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FRI HR 1 020422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 5, 2022 12:25 am

FRI HR 1 020422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 5, 2022 12:25 am

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Switch to health care plan awarded five out of five stars for quality and service plan from United healthcare benefits like vision, dental care anymore, United healthcare today at one 800 shop UHC teaches a device. My planning area limitations and exclusions apply. Every year Medicare evaluates plans based on a five-star rating system Medicare advantage plans are being priced contract numbers 80294H201222689484590534205 stars for 2022. The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. What's right. But what will the load courageous Craig who was through with his two dogs slithered through most of them through the hard snow last my last memo I would terrible and almost yearly for two years on the radio, no there's been times when I have over there we go through because of floods. We build floods we.

Storms, you name it and but there's never been a time that nobody was able to get to the station and last night I guess I just dayshift one home early in the to avoid the storm and Craig was out there courageously trying to make you been through through neckdeep snow and I was would terrible but but today he's back. Good job right now. Tonight we have with us like to extremely distinguished and honorable statesman cohosts John and John note.

The problem was posted both of them want to be introduced first and that's really kinda childish so so I am not like that I don't need to be all right.

Remember whoever's last will be first okay okay so we have John Holman everyone Lord and and that distinguished chaplain and author and bestseller none other than chaplain John return will. God bless you Shabbat shalom. Well you got all you all right, we got a lot to cover tonight having a whole lot first thing I want to do those.

I gotta say I wanted to make sure the people know that this coming Monday, February 7 my my dear friend Joe Clark, who many of you heard of this radio program many many times he used to be a regular caller and the end he would sit in with me to and you hear Joe and number of the songs we play it when I made a number of songs together with Joe was home to be with the Lord and he finished his course and his funeral is going to be Monday the viewing is going to be at the Eckert Baldwin funeral home. The Eckert Baldwin funeral home is 7760 E. Market St. 760 E. Market St. in Akron, OH, and here the viewing will be from 4 to 530.

The burial will take place on Thursday, February 10 at 10 AM at the holy cross Cemetery in Akron. The holy cross Cemetery in Akron, so I wanted to say that. Also, another note but I wanted to make was that the pastor Walter Moss. He is a pro-life activist, pastored he's a black man and he's very very involved, especially with the he's written a book. The book about the why so many black babies are being killed by the buddy buddy abortion Walter Moss will be preaching the evening service this coming Sunday were given old pastor Hallock a brick give them a day off. Any help.

He's worried about that snow to anyhow so there you go this coming Sunday evening at 6 PM. Pastor Walter Moss will be there. He will be preaching Lord willing, I was a Lord's will in his Lord tells us always is a Lord willing.

That's the best reason the world okay 6 PM and were going to start the title of the message. This way fellows was what the truly electric never accept the truly electric and never accept no we talked about a number of things we were going through their one fourth what we start with abortion, the truly like real Christians.

Christians can never accept abortion.

Never that we dealt with infidelity. True Christians will never accept infidelity and then tonight were going to pick it up now. One of the things that true Christians would never accept, but we were not going to go into that tonight because of time and it's a long message would be sodomy and that the Romans to work really pass that up because we would extensively into that what they called today the young people we will just deal with that in the sense that it's accepted by a lot of young people today they run around. They've got no idea and and I'm hearing people professing Christians talking about how how proud they are and especially on Fox News where you have that the one woman tell me who is a lesbian and she cheeselike promotes that and the others on their who, professing Christians sound wonderful it is that she can be a lesbian and and be a conservative guy doesn't say that's led let's wonderful folks, okay, somewhere that they're missing a sense of common sense there but anyhow of course we know the real true Christians would never accept the scam. Dimmick never accept this whole the whole scam what is going on here and so will you be talking about that some tonight so we start tonight in Deuteronomy chapter 22 we talk about dress and Pat and John return, would you read verse five woman will not. We are the outward onto a man on man on a woman dormant all that. So our abomination unto the Lord thy God, John and John number of the Baptist churches in the UBS conservative independent Baptist Church summing up top liberal Baptist church.

I'm not talking about the Protestant and of the fact that the vast majority of those that have Baptist in their name are not really Baptist off the Protestant, but I'm tired.

But the actual Baptist Church.

Many of those churches will not let women wear slacks to the church they have to wear dress now and will justify that by saying you noted that slacks for men not for women. Now I don't do that and here's why I don't do that. You see, I know this that there are men, slacks and their women slacks and there's a difference and you know what the differences will save John.

John knows the difference.

You know what the differences between men slacks women slacks John and John later telling one.

How is 130 ghetto will once got a zipper in the front and that's that's the mail because that's what his words needed.

The women usually have a zipper on the side. Most of them have a zipper on the side that is the difference between slacks and in some of these other things that that are not the not really slacks. Leotards know that leotards is another new form and I'll try to remember I can't remember right now but I pardon you like like tights, but there's there's another another new form, making legends, that's it and and the problem with legumes is there very very tight now. I'll explain to you why what I'm talking about right. I had as you remember what I injured my arm or my shoulder and I had to go for therapy. Therapy and all all of the women there will the first day I walked in, a friend of mine Meg expectations her name.

She she she was just was leaving and she said pastor you really need to talk to these girls here.

Okay that work in this place will all those girls were pretty and up but you know they were all wearing those legends okay and I didn't say I don't know of you that they understand what they were tight were didn't leave any anything to the imagination at all okay.

In other words, they were so tight you could tell whether or not they were wearing underwear okay and that's how tight they were and so what happens is I am a man I know this to be affect, and so what happens is being a man is supposed to flee temptation and even even looking upon these these women do not. I'm sure that they didn't understand completely in the could probably the probably wouldn't have been there. The Christians at all. I don't know that for a fact. But for that reason, when my doctor wanted me to go back for more therapy. I didn't go back for more therapy. For that reason because all those women were exceptionally pretty those women that look like me that would've been different. Okay, but they didn't know any help. That's that's part of this. So that's the difference between men's garments know people will say well those days. They all wore robes and they all look the same when you say John while you're out arriving. That was what traditional garb and that the point I think maybe you're getting at is to dress modestly well thought to certain areas they believe me John they did. Where growth splitting, but there was a distinct difference between on and they were after him yeah between the man's robe in the way a woman's role in effect. If info if a woman was caught wearing a man's robe.

She would've been shunned. If a man had been caught wearing a woman's role. He could've been stoned because that was that was such a defense to do that. Okay. And so it's an abomination in the Ward site. You didn't you didn't do that. So there's an extreme difference between the man's robe and a woman's room. You could tell, and the same thing today with with these clothes. So no, but your you're right.

It's got to do with two things right. It's about reversing gender roles. It's about reversing gender roles you see a lot of that today trying to make women in the Mena men and women trying to feminize men emasculate women and the Bible says that's what an abomination is okay and so here I want you to go over to first Timothy chapter 2 readme versus eight through 15 will at home and pelicans you have to drink this winter we had commitment to eight through 15. Thanks K. I will therefore that man praying everywhere lifting up holy hands without wrap I'm doubting in my line around that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with frame rates of notice and sobriety not with boarded hair or gold or pearls or costly array which become of women professing godliness with good works, but the woman learn in silence with all subjection, but I will not. When I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man smart to be in silence. For Adam was born first form that needs, and Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing.

If they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. I okay so now here he says therefore that men pray everywhere lifting up holy hands of without wrath or doubting pulses where Prince easily did get you in like manner.

Also, the women adorn themselves in modest apparel would shamefacedly sobriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly array but which become with the women professing God godliness with good works. Another was a woman's beauty is supposed to come from within his okay so here the idea that you're looking at when wench with modest apparel that means doesn't mean low cut blouses doesn't know about learning or modded though many do not like to tracking attracting attention right and so here, for example when when when they're wearing very tight clothes and then low cut blouses and that attracts attention and causes Linda say the said elements to this if 10 men look upon a woman and they lust after her and they sin and how many of those sins that she share on now. Okay so here now so in sync. They talk about you know not to have the emphasis on you braided hair your hair and all this with, but the emphasis is on a woman professing godliness would good works good works with and then the beauty comes from within.

No, let the women learn will let me give an example to the were talking about every year. Years ago, every year we would have what's right what's left would have meant a picnic and mentor headlands out here when she does a big beach and we did that for many years and to one year. We went out there in some female judge in Michigan made a ruling that if men could go shirtless women can go shirtless that there was no difference between a man and woman Bellamy asked you to.

If you have a mentor and a woman in there both shirtless. Can you tell the difference. You, I mean that I can tell a difference and if if you show me 100 different when I would know the difference. I can tell the difference now know so here there is a difference now and the differences is what makes because of the will is my enemy how to tell you you did all right, go ahead. Men could do pull-ups and women can okay that like the new like that you like a cat I don't know if we can argue that court would let it anyhow. It's a lie when I was younger and I don't know what age I was we played a lot of baseball and girls on the plate neighborhood and we would let them play because they could all come on so absolutely wonderful that there were about 10 years old) and with severe drought that we want you all about multirole groups.

I I remember that used to be that one of the things that would limit would ride a horse.

They would ride sidesaddle.

I remember the bicycles were they different different for women than men do in the women's bicycle did have a bar in the middle there was a lot of differences because of the anatomy of try to think of some of the other things without did you guys remember going back in the 50s and I was just telling you about the beach. Well going back in the 50s today you go down to the beach and and you'll have these women and they'll show their whole rear end you can see every everything the whole rear end and from what little if you didn't see that one little strip you would think that the they were strictly bare naked now back in the 50s. You remember what would've happened to a woman she'd come to the beach like that oh yeah the new era.

She would been arrested for indecent exposure. Her reputation would've been ruined. So this is a total decline of morals. Now let me ask you this if you go to out to the beach in the summer time here in these girls are running naked like that you talk to him how many do you think my professor yet we go to church were Christians. We go to church but it's okay to do this because everybody's doing now pastoring out the probably be some amount. Okay, yeah, there would because I know I have talked to some of and they really don't see what's wrong with that. Now here when Bill when they do that they do it to be looked at and then when these these boys a look at what they don't have the like. What is it what you look at it okay but so that's what he's talking about here professing good works in godliness.

And that's that's not a good works.

He here true Christians would never accept it. Whenever, except that I mean if if I had the fight had let me give you an example. Some years ago we were out when those picnics and I was telling about in we had done to 15-year-old girls had were these bikinis. They were very small, but they were like they were like what the girls were now days. What a show the whole rear and they weren't that bad, but but they were they were small, no, these girls were cousins and their grandmother came over to me and she says do you see those two girls out there, your pastor, you need to go and say something to them. You need to tell them why it's wrong to do that and grandma was loose and set in, and she was intent on she wasn't asking me to do that crap up with his big thick clear.

This is what she wanted me to do so.

I didn't want to disappoint grandma and she had a good point.

So I went out there. Those two girls were there in the water.

I called her by name. Both of them by name, and I'm not going to mention their names because they both grown women nowadays and that I don't want to embarrass him, but that I called them by name, and I said your naked. Do you know your naked you don't have any clothes on and everybody started looking at so that they heard that word Mr. and these two girls when they saw her by look at them they they try to cover themselves up. I fell the now. I held up the tell so they can about that. You see, they didn't realize that there was naked until I told him there was naked. Remember who would like Adam and Eve in the garden and no so they come out late and I got wrapped up in the tell and I was grandma's hero that day. It the Chia she really like that and so the girls learn a lesson in obesity but no 15-year-olds. This is a different story. There is no excuse for these grown women pulling it off right now pastoring in. I actually walked out of the curriculum time before they even started preaching because I couldn't look at the preacher because he had a whole row of women sit behind him and couldn't be seen. That was seen so I walked out, that's the best thing to do. Avoid the temptation yet. Why don't I fly left on I was forced by Marilyn Spohn well I had situational. We've had people come in the first timers to the church.

They gave us a blaze of and your right you can see literally these young girls would set up there and women then it would be like the they had no middle disgrace to be so short. You can see there underwear.

Now the first time they come in.

Then what you do well, you have one of the older women in the church go talk to them and tell them and then but it now if you've done that and they still continue to do that. Did you have to do church discipline. Don't count on Brandon what her friend named John. The lady that you knew that all double wall yeah Roma yeah a woman the youth pastor's wife came in the church today might be acceptable, but it certainly wasn't back in the 1970 and the women were right – at the way she was dressed in they were talking amongst themselves about who's going to front there that she would dress like that again left pastor that was in the 1970s, and they did confront the veteran sheet she never dressed like that again. Well, that's right.

Maybe sometimes they just didn't know any better. They come out of the world. There is so in house were going to. I remember a situation where DBF meeting old pastored Dr. Ault well… While he was in Texas and old-time heaven sweet hell hot preacher fire and brimstone preacher. He got to preaching on that what you just read Deuteronomy 22 five and in front of me because I spoke at everyone for about 20 years. I spoke in the remaining in front of me was three women had that in common and they were wearing pantsuits and know that they were ghetto older women. They were young.

They were older women well. He preached heaven sweet hell hot and then at lunchtime usually took a break for lunch and we come back after lunch. All three of those women were back there but they were all three wearing dresses God's word doesn't return. Boy does it.

So there you go with that were going to go to a quick song and then we had a clip go ahead and give a round thing year round, man. You know you know you sent is like spring and is a and I know can see you as a is a Clark and felt the last time I talked to Joe well…… I talked with the fold. The last time I was with. We would. We talked about making one more song. We were we were laughing about what we still have time in the well we ran out of time, but it now, I note no Joe the is heard well done my good and faithful servant because he was a very very act you guys would've loved him very, very active pro-lifer and he was with us for many years stay with the ministry came every Thursday morning for years to the men's prayer breakfast, his health started given away on them somewhat, but he always put other people first. Joe always did that and so I have no doubt that he heard those words well done my good and faithful servant.

And I know Joe's is resting in peace right now and seeing things that we can only imagine you beat me home. Joe Wright. We've got a fellas. I today I I wouldn't fly on a plane unless it was an absoluteness numbing necessary and the reason is because of the woke movement. This absolute lunacy of political correctness, where the player clip here. It's about a 40 minute clip and so that's what's happening with these pilots and why they are so fed up with this the pandemic and the poison is the the bio weapons and the mastiff there fed up with had enough but go ahead and play the clip we got a lot of segments over the past few weeks on pilots both military and civilian, and the impact it is being had on their health by this unapproved, experimental, dangerous, now proven to be deadly clock causing stroke causing injection being falsely referred to as a safe and effective vaccine because it is not a vaccine and it is not FDA approved. Let me be clear, there is no FDA approved COBIT vaccine available in the United States of America. That is a fake news line with pilots blacking out just as we predicted, dying at the controls of aircraft, atrial fibrillation, all kinds of neurological problems when they were completely healthy before just about this bio weapon job. There's another piece of ridiculous stupidity that pilots are having to put up with in its permanent masking were two years into this pandemic and it's perfectly clear that it doesn't matter at all. But still, both passengers and crew on airplanes are being ordered to wear masks for their entire flights. This is a problem.

A big problem, but she sleep is a commercial pilot gets close to four decades of experience after moving here from war-torn country with the dream of learning to fly. He drove across America, seven times hunting for a flying job before he got one in Arizona. His family built their house by hand over a five-year period there. The real American dream but now some goose step enforcers are trying to cross that Instantly. Besides, what ought to be extremely obvious, wearing a mask properly directly impedes breathing and when you directly impede breathing. It creates problems degenerate is that pilots are getting hypoxia will flying 20 don't have enough oxygen going to your brain.

Selena sees the obvious danger from this and refuses to wear a mask. Good for him but for that he's being targeted.

With thousands of dollars in fines by the TSA Sleeve argues that these fines and in fact the entire master mandates are illegal and violate FAA regulations but Airlines and Biden Junta are colluding to pretend otherwise. And of course empowering the media to just continuously incessantly lie to you over and over again. The regimes communist propaganda arm.

There is no honest media Sleeve is not a political extremist. In fact, he wasn't political at all until Coburn showed up is not a member of freedom flyers. The group that we spoken with a few times on the show. He's just an ordinary man and a pilot who's fed up and he's decided to take a stand and in the process. He's become a huge thorn in the side of the COBIT panic enforcers Sleeper joins us now as it seems to me like flying these days has just become Russian roulette.

I agree with you flying to begin with is a risky business, and there are effective rules and regulations that have been now in place for decades that the FAA has put in place that we all must follow and if we don't think happened and better things happen and that that things happened for all these rules and regulations to begin with, which is a sad part of it, but that's how it happens. That's how they are constructed. One of the rules is and everybody relies on the public, the airlines, even the FAA relies on the pilots to make the decision that they are fit for that duty. On that day and we are the ultimate decider's whether we are fit for duty or not. So it is my opinion that having a mask on restricts the amount of oxygen that pilots has in their blood system and as such it impairs their functionality. There there there brain powers if you will to ration rationalize what they are doing and and decision-making is impeded.

So, have you seen this in real life, and have you seen instances of this taking place were pilots are complaining of this all absolutely every pilots complaints about that the masks it like when but they do because they feel threatened and that the airlines are forced to do so other than complaining about the inconvenience of this thing being over your face. Has there been any real imminent threat of danger has any pilot passed out or has this caused an actual health issue, or emergency on an airline.

I have not seen anybody pass out or is not visible what you what you experienced is not quite physical, okay. Over time this can cause problems for your health, which means that you may not be able to obtain a medical certificate because restricted blood curiosity in any amount. It is proven that it can cause clotted blood clotting. So in this is speculative, it is not like or you just didn't want mask for one hour megabits go you not having any blood clotting you will have blood clots that scientifically proven that any restriction of oxygen that you give your blessing is because some blood thoughts somewhere and what I foresee is future problems that pilots will experience, and that that was stated to me by a nurse two years ago is retired now, but she said it over the is going to be nothing but problems forcing people to where the knots out or do they know what they're doing and I mean so you you said that you were political until this whole thing came about, but can we have to consider now the idea that this is being done and that these are intended consequences. You have a job on an experimental shop. It's not FDA approved that even available.

The FDA approved versions not even available in the United States. It's just more fake news from a propagandist communist media. The regimes media this thing.

One of the biggest side effects most commonly known side effects is blood clots throwing clots in the air pilots are having strokes and now you're talking about.

The mask also causing clots. Clots are obviously a very dangerous thing that can immediately and without notice incapacitate somebody maybe on a final approach just a couple hundred feet above the runway that aircraft most likely would not be recoverable by you know the by the mirror person in the cockpit so I agree, and that the problem is that it is not like that. But if that is not visible.

You really cannot say what can happen today or if I can have that you don't know what is.

And that's the problem of the FAA has a rule and we know it as FVR 6153 and it clearly states that if you know if you know or you have a reason to know of any condition any condition okay so might hypoxia is a condition as a matter fact, the FAA has a guide for medical doctors to issue the medical certificate for pilots and Abydos have pilot certificate and they have medical certificate and upon certificate without a medical certificate is just an ornament and is not, you really have to have a medical certificate in the guidance from the FAA for all these Arab medical examiners become enemies has nothing no guidance whatsoever for issuance of medical certificates with a mask on. Therefore, anybody who puts a mask on my opinion is violating FVR 6150 3F AR 6153 and this is a Federal Aviation Administration regulations regulations been on the books for a long long time hasn't changed since I start my guess is that regulation seems to be something of more serious impact than that of somebody tampering with a smoke detector in a laboratory which were often worn down prior to takeoff.

Absolutely any of the foundation of a safe aviation is the pilots health and this is not it's a lifelong commitment is like having a pet you know you you have them for life.

So when you decide to become a pilot and you receive this mega certificate. You have to take care of your health nonstop 24 seven okay it doesn't start at the flight deck door starts it doesn't stop 20 4/7.

Or you can continue to resist and not comply with this mask man blessedly. If I don't I would be biting the regulations Staffordshire absolutely have an undershirt there, lift up your search that everybody can see it and this is that justice is CFR 14 right or 40 CFR p.m. having a hard thing is the cropping and the camera but not there. It is rightly setting. We got it. Yeah, I mean so are you encouraging your other pilots that work for your airline and work for other airlines you are encouraging your colleagues to take a stand and take the mask off IM I and when I start talking about this regulation.

Many of the pilots did not remember because they learned when they start learning flight early on there. So they really forgot about even my she find it.

Who have known for years. When I start discussing this regulation within did not remember it. Now I know there are a lot of pilots that get in the cockpit that door closes any just rip the damn thing off anyways. But you know there are some that are afraid of being caught a lot of them that are afraid of being caught doing that, and so they just where which not only puts them at risk, but obviously hundreds of people behind them back and you know planes unexpectedly descending in a couple hundred kilometers per hour from 30,000 feet to the ground in just a few seconds is probably not a good idea in the name of stopping the spread on an aircraft were spreading any virus is literally virtually impossible. It is problematic. But let me let me explain that rule the TSA or the department of homeland security is issued by the Cola security directive regarding the masks and in it there's an exemption for anybody who has extensive job that that that dictates that their health and safety requires them basically to not wear a mask or anybody who falls under federal regulations that the airlines are using that exemption to allow pilots not to wear a mask on the flight deck. We don't wear the mask. We don't have to wear the mask of the flight. However, it's for safety bases for safety of the same time they finally got that that mantra is for safety. They allow a pilot who was doing the math where the mask actually violating the very premise of their policy to what is the regulation from the FAA one more time.

It's in the F AR F AR 6153 6153 everybody write that down the flying public. In my time here And sleepy so I gotta get going, but on F AR is one more time 6153. Write that down. I need to. Obviously I keep forgetting F, AR 6153 FAA regulation at the flying public should know this and if you board an aircraft is already we are back and fellas I wanted to just give you a couple things and have you comment on it because you guys like really smart so we errored. This is an article by Jim Hoff to the rights a lot articles my myocarditis rates of 31% in France and 75% in Germany. For some reason. Okay several months French doctors have argued that the spike proteins produced by cobra 19 vaccines may result in numerous deaths this winter season French doctors. That's what they're there called by the fake news. Then in November the New England Journal of Medicine suggested a similar situation.

The spike proteins produced by the cobra 19 vaccines have led to myocarditis and neurological concerns in recent results from Germany and France show that myocarditis is on the horizon this past year so vaccines were already distributed last year mitochondria's rates myocarditis rates surged more than 75%. One might say Coburn causes Miro card -itis. That's what could account for the rights except myocarditis cases drafted.

At the start of the code pandemic and Decline for a few months afterwards. What happened in the middle of last year that they could have resulted in large increase in myocarditis cases. Perhaps the widespread administration of medical intervention that causes a significant number of myocarditis cases, folks, this is the poison is poke what you think John and John found out about me me right from the very beginning, the top doctors like Dr. Michael and the Bart on the warning how the president shot on on clotting and art and that's what it was designed to do.

Learning the sum it's quick and all of the moral for a long time but were really starting to see the direct effects of the cobra 19 brightly vaccination on the heart. There are, I think Pastor Ernie, 100, 300 soccer players there throughout the world. Talk is big everywhere but America and I just sold one yesterday and I forget what country was then but he was running down the field and your lower. That is a doornail and he was like 28 years old. I mean, that never happened years ago, never, never, never very seldom see anyone dying on the field from heart attack like that almost never usual role effects. Pastor Ernie taken the chastity as a gift be shot. They think in the blood right around the heart almost bites in it and it irritates the heart the resistance going out going crazy and Quicken is in the Archean call and it stopped. Here's an article.

Here is what I want to go through some of these very fast here long funeral homes short life insurers X BlackRock fund manager discovers disturbing trends in mortality. This is from zero hedge blend of one American insurance Company CEO Scott Davison revealed that they had witnessed the highest death rates in the history of the business, not just at one American that nudges that one American is the insurance company with a jump of 40% over what they were pre-pandemic. Interestingly, Davison noted the majority of deaths are not classified due to Co. the 19th all know what one of the classified fork of the implication was clearly cobra 19 vaccines linked to the excess mortality months of vaccine injury report see with the reporting on it for two years for two years we've been telling people don't take those okay. Don't take that will kill you. It's poisonous is that a vaccine is a bio weapon. We've had urologist after virologist on here talking about that and people are still taking it because they been duped and they they trust the government put to limit read this, but even worse than that is when religious leaders when religious leaders encourage him and Jon, I want you to speak to that. But let me finish this very quickly.

Okay, goes on to say linked excess mortality and what the vaccine reports were now spilling over to actual data, which is beginning to show. Among other things, that younger working age people begin dying in much greater numbers as vaccine mandates yet for disease which primarily kills older non-working age individuals. The cut argument often presented with evidence is that the increase is due to people who postponed elective surgery and other medical treatments during the pandemic X BlackRock founder fund manager Ed Dowd is in the forward camp and spent the last month analyzing breadcrumbs associated with the rise excess mortality versus pre-pandemic levels.

Given that we are now in the middle of the earning seasons. There are some pretty big crumbs rolling out of the insurance and funeral services industries which are beginning to paint a disturbing picture.

No kidding. Mortality worsened in 2021 versus 2020. Despite widespread VAX vaccinations. Spike mortality among younger working age individuals coincide with vaccine mandates the spike in younger desiccated and Q3 2021 point cobra deaths were extremely low but rising into the end of the cave. John, you've got about 90 seconds to come in and that for the break we had all gone: there was Franklin Graham got Kierkegaard and now November of last year and he was one that was pushing the shop so coming from all appearances it took out the cycle around the sort for the reasons that John cited that are causing the market artist is this granddaughter Billy Graham's granddaughter that Lagrange granddaughter came down to peritonitis.

Also, I don't know that if she did live. John will overcome them to break we get back there.

There is a villain out there of pathology seeing lights like Fauci. Besides fudgy and his job was to go and convince very very global religious leaders that it would be a good thing to take the poisonous poke and so will we get back from the break. I want you to go ahead and and that elaborate on it if you would. Okay already there you go well and then and then after you've done that, we've got another clip.

But what's taken place right now.

North of our border in Canada are brothers and sisters. They've had enough, and there standing out there fighting back, but there's a major false flag terrorist attack warning for Canada hey tight, will be back after this took away folks is more to come. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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