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WED HR1 111021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 10, 2021 11:30 pm

WED HR1 111021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 10, 2021 11:30 pm

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Good evening and welcome to another additional what's right with left this November 10, Wednesday, 20, 21 date. This is the voice of the Christian resistance and I am pestering a standard and what we have a lot to get to the night I made a whole lot to get to and what we have ready to defend any of those try to storm the studio and cancel me as the mighty Andrew that's right pastor standing guard below] good, and that we have out there.

Listen if mother nature was a woman, a lady, it would be Wendy Wilson, out there in North Carolina hey Wendy, good evening young lady, and that we have well we held Mercer Mitchell and Brian Robertson oh, I don't I'm doing okay in life. Losing my mind or were we supposed to have pastor David Burton. I think you owe okay very good okay so were going to get right into our Bible study here tonight and it's that's the title. The message was never give up never give up never give up what you think I got that title fellows that's right that's right when he was speaking to the class good.

That's a lasting Mr. turtle, what advice do you have for us young officers and he said never give up never give up never give up, turn around and walked away.

That was a very short speech. Amen. And I hold to that I believe in that. And so were going to picking up where we left off as we go through Ezekiel chapter 9 Ezekiel chapter 9. And I'll tell you guys have your Bibles there when you hear King James Bible's your all right okay then I'm gonna start there with you merger a national radio lead readme verses one through seven okay Ezekiel chapter 9. He cried also in my ears with a loud voice saying called them that have charge over the city to draw near, even every man with his destroying weapon in his hand, and behold, the command came from the way of the higher gate which lie toward the north and every man slaughter weapon in his hand and the man and one man among them was clothed with linen with a rider in corn by five and they went in and did fly the brazen altar and the glory of the Lord the glory of God of Israel was gone up from the chair where, whereupon he was the threshold of the house and the call to the man clothed with linen which had the writers in corn by his side in the Lord then him him go through the midst of the city to the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the four heads of the men that try and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof into the other thing he said in mind, hearing, go ye after him through the city and through my let not your eye spared neither have ye pity lay utterly old and young oak made and little children and women. But, not near any man upon whom is the mark and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at that ancient man, which were before the house and he said unto them, the file the house and fill the courts with the claim, go ye for and they went forth, and flew in the city of Reading them here who's giving this order who's giving this order is God himself is given this order. That is so Ezekiel once Ezekiel and see how corrupt Jerusalem have become. Remember what he did with Ezekiel.

He showed him he took him and from Babylon and the dream, and he Shown What Was Taking Pl. in Jerusalem how corrupt they had become an Godhead. God had given them an opportunity. He told the.

The leaders that if they had repented they would repent then they would not have to. They can stay right in Jerusalem and they would not be taken by Nebuchadnezzar in the Babylonian captivity, but that you had these two fellows name, Ezekiel and Jeremiah. If these two prophets.

What you think their record was for accuracy and prophecy, a 100 you're absolutely right. Now, you had these other prophets like the prosperity preachers of today and they were telling them what they wanted to hear.

And so they they said well you know we'd rather believe our profits because there is no there there is more of them and we think the that would rather believe them.

Well that didn't it didn't end up being going to well for him for doing that here and so no goals in here you bald six men from the way the higher gate and these men had their their weapons to slaughter weapons in their hand. Okay okay and that we have pastor David Burton joining to see you there. David, yes I know were doing all right. We got quite a quite helpful tonight. Here and we're going through Ezekiel and now he's talking about. There was of a fellow in the white robe and the fella had them and the writers in corn. The bid everywhere been to Israel. They have all of these and instantly museums and that these old artifacts and these writers and cords were like a long narrow boarding they had them little slots and groups, and they would take these cakes of dried it would be a cake of dried ink like black or red or blue and then you have to wet it you know and then you use your pin after you'd wet it and so now here they took and they put a mark on the heads of these people of the men who were sad who are upset to who mourned because of the wickedness the wickedness of the people there okay when the wheat we see in the Bible there is a couple other places there, especially over in Revelation, where they are the put the marks on the people. If you go over to Revelation chapter 7 in the verse three we think they're putting the marks on their that Mark when I met hundred 44,000.

Those were God's people. But then in Revelation 13. Go ahead.

Revelation 13 verses 1670 and five.

Remember, right. The antichrist is putting this is giving his mark upon his people and and and you know what in and listen. II when I'm telling you this I truly believe that these people today, those that have were so quick to fall for. I was amazed. I was just amazed, amazed how easily people fell for this whole scam to make thing because we told you right from the beginning, going all the way back to March 2020 we told you this whole thing was a scam was a fellows the people coaches it was happening here. Okay.

And those those that fell for that and those that the took will were so quick to where the masks and they will be the same ones that are so quick to take them to the poisonous poke and see a lot of people don't realize this but the numbers their hiding is over hundred 50,000 people of already died here in this country with their hiding those numbers you guys aren't supposed to know that right and so here so he says no, but the mark in his people and for those men that they'll be spared and course when we know that God's people in their Revelation 744,000 would be spared by Kate.

And so now here he says the file the house and fill the courts of the ancients the ages through the seven the ancients.

They were the religious leaders. They were the religious leaders and do the religious leaders as God hold them to a higher standard and a man, if that. We if we read over and will and and first Peter we read over in first Peter we see that here he tells of the judgment begins in the house of the Lord. Judgment begins in the house of God and boy doesn't okay in here right now and if we take a look at the harsh reality LSU guys and you tell me the wickedness that was taking place there. We look at the harsh reality is that the people here in America have been living just like living with the killing of of her children for so long that they become numb to the horror that they and try to block out the thought well I don't see it. I don't see it that way and I'm kind of justified or not really doing anything about everybody should do everything. Everyone who professes to be a decent human being should stand and do everything that they possibly can.

In fact, that's exactly what intelligent Proverbs 2410 and 1112 to stop the killing of God's innocent children.

Shortly right now and so you know fellows were going to be showing of film or on a plane not inflaming a clip but it's going to be a very long clip and let me just say this in a minute do this tonight because really needs to get out and now in this clip it's a clip and even to hear from Stu Peter theses dunces research on this and I've known for a long time that this is this is been happening and we been we've been telling people but there are times when there are things that that people don't want to hear.

And no matter how how often you sound the alarm.

It's something they can't wrap their brains around Mount for example, for 49 years 49 years I've been telling people if you love your kids get them out of the public school for 49 years I've been telling people that that they become hotbeds of cultural Marxism you're going to regret it. You need to get them out and well, well, a few things happen.

By the way I do love you guys know but here in Ohio. I was one of the pioneers in starting a home school movement did you know that Mercer not be told that long time ago but I forgot about that yet. I was back in every elite.

We did everything in it and we got and homeschooling started we were just praise the Lord and known and and today homeschooling is growing in a massive number very quickly because people finally are understand. So we try to tell him what was happening but but it's like you know if I don't know about it that I don't have to do anything about. In this draft.] Think there's no impact Stephen Thurman one of the things he said to Israel that because you have picked up the tabernacle of Moyock and the star of the goddess. Thanks figures which you may worship them, I will steer you away beyond Babylon's and that's a sermon that was preached in the New Testament warning Israel in the your father against children. Done against children. And I know you, I've I've heard you say you know I look that you might've put a little stone around your neck when you harm children this way you know and so never seen that in our society where children are the target and that we need to be careful because of the don't bring our land into captivity captivity to be don't want to go through will actually whether it is kind of there right now is to work were battling back for our freedoms.

Right now there's there's a lot of things happening, people don't really realize about what is happening. You've got the.

The IRS is been westernized against as they wanted and I'm like 8000 more agents. The two go into every look into everybody's checking account. Everybody's base make an account. This is Gestapo stuff. This is real gestapo stuff. We don't have a Justice Department. It is no longer there is no independent Justice Department. I had called when abomination was in office. I had called the Justice Department because of the termini we have in the campaign going was a lot of things happening then to end up and I asked them I called several times talk to different lawyers. There never hundreds of lawyers there and I asked him do you know of any Christians at all the little and they asked around for me.

There is a just and they could not find one Christian working McKay the FBI is no longer used to be.

The FBI had friends in the FBI and innovate they had integrity, they had self-respect and honor and in her they were good cops clean cops now. Not anymore. Not anymore. They turn into a bunch of horse. They turn into a bunch of know I'm I'm hoping John McDermott thinks that the third totally gone but I'm I'm hoping that we still have some some of those there that have not turned away, but for the most part they just turn into a bunch of war they betrayed us and that's the way now there's there's reasons for that. Things that are happening and when we play this clip tonight, you'll know why it's so identical right into Miss Wendy Wilson because Wendy is always got some great information to us and when would we go to the stores and if you want to buy certain things when they are trying to think of the word where it's all natural organic. That's the limit was trying to think of and you go in there and you find all this that you see America against Ethan and Elijah.

Sometimes I I looked where it says hundred percent juice, no. But when you look on that you find out that that mostly is like 90% water and maybe 10% actual juice in their but Linda they can they can do that with their labeling's Wendy tell me what I'm talking about.

While your market feeling that a billion-dollar market in electronic door and there really looking for things that they all natural organic are certified organic and a lot of people will now look for the logo deals that are on the item. There's technically certified organic Seo already measured know enough to present organic products or to post some of it may be misrepresented or treated logo and and feel are not enough to guarantee their organic regulations that govern the organic food market have loophole to drive a herd of cattle without it promoted you know and as the thinking that your bike the food import export outfit and agricultural company to exploit the organic market and explain how they do it feels like times you go in the gallon of milk, you know, USDA organic right consumers are really looking for the signifier on product that held and equipment certified organic natural and unfortunately the markets really not exempt from fraud artificially but it's extremely hard when an industry waters down and changes the standard and make the organic product quality as they tolerate a lot of them will room to put a delete there nicely.

There is report that showed up after an 18 within the Vancouver Washington newspaper called the Colombian the question if the organic appeals are credible.

Though the article did mention standard is the approximate I was worried played a company they are carrying on the deal to help them sell the product that makes consumers wonder that if they see the USDA organic seal which is printed on a lot of grocery product that are sold in stores, wondering no duplicate let's look at the nitty-gritty that pay path to your business okay maybe maybe package you know organic grass fed okay no antibiotics, and all that that you definitely want one of the deals on your product or at least you think you want one symbol to supposedly signal to buyer that the product has been pretty without fertilizers Died organic and static analyte doctrine treated in certain standard way to work on paper and I don't necessarily especially mean anything, especially when there's about standard being used in the industry and is report that conflict of interest and even brought the manufacturer not asking if the cost to be able to put the steel on the product is worth the price because there whole organic and district crumble out for the manufacturer to put the deal on their products they have to purchase a light that the US Department of Agriculture and the National organic program. Both offer the youth that they are steel that upright between several hundred, several thousand dollars capture field on their good. It's very costly.

They get certification for you here, the average cost $1200 for one item USDA debt that it prices with approximately 80 certified agent, so you would think there is a flat fee but there's not the agent that the rate manufacture what they have to pay you deal are influenced by the size and scope of their manufacturing operations.

So if I was an eight year outfit chapter on the status, diet and scope of your operation and they like the hereupon well okay.there there are additional costs such as application fees.

The feed travel cost for the agent to come and you also renewal fees. These fees reflect the size and scale of your business off now so maintaining your organic dictation is kind of a headache and company, the industry standard policy change and altering the cost company to figure it out. Not worth the trouble to get verified and take the money they would down that they focus on making quality organic product and spend the money elsewhere like educating their consumer, so let me read you quote from the Colombian report that includes them from a federal court case in 2018. They found that the US Department of Agriculture was unable to provide reasonable assurance that required documents for organic domestic product. Now the Washington Post also weighed in and blew the lid of the a map import shipment that supposedly organic rain which are really animal feed and there was also concern over the organic dairy and eggs that they were certifying as well. Farmers have also spoken update that the spirit of the organic market had to raid state that corrupted individuals exploiting industry had actually created a domestic and international ring of fraud on so it have a certified organic that we needed them and corrupted.

Here is a quote from Charlotte Valley policy analyst for consumer union that the plaintiff in perfect but doesn't mean we should have them at his good and and Ronnie coming Dir. verdana consumers that the nation he that co-op smaller stores may also be more not filled out where product actually come from the thing you can find a really good no family manufacturers and mom-and-pop stores that really want to do that job and provide you with a real certified product actually that homework that on their shelves so that the New Yorker and often had a report this year it them today with a few buyers and renters there farm that were leveraging the organic market, and even importing food that were not or can't contacting them off as mechanic in the organic market, you tractor-trailers full of grain. Three.

And after that are marked as organic our work order five times more than the conventional green so the folks that were came in and became millionaires and billionaires in a few years and you will think anything to prove a point at a daily thing cases they did that the standards are, not date you allowed them and can contamination to be tolerated in a wiggle room.

I was mentioning John and I him back Keithley Paris Paris Missouri he's a farmer. Put it this way is a real different and between organic soybeans and panic. Conventional soybean is the story you can tell about them can apply your mind New Yorker with staying at salesmanship plays a large role in whether Crockett certifiers that can occur not all about the organic debris has legitimate power. So if you can yarn about your belief and get the inspector to give you a certificate of certification and your belief just one hat in prime.

Though now partner organic land management financer that the huge flight organic industry that farmers paid a certifier USDA many thousands of dollars. The certifier has a conflict of interest because they really don't want to blow the whistle on the fraud is on to say, if you this operation and thought what they do on infection. It would blow your mind. He says I do thousand transactions a year inspector come in and they look at only 330 so familiar to you.

Yeah, we got the best government money can buy out there so oversight is lacking the Fox and hound scientific research field that really doesn't have anything in place for check and balances is really no plate and I won't say that there is a couple of people that were doing the naughty Stefan and Thinking the organic and they did get caught and they went to jail for 10 years so I mean how many others are not so I look at it this way you know if it if you got a good ingredient.

Watch the process. Make sure the process doesn't alter your organic ingredients and you have really good organic products and standard. I know apothecary suite we have them are vendors that we dated third-party testing on the crop though it's not part of the USDA. They have several third-party vendors. They used NL actually report on the crop so you have some inkling as to how the crop was grown, how long the land rested certification that there weren't any pesticides or herbicides ethylene oxide gas train at ninth and so.

People working hard to keep it keep it good.

As you know we get people to creep in there like to racket. I knew I wanted to look closely to listen. I've been using your products. When the apothecary herbs for years. Of those again apothecary is what God's Word, the Bible gives us located. That's the God's natural medicines, natural when you talk about pharmacy farmer TF that means farming sorcery, witchcraft.

That's what this barbecue is witchcraft and sorcery, all of those poisonous pokes that all of those that they're trying to push upon us is witchcraft and sorcery. Ms. right from the pit of hell no you actually hear your back. Really alchemy about how doctors are shocked now. Alchemy is a part of the wizardry and critical incantation metal heavy metal left plate that put a limit on number three are in your back is having no you were talking about getting license all you had to get the cost so much for license and no here.

I can tell you this right now, would you say that your euro. Your genuine mother Wendy genuine matter right now to what's that word we use for that again. Took about have a little those nights, but the bill in its organics with the willingness so you're organic. And what about the what about David and Brian and the Mercer you organic parents will you look as I got. I know that the listen to this. You see the Biden regime. According to Stella Margarito to publish the warning to parents that there if they don't stop the snow right now the Biden regime and their agenda moms and dads consumer would have to be licensed. The license to raise their own children to be to be certified as is organic parents. In other words you that you have to take a test you know will be tested by the state with another tax and then then you have to get a license from the state to be organic. Parents know these people these knots. These crazy people are planning on doing this and remember what they're saying once you note, Mark said stay in the shadows into your strong when you come out you come up. Be ruthless, show no mercy ill and so what's been happening that the word throughout the Biden regime is double downright notably not everybody does a lot of pushback in their answer to the pushback is to double down J well, our answer and that displays me to a point right now here and here and this is what she says unless there is an aggressive aggressiveness and sustain pushback. You can come on in the ideal of invading the mainstream. She explained, but in the help wanted very quickly give to fast announcements.

One is on Friday and this is the pushback on Friday. Folks listen you gotta stand up, you gotta stand up here here in Northeast Ohio. He will judge the county board of health. They've they've moved their meeting place fellows the first time they had a meeting with the first meeting I went to. There were four of us simply pretty much the very politely told as well you know what we know you guys got concerned we can do but whatever we want in a whelp. The next meeting. There were about 300 people there and the, the fellow who was in charge get fired on the spot and so then we just had another was so what they've done now is safe and that is what I'm telling you about this school that the feds give big money to counties like ours, five, seven, $10 million goes to the Board of Health and they they mandate they make sure that all that the children in the public schools are forced to wear masks the force to wear a mask that the children do not belong to the parents, the blood to the school and they will do, they will submit to the theater J and anyhow so this is why we be going after the the judgment city board of health because we don't want these mass were we want to refusing the people all of these poor employees working in the stores it's making them sick. They shouldn't have to wear these masks with a but that's where it's coming from so the pushback is going to be hard now, folks, this coming Friday, November 12 oh from Forbes at 4 PM this Friday, November 4 4 PM to people on Judge County listen to.

You need to be out there at the Chardon Township all the Chardon Township Hall at 9949 Minna Rd. 9949 Manor Rd. and that you need to be there and holding your signs will be outside and that's holding your signs that is. This is a scam that make the shots are poisonous where you not gonna wear a mask, you've had it, you're fed up and let them know you waken to take it no more then on Saturday this coming Saturday from 11:50. There's going to be a big anti-VAX mandate protest at the Progressive Insurance headquarters that the national headquarters, the progressive headquarters at 6300 Wilson Mills Rd. in Mayfield Village. That's of this coming Saturday, November 13 11:50 a big anti-VAX may be there. They're threatening to lay off hundreds and hundreds of people to fire them if they don't take the boys and this is unconstitutional.

This is his anti-American was anti-biblical as you can get. And so with that, fellows. I'm going to tell him to go ahead and play this clip and I want you to listen to this clip now. I can't say that everything is woman on their is saying, but I can tell you things that she's talking about are taken place because we been fighting this for years but Andrew taken away Peter show. My name is Stu peters, the FBI's raids on project veritas prove what previously seemed insane and unthinkable. Ashley Biden's diary is real. She really did take inappropriate sexual showers with her own dad, Joe Biden, and she really believes she was molested by older men. As a young girl happened to the daughter of a sitting US Sen. can happen to anybody. It's just a matter of the authorities choosing to take it seriously instead of dismissing it all or worse, being involved Ellie Carter may have the wildest personal story that we have ever heard. Ellie grew up in the school of hard knocks to see the least. She was one of six girls in a troubled home. Her parents were affiliated with the Black Panthers, radical black separatist group and maybe that's to blame for what happened to her. Ellie says that her biological mother routinely slept with authority figures and soon initiated her own children into the same practices. Ellie says that her mom would hand her over to be abused by the local police chief to particular trap house just to be abused and when Allie coped with that pain by running away or by harming herself. She was rewarded by being placed into foster care homes were instead of her mother. It was teenage boys and foster father's who in turn abused her the age of 13, Allie was traffic first in a strip club than the Hollywood party scene. She says that she endured stocking poisoning and police harassment and most incredibly of all, she says that this is a system major American celebrities have knowledge of and participate in celebrities like John Travolta, Beyoncé, Barack Obama, and yes, Joe Biden in July 2020. Allie stepped forward to tell her story Instagram tag that account as quote unsafe for the election and blocked it but we said this is a horrific story and we will not silence. Allie Carter, we want to learn all about it and she is now Ellie, thank you so much for being you so much for having missed. I really appreciate you so in July 2020. You came out on Instagram you could bottle it up anymore.

You many things about Barack Obama and Joe Biden that shocked the world. Hard to get their tickets through your story well not as young as I remember, I can traffic through many elite places. I went from the Buckingham palace to under the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, still under the custody of child protective services as a child welfare system and went from trap house is in your everyday neighborhood of Moreno Valley, California and Los Angeles County strip clubs and into Hollywood elite parties and was never a time of peace in my life and and I remember very clearly since four years old. There was never a time of peace in my life. It's been ongoing who started all of this mean your mother originally invented who carried on. How did you end up in Buckingham palace and underneath the Getty Museum and alongside some of these household names that I just mentioned when when I was a child. There was many things that went on in the home I checked I tried to talk. I try to let people know child protective services were called constantly since I was three months old. By the time I turned 13 I had enough of being raped and beaten and tortured behind rocks unless out in Reno Valley California had nothing going through dealing with my mother's boyfriends.

She was nothing of a mother, but I had enough of dealing with them at 4 o'clock in the morning had enough of being the favorite girls and I can take anymore.

So I try to kill myself when I turned 13, CPS came into the picture. I was put into mental hospitals and finally I was put into foster care about things to be over. From there I thought it would be fine and then after all of that. I started thinking that I was talking to someone online but everybody knew me before I knew that I was traffic by appellant who claim to be 27 years old and he was not. I found many passports many different birth birthdates for him and his wallet and when I told CPS to state, let him down as a 27-year-old wife and he was a 27-year-old trafficker.

I was going in and out of my home paying off my foster parents and taking me to Hollywood elite parties over and out of the country, which it you would think would be where the FBI would expected. I was letting my social workers non-he told me to stay quiet. They told me that if I told anybody else that I would be shipped off to Arizona and no one would ever find me again so you know at one point you learn that you have to deal with what you have to deal with when the people in authority are not there to help you and everybody is so worried about the elite. We can give those names of Barack Obama, Joe Biden. We know about Michelle Obama that the man we know about too short know about a kind of Steven Tyler we can get those names obtain everybody so worried about that should be right about the people in between. The people that go as low as a gravediggers I was traffic to people in my schools.

I was traffic in underground tunnels that link under your schools through your cemeteries under your amusement parks through Universal Studios and into Hollywood elite home all over the place all over the world and people don't understand that it can't fathom that it can put that together. But if you think about the things that are coming out that it may come out lately and there's 200 children missing in X300 children messing with Amber alert you receive. How many times you receive an Amber alert every every year and if you think about that.

How many children are coming up in your faith that have been tortured and abused like this exist in its real and people don't want to face it happens in your school, your schools every day as your gravediggers your trash man. Everybody is involved, but everybody is looking at the top – is a small percentage really need to look at the people in between. So the names that you just mentioned, Barack Obama, Steven Tyler Joe Biden Michelle Obama, have you had personal sexual experiences with these people. Yes, these people participated in sex abuse firsthand with you. Yes, can you tell that story because that's important for people to understand and to know and to this point I don't think a national platform has given you the opportunity to say those things now because everybody is complicit and everybody is complicit at is covered up by your local FBI is covered up by your local police department is underground tunnels.

There's a whole world.

It's a different way of life. There is every source of transportation when I met Joe Biden.

I was rushed through many celebrities have them. I did not know I didn't and it didn't phase me to see them. It didn't. Some of them are actually very conceited and cocky that I didn't know who they were underground under the getting is Los Angeles. There are many titles again that there is a way is it when transportation every single way of transportation under the ground. I was sold to Joe Biden multiple times, except sometimes people don't talk about it because when you don't talk about it and makes it okay when you don't talk about it makes you. When you don't talk about it. It's easier to kill that part of you I sold for blood jobs I was sold for sex.

There is many people who straighten each beat and raped children under the ground. I have many friends that have lost have any people that met that didn't make it that refer to me as a traitor dealing with this right now. To this day.

Yes, there are millions just like me. There millions worse off than me. There are millions that people cut off their lands so they don't fight them back when they rate them. There millions that they take pleasure in and draining their blood and and using it as a source of the fountain of youth. People have many sick fetishes and a Hollywood elite unit we signed their paychecks we sign all their paychecks every single day.

This is when you stream your music when you when you buy something from their brand. We signed their paychecks and these are the people that have put something in your face and make you want to believe that you are the ones that are responsible to make them look the way they look. Their image is not what you think it is airsick evil people. This is something that has only recently become accepted by a large amount of people until now. A lot of people would look at you, Allie Carter and say you're crazy is that these people at CPS held over your head and said you to go to Arizona to talking crazy like this were very concerned about her mental health is the gas lighting, something that they did try to make you doubt your own experiences your own personal knowledge of what it was that was going on the horrific tragedy that you were experiencing any, is that what the next. Yes, I was taught. Pain is pleasure. I was taught that you are not not speak a measure spoken to stop the foster care case, you have nothing but watching a trash bag that you carry from home to home when you're evicted from foster home to foster home. I was then over 19 high schools in one year I never stayed in a place longer than a month. I was never in her home. I was moved all around because nobody wanted to talk about it. Nobody wanted to do anything about it. The California ombudsman was contacted by my foster mother that is now my adopted mother and thought now. She went to everyone she wets the police. She lets the California private investigator.

She taught the judges, attorneys, lawyers she went to everyone and everyone shut her down. There was no no help whatsoever and she was made out to be the crazy one. I was made out to be the crazy when I was a high-risk case, I was moved from foster homes to level XIV lockdown group and every single time. Something happened.

Everything the time I came in with with cracked ribs with bruises went by with with rate kits DeAndre kids. No one did anything. I went from shelter to shelter from CPS report CPS report CPS is your cover. CPS is correct, CPS by thousand trades children. That is their major façade. There are some good social workers out there and there's some social workers that know that they cannot speak on things they cannot do certain things they have to abide by certain rules because if you don't you will be used to just like there is a credit history makes the cops there is a secret society and in the Freemason costs while we are not safe. We have been threatened, harassed, often hunted down because I mentioned that I was traffic that in the getting them. I have so much evidence as so much information, but I don't know who to give it to. And I don't know who honestly talk to because there's nothing that I don't know if Trump is going to do something because that's the only reason why you have something to believe in trumped because he had given money trafficking organizations, a 501(c)(3) circumference to so what exactly and where exactly is this money going.

Is there any really help because there is not one around here. We have been where our gate have been. We have been a powerhouse been broken into on-site animals have been killed. We have been away from our home for the first year. We can't go back without appellees coming out ask is where we get that we have been stopped and pulled over and ate steak, got a ticket. Without warning, without any logical reason just want to know where our car is what time that will be back where we parked and how long how long the out how much money do we have this is not normal and everybody knows that something is wrong. So when you save it. Trump has given money to trafficking organizations. You mean organizations that fight trafficking writing trafficking.

I just want to make sure that I understand that he's not participating in funding human sex trafficking.

No, that's not what I believe and know that is not what I heard.

I believe that Chuck has done something because he is the only president that is mentioned it, and Trump is the only person I haven't seen to be honest the seasonal firsthand.

These people were in a room with you and had raped you, there is no others. I want to be absolutely 100% candid, Barack Obama, Joe Biden. These people raped you, and you say that you have these mountains of evidence that nobody wants to look at what evidence do you have. We have police reports. We have rate kits.

We have information we have videos we have so much again so much that I can't put completely out there and I have not but I do understand that when I was I when I was 16 I ran away for CPS. This is how escaped I was options. Russia, I knew that if I went to Russia with this man. I would not come back and I would die so I ran away and I hit every year they would have to do and I can't say exactly what I had to do because of the people in danger. But I'm here to live and during this time I might have sent think FBI to homes to interrogate to disrupt the neighborhood.

But when the suspect that they thought were the ones that were guilty and comping back. They didn't want anything they want to talk they just wanted to see exactly where I was and from there it hasn't ended at all. 27 years old now and it should be done because of this is just about sex you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance.

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