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THU HR 1 111821

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 19, 2021 12:12 am

THU HR 1 111821

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 19, 2021 12:12 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded. I'm really open through the senders and indeed this is the voice of the group.

The resistance is November 18, 2021. That is bad on the board. None of the courageous grade. Good evening everybody remember it's what that's right yes she's 88 pounds of blood malicious palaver other than little Lisa. Good evening everyone, and in the other room trying to figure out what 88 pounds of boldness you palaver it really is. There is none other than Roni Randy and Wiley went and then post last but by no means least, way out there. We have a candidate running for a bit in the old folks home only kid of none other than the person Joe Larson child forever. I am glad to be back working again.

Let's raise some money we had to do that. On the straight and narrow. We get to do that because we came short yesterday so we gotta get ravishing tonight. 888-281-1110. The phone lines are open week. We came up short last night. We gotta make it up tonight.

888-281-1110 Joe's gourmet cause, very, very quick tonight.

Now 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

Our soldiers are full and lawyers are standing by ready to take your call Linda when we need to get that them because Joe we have approximately let me see, we had an hour and 40 minutes tonight and an hour and 40 minutes tomorrow night to is at three hours and 20 minutes altogether close all right there you go right post. That's we have that's how much time we have, to raise enough money to stay in the air for another whole 30 days on Jill well you have to pay bill be a ministry we have to have our bills paid or we have lost stations in our mind folks every station we've ever lost. We've never been able to get back on it.

Surely somebody else takes over the slot and the availability of God and the enemy hangs on the those very tightly says we shouldn't have to pay her bills that the government should pay the bills so is that we have to pay bills. Where are you, because we don't speak the same language that Antioch speaks.

She lives in a different world has a different worldview and would like to see us go away far far away already. People at their feet on the yak is is what is telling us now is when the house is a little bit what is it Alexandria Cortez is something I through the New York Grove liberal radical socialist all right let me I can straighten up my stuff here that I can make it right off the bat again a makeable thing is nonsense and here's what you because these things are happening tomorrow and for those in this area. Here, the pick him up on the tomorrow morning that don't hear the program tonight they can pick it up in the morning show 10 o'clock so I get to go back to where I had a because I had my announcements.

As I've got it ready. Both Cleveland and clinic in University hospitals unvaccinated employees have received the ultimatum. Okay from Gestapo from the New World order from the hospital to get faxed or get fired very soon. That's right. These 15,000 employees are vital to the healthcare, the entire region will can the hospital's function with 25 to 40% other healthcare professionals units in Joe. These hospitals are losing credibility and people are no longer trust them anymore people. They were screaming. Now they were heroes they were saving our lives and all the doctors and nurses and EMTs were the great heroes another St. take the poison poker. You don't have a job you really worth you know squat. It just shows how much the government loves power hates people of lies and it only takes advantage of things close to their benefit. The rest the time, they could care less about Roy M Joe. The reason for this is this people in the they know the a lot of people out there really smart and I mean it's obvious, but they know that even those people out there I can figure things out when they see medical workers, doctors and nurses. Dr. even Joe sixpack can start putting two and two together and said wait a minute hold hold.

If these doctors and these nurses in these medical workers who have to deal with these people that have taken the, the poisonous poke if they refused to take it then you know what maybe there's a very good reason. So maybe I should write so so the nisei will hereafter remember a lot of these doctors that say they believe in the vaccine wants you to be back say they believe in freedom even more in freedom of choice, so you've got those that know the truth about the vaccine and even those that don't are still clinging to her we have freedom. First, there you go join with these brave unvaccinated healthcare professionals as they fight back if they stand up and push back tomorrow, Friday, November 19 at noon here in Cleveland at noon meet at the clinics Miller Pavilion for March, the University hospitals parking at the clinics 100 Street garage or carpool. Also a second not a March protest is planned for Tuesday, November 23 at 5 PM at Fairview Hospital at 18101 Lorain Ave. in Cleveland. All patriots are called upon to support these events in person to further our mutual objectives of defeating that backs masks text select out freedom destroying mandates and stimulating passages of Ohio legislation to ban those dangerous mandates. The folks there you go and listen to remember that big federal circuit court cannot liberal that they believe these are unconstitutional and that's why they canceled the mandate they put it off until they could be more hearing solving one of the liberal courts pretty much says out loud, unconstitutional, probably is right we getting calls from people from all over St., how do we do this and we have our approaches look look in your papers on the morning I listened because just in every major city all across the company. You have medical workers and similes cut in a city Taft of the police department is out.

They look like they're in Chicago. Laura we saw Massachusetts where the state trooper said no were not content with who were not going to take it when I can take the boys and again so not just just listen to with local government in a goal and if you got this at this program on your local station at news, where would state your listing to us at the time because of their beast things happen in your town get involved get involved. You cannot longer sit on the sidelines and be a spectator. Your freedom is not a spectator sport. You gotta get involved with you're running out of time right the numbers.

The phones are not ringing yet the phones are not ringing yet at and so we got again ringing, we gotta get in the ring 888281111048886779673 call us right there is one ringing right now all right will get that again. May we get another ring 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 folks. You can also go up to our website and you can donate through PayPal intelligent the different ways you can donate now.

I think we just did we just get one up on the board tonight. Did you just put a new one up all right. Adrian in Chicago pledged $10 all right in this heartache. Yet started a soffit storyboard. After that first hit the ready will you and I get to get into the word of God first said that I wish to avenge myself. I give the one who rules above and below the short answer is Karl Marx but that lead into our Bible study wasn't good but but you know when he says that is today really just parroting Satan over in Isaiah chapter 14 for sure is. And so we left off here tonight in first Peter chapter 2 verse four through 10 wanted to read those verses Joe all right coming out under a living stone disallowed. Indeed, of men, but chosen of God and precious, he also has lively stones are built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ wherefore also it is contained in the Scripture, behold, I lay in Zion chief cornerstone. Select and he that believe upon him shall not be confounded. IDU therefore which believe he is precious, but under them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed.

The same is made the head of the corner stone of stumbling on the rock of offense, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient or untrue. Also they were appointed, but she are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who have called you out of darkness into his marvelous light in which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy, or that the powerful powerful fee versus limit yet is now here we go back to Peter's day went in and Peter's readings as they would look at this. They will look at these stones okay, they would've they would've understood those living stones to be the nation of Israel Everyone and and the reason for that. If we go over to let me just jump over for a minute to Isaiah in Isaiah chapter 8 and verse 14 and he shall be for sanctuary before stone of stumbling in for a rock of offense.

Both the house of Israel, and for gin and forest near an inhabitants of Jerusalem, and many shall then show stumble and fall and be broken and be snared and be taken. And so here. Also, if you go over to the limit just in unison. 28 medicaments Isaiah 28 for 16 if I remember that was in the very interesting passage but let me see here.

16 therefore thus saith the Lord God, behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone cried. I tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation either believe it shall not make haste dumped so here we go back because remember what we were saying yesterday how that meant for Petra Ross and Petra where those that say that the church was built upon Peter Patino of the could possibly be because the entire passage. The question was all about the identity of Christ). Now here, here, Christ is referred to as a stone application out now, cornerstone, man became a living stone. He came as one of us God in the flesh, but God made man Emmanuel so he did come as just a living stone, not those who didn't come as the Almighty God.

He came as a man so in this text. Can we say then basically referring to the stones are basically a piece of a larger rock right right okay so did the living see what we have here. I think we got some pledges in Villa Boston pledged 20 Lori and Oregon pledges 50 Russell in Ohio pledges 50 Michael in New York pledges 10 and Susan in Staten Island pledges 25 all right very good thank you thank you thank you okay now here we take a look at this.

Let me go back here. He says you also lively stones are built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ and we are the church is a spiritual house equity of living stones lightly on screen living lively means living so the church is a goat of living stones and that's the true church a case and nowhere to know how is that different when the offer up spiritual sacrifices was that different than what the date they offered up in the Old Testament probably had to offer up a sacrifice shedding of blood for the temporary remission of that we are bodies are living sacrifice. We offer a living sacrifice, but we do things our Thanksgiving are praise our works are spiritual in nature because what they are there to glorify God not glorify officer man. So now Peter's readers. Peter's readers would've been the very first converts to Christianity were were Jews and so Peter's readers would've looked at this and taking a look at the church being a part of the early church.

They would us that will yes this fulfills the Jewish heritage. The heritage of this is the completion right. That would be very clear.

I would think if they knew their Scripture. Okay, so he says now listen to this. Behold, I lay achieve cornerstone, elect, precious in the believer than him shall not be confounded all right know this is very interesting. Okay so does this mean that those of us that the crust was a believe the plan that put our trust to put our trust in God is that true look for the for those of us or for anyone that is placed their trust in God is that trust ever been misplaced. So now never and we can't be confounded, because once we become a born-again believer. We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to help guide us and direct us so that we are not confused or confounded.

We know that God's word is true man's word is false God is working out. Once the best for us. The world doesn't the world wants to use this take advantage of us: some form or another.

Once our money or time our sex or whatever.

God is the only one is truly interested in what's good for his children. Remember we had some years ago there was this Jackie's name is Gary D. Gilbert, Katie. He was this Jackie of the year than in America. I think for like three years. I think he had that anyhow when they hear you. It was I was witnessing until he was he was really having some problems and I can see a guy could could be to be suicidal in the house to he was telling me that God God betrayed him that that God that he could no longer trust God, the God had left him a great so my answer to him was I didn't go anywhere. He's right.

Where is always been you're the one that's that's left hip has God ever Gone away. God is everywhere he is in all places at all times she can't go anywhere. So if you are away from God. You had to do the leaving yourself right. So is there ever is it within God's nature to ever betray anyone know a case of betrayal is something that comes that is repulsive is totally in opposition to God's nature is right Christine in Colorado pledges 300. Thank you Christine and Joe in Bristol Bay pledges 30. Thank you Joe 8828111108882811110 or we got a really keep this going tonight.

For this we got to keep going. 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 okay not let me ask you this locate we go down to want to jump ahead and go there you are about to verse nine but you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, you're a holy nation. Now, in the past under the office of the priesthood under the office of the priesthood, the people would go to see the priest and they would confession of sins they would prepare in a sacrifice, he would offer no form, but the priest had to intercede.

People cannot go directly to God. Right because of their sin no here today because there's only one high priest, is there not now there is only one application out. This Christ.

So now we can go. We no longer have a veil, the veil that was the flesh of Christ, the flesh of Christ also was symbolic of the veil of the temple wasn't writer once there was destroyed, ripped and broken down Christ was set free rose from the dead and we were set free from the prison of sin, so we as a nation as a royal priesthood can go directly to the father. We can pray directly to the father can we not because Jesus is our advocate, our intercessor and he is the one and enables us to be able to go directly to the father because Jesus said I am in the father.

The father in me and I am in you. So he is made, it is through him we can breach that goal from sin to perfection by him to the father.

Okay, so here in what sense when we go to the father.

In one sense or are we coming as Christ while we pray to the Father through the son, and we are coming because we have the down payment of the Holy Spirit that gives us that makes us a child of the kingdom, enabling us to go to the father okay are we the living body of Christ. Yes, the church is the living body under it so we can go directly now what kind of sacrifices do we offer it when we don't offer of those in bullocks and things lands today.

What kind of sacrifices do we offer well. Scripture says we offer our body as a sacrifice.

But that means our body and wealthy few.

How we live our retreat his children. How we treat others and our works are from the body. The body is also when we give our praise are Thanksgiving our worship all comes from our body. So our body is that a living sacrifice occasional bodies as living several plays but no what other sacrifices we are to offer one about praise and worship. I just said that out from the body are praise our worship are glorifying him or singing hymns. Okay, so our service on the body as it was when it went about her ties. Ties come from the money we earn from our body. Okay. Hang tight.

Will be back a little inflated clip Katie folks listen very carefully to this clip Luke because we're going to keep trying to warn you were going to try to save as many people as we can't be right back okay the number is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673: while your listing to the clip you write back to another seeking another twenty-year calamity they try to fix social decay by throwing money at it and the problems only get worse with another few trillion dollars will now all of this is playing out again in health policy shots have not worked the way that our leaders told us that they would and every day it's becoming more and more obvious that their dangerous and deadly but they are backing off on vaccine rhetoric going further now than ever.

Now they need to force them into our children. Children were at risk from Colby to do pretty much nothing to spread it must be jabbed it's religious imperative for the left and a new coronavirus death cult don't care how many children it might hurt instead to see your fighters going around saying the people who question the official story and the vaccines are criminals know the real criminals are the ones imposing this medical dictatorship on Austin our kids the crimes could be worse than that. Biotech analyst Karen Kingston is back with us with what she says is evidence that Pfizer knew the vaccines would disable and kill children before their latest vaccine trials even started.

Thank you for being here. I guess that that Pfizer knew this was going to disable harm and kill children prior to releasing this on the American population have additional information that not only did they know was going to disabled children.

They knew they were unleashing a bio weapon.

One thing I want to point out is that FTA had a meeting on June 10 of this year on any put together a document for pediatric use of the vaccine and in this document as well as in the EUA docket for 5 to 11-year-old 1215-year-old state depending on logic trends in adequately powered clinical the endpoint trial with sufficient case accrual across age groups may be very difficult if not feasible to conduct what that means. It means when I said once you have me on your shelf is clinically impossible to create a vaccine to be more effective than a child's natural immune system. So, what trials they did you know bridging that robust immune response.

If you take a look at that overactive immune response its immunogenicity what he calls a robust immune response is a disease that results in disability harm and death in children.

That's the robust immune response that they're talking about. You do not you can create a vaccine. All the vaccine does is override the children's natural immune system, but this is a really damning evidence. If you take a look at the submission that Pfizer submitted on November last year. Everyone thought that was just for 16 years of age and older. Now there was a group of 12-year-old children still 12 to 15-year-old children that read verbatim what do Pfizer and FTA published on December 20.

They stated that reality from a total of 100 adolescents 12 through 15 years of age were provided in the emergency use authorizations and mission. However, the sponsor Pfizer did not request inclusion of this age group in the EUA because the data was insufficient to support a benefit risk determination at this time. Therefore, the data for 12 to 15-year-old children is not being presented by Albert Perla. What is that mean you that the state children what damage it was damning and so Perla said don't make this release this to the public.

This you have never ever moved forward to injecting 12 to 15-year-old Mattie Garay what happened to her. She was parents is paralyzing as a feeding tube never should have happened all hard information never should have happened that Courtney is open public forum crying because of the death of his 16-year-old son never should have happened. Pfizer nearly November of last year. This would disable harm and kill children and what he told the FDA to cover it up. Don't make it publicly available. Everyone has a right to this data under FOIA. What sweetness you have over the FDA, subjection, subjective answer, I would say because yes way because of Pfizer influence because of the financial but I can just tell you from being in the industry.

The CL no lockstep what's going on with their phase 3 trials itself tell panel of experts in R&D to say luck make sure they don't make this public. And I know that you know you don't you don't like to be subjective you like to come here with facts and patents and studies and FOIA gathered information and I appreciate that. Just from a person, the person I was asking and I guess you know Patrick Holly from national file was here about a week ago or two and disclosed exactly who these FDA people are the people that are on the committee that are deciding whether or not to move forward with an emergency use authorization for children and all of them have super deep ties to Pfizer so that's the answer. The answer is not ties for FDA Commissioner ministration is now on the board of Pfizer soccer practice. Others deep ties absolutely now the CEO is not oblivious to what's going on with phase 3 trials on their very much aware of this evidence shows that they conspired to commit aggravated assault and murder of children with a bio weapon and your audience or naysayer to say no evidence this is a weapon's idea. Take a look at the biological license application that was the meeting actually said in May of this year and what it says in the product description is the link overnight is a single stranded mRNA encoding the full-length horoscopes used by glycoprotein derive from the will 81 one. I slipped that was uploaded to Jen by by China bio weapon. That's what literally called the will 81 one. We know that the pilot you still don't believe me that was issued on January 2017 it was issued. Actually, MIT and Harvard, all the master and crew understate government support was made with government support water by and go to section 9 what is this technology vaccine will deliver a molecule. In some embodiments, the small molecule is a toxin in some embodiments, the toxin is from a chemical weapon or biowarfare age vaccine to deliver a bio weapon that were administering right now. Unbelievable I mean right now court LTDs front unleashing a bio weapon in a mass genocide across the very proudly dragging the jury to court so he can get his fair share of killing the global population insanely demonic demonic. I don't know what to tell people to say we're at war. I'm working vaccine that delivers a bio weapon. The FDA approval, authorization, license the vaccine produces one bio weapon. We are at war government is coming to save. I'm sorry way too much money way too much money here in Carlsbad you know my backyard went down to plant their diagnostic company produced 600 million tests a year. This is a huge market and people don't understand. Nobody wants the money to go away is a product brand being marketed in these demonic satanic capitalists. I guess you could say that they are not an anticapitalist but I am anti-Satan and I am anti-demonic. These communists are making a killing by using this branded and marketed product and are using it. Also, in a nefarious way by rolling out a bio weapon in the name of that product. Another injecting your kids with trillions and trillions of dollars in the marketplace have opened up as a result of this Jeff basals look at his net worth and what it did over the lockdown. As president Trump was duped into that this CL will start digging in on that executive order as well, that was signed by Pres. Trump. I don't know what to take a look at this. Was he duped that he now decided on purpose is involved.

Is that why he's avoiding you know coming on platforms like this one where he knows over and asked them questions about this vaccine. Why does he continue to push it as he backed into a corner.

This is all stuff that the fighter five DHS one more time. I think I might vomit. We have kids that are dying out here in this thing needs to be stopped. Right now, and there's the proof we are at war in Kinston. Thank you so much appreciate your stuff on I know that your thinking gifts and I know what you're thinking for already and Jill went up can compare it will be just start out with this here medical Holocaust against children vaccine induced myocarditis in children is a 50% totality rate in five years Nolan hold that thought meant folks 888-281-1110 of the lights have been since we started at the lines.

Quits like not exactly we can do that week we got it we got to hear from you. 888281111048886779673 888-677-9673 Joe was a year over year ago we told people we had. We played the clip the virologists that invented the M mRNA. The one that invented that and he was saying look. Dr. Malone don't use it as a weapon and save it or you it's a bio weapon is a bio weapon is a weapon. Don't don't use is now peered out. But you see people are told we we watch channel 5 and channeled three in lieu NBC, ABC, CBS, and they told us we should trust the government now that Biden is him and so we're going to go ahead and have our children take this list of facts. So then when her children because in five years. It's got a 50% totality rate product for the victim correctly, myocarditis or courier card items, for they do contract they don't know what percent point mostly please boycott mostly his boys quite high so that your child gets sick. Got a 30% attempts guided by three and three years in a 50% chance of dying in five it's unknown how many boys are going to get this. That's the scary part. It's like elbow backflow to find out what can the parents say well you know I can justify that the that I did that because I'm stupid, can they do that could base it will stumble. Really my fault that I would that I was stupid and I went and I trusted the government. Joe Lemaster this. I don't think it figure. But it will be used well to trust a corrupt government to trust a corrupt and corrupt corrupt pro-government. Are you stupid yes right folks as we do need to know who lied to us. Look at Biden every time there was another story today about Biden line.

At the start. What did made up those little parties house years ago lightning strike. Mozart catchers put up a few minutes. No big deal to me. It felt like my wife. This part of the house burned to the ground. My wife is good for their life and here's told so many lies that one commentator I heard said it would take 30 minutes to read all the lies that this man is told, going back over the years when the Scripture said if the leader lies than all of those new trendy member OF a ruler harkens to lies, all his servants are wicked and we have all of the Tell the truth and God says that what all his servants are liars absolutely listen to this to the US Food and Drug Administration is already estimating.

Now remember, they get there if there is a number from bears and that there will be 106 micro card items cases. Pertinent retirement in children per 1 million injected children between the ages of five and 11 so if there are there only doing a 1 to 10%. Let's just say there that they're doing just that digits reporting 1% within that that is what that's it. That's what 10,000 for every million-year-old in the thousands. Why I know all of this is a lie. A group of professionals called the public health and medical professionals for transparency have sued using the Freedom of information act, the FDA and they want the documents related to this vaccine. They want to see this stuff because they don't believe it now both sidebar just before the CDC approved fibers visors vacs for children. The British medical Journal published an article featuring featuring a whistleblower who said that poor practices that a contract research company helping to carry out the crucial third phase of fiber of Pfizer's covert vacs trial may have been compromised have compromised the data integrity and patient safety. Basically what they were saying. Is there some people that do a lot of fudging to get this through, so it could get approved and that's why this organization is suing all these different health professionals are suing and the they argue that we want to see the records at rest, will you know they want the FDA says all we want. 55 years to disclose the vaccine data will as well that they just went 50. They did want to go to the year 2076 seats elicited to them about what that about a year to make the vaccine and so but they want to they went 55 years Lemaster this how many of those people like the CEOs of Pfizer and that will be alive in 55 years is nobody to be held accountable is exactly why look at the last year's written for 49 years you been on the radio. Look at what has happened.

The Lord know they did.

It was 108 days is what it took the FDA to review documents to light back 708 days. They look at all these tests and all the status of the they could prove the vaccine now why would they need a lot more to turnover the same documents right and here's what the, the people said it's difficult to imagine a greater need for transparency and immediate disclosure of the documents relied upon by the FDA to licensor product that is now being mandated. No hundreds of millions of Americans under the penalty of losing their careers or income their military status and bar were what could be more important. The FDA has eight all right 888281111088828111104 888-677-9673. All right, Carol from North Olmsted pledges 100.

Thank you Carol. Thank you folks, we gotta keep these phones lighting up okay, Gail, in Illinois pledges 100. Thank you, Gail 88821108886779673. All right, we guide, we gotta keep him. Thank you Gil thank you Carol we have a small handful of all volunteer staff. No paid employees. No one in the all the years of ministry is ever taken a dime in a level of salary we don't like the FDA have an 18,000 employees and a $6 billion budget and our biggest bill is the radio airtime, so when we ask you to donate what it is we are paying the radio airtime bill so every station or were on it has to become self-supporting to slow while the build a base that the station you're listening to us on and asked we have to be able to pay that radio built and were counting on the listeners to hear that station to donate enough to cover the times a week and broadcast from that station. So literally it's really up to you whether we stay on the air in your area or not we have to be able to pay the bills or we can stay on 888281.

We we fell behind last night we we came up short so we really generally get them tonight and I'm looking Nancy and Randy pacing his face and he's getting nervous. Feces could never send it.

888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673 we got to hear from you Dr. Stella Emmanuel and Lee Merritt mass Cove 19 vaccination campaign proves we are in an extinction. Listen an extinction level event. Okay pediatrician, a Christian pastor, doctors, and Stella Emmanuel, an orthopedic surgeon in health freedom advocate Dr. Lee Merritt believe that the Wuhan coral coronavirus of vaccination campaign and the children is genocide campaign that will bring about an extinction level event.

This is week we just keep trying to tell people in, and worn them a new note joke there people that are there angry at us because they've taken the vacs they've taken the vacs and and for us. Somehow they got this, that if if we keep talking about it could kill him but we don't say anything about it will be all right in the freighter angry at the government for line from they are attacking. They want to get mad at the messenger.

The lesson of this project.

Veritas interviewed a employee in the government Health and Human Services who recorded colleagues.

There were voicing alarms about this vaccine and they talked about this is a cover-up evil at the highest levels. Another investigation by project Veritas Johnson & Johnson official said. Yet we know the children don't need the vaccine. Well, it poses a risk well her nose down the road so live with it. One of the people that they found one recorded scientist said the employees are bred and taught to insist the vaccine is safer than actually getting covert. Now it is though we we talked about that right now already know about twice as many people for every person that it did.

That helps at all and kills two and that's an actual real study. No heartbreak edit because remember, folks, every time somebody died that had covered a list of deceptive theft.

People came into the hospital with a heart attack, but if they had the covert virus, even if that they work sick there death is recorded as death by covert self. Already Barbara Gelbart in Cleveland pledges 200 and his sister Beverly pledges 100.

Thank you Barbara and thank you Beverly 888281111088828111108886779673. We gotta keep those phone lines rained though to hear Mira, Emmanuel and Merritt made these claims on November 10 on the Brighton TV program that Dr. Stella Emmanuel show Merritt made it clear that the covert 19 vaccine was not created in response to the coronavirus. She called this one of the most common life eventuated regarding the coronavirus, let us be clear, it is not a vaccine in response to a virus. This was a virus or purported virus made as an excuse to get universal vaccine and every human on this planet.

She said they're trying to kill billions of this is what we've been telling people since back in the 80s which is I will in the back in the 80s. I would telling people this is what the okay there were looking for a virus of different things for victory dear Sirs population so there you go in there they're trying to double down. All right 888-281-1110 we got. We gotta keep those phone lines going at some point, maybe at the breaker whenever I only did know where were at and how and what I need to come up with okay so function with this is Basically about to three hours left to raise enough money to stand here for the next month that all the station so the station your listing to us and we want to stay on that. By the way, let me ask you are and we can begin donning tonight to know of okay praise the good Lord with Joe. We have not been taken down at the entity stations that we know of tonight so let's pray right now that it doesn't happen because what were doing is not what they want us to do about their family father folks listen. Remember there is power in prayer power and parallel power ladder power in prayer. This is why and I always try to get all of you to join in with us so that we can continually get left to bring to you tonight. We have to be on their to do that and some very very bad people out there. We calmed at the grass liberals communist.

They don't want to see that one is they don't want you to know the truth so heavenly father will guide us as we come again tonight. Lord we ask that you would come against the prince of the power the airways come against darkness out there, the Lord, that my credit to prevent us from getting the information that we need to get onto the people you told us to be a watchman on the wall to be a watchman to warn the wicked and the righteous Lord. So that's what were trying to do that we need to stay up on the air to do that.

So father got again go against those that would try to take us down tonight that we can get your message out to the hearts and minds of the people in Jesus name we pray. Amen men and all. I just got a prayer request for an elderly lady. I know a good Christian sister Catherine is dying the night and I would like to have a prayer for Catherine and her family that large calling her home and if I could just get everybody pray with me dear heavenly father on your children coming to see you tonight and course you already know Lord that she surrounded by sisters and family and relatives in they hate to see her go and she's been a joy and pleasure. They love her dearly and just to be with the family Catherine's family and help them through this. Lord I know Evansville is saying when another saint enters that holy ground and we thank you for that. In Jesus name, amen. 80 4900 4900 to make a goal tonight see those that listen when a youth photosensor could say was all a lot and say my voice pledges pledging 4900 and then if you do that that I will just continue quiet. Let me talk you. So there you wait a minute that could be active if there could be packed right here you go, explosive docs, AG Garland is so-called Atty. Gen. lied to Congress will. Who would've ever thought right absent in their thinking that required a wild night and told several big whoppers and that's against the law. Folks right. Atty. Gen. American artists set before Congress and claim the FBI would not listen to them over the flagging parents protesting the local school boards, meetings, and potential domestic terrorist know exactly what he was saying that before Congress. That's exactly what the FBI was doing the they had their orders. Whistleblower documents released however suggested they may have been an outright lie. No kidding.

The documents sent to House Republicans by FBI Stavros shows that the FBI's counterterrorism and criminal investigation division were tracking threats against teachers by flagging certain instances with a threat takes will praise the good Lord that you have you have whistleblower and within the FBI right an enemy they got a hold of an email. Thanks. I will be back after this.

Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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