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MON HR1 111521

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 15, 2021 11:16 pm

MON HR1 111521

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio) what's right what's left is coming out now to another due to the with white with flip I'm really about. And indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 15th day of November, 20, 21 Endo tonight is pledge week. This is the first night of pledge week right tonight so post. This is the toughest week of the month every month is pledge week is always what we got a door so we can continue to bring the message that the world doesn't want you to know to you as soon as we were getting ready to do so here it went without on the board.

We have the mighty Andrew good pastor and everyone ready to defend this meant.

This is so creature with his with his life and then we have just put it back in and she's ready to answer the telephone little Lisa naming everyone already and then we have any other real we have the that rascal Randy in the we have wit and I just said what I didn't say halfhearted if I just sit with okay and there you go.

All right, they go so rascal. Randy went in the little Lisa and way out yonder writing the dusty trails, a backroads preacher, none other than that Missouri person Pastor Joe Larson error Highway unpaid professional theaters here are more than ready to go to work, boss. We have a lot to do tonight so let's get at it first thing we get a new see if we can like the phone lines up so we have people standing by to take your calls at 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

We really need to hear for you folks this time. Skinny times are getting tougher and tougher about them. Crazy.

Good Lord, no. I think all of you.

Dennis stuck stuck it out with us this year we made some differences. We really have made some differences were starting to see a lot of of these woke scope starting to back off because were pushing back was standing her ground and without the title of the message this week is who said I wish to avenge myself against the one that rules from above all but Joe knows don't you Joe.

I sure do name was Carl Karl Marx yet and down very scary name early should be well. I was listening Joe to one of the Fox news reporters on Veterans Day as they were covering Trader Joe's trader Joe Biden at Arlington at the grave of the unknown soldier that he was saying.

This reporter was saying that this was the first Veterans Day in over 20 years that America was not at war but the truth is truth is we are at war we are in a in the most perilous war since the Civil War where the battle for freedom or independence, and many for their very lives. I think you're more important than the Revolutionary war were in the middle of a communist revolution in America are communist takeover of our constitutional Republic and I think the results of our losing this battle would be worse than the Civil War. It would be in. But what is happening to things that happen in the communist or double down the communist and this is what sleazy Joe Biden that this is a wicked man, extremely wicked men. I know people say will you know he's just just not competent PCs got Alzheimer's or whatever not.

He may be, you may be in is suffering from some of them put this man is wicked to the bone. I mean he is looking to the bone hours the authority the writer getting his selling his soul for the importance he is sold his soul. No, our enemy is the federal deep state government, the FBI, the IRS, the DHS CIA the CDC, the FDA, the DOJ and the AMA, along with the pentagram. He argued that you heard me say that right and lazy when passing meant. Then again, I'm a pentagram that's what what is happened. Our military, not to soldiers, not to soldiers but those in charge there at the pentagram may have sold us out folks they have sold us out and we would gotta take our country back. Anyhow organization called out was the Department of Education long ago dear Hillary Clinton and the X1 and a lot of the really bad stuff started. You can take a look at that level, the very same techniques used by Hitler and Stalin to dupe the unsuspecting masses is being used to dupe the simpleminded of America. Hitler will gently use the trust of the people had in the once legitimate medical establishment as a weapon against them. Andy, if I plug my phone in here in this studio. I've got it at this brings me to a clip that we really need to play in this clip here this. This woman was a Holocaust survivor and what she has to say. I think is very important, silk, and my where to plug it in here located to go past located there you go.

Let me replay this joke. That's not it's a very short clip.

It's only about 30 seconds long with this woman is a Holocaust survivor and here's what she has to say when my family and I are home and deported to concentration here epidemic exactly what I are being accused writer write very short clip but that was really a Holocaust survivor and then again, it's the very same techniques that Hitler used and is being very useful today to dupe the simpleminded of America. Of those, Elizabeth's 80% so far this is according to those that have been faxed to than 80% of the Democrats and only 40% of those that are been back. The Republicans Hitler used by yet while Obama and knew that if he could count or if he could infiltrate infiltrate the AMA and corrupted from within. He, like Hitler could destroy America from within them.

He could turn doctors and nurses into executioners Obama care was a means by which he could take the morality and ethics out of healthcare and replace it with socialized medicine. All of this started long long long before Obama was ever born. But Obama was the dark Prince of the antichrist prints that accelerated the process. The enemy knew that they could never conquer America as long as she was united so for over 100 years like a sinister cancer growing in the education system. The enemy spread its roots of cultural Marxism to generation after generation's goal was to divide and conquer.

And that I want to go to old boy we've had some pledges hey hey hey let's pull me down. Where do we start well of the pledges are coming in crazy good Lord above. No laser plays 125 Wendy Wilson pledged 1293 Betty from California plates 50 John in Minnesota played 50 Tony from Toronto pledges 125 Marlena Michigan pledges 30 and Bob in New York pledges 200 thank you thank you for my beer to remind everybody this ministry is totally listener supported.

We don't sell things regional advertising. We don't have sponsors. We have a partnership with the listening audience. All the people involved in the radio ministry work for free. None of us have. No one is ever in the almost 49 years you've been on the air taken any money. We all donate around time around calendar own treasure to keep it going.

So if you donate this is not doing anything for any of us were up simply working for the Lord and working for our own personal retirement plan, you not getting your ego speaking of that, you know, we are talking about this even a fellow named Gandhi pacifist yeah here's what he said in 1912 he said vaccination is a Barbera's barbarians practice and is one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. The vaccine is a filthy substance and it is foolish to expect that one kind of filth can be removed by another conscientious objectors to vaccination should standalone if need be against the whole world in defense of their conviction. He said that back in 2012 about that and so anyhow wanted to just take a remind people some of the things that the were said the goals you remember a guy named E. Aker gator gator Yeager gator Quicken anything right now. Okay you remember the former Soviet Union are, yes, let's split up and when it was split up.

He was the premier at that time. That's right, and afterwards he he was at a press conference and he said the Soviets spent millions by infiltrating your media meeting American media just because the Soviet Union collapsed doesn't mean these people went away.

In other words he was saying he know we may, we have man collapsed, but all of our communists are in your media. We own it and adhere remember what goal 20 and 21 is purpose remind people that this is the back in 1963 January the 45 goals of current goals of communism were put into the Congressional record by Dr. Cuellar. Allison is wonder came up with these goals. He was the FBI's leading expert on communism. That's where these came from.

And so, goal 20 and 21. Do you have your 45 current kindness goals infiltrate the press control of book review assignments editorial writing policymaking to control of the media positions in radio, TV and motion pictures and onto that 21 Arent we have about us that we have more pledges committed here by the way, what we want to give that number out again the number is 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 10 from Florida just pledged 100. Thank you Kim from Florida.

I want to backup all 17 this is what started my journey in the politics of the public school system. Goal 17 get control of the school year as a transmission belt for socialism and communist propaganda sought from the curriculum, down, down, the students get control of the teachers unions and associations, but the party line and school textbooks. The NEA is a subset of the American Socialist party, why, how do I know there was a website of the Democratic Socialists of America and I had the progressive Caucus. Those socialists who are not Congress originally 50 of were probably socialist. It said so right there and one of the first organizations that supported and promoted the progressive Caucus was the national education Association that remember Reagan wanted to get rid of the in the in our yogurt to the Department of Education and the NE but that he ran into opposition of education, yet the red and he loved so much opposition from the death of grandson we can see what rock quarterback and what was I think it's 1934, the NEA gave their goal.

Their stated goal and it was the social worker goal of our education in America was the social itemization of the child, not the education, the socialization buzzword for bringing about the socialist revolution 1934.

Now see if this sounds familiar to you because this is been being is spouted by one crazy Bernie Sanders crazy Bernie Sanders his has quoted this but there's others out there and within the death of Craddick collective that are espousing this and here it is. This is what Karl Marx said the meaning of peace is the absence of opposition. Okay not right and that's what man Maxine man vaccines that we did get be no edge resistance okay. The takeover benefit.

Yeah, I got a remember these people use words briefly talked on our show. The Fabian socialist society. Words were going to be the weapon of this new warfare to socialize Western civilization in Europe and America. They would change and shift words and meanings and cover-up what they were doing and now turned into venom. Political correctness through the Institute for social research. The here you go.

This is what you been hearing from Nancy Pelosi and the others support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture, education, all social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics is the total Marxism here is what they're talking about is goal 32.

But here's here's what Mark said in a listen see if this does not sound very, very familiar ideas are more powerful than guns.

Ideas are more powerful than guns. If we would never let our enemy have guns. Why should we let them have ideas. One of the major major goals of the sleazy Joe Biden regime is to get our guns. He's made it very clear that he's going to find a way to get our guns away from us we might not want us who to give them is our guns out the Communist Party over in China that had been a few years back during therein. Our enemy is not. Those with the guns missionaries with Bible welcome. Remember what they said we would never let the our enemy.

Have I have guns why she would let them have ideas.

In other words, we we shouldn't be. This is where you got the school boards now working with the department a Judas to toot framing trying to intimidate teachers there even sending in these crazies to stand up at the meetings where were the parents are coming out you just had one recently become out and he threatened he's got a thousand soldiers that anybody that comes and stands against critical race theory or any other part of communism that him and his thousand soldiers are going to attack them right. You just had come on down here to Missouri because there probably 100,000 cowboys at work. They were not allow this well and then you have that of fellow under New York law, here's here's what I'm looking at right now. George Floyd's nephew is posted a video threatening jurors if they do not convict Kyle Rittenhouse and and so he's going on there equipment Debbie Cortez rights, claimed that he knows people who have been taking photos all by the way they were caught people trying to take photos of the jurors come in and out and threatening jurors against the law. Wonder why these people were arrested well because under the bottom regime laws that apply to death the grants that right now they number plaintiff and that's why you see what happens with a fake news media. This whole thing. Remember when they were burning buildings loading and they were calling it these these prostitutes. These prostitutes that were a prostitute is those that are prosecuting Kyle Rittenhouse with saying that hearing it was a peaceful protest and he shows up with a gun well you know a peaceful protest.

People are setting buildings on fire chasing people with rocks trying to kill people and these prostituted these prostitutes that are trying to prosecute him. By the way, for the I get day those those with they had a career. They're gone now because those prostituted to the middle laughingstock of the country. Now, have been made fun of by the top political bagels now, but I was just thinking we are on these goals.

Remember, your discredit the American Constitution about what is right and the people there ignoring the Constitution that are necessary at the hindrance in goal 30 discredit the American founding fathers. Oh yes, evil white men who prepped slavery to America right discredit what are they trying to do get rid of Thomas Jefferson and all these people right right everything in these goals is provided. We had time to do each and every line there isn't one of them that the left is not doing right now during this revelation, Nikki will here's another one infiltrate. This is goal 2728 infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion and social religion discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a religious crush eliminate prayer in any phase of religion expression in the schools on the ground that it violates principle of separation of church and state glistens with the ACLU and that's the court. Of course this is what the Antichrist collective is been pushing but that the parents not were starting to see some Americans waking up there starting to awaken their awakening and the saying you know what we can't, we can keep a blind eye. We can't longer justify now we know we don't have a quote now where ignorance and apathy. We have to stand up for children and so now what is the opposition doing the opposition St. we have to double down elsewhere before they become stronger before they become more united and this is what we really have to do all civic came out in the open, and now it's all or nothing. Well, look at goal 26 present called homosexuality here but we called sodomy degeneracy and promiscuity is normal, natural, healthy all and by the way, that is also the six goal on the humanist manifesto and the humanist manifesto was written by John Dewey and the father of modern education so it's amazing the stuff all kind of ties together and it's this, Scarlett. We have we have built in Boston pledges 35 Jerome in New York pledges 200 was Edith in Michigan pledges 100 and Judy from Denver pledges 100 already. Goal six of the humanist manifesto all forms of sexual expression are acceptable. All okay Joe I did make a quick announcement here and there were going to play clip folks right to keep trying were going to do with the war new and more new and more newborn.

You know this Friday, November 19 Friday, November 19 join us healthcare workers doing all of its healthcare workers in a protest against UH University Hospital and the Cleveland clinic for mandating the vaccines and firing us and we do not comply. We will be starting at Miller Pavilion at and walk into a university hospital parking can be in the garage on the 100th St. or any sidestreet.

Please consider carpooling.

Please bring American flags and posters the megaphones we've got to stand up for freedom. We must stand up for our freedoms and out three court.

So for federal courts of told Biden that his mandates are unconstitutional.

The Biden remembrances were deathly grants and he told the companies and corporations forget the law were deathly grants we don't have to abide by the law organ player clip.

Listen to this clip right now, I'm Dr. Peter McCullough and I'm an internist and cardiologist and academic physician, professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of medicine on the Baylor Dallas campus. I think this whole pandemic from the beginning.

What about the vaccine. So I think all roads lead to the vaccine and what it means it.Lori places in Southeast Asia and Europe. There laying the groundwork for compulsory vaccination. I mean compulsory I mean somebody pains you down to the ground, inputs, and kneeling you that's how bad stakeholders want vaccination pleasantness not of cost you have to pay for this are provided. There are people or stakeholders. They do want a needle in every Artemis needle in every arms, a very important moniker. Why do you want a needle in our pointless takeover recovered.

Can't get the virus can't receive. It has nothing. Why would they ever want a needle in the arm of the cover cover page white three study show higher safety events seen for attention that Americans are feeling right now as they try to keep their jobs and go to work is they know they can die of the vaccine. That's the problem.

If the vaccine was like water and we just got it. No side effects. Who wouldn't take as I have out comply.

I got my substrate number anyway in a database and Morty marked out just get marked but no, there's something very unique about this vaccine is something about injecting something in this into a body that is so important to stakeholders that doesn't matter. Kids 12 years old told they can make their own decision on this and it could be there fatal decision.

Think about that North Carolina just past that oak is 12 is alchemy can decide on their own. There are 4/4000 dead Americans, there's over 10,000 dead people in Europe that die on days 1 to 3 after the vaccine. Why are we pushing this in a way where people's jobs in their educational life could decide on a decision is potentially fatal.

The tension you can cut it with a knife. There are parents as I listened, I want my kid to go to college this year but I don't want to lose them to the vaccine they know what's going on the Internet is full of these cases, blood clots, strokes, immediate death unfortunate.

I have not directly lost a patient to the vaccine I told you most got vaccinated in January December January February based on the safety data. Now I can no longer recommend it. I can't recommend it. It's past all the thresholds to being a safe product is not a safe bike. None of them are not just Johnson & Johnson fact more the safety events in nine states have occurred with return advisors. There are now papers written by prominent scientists calling for a worldwide halt in the program.

There are prominent virologist, many of them, including Nobel Prize winners who have said lesson.

If we vaccinate people and we create a very narrow incomplete library of immunity which what the vaccine is the vaccines are all targeted to the original movie and spike protein which is long gone. That's extinct patient getting vaccinated to something exist anymore.

That will have spike protein is gone.

Were hoping immunity covers the other variants but that narrow immunity is a set up just like giving everybody a narrow spectrum antibiotic. If you did that.

What would happen we drop superbugs. There are warnings out there saying don't do this don't vaccinate the entire world. All were going to do is set ourselves up for superbug that's going to really wipe out populations so for many reasons. The vaccine indiscriminate vaccination is a horrendous idea.

It's a horrendous bio weapon that's been thrust onto the public and is going to cause great personal harm, which it already has thousands of people lots of lives. I've never lost a direct patient that I've had my patients lose her family members.

Lots of them. I filled out a safety report on a patient who develop blood clots after one of the Fiserv attorney vaccine and I'm telling you it took half an hour to do it.

Do as many pages in each pay said warning federal offense punishable by a severe fines and penalties if I falsified a report all those thousands of Americans have died with the vaccine hospitalizations in the database. I think the real and they are far beyond anything we've ever seen, and as a doctor and as a public citizen. I am extraordinarily concerned about the vaccine vaccine center right down the street. Here's empty. I drive past it every day Americans know they're talking to each other. The vaccines not safe and now the effort is the vaccine stakeholders want kids without parental guidance and now they want to be in the church. Americans and people worldwide should be extraordinarily alarmed already were going to get back with him in just a few minutes with the right knives. I have somebody much prettier. That's my cousin Jim Gordon are you there Jen and Eric. After you guys got something coming up and you church I blues this coming Thursday. Is it not their United exploring home education will be at 7 o'clock at Sheridan Christian Fellowship 401 S. Camden St., Chardon all right till then again given a very very one more time exploring home education Thursday, November 18 at 7 PM 401 S. Camden St. in Chardon and they can find more information on the right very good and you know what you need to text me all of that because you know how my memory is nowadays because we we have a like a lot of stuff. Can I get anywhere from 6 to 800 emails a day yeah yeah I can read all those who gave but anyhow so text me that info and I'll give it to you. The rest of the week. Okay, you're welcome. I know you you want to get some beauty sleep. I does work for you as a work for me but that anyhow if you want to stay with her.

She can we get up powerful program tonight sure about this event where holding that the group of about five or think mom and meeting for a couple mind and we just feel strongly that we need to help parents to have their children in the public education system know how to pull their kids out if they want to undertake handheld educate and that they can stop the indoctrination of their children, and the mandate that are going on that they're not comfortable with and collect another. They're not a lot we have over him close to 400 families in Geauga County alone that homeschool and that's more than last year that it is growing in numbers are growing is growing and I can tell you I homeschool that was when the best time in my life because you see what happens with these children. If you feed them and watering the grow in their no longer children.

You can get them vaccine is so you want to spend as much time with them as you can and we do that we had homeschool co-op in our church. In fact, you're talking to one of the homeschool pioneers here in Ohio hello wonderful lady name Martha Lippitt way back in the 70s had a one room, one room schoolhouse with the Bible and a desk in the 10 Commandments on the wall and guess what, without one room schoolhouse.

The ACLU got after that and she called me and she told me what am I going to do and next let's fight.

Let's fight was go after them and we did.

We started promoting homeschooling and back in those days. Jen hi was even the neo-evangelical preacher said believe this is not based they were saying back then the weight if we pull our children on the public school who's going to witness and evangelize to those children.

The middle school and I told him I said you know that all of the authority figures are going to be telling your children just the opposite of what you're teaching. They're not going to chair your children won't influence others.

They'll be the ones that it's influence and that's exactly what happened because going the wrong direction right instead of the children being about evangelize park right to the children are being evangelized and they were calling me bad names. They were calling me a radical preacher may rely Bible thumper in the religious element but then this other fellow come along named James Dobson he came along, sick as I was saying if you love your children, pull them out of the public schools get them out of there now what that he came along and he started saying if you love your kids get them out of the public schools and then a guy named D. James Kennedy, he picked up he started saying the same thing and then all of a sudden I did look like such a firebreathing radical anymore. Not anymore. No real a lot that turn the one that fought the fight and make sure that it became illegal in all 50 states. Yeah, and we think that we had. We had to do it together and we got it right now we are in a war and I started out the program, talking about how I was listing and Veterans Day how the Fox News reporter was saying this is the first Veterans Day in over 20 years when America has not been important were and are worth more than we've been in since the Civil War. This is that it is a civil war in his country, and we must fight back and so anyhow one more time with our head is one way we can protect them and train them and get them ready to continue the fight after work on absolutely absolutely unite. Listen, I am really proud of the way you grew up in an and tell your mom and dad that they did a great job raising you, Terry. We love you guys how direct your program will I think is you were doing were we doing pretty good so far tonight. This pledge week and while I pray that you are abundantly black will thank you very much God bless you and that will talk to you but all it was go to. We have let me see when we leave off old cage. The sea bugs Bugs Bunny in Little Rock. I know that fell out there Little Rock pledges 200 all right praising the Lord and Pastor Joe way back about 25, 30 years ago. I wasn't doing homeschooling but we were promoting Christian schools and helping start Christian schools and churches that's another good alternative, especially when the parents get involved in a lot of the retiree brought in retired teachers and retired engineers and mathematicians historians to help run the school and those goals can be very good to write what we did to. We hope that a number of Christian schools get started from the light from scratch and their growing one is agape, since it is doing tremendous as we've had Sue here on from a copy on the program before but but ditto here's the good news every day in this country. Three new Christian schools are opening and so that is good news for you, and not only that, but homeschooling is taken up with people the opposition. Blame is very well aware of this and they know that that there door to to destroy America when Biden says he wants to build back better what he's talking about his first he's got a completely destroy America could take her down terror down to the ground again and if you think those at the pentagram in the pentagram are going to stand up against our foreign enemies that are trying to destroy us economically near wrong.

They're not going to. They're not going to. We cannot trust general Millie and these others there to help protect this country and our economy they're going to do everything they can to destroy our economy and big business in other big business here in this country. The big corporations. The Chinese have a whole lot more people than we do and so there their loyalties to the dollar not to to the American and so the doctor that okay with the maintenance worker forgot which doctor was that that that the particular play, know that that was Dr. Peter Macola Dr. Peter Macola listen he's got some more to say.

Here's a list let's take another listen.

But before we do that, Marilyn from Florida pledges 50 thank you Marilyn go ahead list. Let's put Peter back up that breeder thinks about what the vaccine means and Whitney Webb gets credit for this back in April. She said ha ha figure this out.

This is what state this is what globalist been waiting for. They been waiting for a way of marking people that you can vaccine your marked in a database and this can be used for trade for commerce for behavior modification.

All different purposes and you see right here in Dallas they've announced no you can't go to Dallas Mavericks game unless you're vaccinated.

You have given us a lesson you have passports you had colleges today announced that the not to give any credit to natural immunity. Every scientist in the world knows that the natural immunity is way better than the vaccine immunity if it's about covenant. Why don't we have covert recovered go to the Mavericks games why we have come to recover people freely go to college. Why would we have to have faulty vaccine immunity be the priority and have natural immunity, not count, seek these types of things make me think that when he Webb is correct. This is actually about marking the vaccine is a way of marking people. It's a way of starting to assert efforts to create compliance behavior control. Don't forget the vaccine is just a starter. Now there's going to be updates there's going to be boosters or the prepping people for this.

There's going to be more. The vaccine manufacturers are all linked. They're all uniquely indemnified when medical product is or indemnification were something happens to you. You don't have any recourse in a woman gets vaccinated pregnant woman she has no maternal-fetal rights, something happens to her.

Her baby she's on lock. This is extraordinary what Americans are doing is actually extorting what's been thrust upon us now.

All right, folks, this is why we have to fight back.

This is why we keep telling. We've got a five bag we have had Dr. after Dr. Peter Macola from Texas A&M is one of the top known doctors in the country and one after the other after the other, have come by and them well. Do we have. Let's play a few more minutes for him to live a few more minutes of him. FDA regulatory guidance and vaccines in their then modern vaccines enough to pick the ones me.

We've had modern vaccine shingles, vaccines, hepatitis B, meningococcal vaccines demand a minimum of two years of safety did two years by regulatory effect this account written and codified into the regulatory rules for the manufacturers. That was all thrown out and said two months for coveted two months or two months of observational data. This idea that we could vaccinate people that were not even tested in the trials that has never been done before. We've never just thrown a vaccine at somebody without having any data.

None. So the very first pregnant woman that was vaccinated here in the United States. It was done with no knowledge of safety and no knowledge of efficacy and the argument that we've heard the argument that we heard is will covet 19s of bad illness 600,000 people have died. The vaccine could help them. We should give it a shot.

Come on, we should just give it a shot. While the 600,000 died. I've Artie told you 85% of that was preventable with early treatment which was actively suppressed and squashed and not only that is if this vaccine can help them.

The vaccine better be safe in matter.

Be safe in my comments on the vaccine are safety safety safety.

Let's see it. Let's see it.

And Americans on just like the Americans should have been getting weekly updates on treatment innovations. Americans should have been getting weekly updates on vaccine safety very important weekly updates from our federal officials on safety, super important.

Those two things are probably the two largest acts of malfeasance in all of medical regulatory history. It will go down in history of malfeasance wrongdoing by those of authority. How come there was no updates on treatment and no promotion of early treatment to reduce hospitalization and death, and now when we release the vaccine. Why are there no safety updates.

Why are there no attempts for risk mitigation in terms of making the vaccine program safer. How do we have all these vaccines.

How do we know we can vaccinate pregnant women. We know because of years and years and years of safety data before a vaccine is ever been injected into pregnant woman is probably been tested for decades before we tried to pregnant women. We would never out of the box, take a brand-new technology that's never been tested before ever, and we know that the tech vaccine technology produces the dangerous spike protein to produce the Wu hands by putting the speculum on the ball of the virus itself, which damages blood vessels and causes blood clotting and all of them to we would never unleash that into a pregnant woman's body. Americans understood have to understand something is very wrong. What's going on what's going on now in the world. These are examples are clear-cut examples of wrongdoing that is at such a high level. The groupthink is in the wrong direction. In such a consistent and overwhelming way that people are being harmed it in an extraordinary fashion.

Already we are back and you know Job had some of had a couple ladies say to me I don't I don't you get tired of talking about the vaccine.

Yeah, I do. But we have to keep letting people know because people are dying. Joe there dying and remember what we talked about a week ago horror in order to make covert vaccine. Pfizer cuts open live babies without anesthesia harvested tissues to disturb you but not surprising revelation has serviced about how Pfizer harvested organs and other body parts from live babies in order to produce Wuhan coronavirus, 19 vaccine whistleblower, Melissa Stickler, who wrote who works as a manufacturing quality auditor for Pfizer recently came forward with eternal company emails revealing the horrific horrific practices that Pfizer employees produce injections that are dispensed to the people's bodies for public health. One of these Pfizer senior director will worldwide research Vanessa Gilman petitioned others with the company to keep what you are about to read from ever going public and the prospective corporate affairs. Gilman Road we want to avoid having the information and may be cells floating out there the risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit. We can see particularly with general members that would just make a short Joe they know that they made the take these live babies that are born alive and they some these women don't even know that the babies are born alive and some of them are so wicked.

Some of these women are so extremely wicked they could delay could be democratic female congresswomen or senators is a wicked, they are put there so wicked that they actually have babies purposely just to Gilman for experimentation.

Those are wicked wicked women, gay, many of those are Hillary Clinton type women. But anyhow, so they can't give him anesthesia because it that they can't infect the tissues so they were the right they cut the babies open live that's happening here in America folks, and this is why we keep telling, by the way you heard Dr. McCullough Peter Macola talk about these women who are pregnant here 2433 dead babies in affairs reporting of errors by themselves admitted that they only give anywhere from 1 to 10% of the actual count right. Study shows that mRNA shots not safe for pregnant women.

So you had these are that one of the 1 to 10% 2004 and 33 and into safe that's only 10%. Just think of how many there really are Joe and it's unbelievable.

20,000 babies have died from these Pfizer shots will also look at it from another angle. We've been telling people that this vaccine is not a vaccine it's not like the polio vaccine are some of the others and we have the executive from bear pharmaceutical division Stephen Aldrich now. He was at the world health Summit back in October around the 24th through 26. There were people from hundred and 20 countries there on this covert thing and he said his country quote really taken that leap to drive innovation and sound when Jean therapies okay.

Then he said ultimately the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy.

I always like to say if we have surveyed two years ago, the public, which you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and injected in your body. We would've probably had a 95% refusal rate" so here we have a senior executive from one of the big huge pharmaceutical companies saying that this these vaccines are not vaccines. They are gene therapy, cell and gene therapy. So when we say people call us and I've asked her this is in the vaccine that they DNA therapy that does strange things to the body and were not even all sure what's in it. We had different doctors and people come on with different things in it that shouldn't be but it is not a vaccine you absolutely right about them and that Joe here in Michigan school system closes after large numbers of teachers become ill, not from the cold from the vaccine.

Numerous close Michigan Township closed Monday after numerous staff members Philip, these are these people that had to get the vaccine required to get it they got it. Now they all got sick with them.

Here's another 53 came out and admitted this Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They have no record of an vexed individual work covert natural immunity spreading the virus. They did not take into any studies or pile up. Compile any information on the natural immunity they been ignoring it. They did one little study and set all our vaccine is better than the natural immunity but we have through other countries has been proven to see the wrist really wrong. I disturbance a mother like 62 other studies showing natural immunity and the big study we know that Israel that was about the what seven times the size about seven times larger than the CDC and all the other studies around the world that the natural immunity was better, stronger than the VAX because the vaccine only when, after the spike protein or your natural immunity has about 50 different things that it can throw out there to combat variations of the virus. So what they're doing by forcing people to take the vaccine. It also is destroying the natural immunity that people have in causing people who would probably never get sick again to become sick because taking the VAX just basically made them unsafe already killed a good listen John from Parma pledges one 5050 200 votes.

The phone numbers are 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 and work were coming up to a heartbreak only command from the break within it can switch gears and go in a different direction. 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110. This is pledge week and it's always a tough week pledge we put. Thank you all of you out there for keeping us on the air as long as we will. We will fight with everything we got right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR W. that WR W. mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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