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THU HR 2 111821

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 19, 2021 12:12 am

THU HR 2 111821

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 19, 2021 12:12 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast that you are WNL.or what were back in praise the good Lord we have some I would be this listener side it's out there because again like it so the APIs become undergrads wearing nothing. Just another part of the Democratic Communist Party. They are no longer they been westernized against the American people by the comments by the collective. So multiplexing week where you actually have an email that went out to the FBI from the Atty. Gen. in this first 24 hours before he went and testified that nothing was happening that this was not true, that this was never going to happen. And yet the email just tell the whole truth that he sent to the FBI telling them to do what.

So I mean there caught red handed Escondido folks. Now here's the thing Joe deceived. It's a crime to lie to Congress right now but you know who has to prosecute. That is, the Justice Department apartment when the justice department lies in his corrupters got there going to prosecute themselves. I don't think so. Lynette is Chicago pledges 100. Thank you Lynette already, so we are down government okay we are down. Joe would not do for 4800 24,800 up there so who can do a thousand. Can you do a thousand in 2000 who can do 800 give us a call at 888-281-1110. That's about three hours left.

888-281-1110 and this week Linda or 888-677-9673 30 go. Never thought after a lot of people out there donate a lot of money politically to for candidates and I believe in that. Have people read. I support my wife and I but I will throw an idea out that we reach many many millions of people all across this country from New York, San Diego, Florida, Texas, everywhere. The big cities we are awakening and have been awakening probably more people than most of the politicians that I've seen anywhere whether their Congress critters mayors and governors, we've got more to wake people up and some of you that have spent a lot of money in political donations. Think about the fact of how effective we've been to educating the people of the danger that's coming the problems.

The real truth and that's why there are some of you out there that God is blessed with professional practices, businesses, and you have many employees and are able to help the economy but you don't have a lot of time. You can let your money do some of the Lord's work and actually as you can weigh up crowns and treasures by helping support a ministry that is real, so I think it's might be better placed a lot of the political donations people of made all right.

Brandon and Julia in Texas pledged 15 imposes them 4007 50 and he says let's go Brandon already.

But we have to watch the real words yeah well that's yeah this is why you know we we were telling people out there when I first started in an appraiser galore. Maybe somebody hurt us because remember, we totally don't do that. Don't use when you when you use that vulgar terminology when you you become like them out there in this way crazy good Lord that people are doing that now that they're saying because it was pretty bad when you heard that you thousands of people and of in a baseball stadium using the F word that that is not good folks, God is listening and speaking that guides listing for effective client. First, all of us even faster.

Joe laughed and then you catch yourself realizing all this is what the Lord wants us to do were better than that. And that's the nice thing about you can think of thought. You can have a bad thought fermented your ticket out of your head. It's okay if you don't act on it… Turn this back a right will explicitly get a right we got a call to action call to action nothing. You don't have to live in Ohio. To do this would sub Senate Bill 157, the born alive protection act requires that an infant born alive after a botched abortion shall be afforded the same lifesaving treatment as all other infants. An amendment to the bill ensures the doctors who teach in state-funded hospitals and medical schools may not work with abortion clinics which would affect institutions in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio.

This is sub Senate Bill 157, past the Ohio Senate and sent to the Ohio house. The bill was introduced and sent to the families and aging and human services committee.

The first hearing will be the first hearing was today is was today and fill this in the first hearing we need for you to call okay and here's what you did okay for details to send written testimony. You can call state representative Susan Manchester Susan Manchester's office and you can speak to her aid and asked if Sia Bly can pronounce that could last Kia. Anyhow, just call Karon's office about yeah somebody Anastasia.

I guess in anesthesia are right and just them and that phone number is 61446663446144666344.

We really need to do that.

You really need to call okay we get even slower when I have a little trouble pastor Marie got one more time, I had trouble writing it I can't be the only 1-614-466-6344 that said, give them a call tomorrow so will I do listen folks call that lesson and until we do tomorrow.

We got it we got it little babies that the these are innocent little children with think about this here because these. These are beastly people, I mean right now.

Here we look at the article about how Pfizer of Pfizer Babies. They couldn't they didn't want to babies that were that were born alive babies and these women probably and hopefully they didn't know they were gonna take him, and without any anesthesia and anything to kill the pain because they couldn't pollute the body parts.

They cut these babies open alive and this is what Pfizer is doing these animals. These are animals. These are not the these are demon demonically possessed animals to do these things and so and folks don't take their poison. Do not take the boys. I don't care who ever tells you to take that facts do not trust that person for anything at all. Nothing so there you go to throw in a personal testimony. I can't think of the ladies name.

I know I'll think of it, young lady came and help me with the fundraiser years ago and she had was an abortion survivor and she had the few little health problems of old Use crutches and walk. She came out on stage with me and I introduced her and she saying some of the most beautiful hymns pastor you ever heard and that she had found a nice young man and gotten married and was having a wonderful life without her testimony was enough for Jesus Christ and and how he had blessed her with his voice and and filled her heart with joy and love when you listen to somebody like that and sheets survived abortion and some nurse that taken and helped her given her care and this should be a no-brainer child survives in the attempted murder. Yes, we better treat it was some love, care and everything we can give it. I was preaching on phone the blood a bloodied plea term which is Ohio's largest letting or house of death.

That's what it is is a butcher shop, and amped a young girl came up to me while I was preaching out there she was like a little China doubt she was 14 years old, very very very pretty petite girl and she come up.

Geez, a can I talk to United yeah now often what happens is these young people there sent out by some of these people to that work in there to tell us that the pro-choice are to give us a hard time budget but anyhow she told me that she survived abortion. She was a survivor of an abortion and in the what what the sweet little girl and when she was in them. She said that because of the nurses there.

They saved her life and that anyhow and she said pastor my mother is an alcoholic cheek and whenever she she gets drunk and she she says to me why did you have to live why did you have to live.

This is the offer to go talk to her mother is the night I would them and she was afraid she said no cheat sheet and when once you're gone out. The house anyhow there you go. I mean it, but chaotic Hansen was the name of a young girl that say that we had to run the program. Yet I just I was at one of the senior moments. Double brain damage and cannot ever often forget her but fermented. I couldn't remember her name, Judy and Vista California pledges 50 and Maryland in Minnesota pledges 50 so that brings us down to $4650 on we need. Thank you, thank you pastor Ruben talk about not taking the VAX well don't worry if you don't take the vacs of got the true stories here one comes from true Oklahoma doctors and they been having huge successes in creating nursing home patients with. I have a Mac current Dr. John Smith, Dr. David Jane are both different things will one mentors another Dr. Dr. John Sutton is in charge of three nursing homes. He's been working over 38 years and during the first when the first code outbreak And they weren't sure what to do and he lost. They had about a 30% mortality rate well by the time the second outbreak happened. He had either nectar non-hand and some monoclonal antibodies and started treating people and most these people at comorbidities and out of 56 residents in one home. They lost one third time he came around all three all the residents were treated in other three nursing homes only one died and the good doctor set on the nerves. She's heard that some of the nursing homes. The data 60 to 80% mortality know that the average was 50% of patients died and thymine was stuff like that through several stories. Other doctors chipped in this. One doctor said he's a family physician, Dr. David Jane created hundreds of patients covered and achieved extremely high results.

Only one went to the hospital. No one on a ventilator. None of the hundreds of patients he treated in Oklahoma, died. They were all given either nectar and the treatment is out there absolutely living the place of Linda Blakely before we do close again. Right now we need 4625 because an animus in Boston pledged 25 and some so again, we, the numbers are weed.

We got to hear from you can win Blakely.

Below are playing this clip I can keep given a number out but weekly. You need to understand where here to keep you informed.

So those phone numbers again are 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 or you can go to our website W RW and them. Our address is and if you want us to send us a check. If you're not on the Internet or whatever it's W RW and oh it is W RW L1478114781 spirit as PE are R Y Rd., Newberry any WBURY OH 44065 oh, I get to make an announcement that there there will be no evening service.

The doers of the word Baptist Church this week and this coming Sunday because were going to be in the church services from nine in the morning till five in the in them. 5 PM and because of that were were not going to have the evening service because were to be there all day so that is of this coming Sunday. Doers of the word. There will be no evening service only.

The activities during the day so there you go. Alright, so we play that clip give us some give us a clip under one roof. I have incredible Dr. Judy Mankiewicz and of course the incomparable Nikki wellness who have put together a series pandemic pandemic series and out now is a book coming forward about their series in academic pandemic. Three. Dr. Judy it's a pleasure to present the stance rethinking and making always a pleasure. Thank you alright so the world right now is really holding its breath and and Dr. Judy and both of you have done an amazing job of explaining the diabolic plan has been behind the establishment of the contributors. Of course, not withstanding you to really prior to the forefront with your money right now where do you see this turning that's just look at the big picture before we got into Microsoft. Let's talk macro micro for me is we want a scientific level. Now we can fully appreciate why never can we have another inoculation and considered a vaccination, and so we can see that when we explained that science that the CDC even changed just a week or so ago, the definition now is not immunity but protection from covert protection, and we put it in italics. So we've why now because we can write these legal affidavits proof of vaccination and that would be stationed, vaccination, and that would be our God given immunity for sale for those people who had come of it there in years, and may exceed the CDC requirement and then we have to end date. We had been certifying under penalty of perjury in a legal affidavits that they take the appropriate every monthly booster every 21 day booster of an oral vaccination which would be Hydroxycut or quick, which was published in 2005 to be a vaccine.

Only for solders but for HIV. So there you have said they have. We know despite protein has HIV sequence itself were actually helping people stay well with this station strategy so they're not asking for an exemption from vaccine immunity. They don't have to do PCR testing what they do is say I prove of immunizations and exemption from the EU a inoculations which we know will damage anyone's immune system. This is so exciting and I can hear this on mainstream media so that the question for you Mickey is because you did such an amazing job at the pandemic series is how we going to bust through this censorship alright now. Are you to feel as if when you look at tape the resident in the White House's approval rating. It said 28% okay that we busted through the magic 70% disapproval as public opinion or awareness, where are we with your temperature gauge on public awareness of what's happening right now in the effectiveness of what Judy just talked about what we are in a good place right now because Biden is the gift that keeps giving as crazy as the policies and and repetition of these mandates has has occurred.

Tens of thousands of people are waking up daily and not only their mother waking up with her in action. So I'm at the intersection of at least a dozen major technology, inventions that are being created right now to overcome the censorship. So all in all this situation is done is forced the resilient human organism to be innovative and to create solutions to the problem that they can update they've created and so very soon were going to see a flurry of decentralized technologies that can never be disrupted and that will be ours and so I want to thank the tyrants for pushing us into such action so that we could get off robots and create the stuff that's now being created and to all the people who have stepped up as a result of this to just get past the complaining state and do something about it IQ to the citizens who have stepped up to do this because this is truly a display of incredible I would say that that the great reset has been rebranded as the great awakening so that's where we are.

I would agree with you on that.

I talked about becoming an American state, national, and rejecting that the corporate tyranny of our federal government is a lot to that compact but if you taken on the premise that the administrative state is what is running this country right now it's on our constitutional republic on the NIH, the CDC, the FDA. These are government agencies. They are not chartered in our Constitution. How can you die Dr. Judy, Mike, let's talk in your pockets that in a way that the layperson can understand what he's talking about with thinking the tyrants but also with the technology and and and what were learning and has been proven by these administrative agencies with it the ability to to solve AIDS and other diseases with hydroxychloroquine we take that and move forward through the government do we have to stay burned down the government at large as it is, or do we have a path forward with the existing tyrannical infrastructure.

Well, I think we have to change. There was agencies. Now I and on our call to action slide yesterday and in our talk.

It said immediate moratorium on all inoculations on all vaccines are the vaccines.

It said, eliminate the advisory committee on immunization practices now completely restructure the FDA that CDC, the NIH it's criminal.

It's it's the organization of censorship and I think because we show the science class book, our latest book ending play, the subtitle is scholars obligation NEH of corruption. So knowing my colleagues and knowing the good people in science, of the last 40 years.

I simply put the science out there and I wait for scholars like Stephanie center flycatcher comments like Luke Mantegna by Chris Schein we and we highlight them and so though scholars came to us and offered solutions and and that's where providing everybody to the innovation in the tech industry is denervation in the science industry so so many people came to me with solutions and we can hear this and then science will start publishing truth again because you just can't cover up again. That's a beautiful sound and again these are some information that you will about dropping have been even published anywhere yet some are very appreciative of your time. I'd like to address the fact that right now in out practicing medicine is practicing for a reason. It takes science, but it takes practice. It's not a definitive art. However, there's been some times when scientists prove things to be very black and white, Allah, hydroxychloroquine, and other agents that are 1/2 pipe positive impact. How can you assure the public, to start with you Mickey for the public going forward that we can put trust back into our our medical agents and agencies that medical professionals because we feel like we missed been misled in the Nuremberg code calls for those that even if they're not perpetrating the crime against humanity, but they're aware of it and say nothing there guilty as charged as well. Well, you know, one of the ways we restore trust and faith is by being trustworthy and and one of the things I want to mention to us because you mention the phrase in a daily burn it down and I will say that a note, my former party that's their job to burn everything down our former RRR responsibility now is to use the Buckminster approach, which is to build a new system that renders the old system obsolete and so we don't have to get involved in in the burning down of the tearing down of anything. We just need to keep crating and innovating systems that are so much better that the old systems just pale in comparison. And people will jump off of them.

And so even the people that are still stuck on one side of the fence that the dim side of the fence. They know that something's wrong.

At least they know something is wrong and their lives are not working that well they're not the other marriages are collapsing and their families are falling apart, so they know something is wrong and so if we can provide for them an alternative. They understand that Facebook is a cesspool of hate and twitter knowledge. They're all responding to that recognizing that they're not as happy as they were just a few years ago and so if we can provide a space where we allow for the true expression of the human spirit at all times and and and to to restore our ability to listen to each other and to communicate which is which is pivotable for it to vote for any relationship then then they're going to gradually migrate to where the energy is better and the experiences is better and more supportive of their life in their dreams and passions, and the purposes and so this is keep creating from that space back and That Iceman pledges 25. Thank you that I know were down to 4600 4600 right now of full circle on your calendars for December 1 on your calendar and take part in the national day of action to overturn Roe V Wade. That's right created equal and is heading towards Washington DC for a massive rally outside the Supreme Court building on December 1 and is counting on you to join us December 1 of the day, the justices will hear opening arguments in the Mississippi Dobbs case. This is the case that will decide whether state can be can ban abortions after the unborn child has reached 15 weeks of life in the womb. Like you I'm hoping and praying that the court will do that. Joanna and I don't have a whole lot of confidence in, and that corporate America have to be in prayer. Yet not only that, but to use this case to overturn Roe V Wade completely into and legalizing babies flutter and demand in America once and for all. This is been your goal in mind for 40 years, doctors have left the nation that kills children created in his image. Children and a nation that continues to shed innocent blood to the nation that God cannot bless. Pretty simple, absolutely soaked a number of love of the pro-life crucible partnered together to but I'm this massive protests of folks mark your calendar and to go down there. December 1 right there on the steps of the Supreme Court be there, folks, and that it was possible Jill. I might even try to make it again myself if I I went 43 times to the March for life light but mentally delay go bye-bye busloads of people all Marriott at Marathon fantastic drop of on that right to life story: I want to get out tonight village of the numbers first 888 as the phones have been ringing literally starts as we started a clip the phones and not run.

We got to get we got here from the phone. Jill 888-281-1110 is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 go had you all of us will be in a nursing home and we all know that their expensive that difficult to find a good one well found out in this build back better plan abide, have a horrible horrible impact on nursing homes.

Hidden some stuff in there.

The American healthcare Association and not national Center for sister living representing about 14,000 facilities is screaming against approach several provisions in the new build back better. They want change everything in want of force. All these organizations to have an RN on hand 24 hours a day. Right now the law says there have to be somebody there eight hours a day make a long story short, here's the problem. The nursing home industry is already lost over 200,000 acres, 221,000 jobs. They're not recovering people and some of the new law earning staff would require hiring more than 21,000 registered nurses.

That's 2 1/2 billion a year and cost the social spending package would also require homes to accommodate new change rate health regulation changes staffing ratio. All things conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services within one year.

These new things could cost billions. The homes would have to hire another hundred 50,000 new caregivers and then they've got a whole bunch of other roles there.

I don't have time to go into basically right now the nursing home providers are doing all they can to get people back in the applicant start their they bring the sin they're going to be a lot of nursing homes are close because they can't meet the staffing requirements they will not be of the cost of the nursing home is going to go up exponentially that already so affordable. Most people cannot afford without giving up their home and everything they have to go into one and the cost billions and billions of dollars may hide the stuff in the build back better and what is and how many thousands of pages nobody's read through them yet and they we just keep finding hidden hidden bad things folks you gotta call your Congress critters and senators and say you know all you can to tell the vote no. We can't afford this build back better it's going to destroy the country. You know, Jill, and Capt. that inadequately unload rhinos and really talking about that in a minute but here want to see this for all these years and all these years, you know, we've been very active in the pro-life only supported the pro-life in all different pro-life organizations that now. Tonight there supporting us.

We going to get from right to life without donation of $1500 all wonderful. How many been raising money for them for thoughtfully dedicated yeah and so know that takes us down to 3100 now they want and when to do. Okay I'm going to take doers of the word Baptist Church and were going to do 1100 were going to do 1100 and so that Katz's land is given so much to put yet we we would done but this is no better cutlet which I must saving people's lives gay. We are so spiritually okay from the right to life and then you go to the places standard 2000 now if somebody out there could listing to us and maybe four people four people can help us with $500 apiece or maybe two people with $1000 apiece. One person with 2000, but we need we need to hear from you folks again soon. Stay on the air right where right now we've got we've got a price. Fleetwood listed 20 minutes and we've got $22,000.

That means what it's hundred dollars a minute as an Jill article thank you note such a blessing in your church so wonderful. I'm just so proud to be associated with the church in the ministry… But folks think of the other churches that you belong throughout their organizations. You might be involved with a group of golfers or a hunting group. No sweat Association, but you could talk to those groups in the and I'll get them to donate so much a month to help keep this radio ministry on the air could be a men's club, the church, it could be a sewing circle like out here Missouri is Lotta coding groups that make quilts and donate to different causes different things. Give a blog to a variety of things. Talk to your friends or neighbors. Get your church involved at your group that your blocker involved in make this ministry a donation I Jill would get 18 minutes left. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 we get 18 minutes left. We need to raise another 2000 liniment is that these new ones are as old okay already we better bring me up to where I know where they're at it. Okay, go ahead, there you go. So remember about a month ago there was a big battle past turning over the debt ceiling. We had to increase the depth of feeling or the world, come to an end, we wouldn't be able to pay our debts and our status in the world. Remember all that you are not going to happen again. December 15 were already just one month were right back in the same mess were going to be broke before Christmas. According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told lawmakers this week. She's now urging them to raise the debt limit and we might even hit it by December 3. She says by the third. We were just gotta do this now think Congress extended the debt limit by $480 billion last month, so the government could keep borrowing. Remember, you don't borrow money. The Bible says so not bad.

Why do we have to have this extra money.

Well, we just passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that's not really but infrastructure only a small part of its about infrastructure and that's why because they have to fund this bill so they've got a turnaround by appropriate the rest 318 billion for the Highway trust funds and these funds must be transferred to the highway trust fund within one month of the enacted legislation.

The transfer will be completed on December 15, so in this bill they have these things the government has to start paying out the money and the hundred 18 billion by the 15th and by law they have to do this so what they did is they couldn't get the approval to raise the debt ceiling in a higher but they went and approved a $1.2 trillion bill to force everybody to vote to raise the debt ceiling or the government can't pay the bill for how they put us in a catch 22 to force everybody later to have to vote to raise the debt ceiling, or maybe just Social Security checks will go out. Maybe the Medicare will be paid and what they go through this all the I heard my I heard Slee sleepy Jill. I heard him.

He said not to worry.

He said it's paid for its page: it pays for itself. All you have to do is print out more money.

All you have to do is pay for his pay for. I heard them say that again for the new build back better. He forgot to mention he really didn't pay for this infrastructure bill, there's gonna have to Benadryl every one in Texas pledges 1000 thank you Wanda thank you Wanda anonymous of Florida pledges 50 that puts down the 950. We need $950 $950.08 882-8112. I didn't hear you when you say I would say maybe we could call Bill Gates you guys and say hey I turn $18 billion check and we wouldn't have to extend raise the budget right 888-281-1110. Now the kind of boards on the communicate was just told Silberman a joke would not go into that again or another number mark in Ann Arbor. Let me see. Okay no I didn't get him.

So there you go, market and pledges 100 so that is down to eight 5830 Parkway thank you folks, yeah, we got Tennessee which then we have a bouts of 14 minutes left. I think almost her numbers again in 1-888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. We do this polymers we can we drill one week a month and pay the radial bills we don't have advertisers.

We don't have sponsors little panic every time we say something in the world would like nothing better see this radio ministry taken off the air and that they don't like to be called out on their lies and their dissemination like this debt ceiling thing were one of the few places it just tell you like it is they do something to force the debt ceiling to be raised.

They don't tell you they vote for this $1.2 trillion mass and then say a month later, always get a raise the debt ceiling now because we need the money. They knew they didn't have the money when they passed the $1.2 trillion bill and they do all the stuff was smoke and mirrors and lies and you cannot trust the government folks not single thing they lately have they done that you could trust them out. People get the message. Past turning already know we've got Gloria in Michigan pledges 25 Nancy in Wisconsin pledges 50 Steve in Minnesota pledges 200 and Constance in Minnesota pledges 500 so I'm going to have that we had that we made it let me see here so this would be all right. Let me see no the princes down to 111 pardon okay all right well know, we actually take this down to is I didn't do actually it takes is down to 25, $25.

We need one more pledge of 25 to make to make it tonight. So remember how everybody is there is a volunteer. We don't have any on staff, mathematicians circuit, countless feral volunteers that I work it takes a few minutes to get the figures. You Jill.

You know, last night we came up shortly came up about them $800 short of what we needed run submissive folks will be gladly let you keep calling tonight would gladly look to the keep going tonight so we may, we can make up the difference: the 25 when I send my donation and I'll cover the 25 extra were on our goal, but now we like to catch up at 800 were behind already very good. Yeah, that's what we like them. Still, there are thing.

In fact, you guys are tested to remember way back when they had the shovel ready jobs back in 2011 Obama Biden get it, we just gonna pledge for 175 from Mary in Akron that puts us down to 625.

We need $625 okay. Remember that. Wait a minute, wait a minute joke we got we just get me see here. 625 and and we have here Craig in Illinois pledges 100 okay and then Celestine Michigan pledges 100 so that princes down the 425 $425 fantastic blusher folk but I was thinking. I remember back to the government. There were gravity shovel ready jobs back 2011 Obama Biden.

Remember Biden was there and were going to do all this infrastructure well only about 48 billion of all that money went to infrastructure. Most of what junk Harvard economist Martin Feldstein had calculated each job that the government was going to create would cost the taxpayers $200,000 but they government said we can't measure it that way.

The Treasury Secretary said price tag is a wrong weighted measure of bills worth Jill you have to understand something to you blue Jay easy transportation.

It was saying this is some of our our our roads out there erases some of the bridges.

Some some of those those bridges and roads are against black people, grumpy writing buses carrying the black kids couldn't get under the bridges, but the buses with the white kids could get under to go to the beach. I have IC that bridge yet with some of those those roads only would take black folks to bad neighborhoods that would take the white folks to those those neighborhoods those roads and others, and some of those bridges to know the only way foes could cross over Reynolds residency and I'm blue Jay knows all this, Kenneth the right. I guess it does a big country. I wonder when he traveled 12 roads all right were down.

Douglas is in Indiana pledges 100 necklaces, then the $325. We need to make up for last night, and though the city of Witt will would you say the wind. I miss okay so Gloria New York pledges 25 that was done with everywhere. My point was this new one point dollars infrastructure. The thing is 2700 pages long and I'm going to bet my britches that the Congress didn't read everything and I'll bet most of but find it had no idea what Senate then I found out it bails out. There's a highway trust fund within the whole and it has been suffering from chronic deficits because of overspending for years.

So rather than bring up and pay off that they're going to do another project so the amount of debt that the highway trust fund is going to be is going to be increased by 100 and $818 trillion is going to go further into debt instead of paying off the debt and starting new or just increasing the debt with new money. So in other words, the debts growing bigger and the more I look into the same pastor I haven't had time to read all thing, but there are more gimmicks and critics. They there one of sale oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to foreign countries that help raise money to pay for it. They want to have some extending fees is all about you complicated business fees and there you know Joanne you hear something and I can hear about the lame stream media.

They call the mainstream and that OSHA suspends enforcement of the vaccine mandate after Corp. I see see what's happening to these wool corporations. They don't know they don't know that there is that they do not have to do that. In fact, the courses ruled against it. That and so these these wool corporations that are mandated, and unlike a Cleveland clinic out there to see them tomorrow even have that big protest at noon tomorrow. Cleveland clinic and University hospitals. They don't know. Apparently that OSHA has suspended enforcement of those vaccine mandates and they think is what is not constitutional.

We can enforcement him several nights away. Yet we have we have been saying them for several nights with is the folks again. I wanted to remind you tomorrow. University hospitals and I had that that I want to go back very quickly and give that is very very important that we give those announcements over and over again. All show up or go out help support those wonderful healthcare workers out there. The doctors and nurses. Absolutely they really need to do that.

I mean, they're fighting for your freedom to write absolutely all our friends right they have to get out there. Him and St. like you said what happens. This could hit the news cross-country when people see that out there cleaving understanding that these are the people these that have to deal with is the no the score when it comes to these so-called clips are not so-called vaccines trying to find my my announcement here. I lost I had appear on your planet are the ones at random. The battle and risk their life before we knew anything about except that there was a horrible problem. People were getting sick and dying and most nurses and doctors and technicians all went to work in and bravely went in the right hey Jill, just what Douglas is not in the city of Bill in Ohio pledges 100 that takes a standard 200 Jill and Henry in San Diego pledges 30 so that they exist under $170. You will need to make up for free yesterday, so very good. Now here's the announcement both Cleveland clinic and University Hospital unbacked employees have received an ultimatum from the hospital to give faxed or to be fired. These people are willing to get fired other than in its again you got to stand with them. The people of the gotta stand with them. You have to stand with them. The 15,000 employees are vital to the healthcare of our entire region. How well can the hospital function with 25 to 40% of the healthcare professionals going to see again what was happening. These hospitals of lost legitimacy. People don't want to go there, they're afraid. Afraid I gonna die now, the one that went to the hospital with covert introductory notes for the highest number of deaths were people of state all met a better chance of living okay and so what was that I did that I get the let me see him looking at visiting New Orleans Netherlands anonymous and only does 25 to the princes them to $145 145.

We need okay okay the number is 888-281-1110 were running out of time quickly 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 now.

Tomorrow, Friday, November 19 at noon meet at the clinics Miller Pavilion for March 2 University Hospital parking. You can find parking at the clinic's 100th Weller Street garage are you can carpool also. A second none of March protest planned for Tuesday, November 23 at 5 PM at Fairview hospital at 18101 Lorain Ave. in Cleveland folks get out there. Bring your signs if you want the object is you've got constitutional right to not going to make you mask up and and then I can that you not going to take the poisonous public negative trade. Your health so that Pfizer and these other animals out there can make a lot of money killing people there you go. Got one more thing I need to address one part per trillion dollar thing they sold it to us, the people are going to be airport highways and bridges repaired. Text but I found reading this much of the new spending is going to go to mass transit in the city. It's going to Amtrak so more money is going to mass transit and Amtrak then to highways. Even though buses and rails are only a tiny bit of our travel and this bill is full of set-asides now set aside usually benefit the interest of the one of the congressional members of their families are going to spend $50 million to combat weeds. $2 million per year for B friendly landscape. They're going to make sure that these contractors have to give the unions the cat up on contracts which will make their building more expense either augmenting free bidding on it so all the nonunion shops will be able to get any work on it very set-asides I haven't found yet, but there still buried in their already taking Ohio takes is over with a pledge of 230 go now we can. Thank you, but God is the one who says you support a ministry that does his work in rehab and the watchmen on the wall pastoring, especially for 49. He also says Jill you must be born again. You must be born again and function again.

This is why we come to the most important part of his radio program you say what you say that the last week. That's the one.

The last thing we want you to remember when you listen to this program is the most important thing because again you know when you hit that pillow tonight. Close your eyes. You need to be thinking about am I born again in my born again you can be saved. Again, not here's what God has said he's made it very clear that there is no in between your either saved or your lost cake. God has said that God is also said disappointed all men once to die, and then the judgment so you gonna die and that is that the tragedy to die in your sin, don't get any worse than that. If this doesn't know there is no gray area is totally black and white case right absolutely so so here that's one thing you you gotta know for sure okay you got, you can have any doubts as lamp recently times in making your salvation short and it's not a difficult thing to do. Okay, first of all, the gotta believe on the Lord Jesus, you need to do this, pray to the father. Jesus said here, not heart. Pray to the father and ask for forgiveness of your sins to see the good news is only sinners can be saved right right so and now I was one yet. So you asked asked for forgiveness of your sin and then once you've done that God is always God always on it got always always the only only one that we can trust. Again, we can always trust that could never fail, as is God, he will honor your commitment so asked for forgiveness of your sin, then what he did. He says call upon the name of the Lord Jesus is the wanted to complacency.

He's the one that bought you you were bought with his blood gay and so you call upon his name, you ask him to be the Lord of your life.

All of your life without any reservations. You gotta go all the way folks is what he did for you if you do that you will become a new creature, you will become a born-again believer, you will become an heir of the kingdom and God has said that when the time is right you will you will become immortal. You will receive eternal life that you know Joe, I get letters from nut cases out there that really get angry when we give this imitation. I mean they really this giving this imitation makes him angrier than anything else.

Went up because a safe person would want someone out there is only one person hears our invitation. Here is God's invitation, we give and accept the Lord Jesus tonight. Every born-again believer out there is going to be glad to write you writing unsaved person would be upset okay folks were out of time for tonight.

So as we state this time every night. God bless God night and Kate, I found my thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on the next time for another nation was right to left preceding program is sponsored by its right to left ministries and is responsible for its content

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