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TUES HR 1 021522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 16, 2022 12:02 am

TUES HR 1 021522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 16, 2022 12:02 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. What's left I radio both early centers, and indeed this is the voice of the Krista resistance so I really be impressed with really real presidency but we put we pledge week. It is pledge week. Okay and I get these people look at and would like weird looks pledge week pledge week pledge week.

No CG hit you here that that noise that you heard sounds cuddling memory something digging in the ground like there you go there if the cackle is the cackle that slipped always so good evening everyone, all right there you go to Lowe's for that to anyhow. She flutters the stutters and sputters about and sheet. She weighs less than mighty Andrew shadow which said that put she leaves no tracks in the snow choo-choo walks on well there you go, and on the board now try to explain the little Lisa is courageous not contentious courageous Craig neck, attention Craig.

I'll try again a lot of time in here so we will be busy to call you okay and then way out yonder my old buddy, my old buddy my old old all none other than Pastor Joe highly unpaid professional care. I just want to remind you Pastor Ernie that you're judged by the company you keep. Yeah, I know all anyhow will get you mentioned. We have radically ready on the board. He's been back to answering telephones already already guess what, it's only happening people are calling it already. Let me say we've got to see starting off. We are here we Canada. We got it is abutting Canada anonymous 100. We have Deacon John pledge is 100 Teresa in Dallas. Pledge is 100 all right work on the numbers real quick before starting that way. The first number 1-888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673 or 188828111108882811110 right. We need all the help we can get close you. You don't introduction were desperately needed to help Wheatley. Do people not realize.

I mean you just wouldn't believe the pressure one right now.

But anyhow we need your help. But the most important things in eight over until we win, right and one battle for is right but you know what you I want to start here tonight.

I want to start and let you go to the book of Nehemiah, Joe chapter 4 this is going to be. I'd have a Pulitzer Prize and enjoy her. He didn't expect this.

Nehemiah chapter 4 Nehemiah advocate Nehemiah 4 okay okay start with verse 13 I want you to read verse 13 all the way through 1713 through seven therefore, that I am the lower places behind the wall and on the higher places places I even set the people after their families with their swords, their spirits and their boats and I look looked and rose up and set of the nobles and to the rulers and to the rest of the people be not ye afraid of them. Remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons and your daughters, your wives in your houses and it came to pass, when our enemies heard it, but it was known unto us and God had brought their counsel to not that we returned all of us to the wall everyone into his work and it see what number just to go 17 and it came to pass.

From that time forth that half of my servants wrought in the work and the other half of them held both the Spears Blue Shield the bows and the harbingers government and the rulers were behind all the house of Judah date which build on the wall and bury that bear burdens with those that related everyone with his hands. One of his hands brought in the work and with the other hand held a weapon is the situation the people needed a safe place.

They will want to rebuild the walls of the temple and the city rebuild the walls of the silly because you had these fellows will you have these Democrats of that day. One of his name was Sam Bell at the other was to buy then you had the Arabians.

The ammonites and Ashdod's etched indicts amongst others, and they had conspired to come and take become against the people and to infiltrate and infiltrate them in and destroy over with it. And so here what we have today what we have is is we have instead of Sam Bell and not leave Judge Obama right. We've got a Chucky Chucky Schumer Nesta Pelosi. We have the enemies of our freedom is a they want to take away their freedom and and they will win a fight to protect your families fight to protect your families and the families would fight together and so we are fighting to protect our families, our children, and that from the enemies of America today where a real battle on here and let's take a look back at those that went before us those founding fathers in America. No joke. They understood very very well. They understood the lungs and people were armed and they understood this, like Jefferson said that when when people fear the government you got tyranny.

But when government fears the people, you've got liberty right and what's happened today we have tyranny. We have tyranny. We have deep state tyranny and so let's pick it up there and were going to be reading from JT Headley's chaplains and clergy of the revolution and were going to start over here Joe on page 15, and I'll all read the very first chapter the appointment of clergyman to official positions in the Army and Navy under the designation of chaplains is a custom of long-standing and at the present day among Christian nations is considered necessary to their complete organization.

It would have been natural. Therefore, for Congress as a mere matter of custom and imitation of the mother country to appoint chaplains of the military and the American army.

They did so in the chaplains to their present time formal part of our military organizations and rank as officers and drop pay like them. The prep propriety of the custom is recognized by all for the sick and the suffering and the dying of the spiritual advisors is much as they do hospitals and surgeon before you go to jail. Let me just give that number out folks. The phone lines have stopped working. So we have what Teresa Dallas displays 100 and Susan in Illinois is 100. Thank you. 88828111108882811110 and we've got them. 888-677-9673. We are really under the gun here you. You wouldn't believe how much wearing the gun.

We need all the help we can get an folks let me tell you something. As long as there is breath in us. Were not going to compromise organic bring to you with the deep state don't want you to know. Go ahead Joe, but I do not designed or speak of the office six corporate layer of those who simply discharged its duties faithfully. A vast number were reported more for their outside general influence that because they were earnest self-denying ministers of God. Not that they were not greatly esteemed and valued. In this respect, but they were bold and active patriots. Besides storing up rebellion, encouraging the weak and timid by their example, as well as by their teachings and inspiring the brave and true with confidence, either terrorism and lofty trust in the righteousness of the cause they vindicated. It is with this class of chaplains and clergy that I have chiefly to do a chaplain when taken prisoner is usually treated with great courtesy, consideration. But there was a class of clergymen and chaplains in the revolution on the British when they once laid hands on them, treated them with the most barbarian severity dreading them for the influence they wilted and hating them for their obstinacy, courage and enthusiasm. They infused into the rebels they violated all the usage of war among civilized nations in order to inflict punishment upon them.

Suffering for their patriotism as clergy did and expecting a halter if the colonies should fail in their effort to obtain freedom they deserve to be remembered with honor and have their names go down to Emmert mortality linked with the most important struggle in the world's history and the first gathering of the elementary at Lexington and Concorde, as well as afterwards in the miscellaneous enthusiastic assembling of the Army around Bunker Hill. They bore an important part, not merely as servants of God in the discharge of their official duties, but is patriots are ready are gaining the soldiers and even leading them into the conflict is well aware of the tremendous influence the clergy welded in the colonies install with alarm that it was thrown on the side rebellion. Indeed, they were accused of being at the bottom of it. In 1774, the governor of Massachusetts refused the request of the assembly to appoint a fast freeze said request was only to give an opportunity for its addition, the flow from the pulpit, the taking away of civil liberties Road. The ministers of Connecticut to their brother in a Boston will involve the ruin of religious liberty. Also bear your heavy load with Christian fortitude and resolution. The answer came back.

Well, we complained to heaven and earth of the cruel oppression we are under we ascribe a righteous to a righteous God.

The surprising union of the colonies affords encouragement and is an inexhaustible source of comfort that the Lord the printed reign of Avenue before hostilities commenced. There was scarcely a military muster at which there were not present regarding the militia to stand up man of 20 of the cause of God. On some occasions, saying, behold, God himself is with us for our captain and his priests with sounding trumpets decry the alarm there was to be expected when the war actually broke out they would be found in the ranks of the rebels urging forward that they had so long proclaimed as a religious duty. The first outbreak at Lexington and Concord gave them no opportunity to exhibit their zeal, especially as so some shoulder their muskets and fought like common soldiers. Among these were facture of Westford and Foster, who showed that they could fight as well as pray thereto was the amicable and learned basin of Chelsea.

He was so adverse to bloodshed and all the horrors of war. The and felt it his duty to preach patients and even submission is bolder and more resolute brother near him took such umbrage at this and they refused to let him preach in their pulpits, they wanted no conciliatory doctrines taught to their people. The brutal outrage at Lexington transform this peaceful scholar and make divine end of the fiery intrepid soldier and phasing a musket he put himself at the head of a party and let them forward to the attack but gentle voice that had so long spoken only words of peace suddenly rang like that of a prophet of old, a body of British soldiers advancing along the road reported to them with such destructive quality, but though all were slain or taken prisoners. He was a man of peace and conciliation, but the first citizens blood that was crimson on the green sward made a clean sweep of all his arguments and objections and he and Kurt entered with his whole soul into the struggle and later day when Washington assumed command of the Army at Cambridge. He found chaplains attached to the different regiments sent from the various colonies. Some of them volunteers without paying others well regularly appointed by the eventual Congress is the organization of the Army was perfected.

Measures were adapted to their provision by the Gen. Congress and in their numbers in the regiments to be which they belonged formed a part of the regular Army of Washington. At first there were not numerous government or taken no action on the subject but it's attention soon called the red and on May 25, 1775. We find a committee of the provincial Congress of Massachusetts reporting whereas it has been represented to this Congress and several ministers of the religious assemblies within this colony have expressed their willingness to attend the Army in the capacity of a chaplain as they may be directed by the Congress. Therefore resolved that it be that it be and is hereby recommended to the ministers of the several religious assemblies within the colony that with the leave of their congregations. They attend set Army in their several towns to the number of 13.

At one time during the time the Army shall be encamped and that they make known their resolution to the Congress neuron or to the committee of safety as soon as may be a lot of them didn't understand but forgo their college essay. We want to say thank you, Susan Illinois who pledge 100 Connie in Florida placed 100 Maggie in Philadelphia pledged 100.

Thank you thank you thank right will jump. The numbers are 888-281-1110 again. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 folks help us help us get over this.

This obstacle is Mountain would gonna climb here. We we got a stay on the air because things could get the things to get the more than interesting. Believe me, there's a lot of things out there happy working accreditation as much as we can about that and by God's grace that I'm still still in the air that we were still here because believe me, the deep state the dark state they want us off and it's only by God's grace and by you folks out there that that is keeping us here so we want to thank you for that. All right headache in New Jersey just pledges 300. Thank you Hank no Joe, you know, back in those days.

Remember what you had in the beginning the most the most of the pastors did not have the courage they just did not, be they had been a pastor. Well, you know you had in those days to then to be qualified. I mean, and the idea it's a honorable honorable position be not preaching the word of God.

But most of them did not have the courage just like today exactly like today Joe, the vast majority still don't have the courage of those in those days would say well you know. Romans 13 says we must obey the government totally ignoring from Genesis all the way through rev.

Revelation by the way. Romans 13 says eggs means exactly what it says means exactly what it says Joe. Remember, for 25 years. I challenged and I challenge any three creatures to debate me on Romans 13. Any three neo-evangelicals and I noticed they didn't show up.

Not one in 25 years will hear Joe Romans 13 means exactly what it means and it does not mean that we have to count how down and obey corrupt government means exactly the opposite of that gate and the fact the fact of it is Joe would we have what kind of a government we have forever Republic.

Constitutional Republic is that the government of the people by the people for the people. Exactly, is that mean that those that elected office work for the people. The people of their boss. We are the sovereigns and our elected officials are to be our servants right so we you and I understand them quite clear now. Back in those days you hear the word Torri being mentioned but that word was shortened it was in the beginning was traded, Torri they were referred to as train the Tories.

Those that that were that betrayed the homeland for for the king of England for the crown if you will. Today we have traded Tories. We have a lot of credit Tories in this country that are betraying the people and they're doing it for the globalist for the New World order for the deep state and out for the. The antichrist Babylonian system or they're doing it for the money and the prestige well if of the power they want a power balance. But anyhow the people are being betrayed their violating the Constitution week we have again right now I don't I don't see the Joe Biden has done anything illegal since he's been in office is just the unbelievable. The corruption, the absolute cold corruption and your hearing. No, for example, let me give you an example want to talk about.

I was listing to Mr. Stephanopoulos today and he was he was trying to get a chemist telegram, Paul, will you say when you say that the election was not stolen.

Please say that the election and grandpa wouldn't say that now appears why the election was stolen okay Mr. Stephanopoulos you are a liar, Mr. Stephanopoulos, you have told lie after lie after lie.

You see Mr. Stephanopoulos if you take a lie and you could you call it a narrative instead of a lot is still alive alive by any other name is still alive. Mr. Stephanopoulos and you have told lie after lie after lie. Now here's the thing. I know it has ignored the truth which is also a lie. A lie by omission. And so I know Joe, you know, and he knows all right, so here you go, I want to admit it is commentary here, just as the clergy of the revolution were were feared and hated by the tyrants, the true man of God. Today the treatment of God, a real minority among the majority of the get along and go along talking to Dr. Taylor and compromise Chrissy preachers that are hated and feared by the tyrants of today we those those really got the black robe regimen of today and were still here. Okay, believe me, we are hated to no end by the deep state and here we the people of the United States of America and our neighbors to the north, Canada.

We will never Joe never bow down to the tyranny of the antichrist death. The credit communist oppressors. We will never never accept baby killing because it's legal. I've had her people say well I've heard Chrissy preachers that heard them say well you you gotta get over this legal response to be the government that the cowardly a cowardly thing to say and I don't believe anybody who would who could be saved would possibly say such a thing.

I don't think I don't think that's the problem. Joe, the vast majority of those in the pulpits today are not saved. The K-12 per capita roofing work 49% of the thousands of pastors surveyed claimed they didn't believe two or more of the five basic tenets of the Christian faith, and that convinces me that 49% of the pastors surveyed were not saved him.

Did I do Hank in New Jersey is taken New Jersey pledges 300 dad in Northfield pledges 100. There you go for my dear wife Peggy will thank you, Dan and Peggy and will be back right after this.

Don't go away to set you free from mountains. I still need the name you owe and how you how you and all will remain the now. My children have no agree in singing and in a I chose the awake, O Israel awake, O Israel Israel Joe, I'm afraid his fallen asleep and guess what the Bible has always said there are stiffnecked people. Joe, the purpose of the tribulation period is the purification. Of the nation of Israel right and right now were in the player clip here. Here is one of the problems that Israel hasn't go ahead and and bring that clip forward. There before we do that the numbers are all first of all I want to say good let me see what we have anonymous in Akron pledges 300. Thank you anonymous. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 take her away is a former Pfizer employees. No whistleblower to project their constant hold her former employer against her. We've all learned a lot including Melissa about the dangers and deadly effects of these intentionally released by weapon injections. These shots that are designed to maim and handicap and depopulate and kill your kids. She now says that she wants to fully expose Pfizer" burn them to the ground comes great. We had Melissa on three months ago to discuss internal emails from Pfizer employees admitted they had no way of actually confirming that graphene oxide was not in their vaccines but wasn't on the official ingredients list and that was good enough. We have more with the contract signed between Pfizer and the Israeli government under these contracts the Israeli Ministry of healthcare Pfizer the right to extract huge amounts of data in the contract which is publicly available. By the way, Melissa says redact Pfizer's compensation for supplying these shots and it regards, on the contract is supposed to last.

By the way we call it a contract with the deal between Pfizer and Israel is actually a covenant with it is here to describe why she thinks that something was what's in this document was depreciated. Yes, I'm really happy to be here to share this effeminate biblical prophecy with you guys and when I first on this document.

Assistance me from an anonymous person and I believe that this was one of the unique documents from Pfizer that they had to release within a certain period of time and when I opened it I was talking the first thing that surprised me was that this was a they referred to this is a heaven okay. They call this a covenant at least five times in their document they referred to as binding law, and something that threw me off was in the very first line it says that the epidemiological evidence collaboration agreement dated January 6 20, 21, which to me, knocked me off my feet, because obviously it sounds like that's what they were trying to distract from me and that was disturbing.

It also talks about bio intact being included in this agreement and that they referred to them as third-party and also in this document. It refers to this global trade supply laws are in control by the executive order of the US president very disturbing information.

Why are they discussing the global trade laws within this covenant between Pfizer and Israel. And why in the world would they get Pfizer full approval to delete any data that they didn't seem beneficial to public health delete data is really concerning for me and I don't know how trade works in the trade professional casinos, a bounty hunter and here I am now investigating the stuff why to you. Do you think it is so suspicious that this trade stuff is this talk of trading is so important, things like a threat. First off, like why are we in control of the trade Israel, why do we have anything in let their trading that's alarming due to anybody to believe the book of Revelation and Revelation prophecy that trading the global trade will be controlled by a covenant language versus the contract language. So yes I that's not a nationality thing you don't believe that's not just language that's used to replace the word contract in Israel.

The word covenant.

Now I doubt that this contract is only valid in English and no other language that if it's available in another language.

That contract is invalid. So is intentional and we may not use that word daily here in America but it raised my ears when I hurt when I read that I was like really wire. They were Frank this is a covenant that's a little bit odd and I think any Christian would agree with absolutely yes and it also involves the EU trade that European Union trade really disturbing on why were getting the poor of Babylon involved here and then when you go down to the bottom. It also refers to Pfizer and any of the technology and the traffic of arms and regulations in the United States that is ridiculous. Pfizer's the government essentially people don't know this but Pfizer has a research and development lab in Wuhan and its address is 666 and anybody, that up on the Internet to find out you know you mentioned the date was January. What was the 24th of 2020 January 6 of 2021 was happening in January site exactly on January 6 of 21 and a ride to Bengal distraction is what I thought as unbelievable to get this contract out sick this is redacted. Is there an unredacted version available now.

Unfortunately I don't have access to that for some reason they wanted to blackout there almost every section has something redacted, something that's interesting is the number of days are redacted, which is an odd thing to leave out, and that an entire section of compensation due to harm has been redacted so and it also talks about the anti-bribery and anti-laws about that in the contract, then why did they redact what they do with this all goes wrong.

Why is exactly what they were doing when they release these injections. They know exactly what was planned for the release of these injections. They know that there think they know that they're going to be held accountable by God. That's why they react to staffs that they can't be held accountable beforehand by night and by me and they should burn to the ground for this is a is also to be in the rumble video everywhere that you can see this interview the W link below here for this contract because everybody needs to know the stuff the reactions are really convenient.

I got about 30 seconds left here Melissa your final race. When people look at this on contract. I would like them to go down to section 1.4 of intellectual property classified things as trademarks and service marks computer software ships kits, microwave and genetic information. I would like people to read that those are all the conspiracy theories that we been talking about you to tell me that they're actually in a contract between the manufacturer of these shots and a world government.

No way I would have never expected to be talking about microwaves and chips and tracking devices or anything like that.

My goodness, what happened was in equity. Thank you so much for your bravery for coming here again and appreciate the blessing already.

Joe here again we we have to get a point across. We really have to get a point across to things we get into one. Let's go right to the word of God because you see here farm of big Pharma Pfizer remember what big Pharma is Pharma. Kim means what you were correct, witchcraft, wizardry, or which was actually the word there and came to his sorcery, which is the same thing. Okay. And so here what have they done Pfizer okay with this with these bio weapons with a bio weapon. That is what brought out changes the genetic makeup of human beings and what is that to remember when God gave man dominion over the earth. He kept dominion of man for himself and Dave again one more time.

Okay. Have they transgressed God's dominion. Now she mentioned the horror of Babylon. This is what is happening today I want to take you to Hosea chapter 4 Starwood verse 12 by people as counsel to stocks and the staff declare a thing to them for the spirit of Horton's have caused them to error and they have got a whoring out from under God, that's exactly what is happening in the country. Our government is a horror. The that government that you have out there right now with Joe Obama is a horror government which you have with the so-called Department of Justice is a horror department. The CIA, the FBI, they all go to whoring out from under God. Now they sacrifice above the tops of mountains, and they burn incense upon the hills under old and population illustrated the shadow therefore is good there for your daughters therefore your daughters shall commit Horton's and your spouses shall commit adultery well he's writing this to the admin to the leaders and the their daughters will be horse and their wives will be hot wars and I will I will not punish her daughters when they commit Horton's nor your spouses when they commit adultery for themselves and separated with horrors and they sacrifice with apartments.

Therefore, the people that do not understand shall flock that is exactly that is exactly the death or credit Communist Party Congress, that's exactly that Congress and if you look at that.

Who's got the growing voice their you cut the squat and you've got these rebellious women and Scripture says this essay, which witchcraft and that's the same as going whoring, and so now I wanted my want to move from there really quickly are going after other gods, but the one true God. When I got I got a telephone right now we are.

We need $4650 for $4650 short of our goal for tonight folks so we got to hear from you.

We got to keep hearing from you for thousand 600-5888 2811110888281111048886779673 edited to thank you I got to that. I do christen Georgia Chris and George puts $50 thank you Chris limited to things within it. I would read this article about the deadly bio weapons and then do you believe what the word of God says Joe what if what if I just what I just went out of Scripture.

Now do you do you think that all of the Democratic Party totally disagrees with what I just read.

I think most of them have never read it word and understand it if they did. If you think of all of those in the media Sally stall Mr. Stephanopoulos, you think all of those in the fake news media with all of those would totally disagree with that. I just read. Probably because I don't think they believe in God. I don't think they're worried about punishment, I think there they think they're going to become their own little gods create their own little paradise on earth or heaven on earth and the amount Dave bought into the devil's life is if every single man, woman and child on this planet disagreed with what I just ran from the word of God. Would that affect guided all one word of okay with.

They wouldn't change when word would not okay cynical.

The troop is still located. The truth will be the true God's Word, the Bible is very very clear.

He says there's there's power in prayer power in prayer and nonmilitary. You can tell by their actions. You know, but even that the vast majority of the pastors in the pulpits don't really believe that you could tell that by what they save about what they do right or what they don't do right. So what we need to pay Dr. if they believed in the power of God to the power of prayer. They would be far more bold, more active, they would have the courage of a lion, but they don't. So all of those people there listening to me right now out there all across the country, wherever the rent there listening to me if there saved you think they believe in the power prayer yes is there saved they must so if there saved. If we can go ahead and were going to pray right now is of your saved you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and the only way you can communicate with your Lord and Savior is through prayer. Okay, I'm going to pray for our brothers and sisters in Canada and then you pray for those here in America Joe that we will rise up and take our country back away from the aliens that have come from those that the enemies that are domestic but let's pray for Canada heavenly father Lord God, I wanted I want to hold up our brothers to the north folly got in the just asked that she would be with the Lord. I would, I would have to chew and put the fear of you and these police officers Lord out there, but every single one of no let every one of them. No what you've said that you must obey God rather than men.

Lord make it very clear to them that one day they will be standing in front of you for judgment and little Castro is going to be there on broken these little caster will be there and all of that and whenever that that they must as you told Job and still through all of that, he kept his integrity convince those police officers convinced the military convince those in authority and power out there that they need to listen. They literally need to keep their integrity. They need to have some honor Mila hold her head up and say I didn't take till I did the right thing.

I didn't become a horror. I didn't go whoring. I didn't go whoring the Lord put the fear of you that they would do the right thing for their brothers and sisters in Canada and Lord, we know that our liberty we have liberty and you and we know that our freedoms and our liberties come from you and not from a tyrant government. These things we ask in Jesus name, amen.

I hope you have prayed with me out there all of you folks know all of you pray would show dear heavenly father for Christian patriots better rose up during the revolution is been the Christian patriots that rise and stand for this country in its hour of need. The Christian submitted the backbone of the military and now you're looking to your children to rise up and fight these enemies of you. Your enemies Lord.

These antichrist enemies that profess kindliness one world order that think they can create a heaven on earth that defy you your will, your law, Lord, that you would be with us that you would not only guide directors protect us and that you would increase her number that you would touch hearts and minds and open eyes and ears. People would see the truth and come join the Christian soldiers going to war what say that nation under God that you gave us this beautiful land for freedom and rights come from you or our founders said the course when they took their independence, they appealed for your protection to the supreme Judge of the world divine Providence so you would be her protector. Our guide and it allows an institution would be based on your commandments and your teachings. Lord you would send the Holy Spirit to bring revival across this land that more people would awaken and join the cause of Christ fight in the side of righteousness. Lord we just pray that the Holy Spirit would spread like a fire across the land, inflaming hearts in exciting people to your glory. We assist in that precious name above all names, the name of Jesus.

Payment amen thank you, Jill really don't read this article here know what we been trying to tell people we been trying to live in doing everything Joe since March 2020 since March 2022 years now we've been we've been begging people not to take the poisonous quote. Do not take the by weapon we been begging people not to do them and their they're being lied to by the fake news media. A lot of of now the people are dying. They know that they can keep hiding this. They know they know that tonight is Hanukkah mouse and similar are starting to backtrack. Okay, trying to walk it back in and go on the other direction. Some of those that in the beginning were said you know you gotta be crazy not think of action say no people should have taken that they don't want to be the right with their moving in there pretty soon some of those are even right now are saying. I wish I had not taken if if I could undo it. I would undo it. I wish now, knowing what I know now that I had not taken taken of the limit region.

This triple vaccinated deaths skyrocketed 495% in January, 80% of all new coping cases are fully jabbed out. This is the from natural news Ethan Huff the plan endemic of the fully vaccinated rages on in the latest data shows that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths from Lujan coroner minas, 19 are occurring and people who took the jabs public health in Scotland is reporting that an astounding 4/5 covert hospitalizations and deaths are jabbed me 20% of hospitalizations and deaths blamed on covert are occurring in the unvaccinated. According to when 20% of hospitalizations and deaths. Only 20% are on then vaccinated action, 80 and 80% of the vexed, according to the figures cases were down overall in February compared to January. However, the ball can still compromise a fully vaccinated individuals, including triple vaccinated. The data shows that the latest wave of negative health outcomes is occurring in three correct people a demographic in which the death rate soared by 495% in the month of January.

Joe overall cases have drafted the last month and all the demographics is significantly compared to the number of cases recorded between 11 December and 7 January, but in both months. The vaccinated have accounted for the vast majority of cases reported the daily exposť. The main difference between the two months is the double vaccinated account for the majority of cases between 11th December and eight of January 2022 recording 145,890 cases with the triple vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases between 8 January and 4 February 2022 recording 46,951 cases the plan endemic would already be over with. If it were not for the vaccine site. Note that order bent over long ago, Mongolia.

All right there you go, and there are so many out there that are volunteer Pastor Ernie taken the facts are there afraid of over there there afraid of the government and I was thinking we need to listen to our Lord. In Joshua he says, have I not commanded the strong and of good courage, be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with the wheresoever thou goest about Psalms 31.

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. In second Timothy one and verse seven for God hath not given us the spirit of fair but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

A sound mind is a mind that is that case because they have knowledge and love of God, they know that God is in control but God is in his heaven and all is well in my world because he is that should be so. Review amen to break the nights when the say in Ottawa police chief. We talked about this last night resigned amid the freedom convoy here Ottawa police chief Peter slowly slowly resigned today. According to Canadian outlet news Endo here CBCs Josť Peter Sully has resigned and I was clear cheese and will publicly announce, is stepping aside after the Ottawa police services Board meeting today that happened today. Okay so praise the good Lord he backed out.

He didn't want to have to do today to break the law. He didn't want to have to break the law, those those police officers that are arrested in those so many police officers with integrity. The ones with integrity and honor those that can hold her head up high. They refuse to go to break the law and arrest her countrymen so the bringing in those lately bringing in the horse they're bringing in the horse that will do whatever they're told. For money to be bringing in their bringing in our thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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