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SUN 021322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 13, 2022 11:07 pm

SUN 021322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 13, 2022 11:07 pm

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Let's go day and finally the walker twins. They may look alike but couldn't Internet more differently Harry dominates his fellow online gamers will header group video chats with friends fell to Live like a good billionaire get Internet that upgrades everything AT&T fiber now with speeds up to five gigs limited availability and select speeds not guaranteed single device wants perfect 4.70 per following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded resistant by radio) what's right what's left is coming out right now.

Welcome to another additional with what was left on this Sunday we were 13th 2022 and avoid we have a lot to talk about tonight's note today. I will a while back there was a ministry I received this nice beautiful black robe in the mail and down here.

I wondered where did this come from that I had remembered that while before that I had gotten just a letter and the letter was from a group of pastors. The representing themselves as black robe Regiment and that's all that said, they said that there they consider me to be a member of the black robe Regiment and they just went by first names and they were that was it.

Not much information. Not even a return address so I thought well that's nice anyhow.

But then I got this black robe and I I thought that's where it came from that.

I found out when all was one of the members of the congregation.

One of our veterans and patriots. A fellow named Harry.

Harry was the fellow that brought in the black robe and it was real ministry until Harry, let me know when anyhow I wore that black robe today because of the title of the message. The title of the message was the black robe Regiment marches on.

Well here, as we see one by one, were seen. Pastors finally awakened were seen more and more pastors away my praise the Lord for that small minority that are awakening and that's get into tonight as we start here and I'm going to be reading from JD Headley's the chaplains of clergy of the revolution in 1778, as the clergy perform the most active and important part of the education of the people of New England for the revolution as well as strength and encourage them in the darkest hours by patriotic exhortations and promises of final deliverance under heaven's richest blessings on them and their posterity for their noble endeavors in the heroic sacrifice so they rejoiced with them in every success in declared it to be the sign of God's blessing and the first and the precursor of a glorious morning and hand.

Thus, in 1778.

At that turning point of the struggle directly after Burgoyne's overthrow, and while the land was still rocking to the enthusiastic rejoicing some of the people who believed they saw it and it the first claim of the coming dawn Pastor Philip Payson of Chelsea in his sermon before the House of Representatives gave utterance to the universal feeling he took from his text of Galatians 426 and 27, and that's what were going to start tonight were to start when Galatians chapter 4, but were going to go from 21 hallway through 31. Now Sarah here represents the free woman and Hagar here represents those that were under the bondage of the law. Hagar Hayden Hager hated Sarah and the spies turn wanted to take her place and have the rule over. Likewise, the Judaizers in Paul's day here persecuted the Gentile believers by insisting that the keep the Jews religion and the keeping of the law of the Judaizers represent the bondwoman they wanted to keep the church under their control and regarded the Gentile believers as second-class believers. The British under King George likewise wanted to keep its subjects in America under its heavy thumb taxation without representation the Church of England persecuted the Baptists along with others, but the taste of freedom. The taste of freedom on the tongues of the patriots was much too sweet to give up and so was coherent, starting in the 24th verse of Galatians 4.

Tell me that desire to be under the law did not hear the law, for it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a bondmaid and the other by a free woman.

But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh, but the other free woman was by promise which things are an allegory for these other two covenants. The one from Mount Sinai, which gender with the bondage which is agar for this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and asked Ruth to Jerusalem which is now an end as an in bondage with their children. But Jerusalem, which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.

For it is written rejoiced that (that there is not break forth inquiry, though the travail is not for the desolate have many more children that she which have a husband that we brother in as Isaac was the children of promise, but as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the spirit. Even so, no, nevertheless, that would say at the Scripture cast out the bondwoman and her son for the son of the bondwoman shall not be error for the sin of freedom of the free woman. So then brethren, we are not the children of the bondwoman, but a free now we are here in America today this are all of the supplies justice as Hagar despised Sarah and wanted to replace her daughter to take her place. Even though Sarah was her mistress they're not there mistress. The will or master if you will. And here, as we saw the in Paul's day, the Judaizers mentally policy the apostle to the Gentiles. The Judaizers wanted to force the Gentile believers force them into two under the bondage of the Jewish religion under law, telling him that that it was more than just faith in Christ. You had to have faith in Christ and also at the same time you had to be in compliance with the law, which is: contrary to what the Lord Jesus taught and you can't serve two masters.

And so here they wanted to keep the church totally under their control, and again regard the Gentile believers as a second class Christians. And that's kind of what's happening and again we see that during the war for revolution in the world of the revolution, we saw that that here. King George, one of the American patriots to be his subjects and again they were to be ruled by a tyrant and and treated as second-class citizens. Not not because they were not living there in England, but they were again regard as second-class citizens, not quite as good as those that live there in the British crown were and so here now. Today we've got something very similar to that here in America today and are brothers of North in Canada.

We have we have the so-called woke movement in the woke movement is trying to divide another moat woke movement is literally made of lesser people when I mean lesser people I'm talking about where comes to morality and integrity and honor the woke movement. They have no morality, integrity, or honor literally they'll do anything for power and money, they will prostitute themselves and we see the will of moving here in China is a very good example of this help Coca-Cola and others. Even though the date the China is the country that is is that literally takes Christians and prisoners and uses them to harvest organs, human rights violations tremendous human rights violations, but Coca-Cola needs of the companies they put the almighty dollar.

Before anything is a total dearth no integrity there no integrity at all yet Coke when I I quit drinking Coke. I used to like Coca-Cola but I quit drinking it when they came out and woken and and I guess Turcotte sales the fallen way, way off and they should because because people when they came out they made the statement that we white people here need to be less white. Well here I want to go over to back to the chaplains and the clergy of the revolution in page 15 we raised this is the appointment of the clergy to the official positions in the Army and Navy under the designation of chaplains.

That was a custom hall while standing in at the present day among Christians of Christian nations will when this was written.

This was true, but not so much now. Now in our military, our military has turned against chaplains. They don't want actual chaplains. They look at real Christians in our military is the enemy. That's right are our here under this what is happened to our our military. They become totally legitimate, not the soldiers.

We've got some of the best soldiers in the world.

But I'm talking about those at the top of the leadership they have become totally legitimate and here it would have been natural before Congress is a mere matter of custom and imitation of the of the mother country, Britain to appoint chaplains in the American army.

They did so chaplains at the present time.

A formal a part of our military organizations, irregulars, officers and draw pay like them will they do, but are chaplains today in our military today are under a lot of a lot of pressure to really not be chaplains at all the propriety of the custom is recognized by all for the sick and the suffering of the dying and the need of spiritual visors and what they do hospitals and third, but I do not designed to speak of the office exclusively or those who simply discharge his duties faithfully. A vast number were appointed more for their outside general influence than because they were earnest self-denying ministers of God. Not that they were greatly esteemed.

Not that they were not greatly esteemed and valued.

In this respect, but they were bold and active patriots. Besides, stirring up rebellion, encouraging that we can the Tibbett by their example as well by their teachings in this part, inspiring the brave and true with confidence and by their heroism and lofty trust in the righteousness of the cause they vindicated.

It is with this class of chaplains and clergy that I have chiefly to do and of course were talking about the black robed Regiment of the revolution, a chaplain, when taken prisoner is usually treated with great courtesy and consideration. But there was a a class of clergymen chaplains in the revolution of the British when they once laid hands on them, treated them with most barbarians severity. This is this is we could say would be exactly what would happen today in America. We've seen it happen in Canada during the Obama regime again. They will go after pastors. Chaplains are looked upon by the Joe Obama regime is the enemy dreading them for their influence.

They wielded in Haiti hating them for the abstinence of density, courage and enthusiasm. They infused into the rebels they violated all the urges of war among civilized nations in order to inflict punishment upon them.

Suffering for their patriotism is these clergy did and expecting a halter if the colony should fill in their effort to obtain freedom they deserve to be remembered with honor and have their names go down to immortality linked with the most important struggle in the in the world's history and the first gathering of the luminary at Lexington and Concorde, as well as afterwards in the miscellaneous enthusiast assembly of the Army around Bunker Hill. They bore an important part not merely as servants of God in the discharge of their official duties, but is patriots haranguing the soldiers and even leading them into the conflict. The British were aware of the tremendous influence the clergy welded in the colonies and saw them with alarm that it was thrown on the side of the rebellion.

Indeed, they were accused of being at the bottom of it and in 1774, the governor of Massachusetts refused the request of the assembly to appoint a fast, for he said the request was only to give an opportunity for the addition the flow from the pulpit is that exactly what what they accused the patriots here and there were many many pastors out there on January 6 of 21.

There were a lot of pastors out there. And isn't that exactly what the antichrist with the to the Joe Obama antichrist regime. The deep state regime accused the patriots over on that January 6 and so here the taking away the civil liberty. Well let me go back for. He said the request is only to give an opportunity for us is that force addition to flow over the pulpit, the taking away of civil liberty wrote the ministers of Connecticut to their brother in a Boston will involve the ruin of religious liberty. Your heavy load with Christian fortitude and resolution. The answer came back while we complained to heaven and earth of the cruel oppression we are under.

We describe righteousness to God. The surprising union of the colonies. Afterwards, encouragement.

It is that inexhaustible source of comfort that the Lord omnipotent reign with as before hostilities commenced. There was scarcely a military muster which they were not present.

Exhorting the militia to stand up manfully for the cause of God. On some occasions they behold God himself is with us for our Capt. and his priest was sound and troubles to carry the alarm. It was to be expected when war usually broke out they would be found in the range of the rebels urging forward what they had so long proclaimed as a religious duty. The first outbreak at Lexington and Concord. Give them no opportunity to exhibit their zeal officially and so some shoulder their muskets and fought like common soldiers.

Among these were Dexter of the Westford and Foster, who showed the good fight as well as praying thereto was the admirable unlearned pace of Chelsea.

It was so adverse to budgeted all the horrors of war that he had felt his duty to preach patient's name and submission is bolder and more resolute brother near him took such a bridge at this that they refused to let him preach in their pulpits, they want to know conciliatory doctrines talk to their people. The brutal outrage at Lexington transform this peaceful scholar and make the vine into the fiery intrepid soldier and cesium months musket he put himself at the head of the party led them forward to that attack the gentle voice that had so long spoken only the words of peaceably wrong, like that of a prophet of old. The body of British soldiers advancing along the road important to them with such a destructive volley that the whole works later taken prisoner. It was a man of peace and cons conciliation, but the first citizens blood the critters Crimson. The green sward made a clean sweep of all his arguments and objections that he entered his whole soul into the struggle at a later day when Washington assumed command of the Army in Cambridge.

He found chaplains attach the different regiments of from the various colonies. Some of them volunteers without pay. Others regularly reported by the provincial Congress as the origin organization of the Army was perfected. Measures were adopted for their provision by Gen. Congress and their number on the regiments to which the belong formed a part of the regular Army returns of Washington. At first they were not numerous as the government had taken no action on the subject, but it's intention was soon called to it in a May 25, 1775.

We find a committee of the provincial Congress of Massachusetts reported, whereas it has been represented to this Congress that several ministers of the religious assembly within this colony have expressed their willingness to attend the Army in the capacity of chaplains as they may be directed by the Congress. Therefore results that it be and is hereby recommended to the ministers of the several religious assemblies within the colony that they leave other congregations and attend set Army and if several towns to the number of 13. At one time during the time the Army should be encamped and they that make known the resolution to the Congress during or to the committee of safety as soon as it may be that in the very "when Washington first assembled his army. He had a total of 500 men, and with 500 men.

George Washington was about to take on the British 50,000 man army now let me tell you something here. Washington knew something he knew existed.

God was on the side of freedom. God was on the side of freedom in God is a majority of one no, just as the clergy of the revolution were feared and hated by the tyrants.

Today this very day we see would just recently happened there in Canada.

The true man of God in the treatment of God today in the pulpits and the chaplains are real minority among the majority of will have a majority of get along, go along tail and and compromise prissy preachers and real pastors today in real chaplains, real clergy, they are hated and they are feared by the tyrants of today we the people of this United States of America and our neighbors to the north in Canada will never, never bow down to the tyranny of the antichrist that the credit communist oppressors. We will never ever accept baby killing because it's legal Valley out today. You have you have these worthless and I mean absolutely, totally worthless preachers that tell you. Well, you know, is the law and you have to obey the law and the reason I say that is they don't have the courage and the honor of the decency and integrity to stand out like men and obey God know the easiest way right now is just kinda go along. Keep your head down and make sure that your 501(c)(3) is not taken away.

Stay as comfortable as you possibly can. Don't do anything to offend the offering plate. Unfortunately, that's what you have by these medical spine was preachers out there today and no one while I'm at it when I wiggle Henry's little bit more of this and that I'm a comment we will never, never, never accept the killing of the elderly in nursing homes so that crooked judges corrupted prosecutors in nursing home operators can steal their estates and that is happening so often today in America.

It's a is a national crime. What a disgrace. How many elderly people are losing their properties and it seems like there's a tendency to the once the nursing home has the elderly to sign over the property than the elderly.

Suddenly end up sick and dead but we would never accept the genocide of America at the hands of the completely corrupt government run by mad fiendish so-called scientists and corrupt politicians and big Pharma. Those of us who truly trust in God and what is given us for healing. The herbs the natural herbs of the apothecary. We will never trust a source region wizardry of big Pharma and their cauldrons.

We will never ever surrender to their depopulation genocide by by weapon and and let me just say this. God has given us the sum of that what you just think about the God has given us the natural order of guises here.

This is what you have. This is what I have given you for the healing of the nation. But big Pharma by the way, again, the apothecary, the Bible speaks of is where God's medicine is made on a natural herbs with farming Kia is where we get the word pharmacy literally means wizardry or witchcraft.

And so most people today are going there and they're not getting medicine that will cure anything will focus all it does when they say they're going to treat the disease and more people are dying more people are dying all over this country over 250,000 a year die from prescription drugs alone.

Add that to Fenton all add that to Fenton all the people are dying left to right, but they're not smart people and smart. They continue to go back to big Pharma.

They continue to go to these drug these pill pushers, the pill peddlers instead of using what God has given up smart people will go. The natural way limit and speaking of that Wendy Wilson and the apothecary herbs is having a sale right now, only through Wednesday only through Wednesday invokes what you really need to do is stuck up on natural medicine stock up on natural when he's got some of the best medicine natural minutes in length. Remember when I was telling this qualified is because many of you the listing to me for long time now for about six weeks. I had this constant coffin and I was positive it had to do with what they were using to clean the headsets and in the studio. I still think that has a lot to do with it, but Wendy said what you've got is a covert quality diagnosed very well for me and she said that I'm going to make you have some medicine here. I teaser called a potion and a and she said it'll within 10 days to two weeks. It will, it will do a weighted call will be gone well.

She was exactly right. On the 14th day the cough was gone and so I've been using her her natural herbs for a long time and I just give you the phone number that's all I'm going to do. Her number is 866-229-3663 and no account.

I know right now a lot of people are saying Jack addendum impenitent was I had a pin, go get your pen and paper and and also you can go up on the Internet to the power The power but her phone number is 866-229-3663 I would call and say, send me your catalog. You really want this catalog function really do well here. As we continue, we will not we will not accept the blue step of the fake news media and is there was the blue step is what they call the blue step is when they are told here is your narrative network narrative really means a lot.

I'm talking about NBC, ABC, CBS, and you know what what half of Fox news is on and on that to folks in here when they tell you is called the blue step their part of that and and I've told you before these these people are literally contracted life, their contracted liars. And what happens is there told you sign the contract you are going to put forth whatever the narrative. Now that's what they call for a lot whenever whatever the narrative. They don't use the word lie. These were narrative whatever lie we tell you to tell your going to tell that lie and if you don't tell that lie then you're fired.

Now those that the couldn't take it anymore were fired. Now this is what we call the echo chamber and you see that is how they repeat exactly the same words and if you remember after they stole the election and they stole the election, there was election fraud like we've never had.

Just as we warned you there would be in anyone and everyone says is not so iron is no truth in Lee and I challenge any of the, my program, but they won't they won't and and debate men and the reason is simply they know that their line the evidence of the city and in the evidence of election fraud was everywhere out there and so here we will never never accept the echo chamber. We will never accept the child abuse of the woke PC public full system, but I can tell you this, people are telling me that tell here their complaining that I was just listening to some others of the mothers were really upset, complaining that the children had to wear masks in the school look if you love your children get them out of there. You shouldn't put them in the in the public full system why in the world are you putting them there where there abusing your children is so I can afford you can't afford not to listen you can afford not to your better to keep them home altogether. They indoctrinate them with cultural Marxism date they tell them number one the eternal against you if you're there, told in the public full system.

If your little white child, you should be ashamed of the fact that your white they make home put on these face diapers in here there these days, germ filled unsanitary face hiders. So many don't way mending way more way more children committed suicide died of suicide than ever died of the code and you have your children in the public full system get up out of there now as quickly as you can. Don't let them destroy your child. We will not alert our children to be indoctrinated by pedophiles into accepting sodomy and transgender filth. No we will not we will not allow our children to be indoctrinated by pedophiles into accepting sodomy and transgender filth… What it is we will not accept the killing of our young military, under the guise of legitimate vaccinations.

These are not legitimate vaccination. Again China boasts how guilt is killing American soldiers without firing a shot. Folks there dying these athletes and soldiers there dying there dying. Many are dying from these bio weapons that they call vaccine and now they want to give him the six-month-old babies. They want to kill off the children and we play to their clip.

Time and time again we played how this program where the head of the World Health Organization he comes out and he's chastising the different nations for using the bio weapon on children. They say don't kill the children don't kill the children kill this old, the elderly and the sick, kill the elderly and the sick. Don't kill the children.

What is it is telling you something.

We will not accept the killing of our police officers just to satisfy the lust of the antichrist that the grip folks as it's open season on police officers out there like will remember Joe Obama Obama when he said well I never I was in for defunding the police. He lied, he lied through his teeth because I remember hearing him saying what were going to do is take a good portion of the money. Instead of being used. Police work were going to take for the police budget and give the Socialist workers, folks, that's called defunding the police. The police are told to stand down the place are told to go out and protect the lives and property of those very kind antichrist communist that hate them and hate law and order, and yet they go out and they risk their lives to protect those very ones. We will never know. Not ever surrender our firearms or Second Amendment rights right here in Ohio.

There are two bills right now in the house and Senate that would give us they been passed through the committee. We could only get them to the floor for a vote and is the rhinos the rhinos that are holding them up, but those would give us Constitution Eric Kerry Constitution carry.

That's what we have we have the Constitution one day I had two judges over here when out and we were sitting in the kitchen.

We were talking and I noticed both these fellows were carrying and I sedate you guys got got got the concealed carry this a no.

Is it that you don't listen no and ices with the why is it that I I have to have fun with Dick carrying a concealed they said we have the Constitution.

I so don't I have a Constitution listen not to judge. In other words, the idea was that they were to get stopped by police. They would tell look, here is the law and they would be right because the Constitution gives us the right, it doesn't say that we have to go and register and tell the people we have a firearm so that if the Communist Party of the antichrist Communist Party were to completely seize power that they could come and say he will registered that you have a firearm going to turn it in. We don't want you to have the ability to protect yourself against this corrupt government. The founding fathers knew that as Jefferson said, when people fear the government you have tyranny when the government fears the people who have liberty we will never know.

We will never ever accept critical race theory or the cancel culture. We will not be silenced or give up our First Amendment rights to Joe Obama or any other aspiring dictator by the wavelets in the election fraud. The very same people involved in the mass of massive election fraud in this country were also involved in the election fraud in Canada. That's right. Those no more legitimate president. Then Obama is here in America and you know what we were talking about the narrative again. I remember that only the echo chamber one to affect and I remember watching here Brett bear loves and started out with little Chrissy Wallace when they talked about election fraud.

He will like that he did that he then he says there's no evidence but that is we took a look at.

We solenoid on the line. Smith and I guess her name that Susan is something else Smith but I remember she did exactly the same thing she did you know that that was a part of the delighted to do that.

I mean it was just so rehearsed no there is no evidence Brett bear up. There is no evidence, no caboodle. There is no evidence that the Fox News that you expected Wheatley's. All of that. Okay with mad cow and the others over there. MSNBC and CNN ABC menu expected that a dog returns to employment in the cell to her mother but a Fox News.

They said no, no, we are were not that way is the over here were not partial or impartial but but they're not. You had one half of home look you in the did exactly what they told the big light. Now you all know that it is time to Joe let them know that you know that we will we Americans will die on our feet before we will live on our knees, we will die on her feet before we live on our knees. Freedom folks. What good is liberty if you can't be, well, what good is life, I should say what good is life without liberty. And so I want to go to Romans chapter 8 here in Romans chapter 8 we read this started with verse 35 through all the way through verse 39 who shall separate us from the love of Christ fill tribulation or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword, as it is written, for thy sake we are killed all the day long we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter made all these things we are more we are more than conquerors more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height nor depth, or any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of Christ which is in Christ Jesus. And here folks. Now to see that Paul goes to first the voices were more than conquerors.

You have to understand God is a majority of one God is a majority of one is never lost a battle God has never lost a battle in effect over 6000 years of history, we find out that God is a perfect record of always saying what he means.

Meaning what he say doing what he says he will do exactly when exactly where exactly how without exception, without exception, the vast majority of people out there are clueless because they there there biblically illiterate and they don't understand that this this Bible is King James Bible is the greatest history book that's ever been written. It's the only book. The only source of absolute truth and absolute authority.

They were amazed that the Lord Jesus when they said when he speaks, he speaks with authority well they can do that.

Like you said heaven and earth will pass but his words, his words will never know.

Not ever, ever pass away in here now. The apostle Paul says, look here were more than conquerors through him and pauses that, for I am persuaded that neither death nor life to understand what he saying he's taken it to the very realm of death. Nothing in all of death can separate us from the love of God, meeting take away our salvation meeting take away our salvation. Then he takes you to the very realm of life itself, and he tells you out there in all of life in all of life out there. There's nothing out there nothing they can separate from local data that can cause us to lose our salvation.

And then he says, nor angels, there's nothing out there. Even the power of the ancient symbol of theirs.

The Angels are powerful beings, but they cannot. The Angels have no power to take away our salvation, nor principalities, nor powers, and so was he talking about is talking about those to be intelligent, interesting thing that would principalities usually means on the local level magistrates magistrates is talking about. Maybe your local judge your local prosecutor County Commissioner Millie he's talking about powers. Those are higher level filled sky could be state or national, but there's none of them that in any way shape or form have the ability to take away our salvation meeting this the is good and well it's going to end well for all of those that are put to faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It will end well for them.

But not so well for the opposition.

Then he says here, nor things present, nor things to come.

In other words, there is nothing out there in the past is nothing in the present, or things in the future. Nothing about a text in a very realm, past, present, future, and there's nothing nothing out there all that can take away your salvation that you see this is what is talking about being more than a conqueror more than a conqueror is even even conquerors, even great kings that win wars could lose the next war.

But we can't win this war is over. We won forever. We We can never lose another war. We can never lose another battle won't happen say God has said that he goes on to say, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord not tell you what, that's good enough for me and I want to go or not. At first John chapter 5 and first John chapter 5 and what I'm telling you, I'm just a breath of a ready to run out of voice for tonight, but in first John chapter 5 verses four and five we read this, for whatsoever is born of God overcome with the world and this is the victory that overcome with the world, even our faith, who is he that could overcome with the world. But he that believe that Jesus is the son of God. And so here Jesus never promised that obeying him would be easy, not at all nonaffected totals just the opposite hard work, however, can be rewarding if we if we continue to value its results here. When we take a look at that when it says for whatsoever is born of God overcome of the world folks that there's no stuttering is no stuttering there no all throughout all of recorded history throughout all of over 6000 years of recorded history tells us that God again has always done exactly what he says and is always said exactly what he means always means exactly what he says there is no reason there is no reason folks not a bit of reason that all to think that that's ever going to change again and I want to say for those the put your trust in the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This whole things that I know I know were limited times today tumultuous times and where people are.

There's a lot of people worried and and work were entering into a new age of these biometrics there is some insane things happening out there today with our corrupted government. The militaries around the world are they are crossing bonds in their working and things that they should never work on, but gene splicing and and using the DNA and genes of animals and humans are trying to produce. By the way, with this whole thing that they're doing now because because of the in RMA bio weapon that changes the molecular structure of the human body that changes the DNA now they're saying hello since that is happen.

Those that have taken the poison spoken hacked and had their their DNA changed then there no longer human, therefore, should they be considered the property of those that hold the patents. I'm not kidding. This is actually being discussed right now this is this is how strange did you know it has become aware were at today in this country. But the good news folks listen at this this the good news is this is another sign of the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another sign that that return has to be getting close because the last time anything anything like this was done they could be compared to his back in the days of Noah and the flood in an folks again like I said this out I believe is a signal of a very soon imminent return of the Lord Jesus because they knew they have crossed the bounds that God has set before them and now they have.

God has kept mankind for himself and as his dominion, and now they've transgressed that in a huge, huge way.

But anyhow the good news it finishes well for those that are put their trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and finishes with them with eternal life with those that have not those that have not and if you're out there listening to me tonight.

I'm Italian. The Lord will give you so many opportunities and if you've heard the gospel preached any of her. The invitation and you've turned it down even is very very night.

Even this very night all over this world, they're going to be million.

I mean, many, many people are going to run out of tomorrow's. I'm hoping you're not welcome. If you listing to me out there. I'm hoping you're not go to the gospel of John chapter 3 pieces prayed to the father asked for forgiveness of your sin as the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations and if you do that, then you will become a new creature born-again believer, and dwelt with the Holy Spirit you have God's word on that. You have God's word and if you haven't done that right now. If you listing to me and you have not made that commitment. Well, you're like walking on a tight rope over a burning lake of fire. They could if it breaks tonight and anytime people are dropping dead all over the world for the poisonous poke. I mean just dropping dead without ever a time, a chance to repent. Called by the name Lord and ask for forgiveness there dying so quickly went throughout a time for tonight and so until all of you out there.

I wanted say as we do at this time. Good night God bless and always always always keep fighting the fight.

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