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WED HR 2 011922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 20, 2022 12:02 am

WED HR 2 011922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 20, 2022 12:02 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already, we are back in focus, though the phone lines and up and really we need to hear from you.

Although coach doing pledges 50 and Joe, you know, by this time next month.

By this time will actually by the 15th of next month.

We need to raise that. I don't know how much we will.

We raised I think so for this week about 12,000 but we needed to raise 62,546 and we still need to raise about 50,000. By this time next month. By this time next month.

We need to raise another 50,000 Tonight Show to make our goal were $4100 short $4100 short so so maybe someone is authentic and get a pledge 4120 think or group of professional practices and people give a lot of money to reroute political campaigns, and I think sometimes we put out more information. More truth than most the political campaign. So some for you to think about what you're talking about something they may not want to hear about the fruit yet with the thought of money. I just thought of this Patrick Henry, we are apt to shut her eyes and her mind against a painful truth for my part, whatever anguish of the spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth to know the worst, and prepare for it to Prepare for something you do not know. So sometimes folks we bring you some things that you might not want to hear of them might be upsetting might even scare you might be hurtful. But I Patrick Henry.

If you don't know the truth you Prepare you can't do anything about it if you're ignorant, it's all right, Linda from California. I wonder if that's our Belinda Ireland on San Diego yeah what's right what's left lady contributor Linda we have a couple Linda is out there find several and help there you go.

And then we have John here in Ohio pledges hundred and 10 already, we're done about 3800. We need Bermuda like the old saying as many hands make the load lighter and the matter what you can afford. Whether it's a 10 or $20 donation or 2000 of those a lot of listeners and Colin will be well when playing this clip clip good time to this note. You might not like everything that's in this clip will be right back going. The FDA has allowed nanoparticles into the food supply under the generally recognized as safe provision because they claim that they are no more dangerous than their larger counterparts. Titanium is generally safe. Therefore nano titanium must be safe, but they also admit that no materials can exhibit new or altered physiochemical properties at nanoscale dimensions, including unknown safety hazards that they will continue to monitor for. In other words, the human trials for consumable nanotechnology is currently happening in the public without their knowledge. Nanoparticles can be absorbed into our immune defense system and into her bloodstream and just like the FDA admits materials at the nanoscale can cause unknown changes in a person's biological system.

Animal studies have proven that nanoparticles are changing the way our bodies absorb certain minerals such as iron, FDA chemist Timothy Duncan wrote that nanotechnology in the food supply is being held back because the food supply industry is afraid of public backlash and argues that nanotechnology will somehow make food healthier. The FDA is far more concerned with pushing more of these experimental nanoparticles into the food supply than they are with safety like they set about giving the dangerous experimental vaccines to your kids whenever you learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it at least 20 products are adding laboratory made nanoparticles into the ingredients and they are getting ready to coat bananas and new nanotechnology companies are not required to disclose nano -sized ingredients so we don't know how prevalent it is. Along with being a proponent of population reduction, forced vaccinations and genetically modified foods.

Bill Gates is also the biggest private farm owner in America. Does anyone doubt for a second that Bill Gates is allowing this dangerous nanotechnology. FDA is pushing for into America's food supply and related news, 10 out of the 19 states in which Bill Gates owns farmland along with at least another 10 have recently made it illegal to dispose of human bodies into the municipal water supply allowing human remains to be added into biosolids sourced fertilizer is called alkaline hydrolysis is referred to in pop culture as being very very green spiritual leaders have strongly objected to alkaline hydrolysis because they say it is disrespectful to the human body. The vessel of a divine soul and it's understandable why they say this in alkaline hydrolysis. The human body is liquefied with live and pour down the sewer to mix in with the communities excrement and if that weren't bad enough, this bio sludge is then collected from municipal water treatment plants and used as so-called fertilizer on factory farms.

The official excuse is that it saves the government money for expensive toxic waste disposal. Meanwhile, we are all being sold food that has been grown with a toxic bio sludge made up of human remains and excrement, which is then loaded with new and strange nanotechnology.

Interestingly, the dystopian movie Soylent Green took place in 2022 ratings promised by God from say is the manager does.

This is Greg right there you go.

I will say that that we have audio messages pledges 100 Marine in Ohio pledges 100 Arlene in Ohio know in Chicago Arlene in Chicago 100 marketing Katten 20 Elaina in New Jersey pledges 100 and we've got Joe in Staten Island pledges 100 Pauline in Georgia pledges 100.

So thank you thank you thank you I want to know you remember couple years ago and after my accident and my memory is not as good as was but we talked about how they were using human rate remains in North Korea to fertilize the garden in the food production and I would live out something new. This is real. It's been going on at least every two years and we know the North Korea. I cannot wonder about China. What they do when they harvest the organs from the ogres what they do with the rest of the body. II wouldn't be the bit surprised that they do the same process turn China.

I don't know that I'm a little suspicious, so this is a real possibility. It's not just a science fiction story folks already do know that that death aquatic representative Akeem Jeffries admits that the death of Kratz federal elections take over Bill is inspired by Venezuela socialist Hugo Chavez. That's right, Democrat, and Kim Jeffries on Wednesday slipped and admitted the Democrats federal elections take over. Bill is inspired by Venezuela kindness dictator Hugo Chavez. The Democrats voting rights bill will eliminate voter ID legalize ballot harvesting and force taxpayers to pay for campaigns. The election bill essentially eliminate chain of custody and make it easier for Democrats to tenant.

The continued stealing elections. Jeffries quickly corrected himself. After he will realize that he accidentally told the truth he could be thrown on the find by Biden Nancy Pelosi she found out he told the truth that is forbidden within the Democratic collective herbal variable about we do not tell the truth right but here's a case where somebody told the truth of the whole different story. But it still part of the smoke generation.

We talked about that co-owner of the Golden State Warriors you know talking about.

Nobody cares what's happening. The ogres yeah he said in such a wasted day cares, what's the big deal we know nobody cares about those users, you know, I'm just telling you a very hard ugly truth of all the things I care about. Though this is below my line.

I'm not even sure China's dictatorship blah blah blah. But folks want you keeping that in mind. Remember back a little bit in history we had 6 million people murdered in concentration camps. Dear dear member, think about this or not teaching this in the public school system anymore, but all the Jews that were murdered all the horrible genocide that happened and then there were all these trials, the Nuremberg trials and what was it they promised the world that this kind of thing would never happen again. Remember that the world was on notice the world whole world came together and basically the whole world promise we were never, allow this kind of atrocities need to happen again, but here it's happening in Russia is happening in North Korea and happening in China and North Korea and we hear from our educator deletes all the while people who are so concerned with things all but we don't care that people are being raped and murdered and their organs are being harvested that they're being enslaved. The same things were happening to the Jews is happening to these workers and we don't care what happens to them.

I wonder what makes us think the gods going to care what happens to us in your eye. Continue five patriots north in Canada. You've got to stand and fight, we're going to do here in America were going to stand and fight. I mean we would rather much rather die than feed eliminate. We realize were against the antichrist government but I want as a warning to to the antichrist that there warning to you folks it in the department of Judas, warning out to Mr. Millie at the pentagram. You can't when you when you stand up against God.

Your gear going against God's Word the Bible, Joe Biden Joe Biden. He has made a statement that the those preachers and preaching the old-fashioned Bible they're going to be charged when a crime I got news for you. You going against God, and you will stand before him, he will not stand before you and listen to this nasty Pelosi and all of the squad. All of the squad out there. You are going to be on your knees, broken needs, and you're going to be silent you will be saying that they when you're at that white throne judgment. Now listen God has got for me since eternity. We have at least 6000 years of history showing you that God always does what he says he'll do, always always got a perfect record and listen folks, you got understand something you deathly grants out there.

He's got no limitation so you got you got two options either repent or you can impair only one option rather than repent or perish.

You will either repent or you will perish and you will spend eternity in the lake of fire. That's you got God's word on that.

You got God's word and that the deck is that clear, and we've got something else. We've got a little thing called a track record. Remember client notes started cracking down on Christians and stopping Christian churches and Bibles.

Then they started persecuting the following gong wasn't hurting them, but they didn't want that.

And now we know we've had different organizations reporting that they've been selling $1 billion worth of organs on the black market. This is on the black market. $1 billion worth of body parts and we know from people that are trying to tell the truth out there.

These forced organ harvesting's are from the rigors the Christians for Muslims and they even think from some of the Tibetans that go against the Chinese communist and have been a lot of documents with the China itself has said it has 2.8 organs for every deceased registered donors.

It's amazing folks. I hate to tell you a lot of those donor cards are filled out postmortem will absolutely already the unvarnished truth, like you said, weak retail truth, even if it's painful right yeah well that's why we're here where the inlet around all of the fake news media. By the way, the fake news media has been losing credibility and extremely rapid rate, and you know I think tech is going to find out another there is there that have a lot of competition coming up and so and and as far as big Pharma you know you got to have a what was it you wish you were saying earlier we were talking about.

All I now what is the word and intimate for what they when the black folks. When we get repaid for the slavery. What was that remuneration throughout now so you folks out there your preparations any reparations for your vaccines. Many of you getting sick and dying from vaccines. A lot of you so heavenly member died after taking the poison folk we know that even the government figures show.

It's now 24,000, and that maybe only 1% so if that's even in out every look at 10% instead of the and all are 40%, which is what they figure it's underreported by about 40%. You take 24,000 times tenant still 240,000 families that lost a family member they claim is thousand four, so that's a lot of reparation my doctors gives you number over 500,000 right right brother from Florida pledges 100 Jim in North Carolina pledges 400 Susan of a Michigan pledges 100 so we getting down close to I think about the about the swelling.

I think were getting close down to well and they were to find out here in a minute. Here is some quick mathematics and other working out well there we go to BC little Lisa is here where is it at least 60 okay so we got tooth out.

That means that we need about 25, 2500 to make our goal tonight so remember the Lord says in Deuteronomy that every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing the Lord thy God which he hath given the and I remember one time when we use tell me you going to give 2500 and he would inability to really mess up somebody's trend here had one looking out the word what I was trying to show folks is sometimes I think we have people calling in with hundred dollar donation. A lot of the people that are living right on the edge or living on a Social Security retirement income.

We have a lot of people out there who will send us two dollars, five dollars, $10, and folks that does make a difference. Got to give as you are able and those of basically God blesses those who support his ministry that he cares about and he said you receive all the blessings of anything. This ministry does that.

The blessing that God you get to receive those blessings so I know maybe some of you think well I don't how much I can only send in five or $10. Go ahead and send it in you drowning out the caller said anything because we can.

Thank you, but God is the one who has promised to bless you and that's what's important is blessing is a lot more important than I think you ever will be right pastor yeah it is gentleness into is not the amount is the sacrifice is not the amount of sacrifice that the consent is with the Lord Jesus made it quite clear light lit with the windows in the house and find out it would've lightened and so again God knows it doesn't matter what we know is what God knows it comes right when we just read over there. First Corinthians 15 he says to make sure he will understand that your good works will not go they will not know what unrewarded equally unrewarded. Amen.

Already there you go. We had a we had the phone lines like Nola but one time now they've stopped all one time.

888 Lee when we say I we need about 2500 888-281-1110. We have listed approximately 30 minutes wait. Note we have about 25 minutes with 25 minutes. Three 2500.

Listen to this and that's about $100 a minute is hundred dollars. Yeah there you go and think of violence shows you why I always say lawyers make from $400,000 an hour so we should be able to raise $100 a minute as and he would they would be wood, core math over the equipment, 74, 74, where the common core math on the public process that I've got one that sounds funny folks, but this is real. This is how stupid your public school system is if you're sending your precious children, your grandchildren, listen to this story comes our world news daily and it came from a tick-tock video and it came from post-millennial report they had the video up this story. I'll make it brief.

A substitute teacher is at school and she gets fired and she gets fired because while in the school's political correct in all, there is a boy bit identifies as a girl so you got a call about him. She and all this multiple genders. Anyway, she's in class and she's taking role and she keeps hearing them yell and she looked around at what's going on is doing it and finally she gets toward the very back row and this little boy meals that are and little girl up front that you have to them yell back at him.

He identifies as a cat and the teachers going to be kidding me. And then she said well I have a little sarcasm on a seducer littered box around here somewhere.

While the little boy got up storms out of class to go to the principal and on the way out.

She goes on like breasts and the classes laughing but that so she goes to check out that day and she was informed by the principal. We no longer need your services. If you can't identify with the children in the classroom and she looked at the principal onset didn't were considered people thought cats were pets.

This is, it was a tick-tock and you can find it from the post-millennial report tick-tock video and I don't know if I trust I don't trust tick-tock in all but the Arctic. The article was written by world news daily and they checked it out and I trust them and that they thought they quoted the post-millennial report on it.

Yeah Joe.

Will lose daily as he is he is and are in. Think about this. Folks, somebody's going along with the little boy was identified as a cat who wants to me now have to choose me out him. This is child abuse. This is messing with the child's mind forever letting them indulge in a stupid fantasy that cannot be helpful cannot be good for this little boy and if this kind of thing. You better get over to your school board. You better find out what's going on in the classrooms in your schools. If you're in the liberal area please for God's sake get your precious little children and grandchildren out of a school like that like that these people should be arrested and prosecuted for child abuse, not education.

This is an education. This is just sickening get mad, it's time to have some righteous anger. God said were allowed to be angry we can get mannered things you've never felt a little like a candidate anytime, no, no, or a pig or a dog or a donkey, or anything else. It's good to know. Listen we got.

We want to say Jim and North Carolina pledges for and we did that. I think Susan here we go were going down here Susan volition. We did the Phyllis from New York pledges six dollars bill. Thank you fellows.

Amen. Already folks and phone lines all the others we don't weaken. Thank you. But like I said before folks that if God's promise to bless you. If we help bring someone to the Lord.

We've got pastors who were kicking the school of the Bible. We have pastors that have ministry in prison. The trucking ministry a couple of us have been in hospice and and convalescent home ministries all kinds of things. Anything we do that praises the good Lord blesses him God says you get to share the blessings so we can thank you but what you're doing when you support what he wants. You are down and away lineups and crowns and treasures for yourself is when Joe's shocking analysis of CDC data confirms a massive 40% spike in deaths among 18 to 49-year-olds over the past year and I was just watching. Earlier they they put up on the Internet.

They had of the fill of all these people have died. All these athletes shows on the field and that's from the fact they didn't die from covert they died from the vaccine yet young people because that's at the age where the probability of death was something like 1.007 or something yell for people that age.

Unless you have three or more comorbidities, and most people are already dead.

Well they're saying that the deaths were unrelated to the Cove, the 19th, so they were not fish. They didn't fit in figure unrelated to the VAC. Well, yeah, that's what this is saying there was this the backs to kill them and not the not the Cove.

Now and so yes there you go out getting crazy out there and it's going to give unfortunate courier works for gets better, but the we do know that Britain today. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the lifting of all major Cove in 19 restrictions. Let's get it right from the horses mouth and was going to sell some young Andy can do that little clip on Boris Johnson will begin away from him in England and alive.

The regulations to X, and as a result from the start of next week. My precertification schools choose to use the NHS could possible monthly but we will end the compulsory use of convincing justification for no longer asking the web from other employees moderate returning to the office and having the data. The cabinet concluded the once regulations lapse. The government will no longer mandate wearing a small on the use committal continues to suggest use when you come in contact with people you we will trust the judgment of anyone who chooses to ease fictions is social plans becoming the planning still remain, including those on social isolation. All right, it is a little hard to understand.

I was, as in TERM, but they did say in a press conference, we cannot eradicate this virus and the future variance. Instead, we must learn to live with coveted in the same way we have to live with the flu. Remember the coronavirus is a out of the common cold is a corona virus disliked. On the cross is very similar. We've been living with colds and flu's probably since the thousand years right yeah Joe Jo Jo Jo Jo you don't understand the reset.

The idea was to depopulate you not going if you use common sense.

You not conveniently killed kill people. Now the thing of it is people aren't supposed to know this is where the walk thing comes in because because even though anthracene they're not supposed to know and and those people that are getting the shot and then dying and but now their relatives are not supposed to know that there and they're not supposed to know that the dying from the shop because they're told they're not supposed to know he died on the Shaklee cake and so what's happening out there today. We are the anti-walkers. That's right. And so even Starbucks. I couldn't believe it. Even liberal Starbucks that have lived sodomite coffee cups there go to scrap the vaccine mandate they will not require speaking assignment nine 28,000 employees felt the liberal woke Starbucks. Speaking of satellites we we the American family Association is asking us to call your US Senators and tell the vote against Biden's radical nominee, Nancy, I would do a blue duplicate.

She is employed by the southern perversion law center and to serve on the 11th circuit Court of Appeals of the new currently serves as the strategic light litigation director for the southern perversion law center that first of all they've got nothing there that they call himself southern poverty is a bunch of very very wealthy communist and and they're known for pedophilia over there.

That's the southern wall from fact that the entire death. Aquatic you don't I know I call a party the collective the entire death. The credit collective is worked out quite correctly like the board right they are filled pedophilia just absolutely pedophilia. Unbelievable. This is nothing. Nothing good is nothing good in the death of Greg party. Nothing good at all.

It's a part of abortion to Barnett São Tomé beast jelly pedophilia.

There's nothing about it, not anything at all.

That's not complete and unclean and sinful workout failure like your father the devil what he does he will do all right. Matt okay Mac from Redwall pledges 117, 3879 or $0.38. Gail from Massachusetts pledges $100.

Andy from Maple Heights pledges $40 Carla from Dallas pledges $700 already thought they were getting down there and think where I'm not quite sure, but I gotta be a probably within about $1500 were goal right might make a good Lord willing to write within the listener's hands in case the folks you want to call your Sen. and tell your Sen. to vote against and that the nomination of Nancy Emily do Abba do all of you listen even on feet even look of your even if your death at remember what we read here is a chance remember what God's Word, the Bible says repent or perish, here is a chance look if you got any good and you look what would a number of the death of cancer doing left and right there abandoning her coming out there saying it is gotten too bad. I mean it so bad they can even stay in there, so if you have any honor any integrity, any decency left at all. You come out of their income out of there okay get out come out from amongst us, and that takes repentance and you can start by calling your US Sen. and told the vote against the nomination of Nancy Abba do all this whole thing Biden I kind of forced myself to listen to some of the verbiage, the garbage came out of his mouth. I didn't overpromise. He said I have probably out performed what anybody thought would happen. We've made enormous progress.

Everything is changing. It's getting better the conflict the yen out everything he said was a total lie. Prices are higher inflation is higher. You know the job situation everything the energy crunch. There wasn't one thing that's better, but he's taking credit for things that make-believe didn't happen were still you talk about all the wonderful jobs were still over 4 million jobs short of the pre-pandemic level and we lost 22 point but to to some like that million jobs because the lockdowns and what he said basically were. I'm not going to change my agenda. I'm not gonna stop trying to promote the build back better. I'm not changing my senior staff.

I'm not changing my communication strategy. In other words, you know he's thinking he's doing a great job. So why should she change anything they said that government spending is not causing the inflation, the green energy is not responsible. The green energy programs are not responsible for the high energy prices there is to utilize the grand old party, the GOP, the Republicans are trying to suffer the elections in America. Now they're trying to change election so there's never a free and fair election again so they can stay in power you doing such a great job of according to the Congressional Budget Office is new go back better will only cost us $3 trillion more in debt that he doesn't agree with the that's a nonpartisan group of people and the notice didn't hear any word about today in Chicago.

There were five children, five children shot. I didn't hear any outrage about the crime in the street. The number of murders invoking the violence. It don't matter if the shot is not shot by police. You see, remember to me that wanted the little black kid that doesn't matter if the folks these gifts were seen in these major cities are mostly black in the black children their gods precious children we've gotta stand up and scream. This is wrong. This is horrible and yet this government doesn't acknowledge now you think you all you and I have to think I'll let you know I know I know you would expect the prosecutors to prosecute these guys is shooting the children that's gotten you will legalization prosecute him and them let you know they they don't do that anymore. There, that's why they have some late minute killing in New York. You've got George Soros bought and paid a prostitute or still not present their prostitutes late their hearts. They were they've sold themselves for money and the they violate every oath that they took and their Nessus reality now this happens in blue states and blue cities. This is cities you'll find out that every single city, every swear you have the highest crime the most killings. The most prostitution the most drugs trafficking. Most gangs, all of them are death aquatic. They're all run by Democrats. Every one of you go now we have all right we have Diane sending a pledge $10 Dharma New York Linda 50 Donald of Philly pledges 100 and Stanley from Georgia pledges.

No standing George from Canton pledges 100 so that puts us down to about 2100. We need about 2100 and we've got about 12 minutes.

Teresa 2100 so John, it's almost 200 minute for 40 years or more out on the streets front of these abortion clinics he's murdering places of death, and especially there in Cleveland blood Alley. I think if I'm right about 40% of the babies aborted our black, at least in most of them are all minority children and yet it's been members of your church. Doers of the word that are out there every week and some other right to life groups, black lives only manage children.

The only manner black lives only matter Jill if they killed by a cop, they don't matter if they killed by each other in the crime-ridden schools and all manner of the kilobyte in the abortion mills you see that my boss does our boss does he care greatly doesn't. He said all I don't matter cannot, must not will not shed innocent blood count of said all lives matter: I was minute when and so on here. So again here. You've got the crime. You have to understand we're living in with the Bible calls over in Matthew chapter 24 verse eight he talks about the evil day. He's referring to the time of sorrows, sorrows, or birth pangs, so we are there and we have, we see the corruption we no longer have in the we used to have. Remember, a Department of Justice is to be independent. It's not the reason that these people are being prosecuted. The reason all of those people like Brian Lewton, murder and antiphon getting away with this because, well, and what why Hillary Clinton is not being prosecuted or George Soros. The call of the crimes and that the deaths Bill Gates is because we do not have a legitimate it is as illegitimate as you can get. That's the cold Department of Justice of the Bible refers to illegitimate as mastered in anything.*It is not a legitimate government agency. It's only a part. Now the death aquatic party in the same thing with the FBI. The federal Bureau of insurrection. They have lost their credibility. There no longer on there simply right now a part of an arm of the death aquatic kindness collective if even worldwide.

A little while ago where I was told the story about the grim reality in Britain. This is a pretty much socialist state over there and the same things all across Europe are the same things were seeing here their governments are using the virus to control the people to get rid of the poor, the indigent, those that are of that like what I call it comorbidities useless eaters. This is a world wide power grab. It is not just something happening here.

Although it is a communist revolution in United States. This is going on around the world. The globalist, the one world order. People are trying to consolidate their power and I was reading were the most the people are losing suffering, but the very elite rich they've doubled and tripled their wealth over this coded period of time so you imagine billionaires are doubling or tripling their wealth. They are taking advantage of harming the average person there getting blessed, not by God that the by the corrupt one world order giving example we were talking about in the Department of Justice media blackout Moeller's star witness pleads guilty in illegal schemes to funnel for money to Hillary Clinton's gap in right what was the information very from what I was very for the public well we reported previously, the George Nader Lebanese American businessman, one of Moeller's star witnesses was charged in Virginia Ct. in July to 19.

What additional child sex crimes. I was telling you the death aquatic kindness collective is filled from top to bottom would benefit pedophiles. In June 2020 federal judge in Virginia sends Nader 60 wanted 10 years in prison. The absolute minimum.

He could receive for his charges. Recall Nader was previously indicted on June 3, 2019 on child pornography charges, according to a three count indictment unsealed, Nader was previously charged him for possessing child pornography ever traveling with a minor to engage in illegal sex acts and was accused of transporting a 14-year-old European boy to the United States for sex in the year 2000 goes on and on and on and that he gave $4 million to Hillary's campaign so they get out of your wonder why the perverts give so much money to these powerful Democrats. I mean, I don't, Linda. I know that people need to connect some dots best earning here you go Sidney Powell announces she will testify before Liz Cheney sham January 6 committee that is about as illegitimate. There is not one individual and not one individual on that committee that I would trust around the child with my children when my grandchildren are to tell the truth right and not one of them the truth teller.

Liz Cheney is not one that would tell the truth either taken out and she looks forward to sharing evidence of election fraud, why would tell you talk about that is going to be a kangaroo court again that is going to shut her up and stop her. The event they can allow her to present the Mountains of evidence and testimony from thousands of people are hundreds of people I should say yeah but you see we can tell people what they're doing when they did when they do what they can help to and they are as corrupt. There is at that entire illegitimate committee is so corrupt that when this happens we will be here to tell people what really took place on our program and try her freaking get the curve which we work very hard at that we ought to remind people right now that the Democrats are causing trouble. The Republicans blocked their election bills today and they set up the filibuster and were wondering right now at this time. If Chuck Schumer cares what happened. The Republicans all voted against this procedural vote. Combined, these two major election bill so the result was really a 50-50 split that the load actually came out 49 to 51 Pastor Ernie because Chuckie Schumer changed his vote switched it so he went to the other side so he could offer a motion to reconsider and now he is planning to do what they call the nuclear option to try and get rid of the 60 vote threshold and entirely so the Democrats can pass this legislation to change the way America votes and he said will we will all confront the critical questions from members of this chamber do what is necessary to pass these bills.

It is my hope that courage awakens within the hearts of our colleagues before the day is out. If the Senate cannot protect the right to vote under existing rules in the Senate rules must be reformed to folks what they're doing.

This is the big lie of the day. They want to federalize elections they want to have all the smell in voting where you can have this easy correction close. We got five minutes five minutes left and were still very short of our goal. 88828111108882811110 or 88867796738 looks like the is coming and now I can tell you here where okay we right now, so we still need we need $900 900 will know $960 there somebody out there that God has blessed the turn writer check your work hurt as much as some of our donors that is sent in 10 or $20 and I would just talk that the Lord would reach out and touch your heart can you can help us make it a night on all the stations run. Stephanie called in from New York and placed another 50 so writer got some great people but what one of the things that people don't understand is where were working.

You took a huge gamble a lot of purple now in prayer. We took on a lot of stations that wants. Normally it takes them a couple years to get a station to be self-supporting and with all that was happening you in on several big stations in big cities and all at once and the amazing the blessing the real miracle of God is. We have not had to lose one of those stations, although it's only been what the year year and 1/2. We haven't lost a little station now that we really came close to having the squeaky were talking squeaking) yeah, yeah, it's the Lord doesn't let us get complacent and I'll make a hectic week. He keeps it exciting. If you will exhilarate your talk about being An edgier seat night after night after night. Yeah, that you could put it that way okay.

Stephanie called from New York in pledges 50 and let me see. Larry said that one right, not yet, and we got another one coming in right now.

Anonymous is pledging, let me see what is anonymous pledges to unlace 211.

I believe $211 anonymous. Thank you anonymous. Thank you Stephanie all right very good in my elite. We only have about 123 about five minutes left out. I think God do we just put it in the Lord's hand to reduce vascular per the literalist may prayerfully consider your here how radio is free. Well, it's free if you have a bunch advertisers and sponsors and stop paying for the you have to listen to the ads, we don't have sponsors.

They get pretty scared off. It looks like we are almost there.

Jill, I think we went down to work. We just had Joe from North Carolina pledges 700 while okay so were only about 100 short only about $100 short.

I think will wait.

We got a pledge coming in now, but will take anything actually hurt. To actually be ahead of the game for what you get a great blessing Andrea from Illinois just pledges 350.

That means we will overlook, but they keep income and funds will take you will get a jump on on tomorrow night. We get a jump on that very hard thing but back to that without talking about what Schumer and these people are trying to do is change America the way we vote and it is so important to them to get this federalize in the election to get in this mail in voting all the stuff I get to see the link to read you just say this very quickly because we had to get the prayer that we you have a I would send we have left Andy okay and the step in at that and I could do three things at once.

How much time do I have left.

Okay there you go with it is very quickly and that is this that Biden said today. We just had they the left liked with more people voting than ever. The greatest amount of voters in the history of the country. They turned around and said well Republicans are sort of suppressing loathe about the Republican answer there you go anyhow talking about talking out of both sides of your mouth at the same time) cannot be both true boats everything we said here tonight is important, but what were going to say right now is more important than anything because on the bottom line is we always want you to remember when all of this. We start out with the Bible study. Those guys were the Bible or United. It's what it says this can happen its went with what is in there is going to happen that that's in fact a lot of people still don't get it where we're living in a world of very confused people and then looking everywhere for answers except for where they're at. Kate and so God made us. He's the manufacturer. He gives us a manual to live by and so that's what you need to do now.

I tell you this here your sinners and only sinners need a Savior. If you have not he gives you one way out of the lake of fire is a price that has to be paid. Christ paid the price for sin. But you have to call upon his name. That's the way it's done and he says simply this right to the father and his name got prayed to the father and his name and what is at seconds or minutes.

Okay he prayed to the father in the name of the son, and you repent you ask for forgiveness of your sins. This is what the Lord says in exhibit is only one intercessor between God and man. And that's him and then you call upon his name.

You asked the Lord Jesus. Remember what he said when he was on the cross, father forgive them for they know not what they do when the only way the father. They provided a way with those very same people that were yelling crucify Chris invite Chris invite they had get done on any swallow their pride and they had in order to give forgiveness and one way that lake of fire and that was to repent and call upon the name, the Lord Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.

That was it. Okay. And that's with and that's what you do today if you do that if you call upon his name, and you asked him to be your Lord and Savior, the Lord of all of your life without any reservations that you got God's word on you will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and once that happens, then you are on your way. When we read Joe today and in that first Corinthians 15 about what immortality will on your road to immortality. So, God, for by grace are you saved through faith. Your faith that will save you already well aware when not in time for tonight. I praise the good Lord because well we just had similar kin from all while Missouri pledges 500 Darlene from Texas for Dragon is see all these pledges that came in and while anonymous from Colorado pledges 25 were out of time until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless and always, always, was doing okay Friday morning. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right once left posted by Pastor Ernie send their to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time was right. Once left by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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