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TUE HR 2 020122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 1, 2022 11:59 pm

TUE HR 2 020122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 1, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR or they were back to double the usual this coming Sunday evening.

Normally, pastor, hell Larson, a breach of the evening service. Leverage the morning with this coming Sunday while pastor Walter Wallace is going to be preaching the evening service. No Job is a a is a black pastor. He's very active in the pro-life movement is on the board of Ohio pro-life action committee and he is the he puts on a booklet design because that here the claimant area and course in Akron to the vast majority of those coming to kill the babies are black people would get in so because that the wars on them and the death accredits a behind-the-scenes are not supposed to know they're not supposed to know that there behind killing all these black babies and so anyhow so he's going to be our preacher. This this and guess what you want as a black man, but he's got an ID he's got a drivers license and to to go and he can go and vote.

Right now, and right, you know, because we know the front roof rack of wind and wind with no I'm in time to listen to the news in them. Rachel Makar call will tell you that black people can get IDs Jerry and the and and and and and so will you know what the cushion Goldberg will tell you it's it's very difficult. That's why you have to legalize election fraud. This is why Joey Biden in the death accredits the criminals.

I mean that that party there's there's joint. I don't think there's one that not one that is not totally corrupted and that the theocratic I'm his party. But that's why they're trying to legalize election fraud. There's there's nothing nothing left at all. That has not been totally turned dirty and the party. I mean it's really gotten bad. But anyhow, he's going to be preaching this Sunday and then when I was telling at the tea party meeting Joe. It was exuberance, there were rhyming people there. They were running starting all the way with precinct leaders looking for precinct committeemen than statewide present committeeman state representative, state senators, there were people there running for all kinds off ever.

There is like people you never would've thought would be running for office.

Is that enough is enough. We've had enough and they're going out now. Here's what would people have to do they have to pull the children out of the public. They gotta pull their children out of their Anna and I can tell you we need to start to date they need to stop stop paying taxes to that system okay because is corrupted.

It's absolutely totally corrupt and soaked drifter Mercury quite like Baltimore and Baltimore are: scroll the glamour of fairly all over the place. They graduate these characters passing through their character, get a graduation from high school or cap rate Fill out a job application. I see that here in Missouri business people say there I school graduate terms and they have to help him fill out a job application.

Codes are not able to read the application's job. You know I used to have years ago back in the early days I had furniture stores ahead and we was in the retail business, and so also in the rental business and we would have an aunt and I'm talking about college graduates that would come in and some of them were having a hard time not windy at the filling out credit applications know Joe, I know exactly the year. This all started. It started Joe in 1962 What What Took Pl. in 1962. What that pierogi weighed know that was in 7370 62. There was when your moment. I should know that okay I will only give you an example hit Madeline Murray O'Hare bearer of area novel inverted.

Here's the trick God that works from the character out of the public school when not likely that was the year so we God left there open to that year every year of America was number one in the whole world scholastically number one learn scroll and return of the planet and we were number one in the world and in math and English and no, but then starting with that very year when God left he walked out the door was left open and the other guy came in the God of the deathly grants Satan himself and we've seen what is happened to the public is becoming public fool system ever since the indemnitor out current 73 restarted was okay to kill off children created an image of God. God's precious children as gifts, and (five new off all of its moral is out right and those those teachers unions are corrupt, their nothing but hotbeds of cultural Marxism the communist to the bone and you teachers out there interested.

Those of you that God any integrity. If you get any honor and decency, or any integrity you get out of the teachers union you leave right on their collective Baltimore radio school administrators ordered the cops to stop arresting their parents for crime journal like theft and drug dealing and stuff so well the cops for the day.

The number of arrests dropped 98%. The kids no longer had to obey the law and 93. The kids can't read, write, or anything. Now we've got this same type of thing in these different states. The other thing there during our graduating them even if a clock because they quote there was a Harvard educated graduate with a degree, PhD I can remember his name now but he said they're doing this because they want to avoid the punitive approach, we can't be punitive in our discipline as the students and so we just let them do whatever they want they can steal they can sell drugs and scrolls.

They can fail will give them a diploma and tell them go get them tiger what they're doing is they are enslaving folks black and Hispanic races of these poor communities.

The black lives matter that says black lives matter how they scream it and everything. What are they doing they are destroying the black family.

They are destroying the black children they are destroying the inner cities and they are putting the black and slavery to the Democratic Party.

That is what is called the gospel truth's were going to play the clip and listen to this alluded listen little bit to Mr. Clouse okay here's a guy that did that is the divorce group over there.

And these are people that bragging about how they've been able to have the take over countries by infiltration so money under the land taken away back to this live Wednesday addition of the Alex Jones show on your hostile accounts were not to dive into something that is of paramount importance and is an issue that I hammer home every day because it is one of the main piece of victory and destiny. We have to know who our enemies are. We have to understand who the Globalstar and what their plans for us are and how they brag in hundreds of books they've written and thousands of articles that I personally ran. I'm sure there's thousands more.

I haven't read about how were idiots and how we need to be depopulated and how they taken control of society and civilization to the corporations and we simply identify these people and realize from their own words and deeds with not boasting that they are the authors of 90% or more of the worlds problems now. An example of this is because one of these essential example of if you go to the Wikipedia page has a link to the demo script with him bragging about three years ago seizing control of quote democracies by penetrating them and infiltrating them and wining and dining and paying off young leaders. In many cases, the college level and up by the thousands every year around the world using intelligence agency tactics to then embed them as spies inside first local state and federal governments, then these international organizations, like the IMF and World Bank UN through the demo script can direct a top-down takeover by the very top of the world system is unelected authoritarian going and recruiting and getting all the people elect important positions in the local, state and national governments. This is how you capture civilization bases. What has happened to us, and I understand our amazing audiences to nursing and Alex.

We knew this before you were born or lauded by gallants retuning 20 years ago we know.

We checked no strip. Why are you telling us again because the general public still doesn't know The top lawyers and top bank owners and top talkshow host all the time. It's been 1015 minutes showing them clips about class Schwab of the UN and the demo script. The Baltimore great in the club of Rome and British intelligence and in an and Carol Quigley and Cecil Rhodes explain how it all works and bloom they wake up they understand it there, often running and then there now out exposing so we've gone from almost nobody on about this 25 years ago to a large portion of getting in and were very very close to identifying it, and stopping it dead in its tracks. Now a new piece of video has emerged from the Harvard Kennedy school with the globalist New World order.

Operative David Gergen interviewing Clouse Schwab at the Kennedy school was again one of these big levels organizations general real Kennedy Robert F. Kennedy Junior fighting the great reset agenda and you got something bearing his brother's name and it's absolutely captured by the organization multinational group that undoubtably ran the murder of the man whose name announced: assistance is too rich but getting back to the video clip you're about to see. It's only minute and 15 seconds long real link in the live Sophia and The full hour long discussion using a water soccer stuff this is bad and it but fear is Clouse Schwab admitting what he says in the Wikipedia entries on television in front of a crowd of people on C-SPAN. Same that their alumni including Angela Merkel and Latimer.

No, you know that including the prime minister of New Zealand, the Minister of Canada of the president of France, all of them went to the Bilderberg school the day. Most young level leader school not is anybody wanting a powerful and I want to get ahead wants to go be part of the spirit, sing everybody that's gone is evil but also Gabbard's went to Dan Crenshaw but the point is is that we should be aware of this and understand this and understand what class Schwab set up with Henry Kissinger is only a more modern model of what the British round table group started setting up boys like India, 250 years ago the British East India company that then spread around the world and that is organizations and groups to go and recruit the locals around table grapes that are controlled like a central agent in the middle that operate like a British intelligence operation because it is a British intelligence operation that's the model of it, Carol Quigley, many others rebuffs about as big Burzynski is not a secret. In the intelligentsia and we have to be adults. Another playbook and what replicants realize these globalist would be controllers are very evil.

I don't even want you to be alive. That's radiology is to destroy, to enslave you and suck everything you got out of you and then destroy you mentally got Apollo social. Here's the short extremely powerful clip to come back with more mentioned no names like smoke a little. Even Vladimir Putin and so on, say, all have been younger leaders of stability can be cool back then what the already plowed dolphin all see younger generation light Prime minister to go, president of Perez, Alpharetta, Argentina, and so on. Simply pendant basic happiness.

So yesterday I was another set of reception for all private and I would know sent half Or even Baja forces commitment for all activity.

Young nobody is of stability grateful. That's true in Argentina as well. It's doing Argentina and swing fonts. Now I maybe super resident with that young nobody about it or live. We link to it again and in the live show theater. You can go watch this for yourself or he's describing their alumni. You know that here you go Jill. This is what we've been telling people for years, but now the good things are.

People are starting to awaken. They are pulling their children of the public fools there pushing backs against the poison's poke incident interesting here because it is you know true Joe was hiding in his house because of the truckers in Canada. There is a movement and he's trying to get Biden to to use our military. I don't think our military. I think our military. I don't think there you would do that.

Where were at a point right now where they realized that this is their country to and so we are under attack by the enemy from within domestic enemy of the Communist Party that that the credit Communist Party is the domestic enemy. They are the party of insurrection affect you.

I gonna write an article on that myself right here says here exclusive David Cappelli and shows how today's radicalized death of Kratz are the real coup plotters when you have one year after January 6.

Capital right.

Joe Biden greatly informed the nation that the incident during which exactly one person and unarmed female pro-Trump protester was killed will refund out there were more than that killed right unnecessarily shot to death.

She was murdered. She was murdered by a dirty cop and enter the video of one of the cop talked about he never heard any verbal command before the shot. That's one of the things people run the reason Losey won't release all those videos because there is improvement that policeman that shot her light that he you know yelled something out before it fired so well a lot going on here. We saw it look she was there right behind her standing right behind her was a uniformed police officer. It right and so this guy agency.

He murdered her. He murdered her, but because he was black and in DC and because what what could he say what could he tell on Pelosi. They protected him. The whole idea and because we do not have a Department of Justice as it is been totally compromised. It is dirty. It is dirty to the court now okay and so that's why he got away with murder. But listen, he's not going to get away God's eyes as he knelt, God knows a road does not forget when you had to January 6 Right joy. Biden greatly informed the nation that the incident was killed one person and female Trump protester was killed unnecessarily shot to death that close range without warning by Capitol Hill. Please was the most significant test of the democracy since the Civil War.

Biden delivered the extra extraordinarily assessment immediately after the vice president camel hair solemnly equated the out of control DC which means district of crime protest to both the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

They killed 2413 Americans and injured 1178 and the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, which killed 2977 will camel hair compared those now. Again, this, this, that the truth is that we know the truth and one is the. The media is lying through their teeth. I mean they're just unbelievable how they're lying through their teeth. But we know that the this was a false flag it was set up. It was perpetrated by the Federal Bureau of insurrection and it was headed up by nasty Pelosi and the death of credit Communist Party that's the truth that's reality but there's not enough honesty. There is not enough integrity, decency within any of what they call the mainstream media to tell the truth. They forgotten how to tell the truth right well here's what that all insurrection thing right now there is a Republican in North Carolina and Madison, Copthorne, and he their people in North Carolina claiming that he took part in an insurrection. There is a suspicion quote suspicion took part in an insurrection and therefore is not qualified to be in Congress they want him removed from the ballot. He cannot run from reelection.

This is why they're clinging to this insurrection thing you see way back part of the Civil War there was. They didn't allow people who took part in the insurrection, the real insurrection Civil War against the US from being now able to go in the Congress.

Later and these people are trying to use that and go after this congressman thick ball.

We suspect that you are part of an insurrection, and so this is what they're doing or trying to use this type of thing to keep Republicans and other people from running from adding the votes from that's backfiring Jill because of they get into it but somehow it should get into the court that hasn't gone dirty that will backfire on and so right now there's a big law firm. The law firm is called the Bopp law firm and they are challenging all of this. There is violating the Copthorne's First Amendment violates his due process violates the house power to determine the qualification of its members and also violates the federal law because he hasn't been charged and just because some politician quote has a suspicion, so I think were going to win on this one, but the point is, this is why they're clinging to the whole idea of the insurrection Trump can't run for office. If he was the leader of an insurrection, Copthorne and other people who were supporting the March there if they're guilty of being an insurrectionist they're going to try keep them running for office is just what is going on out there.

Thereafter, Republican Party, and this is just one of the dirty tricks are trying to use to not get wiped out in this next election next November. I think what you're going to have you and I have. I know what to do. Doing all of these are insurgency all of the insurgents that dirty Joe is bringing in midnight flights bikinis guy they're being placed in place of when they when they get in the command to start burning cities. We better do whatever we have to do to stop the election if if it's you go to the polls. Whatever it is that again there being placed in position to do that now looking to violence that was Mankato and the BLM the black lives matter that were burning the police stations that were burning churches and robbing and burning up the car dealerships and buildings and eluding all the shops there training these people. They are making the American citizen. Afraid of the rioters. And if that kind of thing breaks out people be afraid to go to the polls and vote there trying to get rid of political candidates from being able to run.

They are so afraid of this coming November election. They are doing everything possible to stay in power because if they lose many of them could end up in jail with the Republicans get back control.

Since when I went on the full-length note that 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 you know how Biden was to his so-called Supreme Court nominee to be a black woman is made.

This is going to be a black will not let me ask you this, Jim. If he gets one again, and she does get confirmed by some chance for her entire life. She will be known by the entire country that the only reason she's on the court is because of her gender. And because he's black. The children shall be note everybody and even the others on there was a will you here you really not qualified to be here on. The only reason you're here now. You remember the time when when it didn't matter in this country would would your gender was a skin color only what your qualifications were to be a nominee for the court to remember when George Bush tried to put out a California Supreme Court justice name Janice Rogers Brown who was a black woman and basically there was a new story. The leaked out that the left didn't want to Republicans to have a shot in nominating the first black woman to the Supreme Court so they all got together and banned her. In fact, all but one Democrat Benjamin Nelson of Nebraska was the only one that didn't vote against the nomination of Rogers Brown that included Biden, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and all the rest. There was a good candidate, Janice Rogers Brown him to be a black woman and because Republican nominator they had now now now we've got to be the party that doesn't well now see the. You know we already have a flexor court justice possibly Wellfleet.

We do have a black Supreme Court. His name is Clarence Thomas and the deathly crested everything they could to try to stop him, because they Joe he was a he was. He was a Christian.

He actually had morals.

He actually had morals and integrity. He was a moral and it was a just and honest man.

And that is totally contrary to everything that the death of Greta Kime's party stands for now. So there you go, I get I made a mistake there were trying to get her on the DC circuit Court of Appeals and the DC circuit Court of Appeals for a lot of our Supreme Court justices come from many of the ones that we know try to think Robert Cavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader get hurt all came from that DC circuit. So this is way back that they still wouldn't let her get on the DC Court of Appeals because that was the steppingstone to the Supreme Court, and you cannot have Republicans doing terrible things like that right very good. Let's see that the lines are open and I wanted to just hit this one fast which you said, crimes against humanity. MMS MSM blackout of medical doctors pandemic response Roundtable. I have a clip that I was going to show it but it's who Sen. Ron Johnson and in all of these the world famous world own doctors. Real doctors not not these people that are out there ripping the people of like Fauci and these others were anti-but real credible doctors and who want to ensure that people yeah and note here that is been totally that that the hearing he had the one on five hours was totally blacked out by all the fake news media. The, the illegitimate, illegitimate, NBC, ABC, CBS, there fake news media would totally ignored that five hours of a Sen. Johnson.

But guess what attorney they called it that.

They called it misinformation because how she didn't know. Yeah I will guess what they tried to keep up with the word got out, and a lot of people of the latching that and so there the words out.

The cat's out of the bag and people are fed up. They've had enough. Enough is enough and is starting to fight back and you deathly crafts. If I were you, you'd better run for the hills. I witnessed a John John you're in the air. Yeah, I totally agree with that night.

I really believe from my reading of the sources that guy I think you unnecessarily and lying from leftist sources like global research global all of the people that you're referring to. On the issue of the dangers of the poison get like a doctor, Robert Malone were invented 100 X ancient Dr. Michael Pfister Bhushan, who is they don't take began to cut his blanket because of plaintiff Killian was there. It was their top scientist over there and for a while, VP right yeah he would like printed out top five courses now, while Benedict at Shores that the highest level yet he is being centric distance global research is being censored because they been saying the same thing for years and they've been excoriating both Republicans and Democrats are being complicit in these crimes and I think it's really a counterproductive not to realize that I was working earlier to the Cleveland word station. This network and about 820 can ever get a repeat they were brought exposing the lines of the US CIA and Pentagon and US government and the Biden administration and the Obama administration about overthrowing a democratically elected government 1319 2013 and 14 and installing a fascist neo-Nazi government that was holding Hitler rallies torchlight parade in support of Hitler. Now this is the hugest connotation and of the existing existential current toys are right because it was through Ukraine that the Nazis killed 28 million Russians devastated the Soviet Union like no other genocide in history and get control CIA infiltrated media in this country says that if aggression moves in troops inside its own borders inside its own country.

This is a terrible aggression and we completely over yeah but but haven't you heard John Biden's spokesperson came out there, just two days ago and said that a country that we have to protect Ukrainian border. We have to protect it because without a border is not a country we will return the old country and putting a breccia hating not been killed or killed 20 million Russians a night are supposed to get upset about that benefit their existence and their security being threatened. I was not really amazed that I'm not this network of 823 standard in the Cleveland so-called word that were out word religious network. They brought all of this out and it's something that I think is the realize that if we use harp on this confident that Connie is been the fuel for all of these elitists for their last hundred years, especially the last 75 when they clean up the CIA under proven annual Republican Arthur Brandenburg Republican told him that that if you want to have your asking for world hegemony in setting up all the way to the military and regular on the look you got it scared the hell out of the American people was a massive propaganda campaign against the Soviet Union and communism. Well think of falling and collectively. How would you just had we just played that slouchy and that whole group. With him were talking about how that's exactly what they had to do they have to scare the people scare amended taken the poison is both scared and to dine here now is speaking here's an article right here that we just played your clip earlier here the world economic forum, founder of the great reset close Schwab admitted that the NGO is able to steer the global agenda because it successfully penetrated cabinets of several world governments speaking, the political commentator and Bohemian Grove balloon alumnae David Greg and in 2017 at the Harvard Kennedy school Institute of politics.

Schwab described how the world help them. The world organization modus operandi is to penetrate governments by installing its young global leaders and he mentioned a Merkel Baltimore, Putin, and the and of course you know we've got this turns of Bell Canada and so and Argentina on the France. I've noticed so that I had my reading over the years. Gabriel left the real prominent Marxist in my independent reading habit by excoriating the Democrats as copies of the Republicans in this kind of clock warmongering anti-comment and connected to all the foundations of all the CIA friends.

I did hear intercut Lord. I did hear Vladimir Putin come out and say when them about Obama and he was saying. I can't believe you Americans would be stupid enough to to elect him. He is everything that we tried to get that were trying to get rid of.

Here, there was food was saying that they same communism that that the people of Russia have rejected.

This is exactly what Obama wants for America and he was right there, but now we have is not true that's not true that Obama and Biden were responsible for the line when diagnostic tool overthrowing elected government in 2014 in Ukraine, so it's likely that their weekend there procommunist. I think it's exactly topsy-turvy at home click to and I think people should realize that the Democrats and Republicans of lettuce into genocidal war in Vietnam and Korea and around the world thing where I think we pretty much know that Melissa thanks for: get a move on already. Who did you have there.

Okay that's it's to John Knight so far.

John you're in here doing.

We do not get how are you good I had a question is just on that. Yeah I have a question 20 about Missouri. I I've been hearing pretty good things about Missouri lately like they're cracking down on this school.

It is a are you seeing that you regret a wonderful Atty. Gen. and the state. Our children go to school without mouse is not forced to take vaccines around here. People walk into the store wearing guns.

We have very little crime in my other than like St. Louis where the Democrats control the city. The rest of the state is a very peaceful love happy healthy place to be. I went through this area had a couple months ago about the need really great area strong strong Christians that the great people. I am glad the bigger didn't they just proclaim themselves to be Appalachian State to the athletic. We've gotten rid of every abortion clinic in the state of Missouri. That's great news, speaking on ablation in all this.did you get your the clip of that gobble sky talking about his Excellency Empress. The know that that now have that one. My pastor prayed, God played that last week in church is just amazing is talking about how we're preparing the well-thought-out great leader's name is his Excellency Empress near the yes he said that indicate country club course China, all China clients. I have an example or temporary.

I got unbelievable just unbelievable. So is doing okay. Otherwise, it I think so was still kicking. Having work more work than we can handle is the proof of job security were gonna be around for a while after the donation last month goes in on the need is great and that we fight night I read that Trump is already raised $100-$2 million for his wide chest the most of any former president raised 168 million, but the death aggressive raised on hundred and 67 million put on top of that they got sorrows just dumped in 125 million a couple days ago and Bill Gates put in 319 million into influencing the fake news media so that the grants the they got all these billionaires that are pumping the money that they did their going to do whatever. And remember little Zuckerberg says remember what he said he he could he can flip the election well everybody's watching now and think I remain godly.

Tell your friends and family members to listen to the radio and they have to get involved because we want to save the country is going to have to be a grassroots for the Christian standup take over the local politics get the right and all city councils elected mayor is elected. You know your County commissioners things like this, we have to get to work and get involved too many conservatives, Christians have been sitting on the sidelines more than politics and we are going to have to go out there and run to this battle.

I am kind of dancing and the thing that there is a change in America, though I am a little more optimistic than I was editing all year ago particular that you literally cannot awaken up. I think they are witnessing the Democrats know that there is no way that they can ever win a fair or honest election.

They know they can't do that. They know that the polls show that the people are fed up there fed up with a crime. The shootings the killings and and so they have to come up with a way to stop the election as a cathode they got a stop in and and it might not. My guess is that Biden's get it to come up with a way to declare martial law. Whatever he has to do to stop the election because if we have if we have an election is even half way honest and fair. The Democratic Party is renovated till almost totally destroyed when I remembered Ernie that you said multiple times we will win. If there is not product elected last year. And sure enough that worst-case scenario came out well thought let all the chatter was we were telling you what they were saying. I mean they were coming right out and they were telling you how they were intuited late they did it was election fraud. They had all their liars in place. They had people on television and this is what the reason I got so angry. A Fox News is because you know they they pretended to be fair and and that yet they look you in the eye. They said they were sold out. They sold out just like the others did their owners gather owners or traders gotta move on. John, thanks okay we got that we got our cohost Cliff here with us now live here and there going to want to relate something that relates to equity played Sgt. reports propaganda anecdote podcasts with Sgt. stalking combat warrants got it helps them from the UK had a clip from the boiler from three years ago. I think it was 2018 threatening the world economic forum and dad both and eight talked about but no or tablet Would have it shipped and it and the people would be able to be tracked and it was full compliance. So this guy is talking about this with Bill Regula prescription drug. Apparently not a vaccine and not anything to do with the virus, but the mentality was that it would be chance and yards run from five whatever that might be and I was thinking about that and I was thinking the skies speaking to the choir is what they want to hear. Compliance and shift.

So if you want to check that out. Another thing that was interesting as the bona fide with Neil Jan and Joni Mitchell, 477 and 78, respectively house talking with someone that's on Facebook.

I have nothing to do with Facebook but they said that actually Neil Jan sold his cachet of of stuff to a group that's associated with black rock, who had also hired a former CEO of Pfizer and this fill in other words, Neil Jan may be taking instructions from BlackRock to go against the bona fide and family that I went through all my stuff if you don't get the pot F popular pocket for Joe Rogan so he is somebody that's 77 years old.

If this be the case that worried about money and taking instructions relating to money which is get out an audit is corrupted it out. Apparently, you know there was a time Cliff went 77 seemed old to me after the okay well I mean it all. So 77. As you know you can get 15 at the time you can get a renewal use like the eagle that 15 years so don't take it back 15 years. Also they say could supplement for actually l-carnitine.

They say if you look at some of the articles on the web, how carnal 15 is like a fountain of youth from five supplement type peptides with the government and Russia ineffectually and made but if you look at people that take that day and all they had people like, say like 60 and they look. You know much much yonder that's like one fountain of youth will supplement, not a trunk at all, and then another one of resveratrol if you can get it in its pure form and not invite actually felt that's where it's packaged and it it's like well it's not hit with the tenets actually transcends resveratrol and I think people are like that. Take that in a couple of supplements are biologically like 30 years younger actually cellular one also stuck a couple of fountain of youth. You you ready to try it on your marathon felt, but it taken it anyway. I am taking it because of modeling align itself when one of the before-and-after pictures with it it it it is inflectional supplements.but the you know and that the last thing would be all./Attila question Molly cf. Psalm 61 the very beginning of the Psalm. He says I will. David says I will cry from the ends of the art you see that gel together the ends of the earth. The truth is there is no and it's kind of of the members. The world is round and if you think about what they're saying from the ends of the earth it's from everywhere asked very simple.

It's from everywhere. Okay, so everywhere you apply that if you were doing, and cassettes) about.

I mean, would you pray for these poor aborigines in Australia better get what it wants no one to be lost if you want salt to hear my word. That's why the church was to go out to the hole where the state law throughout the whole world preach the gospel preached the kingdom yellow session Timothy Paul says that first flight want prancing Thanksgiving be given full on that right. All right, I God is the hero father revolved physically of all mankind and the father of those that spiritually turned to him and become his children and he would like all to be not just a remnant but it's our job to go out and preach the gospel to the unsaved. Yeah, yeah. And I guess what intercessory Friday most people you'll never meet and nothing with this radio we give a an altar call, so to speak. You know we tell people about how they can get to become a child of the kingdom and were talking to people will never meet, and the final pattern is gotten a lot of letters and things.

Some people have been saved listening to the program. We've never met them, but that doesn't keep us from the telling about the Lord every night and that's what we gotta do that you just looking at the high okay thanks Cliff Lisa: okay, there you go yeah money and you will how much time do I have their already do any of the callers okay will do will mathematically stick Matthew Matthew you've got about one minute.

Go ahead while Turning yes I love listening to your program. You brought me back to the Lord wills with their own climate. I am in Michigan I worked 11 down by Detroit. I I have family property and from Tony Brimhall that have become both Catholic Dr. O yeah yeah I've been to every corner of that county.

The 12 flags are still out from 20 2013 and now the new ones are coming out save America. Yeah, we have we have around here fact that a number where I live 12 signs are still out there is a lot where I live and whether, but there there yet. Well, I just want to let you know that I been every corner I might note now snowmobiling during the summer I got see all year long and you may talk to people. I never ever hardly see a bite and find no well yeah, again like you said you have to be.

You really have to be an idiot to think Biden will and that that election just I got a move on the but things were: right where were down to the interviewee. Always start this radio program off with the gospel. We start everyone and we end with the gospel because again it we know that the greatest the one and only greatest source of information existence guys were the Bible is way way it's it's it's the absolute authority it tells you where creation came from Holick why it existed. I mean is the only absolute complete and total source of information out there that explains explains it very well. Not only that but you know you can tell it was good that there is an extreme intelligence extreme intelligence by guys with the Bible and is set up in such a way that that people as science progresses and men learn more then they realize that this is what Scripture is opened up to them and submit any home. I said all that to say this post. Bottom line is the only one source of information that you can absolutely trust absolutely is the word of God and the word of God is very, very clear, doesn't stutter again.

We were seeing things happening were getting closer every day were getting closer to the return of the Lord there will be a rapture of the church, all of you listening out there listing to me you go you going to die. You don't gonna die. And when that happens you know it's again at you don't know anyone that was here 200 years ago. They've all died in the Bible tells you why that is and what happens when that happens in the Bible's extremely clear on that. God, who is on the throne, who is in complete and total control has told you very clearly he's provided you with a way out now. God sets the rules and a holy God must judge sin a holy God much that sin and because we have a holy God that sins had to be taken away. They had to be paid for and he provided the lamb he provided a way out is only one way out for you, for all sinners. For me, and that's to the Lord Jesus Christ and God didn't leave you hanging. He told you what you needed to do and that's what we're here to tell you again.

We remind you nightly that sometimes you might've say well I didn't do it that night. The time will come for everyone when there will be no more tomorrows is not a tragedy to dive into Diane you send well don't get any worse than that.

So don't try to waste another night. If you have not call upon the name of the Lord do it tonight. You may not see tomorrow. Now when you hear the preacher say that the preachers, the messenger, so pray to the father asked him to forgive you of your sins asked Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life and and if you do that and if you're sincere you'll be indwelt with the Holy Spirit and that will be the smartest thing you can ever do. We are out of time for tonight and so until well until tomorrow Lord is willing list.

The Lord comes back. What is a good night God bless and always, always came fighting again. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resisting what's right what's left my pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition was right. What's left preceding program is sponsored by right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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