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FRI HR 2 11221

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 13, 2021 12:18 am

FRI HR 2 11221

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 13, 2021 12:18 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast for February all right, we're going to be playing a clip here in the middle by the roaches and photos you really need to listen to this very, very carefully and I have to find my codifying this clip and I'm you know what I do know you let me see, of government sure I want to move on direction of trying to board the and will just say this, it's talks about in the evil days of them and I'm trying to pick a backup and find the date of this virologist is what apparently see help by getting her back one day we'll go ahead and play the clip and I'll fill that in later. We all so I know you will will need all this. I need a combination of jobs, since these variations is the way you you you you will spare me flying. We need to understand what the game everyone knows that is on consistencies. Yeah long visiting is coercion on this law. Why is that. Not the most important thing thing for us to understand is that the engine was closing all did you call is starting to use the word covert uniqueness. I sent a five step was putting Covidien G and spun Gina's back see his men to me. So if I give you my opinion as to what is happening on the scale and unlock the well being behind the scenes in this action spot. She is one of the most Thompsons oh is madness is made and the aim of this talks is 2 million, without anyone noticing. So it's a poison than gin. Now in engineered virus and report a mandated vaccine that follow one on each of so basically what's new sexist transpired. It engineered virus and put on the script and scape package on reports by approaching 27, just need to so-so knowing about this most elaborately engineered now. It's been putting providers for this quality picture and expose the planets to a small dose not initially spike coaching figures and allergic reaction and the allergic reaction if untreated causes death is what preceded with corporate illness that is not the end game. That is to test the water to get a small percentage of people react with you all the dips the days when this reaction occurs so briskly isolate defendant for 14 days so nobody notices when this occurs, people get to hospital and to date, we mandated protocols and hospitalist engineered different damage to steer all the fear that is that we need to keep all the confusion we make sure we steer humanity towards mass formation we take away all of the oil defeat that we have multiple wiki people isolated so we've been conned into thinking giving away our freedom would be the best thing for us.

So the safest place for us was NJ. And that's really all about this point in time, but the game that they played with this engineered five was to justify the vaccination of the Other vaccination of the will expose us to spike coaching for longer. So spike Poteet. If we understand what it's meant to do. Yes, initially it would trigger an immune response and allergic kind of reaction and have immediate, ex-convict, but you don't poison someone and they die immediately. You notice the poisoning so straightaway when you give a vaccine. The first 14 days after the vaccine. Any side effects cannot be attributable to the vaccine because that is where all the allergic reactions. Reply. Following that, we went to see the Indonesian injuries that this vaccine causes with the spike coaching with its influence on East to receptors those of the debts that I managed to follow and they would never be pinned on to spike Poteet a very well engineered to toxic protein is also a membrane Poteet so the mRNA would distribute this to autobody it will be made in various tissues that autobody could be incorporated into those membranes… Each those specific issues.

Those tissues would be recognized as foreign and rich trigger.

Autoimmune responses so the debts that are meant to follow. The vaccinations will never be able depending on the point it would be to divest it would be too many and they were between prototyping for us to understand that we have been poisoned and I think this is the big plan and it is dependence. This tocsin is dependent on the host's response to it.

Just like the HD and what followed covert and fictional illness was dependent on the host response so we got mild, moderate and severe illness post it daily and confused order so we keep talking about covert pneumonia but be chasing the virus and the virus was just the victor to give us a taste of the poison. Now this tocsin in the long term is going to get people with pre-existing illness to have those illnesses exacerbate.

It has bits of pee on and it has bits of HIV protein in it. It is definitely engineered so people in Kansas are going to have the cancer spread out and visit it out of the cancer. People with visiting visa predisposition like our diabetics and hypertensives would have strokes and heart attacks investigating times and we attribute those today.

Pre-existing conditions of people having to develop over time portray new conditions, the diversity of which would never be addressed by any pharmaceutical intervention was therefore not to target, and so we've got a rough road coming, but I think if people understand what the intention is they will understand why what's happened. This happened in the logic. The coercion, the separation is all one. If you understand that there is a big upset. This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned and so I think the justification for everything we see is 100 in understanding the in game we've given up our freedoms. We were told that jail is the best place for us to be secure so he willingly went down that road now today if we want our freedoms back. They've got a mandated vaccine like capital into a cop and only way out is through the dip and that is where we lost our freedom and so I think there's a huge picture. The vaccines make absolutely no sense. We where sold the vaccine as our Savior from the start, and we look at the signs that science does not pay out the vaccine is absolutely nonsensical. We keep fighting about how good or bad. The vaccine is.

I just want to make two points on the vaccinations.

Vaccines are meant to stimulate immunity and regional prevent infection and prevent transmission. That is what gives a vaccine a population group benefits.

So if you take the vaccine by not getting the virus of transmitting it to protect me now clearly has not occurred. Vaccines do not do that now they think that the vaccine had a benefit in preventing severe illness and get that as a therapeutic benefit by intervention with treatment does the same. But I do not expose the entire words to the side effects of my treatment. I only expose people to that and that's therapeutic benefits does not come from immunity, but it comes from the vaccine, exposing you to spike Poteet and building a measure of tolerance when energy not to any immune mediated response to a virus so the virus distracts us from the big picture in spite of protein that's the toxic secondary the prevention of severe illness and did is an individual benefit if it actually does save you take the vaccine prevents you getting severely ill or die. It has no group benefits and doesn't benefit me at all.

So why am I being coerced into forcing you to take the vaccine to benefit me to just put that into perspective for a layman skydiving is an individual risk and an individual benefit that does not influence anyone around. And so my right to choose the side is vitally important.

Now they want me to skydive because they say it benefits humanity now they can't prove the signs and they can tell me how this act of my is going to benefit humanity if they insist I do it and when I didn't and I can't see the signs.

They offered me a beer and a doughnut.

But I still don't want to skydive you still haven't proven the science and tell me how it's been a benefits remedy now it looks like they want to push me out. The pain, but when I look up the parachute.

They provide musical goals and they don't want to admit that I see a few dead bodies lying on the ground and they tell me that apostasy. I don't believe that.

Now if they can prove it population benefits of the vaccine.

Maybe I'll take the sponge for the benefit of humanity. But until that point, we are being coerced and you are right there you go. So I have a lot of clearances of his duty to warn fully informed consent to the child vaccines. I will save this or because it's very good is lengthy for little time could I want photo to listen to us right now to remember who it was that warns you about these vaccines who was coming. You didn't you won't hear anybody even on Fox News.

Even a Fox News. They've kind of walked it back a little bit you know when they were promoting the VAX now that there's another one to back in the promoting a person's right to have the bit to take the boys and Nuno and that's that's good.

It's good that they're defending our rights not to have the poisonous book we don't want one okay. That's because the influence that they are under by the big Pharma coming of you. All you have to do is take a look at whose advertising and big farmers.

If you want our money to do what we tell you to do is with these hospitals is what you never would've thought that but but John and John. We saw the same thing happened in Nazi Germany. We saw the hospitals and the doctors give up their ethics under Hitler and I were saying no, the doctors, the MDs and that giving up their surrendering their morals and values in their ethics under big Pharma sure our veterinary medical cycle Babylonian medical of what they've done is where corporations spell and it's not the patient to focus.

It's really the $money is what so all in equity can go out the window when money is involved so that it depends upon the hospital earlier one hospital can have a high ethics and another one on the other side of the city slicker start to be a killing machine and I want everybody identified with Copen. They get the bonuses one cope with the people are in their they want to get bonuses if they use a ventilator and that they die there. Also they give money roll and talk about $35-$40,000 per week overtaken now. The AMA use of the organization. 20, 30 years ago you tugged about the AMA. It was an organ organization at legitimacy and credibility and but now the AMA is lost all of its credibility. Yeah you know what, when, when they started promoting and pushing this stuff, but even stupid things like when they come out.

They said there no longer going to put genders on birth certificates because it is is no real proof that there are genders.

This is unbelievable. Okay, but the they've gone they've got woke. This is all part of the antichrist system, so I've got I've got absolutely right now.

I love them. I was done. Credibility and lessening their you know the American working in Pennsylvania sir Mass General held a rally for medical freedom. They call and that means no coercion. Take the jagged clear job. One of the speakers at that rally last week was a hospitalist, which means a doctor that works only in the hospital and that she would not going to go with the program and so she was fired and she said that many of the people that, how many percentagewise that are in the hospital were saying to her are you going to throw your career on the spirit of this and you don't die on this and she said well I'm going to die on the point that we need to have a constitutional right and will not should not give them up and according to her. There were people in their that agreed with her but didn't have the courage to stand forward and lose your job. So this working is very powerful mouth testimony. What is the Bible say about the fearful and the abominable deal here.

You have those funds that did that did know that I mean you better to starve with integrity then then the then deceased as a prostitute. Ill what is a tell you over in James 44 supposedly somebody read that James 44 but anyhow, here again, and I've seen a number number of these doctors again that we know the frontline doctors and their going.

There's a movement in that area in a couple areas right not to work comes to people are starting their own universities.

The alumni of IDT a number of those alumni got together and they pull their funding from AT&T because it's got woke in their building their own University.

What is freedom of speech K and so they were seen as frontline doctors coming together and it looks like they're going to have build their own hospital. See the bright now instead of the AMA is in charge of all this, they placed himself.

We got a break. We got to get rid of that. Gotta stop that. One of the things we have to do is we've got to get that the communist out of Washington. The idea when he says build back better when it when he is talking and folks listen to me. I'm not kidding you know this is absolutely true. What I'm telling you to build back to talking about tearing the country completely down Terry that completely down destroying the country completely and then starting all over is what they're talking about putting everybody on the work of you understand what I'm telling you okay with learning exactly what I said earlier know you're you're picking up, I said earlier that were there are enemy hero will you. We've got to look at the vision literally trying to destroy us. One thing we have to add Ernie and really keep consciousness is destroying the country. They mean killing tens of millions of us along the way. There is these are the real deal.

"These are murdering psychopaths now that that that we see there in this agenda that they put you know it's interesting to say that because one of the articles there. They just took the whole. The majority of Americans now say that Tony Fauci is a psychopath is a psychopath is Dr. Fauci has repeatedly lied under oath about his funding. The laboratory's gain of function research and deadly viruses fuzzy repeatedly lied to Sen. Rand Paul.

Sensitive testimony on this illicit funding will not let others a number of congressmen that want to prosecute him this guys responsible for the deaths of millions of people here is worse than we thought Fauci and top US doctors caught they conspired to disqualify hydroxychloroquine as cobra treatment, millions are dead as a result, the Gateway pundit has reported extensively that the best year on the evidence of the hard drive to Corinth. The effects of hydroxychloroquine in treating the cobra 19 virus we know now that Fauci and the medical ethics conspired to band. I heard them. I heard them and that the film the use of this very successful drug we reported early how Fauci used bogus studies to disqualify hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus and cake and silk goes on the darker you know that we know. In fact, we what they did in the what was the waited until the patients were pretty well near dead. They gave him the hydroxychloroquine and then they gave large doses could be fatal. And that's when they came up with a result, all you take hydroxychloroquine you'll die with a complete set up the experiment complete. I know the money that was exposed on your radio show in May 2020 and that radio show is still posted as an announcement on our Facebook page.

Here Perry County real news so you can you on the leading edge here, you know. Exposing this is exactly what John said.

They deliberately didn't.

We have I believe empirical evidence that it happened. So all I gotta do is go listen radio show will do something better should go it very good friend of mine. He has a lot of physical issues, and he felt that if we got cobra 19 he would die from it. So I told him you look, you don't have to be that conservatives wanted to take the vaccine you can take like hydroxychloroquine and the first time you start other things all know know I was at the felt and felt. She said that the damages your heart. I'm not taken hydroxychloroquine for damages your heart there. It is best right for this.

The fruit or the rotten fruit, but without so he went out to get one shot and got a booster shot.

Now it hasn't killed him. But in the long run it's going to do a lot of damage but found she lies picked up by people following this very closely. And rather than having the be the cure for it and having it on and we have done it yourself know you got the shot is there is a question for you John a while back several months ago I said that there was there was a very well-known evangelist who said he was promoting it, taking the poison and I said he will regret doing that he will regret doing that and he'll this. This is really going to come back and haunt him and I couldn't believe that I hadn't heard of for my own. Here's that he would be promoting this and now that that very well-known Bluetooth who took the shot load was just hospitalized for mild car keratitis who was that man Franklin Graham near your net you the very thing that attacked the hearts of the young men that he was suffering from Exactly at least as old as we are, but not exactly, but that they just said thank on this article.

The goddesses most of the men by the way targets men more than women, much more. And this is most of them are young men and it had a tremendous effect in the Israeli army. They have really made a mess of things. There that they cannot be undone. This is this is once this happens, you can't undo it okay and and according to this article, I have usually after that the people usually live about once they've got the America that they live about 10 years and so let's open the phone line. Take some calls.

The phone lines are not open are now open at 888-677-9673 nationwide 888-677-9673 nationwide plan and that for which we take first call people say you got a flood.

Let us know when the church services are. This is for this area appear in Northeast Ohio. Church services starts at 9 AM is 9 AM with praise and worship, and 930 and then death Bible study at 930 in-depth Bible study and then we, we, at 1115. We do a we the morning service starts and then we normally have 4 o'clock were doing a series with because what I will be preaching on is the antichrist satanic involvement. What were really up against were up against him powers and principalities and this is what were really fighting folks, this is the time that were living in.

And so we have a very good series on that and then at 5 o'clock we do. We we've had some tremendous series on the things like some of the clips that I just played the you. We have videos and it's much more important that you watch the video and then at 6 o'clock we have the regular service now addresses one for applicant or its blended in with think for a second as I said this all the time with the long day and I'm really tired today is 14781. That's right 14781 Sperry SSP ER are why Road Newberry is in a WBUR why Ohio and zip. There is 44065 if you can find us the phone number to call is 440338103644403381367 and so there you go close. Now we have out in the San Diego California Jack accurately here. Directing talking about the vaccine tonight.

I'm 72.

I have not taken the vaccine because I went and if this was all on the up and up the never recognized natural immunity or therapeutic.

My feeling is there something that vaccine that they want in the veins of error.

American that has nothing to do with the pandemic virus.

There's something in that vaccine.

I don't know if the controlling agent or something, but they want everybody to take it in. My prediction is this before this is over with. I believe that the unvaccinated some point the government will take them by force and force them to take the vaccine flout this jury member just about three months ago Joey Biden coming out and saying we will, and that one never mandated. We will never mandated.

I said there you go. Remember, they will always do the opposite of what they say. So what you just heard him say is this going to be amended because the Communists always do the opposite of what they say this comes right on Marxist playbook and so there mandated that yeah and you've got you got those little metal chips micro their nanoparticles in here and those things that I know this may sound strange, but there activated by the 5G and they can trace you know matter where you're at.

Okay. And they can effect you virtually turn you on and off in the changes your DNA altogether. So if you don't believe that the government would force you to take it. Let me tell you what happened in California.

If you get a DI DUI if you don't agree to a blood draw. It will take you down to the station the scapula in the chair and don't take your blood by force.

So with the government is capable of doing and I and I believe that they're going to force you and your kid and even your baby to take the vaccine before this is over with and not do it by force if they have to care very kind and for this.

Sure, go ahead very good, the light, we have to look beyond the government to but now without the open, not hiding the New World order. When this first broke I did way I knew it was phony with Bill Gates said everybody was excited to get vaccinated. Maybe two vaccinations may be more whole world got to be vaccinated without you saying all the "vaccinations once dates got involved in it he has destroyed so many lives to the world with false damaging vaccines and the agenda of the New World order is depopulation. So they bear saying this isn't hidden in some places in the open. They're talking about getting us down to 500 million so I want to do away with approximately 75 808 billion people now things are. As I said before, these are murdering psychopaths though they have very smart. They have all sorts of money they'd been working for decades and decades people in positions that now they're big and getting a look at the root of what they've done with Searles getting that mayors and district attorneys in the city. The city burned. No one goes to jail. I mean they are deep in this and they intend one where another starving us through the vaccines more getting us down to 500 million people. That's the right hand they go all right think that could we have next. I know we've got Karen in San Diego.

This is Arkady Katie are in their I cannot dream every night life. I live here and a copycat that every 48 but make it the ground. Thank you both were Florida to get out of here and I hopefully will be gone and the rapture will happen, but I'm hoping Katie yet I find out. First of all we really have several nurses in our church and in all of them in the very same thing missing is a thing the one profession more than any other. The one profession more than any other that refuses the poison of medical workers, doctors and nurses gay and why will they undoubtedly seen what's happening and they know what's going on in there trying to get their message out.

That's why we're here and this is what we've had. We have so much trouble when we have these programs because they always try to take us down and they don't want they don't want this message up because this is the great reset. This is a part of the depopulation program that they have on a worldwide basis, and so just remember who it was that will warns you and you folks out there in the way gas is eight dollars a gallon.

Remember the remember your neighbors that have Biden signs in the art remember them in and make sure you thank them.

You know forbade for eight dollars a gallon gas out there and that you get where having people, athletes, young athletes, especially in Europe are dropping dead.

A number of the pilots Association airline workers said enough is enough. Not just the pilots, mechanics, they say will take will be fired before we can take it. Now they're seeing their starting to awaken him. We tried to warn people going all the way back. Listen, we played on January 10 of 2017. You remember returning January 10 we played that clip of Fauci and was laughing and he was talking to Bill and Melinda Gates and George Soros and the Clintons. They were all there and that Britt's woman Georgetown University and they the whole group and he was laughing he was laughing when he said there's going to be a surprise pandemic do we have that clip that we have the clip there. Craig, if you find that clip out they would, may we complaint you thinking about Pres. is going to be a viral pandemic during his presidency. No yeah that's that's that. What I document this is the saving it where it is split a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease and we have certainly a large burden of that but also there will be a surprise outbreak can yet you want to see the look on his face when he was saying that that was 10 days before Trump took office as soon so we go right yeah, about people right now. I think you, and failure to correctly rent a late Keeley my inner eye drink right now backing for normal heart felt done really knowing only fabricated by Democrat in their area care pupil know whenever you get back to more and more will back what you have any type of curricular California on Gary Brown appearing now. The children in public school on which the MMR in any form.

I know my backward thinking for me to get back so much that you because that's exactly the way makes me sick to hear people say that to I'm just more benign tumor and malignant like can't break the neck that we call them: your body provide Gregory will or company.

I just I just had an MD tell me just two days ago that the immunity to the coven only last for nine months, but them I had. I have to move on Katie because though boards that God bless you and have a blessed Thanksgiving. Let's go to Joe in Boston hi Pastor, can you hear me yeah sure Ken agent. I didn't hear anybody bringing on the M to Brian Kelly called a while ago asked if you could send me. I'm the one that has no family, a broken home in your girl was very busy. She told me to call back the call back in a few days. I loved maybe you can put them in a symptom of paper written some of the clips in a flash drive for me but appear there trying to force people to take vaccines and we had a police officer took it and them in Colorado and he's now paralyzed. We had a woman appeared within Lahey clinic whose name they wouldn't give Iver make and I wonder if you could help me get that I can't do the website. I don't I can to be in the video and in a put up your ID on that and they got her out of the hospital could they return a killer and Lahey clinic. I mean I have medical problems that may need treatment but my eye but you don't treat a patient. That way they were starving. This woman and she would have photographer at one of our rallies so I don't know this is a horrible thing we had. We were forced to take vaccinations and we were children, but I wish we didn't mention the two things if you can help in any way, I'd appreciate it.

I had a notably lady called me a while back, and that there was a legal work and they came in they said that she knew she was telling about these things. People came in they were wearing some kind a uniform. She said they came in and her husband heard her husband both disabled and they wanted eight and they took them both out and and gave them shots other than horrible yeah I know, so I'll call you someday packed maybe. Maybe you can do nothing.

I really appreciated it well that we can give you what we can do. We can give you the list of the frontline doctors out there can tell you, you can order hydroxychloroquine know you. You have to you have to put the video you have to put your rightly epic credit card. I can't do that thing they want my ID. I don't have all that okay will try to figure out who can do it with steady wind.

I'm in Massachusetts. When Matthew came on. I have no family there are broken up, Lynn Lynn, Massachusetts and Galway and in looking at anyone out there listed in Lynn, Massachusetts taken that can help help you out there anyone listing they can help you out. Give us a call will try to hug somebody up is what you need basically.

So when they can go pick it up for you and so okay so thank you my number or what… On the air.

You can call the church here call the churches, you name very clearly never 440338. I have a number of the young man at the call them on the radio. You give your name and number. Yelled very clearly at Colton, I just leave it on the machine okay.

God bless, take care you to okay who's next. There okay we got another Massachusetts showed Joe to Ajo. I would like to me that the tribulation hasn't started. I don't know the Antichrist. I would certainly say I would believe is living today. I mean that's my opinion and that know where what we're saying is the birth pains with the Bible because the days just prior very very close to the time of the rapture of the church which should be followed immediately by the tribulation. But he tells you everything were seeing.

He gives you very clearly in second Timothy chapter 3 he shows you the way things should be and it's only only recently the recent years have things gotten that way. That's just here in this country, but mothers but also with were saying that the intelligent very clearly that in Matthew chapter 24. In fact, he refers to the evil day that were living in and let me just wait until it is very quickly and John and John if you guys when I had anything to this very quickly what he says of taking that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name is the antichrist and deceive many things here. Wars and rumors of wars, be not troubled for all these things was come to pass, but the end is nigh.

Information shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom's and there shall be famines and pestilence and earthquakes, in divers places. All of these are the beginnings I was were seeing all of those right now were seeing all of those we didn't believe in watching them here and so that those of the days were living in right now called evil day. I'm an excellent therapist attorney that were talking about the problems. I know this is what would time it does not I that that there's been you haven't heard much about it but there's been a whole rash of earthquakes around the world.

Here and there's more famine in the world nothing is ever been, but you don't hear about that because it's it is not newsworthy for the collective for the fake news media, but I gotta move on. But thanks for calling giving the next is next. Robert North Carolina here in the air. Recommend a quick comment for the hard rock think Anita Miller, and speculative. When that happened, gives a list of everything that had well, that's a little seminar. Some are actually doing that. But Barack Obama I believe Barack Obama right that believe that well he's got as far as what I can see he's got to more of the European altogether.

Characteristics of the antichrist more than than in the other that I see that's alive today but any help thank you very much. I got a blue tie from one fast phone call Nancy here and there hi.

I'm all thinking when I was born back then, never ever, everything had another vaccine and I'd like to know why public all the time listed below.

Like you said like the nurses just called in a while ago your body builds up an immunity but I want you to bear in mind that what were talking about. These are really not vaccines.

These are not yet left. Here's the here's the thing we had. We played the clip of the fellow that invented he invented that they not the NR, KM, MN and RN whatever but anyhow he said he said this is a he said this is not a vaccine. This is a bio weapon that I invented it. It's a bio weapon. Okay. And so that's good enough for me that you know I won't take it either and unbelievable that you got people pushing that the way you do it some real, but I'm glad you're still alive and I'm hoping you you you have a blessed Thanksgiving. This this coming Thanksgiving. I pray for everyone that will keep us in prayer because they want me off the air in the very worst way. No time trying you want to be a sentence. It's a you want to see some of the things I get in the mail and that that's not nice, but that that's all right.

I know that that way I know that I'm I'm over the target itself, rank and rate. Yeah, I certainly did. It's very good that you did the that was your father. Yeah yeah there it is asserted that very it's a very good poem you could tell that he was.

He had some experience in war, and I know nothing really dying at the time in the beginning and writing about World War II talk to the people that were coming in.

You know what I have to go because we are on time and just enough time. Thank you and God bless already John return John Holman if I come, what if a felon come to save.

Why should I believe in God, what would you tell I would you need to believe in God because you do not want to wind up the lake of fire absolutely do not want to go there, which is a look if you are free to believe whatever you want.

I could tell he was going to happen. God's got it 100% accurate record over 1800 prophecies. God is never missed one. What he says will happen will happen. And so you might as well merely complete what you want, but here's what happened. You're gonna die and you going to go to heaven or hell. One of the places it all depends upon whether or not you repent and call upon the name of the Lord, would you tell them that absolutely right. You're going to you guys got we got one about one minute left.

So here's what I here's the deal focus what you heard tonight is a lot of truth in it by warning and ultimately not wanting the mistruths is to get you on the path of righteousness. The path of righteousness by believing the truth.

The holy Bible is 100% accurate.

No one can disprove one word in it, and so the holy Bible says the only way that you can have eternal life is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. So this is something to get excited about that you're going to have eternal life. If you repent of your sins believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and live according to the Bible and do those works that he has prepared for you before the foundation of the earth, so please, please, and Jesus came, except that free gift will happen.

There is no chance that this will happen.

There is no chance at all. The time will come for all of you listening to me out there.

The time will come up with nothing that we talked about tonight.

Nothing that we talked about tonight, except for this invitation that were giving will matter to. I'm telling you again. The time will come. This will happen. There's no chance that it won't that nothing that we spoke about tonight. Nothing in your life will matter to you, except for your relationship with Christ. You're either you're either going to gonna die for one and you really gonna die saved. If you receive Christ if you call upon the name of the Lord and he repented and received Christ as your Savior or you going to die in your sin, and it don't get any worse than that. That's as it gets and it doesn't stay any worse than it is. So you've got that choice and in their choices to repent call upon the name of the Lord and ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations. God says you gotta do completely got gotta putting first and out, and that's exactly what he means. The Bible doesn't stutter. He doesn't where we are out of time for tonight and fellows likely say every week this time. Good night God bless distillate and always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right what's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL not on next time we met. In addition, once right to left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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