Wanda is Wendy. My number is 888-6600 will eat we don't want to ever get you and your number wrong welfare again) with the 6686622936638662293663 whoever is 888 is getting a lot of calls probably is 866-229-3663 get the catalog folks because Wendy's got one of the best natural real natural medicines would God has given us and believing you're going to need these things now. Wendy, your medicines and got a shelf life of what years there you go folks and I would never to know what Wendy, what better gift could you give family and friends.

A natural medicine right were down to you know why the natural herbs last for much longer than the artificial chemical medications and treatment and cleaning job to clean and abandon all the buy and the person called me and said you know Stephanie that not past expiration date of specially velocity drug habit may be acute or five-year shelf life, depending on what it is and once they expire date that a chemical start to break down and become more toxic that you never want to take anything that's expired like that.

Very very good advice. I thought I'd write you Joe when he listened when we need $4200.40 200 Redondo 4200. So we need.

We believe got now about approximately 18 minutes. A team is to get 4200. So that's about $200 a little more than 200 a minute fill out some people out there that your Yorkshire radio is free. Well, God is because you have all these commercials and advertisers and things we depend solely on the listening audience where you do God's work.

We redo it.

The best we can. According what we believe is orders that violate no direct assistance sermons and Bible study and everything that we do need your support and there are some of you out there that God has blessed you have a business you have a professional practice, you make a very good living and this is a opportunity for you to help us in a time of need and a great opportunity to lay up crowns and treasures in heaven because God says he made a promise that if you supported ministries. It's during his real you get to share in the blessings of that ministry until you know there's some really good things happening. Did you know there counties now crosses country counties going constitutional that is that's a good sign. That's not in New York. You know how blue New York is right now you got a County no in here where we're looking to do that here in Ohio and across the country counties in Nevada, which is not an event is a blue state.

They went constitutional, and you know what that means. It means when the county goes constitutional. They can block out any of the antichrist policies put out by the federal or state governments. They can do that they are following Mac (along with some other good news really good news. They is Graft Draft Gun That DA George Gascon in LA They Are Calling for Recall and 98% of LA's Prosecutors Voted in Support of Enough Effort to Oust Him As Being a Think about That. That's over More Than 9/10 of Los Angeles Prosecutors Are Supporting a Recall Effort to Get Rid of Him and This Is What I Call Fighting Back That People of Been Speaking up, and Now All They Have To Do Is Get about 8 to 900,000 Signatures and They Are Started on That and Basically They Came out and Said That It's Been a Year of This Social Experiment. It's Not Working. People Who Live Here Basically Hated or Seen How Miserable a Failure It's Been and They Weren't Expecting That 98% of These Prosecutors to Support a Recall That This Is Amazing Is Unheard of Things Is Really Happening to across the Globe Seen No Pushback by Populist against the Globalists and That Clip I Was in the Play Because the Were Kind of Running Out Of Time Tonight to the Play That but That Tony from Boston Pledges 100 and Gail from New Jersey Pledges 100 for Braces down to 4000. We Need 4000 and We've Got 15 Minutes to Get 4000 We Gonna Do It. We Gotta Do It. All We Need Is for People to Pledge Thousand or Whimpers and Played 4000. Right When about Two People to Pledge 2000 and There Is Something Else I Want to Bring up the Night Crew Got a Couple Moments. There Are Different Convoys That Are Starting out to Mimic the Truck Convoy in Canada and the One That I Think We Need to Support Is the People's Convoy People's Convoy.Org and They Also Have We Is Good News and Information Site That There Are over a Thousand Truckers to Participate in This Left California Today Headed for DC, but They Have Vowed to Be Totally Peaceful. Obey Laws, They Are Not Going to Go to DC Go into DC Proper and Locked Things up There Going to Be Driving around Rallying Doing Taking Different People in the Trucks with the Truckers Do Radio Shows Interviews There Going to Be Doing Everything They Can to Attract Attention for Freedom on This 11 Day Trek and They Said They're Going to Continue As Long As They Candor until the Government List but You Know What You You Know It's Good You Know What Would.

Right Now They're Planning on Having the Deep State Is Doing Absent to Get Road May Be Some Rogue Croakers Remember Them. Remember They'll Do Whatever the Opposite of What What Is Right and You Know That Lately FDR in Their Informants and Their Agents on the January 6 and on That Governor Boxer Named Network Murders of People Are Going to Kidnap Her All of That Was Really the Right and You See You Have Five People Murdered on January 6 in DC and That Whole Thing Was Was Set up. There Was Insurrection Aright, but against the American People. For I and It Was One by Dirty Cops and Dirty Politicians, Dirty Politicians, Dirty Cops Is Why Nasty Pelosi Is Why Nasty Pelosi and We Played the Clip of Her Last Night to Teach and How She so Invested in China How She Held Them to Make Sure That There Wasn't a Study Done and Where the Coated Vaccine Next Encoded Actually Started from Front and Right Now He Had Thousands of Hours of What Took Place There That She Did Not Want People to See. There Is Corrupt, They Are Completely Corrupt. There's Nothing There All about the Death Credit Communist Party That Is Not Correct, Not Renew. One Thing Everybody Said Go Ahead Bring the Guard Be Prepared and Also the Crowd Doesn't Get Out Of Hand.

Pelosi Refused Regard Pelosi Is the One Who Said That Told the DC Police Everybody to Stand down. They Didn't Need a Big Presence. I Mean This Was a Set up. And You're Right, They Will Try to Do This to the Truckers Self Unmasking the Listeners out There to Keep the People's Convoy and Prayer That Have Them Covered in Prayer All the Way and That They Will Maintain Their Peacefulness That They Will. 11 K. Not Breaking the Laws and so If Anything Does Happen We Can Will See That It's a Corrupt Government and the Lord Did Anybody That's Trying to Undermine This Effort with the Made Known and We Would Be Able to Point Them out Already. Susan Elysium Pledges 50 Anonymous from Ohio Pledges 100 and It Looks like Carolyn from Chicago Pledges 100 and Put This down to about 3750.

What We Need Woodward down to about 3750 Folks and We've Got Approximate 11 Minutes so 3004 That He Ask for Help When Needed A Lot Of Help out There.

We Just All We Can Do Is Ask You to Prayerfully Consider It All Supporting This Radio Ministry Keeping Us Going and Got an Awful Lot of Listeners That Have Never Donated Never Helped Keep Us on the Air. Listen for a Long Time and A Lot Of Times People You May Not Want to Call Aunt or Something or for like Ralph Ike I Can Only Donate A Few Dollars Just Go Ahead and Mail It in and You Don't Always Have To Call That You Can Send Your Donation to What's Right What's Left Is WR WL Ministries at 147811 4781 Sperry Rd. that's SPE RR Line Rd., Newberry any WBUR why OH 44065 and if you're driving can't get that written down. Just go to WR WR and that information will be there but we do need to hear from you one way or the other. The bills have to be paid. Yeah, it's to its 888-281-1110. That's 888-281-1110 or 88867796731 of the things is happening that we can have here on Saturday, March 12 Saturday, March 12 were going to have here the Northeast Ohio conservative club is having a Lincoln Day dinner in beacon of all the politicians are coming out all the politicians those are running for governor, those in the writing process as Sen. and them is going to be held at the Lavera was that's Lavera was a party center at 322-003-2200 Chardon Rd. in Willoughby Hills keynote speaker is going to be Jim Renée Siegelman of her Ohio candidate Joe can up for Lieut. Gov. but from what I understand, I've been told it was like that all the candidates can be out there it's $50 for a seat at the table and the $400 per table. For more information. For more information, you can call 216-520-1977, 216-520-1977. For more information so they've asked me if I would open up the meeting and was willing, I'll be there to do that okay again that is coming up on Saturday, March 12 now we have.

You know what I am going to. We gotta make a pledge and although we've done it above and beyond were going to make to pledges, the right to life has made a pledge that we support them.

We promote the pro-life legislation and all of these in Ann Arbor those of our people that are in the streets here in Cleveland and over the years over 24,000 baby so they've decided to jump in and help us at this time of need and that so they have pledged $2000 plus I can. Are you so quick to put that up there you go in now on top of that were going to do were going to London.

I have doers of the word Baptist Church pledge $1000.

There was a way back to church with 1001 it will unit we were in this thing the windward in a fight we had a state-of-the-art organ of work do whatever we have to do is stand there and within it, and somehow, long line were going to fight in whole or ground like God's Word, the Bible tells us we are not to give up any ground until the Lord comes back and takes us out of this mess with D from Chicago pledges 100 D from Chicago pledges 108 overthinking Psalm 37 says trust in the Lord and do good, so shall thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.

Delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. All our desires are to serve him to do his will to be the watchmen on the wall to warn the people as best we can, and to what preach the gospel of salvation to all the world to hear a threat we hand every program with the what I call a good old-fashioned altar call to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

And that's for doing ways the entire ministry puts its trust in the Lord and all we can do is ask the listeners out there to help us do that. Peter from Portland pledges 200. Thank you Peter okay so leave lately.

We getting close when we have that that it the positive vibes we need approximately $400 to go over $400 to go over our goal for bikes to match our goals. What we need right now. So now Jill is much closer because we have five minutes and we need 400 so that's only lets about $100 a minute can you do that, that's a little more durable. Yeah okay who's out there listing to us tonight. All we need is one or more will make our goal, we want to make a goal tonight. So here it did make it because we do not want to have to go off any stations. Jill did you know that Tim leaked audio and see the CDC leaked this out. Sponsor note they're not going to drop the school mask they're going to keep forcing this forcing is even though they know this Maxi doing a lot of harm now. Wendy let me ask you this will how do you think you think that the medical community will ever ever regain the trust that is lost by the people out there then they have taken where it comes to trust from the people live taken a huge hit. The CDC they are gone. I mean, they've got no credibility left that I mean not a bit of credibility left when you think I science is ruining itself going on to research the clinical research fraud is totally now I think on that print sciences observatory. Now what gone is the honor gone is the integrity gone is the decency there is little that left it's all about greed and money and control, and you got me. We've got all you know, mad, mad so-called scientists out there. These people have literally become criminally insane and an elder are becoming hired guns way back in the 90s I got a gentleman, Dr. Michael Kaufman was a PhD in environmental sciences and he did a big multimillion dollar project for the government and he came up and well. He said there wasn't any global warming, and that wasn't the answer. The big agency to hands out all the grant said that you better change your finding and he said no. This is the truth and so they did not renew his grants. He had a very multimillion dollar grants with a lot of money back in the early 90s. Dr. Kaufman started fighting for truth, but realize back then that there grants if you want a grant in science you have to give the government the answers they want or you do not get your money yeah exactly what this is by lying and stealing this with this what Scripture says in Hosea chapter 4 on Dale from Illinois pledges 100 anonymous from Pennsylvania pledges 100 defenses down to 200 $200 short know of a making article, we will have made our goal tonight and so everything there may be couple more people will trip in and we might just exceed that goal. We just get Dennis from San Diego just pledged 200. Thank you Lord it was abandoned. Wendy, we couldn't have done it without you help already there you go with them.

And we've got that.

I see okay already word where there all right now folks again.

I wanted to tell you you need to get you where we are in very precarious times we are in with the Bible calls that the days of sorrow or the the days of the birth pains were seen all everything you see it happening out there is are signs of the Lord soon return. I know people said well you been saying that for years, people well yeah but here's the difference right now they have transgressed God's dominion. They're messing with the genes of people there changing trying to change human beings with her DNA.

This is what these mad scientists are doing out there with human DNA and animals creating Camaros that are doing all kinds of things that were never thought of backward Christian thought that Clark is coming again. They have really gone against God, absolutely. And so this is why you need to be prepared and you need to have. I would have some natural medicine on hand get her catalog order this catalog is 8662293663866293663 or go to you need to have natural herb medical kits available. As you can probably need him right. Joe is were up against the time that we can guess the night right now and that is this that is where the Bible doesn't stutter focuses everything that we see happening today is not by accident, or all of everything. Everything was prophesies everything you know you hear people say is falling apart and it was fun exactly in place. Everything is falling and placed exactly is that what God wanted and all he didn't want to say capo.

He gave men a free will.

Margaret in Ohio displays 300. Thank you Margaret okay get praise the Lord children to go out and run the battle and fight the fight and without a battle, folks.

You can't written your character. Crowns and treasures unless you do something. This is an opportunity. God is giving his people to lay up those crowns and treasures in heaven by doing something being a doer of the word right now.

Jill what they have to do is they have to call upon the name of the Lord. First of all, the Bible says make your salvation short maker salvation. Sure folks that's the most important thing to any of them, Jill, and that is this that you're out there listing. Note if you there are people that are said and I've seen this what they call body count salvation where people go out and mail they just walk up the people on the street and no start witnessing Tillman the count them as it is saved. No. If there is no change in an individual Jill if if a person is saved it is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. There will be a change. That person will be a new creature folks out there if you been there and sometime you may have said the sinners prayer, nothing happened. That means you didn't mean it. You need to make it. Sure, we need to make our salvation short. Indwelling of the spirit. What is that mirror of God, little children that have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you must have the indwelling.

Yes, you got to do that you got a goat go to the Lord prayed to the father ask him to forgive your sins asked the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of you live all of your life that simple. Ask God to be to forgive you father, my sins Lord Jesus be the Lord of my life all my life.

Not when that happens, you mean you will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

You will become a new creature, a born-again believer in your life is going to change now and I doesn't mean things are getting it and everybody can like it. In fact they can be just the opposite. But what you will have his eternal security. Once you're saved you can never lose that you can never lose your salvation and the reason for that guy keeps it in heaven. McKay and so this is really eternal security but you need to do that and you say well you know what, I'm not sure I want to do that yet you don't run out into my house tonight all over this world, people you know when out in tomorrow's night.

There is a well, maybe tomorrow I'll do that well and then tomorrow never comes. For those people don't let that happen to we are out of time for tonight Wendy, I want to thank you for being here and so and Joan until tomorrow we want is a get ready, let's do it. Good night God bless. And always, always K. Friday night, right. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left my pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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