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SUN 112821

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 28, 2021 10:40 pm

SUN 112821

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 28, 2021 10:40 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content resistance by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening and welcome need to know additional what white was left radial poster presenters, and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this Sunday, November 28 of 2021, and of the title of my message tonight is let others hear the conclusion of the whole matter.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter and so we may get a phone call tonight I'm I'm hoping that the pastor Joe will give us a call in and let us enough today but I tell you what follows they were going to start off with a prayer. We have a fellow named Carl Evans who is in the hospital locally and he's got pneumonia is pastor was not allowed to get into see him as pastor was not allowed to be given the same and so here they want to give them room does appear he does not want this rimmed is there. Okay so they want us to pray for my guess is not real good shape and I was open as pastor would call in and out and join with me and he made me yet but so unwilling whole on all of you out there okay looks like we have pastor Joe these pass-through Valley Baptist Church in court, and our sister chart church majority of their all right would you give us an update on Carl if you could lock up.

Got work there still struggling production level (have a different marathoner trying to push annual oxygen into a long drink he did about 90 account struggling the protocols and hostility grow aware that they are doing the wrong thing differently and they're trying to get members of your we know that 25% of you will think that their livers and kidneys shut down so timeout that happened now I see you are currently… Not for the money. You might as pastor in the private little yeah exactly meant that I let one person a day and has the same persons of one person there and like his wife obviously and she comes out.

No one else know where she got to go back on her stating what you have but if you want to go back in there, but the moment any other people don't. It is, someone else goes into the dating is like going to be at so on just the last two years.

It's cruel and unusual punishment for people working position, and then the doctors should his wife has asked the doctors about how to chloroquine and I remarked to Dr. their and our accounting. Oh, there's no studies proving that works is unproven thing is nothing but studies that prove that work you could.

You couldn't be more wrong and that's out there. Jodi County yes unfortunately what I like to talk to other same issues and how accounting hospital down here same issues not liable.

Carl, he was sick for a few days now, starting Thanksgiving right around Thanksgiving and nearly had pneumonia going. Something just couldn't believe it was gone bad, will get you some kind of neo-bacterial medication now, but you chose not obsolete along the John County like in the troubles we know that there backing down her regular joy County, things are protocols of the doing, I think. Obviously, it's all across the country that sunny praying. As Christians our country under attack and minute mom anyways and only got about famous is our hope as a lesson for prayer tonight protocol.

We need God intervene in the situation because we can't allow those doctors, we can rely on people at all. Look at the truth themselves are just following orders is likely not be in this is terrible, terrible situation.

You never even be with his wife and cover her near his own sister family can't be there. Carl has two young daughters is terrible situation. We know pastor Jill. The hospitals become more like the fake news media they have lost credibility they have washed someone's credibility. They're looking at now people look like if you go to the hospital. You can go there to die.

And it's because of this, this practice is arrogance and it's because of about the money would big Pharma there in bed with big Pharma and again it's no longer about the care of the patient is what it's what big Pharma says this is this is the protocol that's what you gonna do you know what we can lose the patients. No big deal and what where we are seeing we've been talking about this right now we are limited in this the time and age when you see all the big corporations, big Pharma. All the big corporations do you see the high tech Facebook and Twitter all their all working together, the so-called elite show these people that have this mindset that they that there are two types of people.

Those that are meant to serve in those that are meant to be served, and they the elite for the good of the survival of the planet must eliminate must eliminate by many many different means. The population of the planet. And like I said I've said in their meetings before would have spoken openly, not knowing who I was in and they want to reduces down to 1/2 a billion people. Joe and people better realize they'll use any means that they can.

People are sick. All these chemtrail's up there near and you know these poisonous so-called vaccines people are dropping dead there dying every day in vast numbers of work that I have a really bad winter. Because of these these poisonous pokes.

These deadly what they are. Joe is there bio weapons that are being used to tooth that out the population to reduce the population and it's so it is so evil and so wicked and so horrendous.

The average person out there. Doesn't it cannot grasp the concept that they really want to think the people are that wicked and that evil but they are they are and so now you know what you're told of employment and people despond order to longer not be responsible and responsible, for God, doctors and hospital nurses bitter family separately from the pastor worry bitter pushing bad things on the television desperate straight there and stumbled responsible for God method across the world, not just our country. The things going on across the world. The same thing. There following his death called responsible for God to need the fear of God in you stricken down. They need to come almost forgot, but again we need pressure protocols to evenings your library position because I don't believe the doctors are to do what's right, just like the ungulates read by most people as he says on this hospital. Now they've lost all credibility. People don't. People are afraid to go to the hospital nowadays and them near the AMA has lost all credibility, there no longer credible organization, but jumped why don't you and all the folks you folks to listen.

This power is power. Power power in prayer right now if you listen to us you right now.

You either need prayer or you will need prayer. At some point in the Bible says those who show mercy receive. So right now were going to ask you to pray with us for Carl and pastor Joe pure's pastors, who would you lead people nationwide in prayer with their orderly father really ripped up tubular quality.

We know that you are the organization you are the hope all of us are only completely flavoring cueing. We know the situation is going through an ear being alone and there being separated and we know that it's not your will that your people will be like that and be treated like that, and we be playing the people that situation, charging hospitals the conviction of your spirit that they would change their mind, their course that they would start treating people like that. We pray for his wife being there with him that you feel your presence but you have your wisdom now being told of the names by the doctors and nurses that you have the right questions that she would know Linda affirming her responses and things we pray again for his healing and help inside the inner man for strengthening. We know the bad thing going through suffering at questions of why display for strengthening space to draw and you Lord God really say that he would know and feel your presence there that he would know he's not alone. These godforsaken customer know that you think you will of God.

You will know he can recover this very second display that testimony of a miracle recovery that I have that there be a testimony bearing there be doctors or nurses there even save knowing seeing what you did through cueing. We pray again for his family as children, family around him to comfort them.

Lord, give them please your peace that passes understanding.

Pray that you would help them to trust in you that their faith the growth to see you moving that they know that you are the God of God's view of the Almighty that you are all powerful and you can do all things and you do all things well, we know that your faith with your people know that we are special. You play again which gets wrong (through grace and mercy and love. Present pray for their securing and their health was tired of me. We pray again the touch his body was clear that the congestion on the morning rather small. Give them a good nights rest in his body to recover the project for the wisdom of the doctors or change the direction you know that the king's heart is in your handle of replace you change the stock construction did come across the truth they come to it and treat people better and treat the real things they can feel that hospital there what we pray for those not acculturated to be suffering the same situation with their family members and friends and I know things are people going through the same thing. Replace their securing as well or dominated urination. As such, such a bad place. We can pray, forgive us forgiveness for the violence in the slaughter of children pornography for all the things our nation is given to the play of your hand of mercy and grace. You pray for revival in our land. We pray for your salvation in Jesus name we pray. Amen thank you so much to end up very quickly. I give your give your church a plug. Would you like to go to the Bible study which I can you do that the Confederate human.

Okay, go ahead and and plug Valley Baptist Church and telephones about your service with times and over in Cortland, but north of worn income accounting 152 S. High Street in Cortland little positive. We just Sunday morning service at 10 AM and then 11 AM through about teaching Bible preaching. I recently read Dan on the truth.

God's word is live only don't compromise the obviously know what's going on in our land and we talk about it and we played against it. Revival investment can't get the word out, all around the world that we can do's.

Amen. Your natural unregistered actual New Testament church is already Joe the title of my message was that, let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter and what is happening because of the days that were living in July. I'm getting letters every day from people all over the country and in their many, many people are just there are so distressed about the way things are happening now we are living in a very distressful time like we just mentioned, there are those forces out there that are out to destroy especially the church of mute were surrounded by but the good news is that God is on his throne is in complete control and he don't really like people messing with his children. Does he know that whatever was right. People think they can get away with it weirdness like that of judgment, but you're not kidding. Working to start in Ecclesiastes chapter 12 and as we go through here, you join in with me in verse nine, verses nine through 14, and moreover, because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge is he gave a good head and is sought out and set in order many Proverbs the preacher sought to find out acceptable words and that which was written was upright, even words of truth. The words of the wiser goals and is it in as nails fastened by the master of the assemblies which are given from one shepherd, and further by these my son be admonished of making many books there is no end and what study is awareness of the flesh, let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter, fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man for God shall bring every work into judgment and every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil. Now the fear of the Lord, we know is the beginning of evil begin with the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom that begin evil begin the wisdom but Solomon here was the preacher and he taught the people knowledge and he gave them instruction on what they should heed or to be alert to the acceptable words are found here in God's Word, the Bible, Joe. These are the acceptable words. This this woke language of illusion, confusion and delusion are to be rebuilt refused and removed what you think.

So here when he talks about these these codes pass to Joe the goads that they were used to keep the oxen moving in the right direction is that exactly what God's Word, the Bible does for us, doesn't keep us moving in the right direction. At that point .7 Bible preaching and teaching.

Not Joe.

I have to say I've had a very interesting life in over 40 years we haven't had one boring day and enhance medical info who we happened to you and I both say things that that made people upset with this because it would preaching from God's Word, the Bible, but the here. I've had Sony people asked me to write a book. They want me write a book you know because for 49 years old alike. It's an interesting life, the battles in the pro-life movement. The battles with the communist of their the battles with a Satanist out there the battles with the fake news media.

It's been very interesting to Joe. Right now there are probably billions of books in this world. Billions of books in this world. And Joe is only one book that's going to stand that the test of time is only one book that will there that will be there. The rest are all going to be forgotten.

Every single other one will be forgotten. The one book that will never pass away. I got my hand on right now.

This guys were the King James Bible is not so, I want to go to Ecclesiastes are over the problems I Proverbs chapter 23 and Regis two verses by the truth is, this is chapter 23 Proverbs and verse 23 by the truth and sell it. Not also wisdom and instruction and understanding, the father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice, and he that begin with a wild child should have joy of him that one of the founding fathers of the modern progressive death regretted mob movement was Karl Marx. He instructed his students to rule the proletariat by keeping them in fear keeping them confused keeping them off balanced and indoctrinated. This is exactly Joe exactly what the strategy of the communist antichrist Communist Party is today.

This is exactly what they're trying to shut down the throats of the simpleminded viewers of ABC, NBC, PMS, NBCC, and NCB is waving well into February 13 at 1240 started the communist person to do well completely matters your God will they were great God have no pure God they make. They try to block out everything everything on PVR alters mocking God and keeping his commandments, electrolyte upside down right on those who call good evil and evil good and every one of inducement is also making the mandate from outside right.

Isaiah 5 you do your exactly right.

The there exactly in total opposition to whatever the word of God teaches a exactly upside down. Once you get saved you know God's word. You see it. It's amazing how is exactly upside down right let's go back to this verse 23 by the truth and sell it Nazis telling you to hold onto the truth now is only one is only one perfect source of truth and again we have access to it is right here is the word is God's Word, the Bible mount the simpleminded out there.

Joe Proverbs attempted to tell tongues about the simpleminded okay they think that we're the ones that have been deceived okay and so here you none of think about this for men, how often have you heard these people.

I debated atheist in the past and these atheists will tell you there is no God. Yet Bill at the same time show absolute anger and disdain against God. So if you don't think that God exists.

Why are you so angry at him.

You think Joe that God is as put that conscience and all of us and that they are deceiving themselves, but when the first person personal debate going wrong. God Yep remember some years ago when they had that thing on Wall Street where they were demonstrating to shut down Wall Street and you had. They were carrying placards and these are fools. These are absolute fools out there and the Packers were saying. When Jesus returns will kill them again now, you would have well he's going to return for sure, but that is not him is going to be doing the dying is no babbling, you telling me now why go to Philippians chapter 4 in Philippians chapter 4 starting with verse four verses four through seven. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. Let your moderation be known and all men.

The Lord is at hand.

Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known and to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus. Now Paul was rejoicing from a presence. I was in a prison cell. Because he knew that his troubles would soon be over and here there is nothing Joe that enrages the end of our enemies out there enemies of Christ and enemies of his church as much is seen is seen God's people see in the church. Happy and rejoicing and praying to our Lord God when they do everything they can to try to make us miserable tried to force theirs themselves abundance forth their ways and what our people are just happy in the Lord. It really makes him angry doesn't prove true. In the marketplace of ideas you're in the workplace where you are our showing displaying claims under argon your thankfulness with things he does that make them very when I wore that I wear but I Did see me where and when I go to is when I'm out about it simply says that the black News got bright big bold red letters on it. Mrs. America needs Jesus.

America needs Jesus and the when I was here two years ago I walked up and down the halls of Congress there for a week trying to get aid to our brothers and sisters.

There that are being persecuted in Vietnam and I had 22 yard pastors with me anyhow when I wear that hat and Jodi. These feminist when they they saw me these ones. There in Congress they play they did. They go to see the look in her eyes.

They hated that hat because this is America needs Jesus.

I mean there was a real hatred. There and I could hear as the past hissing sounds so so when they realize Joe that they have failed to force their will upon us there so so miserable when we rejoice in the Lord and 31. They may think that it actually violence. None of them read farther poster blogs read the different things they put together that just praising God is a verbal assault which can, violence against them and it's amazing how out of their mind. People become here. I want to go over Joe to second Timothy chapter 1 in just one verse in verses verse seven for God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind night here Paul mentions three characteristics of a very of an effective Christian leader. One power to love and a sound mind that we, as born-again blood wash Christians, we have access to all three of these because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit only one so we Joe when I confused work when I confused about things that the world seems to be little confused in a today and when I was preaching this message IIS people to church. I suggest follow on to find out just to find out if if there's anyone in this confused. Is there anyone in here and that's not sure of their gender with Joe and I just I just got cricket that Isaac does everyone in here if if you know what your gender is raise your hand in every single person raised the happiest they were confused.

No. I asked him how many of you know that the gender that you are will be the very same gender next week. That's not going to change because you feeling right.

And of course the city the saves that you see the alcohol they'll do that next week there were going to be the same gender. Joe does a this isn't this isn't the way it is with the with the deathly grants out there right at a recent poll done by borrower eating at €24 a country right now 39% identify as it would be GQ level above the law and can't tell me is not because the recruiting sort is be it's because they're confused. They're totally confused. There simple minded they've been indoctrinated in them. Here note, Joe. You see, we know. When I asked in a church. Is there anyone in here that is taken, the bio weapon. The poisonous poke the bio weapon.

Nobody, not one person okay so God has given us a mind ride he's given us that sound mind that we know the difference. And so here. Note that the same time we are you and I are very very very well with of the aware of the insanity of the left we know with no insert needed that we were made in the image of God that were triune being that the we have a body soul and spirit, a joke with I remember I debated Rob Sherman some years ago in the Gary D show if you remember remember him. He was a it was one of the best known he was this jockey of the year for like three years I think straight. Rob Sherman was the president of the national eight the Association wasn't live very short debate. Rubbed it was around yeah the death he sleep our enemies believe Joe that they had their beginnings with the kind of slip and crawling out of primordial slime.

You know the kind quote all the slime but say they don't know where the slime came from the they do not understand that it that you cannot have a creation where the creator it's never happened. It's mathematically as impossible. No one is overseeing the creation, the didn't have a creator because there has never been in so so amazing baby talk about how you bonked on amino acid laboratory will back not life and that was a you guys doing it. Adding things to it and doing that co-creation.

Your creator doing some and we still can't wrap your mind around the fact that everything can come from nothing without you right it's it's manipulating see God provided everything you know the substance is always that was provided by God in whatever you make it is that yet. Well, you might take two or three different chemicals could buy them and come up with a new topic chemical but still the substance was there. God provided right so here so we you and I have a gay we know for absolute fact. Okay, that we have a sure and assure knowledge of eternal life in heaven. We know that there is no doubts in her mind. We have an unbreakable promise of immortality. God cannot break his promise is getting her and then the opposition believe that they will well they did when they died. Many of believe that they'll simply cease to exist, but then there in for an extremely I mean an extremely very extremely rude awakening because God's word doesn't stutter when it speaks about the future you know everybody's in the Scripture. Ecclesiastes 10 wanted to. All through Scripture would refers to those on the right and those on the left and refers to those on the left as fools and peer today. Of course the communist antichrist, the death of Kratz referred to themselves as the political left, but God's word doesn't study stutter at all about the future they can we go over to Matthew chapter 25, for example, in Matthew chapter 25 verses 41 through 46. Do you by chance have your your Bible with you all great.

Would you want to read Matthew 25 verses 41 through 46 and I've been at step away from site. I've got a very been preaching all day so I gotta get me something to whet my wisdom will be back in start to renumber back into thick papers, number 4125 then show the defendant also developed electrical department from he cursed it in everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. I was 100, and he didn't know me, I was thirsty and you getting a drink I was a stranger and not in making any clothing not thickening closing.

24 then shall they also answer him more when solving the hunger to refers to a stranger or naked, or sick or in prison did not ministering to be venturing answer them. Thing barely attendees as much as you did. Not one of the least of these, did it not me. Verse 40 the righteous into life eternal already very good. So here we must never ever cease to warn the wicked. You know God's word doesn't return void Joe the leader lead those this word we we have to continue to warn the wicked, because God's word is either going to lead them to eternal life or his gun leading to eternal punishment will you (or close to them.

Start by getting hearing by the word of God. It's interesting because I have no faith when they open arising attorney is usually say that I believe that in an unhappy family and all the words are true.

Well, we know that there are no unbelievers in heaven or hell. Everybody in heaven and hell unbelievers planted on well I want to go now over to the John chapter 14 John chapter 14 verses one through three let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me. In my father's house are many mansions if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself and where I am, there you may be also. Whether I go you know in the way you know so here Jesus is the search tell us about the way to eternal life.

Now the Lord is speaking.

Is he speaking here with absolute certainty and absolute authority work okay does he know because he knows he's about to die density toward the okay so here delete we've often praised the goods. Often you'll hear people say that Jesus died for everybody but Jesus didn't die for everybody. Jesus knew exactly who he was dying, for he knew exactly who would receive him. He knew exactly who would be covered by the blood not his blood was sufficient to cover the sins of the whole world is what was sufficient to save the whole world, but he knew of before he Weber went to the cross.

He knew those that would receive him knows that would deny him when he says in my father's house are many mansions. If I were not so I would've told you that I go to prepare a place for you that when he got went to prepare a place of need and prepare a place for the whole world. He prepared a place for those he knew would be there, writing is for you and meeting you people yet and so will we take a look over in Romans chapter 8 we received very specific because he tell you very specifically who he died for the Pope said that that humanly speaking, Jesus failed a Calvary. He failed at Calvary because you now let me ask you this. Has Jesus never felt anything know where you never will.

So if he would've died for the whole world. The whole world would be saved, it would have to be saved. God doesn't fail at anything right.

AE says he can't he can fill it and so is his God, not omnipotent.

Okay so here we go over to let us go over to Isaiah 54 I want to go over there for a minute and Isaiah 54 this is a very familiar verse to you.

Verse 17, Isaiah 54 verse 17 would you want to read that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against me in judgment thou shalt condemn this indeed.

To the extent the Lord in the right level.

So here today and we have a Selena we we talked about this earlier. McKay we have a lot of enemies out there a lot of weapons formed against us. Today we have the bio weapons of form against us. We have the corruption election fraud formed against us.

We have the deep state correction form against is the FBI, the CIA and NSA all all of those near the entire federal government is formed against us today is it's become our enemy and we have a of course the liberal lighting media all of the liberal lighting media are antichrist, we have a White House that that is completely corrupted. There's nothing out there in that White House today this get any redeeming merit to it all. It's is totally corrupt, totally totally corrupt. We got a judicial that is corrupted in a full 45 years. I I was in the prison ministry going to the prison for 40 a and and as I watched over the years as a become more and more corrupted where where you got to the point you simply had two groups of of of well of villains. He just had two groups of outlaws, two groups of criminals, one in charge of the other in the prison system.

That's the way it's become not not saying that that is nobody in the system.

There were some good people still in their especially in regards him and but I want to deteriorate over the years. This is all the signs of that this is all with the Lord Jesus told us to watch for right second to mid through three Romans chapter 1). Prosser, L.

So today were up against the drug cartels were up against the human trafficking cartels that are working directly with the Biden crime cartel through the drug cartels and human trip there. Working directly in Joe so horrible things are happening, we try to tell people.

Biden is been flying these children in two or 3 o'clock in the morning and did locations then are dear bust away any children are heard from again. Joe this is this is a real evil sinister thing, a real evil sinister thing that's happening in and out as far as I Biden it is is unknown. As far as I'm concerned pedophile is as wicked as evil is totally and completely evil.

Joe then here go ahead are there.

It's incredible. So much scandal recognized some people that are leveraged. We really can't get anyone to come out and say I am a witness to this evil and there's no one will prosecute.

It's amazing the corruption is from the top to the bottom about about the group well we do have a few congressmen and senators we have Jim Jordan is a good example with got some that the green lady you got a handful congressmen that of the lives they said no work were not going to compromise when I can take awareness that will unify backward and we have a handful senators we could take cruise and ran Paul and Holly and they are standing up and there they are fighting back in the that John Kennedy is another one but you're right, what's happened is George Soros has bought and paid for. You saw this this last thing with this Kyle Rutten house that the prostitute or the these are bought and paid for. These are George Soros bought and paid for prostitutes. There he puts them in their weakness always happened in San Francisco, Los Angeles, everywhere that you have the death aggressive charge of the city they they first of all, they work. They are criminals they themselves these prostitute's are they themselves even more corrupt than the criminals than their fellow criminals that the that the want to get off that they try to get off. They love it when they when these guys hit the streets and commit more crimes and kill people. These people are wicked and evil to the boat. These are bought and paid for by George Soros and you know what Joe we been telling people this for years. For years, and what we've been telling people for years people are now just starting to understand and figure out and so a lot of people feel Christian believers across the room and probably lower for long time trying to figure it out sometime recording to be some truth on the airwaves and people just, and though we have some of the things you mentioned true. People to be speaking the truth.

But the more action is something that actually happened not just give us lipservice the politicians that are: require our side we need them – and start acting make things happen, that's where lengthy revival or some current turning in our land and its people try to fund raise off of speaking what we know the truth with Joe. We had we had a president we had a real president. I have a list of things here that the president trump a real president has done for us because he was working for America.

He was doing his job. You know the difference. It is from start to finish.

Trump lead by asking the American people. What do you want me to do okay and that he didn't hate.

He worked America military needs to be updated.

He did that America we have a terrace problem.

Trump work to fix the terrace problem America when we had a new problems of North Korea and Iran trump fix that America we need to finish our embassy commitment is really trump fix that I may I have a whole list of things going down the line that he did because he was a real president he was working for America. But then when called upon for the senators for the Republican senators to stand with him. Not only did they betray him. They betrayed God country us and I sit there and people that I thought I knew people that I thought I knew. I learned they weren't what I thought they were. I saw what Mike Prince did my parents know Joe Penson said he was. He was bound by the Constitution.

My parents had the constitutional power to say before I certify the selection I want to take two weeks or week in two weeks and I want to look into some of these charges before I certify he didn't. He didn't have to say will I went to decertify the selection right now for road he said look I want. He could've done that but he didn't. He didn't. He knew that as of Mike's bike as far as I'm concerned, his political career is finished. Okay, unless they form 1/3 party, a rhino party okay there were others of littered that would put it past him power. Yeah, I wouldn't have and others that should've stood with him, now you know. Now they know they know now how angry people were Adam McKay, but they didn't. They failed to stand with him just like the pastors if anybody in this country has failed God in Joe.

I have people asking me all the time.

Wired that way at the park pastors doing this.

Why where the pastor is preaching that way if they telling us wealth of the fact of it is Joe, the vast majority of those in the pulpit are not saved. The vast majority of our not saved it all okay. And how do you know well by the fruits that bear by winter preaching the Bible says the righteous are as bold as alliance do we have in excess of bold preachers by any reasonable yet unfortunately I think that a lot of the problem is you have families generation. You have their churchgoers quote unquote they don't know what real preaching sounds and so they go to your church and expose a real preacher may feel conviction or Holy Spirit clear the word of God there, little afraid they'll want to come back to that my going where the disk you want fuzzy and I get a copy of my sermon that they dance along with the praise team going on and they go home and nothing ever changed my life in a liver like liquor, but you after our nation right now you evangelical Christianity is interested then because some years ago I actually had one of those neo-evangelicals saying that he likes to go to the mega churches, the big mega church because you can fit in there you can be comfortable and you don't have to worry about anyone asking you to do anything. I mean boy that's that's really that's a good reason to go to church right around things impact repackaging regarded him as an estimate right now you let you know you got the word of faith movement telling you that repentance is not even necessary for salvation.

When the Lord finds out many of my day, Lord, Lord, many wonderful things in your name, depart from me, work of iniquity and never knew you. I never knew you. Let's go over the Romans chapter 8, and here you know this is kind of what I was talking about before we start Romans chapter 8 verse 28 and read it all the way through verse 39 okay would you like to do that. The Romany strain verse 20. Yet we know that all things work together for good to them that love God and were called be called according to his book limited for knowing he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren were overcommitted predestinate, them he also called when he called them he also justified the justified and he also glorified.

Virtually saving to these things of God before us, who can be against the spirit on his own son delivered him up for us all how Serena shall he not with him also freely give us all things virtually anything to the charge got elected is God, the justified was either condemned, it is quite the dodgy rather is written again with even at the right hand of God also maketh intercession for the players from the little Christ circulation, stress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or curling sword as it is written, for thy sake we are killed all the day long we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter name and all these things we are more than conquerors through him, loved him, verse 30, a friend persuaded you to death or life in a range of values or college remains pleasant things become height nor depth, nor any other creature, shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ use our Lord's wealthy starts out by talking to telling us that all things work together for good to them love him, but that what we had spoken about earlier holy Christ died for.

He gets very specific here, for whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of this and so so those that he did. He did foreknow, those that he did predestinate. Those that did the work conformed and so he also said those he justified, and those he justified he also glorified. Those kind of very specific as any right, I think the whole point of it and whosoever will, and those who do we made the way of salvation.

Salvation image of permit sanctified future eternity that all prepared and set up for those who choose so then you're right. So what shall we say then to those things. If God be for us, who can be a guess is that we just read a litany of those that are against us. Okay, but in all of those people that are against us is that the is that a problem for God. All the gate so so here, so let me ask you this, he that spared not his own son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with he not with him also freely give us all things and who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect another let me ask you this how much to what extent can we be absolutely, positively certain of what God said he would do all about God. Amen in Christ Jesus, we know that you never live tunable thing I know according to figure freely give us all things. We don't have to jump through a few special things to regular salvation in Christ Jesus by faith right so so if we had a George Soros money and Bill Gates money. Can we buy safe 10 minutes at hell they're going so all of the money in the world can buy them one minute at hell my one more. So here who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or negative. Joe he goes through this EP takes you to the very realm of life to the very realm of death to the past to the present and the future to the entire realm of the universe, even including angelic beings, and there is nothing out there that can cause us to lose our salvation. That's what it would. That's what he is talking about the love of Christ are. It is what he says. What shall separate us from the love of Christ, so there's nothing out there that can take that can cause us to lose our salvation which would be separating us from the love of Christ. Now we know we cannot lose our salvation.

I've I've talked to people until many were saved and then they lost a salvation that I got saved again and that that can happen because we don't keep our salvation, our salvation.

The Bible says is kept in heaven and the Lord Jesus is the sealer in the Holy Spirit is the seal for us through but some people have told me what we can't lose what you can give it away. We have to find a way to get the heavenly bodies and that's going to be a chore, and then we have to wrestle it away from the Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost, and you better pack a lunch before you try that you bring about yeah is in that's death is is that reality will were just talking about that's reality is sure you got it you got it. There is no in between.

There is no getting it losing it is no giving away all his work in Spanish MacLachlan. Since regifting you want pictures of you, the author measure of our faith is the only thing faster center strike you at the absolutely now all it would take us us in the everyday transport 17 right this note range with the mounting we do that all day long every day to think about all good.

We should leave you know you jump the gun because that's going to be the last verses that we read but here right now I will jump over Hebrews 13 and read verse seven. Remember them, which have the rule over you know for that verse six so that we may boldly say the Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man shall doing to me. Okay, so whatever Megan doing to us of the Lord God can undo his men kill us with their planes or war other than a bio weapons.

Whatever God will give us eternal life, and so out with the wood. It was so what this world can do is very temporary and that's where we go over to what you said, we have God's assurance of that and that's over and James chapter 4 verses 13 to 17 not to go to. Now you say today or tomorrow we will go into such a city in continue their hereby instilling a cane, where as you know not what shall be on the morrow for one is your life is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away for you for that.

You are to say if the Lord will we shall live and do this or that, but now you rejoice in your postings and also to Joyce and his evil therefore to him that know what to do good and do it not to him that is seven. The long and short of this passage of Scripture.

Joe is that we don't have.

We don't really have time wasting of worrying about all that the world can do to us are all that's taken place in this world we need to get about doing the Lords work for times when in doubt about the place of our crowns and eternity aren't mommy can look up your redemption drove my amen Joe got two minutes.

Can you give an invitation into minutes I can drive faster going out there tonight. The most important thing most important thing.

In your life. Who would you use the kingdom you configure you the only one he's gone. The flesh became the longest life he lived a perfect perfect life and on the cost of paint on first any canal during the third day a lot because I that you shall live also. Our works are going to church, church membership, giving money to something getting a kidney transplant serving at the homeless shelter. All good thing you can think of all the good stuff will not earn salvation balances all of righteousness as filthy rags are perfect.

Only God. We can only be saved through Jesus is the way the truth like no man onto the father but by its exclusive one way, but the free gift.

You can choose right now to social call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

The crowd in my faith that I believe he died for me on the cross. He did not surmise that all things are going wrong.

He cannot agree, the third day and you trust him as your Lord and Savior is like your trust occurs you to become dominant airplane at the same kind of trust thing that I think you need that your trust him to give up your underwriters wrong where you can leverage God chemically got you can earn it physically gift from God the same forever. Spencer center said if eternal salvation is not temporary. It's his salvation given he keeps it he secures a unique this very night you have no promise of tomorrow you need to call upon the Lord and be saved. Amen. Absolutely. But it's been a real blessing having you here with me tonight. I like. I guess well I like to have, and this is someone to go to this Bible study with me like you did and were going yeah well I think you and so anytime you you kind of feel that you like to do that you welcome to join me in every Sunday night and cake. So I hope I really appreciate it were out of time for Tonight Show so as we do every night. At this time we say good night God bless and always, always, the steward cave Friday and fight/flight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right what's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR W found on our next time for another edition of once right to left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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