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Tues HR 2 011822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 19, 2022 12:05 am

Tues HR 2 011822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 19, 2022 12:05 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we're back and we have my, I got two pretty women in here and they both have announcements to make.

So go ahead and we'll start with you Pam. Oh, okay. It's an evening with Elvis.

It's Cesare Belvano. He's going to be at the Country Lakes Party Center at 8626 Broadview Road, Broadview Heights, Ohio. And that is on Saturday, February the 12th, from 5 o'clock till 9.

And tickets can be purchased online or by credit card for $48 per person or cash at our sales office for $45 per person. Okay, what are we, what is this for? It's a fundraiser for? This is, this is just, this one is not the fundraiser. No, he's got, she's got a fundraiser.

Oh, okay. That price, yeah, we want to do that one first. Let's do it here because that's what we're here about, fundraising. I am putting on a North, for the North Ridgeville Veterans Memorial Foundation, a fundraiser. And it is going to be Saturday, February 19th.

Doors open at 5 and it goes to 1030. It's $35 per person and that includes your dinner from Fligners, which is two meats, a side, a vegetable, and a salad, rolls, all that. And you also get entertainment from a really good friend of mine, Cesare Belvano. He's the Dream King.

He's an Elvis impersonator, one of the best around. And that will be at the VFW post 9871 and that is at 6805 Learnagel Road in North Ridgeville. And all the proceeds are going to benefit the North Ridgeville Veterans Memorial. And we're also going to have a portion that goes to the homeless vets as well. And if you want tickets, contact me, Kim Withrow, at 440-506-3764 or 440-327-8659.

And you can also email me at P I A N O K I M 35 at And there's going to be just all kind of fun. There's going to be baskets, silent auction, and all of this is going to go for, like I said, all of the veterans. And they're also going to have pavers there if you know a veteran or you are a veteran that you can have a vet's name put on a paver and that's going to go right in the memorial. All right.

Very, very good. We need a memorial, but even more than the memorial is the homeless vets. We should not have homeless vets.

No, not at all. Not when you're bringing in, you know, a million illegal aliens and when they're using our tax dollars to give these guys, you know, they're wanting them $450,000 per illegal. Exactly. And here we've got homeless vets. Yeah, and they're in need of everything, blankets, you know, just in this post they try to get what they can for the vets.

And whatever food is left over, which we know is going to, there's always extra food, that will be all boxed up and sent out to the homeless vets. Very good. Thank you. Mr. Joe, can you give out the phone and your Gmail account again? If I can't write it, there's got to be other lists. Oh, I'm sorry? Sure.

It's a warning. If I can't, I assume somebody else can't. Okay, sure.

Again, the number for tickets is Kim Withrow and that is 440-506-3764 or 440-327-8659. And my email is pianokim35 at All right, got it. If I can do it, everybody out there can. Okay. And I've been delivering the tickets as long as it's, you know, with, I live in North Ridgeville, so I've been trying to hand deliver as many tickets as possible.

All right, leave me a copy of that or I can get to when you go here and then if I can make it, I'll be there, too, because I want to, I'd like to help the vets. Now, Dr. Ingram, let me just ask you this. If Elvis had been taking oregano and what we've been talking about tonight, if he'd been taking apothecary and not pharmakea, he'd still be out there rocking and rolling, wouldn't he? Probably. Probably.

They say that the codeine's constipated him and he died on the throne. I don't know. But I know once, and that guy had energy, and I mean to... See, the problem we have is that we have a Christian society and the Bible is clear that we shouldn't be doing this vaccinating. We shouldn't be doing these drugs and we shouldn't be doing this pharmakea, but we don't go there. We trust these doctors. I don't. I know you don't, but I came very close because I'm a very busy guy and I suffer and I haven't been able to sleep until recently, but I came very close to accepting the surgery, but at the last minute I realized that I would become an invalid, a complete absolute incompetent if I did more and more and more medicine. So take it from the horse's mouth. I'm trying to, for the rest of my life, warn all of you, try your best to use the natural medicine and see if it will kick in for you.

And then if it doesn't, okay, but give it a go. My God. It sounds to me like the surgery that you had to have, was it on your mouth, was it on your jaw? Yeah, what happened was the dentist, he screwed a zirconium implant in the middle of a septic bone. It wasn't the dentist's fault. I can't blame the dentist. I had a problem. I had the tooth extracted.

That's it. It should have been left alone. Instead he wanted to be a hero and give me a chewing service. He made a hole inside the sepsis that went all over my body and just, I must have died 20 times. They were poisoned. So I survived and it was a year ago. I survived it. I'm here to talk about it. So just give me some time and I'll, but the thing that's working the best is the oregano.

I've tried everything. Yeah, I've, you know, there's more people and because it works, look, you know, just like the natural products, if there's anyone that has any doubt that this whole thing is about depopulating the country, you know, the desacratics, when they try to limit, try to cut off the availability to get hydroxychloroquine or, and hear the stuff, this remdesivir. Oh my God. Remdesivir is killing people. Yeah, it is. And that's why we're the only country in the world that uses it. It's been banned in all the other countries.

And when I couldn't remember the name of it, we decided to call it Run With Fear. Okay? Yeah. Because that's what it is. Well, what I'm curious is that I've spent my whole life trying to help people survive, not get sick, recover, reverse their pathology. How could you possibly spend your time in a board meeting thinking about killing people? Well, the mindset of these so-called elite, the Antichrist system, is that planet Earth should be clean and pristine. Like I said, I've said in their meetings, when they did not know who I was, and they talked openly about ways to depopulate the planet. What did they say? Well, they went and took a thousand Gulf Streams and celebrated the fact that half of all the nursing home people died after they got the shot. Right.

Well, they purposely infected them. But because Cuomo was guaranteed he was going to walk, I mean, he was guaranteed. The big money boys, just like Fauci and these people here, the idea is we've got enough money.

If you've got enough money, you can buy. We do not have today a Department of Justice, a DOJ. It is no longer an independent government. It belongs to the Democratic Communist Party.

It's simply a part of the Democratic Communist Party. It's been weaponized against the people. Same thing with the FBI and that. Oh, yeah. They've been weaponized against, so we don't have that. But there are some things happening out there, and you know, there's the old saying, give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves.

Yeah. Well, they've been hanging themselves. They're starting to implode, and they know that. And this is kind of why they're in a panic now.

But there's some things happening that we'll be talking more about later. And the vaccine is a disaster, let's face it. One of these days it's going to be really revealed how big of a disaster it is. Well, we've been revealing it. You've got three different types out there, and it's not, as you know, it's not really a vaccine at all, okay? But you have three different types out there.

And the way they've got it set up, we did a, we showed a documentary in the church that we're going to probably maybe show it again. But it shows you how they're doing this, how the idea, the purpose is to start killing people off without people realizing what they're doing. You kill them off in areas. They just drop dead in the vaccine centers, or they die in their car on the way home, or a week or two later.

I can't, I don't feel good, I want to lay down and Uncle Joe is deader than I warned him. Well, in Britain they had five pilots die in one week, and so, and now they're going to be a stop. You're going to see, they're going to be stopping these poisonous pokes or jabs.

I think so. Let me see, uh, football players, athletes, we have a list and couldn't believe it just kept going and going. But you notice you won't hear any of that and none of the lamestream media.

You won't hear a word about that at NBC, ABC, CBS. And if you want to know why, we did a little thing. I just was surfing the channels just watching how many times when they would have, they would say this commercial is brought to you by Pfizer. This is brought to you by Pfizer, this is brought to you by Pfizer. Where all of the money's at, that's the big money. Money, money, money, I tell you, you'd be surprised at how these people say, well, we want to depopulate, but they got stock in the vaccine companies. So they're profiting while they speak their high goals of, you know, wanting the elephants to roam Africa again or whatever the garbage is.

Well, yeah, the idea is that to depopulate the planet, and this is where you have Agenda 20 and Agenda 2030, where, you know, what they want to do is, I've listened to their whole spiel and they want to expand the limits, the city limits of all your major cities out 10 miles all the way around. Hold tight, we got to run this. The number is 888-281-1110, folks, we got to hear from you.

888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673. Yeah, learn how you can take care of yourself. Stay away, like I trusted this dental guy, I saw some issues and I almost ran away from, I wish I would have, but he did me some favor by getting some bad, really bad rotten teeth out of my mouth. Buy, I pay the price, but don't do that, find some way to build yourself up, change your diet, now.

Take action and find out how you can take some supplements to do a non-invasive improvement in your health. That's the best advice I can give. All right, very good. We haven't mentioned to the listeners at all that this ministry is totally listener supported. We don't have advertisers, we don't have sponsors. And everyone that works for the ministry, none of us take any salary, any money in any shape, kind form, you know, no bonuses, no cars, no 501.

I don't even have one Learjet, not even one. If you put money into a 401k, nothing like that. We're all volunteers, and when you donate to the ministry, that money is used to pay the radio air time. So it's really a partnership between you, the listening audience, Pastor Ernie, and the gang that, everybody behind the scenes in the ministry that keeps this thing going, and those of us that are on air with him. But we are here to be watchmen on the wall to give you the best information.

The value of the resistance against the inoculation, or the shot, is a lone reason to keep it going. I mean, the fact that you sat in on the DPOP meeting, that is just amazing preparation for this radio program. Here's the thing, Biden now has said he's created a database of people to look at their religious beliefs. He's already come out, and he's also set up to where he said that people, what he calls disinformation is what we're telling people, the truth. And that they are going to crack down, he said there's going to be a crack, they're going to use the FBI, whatever, to crack down on people that are telling the truth, that are giving, letting people know. People are dying, they're going to figure it out sooner or later. They're starting to, and they know that, and that's why they're in such a panic. Everything they say, you can pretty much look at whatever the opposite is, the truth. If they say they're going to save you money, it means they're going to, you're going to be losing money. If they say it's for your healthcare, it'll be to your detriment.

Everything that Biden and all those on the left, they always accuse us of doing what they're doing. Absolutely. Andy, can you tell me where we left off? Let's take this attitude. Let's ignore all the evildoers and build this ministry up every way possible. Donate, donate, and donate. Get your books, and then we'll come up with some other scheme.

Maybe the next scheme will be how you can harvest in the wilderness, come time, and put in your freezer wilderness foods. Because the Bible says, look, I'm not a scripture expert, but it says if you won't be able to buy, sell, or trade unless you have the beast mark, to me that's the vaccine marking your arm. I don't know. Maybe it's something to you. Well, it may be your right hand or your forehead with the mark of the beast, but you have to accept it. They can try it, but you have to accept it if they can't hold you down or force it on you. You have to accept it, and if you can find a way, this is what I'm going to do all year long, God willing.

Already, you get feeling better too. Terry in New York pledges $100. Nathan in Florida pledges $100. Bob and Lori in Michigan pledges $100. Mary from New York pledges $200. Neil from Portland pledges $100. William from New York pledges $100. James from Boston pledges $600. Earl from New York pledges $100. Harry from Akron pledges $120. And Richardson from New York pledges $100. Thank you folks. Okay, you're doing a good job out there. Next time, if Pastor wishes, I want to do a show on what you can harvest in your bacon lot, your backyard, and teach you how to harvest wild foods like they did a thousand years ago before there was any supermarket, and you shall benefit immensely from that knowledge.

Did I have the books already? All right, well, you get that ready, because I'm going to be putting in, I think, a garden this spring. I haven't done it in a while, but I decided to put in the big one, and I want to know what to plant. Well, you're right. You want to plant the berry bushes that grow like black raspberries or something that keep you strong.

Yeah, you know what? You got to know how to do that. I planted blueberry bushes, and I can't seem to keep them alive. Yeah, so you got to know which berries, you got to know where your climate is. Blueberries do real good in the far north.

Right, and they take a special soil. We can do that. I need to do a story because it fits with our fundraiser. Now, most of you have heard of Laura Logan News. She's been with Fox News. She has been scrubbed from Fox News.

She has been fired from her talent agency that she's worked with. Let me finish. Her sin was, when she was talking about Dr. Fauci, she compared him to Dr. Joseph Mingle. Guess who else has been doing that? The wonder.

Yeah, I've been doing that. I've been calling him Mingle Fauci for a long time now. But anyway, the idea where we are listener supported, we trust you listeners to keep this ministry afloat. Laura had a job where Fox got rid of her. Her talent agency dropped her, and now she's in trouble. But she was talking about how Dr. Fauci lied to the people about the success of this safe vaccine. He lied about the hydroxychloroquine. He's lied about the ivermectin. And he keeps pushing these vaccines. The more vax you take, the more likely you are to get sick, the more likely you are to die.

And we've got other stories we've been doing. Now there's a doctor from MIT that's screaming there's major brain damage to our children from these COVID shots. And he's screaming it's outrageous to be giving vaccines to young people. And let's see where his name is. He's a computer... no, that's a researcher that's working with him.

I can't find his name right offhand. But it's an MIT scientist warning. Back to this idea, doctors have been fired from hospitals.

There's two new ones we haven't talked about. There's Dr. Mary Bowden. She's an ENT specialist, has her private practice. And she's now suing Houston Methodist Hospital. She was suspended all her hospital privileges for spreading COVID misinformation.

She said, you know, the vaccine mandates are wrong. She's been prescribing her patients ivermectin. And even the hospital admitted she's never had a patient admitted to their hospital.

Why? She's treating them with ivermectin. They're not getting sick enough to go to the darn hospital. Now we've got a doctor in Maine, Dr. Meryl Nass, a Maine doctor, 40 years experience in practice. They have taken away her license for spreading COVID misinformation. And, oh my good lord, she's been treating people with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. And they have ordered her to undergo, not only have they suspended her medical license, but they ordered her to have a neuropsychological evaluation. I want to read the quote, the information received by the medical board demonstrates that Dr. Nass is or may be unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to her patients by reason of mental illness, alcohol, excessive drug use, narcotics, or a result of mental or physical condition interfering with the competent practice of medicine. So here you have around, they are trying to go after anyone who's trying to tell the truth, treat people with the drugs that we know are totally safe, totally effective, been used around the world.

And we know, like in India, they were handing it out to everybody and they practically have no COVID. So this, folks, is a real battle. This is why you need to help keep us on the air. We don't have a sponsor.

We don't have anybody. Thank goodness that Salem is keeping us on the air. And it's because of you, the listener, that we're here because they want us gone so, so badly.

Right, Pastor? Well, this is it. And of course, the medical board of examiners is owned by Pharmakia. So if you go up against Pharmakia, you're going to get shot down.

That's the way it is. Well, you know, the CDC is owned by the pharmacy companies, the big pharma. Also, the NIH, National Institute of Health, guess who is the director of the National Institute of Health? The Fauci guy. That's right. No, it's his wife.

His wife is the director. Well, this is why I propose that at least to your listening public, we will teach them how they can find big medicines in the bush for free. And show them, even when you read the Wild Berry Cure, you have to look towards the west because the sun comes up in the east, and then you look down because the berry bushes like drainage. So there's little tips and pearls that will allow you to go out and be like me. Why not?

Why should I be the only one? I can go out and I can find this stuff, you know, and have fun harvesting. And then every year this stuff goes in your area.

It just dies off and comes back and dies off and comes back. So why not know what to do? Well, yeah, you should. Again, God put them there for that. But let me tell you about this. Major U.S. newspaper insists on deploying National Guard to keep the unvaxxed at home. Now, here the editorial board of the Salt Lake Tribune is calling for the government to use the National Guard to make sure people who have not taken the experimental poisonous pokes be kept at home. Now, here's how this works. Those in the government, they tell the people at the newspapers, here's what you're going to do. You're going to put this out there, and then we're going to comply and say, well, you know, this is what people want us to do. This is the way that works.

It's never the way it seems. And so get prepared, because I'll tell you what, we're fed up. We are fed up. You have to find a way around everything.

You found ten ways that, whether maybe you start a private membership association where the government, maybe you get 50 mothers together and you start a group, whatever it is. You don't pay any attention to these evildoers. You have to pay attention to know that they're plotting against you, and then you take action. Civil disobedience is what we need.

I'm sorry, but that's what we need. We must obey God rather than men. And when they lie to you, they deceive you, and they tell you to vaccinate your precious children that's going to kill them or cripple them.

They are the ones who are trying to commit mass murder, and it is totally biblically correct for you to disobey them because of the evil that they are trying to perpetrate. Susan from New York pledges $100. Charlotte from Akron pledges $100. Sandy from Ocala, Florida pledges $100. Carmen from Connecticut pledges $100. There you go. Thank you, thank you. Yeah, I think this $100 thing was your idea, Dr. Cass.

Well, somebody said that. Your associate said $100. Yeah, I kind of said for the books that would be a good amount.

But you had the idea to donate your books, and that was the blessing. Well, I found these skids, and some of them are a little old in the sense that I wrote the book in 2002 or 2007 when we used to do large runs, but now we do smaller runs. The truth doesn't go out of date, does it, Doc?

No, it doesn't go out of date. It's just that the large runs, I don't want to do those anymore. I'd rather you guys take the books, and then I'll do the little 500 or 1000 runs, and the same book won't change anything.

But the benefit to the listening audience is twofold. One, how you can use food as medicine, and the second one is the future show that we hope to do, and that is 500 years ago there wasn't a grocery store. Even 100 years ago there wasn't a supermarket in this whole world. Well, people found things in the nature that they used as medicine and as food.

And even, let's say, 10,000 years ago it was all wild that you had to have, and if you didn't have any knowledge of hunting and gathering, you couldn't survive. So what are you doing buying these hybridized foods, these hybridized fruits that cause the diabetes, when you could be eating wild food and reversing your diabetes, reversing your heart disease, reversing your cancer, reversing your risk for cancer by eating these wild things? I know all about this. If I wasn't Lazarus and I nearly died, I wouldn't have went to the grave with this information.

I'm not going to go. You're going to all learn what I know about the nature. Now, for example, let me give you an example. So I'm terribly constipated from this illness, and the illness destroyed my intestine function. Well, not anymore, because I used the wild greens, the wild raw greens. I used the greens flush and the dandemax, and I restored the function of my intestine, and that was without colonic, without draconian intervention, without any drugs, without any laxatives. I just used the dandelion. So I'm going to show you, you've got to go harvest the dandelion leaf, the root, during certain times, which is the spring and the fall, and you use that to stimulate the function of your intestine.

All right, very good. I understand about the dandelion root. I know in that oil of dandelion root that cancer cells cannot live in that. No, they cannot.

They cannot. It's such a fantastic, and then burdock is another one. Nattles is another one. You know, and I talk about all of that, and you can find, if you just know what to do, you can find these things, just a little drive outside the concrete, and there it is right there. You know, I think more and more natural paths, more and more people like you is becoming, you know, the cat's out of the bag. People don't trust anymore.

They don't trust. Did you know that there's certain barks that maybe you can harvest some birch bark, and it's a super, super, super anti-cancer tea, or you can harvest some bark from, I don't know, pine, and make an antiseptic. All right, we got Carmen from Connecticut, pledges on Alice in Oregon, Rosetta from Michigan, Jean from Youngstown, 100, 100 for Rosetta, oh boy, let me see, Nick from Lakeland, 100, and Rose from Long Island, 200, and Curtis from Illinois, pledges 100. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yeah, no, you cannot, you cannot believe what you could find in the bush. I took a woman who was very sick up with me about 10 years ago to some blackberry patches. Instead of picking, I said, we got to pick because the company wants blackberries.

They make it extra. She picked them and ate them. She had a complete turnaround of her health from two weeks of eating blackberries from the bush, wild ones. They did a study in Europe. They took blackberries from farm raised and expected a great result for cancer.

It did nothing. They went out and got some wild ones, and it killed all the cancer cells. Well, now I, you know, out there in Oregon, when I was in Oregon, blackberries are growing over the wild, I mean, all over the place. Oh, yeah, we did.

We picked because we're here in Ohio. You don't see that. You don't see, I mean, we're talking about big, juicy blackberries. Oh, that's the Himalayan one that's gone invasive.

You know what's interesting? They work best raw or freeze dried. If you freeze them or cook them, they lose the medicinal powers. About 80 percent of the medicines gone.

Well, very little known fact. All righty, let me give that number out again, and the number I want to give out here for the folks out there. Oh, we got here, we got another prayer request that just came in, and what did I do with it?

I just had it here, and I just dropped it, I guess. Well, that number, to call, and they call you and they can order this flyer that has all this information on it, and that number to call is 1-800-295-3737. Folks, or you can go to, up on the internet, and they can probably just pull that down on your website, can't they? Yeah, purelywild, there can't be too many purely wild in the world, and so purelywild.casingram, and then, look, I used to be Dr. Cass Ingram, but the medical board is saying that I'm practicing medicine without a license, I guess, I don't know. So I'm Cass Ingram, the wilderness guy, so I lost my medical license, you know that, 30 years ago to a private investigator posing as a patient, that's how serious they are about anybody that's a resistor. So I posed a resistance by saying I wanted to help people out, and because I wanted to help people out, they tried to destroy me. Well, they didn't get that done, I just converted to writing books and helping people in a different way. Well, more and more people are going towards a natural path, and they know that, and they know this, this is why they're cracking down, again, this whole control thing about controlling the population and depopulating the planet, that's what it's all about. Yeah, I only have one objective, and that's to help you with your health so you can live to the maximum potential, it's the opposite of these animals, the barbarians that want to kill people. My God, we took an oath, above all, do no harm, and that's what we're going to stick with right here.

You're not kidding. Alright, one more time, Kim, I'm going to let you give this one more time while you're here. We'll do that. Okay, I have planned a North Ridgeville Veterans Memorial Foundation fundraiser for Saturday, February 19th, from 5 to 1030. It's $35 per person, which includes your dinner from Fligner's Market, and live Elvis entertainment by Cesare Belvano, the Dream King. This will be at the VFW Post 9871, that's located at 6805 Learnagel Road in North Ridgeville, and all the proceeds is going to benefit the North Ridgeville Veterans Memorial, as well as the homeless vets. And if you would like tickets, I forgot to add that this only holds 220 people, so that's the amount of tickets that we have, so if you would like tickets, please call me fairly soon.

My name is Kim Withrow, and my number is 440-506-3764, or 440-327-8659, and you can also email me at piano kim, p-i-a-n-o kim, 35 at gmail dot com. And like I said, we're going to have a lot of baskets, private, or not private, but a silent auction, different things that you can do, and there will also be pavers that they have there for sale if you would like to put a vet's name on it, living or deceased, and that will go right in the memorial there in North Ridgeville. All right, very good. Here, I found that prayer request is for Judy and Rust, and in a few minutes here we're going to, as we give the invitation, we will include Judy and Rust in that prayer, too, as we give the invitation. So, all right, let me get back to the board. Where do we leave off?

I think Curtis from Illinois pledges 100. Do we do him? Okay.

So I think we're getting pretty close to our goal, I'm not sure, but I think we're pretty close to our goal for tonight. So, Cass, when you get that ready to talk about the things we can pick out in the field there, let me know, because that sounds like a good program, but we have to know how to identify these things so we know what we're getting the right things. I'll just spend some time, maybe we pick about five or ten items that people can master without any difficulty. All right, very good. We've got them with book offers, and the books will guide them anyway. All right, folks, and listen, I want to tell you thank you so much for those books, and thank you for the ones you sent us that we received today. All right, my friend, keep up the good work and we'll talk soon. All right, God bless, and thanks again. Yeah, let's talk soon.

All right, let's go to 888-281-1110, 888-281-1110, or 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673. You know, it's a strange thing, because I didn't cough one time last night, or all day yesterday, but this cough, as soon as I got in the studio, again, it seems like... It could be a chemical they used to clean the studio. It could be, you know, what we do is we come in there, we wipe everything down, and especially the mic, and there might be something in that that's doing it. Could be. Pastor? Yeah.

We're getting real short. You remember how you're always talking about the people with the Biden signs are not your friend, they're the enemy? Yeah. And you keep talking about the demon rats and stuff. Well, I've got a validation for everything you said. There was a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute combined to do this large poll. Democrats, demon rats, were more than twice as likely as other voters to favor harsh government restrictions being placed on the unvaccinated people, ranging from fines, house arrests, to imprisonment in government facilities, loss of child custody. 48% of the Dems said the government should be able to fine or imprison those who question the vaccine's efficacy. 55% favor fining people, 59 of these demon rats favored requiring unvaccinated people to stay inside their homes, and 45% favored the government forcing people into designated facilities. And they're trying to get a government program going using digital devices to track the movement of the unvaxxed to make sure they are properly quarantined. And in this group also were those who thought it was okay to take away children if you didn't vaccinate your children, that it would be all right to about almost 50%, the government should be able to come in and take your children. So everything you've ever said about these people, they're evil, they're wicked, they are all about power, control.

There's nothing there about freedom. And they have no problems destroying your life. So if you have neighbors that are old-line Democrats, I'm sorry, but I wouldn't trust them. I wouldn't bring them into my house.

I wouldn't have anything to do with them. They are now the enemy, period. Well, here's the thing. That demon rat, that wasn't me.

That was CS Thunder. I did death-o-crats. The death-o-crats was me. And that's exactly what they are. The Bible says all of those that love death hate God, or actually it's all those that hate God love death.

All of those that hate God love death. Now, did you know that there was just a 14-point switch from the death-o-crats to the Republican Party? Yeah, we did that last night. Yeah. And so the decent people, anyone who's, and even people like Bill Maher, who are saying, you know what, it's time to jump ship, it's time to get out of here. They're waking up. And, yeah, but the hardcore, like AOC and the squat and that group, they're not, you know, they're sticking to evil, to wickedness. They're going to fight harder, like a wounded animal that's cornered. They're now, the truth is out, they have been exposed.

They thought they were in enough position that they could take over the country, foment the revolution, but it's failing. And in their death throes, they're going to fight back even harder. So the next few months, folks, are going to be really, really hard. It's going to be a battle that we can win by the end of this year, but we have to run to this battle. We have to get involved in the fight. We all have to stand and be Christian soldiers and do our parts, and then, God willing, we will win.

Already, Andrea in Medina pledges 100, Claudia in Illinois pledges 100, Beverly from Oregon pledges 200. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Yeah, we've just passed our goal. Praise the good Lord for tonight. That's two nights in a row where we... Awesome. Yeah, you know, we have actually less than 10 hours to raise enough money to stay out for an entire month. Well, that's an entire week, though, of the ministry, and in the meantime, we try and give people a lot of information they need to know.

Sadly. That's why we're here. We're the watchmen on the wall. I want to add that when I talked about that MIT scientist warning about children's brain damage, it was Stephanie Siddeth, and she wrote a title paper, Worse Than the Disease, Reviewing Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vaccines, and she is a senior research scientist with a PhD at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, so she should have some pretty good power behind her, you know, what she says. Here of the Biden-creating database of people for their religious beliefs, the Biden regime has begun keeping tabs on everyone who asks for a religious exemption from the federal government's list of mandates.

A new report explains a column by Sarah Parshall-Perry and Jeanne Giancarlo Canaparo at the Daily Signal explains it is the pretrial service agency with the District of Columbia that has revealed a policy that will likely serve as a model for the whole of the government, a push to assemble lists of Americans who object on religious grounds to COVID-19 vaccine. And so the article... What is evil, evil, evil? They are lying, deceiving, and collecting information, and they are the enemy, aren't they?

I mean, the enemy within is the most dangerous enemy there is. And that's exactly what we've been telling people for 50 years now. Okay, remember, you know, going back 50 years ago, we were telling people, if you love your kids, get them out of public school, if you love your children, get them out of there. We were telling them all the way back then, this is hot, these are hotbeds of cultural Marxism.

Now people realize because you've got all of these young people that come up that are, you know, they think communism is a good idea. All right, we're out of time for it. We're running out of time. I want to thank you, ladies, for being here with us tonight. Thank you.

Thank you. We need to close in some prayer. And folks, we still have five minutes for you. You can keep calling, you know. We'll take it. Let me see.

Did I? Yeah. Diana in Pennsylvania just pledged 100. Thank you, Diana.

And it looks like Shirley from Little Rock pledges 100. Boy, this is something, they get five books. And so, praise the good Lord for that. You guys are going to be busy. I'm going to add a little extra on my pledge to help pay for some shipping for those books.

Yeah, shipping is a little expensive. Some of you out there, when you make your pledge, you may do like I'm doing. I'm going to add extra so the ministry doesn't lose money paying for shipping. And all you folks out there listening, too, when you send in your pledge, remember, if you don't get the newsletter, you really need to get the newsletter. We've got one of the best newsletters around.

We tell you exactly what they don't want you to know. We really do. And so, I'm going to go ahead and close in and give the invitation very quickly. Cindy in Michigan just pledged 100, too. So, let's pray. First of all, Heavenly Father, Lord God, these people who have called Judy and Russ who have the COVID have asked us to pray for them because they're very ill. So, we want to hold them up and just ask, Lord, that you touch them. And all of those, so many people right here, the lady right here in our studio, Pam with us, too, Father God, Lord, that those that have... Lord God, we know that He that is in us is greater than He is in the world. And so, Lord God, we would, too, pray that people would detox.

They would get rid of that, which was put into them. But the most important thing, we know, Father God, that everything that even we're talking about here tonight will be forgotten. Everything except for one thing, and that's, Lord God, this invitation that we're getting right now. We know Father God didn't.

There's no stuttering going on in your Word. You made it very clear. It's appointed to all men wants to die, and then the judgment. We know that you, Lord, men, because of their sin, what they deserve because of their sin. Because you're an awesome God. You're a holy God. And a holy God must punish sin. But you gave us a way out. You gave us a way out. If we would repent of that sin, we would call upon your name, Father God. Call and pray to you and ask for forgiveness of that sin and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus. We know that Lord Jesus, when He took our place, substitutionary death, He didn't have to do that. But He did that. He died. And He died upon that cross for those that would call upon His name, those that would be covered by that blood.

The question is, are you one of them? You see, you are going to die. That's a fact. It's going to happen. And when that happens, you will end up in heaven or hell. There's no other way.

It's just the way it is. And so it's up to you. And so when you hear an invitation given, the preacher is just a messenger, folks. Again, we're doing this. We do this.

We want. The last thing for you to remember before you close your eyes at night and go to sleep is that God is calling you. Now, some of you will get another opportunity if you don't answer. There will be others that won't. There comes a time when that's the last call.

There comes a time when you run out of tomorrows tonight. And you don't want that to happen to you. You really don't.

Because if you have not received Christ as your Savior by now, it's kind of like you walk in a tightrope over a burning lake of fire and you don't want to be there. So do that tonight. Pray to the Father. Ask for forgiveness of sins. Ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life, all of your life and everything. And you will be.

The Holy Ghost will come and dwell within you. We are out of time for tonight. So until tomorrow, we want to say, you ready? Good night. Good night. God bless. God bless. And always, always, always, I mean always keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance. What's Right? What's Left? hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders.

To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right? What's Left? The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right? What's Left? Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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