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WED HR 2 020222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 3, 2022 12:02 am

WED HR 2 020222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 3, 2022 12:02 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast WR that's my spiel today. I believe in it. I believe it's the truth. And I know that you do to so care and welcome to the program was get to this. How are you. Thank you. Long time no see. Glad to have you back and we have a lot to get caught up on his as usual, I want to let you take full rain here.

I know that you want to scare your screen to a degree during our chat today. If you look Karen over over the course of what's been going on in in your research you we have we have time today for a couple of segments. What what are some of the most important things that you think we need to be talking about it have our eyes on with regards to the COBIT situation. Great question and I want to type back to Boris Johnson. We just reported on charges are to be coming across hello to our government leaders that healthcare leaders as well and will see charges brought against FDA documents that were released by Maj. Jason Murphy from Veritas. He was a Marine that work with DARPA and it clearly explains that the viruses are 13 virus we know it came from a bat. He explains how their maiden labs. You know, through Eagle health alliance funding to the Institute of biology as well as to Ralph Barrick at UNC in a number of other organizations so the viruses what's in the injections with people are calling vaccine so it's very clear that the vaccines are bio weapon a virus but from about a weapon I said second into a syringe and there is no gray area is very clear and there's other ways that they can attack global populations is not just with the syringe, although that's the most efficient way to get bio weapon a chimeric virus guide pilot body through aerosol attacks and whatnot so I just think the body of evidence is there, the contrast between our government and military or the world governments in motor and other world governments and Pfizer. It's clear that there say luck, you're either going to engage with us on this level and you were going to inject these bio weapons.

If your population over to your country so there is behind all of this people been in denial of you and I covered it over the summer.

You know I say luck we might not be were at war with the CCP, but they say they're at war with us and most of these weapons were developed in China so we got up for what I think was important to go through some of these documents and just show your viewers that that chimeric function is to weapon eyes and chimeric seats and we need to take for multiple species, so is paid for bio defense not create weapons so as it turns out some of the ramp always really been a hero all this: LG out of all this. Yeah. I mean, he's been calling out about doing the gain of function research that he lied about that. That's where he's he started bed. One of the days that I start hearing last week was how to search the NIH grant database and I noticed the senator started to search that surgeon Jordan discovered about $50 million in grants to those independent scientists who are advising Saatchi about the origins of the virus. I show this hundreds and hundreds of millions of talks taxpayer dollars that went to create weapons to use on the global population including American citizens or children in this hundreds of million dollars that went as bribes is chaos for people to go along with the narrative silence hydroxychloroquine and I corrected so that all the government database and I'm relieved to know that the good guys are pulling this evidence and and and they're not being timid at all and presenting it to the American population, so it's an exciting time to see that the tables turn excellent grades are. So what you have for source documentation and so forth will go swallow this to so this is the letter that Sgt. Maj. Jason Murphy wrote to Pratik Veritas explaining the documents that he was providing to them so this is just a summary. This is straight from project Veritas and what meter Murphy was saying is that the stars come to virus is American created vaccine so say the vaccine is a virus right I pray by Eagle health alliance at the neurology and all the details regarding his claim that he dismay can be found in this folder is real quick and I read the whole letter but part of see what he says is like look, providing you enough information to start an investigation and to correct the pandemic strategies strategy is as before America we didn't know our enemy and now we do and he says the problem can be framed appropriately and specifically against the confirm hypothesis which is that this is a bio weapon made in the lab unleashed on the global population, so maybe that's part of the reason why were seeing all of these one 80s being done in regards to protocols and mandates, and he says look limiting disease transmission can't can be dropped as the strategic and he said it's not the actual problem is not feasible, and I'll explain that in these documents. They explain the source code to virus is not transmissible. It is very unlikely for human to human transmission and Ingrid talk about that a little bit and then lastly says look the basically the strategy is early treatment protocols prophylaxis. You know quarantine the second week and that's how we can get back to you relighting America for making America great again.

So this is the document from DARPA, they put this out this is from our Department of Defense as a request for proposal for ways to prevent emerging infectious diseases from becoming pandemic specifically. Also how to protect their soldiers now. I just so this is literally from their proposal is a little hard so the reservoirs are the animals you know it's a bat and Ybor bird. It can also be swine okay in the vector what they're saying is mosquito some cedarwood, which they have a bat balancing the pig and the pig with the new cedarwood than staying the soldier and Natalie gets infected is a made-up story. This is completely fictitious. Yet viruses don't naturally jump from animals to humans because of a mosquito or because you know you know about me. Now the pangolin is Jon Stewart that's not what happened there made in the lab.

This is a completely fictitious story and some you know and what they explain what diffused explains from the lines, they explain how this does actually happen, you know, I'm just look at the time, but I wanted you to do justice were up against a brick. So what's come back and pick up right here we left off. Please join a virtual break will be right back with Karen Kingston stay with us right right okay folks, so we were quick, very quick spot right here in the room without windows.

My cohost Ellie Fraser Valley hope you will ever build cohost on the wall between the radio talkshow in the country before I will paid the first for me. So when radio we are doing now my time looking for a good time. Good we are doing very well so will will have you come back and Coles was doing so well this commercial food okay were going right back to so far. Ellie, are you learning something there. I over there some more with the bric-a-brac rights with Doug Billings on everybody. Welcome back to the right side with Doug Billings where conservative values ring down like manna from heaven.

I'm here today with one of my dear friends Karen Kingston were getting caught up on what she's got on her mind and Karen was continue on with the screenshot in the slides that your sharing was continue. This is a fictitious story.

Viruses don't jump from animals to humans and nature. That's not how God created his kingdoms show. This is the proposal from Eagle health alliance is called diffused using the threat about or coronavirus, is this, is there response to the RFP from from that from DARPA from our Department of Defense and the Savior view is about 2030 pages of reading is straight to the cartoon from the proposal detail how they did is they say luck.

We found Batson will find that carry the stars coronavirus is the back when that little R is the best answer bat back rotavirus and US cancer-causing species in the same key.

We found that carry the human coronavirus horoscope wine and looking for the cave is located at the Wuhan biology indicated they explain how they make the weapon eyes viruses (not really extract the code on the back put them in the backbone of the human coronavirus were going to add other viruses that it says right here in a construct. Chimeric viruses really construct multi-species weapon eyes viruses and were going to inject and humanize my keep in mind the use of human embryonic cells throughout this process to ensure that nonhuman virus from a bat will hear to human cells so they do this to the mice and then use predictive modeling. Artificial intelligence computer generation. To me different variations different variants and different nations for the virus and the spike proteins so this is how you make a virus that jumped from about two human in the lab and I'm real quick. This is out of their proposal. The first sentence says exactly what I just said but he goes on to say that the virus will reconstruct the full length WI the one the Wuhan biology spike proteins source code which posits humanize my clinical signs of illness anyway.

And then they say here. This is what so appalling about what they did is that the clinical signs your symptoms when you're getting sick is not to be reduced by the monoclonal antibodies or vaccination. Why buy that your body produces to the virus work against the spike protein that causes disease, and the vaccination is not working.

The vaccine that you present your bodies and they constructed the spike protein which is anybody's downfall protein like bullet Superman guys don't believe the vaccine is the bio weapon says here in Pfizer's approval from August 23, on page 25 four PMR name: Heidi is a single-stranded mRNA encoding the full length horoscope to spike protein derived from the W.


Wuhan, each you want to isolate djembe from China. So just taking this kind of like full picture before documents from our government that this is a bio weapon and then talking about that the bodies will not bind to the spike protein to prevent inflammation.

I presented this on your on your show before this was published in February 2022 guys here Barney Brown to the NAI NAIA AIG under algae Jason Mylan works for Mo Derrida in the same right here that they created the spike protein added to them and they tested several stars go to antibodies.

The receptor binding domains bodies found that they don't mind the spike protein that they created so this is the spike protein produced by the vaccine is made with no Derrida. The NIAID apparently our military is a picture of it shows before, this is how it finds beautifully to the receptors in your heart lung and kidneys. The spike protein produced by the virus and then this is it flat line. These are three monitor, advised that your body would naturally produce the balance off the spike protein so they can't prevent it from binding your heart on the kidneys and is February 2020. This was published. This is just them showing their art there. There were this is a great part of the proposal to answer the question was accidental loudly is no is not this part of the proposal they talk about how they're going to vaccinate the best vaccination is to inoculate them with the human back coronavirus how are we going to inspect the balance with our weapon eyes virus Dr. rock out of USGS National wildlife has three proposed delivery systems that he has created or collaborated to get one is transdermal. He applied now particles. What is something on your skin to be international particle delivery system and can infect the bat with the virus. Second, they're going to get the back something to eat. It's an edible gummy and last is there any use aerosol spray to spray the bat, the last part was really what got me which is read verbatim from the proposal where you have automated sprays triggered by timers and detectors at critical key entry point so that they can infect them with a spray with a virus or if all the bat say about 513 and are waiting for their subway to come at 5:05 PM and they know there's 500 bats waiting for the subway.

They can then use the aerosol attack and infect them with this bio weapon virus that would be really a Hollywood movie script to talking with you is the how so we could be. Try not to get into conspiracies over here subway were waiting for subway. The spray is what about this country.

What about everything else that were soon to discuss what else can we possibly worry about that. So they do this with the bats they really do have in their caves. These automated triggered systems that were virus older Dell sprayed on the bat. So what the world do you make of it. Karen Kingston talk about human beings. Be talking about that set out to be shut down.

Now that you have this conversation. Like because I don't get is a fine line between being jealous you are vigilant and cautious and paranoid.

So I think I think this information out to the right people going so the other reason why there's enough evidence to say that this was not unintentional. This was an intentional release in the proposal that Jason Murphy Maj. Jason Murphy released a Veritas provided addendum is one of them was a publication from Eagle health lines from March 2016.

Title is ours like Wuhan biology coronavirus is poised for human emergence and this is the abstract that I pulled up. I'm just summarizing read the scientific words, what they say like look, we create a source code virus from that and it does a great job causing infection disease, information, and death in humans. Here's the problem. There's not it, because it weekends was in fact the bats over the human body becomes weaker so human to human transmission isn't likely. So it's not a pandemic potential. We need to make a couple more adaptations that this was ready locked and loaded ready to release in 2016 but they were saying it is not a pandemic potential. This is stars go to this is what was released on the American people and I read a study it was in one of the. Journals at the beginning of this outbreak in early 2020. The first 13 people who are infected and hospitalized Wuhan. They were exposed to about 600 other individuals including healthcare workers, there is not one piece of human to human transmission stars go to is not transmissible. That's part of the reason why you're seeing these charges being brought against her will be leaders. There was never endemic and articulated in these documents. Lester severely severely immunocompromised hospital become infected with this in 2020. Really what happened either. What happened in New York City or Kings County nursing home. There was a bile attack in aerosol spray or some other kind of inoculation strategy such as surface transdermal eight or what happened was people your audit drama to the spirit as usual those things we cover to show just today with a document that was produced by Philip Island editorial room, UK, and we would cover that in depth in the right gear and there there are groups out there to the ICC. The international criminal court preparing a case right now against Boris Johnson of the UK and other world leaders awful crimes against humanity in an organization over the UK called nice that was built with elderly care researchers in the UK that basically were killing were exterminating the elderly, much as much as like we experienced in New York City here in the United States are sorrel begins to break my friend back and continue after the spiritual break.

Ladies and gentlemen here already. Okay were big belly. One of the things here. What was talking about what happened and you know they're trying to back away from them for the UK, there is equivalent to our AMA American medical food there equivalents that long time ago. These vaccines are not fit for human consumption, though they were much more owners that already away. These are the they should not be taking these yet.

The above the global depopulation movement headed up by Jason Fauci. Another, they continued to force upon the people and so that's what happened here to will will talk about that later… Let's go back welcome back to the right side with the goings of rights back to the middle of the play between the two shining seashores in the United States Republic of America inspired and created by God himself also was with someone who was inspired and created by God himself on with your kids. Welcome back, and this is always exciting, always know on one level it's befuddling because you read the stuff that gosh stuff that you bring forward is is incredible and we have no documents from DARPA and other things which are guiding us through. So let me just turn it back over to you. Walk us through the remaining portions of your presentation. We were created by God. We were created.

I'm totally we we were wonderfully and carefully need in her mother's wounds and you know someone needs a reason why you don't want the vaccine for their child to say I do not want synthetically created genes in my body. I don't want something from a bat injected into my body, for I don't want genetic material in my body that's a really easy way to say no thank you to the vaccine. Anyway, thank you. I so let's wrap this up quick.

I want to go straight to the rejection letter from DARPA. This is really important is no major media outlet is covering being rejected it because it was too dangerous, but the other reason why they rejected it was because of dirt, you are see that dual use of research funds that dark, our department of defense need to be funded by other government agencies so they did well did not stop at the proposal that Eagle health lines. Provided he provided biographies or charts and payroll for the team Congress.

If anyone wants to know. Dr. ECT is at the reality is that when I her salaries about 26 bucks in our life event I that it is proposal detail was important is peer Health alliance. He says right here hundred $30 million from USAID, which is another government taxpayer dollar organization for project is to identify emerging emerging diseases across the globe and when he says to our DoD is like hey if you go down here to this line above Ralph. There is don't worry we get caught creating these bio weapons because it's my job to provide evidence of the origins of stars go to yeah well you dollars to find out where these viruses are coming from animals and then he's actually making the viruses when enemies of America and then route back to yourself Google USAID project I talked about how he is going to identify spillover or spread from animals and emerging recent regions and one of the countries I highlighted was China. China is fine, but this is really damning information for fallacies so he has said many times on the floor.

I have never funded research at the urology or since the state was put in place that we cannot fund it will just between 2017 and 2019 Eagle health alliance.

Almost $2 million directly for understanding the risk of back rotavirus emergency click on the description. It is almost verbatim within the DARPA eco-health alliance. So he paid $2 million dollars to Eagle health between 2017 and 2019 for that project that the DoD's it was too dangerous so he was blatantly lying.

He also paid Ralph Barrick totaled $8 million around their sequences for this westernized virus sending them to singly she is urology and she was injecting them or crating them from the bats injected into mice and they were working together as a team. Dr. Barragan, in general, e.g. we cover this on your show 200 and then just as Prof. Barrick says he is going to create recombinant chimeric spine proteins from the known back rotavirus. He says I'm going to weapon eyes of virus in the background of virus more deadly and more positive. This is from the proposal even worse because you like, well, he just funded proposal. She is the last year alliance another $2 million function back rotavirus. This was with the virus which is in the virus has severe brain swelling and a 70% mortality rate. Oh and by the way they predicted to be an outbreak in Southeast Asia research is being done and September last year there was a small outbreak in India where people had children of your brain swelling and he still gets worse.this is proposal for $1 million. That felt she gave to Christopher Boehner at the Henry Jackson foundation for military medicine so he gave Dr. Broder $1 million and in the description of the abstract. This is the definition of your research.

He says will indicate these are from back the Cedar virus chimeric viruses were going to encode glycoproteins of virus and the head of the virus.

I explore the potential of an unknowable virus vaccine re-create the virus so construct and rescue virus virus and virus from so they're going to create a function weapon eyes viruses from three types of viruses in different types of going to create chimeric viruses, multi-species, viruses, Intel-based infection in studies and are also going to then measure the immune response in immunocompetent your deficient, deficient mice humanize myself to see how he responds and then they're going to test the abilities of the vaccinations of his losing Ray to create the virus right here virus that that person also gives them another $5 million to create the vaccine and therapies for the virus.

They just created but harkens back to 2002 when you broke on this program.

The news that they had created the vaccine and the virus itself back in 2002 there doing the same thing again in 2021. Old habits die hard. These are these are unfortunately more deadly edits from multiple species and it's from I mean people have no they don't believe that this is a spiritual war. This is an attack on God's greatest creation which is man and it's taking we would somewhat consider pestilence of the earth and rodents taking their material and injecting it into man vaccines contain luciferase DNA. The purpose of those two vehicles is to allow for genetic material to be infiltrated and integrated with human cell suits writing. It is absolutely disgusting. I agreed that was some caring for John and Jane dough on the streets of America who, although it may be hard for us you would I do believe you might not understand why in the world would felt she Broder Ralph barracks.

Why would the why would they do this, why is it because they want to their trading a bit about the virus there creating that and inventing the vaccine.

Is it purely for monetary gain or the rather devious, more sinister things employer it's for expert power and control over people and you know one of the first objective is to depopulate the populations, there is less people to go through.

I was going to go totally to genocide is also playing God. So keep in mind that with the crisper technology with NGS next-generation sequences, scientists figure out how God made man in his image.

They found the code and they just thought will you know were working to play God. Now were going to make our own species. That's what this is and they been doing it for decades in the last and so think about hunters. I guess this is the ultimate kill is to now, let's try to create a new species out of.

Sure the screen and come back to you and me for second what you okay well look or that's a lot to get it is always tried to get those documents from your parents. We can put them up on the cure in Kingston section of my website.

Already we are back footsie. We were told about the two population. Think back in the 1980s back in the 1980s on his radio program. We were telling you I was so do the readings we were naming the players and telling who was involved in. Their goal was to depopulate live The same number down to half a billion people and though that's always been from the 1980s were going to go to a break and then we go back to my cohost Ali Frazier will be you will be taking phone calls and so you ready for some calls.

Ellie Bullinger open it. 677-9673 nationwide. 677-9673 nationwide will be back right after this more so you already. We are no utilities of those I have a hard time remembering names with your names will be easy to remember. Know the one with her think of a viewer. Think of the thrill of Manila. Do you know what I'm talking about you not know you would swear before you were born probably well with Ali and Joe Frazier. They fought over really okay will all right be ready take some calls work over the word you know it when they talk about the bad that souls will serve a list of words in this those bio weapons were made.

Also with the souls of aborted babies would choose, but there's no other reason for not taking the loan as cannibalism looks go into tom-tom your earlier I'm doing okay.

How are you show all knowledge people wake him up. My question is, you will help many of us, you only people hold small things going on over overlying the following Scripture demonstrating what the Lord will brush a little victory told people that are nonbelievers and what not a revolution but people rebellion against the other know this happened all around the entire all over the world.

You just fax March back in the flow but a week ago.

So all the different countries or watch of the DCU had thousands and thousands of saw huge about a people to mount in Canada right now. You can we we told you before, up to 70,000 trucks and are going to do the same thing here were tired of the facts were tired of the mask were tired of all this control. It's about controlling the population. In fact, we need to warn the people in Canada right know and auto wall and other welders going to be where you we believe that this could be a major false flag terrorist of the we believe the CIA's Mockingbird media already spinning. Though this humongous so we believe this could be the deep state observed data going to do a false flag there in Ottawa that we can expect that where we are at war with the antichrist world system. But thanks for calling. Let's go to the Cliff Cliff. I got up I got 1/4 cold new board on 1.4 world parole board through those on the media how much money you gave examples quickly eroded all basically paid for about I don't think people realize, I realize how much of what you pro-abortion also called abortion was actually paid for or General Mills works not actually paid for the two sorrows clue, but you also have gates to 370 million to the media to life to live a life that's what they're doing right small form.

Some of the doctor was actually on the beachfront, but I will let a little hopeful because not all about health partially about getting something in the body of people to the web abortion thing for you Will usually log all three.

We really live you know Fremont four months know where the people for so sickly over their own knowledge about what's coming over to talk about that. And even if you look at some of them for what may be lip pandering to a group that will pull from throwing the parole board should know so pro-abortion culture. That's what the I got a move on the exclusive let's go to Dora Dara you're in there. I people know what's going on here in New York City with their doing is calling people. I got a call today from the Department of Health and they are offering to come over to my apartment and give me a vaccine will okay and I thing you know, I don't know I'm a senior so maybe they're just calling all seniors or maybe they know which of us have not gotten back although no no, they know well you know I had an idea like if they say to me what would you know I would play to them well I've been vaccinated already and they look at their papers confused. You know what we don't have you down here right well I don't know because I was and then they'll go through. Where were you vaccinated lab of can you imagine, I mean if that's starting to like actually come over to your apartment and Mike. You know your will will will give you something in the house okay no thank you anyway.

I could cite like to say I was I was with a real vaccine about two years ago you. I want to say that I've been taking Wendy, when the product and her straggler. Okay, I really think it's really keeping me healthy sizes when it comes to natural medicine, natural medicine that's her know what it comes to natural does some food tomorrow. I've got the Peter Glidden okay and that he's going to be. He's always up what was happening to know these people to so many will slip it under attack. No, just like we have known the Christian reader. There are always trying to come after me over the years you heard how many times and try to take me down.

I I've heard that big band and then you have got you know I don't know how people can go around and not depend on God. I don't get it because that's the only thing for me things that you crazy now absolutely looks like you so much to go blue Star of the government already. All you you just jump in if you want to lick you, want to just jump right in and around already. So let's go to Bruce brochure near all. Hello Bruce, I what he called so-called Joe was a dear friend for over 40 years, God blew up. "Think about about 14. One thing I do know you took the job mobility shot you yet.

I will woke up with them about what why did you go, don't you know what going on global be part we often like maybe Bob go really heartbroken. I go I got like I never go there. What happens is that even the ones that don't.

We've had some several the people we talked about on the radio program try to push their windows of their own. We got the whole bottom. According to a call that we got her office. That's what happened to. I'm sure he would move voluntarily with the call before them.

I didn't know what what I want, like what I would talk little Joe's. It was a bit of the Lord's own heart was proactive pro-lifer you last conversation I have with Joe. We made several songs together. The last conversation I had with him. We did the potentate was that we will make one more song together we can record a song while we were snow around the we never got that done. Put know know the jokes I have no doubt that he's heard well done my good and faithful servant because he was always put other people before himself. The Bible reading like 1010 and complete folk like ammonium. Well, I was sure the priest shoes on them about the lowdown on them about it. Let me know what is there to go with. But all that really lie crazy were livid and were living in I see and I'm not the only one. A number of other pastors about known and seen the same thing. Seems like the Lord is like he's taking a bunch taken a lot of the heroes of the faith home early, before before things get really tough. I mean that's my opinion probably got 24 general lack yeah and people are dying in huge numbers and the increase in again. Their being killed often and here you got you got the deep state suit up.

The reason that Fauci is not being put on trial for murder and gates and that is because we don't have a department of justice. We don't overdo the Department of Justice used to be an independent department. No Mayor Garland just the part is like a strong arm a part of the Delta credit card and its collective going out there going after Christians going after patriots.

This is the antichrist to American as you can possibly get notice know they have no legitimacy.

The going is turned into a bunch of dirty cops really dirty cops to bring no, not at all what we have. Next we have done for more calls and okay we don't have time for more calls right now we could work towards a time.

The most important part of this program only. We always start off with Scripture. We always end with Scripture and the most important thing to anyone. The time will come for everybody else and listing everybody else and listen to listen, you can come in this supported Tolman was the dog and then the judgment and when you die is not really complicated.

There's one ultimate authority.

There's only one complete and total authoritative explanation from creation. From creation to know those codes were right here.

The King James Bible that I have folks here when you die, you could end up either heaven or hell supportable once to die, and then the judgment values that was odd.

I don't think I'd necessarily agree with.

It doesn't matter what you agree with this going to happen. There's no chance there's absolutely zero chance that it won't happen.

You could end up either heaven or hell no in between.

There is only one way to avoid help the Lord Jesus Christ made a very, very clear that there's no other intercessor between God and man put him and his peers would set in order to did he did what it took became a sacrifice he took the punishment is a holy God holy God has to punish them.

That's what oligarchs do what is right and the Holy Ghost, but is and so it goes this way, we needed the only thing the father would accept the only thing that he would if that would be a perfect sacrifice to keep him from sending all of us to hell for return and he only wanted to provide the completely perfect totally similar set of flights was Lord Jesus who decided not to. We've all been in the world are heard but Christ hung up on the cross. He took our place of substitutionary death.

This is for real, but here's what he said in order to receive this. You've got to pray to the father.

Jesus prayed to the father ask for forgiveness of your sins's gotta be repentance. There are those people out there that are preaching today, especially that word of the repentance is not mis-necessary for salvation. Will is that with the Lord Jesus that he made a very, very clear, unless you repent you to you two shall receive their nation and so you need to pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sins than what you've done that then call upon the name of the Lord Jesus know the words you asked Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

All of your life with absolutely no reservations. You gotta put you go putting first is what he said. He said was you put me before your father, your mother's sister. Your brother, he's gonna be first, and then if you do that if you do that you will become a new creature, a born-again believer in their of the kingdom and you will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and once that happens, your own, you will be on the road. Will you be on the road to eternity and vote for for then you will have everlasting life. So here that's that's the long and the short of it were running out of time. All for tonight all you want to thank you for being here in the know you'll love to do this again.

I'll probably see you on March March 11 or 12th over there with the with Molly and bring America back to life will you well already. I'll be looking forward to that and will God bless thanks for being here early in the all of them where we want to say good night God bless and always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Once hosted by Pastor Ernie sender to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR W. Please tune in next time what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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