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MON HR1 021422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 14, 2022 11:05 pm

MON HR1 021422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 14, 2022 11:05 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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Sekulow Radio Show
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Valentine's Day 1430 February 2022.

No overdose. We have an all-star lineup and all-star lineup tonight there and this is pledge week pledge week pledge week there no other than the mighty Andrew that's right, pastor, and happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there you go there we have to go to spluttering flutter installer is little Lizza good evening everyone and happy Valentine's Day to the wait for a month to say that in the we have with us here. Nurse Elaine Conley welcome everybody heart to heart with everyone and way out yonder running the back trails Missouri that person will review Joe Larson Burgess wish everyone a very very happy Valentine's Day just like the Lord.

Most of us are blessed with very special spouse hellos a bit and Joseph Tramiel died not supposed to kick a dead horse Rebecca Newell to Dale okay all right well just curious.

I know I noticed there was a change.

I need the time but anyhow we have here will that rascal Randy is going to have some this a go at first be blessed, no stress, and happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

God bless you like to go something because you could help us out with some things and I want to thank you first for your fateful listening for as a listening audience and prayerfully praying for us and we thank you for that like to go over a few things, because I think that some people need some issues and answered forces just like we want you to know that we really need your support and I want you to know that no gift is too small. No gift is too great and it's well appreciated. You also need to know that whenever you send us something in the of the male's looked at at least three times, and you need to know that it's opened initially by the office staff. We then always look at it at least two more times at prayer meeting and then the fourth time if something needs to be sent out and what I like to explain to you about things being set out is that when the speakers up. Lizza give give give us books to give to you. Please be patient with us because we have to receive them from them to send them to you and that that's certainly not an overnight process. It usually takes a couple weeks so we thank you for your patience, and we thank you for your your your faithfulness and listening to us out also like to point out that the what it means to put out a play it's because I'm learning now that some people don't understand doing pledge week all the pledges is your promise to support us. You don't have to have the donation tonight. If you know let's say for instance if you get paid in two weeks and that's more convenient for you and when you place tonight. Then, as long as you send a man is your promise and your plans and that that's more than acceptable, so don't feel like it you have to do it right now. We understand how that works, and we really appreciate the fact that we know some of you budget it in some of you don't have it to give. And that's fine. We we we we want everybody to be say that that's our mission more than anything else.

We don't sell anything obviously we try not to beat you over the head with this, but were kind of behind the eight ball. Now that donations have really kind of fall fallen off and and and the bills arrive. So I'm asking if if you can. If you've never got the fateful givers. But if you've never given. Would you please consider doing so now.

And I'm a leave you with a number of things. If you want to do it online. It's WR and you can certainly do an online bear. That's our webpage. If you want to mail them in and not call man it's WR WL ministries and I repeat that WR WL ministries 14781 Sperry SP ERY Road and that's in Newberry any WBUR why OH 44065 and without him to leave you with the phone numbers please.

You can begin the call is because I let it.

Lisa and I want to fade off into the shadows now and I go to the back studio. Please call us at 888-677-9673 once again. I repeated 888-677-9673 or two once I'm sorry 888-281-1110. Once again, 888-281-1110 or that's 281-1110 thank you very much and please be patient with us and I will get you some wonderful things out and they got a great message for you tonight. I thank you very much all right thank you very much for that. Randy, I wanted to add to that that many of you have sent in for the newsletter and that's great. We believe we been sudden and we want that we want to send the newsletter out to as many people because that informs you was happening. Especially someone like some of the stuff we have here tonight but some of even sending me like a list of you maybe 10 or 12 people on their to send the newsletter to help.

We want to make sure they want the newsletter see before you do that, make sure that those people want the newsletter because we can't afford to send newsletters out and have people send this back saying notes that the newsletter because they never they never wanted an ornament told and we just send out in and they didn't want so because what happens is often of people with all good intentions. They want their family, their friends or relatives who may be Democrats tend to learn and to to wise up and to become educated and that what happens is when soon as they read it.

They don't want to know what they find it from us. We don't want that the right-wingers in them.

But anyhow, so make sure they wanted will be glad to send it to anyone who says yes they want to newsletter now.

Joe let me after that. When I get the newsletter.

I have a copy many of you out there have one or access I run off a lot of copies house about a church I pastor about friends I felt about the family. I figure that way I get out a lot of newsletters and save the ministry a lot of cost a lot of mailing because I just personally hand them out and if everyone does the same way and cripple the people we reach the same amount of money you have people you think should get the newsletter just give them a copy. If they get mad then don't do it again. I've got some family people I gave the newsletter care. They said they didn't care fortnight by no problem. I won't do it again but you doesn't hurt to try. Did you did you call Oldham hillbillies. Now that I call them worse than that of Jill I getting a series of interaction are we getting a serious right now because we have a serious situation right here, our sister right in here a link. Finally, has been targeted and cheese instead hit radiation poisoning, cheese, and radiation poisoning in and there's a lot of the stuff Going on. And right now she is being treated for that radiation poisoning, so we just prayed for her before we went on the air here in the studio but I will like to have you. Joe lead the people out there all over the country.

Some we can afford to lose Elaine she she gives us so much information she is so knowledgeable, so very very knowledgeable when it comes to well all the things we talk about here is basically the bio weapons and the opposition is throwing at us and so folks, we would ask that you would help, and you would join Jill as he leads you in a prayer that to two cure that she would be assured of this and Lord that you would be hedged around about and protected a right up until the time the Lord takes aside again. I think maybe fairly soon, so go ahead, Jill dear heavenly father, or just come dear, with one of our favorite sisters in Christ, and a wonderful, wonderful thing. Lord, you know what is going on in her body.

You know what is happening with the radiation poisoning you know every cell in your body. Every error in your head.

You know everything that's needed to know and you're just waiting for your children to bring Elaine do you in prayer to call upon you for your healing mercy for your grace. Lord you would just reach out wrap your arms around her that you would restart her back to perfect health that you were just bluster in every way, Lord. This is our hearts desire. So this we ask you, and we know that we are always supposed to add these. I will because we don't know what is going on but we do know that Elaine is been a wonderful servant, a good sister in Christ, and reduced Lord. Expect you to do the very best for her and make a wonderful example to her so that she can increase her witness witness in her testimony of you and we all assess in Jesus precious name. Amen thank you Jim ready, we wanted to say, praise the Lord the full majority open reading and we have bring my down so I can see you start off with the lease of 125 when little Lisa and above her New Jersey pledges 75 Tony from Toronto pledges 125.

Lisa just changed hers and then Betty and Escondido indicate in California. Pledges were to go ice moving and Terrell find it okay pledges 50 and Jerome in New York pledges 220 thank you thank you thank you thank you and so very dark, California.

All right, Your Honor.

All functions a lot of states in between. Yet with Joe. I get that get a very serious thing to say before we get started tonight. Is this we have as we told you before we we took out a lot of stations at one time and the reason we did this because what is happening. We saw of our country going downhill really talking about little things tonight that we warned you about. We saw and so we just we just went all out once we get it we had a good since it's in. What good is having enough will zeros saying there is no sense in life without liberty. And so, in wheat we saw how quickly things were moving with the antichrist antichrist that the credit communist movement silly him. We we had some help along the way from my we were given a temporary temporary reduction in our airtime and that something is never done but was done for this reason because our program was was considered very very vital because we go places that other people won't we do things that and I hear this all the time you guys know you're out there you're telling it the way it is in and out in the world were getting the attention of the ungodly, were getting the attention of the deep state in a dark stain unfortunately but and and we see Elaine here is is example that in but anyhow folks, so we ended up we have an emergency for this month.

Joe, you do remember how much we have to have them by one month from today have $98,528 by our next park. Mark that's a lot of money, but clearance it is reaching a lot of people I meet a lot of people a lot of people out there and folks I spend I will spend all day reading Leonard. Sometimes I get some a little from you and I praise you Lord for that. I want you to know, to when you send in your prayer request and even those of you that only they just send and and asked for a blessing. We bring your name down weep weep as you blessed us. As you blessed us with the good Lord to bless you in return. And I'd I know he's done that for so many so anyhow I wanted the sale of that and we would ask this.

First of all, before anything else, pray for us. God listen listen listen, I've been for years and for half a century of intelligence. There is power in prayer. It's real. If you only truly believe it's real.

It's very, very real, but you gotta exercise it and so would you please pray for us.

We pray for you out there pray for us because right now were up against it.

The opposition wants us off the air in the very very worst way.

And so we do have a some of those books available still with happened without the package of five. We have all we have for the five that were out of the one so we have to wait, but many of you will be receiving within the next day or two. Your packages that you sent that you the donations you made and there's some of the folks out there that were destitute and unable unit who really wanted some of these we here at the ministry we took care of that. We took care of them because it's important to get the people out and everybody is important even know step by how much you can afford its entrance. Here is my brother and you do to me. Amen for letting me know that and believe it already.

Let me see.

We've got Randy gave from right next door. Pledges 130 all right like Catlett Randy get away with that. I'm when I'm in a do well I'm going to make a pledge and thank them only way to later on because the lines are tied up in the geyser in their and they have to put up on the board. Okay alright so when you're talking we've told the people long ago that a revolution is on.

This is a communist revolution in use at the antichrist fighting against Christ for all who defend Christ. His children knew the listeners out there. So we have been from the very beginning. Running to this battle. We have been fighting this fight and I asked tonight. Will you join us, will you tell your friends and neighbors and family people at church about this radio ministry. We are fighting this revolution. We are being the watchmen on the wall past Ernie has been perfectly set almost 1/2 a century. Watchmen on the wall, warning the people and if you would do your best not only pray for us, but to tell of this all about this ministry to everyone you know we need to get as many people listening, understanding and joining us this is a battle for the heart and soul of this nation, your children, your grandchildren, the future of your Bible says your seed as it steak. What kind of future they have will depend on what you the average American Christian is willing to stand up and do stand up and fight till we got to get into the message the time of the message was the black robe regiment marches on and one of things is happening when seen some pastors, God is been raising up pastors, bold passes across the country, not just here but in other countries to in their and there standing up in their standing with the truckers there in Canada and in here in America I'm seeing more and more pastors are standing up and so I preached on the black robe regiment and so I'm going to be reading this is from the chaplain of the clergy of the revolution and here looking to start out by talking about when when they met and made when when here.

The tide started to change in the patriots. The war started going in our favor. In 1778, as the clergy perform the most active and important part in the education of the people of New England for the revolution as well as the strengthening and encouraging them in the darkest hours by patriotic expectations and promises of final deliverance in heaven's richest blessings on them and their posterity for their noble endeavors and heroic sacrifices so they rejoice with them in every success in declared to it. The sign of God's blessings in the precursor of a glorious morning at hand is the 1778 at the turning point of the struggle directed from Goins overthrow. And while the land was still rocking to the enthusiastic rejoicing other people who believe they saw in it.

The first gleam of the coming dawn Pastor Philip Hyson Hotel Syria in this urban before the House of Representatives gave utterance to the universal feeling he took for his text.

Galatians 426 and 27 and Jim pastor place in the beginning was so totally against any kind of violence in all that he was 90. He was not even allowed in the pulpits of the other patriotic pastors until it hit him at home and then things changed but will see that as we go through the message. So would you go the Galatians chapter 4 readme 21 through 31. Tell me the desire to be under the law. He not hear the law, for it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a bondmaid and the other by a free woman right here was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh, but here the free woman was by promise which things are an allegory for these are the two covenants, one from the Mount Sinai which is gender bondage, which is Hagar for this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and answer to Jerusalem which now is and is in bondage with her children but Jerusalem, which is a love is free, which is the mother of us all. For it is written, rejoice spell barren… There not break forth and cry.

Now the travails not of the desolate have had many more children than she, but The husband that we brother. And as Isaac was, are the children of promise, but has been the that was born out of the flesh persecuted him that was born after the spirit. Even so, it is now nevertheless but saith the Scripture cast out the bondwoman and her son for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman. So then brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman but of the free until going back to them by the way, when you just jump in with a question, but going back to to the bondwoman. The free woman Sarah represented the free woman and Hagar represented that woman bondage that were in the bondage and and Hagar represented those that were under the bondage of the law of the Jews religion now. Here, Hagar hated Sarah. She despise Sarah and she wanted to take her place. She wanted to have the rule over her. Likewise, the Judaizers, and this is what Paul is referring to here with the news talking about the those after the flesh persecuted those after the spirit that those the Judaizers were persecuting the church. The early believers and a silt here and says how that likewise, the Judaizers persecuted the Gentile believers by insisting that they keep the Jews religion and the keeping of the law and so here the Judaizers represent the bondwoman and they wanted to keep the church under their control and regard them as as second-class believers see what the Judaizers they look.

We believe in Christ and and I talked to some of these people when I was in Israel we believe in Christ. We believe he is the Messiah, but we also believe that in order to be truly saved. You have to keep his the laws and so they were referring to all of the Old Testament laws, but no, Paul is telling the way to where that under the letter of the law, only the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ alone was ever able to fulfill the law, he fulfilled the law. And since he fulfilled the law were not under the law, a law that no man could keep and so here all not aware of the law but all the prophecy through right so here now when we take a look at going back to where we've read started out tonight.

The British under King George. Likewise, they wanted to keep its subjects in America under their heavy thumb. They want to keep taxation without representation the church of England persecuted the Baptist at that time kill them for holding to add to the Bible to literally to the Bible. And so here that's it wasn't just the Baptists. It was others to and then the but here's here's what happened. And here's what we have to remember here in this country and in you and I do in the patriots do and that was that the the taste of freedom on the tongues of the patriots was just too sweet to give up those of us that it usually grew up with freedom were not going to give it up. We are not going to give it a and will be back right after this will go away.

More to come, Maloney way that he is in a state of mind. No man in the back and I dreaded the little money, no were not going to give up God's Word, the Bible tells you, from Genesis to Revelation resistance to tyranny and folks, this is what were up against were up against tyranny, like America has never seen since. Well it was any with this bed. I don't think during the Revolutionary war.

So that we are fighting tyranny in the enemy is here. It's among us know a Linda investor California pledge 100 Bob from Queens pledges 200 Gloria in Michigan pledges 30 Marsha in Mount Vernon pledges 10 and Carl from Cleveland pledges 1000 thank you thank you thank you write the home. I threw up in it. 888-281-1110 again that's 888-281-1110 also. 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 right now we are about 30 Queen we need about 3800 to make her goals. About 3800 to make a gold Elaine, you have an article start right out with list give to them. Okay so this is from Dr. McCall, the hot off the press this week that the United Kingdom's office of National statistics shows that children in England and Wales who have been fully vaccinated with Pfizer's marinade COBIT side are 5105% more likely to die from any mortality because afterwards, this news is breaking. Just as the US announced it will consider getting the shots to children as young as six months old. Wow, the office of statistics didn't specifically detail the death counts on its website. The exposé reported that the report inadvertently provided enough details and deaths among children and teenagers by vaccination status for us to calculate the mortality rates ourselves and with the data shows was a massive increase in depth among single vaccinated and double vaccinated children compared to their unvaccinated counterparts for children age 15 to 19 the risk of death increases by 82% following the first shot in a shocking 226% following the second shot.

Things are much worse for 10 to 14-year-olds. The risk of dying increases by a mind blowing 885% following the first shot in, then an earth shattering 5105% following the second dose is one thing for someone to say Sr. Mary pledges 100 and thank you Hector Hector pledges from Detroit pledges 58 here what's happening with people earth that would try to tell them.

People are dying.

You got these athletes that are dying all over the country.

I just gotta I got a letter Saturday and it was from a guy that told me he said I want to thank you, thank you so much because I was going to get the shot, and I listen to what you said. He said Pastor he said my entire family got the shot all of and it they all went to the same place the same time apparently and he said I'm the only one still life and that's what's happening more and more across the country and some people are waking up. Others are not on that we need to reach the people, just as that fear has clouded logic and common sense. You cannot not see what's happening and the deep state is getting more and more ridiculous than what's coming out even on that, then mass media and they're not making sense and people are starting to question when they start questioning, then that's when we talk about what was happening they had set up. They did what everyone died. At one time they wanted to spread it out because if they know if everybody started dropping that at one time, then people would say hates was what was happening there.

They would related so that was set up in the different the different bio weapons will kill people at different stages along the way and they blame another of the things right.

They strategically administered. These kill shots by different batches across the country for that reason.

And so there are websites that you can go out to to find out if you did, were vaccinated with exactly how bad it is it that you got irate and and let me just say this if you got the first shot don't get the rest correct when you are what is that we've had a number of people tell me that that they got the first, but they hurt us and they did not get the follow-ups and so folks again what word it would, but were doing were telling you this and and here they want to put us in jail. The, the Joe Obama regime wants to make it illegal. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security or say now that the what were telling you is this information would know where not the ones putting out the disinformation talk talk you call your local funeral home.

Call your local corner and asked how busy they've been lately exactly there people are saying you have to wait three weeks. Sometimes just get a few funeral schedule and an increase that by 40% and the mortality in 2021 over the previous year's and you have young people that are dying left and right right. We want to say, we see Rachelle from Portland pledges 50 bill in Boston pledges 25 and Bill C and that of the New York pledges 200 and vera in New York pledges 50 thank you thank you thank you for okay Joe, the Republic brief old-school journalism, you can count on no, the biotin, the Joe Obama Biden regime is asking the court not to release Dominion voting systems report that you will hear some doubletalk you death.

The credit Joe Biden is using his regime and the full weight of the US government to stop an election report from being released to the public saying that if the American people read the information, their knowledge of election problems will cause election problems everything you say in a better offer. They don't know what happened. Keep you ignorant and if there right and so and it should be up to the feds who get to decide when, if ever, the people get the reporting.

Talk about deep state should be up to those that were part of the whole election fraud sure because the government is the only only entity that can take good care of you with your good health and everything else.

The Joe Biden Joe Obama regime officials in the US cybersecurity and infrastructure agency are urging a judge not to release a report on Dominion voting systems equipment in Georgia by arguing that the move with written election security just a news report on Monday. Not here. It's an amazing thing. Have we seen. We saw the drop boxes we saw people going up there. We heard testimony from those they were driving an average of 2800 ballots appease penitent cases. We had suitcases under the table. We saw that what they're saying he didn't believe the lie media your own lionize Kate and so he goes out and support to remember the Dominion voting system is a private company with contracts with government for Italian-American boats. They are not elected officials, according to court documents report that Joe Biden and his team what to hide limitations according to our documents. The report that Biden wants to hide exposes problems specifically with the Dominion image cast. Ask about marketing systems, serious design flaws with the minyan cage cast X have been known to public for years and causing losses by rival machine tabulated so curious way, the boat Joe Obama is claiming the public needs to be kept in the dark here.

Our protection for fire protection folks in other words, they want you to dumbed down and of course listen, the Joe Obama. The deathly credit communist regime is completely and totally corrupt. There's there's nothing there's a hint of Joe. We have not been able to find it… And I must say this to be mean or nasty that one. One Democrat out there in the Congress is not corrupt and we gauge that by what they vote for.

And you guys were debacle exactly makes it very clear okay and by what they vote for. We gauge whether or not the corrupt. We have not been able to find one congressman, not one that is not corrupt and the death of credit communist collective. So when you have Joe are you there, Joe did we lose you. They fall asleep.

Joe are you there yes I am currently alcohol and know you're here now you can hear me now yeah yeah assignment before nocturne you have been able to hear me. I don't know. Well, looks like the devil to work tonight already talk about the election fraud.

They don't want to look at any of the past any of the truth of what happened, but here's what they're planning this just out the Biden bureaucracy is secretly planning to turn out voters after the failed election takeover bills. Remember they didn't get their bill through so Biden is signing an executive order stating that federal agencies shall quote consider ways to expand citizen opportunity to register to vote to obtain information about participate in goes on and on to note the fancy words but this promote voter registration participation what they're doing is he's going to every agency in the government and each has a job that they're supposed to do each agency as to have election related plans and they're going to be carried forward for each different branch.

For example, the Department of Homeland Security will focus on voter registration at the end of naturalization ceremonies for the hundreds of thousands of citizens that are naturalized Department of Education prepare a toolkit with resources and strategy for increasing civic engagement in the elementary, secondary school, higher education, helping 67 million students vote Democrat and it goes on and on.

The Department of Defense will ensure that all service members. All the new trainees and sodomites will all register to vote. The agriculture department, rural housing will work with lenders and they will promote voting Democrat. For everyone who seeks a mortgage and it goes on and on the Department of Health in certain human services. Everybody so here is Biden through executive order try to get the entire federal government to work on elections. All these departments that have nothing to do.

If elections are being ordered by their boss to get out there and do well do like the liberal you talking about election fraud. He's ordering them to go out and break the law. He's ordering them to go commit election fraud. Using the federal government to treat to take a very general election. Now the commit fraud and then locally also to allow the people that had entered the United States illegally to vote right like they did in New York City.

Legal voters correct early and often to yet again like I said there is nothing, there's not anything at all, and not any one not anything about the deathly credit kindness pool party that is not corrupt. Now here Joe. I have people call me all excited Joe they're all excited about the Clinton campaign paid to infiltrate Trump Tower well house servers to link Trump to rush and are now here Joe lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to infiltrate servers belonging to Trump Tower and later the White House in order to establish an inference and narrative to bring government agencies linking Donald Trump to Russia of a filing from special counsel, John Durham, Joe Ellison, we were talking about this in 2016 it was known that. I mean, it was noted in 2006 round that the whole thing with the Ludington of Isaac. All of this was known we talked about, but it was like it was like well you know not until we get a verified should know the Durham report comes out pieces that you know what those guys were right. Okay. And you know what the media is still fighting the warm Washington Post in certain liberal media are still now Russian collusion that was true but receptor watched the Trump talk with Leslie Stahl and she said no, there is no proof of this, that they were no no no way to hold it until this right okay mostly stolen 60 minutes you will know this. Just understand Jim Joad. You know a blue step is yelp when you all march in the same step.

You gotta keep the narrative the same. Okay so gravitas gravitas gravitas. This is another was narrative is a word they use for lying. You gotta keep the lie the same but here Joe it went.

This was different this time was different and I went to remind people because they they were so trained on how to do this, that they didn't just say there is no evidence that Mineo said that but they all they want like that.

I watched every one of them down the rain. They did this little thing and know there was supposed to base. I mean, it was just so obvious to everybody, not Leslie Stahl noted that the Leslie stall. I want to tell you something Leslie Stahl because I watched that interview would with Pres. Trump Leslie stall.

You lied, Leslie Saville, you lied totally and endlessly so you better understand something, Leslie.

It doesn't matter what your narrative is and how much are getting paid. God has set Leslie God has said Leslie. All liars will have their place in the lake of fire with fire. All liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

Leslie and so you need to understand that you lied on national TV. You lied to the President of the United States. You know you are lying. He knew you were lying. We know you were lying and I'm just telling you this, you need to repent. You need to repent Leslie because you going to repent or perish all the money in the world cannot buy you one minute on a hell not one minute so repent of that and just stop your lying. It now. Here are the you are of your father the devil said, and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him.

When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own for here is a liar and the father of it.

And these people to set their reset) said there is no evidence this is 60 minutes we Put on things we can't verify what you cannot verify things when you will not look at the facts right, absolutely. That's what they did there was no election fraud. We have shown us the evidence, but they wouldn't know. But it would investigate 60 minutes, has no journalists know they have no they have shot Jack so there there is not one journalist not one in 60 minutes what part of the problem also is the people that will not discuss and debate are telling you something.

Yeah when when they tell me look when Joe Obama says that is this not good for people to know the truth and so therefore don't let the report come out. We don't if the people really know what happens. It will affect election next election. What you know what if. If enough people said what was the sense of voting witticism voted of your vote don't count no meat. If we have such election fraud in nobody does anything about it.

Maybe that's what you do.

Obama met when you think, well, anything is possible. Anything is possible and because they say what one thing do another and all of the things that they're accusing us, you know, God fearing Christians of being guilty of you know is basically what they're violating that's exactly right. From: playbook Carmichael always accuse the opposition of doing what you're doing whenever whatever criminal activity whatever crime whenever senior committing always accuse your opposition of doing that for Russian collusion is very clear. Trump, a Russian collusion in colluded with the Russian Hillary Clinton.

Just remember Washington Post, New York Times, and even CNN. None of them have done any of the stories on this breaking probably the biggest story of our lifetime. CNN has lost 90% of its viewers know help but think about this never before in history as anybody broken into the communications of the White House packed into the communications office and the White House spied on the President of the United States read Before government felt this is the this is the greatest scandal in America the president of the United States as president not just Canada. Trump, but the present United States. In spite of bond by a political party and used it there. What try and get him out of office.

Try to have him engaged. Try to have him arrested. This is criminal treason committed an act of treason and what is the penalty for treason in the old days, it was what death that it can still be there can still be your right and it should be that kind of thing. This is never folks never ever ever happened in history. This is the biggest scandal. This isn't just a little political news scandal like Watergate that was 1/3 rate break-in at all political parties, office.

There was bundled and this was spying on the president on internal secret top-secret communications from the White House. The most important communications in the entire free world. This is the biggest story ever in the other word I'd heard all solicitation yes I have another guess what their cleanup the insurrection figure busy call enough insurrectionist for the ones you're committing the insurrection trying to overthrow the government.

There was Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party, they are the insurrectionist. They are the ones who are trying to overthrow the government of the United States forces in the phone. Liza stopped reading the camp.

We can let that happen were still at the kite and knows what was left.

Think were still over 3000 short of what we need 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Jane and PA put in Pennsylvania pledges 100. Thank you Jane.

We got alight those phones of full suite we have virtually less than one hour to go. Joe recovery are telling you kryptonite and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. John 832. We've got a lot of proof tonight and all week long. Help keep us on the air help keep us with this career, that the world needs to hear that these news outlets are gonna welder lying by omission. Scripture said you can live by committing a lie. But the biggest lie of the lie of omission when you know the truth when you know something and you hide it.

That is an even greater lie and let me go on with this part of this article very quickly.

He says the indictment against husband says that he told the FBI General Counsel James Baker in September 2016, less than two months before the 2016 presidential election that he was not doing work for any client when he requested and held a meeting in which he presented data and white papers that allegedly demonstrate a covert communication channel between the Trump organization and Alpha Bank, which has ties to the Kremlin. There you go medicos on folks and when I think the current rate will be right back after this. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance.

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