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FRI HR 1 112621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 27, 2021 12:11 am

FRI HR 1 112621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 27, 2021 12:11 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. You are welcome to another division what's right was left on this 26th day of November, 20, 21, and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance and I am pestering Sanders bentonite as we do every Friday night. We have my two highly acclaimed cohosts, LLC. We do go first. Last week last week.

I think we want one home for us this week will go and return highly acclaimed John returning you and all our listeners and his partner, the highly acclaimed John: good evening. Certainly a pleasure to be here with you and all the listeners and God bless you all already will thank you fellas we got a whole lot to cover tonight and so we gotta get right to it and the title of my message was a sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise, and sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise, and we left off looking at all of the things throughout Scripture where it talks about giving thanks and praise the good Lord we left off in first Thessalonians chapter 2 verse nine.

So would you fellas want to read that one through all the way through the first 20 and so Willacy last week we got our wood home. What will start when returning this week. Okay will only instruct The universe will 90 right arm and position here and about ready to go. Remember brother in our labor and travail. Holy brings night and day because we would not be chargeable on to any of you, we preached unto you the gospel of God. We are witnesses.

And God also tolerate unjustly and I'm blind.

Normally, we behaved ourselves among you that believe in you know how we exhorted and comfort and charged every one of you as a father doffed his children that you would walk worthily of God that called you onto his kingdom and glory. This cause also thank we God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God. You read which he had heard of us you received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe 40 brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus. 40 also have suffered like things of their own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews both killed the Lord Jesus and their own profits and have persecuted us, and they please not God in our contrary to all men, forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins always for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost. We, brethren, being taken from you for a short time in presence, not in heart endeavor is the more abundantly to see your face with great desire. Wherefore, we would have come unto you, even I Paul once again that Satan hindered us for what is our hope, or joy will crown rejoicing, or not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming are our glory and joy already to go back to verse nine remember brother that our labor and travail for laboring night and day because we would not be chargeable to any of you, we preached unto you the gospel of God. Did Paul have the right to to demand that they be compensated for their labor. It mediates the Bible go scope of take care of those that oversee us financially innovative new help provide for that that's over and ask 18 verse three.

In fact, the alley right and so he says now you are witnesses and got also how holy unjustly in unblamable Lady, we behaved herself among you, okay. As you know that we exhorted in conflict and comforted him charged every one of you as a father does his children that you would walk worthy of God who has called you into his kingdom here Paul is. He encourage the Thessalonians to live in such a way that they would bring joy and honor to God. And so here when when he says that we should live our lives in such a manner that it brings praise and brings glory, brings honor to God for men so we are to honor God with a strong faith with a strong belief in that he is who he says that he is and he expects us to fear him right so do do we do that is God who he says is you I mean 88 tells us all about who is right at me. He tells a stamp here.

Is there any source of information in existence that escape that explains creation from its very beginning again. In other words, how how everything came into existence where everything stands right now and where everything is going to be in the future. Is there any any other source of information that speaks with absolute certainty and authority as the King James Bible out very approved in the King James so I mean you and I know this right anywhere. We are not the most sophisticated and elite. No theologians or if you will great minds that are in existence today that I mean learning to be careful to speak with Val about the appointment.

Okay, yeah I'm running out to tell you Johnny. I have studied those for more than 25 years. Probably the history of the Scriptures will no longer valid.

So that if I delete do you have any doubts about what we just set it on any doubts at all. The King James 100% true. Doctrinally, historically and prophetically, and no one can disprove one word of no one and what it cannot challenge on many times faster. Just look at the prophecy in the Bible the prophecy about credit scores coming and the prophecy about his second coming in almost prophecy. Goodbye the second coming. A look at the way the world is lining up right now before our very eyes. So would you say, with over 1800 prophecies in probably 95 till well or better percentage of those of the fulfilled already have over 580.

In the New Testament alone so how precise had they been 100. Here we go by the Old Testament coming and everyone of them is there's no figurative nest. I mean we can go by the time he was warned by the prophet Daniel location the regenerate on the matter during born of a virgin ministry dying on the cross described in Psalm 22 and in Isaiah 53 about why dying and his resurrection from the dead to call it Xolair and then the second coming, did Wally come across the meet up in the air, but you come to Jerusalem, the Jews have to be back in the land that would disperse publicly 2000 years. The Jerusalem is the capital loan that is speaking Hebrew clear shekel for money.

No other nation in the world is like that. The reason the fact that God has made an everlasting covenant you'll see in several Genesis 17. He made an everlasting covenant with Abraham and that Isaac and Jacob, Peter, there see all the defendants are back in the Lancaster case and so you sent was saying that we know that that's exactly exactly imprecise. See Osler, and John pointed out in his book. Only Jesus can be the Messiah. Only Jesus cannot is maps. I am glad. So if we go back and we take certain passages of Scripture say, for example, Isaiah chapter 32 would be a good, good. Now that was written over 2800 years ago and in that and in that passage in Isaiah chapter 32 up he kindnesses Lemme let me just say this well splitting of the news because of timely. At least there is a saying that the of the holy King shall ring in righteousness and princes shall rule in judgment.

Men shall be as a hiding place for the wind in a covert from the tempest rivers of water in a dry place in the shadow of a great rock in a weary land who does that describe okay. Eventually as a hiding place from the wind in a covert from the tempest I give you little hint as rivers of water in a dry place in a shadowlike great rug rivers of water in a dry place when I would be Jesus Christ writes that there now is describing him now. This is written by 2800 years ago and it's is talking about just prior to the Christ entering into the millennial kingdom.

This is what is referred to in that time, he says, in the eyes of them that see shall not be down in the ears of them that hear shall hearken okay. In other words, is a lot of things it that we we see happening, but we don't quite really understand all of it even though we have the word of God and it and so there's going to be an understanding in the heart of the rational understand knowledge in the tongue of the stammers shall be ready to speak plainly now is ever been times when you have known what you wanted to say you. You knew what you wanted to say but you just couldn't put into words what happened quite often.

Okay when I listen to this. See if this does not apply precisely to today because now remember when this was written the word liberal had a positive connotation when this was written the word any telling you that just prior to the date the Lord returning and going into the millennial kingdom. Prior to those days. He says the vile person shall be no more called a liberal that was filed mean. So what would that so would that be a person like a that would be repulsive to God.

Applicant leap so now he's saying that during the millennial kingdom that that person would no longer the vile person would no longer be called liberal but just prior to the Lord's return of vile person one is repulsive that God would be called a liberal do we see that today and give it wickedness is being exalted.

I lay still.

Now remember, this was 2800 years ago nor the Charles said to be bountiful.

Charles, a miser miser okay for the vile person shall speak vigilantly what is it mean to speak vigilantly of the normally would be wickedly wicked, evil things like that. Is that what we get from NBC, ABC, CP for special PMS and receive in Hollywood and the entire debt. What about the squat we do we get vulgar vulgar language from this Glock and let's just say preview the view currently everything Orthodox will put forth that is been open and it, you name it will come out to the vile person was big Bill and his heart will work iniquity. Iniquity is what makes iniquity. Ernie is weak.

Usually sexual-but includes the effect on children. Abortion okay now listen to this and practice high hypocrisy and utter error against the Lord to make empty the soul of the hungry and will cause the drink of the Thursday to fail so do they death the grass today do Hollywood today embrace high hypocrisy do they embrace advocacy and you mean he goes on to say the instrument to the chill are evil. He devises wicked devices that the strong and the store, and destroy the poor were lying words when the needy speaketh right. Boy we seen that but the liberal devises liberal things, and by liberal things he shall stand. So he's talking about things that are vile and disgusting and that there loaded with iniquity, so this was written 2800 years ago and is precisely what we see today exactly so. This tells us what did the return of the Lord is not too far off exactly after earning there always was some of the work described there.

There always was some how. It's like it is been wide open and it's just pouring out and date and not think that that with Catherine even even when things are true, that they just should say it's true they have to add something like slander, which Ryan and malice make it worse, they cannot tell the truth and the cave. If you go over to Liz's CNN or MSNBC you have people like that. Don Lamont, have you ever heard him tell the truth that all is there any record or any evidence that he is ever told the truth about anything by mom. Yeah I was going to say that I I turned that I turn it off years ago. I have II can't stomach that apply on a lot but I listen to them just to see if I'll ever catching telling the truth that I've never been able to attend Killington and not one time for this cause.

Yeah the outlets in about there might be people out there with requests that is waiting for I, millwork speaking truth in their waiting to catch the sunlight.

We eat now you're going the other way. You try to catch them in the truth.

Yeah baby, I likely true amazing yeah you and you know why because if you go from their father. In John chapter 8, the Lord Jesus refers to as the father the devil is a murderer and liar from the beginning.

Jake getting in.

Karl Marx told you that: very clearly that lying is not an elective liar and was required. It was required okay and they follow the marks playbook now here for this cause also thank God without ceasing. We thank God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God which you heard of us you received it not as the word of men, but as the truth, the word of God, which effectively worketh also in you that believe not. When we talk about the word of God. What we when we referring to the word of God that meet went all through the Bible when it refers to the word of God. It refers to what preaching of the Bible preaching of the Scriptures and so here now for you brother and became followers of the churches of God which is are in Judea Christ Jesus for you also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews them here when Paul is referring to the Jews.

Was he referring to all of the Jews referring up. The one that were written up trying something out the Judaizers. They were in. They we came the Judaizers and then there were others that were just flat out enemies of the cross, it okay so what what was it that the Judaizers did that was that was so contrary to the gospel will available yet, but after I got yeah they wanted to put them back under all the works of the law and being your right.

This would come from the work that you're doing rather than the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross economic growth with didn't actually were teaching it was kinda split by your faith in Christ as Messiah, but also by carrying out all of the dietary laws and that so in other words, are they still doing that today in Israel are there Orthodox Jews who recognize that Christ is the Messiah, but they still keep the laws of Moses and we can talk about always. We mention father Abraham we have that here because current family and 1/2 and still hear about about the your thoughts like I believe that there are on today there Lord with anybody believe that there establishing the righteousness because the are keeping the law of the rightness. Currently, our righteousness, and the price so another way to Grace in the lower right bombing we see that in the order was written about so I was when I was in Israel. It was like I talk to these who were adamantly Orthodox. That's what they claimed that they were adamantly Orthodox and and they actually were pretty pretty well up on especially the Old Testament with the they could not get it in their head that you can't mix Law and Grace McKay and what would happen. Unfortunately, they were.

As you know you if you've debated some of these rabbis John and you did a very good job but sometimes is not real tolerant to say will list. Let's take a close look at this, they get a little bit upset but when you show them you take a right to the word of God. McKay and the Sinnott Harry says but we brother being taken from you for a short time in presence, not in heart, endeavored the more abundantly to see your face with great desire. Therefore, we should come into I Paul once again. But Satan hindered us units of the saloon. We talked about Satan today. It is Satan right now very active and is because if you talk to a lot of these especially some of these more New Age out there they'll tell you that that Satan is not a reality is not an active force today so is Satan alive and very active today absolutely which is actually more than ever got group energized straight on elements working to destroy the world right now, and hopefully will bring a little information little bit later but yeah absolutely fullbore right so here is is Eric I have something you can see how wickedness has reached levels that have never been on the earth really at the time of the flood and that's when you look at life homosexual marriage" quote making sodomy equivalent to a marriage that got married Institute institution. I got ordained so they showed you that we are in a special wickedness master time of wickedness wintertime with witchcraft and Satanism is on the rise and the net is that is a sign of what judgment about that but but also as a sign of the soon return of our Lord when when we see what was it, as were were watching these things happening right now.

So everything was seen taking place right now with perfectly I mean perfectly. I mean absolutely perfectly publicized. We talk about the sodomy. The witchcraft and all of that in Romans chapter 1 in second Timothy chapter 3 I noted in first Corinthians chapter 6, all of the stuff was perfectly prophesies. So we see happening, exactly, precisely the way guys were them I was that it would marriage of the zero Ernie II believe the creatures.

I don't think they not good.

We understand it so many don't realize when the Supreme Court made that decision in 2016 of a court making sodomy equivalent to marriage between a man and woman that got ordained of this was wickedness that only can be matched at the time of side of the life of me guarding about Sodom and Gomorrah. The times of the of no this was unbelievable insult to God with his ordination of marriage between a man or woman in the family unit. I should've had national repentance for one other thing to very quickly is well begins to break very quickly. You had what is happening is the way that the this this new bio weapon is changing the DNA and people that's exactly what happened with the fallen angels when they took women as well.

Is there a better yet are you right let me do this very quickly.

Verse 24. You are our glory and our joy now was the ultimate reward for Paul's ministry wasn't was that money was a prestige was of fame or was it new believers whose lives have been changed by God through the preaching of the gospel and of believers absolutely try to make tight will be right back about some of this country who all begin to dream see Kay there was across this nation be taken in this essay I and now when I couldn't take it anymore. We haven't been to get it. We would push it back because God's Word, the Bible commands from Genesis to Revelation resistance to tyranny is obedience to get in post John and John Gerard is somebody where you and and and a company or story gives you excellent service worth mentioning. And that's what I meant to do because we had a real disaster here in the house. We had a septic tank, backup, and it was a disaster. I minute of it in but I call my good friend Tom Steigerwald and over there.

They Steigerwald plumbing heat that he has pumped septic tank and residential, industrial, commercial electric sewer clean all that stuff. Variation pumps and I called a minute and that would literally do, even though they were very, very, very busy right away. He sent his son who's a technician Mike and he said might get over there and fix all pastor up and he did and I went crazy. Good Lord, even on a day because we had a real disaster and that they were right out right away and and help this out so you folks that there want to just give a heads up to Tom Steigerwald in there and Chester Lind there on 8678 Mayfield Rd. in Chester Lind Ohio and if you have who I know when I have a problem any type of problem with septic systems, and that I was call him and when I have rental properties. I would always call him and if you have a problem I would write this number down you folks out and John County area is 729-2182 729-2182 and I highly recommend Tom Steigerwald and that his company now. I got it some other quick announcements to make. Coming up here. This one is coming up this week and folks, we have you've probably heard about these Dr. Carl Dr. Carrie Maddie and Dr. Lee Merritt attorney Tom Rentz, Dr. Sherry, tenpenny, and attorney Robert Owens. We've had a mole in the program here and there going to be right here in the area on note Tuesday, November 30 are going to be at the church on the north coast in Valley View from 6:30 PM to 9 PM about this. Is this a be something he don't want to really miss it. And then Wednesday, December 1 there going to be Emma Diana when Dina and that that is it 7291 7291 Stone Rd. in the Dino Ohio and I'm looking for. For more information, you can call Alisa Woods at 330-241-5226 for more information on this. You can call Alisa Woods at 330-241-5226 and that's coming up and they're going to be more discussion what is happening that you get your get the truth from the frontline doctors and according Tom Rentz. He's been even one after those who have been made victims and is defending the Christians who have been hassled by Krupp Krupp Krupp attorneys and courts in bogus laws so that one more quick announcement and that is this and I highly encourage people to mark your calendar for Sunday is away from the Sunday, December 5 every year. Geauga County right to life of a Geauga County right to live in this ministry we work in their house right and doers of the word Baptist Church since 1974 we saved over 24,000 babies were cruel and painful death of abortion and it's all volunteer. They don't get paid.

Nobody gets paid and judge County right to life and have all the people doers of the word. A part of that they have every year of the judge County Christian.

That's the Chester Christian center Assembly of God Church Chester Christian center.

They put on every here a Christmas concert and that they have several very gifted local musicians with a variety of instruments and arrangements are really good but you know any cut last couple years it's been with all of this coven stuff is been waning in their wondering. The attendance that is ill. Is it worth all that practice and everything I'm encouraging you folks I'll be out there Lord's will and I will be there as I've never missed one yet and I will be there and this on and 7 PM December 5 you folks out there in the lake jogging and cowed County area. I earned urge you to attend this is this is no cost to it.

They do take up a love offering for more information, you can call Pastor Bruce Pastor Bruce.

It 216-299-6909 216-299-6909 or the Chester Christian center at 44053313954405331395 do that okay got my announcements out of the way so tell me what was happening. John Holman what you know about Mr. Will. I guess that his name is Mr. Fauci some very interesting things that we uncovered Pastor Ernie became curious about seltzer him what he was system was. So I began to research M&M. John and I were discussing this, and then the Lord revealed more to us about social dramas. I looked up you know as far back as I could into his childhood. He was was raised as a Catholic family and his parents owned a pharmacy and heat delivered prescriptions and so he was raised in a Catholic family and he was sent to a Jesuit college and those that are not familiar with Jesuits bear the strong nonmarried Army, the Catholic Church that was sent out to destroy Protestants and that's all.

Another history piece that needless to say they didn't good job of God stopped him several times on the mission and layers nonexistent today. You can look them up at that.

The essence of the oath they took a day to come out to to destroy Protestants and by any violent means. Whether they will or under order. Not so you want to a Jesuit college and he graduated medical school became a career now, clinical document what we want in the, the government, but at some time. It's not very well published. He embraced humanism. Now this is where got interesting and I began to research humanism. I found out that humanism.

These organizations amount multiple organizations of humanism make somewhat callouts that are collapsed and if you dig deep into what they been doing. They have become the most destructive force of American culture by their means and desire to take God out of our culture and around the world and they make no bones about it.

That is, a mission is to remove all messages from God and and really they state that to be a humanist, you need to be either an atheist or minimal. I diagnostic and their motto is good without God, not to me.

That's an oxymoron. However, they were embraced by Dr. Kelsey and guess who was a humanist man of the year 2021 sites Anthony Fauci yesterday made in the humanist of the year and joined the ranks of people like Margaret Sanger now only be allowed to know that John talked about Margaret Sanger while Margaret Binder going back home in the early part of the 1900 and she led the charge for women's reproductive rights, and the she also really hard-core races but she was a little bit more than a racist. She was against what we would call today John the world that we call what the US and then she was in Genesis that occurs BURNING. Yes, if you want to start a lot. In fact she fit in perfectly. The Nazis had really the same type of agenda as the Nazis that some nations with the current yeah she was a contemporary Hitler and she not only that, but I listen to her make a speech to the Ku Klux Klan and I listen to and she was adamantly adamantly. She referred to black people, the founder of Planned Parenthood as human weeds as human rights that they need to be plugged in old people. John brought not for you. Genesis over a year with them on tours around the United States in 19 but that's okay yeah that's exactly right.

Now keep in mind this is what Anthony found she has embrace is embraced Margaret Sanger philosophy and the humanist bragged about really is that they state that Planned Parenthood really wasn't leading the charge for reproductive rights of women and a cited case on the website related very proud that they initiated abortion rights in United States. Keep in mind the newfound cheek as their manager year so he has embrace their philosophy and their activities. So now we have the humanist taking credit for aborting babies on anomaly Mountain 80 90 million in our country alone, and much more than that, it's way way over 100 million. Remember the common, a common practice. A common practice in the child killing industry is the only report what out of every two babies you kill. That's been a common practice for the beginning okay and that that offense is not going to be overlooked in the final analysis with the Lord our nation is going to.

I believe day one way or another flawless innocent blood that was sent so Anthony found she embraces that. The compensation and all areas.

He's now taken the course that he took with handling the AIDS epidemic. He got latched onto a drug called AZT and he pushed it and pushed it all knowing that it was not effective long-term and it was killing people, but he continued to push AZT for age settings. Following the same pattern. Today, and it was reported that he is organization experimented on my big something. Probably a lot of people aware that an children life, obscenity and babies and babies.

It was like 35 babies experiment on why you're not an easy time on they did that in New York City they took God abandoned age children and the validity of the latency and the they just want no protection, no legal protection. They just experimented on them with these these drugs and out and several. Many of the babies died young children are more than babies. They were, and many of them died under the treatment with no legal protection and also John. I wanted to mention on the mission, not not to get away. The hope the current pulse is a Jesuit – and he is embraced humanism this week, the Pope gave you at a speech embracing humanism. Yes, yes and yet so here it is found she is essentially in charge of the world's healthcare… Biological weapon. That's what I'll call it because until I'm convinced otherwise. That's what I believe it is following the same pattern and he knows that the mass so useless. He knows that the quote I'm not. That's not vaccine the manipulation of genes is a total failure. Knows all that he knows people are dying because of that, and that they are dying because of his lying, so he has no compunction that he has for human none for the animals, not babies.

Nonchalant because he operates on a philosophy that he is essentially replaced God so whenever he does whatever he says is right in his mind. The Bible says it, diamond men only do which you do with writing on my number here more that an this man has no business in charge of any one singular person's healthcare, let alone the position he is not telling you is that the stars a monster. He wants to rid the United States of Christianity believes that he is in place of God. He believes in everything that he believes is moral correct and right is wall correct and right so you need to start making phone calls put pressure. He's gotta go.

This man has got ago. He's probably the most dangerous man in my opinion in the world right now Jean pointed out the Pope and embraced humanism this week and go on the Internet and you look at the Vatican news. You can find the article where he did and not so you see the merging of the humanist organization which was responsible for upgrading some most evil deeds and the Pope joining with them and then you have the summations right John running so please sprouts now you know that this man is evil is evilness in his mind and is evil and his action. So I'm asking that you felt start making phone calls is that without knowing about making phone calls. First of all, right now we don't have a Justice Department unit would be Outlook. This guy is is guilty of mass genocide thought. She is guilty of mass genocide anyone and everyone is is that Centro is a liar and is no truth in him again. He's guilty now, the problem of it is, it would be up to the Justice Department to prosecute them date. He's lied to Congress on several occasions I've listened to a lying to Congress a cake ramp always come out and said on several occasions. This man says lied to Congress.

He's committed and reminded him you are under oath. Okay, but it's up to the Justice Department okay and we don't have a Justice Department the jet what what used to be the Justice Department was an independent agency now is simply a part of the death credit Communist Party. The fellow that's in charge of that so-called the Atty. Gen. is a communist to the bone. He is antichrist.

He is an anti-Christian and he is Mary Garland. He is he is a traitor.

The guy is a traitor tall American so we don't have a Justice Department we don't have an FBI any longer independent.

The FBI now works for the death of a part of the Democratic Party. Two are they going to call Megan called their representatives and senators and always complain.

Megan now maybe they can put some pressure publicly on the other Justice Department to do something that I understand what you're saying is there any but I think it's toward making a phone call yeah you got the right to, and even a duty, you're absolutely right to the college and and and read him the riot act. Okay and I called the Justice Department when abomination was an act of knowing mention is for and I talked to several lawyers there so they have hundreds of return and I asked them. Do you know of any, do you know of any questions at all with hundreds of attorneys for the Justice Department working there and what was a lie.

I don't, but maybe this guy does in and they would put me over from one to the other, and none of them could tell me that they knew of any Christians. At least they at least they were in a forthright enough to say no we don't. We don't know of any Christians at all that are here.

What is anti-while Ernie Aiken about her that when I was an agent I I didn't know any you will work with a knife's attorney that was Christian at all. So menorrhagia generally but I knew but not not not on the attorneys not yet in the Justice Department and I knew federal agents we had several of them fact that Gunnison was a really good good good friend of mine and that you he was an FBI chief that I knew several but I don't know of any. Now I don't know of any today left though. I mean I'm hoping that there may be also encouraged out and started mostly biotic retirement and then the ones that came in are the new Greek health okay were going to be listening here and I will adhere real people want to pay for this. It is posted this information is posted on our news website on Facebook Perry County real news and I'm sure John will be posting on his aunt on his blog as well. So if you want to. It's therefore you okay when we're going to be going to a break here will he come back from that break were going to be hearing first. Dr. Darrell Wolf is going to lead off and then he is going to were going to go to a fellow who was from the Vatican who's in the Vatican. His name they refer to Tyler's father Alexis Bogue, Manolo Manolo beat and so and he's talking about 2 million to die over the next 12 months. Get ready to bury the dead, solicited him and tell me what you guys think we come back and also the word God, gonna get a word about that. Be right back with more because we want to talk about how foes can get this program are in the archives. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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