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WED HR 1 022322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 24, 2022 12:08 am

WED HR 1 022322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 24, 2022 12:08 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio) what's right what's left is coming out right now. Indeed, this is the voice of the Krista resistance was still your daughter all these years in the post tonight. We would we have a lot to talk about as we normally do in a course on the guardian of the board. None of the mighty Andrew that's right pastor standing by ready to fight and defend right click absolutely and she flutters about an outfit she is the studio marble who looked elusive. Good evening everyone voice she does that well all right they get out here going to wait wait in the back room back there. We got we keep him back there. We had a cable separated in the he's not have to use the whole Mr. Witt birth you go Linda. It was latent deceit, all right. And of course we have that rascal Randy now he's the Missouri legend that backroads preacher, the person Joe Larson child forever. I am glad to be back with your boss in our special guest again tonight and cohost, none other than the medicine lady. All natural Ms. Wendy Wilson after everything good evening young lady, so we can let talk about tonight, so we really get right into it JoJo remember the title of the message world that will destroy the earth. That's exactly right. And we found that right in God's Word, the Bible didn't hurt and who wasn't talking about was was talking about was SUVs.

What about the digging oil using oil and gas well okay so what was it mankind send all the horrible things that men do to one another, killing murderers the mayhem in what we call professional sinners, Democrats, professional professional sinners) strictly Democrat politicians more ready to know the real professionals of the highly paid professional, you just insulted NBC, ABC and CBS they had kind of held that title to themselves right well yeah they had to get the right up there with the politicians or the arm of the Democratic Party. The voice actually yeah anyhow there hired professional paid liars when I hear that that's the reality you know and I know now, would you read Ephesians chapter 1 verses 10 and 11 sure work that every dispensation of the wholeness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth, even in him like you. This is pledge week I forgot this is the last night we had approximately one hour and 40 minutes one hour and 40 minutes to raise up enough money to fight like Christian soldiers with her eyes upon the cross and try to stand all the stations and you know this is very very difficult so weather has caused trouble breaking this out there makes it hard to know for the listeners so bear with us. Help us through this because of the ice storms. It had to do it this way, but just remember everyone in this ministry is a volunteer.

None of us make any money at all. Not a single dime. We all donate our own time, talent and treasure to keep us going because we are working for the master and that's why were here He Is the Watchmen on the Wall and Has Been for Now 50 Years Joe Listener about 50 Years. 888-281-1110 888-281-1110 and or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. And Guess What Wendy Wasn't Very Old and When We First Started in the Year Were You When to Correct after 700 Okay Put Ms. Wendy Wilson over 700 Right Very Good. One Way to Start off the Show That Is a Maybe Somebody Will Match Wendy Yeah Let's See If We Can Get. We Needed a Note Number of People Right Now. What We Happy to Make up for Last Night You We Need 6366, 6300 Went into His Radio Program to Make up Because We Did Make a Goal Last Night, 6300 Is What We Need Some If We Can Get a Couple Two or Three People to Match Wendy 700 and Will Be a Very Good Start. Help Anyhow.

Going Back to What We Are Co-Opting or Going Back to This to the Scripture. Joe Very Quickly Here, You Know Not God's Plan for the World What He's Telling You in These in This Passage Here Could Not Be Equipment Being Fully Understood Night Guy Wasn't Keeping It a Secret. He Was Trying to Explain to You but It Could Be Fully Understood until the Lord Jesus and Rose Himself from the Dead and in What We Call the Mystery of His Will Not Let Me Ask You This, When We Say That the Lord Jesus Is Rose Himself from the Dead and A Lot Of People Will Say When the Father Rose Jesus from the Dead and Scripture Does Say One Point but How Do We Know That Jesus Had to Raise Himself from the Debt. How Do We Know That Well Scripture Tell the Father Liar One We Are One. The Output to Something.

Christ Gives Us Involved in It Already. You Know You Will Talk about the Two Witnesses in Revelation. People Sit with Those of Moses and Elijah and They Give You the Reasons Is Because When Elijah Brought down Fire from Heaven. And Moses Went on the Plagues and As with Those Two Witnesses Do and If They Will You See There Now. What Was It That the Lord Jesus Did That Let You Know for a Fact That He Raises Himself from the Debt Should Know the Answer but I'm Drawing a Blank Right Okay Here We Go, Who Created the Heavens and the Earth Larger Okay Okay Commanded. But Jesus Was the Creator by the Power of the Holy Spirit Right so Paul from Genesis to Revelation, We See All of These Things Happening and We Always See That the Father Gives the Marching Orders the Sun Carries It out in the Holy Ghost Provides the Power in Every Single Instance from Genesis to Revelation.

See That and so Center Fathers Ordered Himself by the Power of the Holy Spirit.


That's Exactly What Happened to Wendy Knew That Didn't You Wendy Not Target How You LOL Thank You for Staying Already Very Good to See Ashley What He Saying Here in the End, This Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.

What the Lord Is Telling Us He Is Bringing Everything under Christ All Power in Heaven and Earth Has Been Given to Jesus. He Is Now the Figurehead of the Trinity and All Power in Heaven and Earth Are Given to Him.

He Is Now in Control of Everything and Will Be Forever) Talking about the Ministry Here That He Was Referring to Was the Fact That It Was God's Plans That in the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times We Gathered Together in One All Things Christ and a Christ.

Now He's Talking about Earlier.

We We Went over the Revelation Was Referring to Those from the Sea. Those That Come up Out Of the Waters and Then Those That Came Out Of the Earth That We Know That Lay Speaking about Those Who Come on the Waters. He's Always Referring to Who and How the Gentile Nations… Those Come on the Earth Is Always Referring to Our Sleep Well Know He's Referring to the Nation of Israel, and A Lot Of Your Yeah and so Here He's Talking about. The Purpose Was to That They Would Be United They Would Become One with Jesus Is the Head That Christ Would Be the Head and There Would Be No Difference in the Gentile and Jew They Would Be United in Christ in the Fullness of the Times and so Here We Also Unite All of the Learning of All of That Inherent in Solitary Really. There's Two Parts to That Right Right It Will Unite Both Things the Their Purification in the Christian Church but He Will Also Unite All the Learning on All the Dead and Airmobile Believers to Know What Does the Apostate Church Say That the Christ Came to Do Became to Do What Leads You Here Are Several Things to Love Everybody to Give Everybody Know so That That They Tasted What When It Comes to Sin. Christ Is about Is Tolerance When It Comes to Judgment. Everybody Wants You to Be Happy and so He's Very Forgiving, Very Loving Very Tolerant. He's Nonjudgmental That He's He's What He's He's like Transgender. He's Right. And so They They They Teach Total Apostasy. So When It Comes to Sin and Wendy. You Gotta Just Jump in the Gutter Talk Love Because You Got Kind of a Weak Line There Okay the Gutter Talk.

Love Can Give Your Preacher's Voice. Wendy Wendy Wendy We Loser Yeah Can You Hear Us. Wendy Know You Got.

You Gotta Talk Loud Because We You Have a Very Weak Line. Is There Anyway We Can Bring Her Line in Okay My Megaphone Already All Joking.

I Just Had This Wonderful Mental Picture of Your Putting Is a Big Megaphone up in Front of Your Phone and Yelling and Do It. It Was Just a Moments of Brilliance or Just Cute When She Does Things like That You Are You There Wendy. Okay, Now Here's the Question What We Did the Apostate Church Think the Christ Came for.

There Was A Few Years Back You Remember There Was This Guy That Was Making. He Was Going All across the Country to All the Apostate Churches and He Was with. He Had Actually Had 666 on His Four Head and He Had Any Had Two Horns and Two Wars with Them Very Gently Almost Naked Women and He Was Going to These Apostate Churches United Church of the Antichrist and That He Was Actually Teaching That Them That He's Suffered and Died a Horrible Death upon the Cross so That People Can Live Any Way They Want and Do Anything They Want. Okay Now Not All the Apostate Church Bought into Them but Some of Them That They They Believe That Because They Believe That That When It Comes to Sin That the Lord Jesus Is Tolerant Now When It Comes to Sin. Who Is the Most Intolerant Man Ever Walked the Face of the Earth.

That Was the Lord Himself and Then When It Comes to Neatly Say That He Was Nonjudgmental He Would Accept People Just the Way They Are and Little Let Them Live Their Weight Know He Was He's Not Nonjudgmental. He's Very Judgmental. Okay, When He Comes Back in Revelation Chapter 19. It Is He Coming Back to Be Kissing Kissing, Creating an Army from Heaven to What Bring War to Destroy or Kill and Destroy. Right.

And so He's Coming Back Is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings Right Okay Where Was His First Word That He Spoke of His Ministry Was Repent, Repent of Sin.

If He Hadn't Hated Satan He Wouldn't Invest the People of First Things First. Word Repent Was the First Word Out Of His Mouth.

Okay so in Job's Day Joe's Asaph and His Friends. They Came to Him to Comfort Him with Some Maybe Not Very Good Advice, but Anyhow They Told Joe That Look. God Never Punished Anyone Who Was Doing Good and for Bad Things Were Happening to You, It's Because You Were Not Were You Were Sitting You Were Not a Good Person. If You Were Guilty If You Were a Good Person. If You Are a Good Person Then You Would Have All of These Material Things. They Told Him You'd Be You Have All the Material Things, Who Teaches That Today That That's What God Wants for You to Have All of These Material Things Prosperity Church That Is Anything like so Is That with the Bible Teaches Regulatory Okay Not Even Close.

So, so, Where Does the Bible Say TD Jakes Says He Doesn't Want to Wait till He Gets to Heaven He Wants His Stuff Right Now Right That When a Front McKay Joel Stinson Is Not in the Way He Thinks.

Trust Me, Joel Stinson Says Is That It Is Time to to Live the Good Life Now. Now Is the Time You Live the Good Life Now so so Did the Bible Teach You the Place of Your Grounds and Your Treasures Where in Heaven While Crazy*12 Let Us Hear the Conclusion of the Whole Matter. Here God and Keep His Commandments, for This Is the Whole Duty of Man.

And When You Look in the New Testament Tells You to Be at. There Were of the Word, a Doer of the Work. A Doer of the Law and Do the Will of My Father Which Is in Heaven. That Doesn't Sound like God Is Asking One Shorting You to Have Everything He Wants You to Be out There Doing for Him Doing As You Do Want Others You Doing to Me. Very Simple. The Case Is Even Him and Who Also We Have Obtained an Inheritance, Being Free.

This Is According to the Purpose of Him Who Worketh All Things after the Counsel of His Will Now at This Is God Telling Us That This Life Is Going to Be Hunky-Dory.

That Being Being Christians in That That That Is If You Were Going to Have It Nice and Easy, and Them or Does He Tell Us to Tell Because the World Hated Him Rated God That They're Going to Hate Us Followers. Okay, so What Is He Say That Is Sufficient to Get Us through.

He Said His Grace Is Sufficient Delayed Integration out Faith and Karen Rice I Jean from New Jersey Pledges 100.

Thank You Jane Plus We Got to Hear More. 88828111108882811110 That Brings Us down to 6002 6208 6200 yet Tonight to Make a Goal so We Know We Can Stay on the Station You Listen to Us.

We Need Your Help to Do It for Sure We Really Do 888-677-9673. We Need Someone to Match Ms. Wendy out There When It Went to Middle Management. Swenson Rendered Really Made until Jill Was Turned over to Revelation 20, Right, Creamy, Versus 11 Joe through 15 in Revelation 20 and I Saw a Great White Throne and Him Look Fat on Itfrom Her Face the Earth and the Heaven Fled Away. And There Was Found No Place for Them and I Saw the Dead, Small and Great Stand before God and the Books Were Opened.

And Another Book Was Opened, Which Is the Book of Life and the Dead Were Judged Out Of Those Things Which Were Written in the Books, According to Their Works and the Sea Gave up the Dead Which Were in It, and Death and Hell Delivered up the Dead Which Were in Them and They Were Judged, Every Man According to Their Works, and Death and Hell Were Cast into the Lake of Fire. This Is the Second Death. And Whosoever Was Not Found Written in the Book of Life Was Cast into the Lake of Fire. Okay, Apart from the Books That Are in the Bible. Okay, but If There Are Seven Books That the That Is Spoken of in the Bible. Here in Those Books Will Be Opened and We Will Be Judged Out Of Those under Those Books. Now Here We Take a Look at This of the Unsaved Loss Could Not Look upon the Face of God, Trying to Look Well in a Today Again… Here Let Me Go Back.

I Want to Go Back to Verse Seven Go Back to Verse Seven and Read All We through 10. This This Is and When the Thousand Years Are Expired, Satan Shall Be Loosed Out Of His Prison and Shall Go out to Deceive the Nations Which Are in the Four Quarters of the Earth Dog and the Dog to Gather Them Together to Battle the Number of Whom Is As the Sand of the Sea and They Went off on the Breadth of the Earth and Can Pass the Camp of the Saints about and the Beloved City. And Fire Came down from God Out Of Heaven and Devoured Them. And the Devil That Deceived Them Was Cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone Where the Beast and the False Prophet Are, and Shall Be Tormented Day and Night for Ever and Ever. I so Here Now. The Unsaved Loss Could Not Look upon the Face of God Will Be Able Look upon the Face of God during the Millennial Kingdom Will Be Able to Look upon the Face of God We Get to Heaven. Now Here Is an Interesting Thing Because If You Try to Go out without Sunglasses and Look at the SU and What Happens There Can Be Blinded by Your Eyes to Harm Okay so When When the Unsaved.

When the Heathen Look on the SRO and What Happens to Them. Veritably Blinded by the Glory of God, Glory Okay so It Here and Now He Talks about Those That Them Because of Their Sin and Because of the Sin.

Unity Can Be Judged by Their Works Out Of the on the Seven Books Now A Lot Of People Misunderstand the Book of Living. They Confuse That with the Book of Life, with the Difference between the Book of the Living and the Book of Life. The Book of Life Were Very Well Basically One of the Saints.

Unsaved or Written a Book of the Living Are Those That Are Still Still Alive Still Alive Right When When King David Asked Lord, Not the Blood Them Out Of the Book of the Living. It Wasn't the Same As the Book of Life Because Right Now I Don't Want to Go, and I Want to Die out Here. We Talk about, and Death and Hell Were Cast into the Lake of Fire. This Is the Second Death Them. People Often Confuse Bill As Being Geographical or Physical Place. Death and Hell Are States of Being. They Are States of Being. Death Is What Is the State of Being. What Separated from God Separated from God.

Hello Is the State of What Torment and so Here When Is Referring to When This Is Cast down to Hell. Release of Fire That Must Be the Place, the Lake of Fire Is a Physical Place with Fire and Brimstone. Okay, It's Gonna Fire and Sulfur and Brimstone, and so Here That's There Isn't a Difference so so What Happens When He Talks about Helen and Now Death When What Is He Referring to Helen Death. We Need to Be Able Look around and See Helen Death Anywhere Recently You Have Been to One of the Democratic Party.

Okay Now I Thought I Saw Held, Not Really.

So He's Talking about Helen Death Resides in the the Loss to the Unsaved People. Helen Death Resides in Them, and Those Unsaved People Are Going to Be Cast into the Lake of Fire That Was Created for Satan Write an Earlier Want to Talk about and Those Were Good Dead Were Judged on Their Candidacy Gave up Their Dad and Death and Hell Delivered up the Dead. That's Well Saying Earlier When You Asked out Also. All of the Dead Were Judged through and Were Brought up Out Of the Earth or the Sea's That's What I Was Thinking at the Time He Asked the Question Already.

We're Going… We Wasn't Walton and Tonya Place for Massachusetts Pledges 100-6100 so Weak We Need Folks We Need to Hear from You. I Gotta Give You That Listen Letter, Not a Time We Have One Hour and 20 Minutes. We Have an Hour and 20 Minutes Left.

We Got a Raise That Money.

Okay All Right As I Know That You Got a Here Leak Leases in Here Will Shake in the Paper at Me Already. Okay Will Be Back Right after This, and Now the End Is in the Financing, Then Your That You Should. And That's the Truth. I Know for Certain. I Teach Me from Going Astray. These God and This I Know He Did It Is Willing to Ask That I Can Say Is When I Know Just Knowing That His or That Guy Considering We Have One Thing I'm Looking at Here. All the Posted Here They Come out Late at Night Volunteered to Raise Money so We Can Continue to Bring You the Message That They Don't Want You to Hear and Listen Were up against the All of the Fake Media, but Were All in This Together and I Look at That All These Good Folks Here Make Me Feel Good to Be There Hero Anyhow. Speaking of That Was I Think Him and His Nose Just Fell off. Now I Think You're Better Okay Is Anyhow. Speaking of That Week, Folks, Old Boy, Monica from Texas Pledges and yet from Punk Pledges 100. Thank You Monica Neck Braces down to 6000. We Need Not Write This Burette, We Gotta Keep Going Funds. We Gotta Keep Going and We Are Blessed. Tonight to Have My Friend for a Very Very Long Time. The Latest Got a Notion and a Potion That Helps Keep Me Healthy and on the Radio. Ms. Wendy Wendy, What's up in Your World When It's Kind of Hard Regulator Chose Not Talk and That Will Bring Her up so to Lana for We Can. We Had I Ever Cover That Topic about the Truth about Medical No I Don't Think so Really Shocking People at That Point I Live People Know That Your Medical Tent That They Were Inpatient to Have Flaws Built into Them Accurately Think They Are an Important Because It Can't Get That Kind of Shed Light on That Said That Failed Coven Test Kit.

You Have Brought up an Area Now. There Are Never Think That They Can Go Really Run with Medical Test. By the Way to Handle.

I Just Can't Continue for a Decade That It Will Give You a Really Good Result after Really a Tool Used by Doctors to Narrow down Their Diagnosis Range Kind of Process of Elimination, Though It You're Aware of the Limitation. I Do a Better Job at Finding the Cause That the Health Issue Typically Patients Have To Do Our Part As Well. What We Do Well. The Problem, Numerous Opportunities Become Just A Few Examples. Okay Logistical Errors like Paperwork Is Handled Are Labeled with the Wrong Patient Name or the Wrong Test Was Performed Altogether or on Procedural Mistakes. Samples Are Improperly Stored Torment Handled Using the Wrong Collection Container or Faulty Equipment Can Sample Anything like Circumstances Anything Can Alter Your Test Results. A Change in Room Temperature. Patient Wasn't Told Not to Have Food or Water before They Took the Cat Door.

Patient Wasn't Told to Avoid Medication before Taking Their Path of the Limited Information That the Test Is Limited in Providing Information to Begin with Them at May Show Something in There but Not Identify What It Example Would Be on an X-Ray May See a Man That You Don't Know What It and Then You Have That Thought the Positive False Negative Results We've Been Hearing about to in the Media As Well without Them. Results of This Study to Study Done in October 2019 at University Of Texas and Every Reporting at the For Thyroid Cancer Are Accurate As They Think They Are.

They Are Actually Concluded That the Put Patients at Risk of Having Unnecessary Surgery so You Can't Be Faster, More Accurate This Report on That.

I Write Kind of Being Cute. I Was Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciences in October 19 If You Want to Check out What You Know Now You See What I'm Thinking of the Intestine Will Rant Today. You Wonder Why the Medical Profession Is Lost Why so Many People Was Much Confidence in the Medical Profession Today and Had People Call Me Today Just Had a Guy Friend Called Me One to Know If I Could Help Him Find a Good Doctor Christian Doctor. He Said Because His Doctor Is Encourage Him to Take the Poisonous Pokey Said That's All He Wanted to Hear.

He That That Tells Tells Him That His Doctors Don't Care Much for Him and All and so and so. But Here When You Think about These These Tests. Now the Test on the Culvert You Know When the They Run the Swab up Your Nose and Hear You Had Several People Who Had Was Scheduled to Take the Test, but They Didn't Take the Test Because That Whether This and That but Even Though They Never Took the Test Results Came Back Positive like That Right and When That Happens a Whole Lot. Unfortunately, but That Note, Do You Think It's All about Money. Typically That's What It Is with A Lot Of Money That He Displays Them Ever Prof. of Chemistry at the Diagnostic Medical University. Not That We Can Prevent People from Having Surgery, They Don't Need to Enable Them to Have a More Precise Diagnosis We Can Improve Treatment or Patient and Lower Healthcare, the Patient Did Here at Surgery Only to Learn Later It Was Very," Though People Are Still Kind of Very Trusting Overall with Regard to Healthcare and They Should Really Lean on the Side Occurs in and the Question Second or Third Opinion. Do Your Homework on All the Treatment Recommended to You Because Agents Are Not Told Everything about Treatment and Half the Truth, You Still Alive Really Yeah Well I'm Shock You a Little Bit Here on Pastor When It Come down to A Lot Of Time That the Doctors Understand the Test Results Okay Working in a Little in an Surgery Environment. You Cannot Learn Attempt Can Be Misread or Misinterpreted, Though, If It Were Not the Case, There Wouldn't Be a Need for Second and Third Opinion or Malpractice Insurance Right Though, It Is Also the Fact That Physicians May Not Truly Understand the False Positive Patients Are Often Formed and This Can Lead to an Really Awful Life and Death. Patient Cancer Often Founded on Probability or Get People Don't Know That Many of the Statistics from Clinical Trials on These Medical Tests Are Just Wrong or Worse Their Fraudulent Though This Affects People at the Doctors Are Really Not Aware There Is a Weakness in Time for an Example. Yeah, You Know, We've Always Had Time for You.

Let's Go to the Example Here so I'm Quickly There Was a Study Done by Gynecologists. They Were Looking into the Probability and Stick on the Mammogram Getting Positive Results for Breast Cancer and What They Found in the Test When He Came to the Test. 80% the Present Chance You Are in Heaven, Breast Cancer, When Really They Learned That the Actuality of the Whole Test Was Maybe 10% Accurate Attempt like This, and Consequences. Don't Take after Nearly 2 Do Not Only Do They Indicate Additional Tests Should Be Scheduled Patient Going to Get an MRI and Maybe a Biopsy All Caught Going into Surgery Is Really High and That Half the Women Getting Mammogram Getting Thoughts Result. For This Reason with the One in France and Stop Using the Person While 50% of Patients. Maybe Having Mastectomies on They Didn't Need Some Years Ago We Had a Lady on That She Was the Trauma. Dr.: I'm Having One of My Senior Drill. You Might Remember Her Name. She Is Still out There Going Today Because Years Ago.

She Was a Very Pretty Blonde and Letting Them Very Well Known and She Was a Trauma Surgery Surgeon and Anyhow She Had Written a Number of Books Night on the Radio Program and She Was Telling Me That More Than Half of All Hysterectomies. They Knew It Was Well Known in the Medical Profession That More Than Half of Them Were Not Nets Were Not Needed at All. Already I Remember Saying That but I Can't Think of Her Name and She Also Mentioned a Couple of Things That They Were during That Meter Very Now. It Was the Unnecessary. It Was the Reason That Women Get Breast Cancer Because of the Chemicals in Their Makeup They Had Done a Study in Their Work Chemicals in Makeup. This Settled in, and That the Fatty Tissue in the Breast with Was Causing Which Was a Quick Look at That Person and All That Aluminum Salt Natural Cost in Breast Tissue. I Mean, I Wouldn't Use That Death No Go. We Get to on This Program Pastor Anywhere Only in America but the Title Could a Woman Have an Abortion and 6 to 9 Months Later Be Putting Part of Her Baby to Collagen Tissue through Makeup on Her Own Space Be Wearing Part of Her Aborted Babies Tissue on Her Face Yeah I Remember That in College and to Hear What People Were so Enraged. There Were Matter – They All Die Me but It Was True They Were Using the Collagen Tissue from Aborted Fetus Babies. They Were Calling It from Aborted Fetuses. General and We Did That on the Air. Remember We Got A Lot Of Blowback from That One yet, but We Were Right.

They Found a Semi Truck Loads Semi Truck Loads of Babies in Jars Sitting on the Parking Lot of the of the Will Makeup Company in France. One of Those Companies That Made My Phone Perhaps Yeah and out Here Really Cries Sorry LOL It Was We Were Upset That's What We Told People. It's like You Know the World Is Can Be Very Evil and People Have To Pay Attention to What's Going on. It Is Not Enough to Cackle around with Your Head in the Sand and Be Ignorant. Well Remember What Jacques Cousteau Said Humans Are a Great Source of Protein Thing Is the EE Said That the the Answer to World Hunger Is Simply You Find in Nature. The Strong Need the Week End and That's What He Said That That Human Beings Are Day Shouldn't Be Wasted. But the Ground They Should Be Put in the Food and Now Yeah I Don't Wondered. I Remember a Couple Times so Wendy I've Gone through the VA and Remember One Time There Were Due To Blood to Our Blood Pressure and Never Liked Skyhigh and They First Looked at Me so That He Write. I Know You and Avery Didn't Know It Was like I Went from 150 or 60 over Some Crazy Thing to My Normal Hundred and 16/68 Now and That Person Knew Me and Knew That Could Be Right, but the Even Something As Simple As a Blood Pressure If They Don't Do It a Couple Times. Sometimes They're Not Careful. They Both Get Wrong and Something That Simple. So I Can Imagine a Complicated Test. What You Need to Do That Would Be Very Proactive and If Something Sounds Haven't Really Done Recheck.

Don't Just Take Something Take Your Word for It and Be Your Own Advocate Right Exactly More so Today Than Ever before. Though That Can Be a Problem at 80% of Sedition Will Overestimate the Benefit of A Lot Of the Okay More Than Half of the Patient Feel They Are Really Not Confident in Himself and Understanding the Results from the Lawyer of Some of the Tests They Have Problems Have Bad Errors in Them Cancer, Prostate, Lung Cancer Test Heart Attack Can Asthma Tan Lines Disease and CT Scan Are on Left, Though, Be Aware That When You Know You Talking about Here.

We've Had Recently. We've Had Several People That Were in the Got the Coven, and When the Hospitals and They Were Giving Them Because of Their Doubt, These People Said We Do Not Want Windows of Error. In Fact We Just Recently When in and Helping Fell Out Of a Rehabilitation Home and They Had after Telling Them He Did Not Want Windows of Their He Asked for He Wanted Them a List of What Medications They Had Given Them so Far. Just What Was on That List Windows of Their and so Here We Have a Right to Say We Don't Want a Certain Medicine Use Yeah, and Carl Evans Said Absolutely I Don't Wanted. And Guess What, They Gave Him They Gave Him Linda's Affairs Lungs Filled up and He Died Okay and Then Here To Therapy a Lawsuit on Something like That Appear Specifically Say No I Do Not Want and They Do It Anyway, Is That up a Violation of the Patient's Bill Of Rights. It Is No.

I Had Several People Call Me and in Fact Pastor Bruce When He Was in the Hospital They Were Going to Give Him an and That He Called Me and I He Said I Much I Need You to Help Me to Make Sure I Don't Get This and so I Called over and I Talked to My Son Look You Know This Man Does Not Want That Windows of Aaron. If He Does. This Will Be a National News Story. Believe Me, and so They Promised He Would Not Get It Will Unfortunately Pastor Indicted Anyhow for the Coven. Apparently His Lungs Filled up with Them Anyhow It We Had Another Fellow Saints Very Same Thing Happened in the He Refused and Ended up There to Give It to Me.

I Went to Dr. on Here A While Back and He Was Talking about How the Reason for This That They're Killing Because These Doctors When They Are Not Trained on How to Use Windows of Air Not Trained. They Don't Know and so This Dr. Said Look When You Use Windows of Their That You Use It of Just Very Very Small Amounts. Very Small Amount and You Monarchy You Have To Continuously Monitor Monitor, and If You Do It Exactly Right but That That This Was Been Banned in Every Country with This Country While Outlining What the Washington Post Medical Survey of Doctors Back in October 2018 and Highlight 8/10 Doctors Say They Rarely If Ever Talk to Patients about the Probability of the Test Results Being Accurate That Every Year Many Patients Are Diagnosed with Diseases They Don't Have Anything Treatment. They Don't Need Treatment at May Have Harmful and Permanent Effect." So People Need to Do Their Homework like Her Saying Even If You Have Known Your Family Doctor for Many Years You Trust Them Anything behind the Team That Influence or Affect How Doctors Are Operating Today.

One of the Biggest Provoking Measures Is the Threatened Threatening Tactics. Drs. and Nurses Are Getting with Financial Ruin by Taking Their Credentials Away.

If They Don't Do What They're Told about This Coded Thing. The Point Is We Can't Make Assumptions Anymore That Medical Professionals Are Doing the Right Thing Even If He Could Expect Something and Protect Yourself so Error Margin Reporting on Them before There Is At Least a 20% Error Margin Built into Your Medical Test Ever. There Are Similar Studies That I Have Read That Have Percentages That They Have To Help after She's out There Still Are yet Well I'm Still with You. Absolutely. You Okay. Here, the Results on It. Survey Physicians Are Not Knowledgeable Enough about the Test and How to Read the Result Test Are Not Accurate Medical Professionals That Handle Quite A Lot Of the Test Cost of the Test Are Built on Probability of Fact and False Positives Are Understood by Health Professionals, and Test Are Skewed to Promote Drug and Surgery Treatment Room Right There While You and the Bone Density Test to Going to Let People Know There's like Three Machine There Made for Bone Density Test and Women Tend to Get the Test, Especially the Postmenopausal and If You Always Have It on the Plane Because There They Can Be Calibrated Differently and Then Your Results Will Be Different, but Typically Because of How Their Calibrated Most Probable Postmenopausal Women Will Fail This Test Every Time.

Alrighty, and from Northern Illinois Pledges 100 Maggie Know Maggie Maggie from Pennsylvania Budget 100. Thank You and I Thank You Maggie.

All Right, That Takes Us down to the Right Here Comes the Cheek. She Comes Elusive. She's Got It and It Raises down to When the 6800. We Are 6800 Note That 1600 5800. 5800 Away from Where We Need to Be 5800, so Close.

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Otherwise We Have To Drop Stations and Every Time We've Lost Frustration. We've Never Been Able to Get It Back and We Become Very, Very, Very Close, Boy.

You Wouldn't Believe How Close We Came of Those Other Four Tonight. The Fact That Lessee We've Had A Lot Of Fun Tonight with Jennifer Massachusetts from Texas We've Had Them from New Jersey from New York. We Haven't Had Anything from Tonight, Although We Did Get A Lot in from Unbelieving Amount from Oregon Yesterday When I Became in from Oregon Yesterday, but We Need to Hear from You and We Had Quite a Bit from Minnesota, but We Need Right Now. Tonight Florida Where Everybody from Florida You're Not One of Them. Order Tonight.

Yet We We Need Harriet's Windy I Got Deleted You. You Mentioned Mammogram I May Have Told You This before but to Show You How Strange Things Are out There in This World Is a True Story.

Folks, This Is a True Story This Would Be like One of Those True Story Magazines I Had Gotten a Chest X-Ray and so They Found Something That on My Chest X-Ray; and They Said of the One I Need to Come in for Mammogram and Is What I Told My Wife and She Started Left and so Lisa Will Know Don't You Men Get Breast Cancer Tonight.

I Did Know This Apparently about That. Wendy Knew That Right, Windy Right so I Go in There and This Is the Uses of the Things I the Main Side of the Wall Is. It Is Telling You That the Men That Are Sitting Here Need to Get to Know One Another and and Bond and Not Feel Strange about Having a Mammogram from Was I Was Doing When There so I Can Affect Silicate Bond with Herself Yeah so I Go in There and This Cheesy Young Technician. She Said Listen, She Said Them Pastor. I'm New at This. I Haven't Ever Done This before so Yeah Me Neither in the and so She's Trying and Trying to to Make This Thing to the Head Meal Because Is like Metal Thing and She Couldn't Get Sheets Used Try to Get a Breast and Thereby Didn't Have One Configured and You Hang Tight and Were up against the Break I Have To Finish This. On the Other Side Because This This This Is a True Story Is like You Reading the Magazines Will Be Back Right after This. Don't Go Away More Eco-Thank You for Listening to What's Right What's Left the Voice of the Christian Resistance to Support This Ministry and to WR That's WR Mail Your Donations to What's Right What's Left Ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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