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THUR HR 2 012022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 21, 2022 12:04 am

THUR HR 2 012022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 21, 2022 12:04 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already, Joe, why do you think you that these Protestant tutors are not prosecuting these these guys that the guy that shot his girlfriend waited to what you think their loan amount their loan amount on volunteer breed fear or mistrust diversion.

They are trying to overwhelm and make people afraid method method to the madness here. Jill what they're looking to do with they know that they cannot possibly win a fair and legal election. They can't win one.

They know that they know that was coming up in the midterms and they know was coming November. They know that there is where until they can't get away with achieving looking this whole thing.

You had Biden out there yesterday bragging about having he won election with the most votes in the history. More people voted then at any time in the history of the country. Then he turns around and says there was voter suppression when Republicans) are saying that we don't pass this new voter law. We don't federalize the election will never be able to guarantee a fair and free election election in the country totally the opposite of what would Chucky Schumer that there there completely corrupt late and what they want to do is they want to legalize voter fraud. This is where a lot of these these prosecutors in all of these blue cities. These deathly grants these a George Soros bought and paid for the bottom he owns the and this is why they they want to one they want to make sure that the gangs that the criminals out there are know that they're allied with them. So, when rendered her right people make people afraid. Don't be afraid to vote go be afraid to say no to different things and what I exactly they the threat that if you go out, remember what they did, they they put the fear into those courts with those courts. Those black robed head and I was so sick those judges hadn't had no guts to stand up so afraid of Burlew murder and so afraid of at the foot they refused to hear the case.

As all of these cases on election fraud to Joe that's their job. Their job is to hear these cases you write and your care. The evidence of you don't hear the case right exactly in some and so that's the idea that they're digging to see how I gangs will don't worry about it. We got our prostitute is there you go out you can burn you can lose you. Don't worry about going to jail will bail you out will will will do Campbell Harrison McKay 23rd birthday and cursing Biden one by the greatest majority in history and they Turn around and say well if we don't federalize her elections will never have a fair and free election. One or both of those things has to be a why they cannot be both true but they can be and are both faults. I didn't win the election Alliance told that election anyone and everyone that says that that's not true.

The lion is no truth and look. I sat there and I watched in that you would expect P MSNBC and CNN. You expect them their gun life okay but when out now.

Those that claim to be fair and balanced rent bear.

I watched threadbare look in there and and lie through his teeth. He lied like a rug. I watched Kabuto Newcomb, Buddha, Susan Smith, Chris Wallace look in there and they knew Joe you could tell Outlook interface. You could tell by the look on her face. They knew that they were lying through their teeth, but yet they called it the narrative right and so there was so much election fraud Joe you could miss it. I mean we watched. We watched it we watch them flip the numbers right before her very eyes. Now you have to be a complete full Joe you have to be a complete fool. When you look out and you see Trump having rallies turning out 50 60,000 people and Joe Biden started 11 and 12 people. You have to be a couple hours like 300 right and you have to be a complete fool to see what he what did he say he just had a rally the other night. As the traffic was backed up for 25 miles okay I was in a chump train I saw for myself. Okay. And so we knew it, I mean you you have to be I am and they did date they lied.

I wish that I wish I could get them in a room and locked the doors and then preach him a message online because the Bible says all liars. All liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

Critical area so you want to backup.

Are we having given that number out folks. We have never given the numbers out. You can call 888-281-1110. That's AAA 281-1110 or 88867796731 Koeppel 86779673 we took on out after Ernie took on a whole raft of new stations and normally it takes a year to. Freda devastation to be self-supporting and by the grace of God and with your help we have not been taken off the station. Yet we have, squeaking really close this rehab and sweating bullets. Sometimes, so we do need to hear from you because we have to be able have the station pay for itself.

Sometimes some are a little short and others have done a little more but to keep on the stations we have to be able to pay the bill. There so many Kathy Cleveland is 25. Beverly and Manhattan pledges 200 Stephanie in the New York pledges 40. Again, this is a second and so locate 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. We are about $3800 not 3828 or $2800. What we need, or $2800 short of our goal so we have got virtually 40 minutes to raise $2800 to around I've got some information I want to get out of here have a pencil, paper and paper. What were saying is evil plaguing this nation and plaguing the world and what's really happening in that evil is a lust for power. This is an overwhelming lust and power is what the ability to dominate rule others. I read an article essay Kevin Duffy wrote what drives the lust for power and he brought it down the five factors ignorance, greed here in the and fantasy.

This lust drives the politicians.

People often go into politics because of the love of power, and we nonmember Thomas Jefferson*the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield for government to gain ground. Our founding fathers knew the dangers of this lust for power with King George III in his power got to one keep people ignorant. Yeah, keep people ignorant of their Constitution, their heritage, their history, the nature of our economic system and you can now with the sway them with politicians with slick promises and lies to play on the people's greed. You pick one segment of the citizen against the other, letting things get to a boiling point until the government has to command and rescue us to bring a solution to the problem that they created an the government has to make mountains out of mole hills.

They have to instigate fear until the people demand the government now save them, save them and then they have to nurture in the fertilizing this class warfare race warfare they have to pick one group against another create this and the innate fear and finally this fantasy of communism that we can have Utopia heaven on earth that you know everybody could be equal.

We can all have the same thing and it will be one big happy family and God is told us that there is only going to be one heaven and the Scripture makes it very clear how we get there right after Ernie makes clinically little you know what you're what he wrote in that essay, he just nailed everything the Democratic Party is doing in a very condensed version. Very simple condensed and every word of it. True okay to play little clip here in John make sure now there's one word inherent to just listen. It starts with S and when you hear just hit the athlete began to better be quick yeah okay so I'm in play.

This gives this goes back to 1994 and there. This is a meeting that took place in the United Nations, 160 nations were there. Joe hundred and 60 nations so here you go.

This 1994 population some type of hundred 60 with all agreed that human population control must be stopped because the world is running out of resources and equipment was formed that would mandate reduction of humans and 602,395% of the population solutions were discovered in creating full force since Jesus had been for the human race are as follows one toxic levels of chemically fluorite had been secretly added to a drinking water over the last 20 every city community planning and personal delivery fluorite ballast Denver Chicago and Minneapolis for departments first flooring portion to the human body for numerous effective children's damage to the neurological development among service and to man-made viruses and diseases find a byproduct of emergencies and vaccines to the public and can control what my benefits among those mutated version of the common flu replicating influence of pandemic that killed 40 people first-rate initially flu virus will be released to the public in late 2017 fluorite break late 2017 early 2000 people will notice your time for microbes and viruses by way of contrast, dealing with inhabited region. Over time as investment. Damage to the new systems. Sterilization plan was submitted.

Sperm count in men has trapped nearly 50%. This is person human race will face early.

Now a grand finale. This, in March 1997, known as slaves miss you for citing history milewide tests clearly not man-made, slowly the state of Arizona and was witnessed by 10,000 people, including government of Arizona to think there's been no reasonable explanation for every witnessing Christmas as real as anything they'd ever seen lives are transformed and I believe truly, however, I know what they really so -6 bus station to establish a Boulder, Colorado. I was introduced to project scribing by Lieut. Gen. Doris Donna Carter, Bristow, Harvard, 20 feet above the confused garrison smiled and asked if I was what I was seeing plaintiff course. What else could Stacia find that this wasn't a real craft was a projected hologram the early 1950s centers have been helping help with knowledge and over the years include statement we can only tested this form so absently. So we kept in touch the possibilities this projection in the sky.

How would anyone know that that was an allusion like with respect to the first claim scale scribing, succeeded beyond expectations.

In October 1938 portion of the so realistically portrayed as portions of the population since spring training for recent rental for this response. Those were truly in power. Not only our country but all the countries on the planet. And what a trooper phase process have formulated the final stage of a sinister plan 2024 global altered the course of the world witnessed a massive patient thousands of projected holographic skies global panic real military conflict, actual damages and one world government will immediately form any of this is they will be a new order. Once this happens we as a people to swing that said, the only hope of salvation is to acquire knowledge, it will back Jill. Have you ever we oversee one of those holograms know I have okay and and you cannot tell the we had a situation where simulated tanks in the field and wanted to look like one item climb on one, but they weren't there. Now that the problems they have.

Back then I don't know about non-it's been many years ago when on a windy day didn't work well good for you, but the thing was rumored in the story that never seen it. Can't tell you I thought really good example heaven. I was in it at the sea world.

They had the water shown they had old King Cole come up out of the on the water. I was there.

Nancy was nothing and they had Neptune come up on the water and I went to tell you it looks very real and it scared some of the kids out there mean really scared.

I mingle.

It looked very very world and with the use of they use the laser beams on the midst of the water out there which it was heavy enough to really give them a good solid look at me and it I mean you just would've thought that it was for real now.

Can you imagine if they were to use that and that have an appearance of the Lord Jesus of fake parents, commanding his people to do this so that, or I could you imagine it if you had that demanding to a corrupt government. Yeah, I could feel kind of possibilities there, except the work Scripture makes it plain that we will see we will know what yeah this is we just read that case number.

Anyhow, so any help. You got to remember the deception is going to be so great.

Jesus said in an elective for if it right if it were possible. The elect even the elect. But with the elect. It's not possible because the indwelling of the Holy Spirit right and that will tell us that is not our Messiah, our Savior already. Carol San Diego pledged 100 Kathy from Sarasota pledges 200 and Gary from Michigan pledges 29 thank you thank you thank you now. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673.

Jim, we have 30 minutes, 30 minutes and we need to raise quite a bit amateur without will find out. News maybe that'll help Sadie see came out and affirms natural immunity that it is superior to vaccines. A new center for disease study found this during the Delta research study was just released yesterday but was taken during the Delta research and it basically said that what it came right out before the omicron came and natural immunity affords longer-lasting stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization compared to the vaccine and their stance thought she will be out here in a couple of days with a new vaccine that gives you natural immunity. Now that that is not possible. One, we know that we care how she has been dismissing the power of natural immunity. But what the good news is there's a study in science magazine onlooking.

There was a study at Emory University. Their studies now coming out of Israel. Everywhere I looked all around the world there figuring out finally that the natural immunity is far better than the vaccine.

Vaccines are failing when we tell you that we been saying it for long time and now that I just every time I look is another Dr. Paul Elias Alexander world famous Dr. is teamed up with the Yale school of medicine. He compiled a list of the hundred and 46 studies indicating natural immunity to covert from a previous infection is superior to immunity by the facts. We should according to this world expert leading expert. We should not force vaccines on anyone when the evidence shows that there immunity if that addict is more robust and superior and possibly respect the right of the individual to decide for them selves. This guileless booking is got a tremendous background record.

This he was a former advisor. He is a assistant professor at McMaster University in Terrio is been an advisor to the World Health Organization advisor to US government and a senior advisor on the pandemic US Health and Human Services so this is a government bureaucrat enough in saying they have been basically misleading the public with the surgeon assertions that the coded shots were better. So a former government official is telling the truth now so you know this will Israel study finds that the fourth booster shot is totally ineffective right modernity and biotech stocks and plummeting and its harmful and not only is it not affect they have come out and said that it is destroying the bodies immunity and it is causing harm to the body.

I don't have the exact quote in front of me but they're now saying the more you get, the more harm is done. Yeah, you been saying that we started telling people to you because I've gotten all kinds of letters from people.

The first shot in the in the road mentally because they've heard us on the radio. They're not going to get the second shot but all of the frontline doctors today don't do it if you if you got one. Do not take another one, European union's top health agency warned.

This is just last Friday that getting the booster every four months is harmful to the immune system's ability to fight the disease in other words it's hurting your immune system.

Even the World Health Organization said last week that this vaccine strategy is inappropriate, unsustainable will not work.

So even the World Health Organization, the vaccine boosters, etc. will not help in your help and your right the monies you know what well you know the money we played the clip where the World Health Organization said you should not use the should not use the vaccine to kill children how you should use a seed to kill thicken the firm built horrible, 19 vaccine spike proteins are shedding giving people heart attacks. That's right. The spike proteins injected into people with the Wuhan coronavirus, 19 backs can be shed maximum shedding can severely severely affect the people around the vaccinated person and caused several health complications, such as a heart attack when people think I would take the RNA. The mRNA vaccine. The mRNA enters the body and tells it to create what is called this micro team.

This helps the body immune system to supposedly to detect the culminating virus and get rid of it. As soon as it is a body and the implants itself permanently in your body. In reality, this my proteins injected in the people are at least partially responsible for many of the adverse effects vaccinated people experience more young athletes and being injured or killed by the coven vaccine as they were telling people this was happening. Recall a month ago about the myocarditis in the heart attacks in the athletes dying on me quite a while ago. And folks remember right from the word go. Remember who told you who encourage you to get the poisonous poke.

Remember I wow don't forget write it down when when the news you got these talking heads and the news media Helen suggesting telling you you got the so-called doctors remember they are who they are. You write it down because when it comes out it's good come out and these people are dying. When the truth comes out. Remember we are who is telling you it was warning you not to take the poison all right. Judicial watch. I FBI that's the federal Bureau of insurrection throughout the insurrection, it may lead insurrection planned it a comanager. So yes, you're exactly right shows Pfizer tied to investigative file targeting project Veritas the federal Bureau of insurrection is working hand in glove with Pfizer to target project Veritas journalist and journalism also us. Anyone who speaks out against the deep state, and the corruption in the deep state consumer watchdog groups like judicial watch unto the revealed the federal Bureau of insurrection has communications from Pfizer investigative file targeting project Veritas and they don't like project Veritas at all, then only because they don't like parents that want to protect them. Children from the school boards and olfactory but wasn't aware that I've got something on that on the school board 02.

Anyway, they came out basically mostly school board stopped. The children belong to the state.

That's why the parents don't have the right to tell the school boards what to do because the school board work for society, not the parents and they're in charge of doing what they think is best for quote society. Now they don't have control over your children and there's that we call that stinking thinking right will give you little a little. This is a young woman whose address issues been a tad bit sarcastic because he's talking to the school board and then there's another woman who's doing and the problem that they don't understand is that school board really it's about money, they can care less of the kids again. Six. Wearing a mask only knows they getting big monks from the government to attempt to put them in the face diapers and those children in makes us think it makes her sick, and they commit suicide and commit suicide. Hey, does it really matter as long as they're getting tons of bugs from joy by near you go, I'm going to listen woman is being very sarcastic and depressed all brush my teeth and wash my face so much easier for our own health much more important to you with no chance of definitely no chance to catch a cold and not thinking? Critically people in charge of meetings and you can just how easy I think he collects personal emotional release. People I like out-of-control misery. Everything work even at very high survival rate on every after the $42 billion, one dollar Duncan Hubler Brady always like to hear from our students. I love that line know Jenny George. Here tonight is to advocate for the children in this district to be able to attend school without being forced to cover their faces over half of the children in this country have been attending optional school all year. We are one of only four states mandating masks be worn in all schools and guess what optional school attend the same outcomes required schools. The reason for that is because cloth and surgical masks can and do not stop start speak Cody to send too many emails studies data supporting this statement you tell me what evidence you're using to forcibly cover the faces of our children.

I understand that it's easier to look the other way while imposing this policy and our children.

Your job, all of you is to make decisions that are based on. There is not one shred of evidence and asking children in school reduces transmission schools or lowers the rate of transmission and the broader community where it appointments pandemic where one every adult school-aged child can be vaccinated to adults and teens can even be boosted. Three. We have a very significantly less severe in previous variance per the CDC for hospitals are not at capacity in this area or this state.

Five. There is statistically zero risk to children for severe outcomes and yet we are still forcing facial decorations on our children for 7+ hours a day minimum you need to quantify the risk you're willing to accept. Currently the rate of hospitalization in vaccinated children is 2 to 3 per million.

If this is not what is nothing in life zero risk teachers want to wear and 95 masks they can do so even if you believe every fiber of your being masks or protecting you from coven.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary. At what point do you decide most nonexistent risk to children is not worth the damage, forcing them to cover their faces.

We have stolen two years from our children. It is not my child's job to protect you or anyone else from getting a respiratory infection is not my child's job to manage hospital capacity are very well paid hospital in this traders. He should be doing and it is not my child's job to make you or anyone else feel so here is on asking and asking all of you to write letters and make phone calls to the governor I DPH and SPE every single day telling them you are done or seen our children to cover their beautiful faces, dirty bacteria failed useless mask. It is past time for you to stand up for the children and put them before politics they have carried the burden of this pandemic for far too long and Know that some women when Dr. Parker died he left boxes of those masks and of course you know where they were made in China.

And so when this whole thing started out and people wanted to wear masks. I thought well I been wearing this mask like work in the garage down there because the dentist or dishonest, but that's it.

Let your breathing solder on the box on the box.

Guess what this is written very clearly. Fire will not. This mask will not stop the virus that it says is good is good up to five splashes of blood. Okay, that's what is right on the box and so they and these are the same match that they were handing out to everybody that so they look we got it we had to get that off the boxes. Simplot you can read other and that you can't tell people that occur in good grace that runs the narrative right where up right now we are 12 minutes away. We have 2500 short, we need $200 a minute we get it raised $200 a minute right now we need to raise $200 minutes until going in rate now here limit read.

We did have mask as filiation mass is filled. Okay you know the word ass flicks that's right is speciation.

I knew I was having a hard time tonight disease max of asphyxiation disease are mad now sweeping across America and the world right okay hyperkalemia occurs when CO2 levels become elevated in the body. This happens when we really breathe. The gaseous waste air coming out of our mouths and noses imposing harmful and dangerous effects on the mind and body re-breathing CO2 increases your blood pressure and leads to rapid heart rate, chest pain, confusion, twitches, headaches, fatigue, panic attacks and mass formation, psychosis.

Once this becomes perpetual organ damage and his fixation probability increases about 200 million Americans are suffering from this relatively new syndrome resulting from being deprived of proper amounts of oxygen is slowly suffocating in the coven mass are to blame for all of it, whether homemade or and 95 masks are to blame idiots of the blame. Okay people lately know better. It's about money.

Joe it's in the reason these parents are absent. The reason the school board. People don't care because they get money. Million million dollars. School districts have one large. This again was $1 billion to enforce the little kids to hide their faces to put those dirty diapers in their faces, our tax money to pay back the teachers union supporting the Democratic Party. It's a wonderful circle if you're a Democrat here's another one you've heard a lot is been a lot of activity number of pilots are very upset because this they were supposed to activate the 5G towers right and they're afraid that they can kill people that they could disrupt the airplanes in flight, but also now here's an article activating 5G towers could kill people who took the coven 19 vaccines not here telecommunications. Megacorporations are poised to list the upgraded 5G networks of the United States is January.

This despite the fact that there is plenty of evidence that such a rollout would lead to catastrophe especially among Americans who were fully vaccinated against the lung virus shone the host of STT reports online shall point out that there is evidence the 5G towers admitting some kind of electromagnetic waves that directly attack people's bodies is evidence he provides a video released by the public liquid that loom liquid thick aluminum not a Spanish-language media outlet is notable for being one of the first independent outlets to report the coven.


Vaccines contain toxic substances graphene oxide related five study 5G exposure a significant factor in higher code that the Spanish media outlet played a short quit one of his recent lot live streams of a man who parks his bike next to a 5G tower for a few seconds and then suddenly collapses out of nowhere Ricardo Delgado Martin funder of liquid thick aluminum and most of the media outlet shall point out that the CCTV camera to capture the man sudden collapse experienced a glitch in his video feed less than a second before the incident occurred. Got to speculate that this which is what triggered the man's collapse that it was caused by the 5G tower right next to him. Okay there you go. All right, we have let me see Leslie and Wisconsin blades 50 Lucian Colorado pledged 100 and Mike and Maria in New York placed 150.

We are still folks we are still about them.

My 2100 short. I think right now so 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. We deftly need to hear were running out of time. We've got that about seven minutes left, Joe. Well let me remind the folks out there in second Corinthians chapter 9 are called, but this I say quick so sparingly shall reap also sparingly, and he works telephonically shall reap also bountifully. God has explained it when we give to know help our brothers and sisters were we give to a ministry he will reward those by laying of crowns and treasures in heaven, and he tells were not going to be about giving you give he'll make sure we can continue to give it forgiving for the right reason for the right cause.

So got that's what God has to say, so I don't think we need that much data we need to hear from you right away soon as possible. So far we've managed to stay on this year without any stations but it's tough. We have a huge bill and we got it take it we got be here to continue to bring you what they don't want you to know out there is something they don't want you to know something strange going on in Antarctica coven outbreak and fully Joe Foley faxed fully vaccinate Sue from nowhere right Antarctica here.

One attendee tweeted this will change everything the entire VAX base was fully vaccinate all got coded remote place right. I don't think there the first is going to do what the virus does, go wherever God wills it to go and I don't want just if you're paying for your child to go to a liberal college or university. This is the kind of teacher. Your children might run into Garrett to Michigan State University.

I watched a video of Prof. Barry Mandler Mandler and now this is a 14 minutes and just can't tell you the highlights is wearing a space helmet and he says they just returned from Rigel seven.

The intergalactic Internet is all abuzz about the planet or civilization is collapsing and he talks about life on earth going extinct because of the corona and all this I wanted to introduce myself before we actually meet same face-to-face because if you meet face-to-face were all going to be the F word messed up.

There's no benefit coming to my class I will be taking any questions in person.

I'm wearing this helmet to stay alive and he goes on and on.

My classes are all designed to be taught remotely everything you need to earn an a is available on your canvas page 90 you exploited the ladies students are good enough to earn an a so I randomly assign grades before the first day of class. I don't want to know. Asked about you. I don't even want to know your name. I look at the numbers assign a grade. That's how predestination works and he goes on with a grant of profanity that I can't even figure out how to fake it on the radio without breaking all kinds of laws I'm retiring at the end of this year and I could really give a flying leap and blah blah blah. He goes on, I'll be wearing this helmet.

He talks about how much the helmet cost is going to protect me from the virus you keep your distance, don't even come near me you're trying to kill me. This Hosea college professor there at seven in Michigan at the state University folks and imagine people are paying what 25, $30,000 a year to have your children exposed to idiots like this, like, yes, that he sees retiring.

He will be in the politics he will be a rising star in the wood better. He's gotta find himself up a place in Antarctica by myself. Are you going to be virus free will could you see him in Pocahontas get together maybe right. We have approximately will he not have much time. I'm going to go take Pastor Hal Hester hello all, all right and easily give us a new patient but them folks, we are still very, very short. We need Word 2000 short of our goal for tonight so we got to hear from you. We got we don't have much time left and also help us help you.

We want to stay on the station your listing to have the right, like we haven't heard tonight from Denver are camp in several places I haven't heard you say San Diego and a couple other cities we need to hear from you only had one thing from Colorado to let you, okay, okay, so my memory is not what it used to be all right. Andy in Cleveland just placed 150 that helps us is gets is a little closer were still short, we need we need to hear. We become like all we need is is two people to pledge a thousand or we need one person to pledge 2000 and so any help, maybe how will do it all the volunteers on a volunteer salary right already there you go. We can't let this down okay. Look 888281111048886779673 is a minute do. I'm going to give. I'm going to have the word Baptist Church pledge when worn another thousand, we will replace one pledge another thousand doers of the word church because this radio program is vital nowadays.

And you know where this is by God's grace alone that were still in the air because the bad people don't like us at all. Okay every people Dr. could get their church throughout America as part of their missions giving because were now spreading the word warning the people being the watchmen on the wall. Your church won't support this ministry.

Let's do this put them put us down but it's down there for another thousand was in the word there John and also know we have John Ohio pledges another 200 okay alright so that means we leave.

We need.

As we have once night so that means we just okay. That means we have right about $800.

We need about 800. We need at least one person to pledge $800. We can make a goal tonight. Okay for two people to pledge 400 and so maybe they'll do that by how well you're given a limitation to get about four minutes to do it. Everybody with my voice probably going to church all your life where they've been told that if your good works that balance the bad works go to heaven, whether church membership for their water baptism or something like that, but that's all lies. The Bible says in 35 not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost. In other words, Jesus said, except you repent, you shall likewise perish.

13 three. You can't get to heaven by your good works that you could quit right now and never get to the day you died just send you already done would be enough to keep you heaven and nobody can save you except Jesus. John 14 67 I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me. That means you don't get to heaven by the Pope. You don't get to heaven by Mary. You don't get to heaven by your uncle Joe orients to heaven by going to Jesus and said, Lord, you know I'm a dirty rotten logic think is better on my road to hell that confess your sin need your forgiveness and I ask you to come in and save me.

John 112 says, but as many as received him, to them gave me the power to become the sons of God is not just going to church and read the Bible and learning what Jesus did for you and accepting the fact receiving the payment he paid you on the cross like you were drowning and somebody three a life preserver.

You could know that I preserver there you could know it's 1 foot in front of you that lets you reset received it yet still drown right now Jesus Christ is knocking at the door. Your heart. Revelation 320 says behold I stand at the door and knock any man hear my voice or another wizard by word and opened the door, I will come into him is when you open the door of your heart. You asked Jesus to come in to get you the payment he paid you on the cross you receive eternal life. That's why when we get to heaven will then be given him all the praise forgiveness. There nobodies can be walking around heaven himself on the back and say and I got here because I was a good Baptist or Lutheran or Catholic. I didn't get works getting to be given Jesus all the praise right before he died he said it is finished. That means all the work necessary for everybody here to meet.

Talk to you right now all the work necessary. If you heaven's already been done by Jesus. Now would you go to heaven or hell depends on what you do with that statement. Ephesians 177, in whom we have redemption through his blood, the blood of Jesus who washes away our sins. So if you want to receive eternal life got here in Kentucky right now, not right now, but you are right same. I think we want to say good night and God bless. And always, always a fine thanks the voice of the Christian resistance right. My pastor Ernie saying there ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW please today, next time was right. What's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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