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FRI HR 2 112621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 27, 2021 12:11 am

FRI HR 2 112621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 27, 2021 12:11 am

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Donate and listen to podcasts W RW from world hello I'm publisher and editor from electronic Journal information and commentary about news from the Catholic Church. The Vatican in Rome and Italy. I hate to say that I was writing I was right not because I'm a world expert because I read attentively reliable sources of news and I hate the fact that I am right because it means 2 billion people to 3 billion people going to be dead within the next 12 months or so. The information on what's really in the back is now come out doctors experts around the world have opened up vials examine the contents and found the unbelievably diabolic things that are in these serums.

What I said back in June in my video.

When this flu season comes chaos will break out, turned out to be right on point because according to the studies of the British government. The those are getting the death facts are losing percentages of their bye week so that by March 2022. Those who have been decked that back in the spring of 2021 will have lost all immunity, which means they Godiva went any kind of flu or cold sneeze, there will be equivalent to people who have a not because they have HIV because they have adverse immune systems been destroyed but what is more probable that they will most of them will die is that this is being done for a very malign reason not just to kill the not just to reduce the world population but to select those who will live through it and to suppress certain national immunity so they can be genetically engineered while alive by the globalists using dose after dose of the vaccine and eventually some sort of 55 Geo cell phone can technology it appears the globalists have been working for some 40 years in intensive medical and biological research without anyone really realizing what they were up to. And they've arrived at a level technology beyond anything we would ever dream or fear to encounter in a nightmare. They basically want to totally reengineer biologically human being and they want to exterminate the natural human beings and now we can see what the real meaning of the New World order is. It isn't just super wealthy, owning everything that's not the New World order is to take the resource that is take humanity itself and make it a natural resource in the sense of making it an object of economic activity. This is way beyond slavery but this is they want to make human beings, properties, laboratories, factories, your own body will be used what they wanted to be useful. Whether it's sex creating medicines being their slave growing organ parts for their children. You personally, not just your tissues in a laboratory. But you personally will be there property slave. The robot there organ harvesting plan though looking at fabulous amounts of wealth, because they will not be so much interested in farming fields with potatoes and corn will be farming you and will be able to change urgent phonetics that will on a daily basis. This is the objective. They have now, most people will not live through this experiment. Most of the three buildings taken as I and the people who whether you got one dose of the real vaccine or you get seven doses are most likely you're walking dead so I'm out of time, you will be and if you only got a placebo and you don't take anymore you're still in the game and if you haven't taken the vaccine.

Intelligent person. Your the last refuge of humanity. You are one of the few who will carry on the human race to the end of time. The death facts will not be able to have human children, or children will be genetically modified and able to be controlled, so we are at a great parking here humanity goes in one direction. The way it's always been my God's will and is on and those who let themselves be fooled by the globalists have been eternally imprisoned already biologically I don't see from the number of evil things, a business that is possible to save someone a woman you'd like dozens of medicines. There is dehydrators who are genetically modified so they can live in your blood and in your lymph fluids and meld with yourselves and change your genes and their just go on multiplying until unless someone can figure out a medicine that will kill hikers in your bloodstream without killing you and this is why the graphene oxide and advocacy's hikers in the presence of graphene oxide multiply enormously. Then you have the fact that this thing turns off your natural gene that suppresses cancer so cancers in a circle of fats. As it turns off certain genes that your body uses to protect itself and be genetically modified and is all kinds of other technologies in their gold man about things like that aid in the genetically engineering of those so the globalists yes will kill two 3 billion but that's not that's not only their objective. They want to kill off the people who don't are not compatible with your new technology, but the New World order now means that humanity is the new economic frontier. They have abandoned all human morality and religion might be, and they now look at you as something lower than a milk cow lease. No, he wants Jesus to be nice. Good healthy city get nice healthy milk.

But these people don't even want that they want you to be there genetically engineered robot or not. They don't want you to exist any more. So this is beyond any measure of psychopathic in any novel ever written. At the height hello and this is so malign and so intelligent and so well-planned and so controlled that I think everyone we would not have to recognize that Satan is behind us and extremely evil spirit is behind someone hates the world as it is who hates creation as it is and not only wants to own things in creation, which is the old manner of possession of the globalists used to get our but they now want to take possession and control in its very essence living things and weld them to the wheel then them trigger will and to destroy what exists naturally so that they can rain and God's honor and just watching the videos I publish it from him this week the last week of October you can you can get all this information we clearly moved from reality into the twilight zone. This is no joke. Now, no metaphor.

We are in Armageddon. This is the apocalyptic battle with St. John the apostle wrote about in the book of revelations. The last book of the Bible and because this is where you shine any no I mean this level of wickedness makes Hitler look like a saint inflicts mild faith, and full bottle honest and I said I say that with certain sort of rhetorical flourish was that horrible of murders and very wicked man, but this is way beyond this is taking evil to a level that we have never seen in the history of humanity that no human mind would've ever contemplated.

As I say this clearly from Satan's globalists must have satanic priests. Somewhere are some: somewhere someone was possessed by demons were giving them instructions. I can see how they would help how you could humanly come up with such a project in contemplated and then executed its beyond anything so I hate to say that I was right and on. I said that people would start dying in the map. He didn't read one year, three years or five years 10 years.

It looks more like now that if it will get looser immune systems by March the going to start dying very quickly. That means your healthcare systems going to be completely fail all the peak professionals taken the death facts will die.

You will be not only get things in your supermarket, your pharmacies will not be restart begun stopping long lines of pharmacies is start clearing out all the medicine is a start getting sick from everything that I try to stay alive by any medicine possible. That means you are not backs evening and be like: the last list of anything there's been a lot of talk about Oslo not that's been put in concentration camps but I think that's more less likely to be the case because the facts to be dead before the B of the executor is not like someone like to use unbacked people to put on vaccine concentration camps and use tax people and these people only have about another six months maybe 12 months to live. And all you who are not backs have to do is call for them in the going to drop the week on immune system so our position on those of us are not backs is much stronger. I have to say now I'm a bit more confident because this death facts is going to be so horrible for most of them however those who are death facts and decide to give the book to look globalists of going to become extremists because they're going to realize that unless the they serve the globalists. Totally they won't get added boosters of immunity and so on. We are in a great part.

Now humanity goes one way the death facts. Still another and I think once people realize what's going on going to see a lot more civil strife. Considering that these are death taxes have genetically modified hydrates in them that can see through fluids. I don't know if in come out of your lymph fluid in your blood into your sweat or your saliva or other that sort. I would strongly recommend not touching anyone that not having any physical contact with them and if you I strongly suggest you stop living with in the house with them because you could pick up the slider from a 49 for Coppin. Who knows what the result would be probably your death and so exercise extreme caution and brick try to do what you can do except psychologically what's now going to happen much worse than I thought back in June made my first will thing is that you and will going to have to survive. We who are not backs now, great responsibility.

I don't think we can save all the faxes a lot of doctors other than get a lot of medicines.

I don't think any medical industry sufficient to produce enough medicine to save 3 billion people of multiple problems caused by this news. Does the text of an problematical dozens of problems, but we are not backs have to live we have to survive those of you who are married or marriageable.

You need to have children because humanity itself is think it is now annexed substantial threat and I think the governments are pushing us into start collapsing.

I don't see how the globalists plan to maintain control of all older allies get die so as I said many times of working not only have to flee to the countryside and Army self need to start making friendships with others who are not backs and be prepared to take over the civil control the local Arabic is going to go down quick.

Now I think the roller coaster ride were on that steep and now the Christmas maybe the last months of normality in the West and nations like in Africa were smart enough not to start faxing the people are going to end up one set outlive this was a foolish nations like Ireland and Scandinavia who have 90% vaccination. They will be annihilated.

Various nations will be annihilated, set our Lady Uppsala, and them, didn't he does that he didn't need it and if you are associating with clergy who are pushing the bath strongly recommend you stop going to church is all you have to do is get a little of that backslider on your on the host and I'm don't expect Christ is detected from infection because you won't separate from the wicked is told us throughout Scripture that the other times we must separate the wicked. We must leave Babylon and that if you think the goalie is the head of the church steaming God and now now this is something you have to do for your own safety is not just a religious result of biologic duty.

You can't stop you can't live with people or asked when you end up you with your health distorted because these things and start losing out of them and I hate to say because it's the consequences of what this death facts does is going to destroy a lot of human society.

Husbands will have to leave their wives and children, their parents and and on. If you are death facts don't kiss your kids you going to spend all that them and even if you're not death facts… So you are walking back horrible on technological and infectious agents and I hate to say it. It's this is what the globalists have done to you and this is what you've done yourself by taking nothing and don't blame us for being prejudice. I mean this is a plague. Now what's in the back is the plague of plagues is not something you just kills you to destroy humanity and could end up destroying all humanity. If it spreads to the whole world, so I sure hope that these genetically modified hydrates can't spread from person-to-person.

But I would incrementally doctors to mount exits cannot tell us. Seriously, what's what we have to fear from this we can extract extreme caution.

Extreme caution to these people as if they're caring the most dangerous and horrible play in this also makes it difficult for us who go to the stores and buy things you're buying vegetables and fruits and people are death facts that touched it with their hands don't need anymore vegetables advise.

So start thinking about the consequences of marble and if you don't recognize that this new reality will be dead already. John and John analysis analysis because a lot of what would this would he did what we just heard his absolute true, but I don't agree with.

I don't believe is going to go 3 billion people by any means. I believe I do know this. The already knew the number of doctors are out there that are working to reverse this and I know it's it's a deep to detox people and I've him when week. I'm getting letters already from people would've taken the first shot in the written letter saying were I'm in the process of being detoxed. No.

And so, but the problem that is is the number of doctors that do that but they're going after him. The best me not to to give their names out over the radio because they're afraid that the boys in black. The deep stage can show up and try to kill him. Okay. And so, but here's here's an article here in the this tells uses three phases of covert vaccine mortality by way before even go there. We played a clip of a nurse whistleblower nurse who was the talking about the vaccine she came out she held a press conference he called on her own and she showed 33 different files and other files they had a long serial number at the bottom of each. But the bottom of the first, while the number ended in one the bottle.

The second vial of the night ended in 2 1/3 Violet didn't do three and so hear what you had is that the first vile one and she said this is the one you're seeing given to these doctors like Fauci and these politicians like Biden and that is showing your Gartner shots.

These governors, this is the these are placebos. This assailing does not want okay to is a regular M RNA and number three is a explicit especially deadly form. Another words, number three is for people like us like us that they want to get rid of and they deftly want to get rid of. Okay. And so, let me just go here because there are like is that there are these doctors and say they can reverse this but there's some things that you can't: vaccines are known to cause mile car died myocarditis alone is fatal of 56% of the patient in less than five years giant cell myocarditis causes over 80% mortality in five years. Here it starts so secondary a smallpox outbreak would allow also the criminals in DC to declare a national emergency and suspended 2022 midterm elections. This is what we've been telling people about here for last couple months. This is what they want to do. They want to suspended in the midterm elections. Now if they say will Morgan have elections, but it'll be by mail in bellows when you think John. You and what it would be mail-in ballots is so important to them is like what they need.

Oh, 200,000 votes to win a particular state, then they have these all manufactured ready to go and they just run them through the system. They get the votes they need and let them say goes on the same where they are likely to be politically slaughtered. Current current polls of protected intellectual results show the death of Kratz are very likely to lose the house and Senate and numerous state governorships and state legislators leaving Biden and Harris with no effective power other than unconstitutional executive decrees which the courts keep shooting down. Thus, the other Kratz need a bigger catastrophe to cancel the 2022 elections smallpox or Marburg, is there a perfect choice, even though they have zero respect for human life and would sacrifice every last living the American do so we keep them in power there like crazy insane animals willing to do absolutely anything to maintain their control. That's exactly right. Bill Gates paints a picture like 12 monkeys with airport release of smallpox. Bill Gates is warn governments to prepare for a small barge terror attacks and future pandemics by investing billions. Also research and development. The Microsoft funded suggested that the German games could prepare nations for bioterrorism searches smallpox attacks in airports. Mr. Gates warned that bioterrorism caused epidemics could be worse than naturally occurring ones. Why did Bill Gates specifically to smallpox in airports. For this example because that's the most effective way for bioterrorist depopulation globalists. Bill Gates to initiate their next bio war is a scene ripped right out of the 12 monkeys, diaspora, insight, sci-fi film starring Bruce Willis in the red.

Furthermore, globalists release of smallpox would likely that many vaccine skeptics and anti-mask individuals who have become accustomed to taking few precautions in public while Coburn turned out to be little more than a rename fluke weapon I smallpox is at minimum of 30% mortality rate and can go much higher depending on his configuration to survive smallpox Americans would have to lock themselves down for extended period of time. Perhaps an entire year with virtually no supplies of food feel medicine water or essentials. Many people who have dismissed the severity of covert would an error in the inadvertently exposed himself to smallpox with devastating consequences. The beer crisis the more the powers that can be is sister. False authority can deprive people of basic civil liberties and human rights. That's why smallpox deployment is the single most effective strategy that anti-human globalists can pursue right now to further enslave humanity and crush the United States of America.

We will will they were really pull the trigger on this release, we have no way of knowing in advance, but we've already seen their willingness to unleash horrendous weapons against humanity that are resulting in mass deaths, acrostic plan. The spike protein vaccine injections that are biowarfare murder weapons recordings well to our world and 52.4% of the world population has received a covert vaccine that's over 4 billion people in the number is growing by nearly 30 million per day with a 50% long-term fidelity rate for these vaccines spanning short-term, medium-term and long-term causes of death means globalists are effectively slaughtering 15 million humans beings per day. The two Nazi Holocaust, and each day, every day is a vaccine Holocaust continues to mass murder humanity all that certain instantaneously so it will take years for those numbers to be fully realized, was a person is injected the death clock is already counting down. Get full details on the smallpox scenario. In today's situation of day podcast in right here let me go back to the first page short-term.

These are people that we've had a number of them that we've known and have taken it and die within two days. Okay blood clots. This is was 0 to 30 day short-term thrombotic thrombolysis, myocarditis, strokes and heart attacks, spontaneous abortions, a luminary embolism's anaphylactic shock. Okay, this is medium-term. This is from 1 to 12 months vaccine induced a boy in mud of Amato defiance.

The anti-buddy depended enhancement, autoimmune reactions, prion like neurological destruction and heart failure. This is from 1 to 10 years. Long-term spike protein induced a chromosomal damage, cancer, severe immune deficiency fatal autoimmune disorders suppress DNA repair mechanisms, NH, E3, and infertility reproduction and disorder.

So what are you fellows think about all that well. Very interesting as I follow this just about every day I blog about it and what's becoming very apparent tremendous athletes, a lot of them are in Europe. Soccer players and other are collapsing young young men almost will be epistemic in urine.

Go ahead. Yet in your midriff and yet I was with happens of money I okay as far as codes one, two and three. I don't know doesn't tell you that just tells you the three went three phases of covert vaccine mortality. That's all it does it doesn't give me the code so there you go. We will probably have this article may be in our next newsletter. Go I'm sorry John I didn't hear any question are you talking yellow guy was. It was coming from the board. Go ahead okay early overseeing now and I've been reporting these on my blog is tremendous athletes thereto up there now. One was a basketball player from the Philippine Philippines as their own, like personal basketball. He was running down the court.

Artifact that was it. They didn't kill them but think they government that honestly other was in Spain soccer player and he was running and stop and then he started to grip. Just think, you'll over and he almost died.

They just back is not out of yet. This just happened. This is happening on a regular basis.

I got a bill that shows you in fact I get this film here and I can actually say I can actually show you what it's saying and they show you the people in shows you what happened to his notches athletes is a lot of athletes arrived basketball players Diane right on the court but funny and I mean to sound funny but didn't you hear in in the Netherlands.

You had a woman who's with the equivalent of it like a Surgeon General and she got up and she's given it a talk at a press conference insane. I just got my fax today and she's caught talking about people getting fast and she died right there of the facts right there to grab dinner right there and then you had. Also, you had newsmakers on the news and they were reporting on this and in the one news anchor died right there right there on the spot demand that the female GT had a carry to keep the program going and you can see the guys bending over in her dragging him across the floor out of their studio, he was dead right right at 30 and being are happening but like you never heard of this professional athlete because they're visible know a lot of people are dying from it, but it's not visible they died. They don't know you just average people. But have you deftly like hundreds of that and there there buying just like during the time frame that was predicted also that if you had the shot like nine months ago. Right now it's starting to kick in, where you don't have all the terrible things start happening so it happening it's document I want to add to early let me go to my my blog right now and I'm keeping an update on according to theirs, which is a federal health of the people dying from vaccine which we note that by their own admission that London 10% one yes I'll give you the latest update. It's about two weeks behind and we had the 18,461 people died from the deck shot and it's not even a year after now all the other death in 1994 every vaccine that's been put out 9220 social exactly double in a year and then he always other backlink vaccinations by going back to 1990. This is only really can only start on December started, but I think was more the mascot started to come in February so 18,401 people reported to have died. We know it's much higher from this shot. I one of the people that the FDA okay but his job on there is to monitor things like this in the is a whistleblower. He came out recently and he said the count is over hundred 50,000 over hundred 50,000 that they know has died from the VAX and we played that suppressing it. Yeah I'm doing another.

Ernie reported and I'm not going to go through the all the scientific jargon about it but basically a report from an abstract of looking at the people that have the H of the MR and eight covert shot, and especially when it says it as we conclude that the M RNA back dramatically increase inflammation on the helium and PSO infiltration of cardiac muscle, and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination, so there is an abstract this study that was done that shows definitely my opinion, a correlation between the mRNA shot and problems with your art right there it is again. This is posted on the Perry County real news website and it is a scientific abstract, and it is in my opinion, conclusive evidence that you do not want to get that shot Jason II I'm hoping that is not going to be anywhere near what does Phyllis say the day but others of got it. The got list of 3 billion, okay, but is still this can be in it, whether dying every day but but they're not reported, and I can hear in the fake news media they will not report this in the course they will not guarantee they will not reported concerning nobody not mean we have doctors on the show and they believe that there's going to be long term effects many these people but get the shot may not die for years, but it appears that the mRNA shots are going to infiltrate major organs of the body, and more than likely resolving cancer deaths because of major organ cancer cells that is out there in the future and again the evidence is overwhelming that you do not want to get this shot. And so there you go with. There are people that are due helping you to.

In some cases you can't like this myocarditis once.

That's it. You can do that. They said that's that. You know, but if that they have other things to still time for a people to be detoxed and there are people that are doing some detoxing and I think they're going to be busier than ever and I think you may just find that a lot of these front-line doctors by realizing you know what we can we can do that even some of the.

The those in the AMA now my thing. We know what this money there maybe will switch over. I don't know but listen to this genetic harvesting covert testing firm admits covert testing firm admits to selling covert swabs containing customers DNA to third parties. Again send those diagnostic the government approved supplier Wuhan court coronavirus, 19 express test is enough that it is planning to start selling swabs that contain customers DNA to third parties, a UK-based data privacy watchdog group has launched an investigation into the development which breaches a numerous privacy laws. The company meanwhile claims the new profiting endeavor privateering endeavor is needed to learn more about human health. In order to develop new drug products. One major problem with all of this is signpost never notified anyone who took any other swab test about his intentions to the company feeling that it was simply testing for the presence of Chinese germs at home.

DNA testing kids are just as shady and believed to be a part of genetic harvesting scheme right would open the phone lines phone lines and no open the phone lines are no open will take some calls. You know what we forgot to do folks the fellows to begin the program. We forgot to to pray, we should've started out again that the Lord I don't know. Let me ask you find out if with what we are hearing of okay so far, we haven't Phyllis find out if anybody out there can hear us and if it were up on any stations give us a call at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Jon, I understand were not the only ones get knocked down nowadays that corrected earlier than likely significant radio show from New Jersey and their being graphic that shows green. Anyhow, within pray before the show on all we did okay.

Well John and I did okay very good right normally at this time. The reason I'm telling that is the lines are all lit up by this time people waiting and we found out tonight. Phones weren't working that the entire phone lines had gone down and that's why we weren't getting any calls and so when we have Cindy, okay, what did you say Cindy okay Cindy here and there after earning it out and everything that I'm here on the radio coming at night I meet Jack, and no end in a one or two or three you find out what code is in your shack's. I don't know. I don't know if you knew that. You know, I know the the opposition is that once they decide they are of the whole idea is, is to eliminate the people they don't want people like us and right in the, the bureaucrats, the people you see on television taken a shot now Franklin Graham.

Unfortunately, probably was that he was the heart of a part of the deal boys. Too many people. He took the real thing and he ended up right away when myocarditis and he had heart attacks and hopefully he'll be okay, but it says here that you can figure 56% of patients once they get that have less than five years.

I don't count on it. Buyout at the store in all right and not enjoy it. It's on the vials that they give you those that I thought the little bottles mine and there's a number in the numbers that they would have their like long numbers but the one number ended, and that doesn't mean they're all the same because you got a bunch of different ones here, but the one number ended in one admits that was a placebo. The one that ended in two was the regular are NMA and M RNA in the wind and ended in three was was a super kill shot. I know like Kirk, Karen and I noted from people don't even get that from the company like second Diane I and my friend Tom Eichler, I think, no shot might be thinking he got an ally and then last week my 53 her girlfriend.

Each line had a sign between the age of 31 and 41. They had a shot one and all three of them died within a week to gather and my other Smith to her ex-boyfriend that we never had a shot and he died that way but one didn't have the shot he would like to ordain. They put him in hospital on a ventilator connected kill them but be organized between 831 and I think 45 off for them died in that week. Shot in London. The news digit. I get it made me think my stomach and my oldest son, can I have two boys, one of them believe and that's not what I am so happy for him. The other one has to kid there seven and eight to go to school. The court, they came to the school and he got that you can't shot told me that Lampley may not your mind upon a conflict that night Donna when I heard at night. Not all like that again. It and the reason why Ticket for shot one played volleyball now and when his friend had called it so he thought they would be better off getting a shot tonight. I may not go if he doesn't believe in what I think and I didn't say not something that when an argument. I just pray to God rather than be fine. I say this is theirs was going to happen with what they're going to do is there going to be blaming these table that we warned we weren't over and I warn a lot of people, other than to be told that it's the untaxed people that are causing the death not not the poisonous poke, and many Americans believe that because they don't they look they don't want to acknowledge that the fact that they did.

They after being warned still went ahead and got the poison so they'll they'll blame us for their own problem got a move on, let's go to Steve. Steve you're in the air.

Mastering your own ability to call before God bless her, in which he decided people to click while meeting trumpets talking about the shot again annual we got it nine months and stuff like that but what is like Pfizer and return with the difference between the two allies is there like all I thought you don't let the shots of the companies yet not between five and return them users alike are the they go after the DNA and stuff like that. I guess perimeter difference between them. Robert Moran are young, avid war room and you alone Malone invented. He was the inventor of the RNA. He said it is a weapon, it is not a vaccine is a weapon. Do not take this. I know I invented it. He said, and it will kill you.

Do not take it now recently in England and England. The government has ruled that these these are not foods. They are not safe for human consumption. So they've stopped all that in them. India they've stopped all of the shots look in several countries know of have banned your addendum know about Japan to talk about a miracle we got everything you get signed we did is we did that and yeah you is beautiful, but I mean whatever is going on banisters get to November 30 Scott Maloney got everybody on their and I'm I mean it's just between you and him. If you truly listen to is all really need to know and then you know the people in Washington you're are we going to be peaceful and not so disobeyed slowly devoted away. We get there, but I'm just talking about when he is asked that we got the shot we got all the vaccine in whatever way she keeps saying what I got is very very long story looksee.

Here is what Trump understood 12 understood that as long as it was experimental and could not be forced to government under the Constitution cannot force you to take an experimental vaccine knows that the military could not before splitting. Also new with the deep state he was surrounded he was outnumbered and that this was coming. He was fighting against all of the fake news media. The entire Democratic Party plus those rhinos that have investments of those in the companies, so it was surrounded he couldn't. So what it decided to do was have it avid as a experimental drug, figuring most people would not take an experimental drug okay but a lot of people are are dumber than he thought. And knowing when I notice I will bet your awful mean we could lose our jobs, you dummy. Would you rather lose your job or lose your life okay and and this is why you have people out there picketing, protesting, and in different countries. Thousands and thousands are coming out say no. I've stayed in Italy and France, and here all over this country and then here. You gotta figure this out. Trump knows this when the one professional people, more than any other, by far our protest that are medical doctors and nurses. They know what's in that but I gotta move on, but they Steve could go to okay let me go to Edna and that your and their quick money, no yelling wallet. What might not claim the well get okay that's not my expertise put call our office and maybe we can give you some information on some people. He can help you. Our office number is 44033813613674403381367 and we can give you is, well, you know it we had. I got a letter from an elderly couple that lives right there in New York and now they are both handicapped and that they had people. He told me people came in wearing some cutting uniforms and and carried them out and faxed both of them than the Brown home and hello my yet rational man might yeah that's what it is is like Nazi Germany all right. God bless.

If Cliff is there. We give them one minute. Cliffy got one minute were really out of time lady.

One thing that has been recommended by toxicologists for autopsies. Fact that she's got some reversals with rock rose which I actually got you know, not that I'm really exposed to people that was actually like to have lunch with somebody that you scratch that one point but it's available on Amazon. It's an ever-growing derivative. That's from high mountains in the Mediterranean and places like Lebanon similar to wild oil of oregano, so she got results in first thing to some extent some good results with rock rose that I've heard about that. I Cliff we are on time to thank you for telling us that did Pastor hello: Pastor, how you got three mentors three minutes to hear good news everyone we been doing a lot of horror tonight, but the Bible that might help is in the name of the Lord, if I was exposed to lead vaccine or anything like that with all the wars that you know are coming down the pike. I would simply turn to God, the Bible says that there is nothing impossible for God and first of all, you gotta be a born-again Christian God.

God loves you, but in nature since he wants to take you to heaven, but he says your sins cannot come with you and the only thing the question later.

Since the Bible says the blood of Christ, says, in whom we have redemption through his blood matter how bad your sins. And then you might be frightened to death tonight about all the things you've heard on the radio tonight and the way your life is: you can get all the Lord Jesus Christ all your sins are washed away and Jesus is one of the can heal you no matter what you've taken or what you got your system.

Your hope is in the name the Lord and the Bible says, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Repentance is admitting some the God that he knows already anyway without Jesus in our hearts were lost on a road to hell were just dirty rotten lousy sinners, faith in God's judgment.

But Jesus was allowed to pay the payment for your sins and mine on that cross on Calvary's cross.

And that's why Calgary is one the most beautiful places in the world to God the father, because that's where your son paid the price redemption brought mankind.

If you by faith in sorry about the vector center, pray and ask Jesus to come in your heart as your Savior, God hears me talking to you right now, so why not asked Jesus to come in your heart trust in him for your salvation. Let's pray right now will pray together but even though her pray together be directly between you and God. Dear God, I'm a sinner and I need your forgiveness and I believe Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood for my salvation. Dear God, I hear now as Lord Jesus Christ to come in a matter forgive me of my sins and save my soul from hell, believe, and he died to give me eternal life in a home in heaven forever. In Jesus name, amen. Listen post if you prayed that prayer you made the greatest decision in your life when you died tonight, died 50 years from now your home because Jesus paid the payment for it to get there but now that you've taken the scope and detecting the vaccines and everything else like that. All I can suggest to you is that you give it to the Lord.

Ask God to tell God he made a mistake and then then and just repent of it and ask him to heal your body.

You, your blood you in every way. Nick and Delia came and passed to help you think that amen very good test out were going to have that talent that still on the rise of witchcraft and 4 o'clock and then we have on another film on what is happening. Local events and then you're going be preaching the six tomorrow night or Sunday night rather so you Sunday night Mozilla were out of time so until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless and always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

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