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MON HR1 112921

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 29, 2021 11:19 pm

MON HR1 112921

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 29, 2021 11:19 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now I'm ready about 30 senders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance. No more than ever, and tonight we have with us there on the board ready to stand fast and defend our rights and our freedoms.

None other than the mighty Andrew that's right pastor I'm standing tall all right. I know you are in the way out yonder right in the dusty trails in Missouri, we have the parts of Joel Larson for hire William here ready to go to work in here. I their hero and ready to roll to the right you know what I don't care what they say Joe, you and I are not too old worn-out preachers were for full ready to go real worn-out worn-out field were not cold ride know it was still bold with the right list get after a tonight we got a whole lot of stuff I mean a lot.

A lot is that we are about 33 nights with the program to cover tonight, but will do what we can.

The title of the message was, go ahead. Remember, let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter already know Joe.

The point is this message this week is for the folks out there not to let the world steal their joy. You know this whole idea about be afraid, remember what would Karl Marx put out there key people keep them afraid. Keep them off balance chemo confused hero of the whole idea was to do what was happening, I find something very strange happening right now and that is this that them Joe, the death of Kratz.

You know those those Democrats those liberals. The burn load murdering and antiphon know the whole, a bunch of the lower echelon in the deathlike attic. Craddick collective, there you like to the proletariat.

Guess what their pushing back against taking the bio weapon fax. They are our and what was happening. They've actually joined in with some pro-life groups, pro-life groups, despite against the the fact that that's that's an interesting thing because Joe it looks like their all for death except for when it comes to their own network of pelvic town about 12 or three most think they want to make rules and regulations for urinary but not for them for themselves about order comes to letting others die out great but or they don't want to but there are point you were saying on this selector world steal your joy. Even tonight I noticed on television… Name okay judge of the Fox News Roxio of Tucker Carlson tuckered out.

They were talking about how Americans are poor that are more wonderful, more depressed, more isolated. He was talking about how cancer and other health problems are sky high church attendance is 50% off obesity drug use is sky high overdoses skyhigh to revise the crime up there was fight about the what the government is done with their rules, regulations, lockdown of the people are in a bad way right now. And yet you and I know people that are happy, joyful, strong in the Lord and because we have that in drawing of old Holy Spirit.

We are not sad or fearful or depressed or isolated were none of those things and the like gift to you tonight is Allison message Russo needed. Don't let the world in general. Still your joy with you just said was so important when absolutely that's the whole point in it as we go through this message will take a look at that, because fear that the whole idea is to make people afraid. Afraid this is all of the fake news media. Those that are contracted liars in the proposed site to tell you but you know what I did when I say this that the contracted liars. I'm not being facetious, they are contracted there contracted to light. They don't call it lightly: narrative. In other words, whatever lie they're told to tell the sign the contracts. He is like. I agreed to tell it like, but what happens if they say we'll comes to light.

It's just too big and it's a this was too much because I mean even even my own family will buy into this like I you I can't do it. Then they get fired right off. History of the oppressor have always used character control about prayer has always been one of the big motivators and world leaders and powerful people understand the people at all about fear. You get the people afraid and you tell them you'll protect you have something to do that will help them and they run to that instead of going to the one who can truly help, Lord God, yeah, sorry. Yeah, yeah, Kinda Works His Way, God has no problems but he's got all the answers we have very few answers. We've got all the problem. All right right in so exactly let's start out in the place where we all the answers can be found in that's in God's word. The King James Bible and so why don't you just go ahead and read verses nine chapter ecclesiastics chapter 1212 verses nine through 14, and subtitle stockholder. A man and, moreover, because the preacher was why Bill taught the people knowledge. EAA gave good. He and thought out and set in order many Proverbs the preacher sought to find out acceptable words and that which was written was right even words of Kurt the words of the voyageurs go and as male that by the masters of assemblies which are given from one shepherd, and further by these my son be admonished of making many books there is nowhere and much study is a weariness of the flesh, let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter care. God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole 30 of man for God will bring every work into judgment with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil okay so here but should I had another man after that they may lose you some from chapter 1 to 12 okay basically this last part.

Some you know summarizes the entire chapter in the whole point and Solomon was making is that we should enjoy light that while we are here, we should enjoy head and not let the world and things of this world you will rob us of the joy in some exactly out so he says. And, moreover, because the preacher was wise. Now this was Solomon obviously he was over little wisdom, and here he says and he taught he still taught the people knowledge note in the Bible is the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and fear of the Lord. Yeah them.

Solomon was a preacher. He taught the people knowledge he gave them instructions of what they should heed or be alert to a course and then the acceptable words are found here in this Bible, not to the woke language of illusion, confusion and delusion, which are to be revealed to refused and removed right. Was the fact that we are going here in the federal work review. Which of the stronger right in the preacher sought to find acceptable words and that which was written was upright, even words of truth and of course will we talk about getting the. The woke movement out there, and that today, what they call these to call political correctness. Now when he talks about the goats and that the words of the wise are Goldstein the goats. Joe, they kept the oxen moving in the right direction and that's exactly what God's word will do for us. One right if we are following the word reorg on that narrow path that leads to right salvation. He goes on to say, and further by these my son be admonished of making many books there is no in and much study as awareness of the flesh, so over the years I've had more than a dozen people come and asked me to write a book and because you know all the things that happen over fording idea here is that the I cannot honestly say I haven't had one boring today. Not one boring day and in and in those 49 years and we've had a lot of a lot of strange things I I will have to say I've had an extremely interesting life.

Joe and I made it one day and as an important and in so you know we've we've had I've had to deal with demon possession I've had at least six or seven times people try to kill me in on all the stuff because what we do here in the ministry.

Okay. And so we've had an interesting life but but here Joe, let me just say this every single book and right now this is over a billion books on this planet. But one day, and I think that they won't be too far away every single word in every single book will be forgotten except for one book is only one book that even though heavens and earth will pass will never pass away. The words in the book will never ever pass and that's the book of got my hand on right now right right right so I guess it will, when the Lord comes terrain. The book is going to crawl first priority over everything ever right, absolutely. And like you said, everything ever written, but this will be forgotten. One prophetic word definitely written for us because as I was doing some research talks about making many books there is no ramp workbooks back there. There were scholars talks but not like we have today what you think. Many books going through a library or go online and order a college or university libraries of books in different subjects masters, the amount of information out there, and yet all the information needed for happiness, joy, peace, love and salvation is found in one block that for Charlie ever mentions in the library or online or anything else that through the preachers, yet is still one of the best-selling book in the world will absolutely turn over the Proverbs 23.

All right all one thing we notice one line in that verse 11 we talked about the fascinating male, which were given from one shepherd. That shepherd is referring to the pre-incarnate Christ as the next Christ, he is what shepherd, yeah.

And of there was a reference is there that I think a lot of people mess. One shepherd of a good deck.

Karen naturally went on Proverbs 23 and versus what 23 and 24 correct these things also belong to the why it is not good to have respect a person and judge aided by a friend of the wicked our right him shall the people curse nation shall abort, no, no, you euro and 24:23 yeah you're right I like jump over that was there was conscription video and 20° find the truth, and fellow not also wisdom and instruction and understanding, the father of righteous, righteous shall greatly rejoice, and he needed to get a wise child shall have joy of him going back to 23 by the truth by the truth and sell it, not the means hang onto that okay right now. One of the founding fathers of the modern progressive Democratic my was Karl Marx. He instructed his students to rule the proletariat by keeping them in fear keeping them confused keeping them off balance and indoctrinated. Now that's exactly as stated right out of not educated indoctrinated. That's exactly the strategy that the communist are shoving down the throats of the simpleminded viewers today of ABC, NBC, PMS and BCC in its infancy with no jumping through the public profit.

What we say today. I was listing to a neo-evangelical and and he was saying that somewhere along the line the public school system went from educating to indoctrinate and yeah will somewhere and and that happened way back.

That was really really took off back about 1962 is when it really took off. Started in the 20s and 30s and gradually out of an acrylic took off like yeah metal and so we we got on it by early set in 1970 we were we were already on it telling people look to see what's happening here the indoctrination.

We were we were going afterward and back in the early 70s we were encouraging people please folks, get your kids. Now get your children out of the public schools they've already gone bad. Get them out of there now. It wasn't the same across the city country that cities the big cities usually wear them much worse. Okay and that usually comes every kind of crime in every kind of sin. This usually in the big cities and some of the they are going into school districts were not nearly as bad would, but today the federal government is involved in the curriculum and the federal government is involved in this whole new this antiwhite with eco-critical race theory, and what's happening to Joe.

You were seen more more that federal tax dollars are coming to the school boards I would just hearing today 11, the chairman of the school, where was a were getting $25 million, $25 million to make sure those children wear masks, you know that's that's a part of it to get that to increase it now. This is an and it's making kids safe is making children sick and it's killing them.

But it's all about control is an well brain working control and again installing prayer event telling the character of typical "start of global warming and climate change it dental mankind destroying your you and your carbon footprint and where the children wanting to commit suicide, becoming emotionally disturbed because they were destroying the planet that they live on because they were born. Reality the New Age parents going to have the children because there destroying the earth.

I mean it goes on and on and on. I remember Jill back back out when remember when he had the, the standoff in Cuba.

When Kennedy and Khrushchev were facing off in an there was a fellow I remember we used to go down after school.

Back in those days and and in high school we had them witness like little country stores a little small country store and one you know they had like pop machines and an ice cream, coolers and cupcakes and candies and stuffing and live good would walk on down there and when that was on the news where you had where the Navy had set up around the blockade around Cuba and this one fella.

He he was watching the news and he allowed them because they kept showing you the nuclear blasts they would on television. As were talking about this with limited in the work we could be a nuclear war at standoff in Russia and here he had a nervous breakdown right in at store go to what he started yelling to go to it is that was happening. We can all get looking wicked in a nuclear war we can all be date this young guy school kid not think about today with all of what is happening there using put your mascot and put your mask on. You better take the shot, you know and and is very calming and highly contagious.

Yeah, and you, you know, you might even think your group which really not your boy. Now and I that Mara my micro cotton Titus could get you because you're confused about who you are. I mean that that the kids today are really the children are really confused and this is by no accident. These people there are sick sick sick people working in what used to be at one time was the education system today is nothing but the indoctrination system and it seems like the those the very sickest people in our age found their way into the education system and they brought in under them. People that are just a sick mentally I mean mentally deranged to teach all of the stuff to the children. It's just unbelievable but that's exactly what let's read this. Let me read this verse again by the truth and sell it. Not Joe. We at we have the only perfect source of truth right here in the word of God. Again, the simpleminded think that we are the ones that have been deceived and and they so very very much know is an interesting thing because I was listening to these you know Fauci was was given the award of the world humanist. He was given the humanist of the night the year. Did you know that no again.

Yet I dare you will you see if I'll take that file team who Fauci who is one of the popes favorite Catholics. Fauci is a humanist that doesn't believe in God. Now, I mean think about that. It is that something that's maybe a tad bit confusing right dire here, here's a here's a people that say there is no God but they hate with a passion that very God doesn't exist right something that's not quite right about all that in their product. Objective: Oxford moron throughout Lely.

Those oxymorons come come from morons who acted backward, already backward. I was thinking something if I remember correctly you John Adams back in 1765 and 80,000 America who cannot read or write is rare as an appearance as the comments are placed the survey in 1800 decided that only four out of every thousand children were illiterate felt back in the early 90s three sources I had said was analogous as a middle 90s 45 to 50% of Americans were functionally illiterate member when business people were tell me the kids graduating from high school couldn't fill out the applications correctly spelling was atrocious and whatever couldn't figure it out yet. You were taught about how they dumb down there, but the children were well aware of your workday yeah Joe I got a make some announcements quickly flows future pins in paper. He got it right this phone number down fact this time you listen to this program have helpful driven paper handy because were always given out some marijuana and taken note on this is an action request is an action request and we need your action right away. Now would to protect our medical freedoms. House Bill 218, the liquor bill vaccine mandate bill will have his first hearing this week in the general government budget committee now. House Bill 218 takes away the medical rights of a select group allows for mandates of vaccines that are approved by the FDA. This includes vaccines that are derived from aborted babies that are used in testing production for both the hospital 218 destroys our healthcare freedoms, which is protected by the Ohio Constitution, the pro-life community must stand against any and all medical procedures, testing and experimenting that involve aborted babies.

These activities perpetuate the lucrative horrific business of trafficking and murdered aborted babies parts. House Bill 218 also allows for mask mandates a mandatory testing as long as the school or employer pays for them. You know what Emily just today the syringe over quickly. I saw today to clear school was getting a huge amount of money for giving out facts from vaccinating children. But when we got it failed to protect our healthcare workers for this mandate and gives even more authority to the Ohio Department of Health concerning testing. The original bill had to do in extending the hours of alcohol sales on Sundays, the liquor bill language was entirely replaced with H. B.

435 language in the new language and then past the house and just three hours on Wednesday of last week which which is the rush. Well, the timing, the lack of intense transparency of our leader should be very concerning the corrupt the crooked every time they run bill anytime there is no real public input or something are hiding they don't want to say don't want you to know so there's very little public notice publicity and this is why the Council of stuff in the middle of the night, or that file and that way you won't know about okay so here you need to do is you need to call and urge week we can stop it in the Senate you Sen. to vote no on house Bill 218. You need to call and urge your Ohio Sen. now the number you call this is the number to the state hospital give either.

The state reported Sen.'s office.

Just tell him who your senator is in the connect you is 614466884261446688426144668842 need to do that tomorrow.

You really do okay very quickly got another announcement to make. In that announcement is that out here in Geauga portage in Cuyahoga Lake County folks, we're going to have jug cutaway type presents a classic Christmas concert. It's very important, very important that you attend this and is going to be held at the the Chester Christian Center that's this coming Sunday this coming Sunday, December 5 at 7 PM.

You go to see dealers all of all the doors of the word will be there. This would be the Chester Christian Center Assembly of God Church and then will be at 11815 Chillicothe Rd. is 11815 Chillicothe Rd. That's about 2 miles north of Route 322 on Route 306, about 2 miles north of Route 322 or about 2 miles south of Route six on Route 306 and again for more information, you can call 44053313954405331395 or 216-299-6909 216-299-6909 is our guest call in yet. Andrew already were going to go to our guest tonight is Dr. Steven Jacobs are you there Dr. Jacobs.

I alright and you are with the Illinois right to life, right and program director at my right right. My recovery started in 2019. After I graduated with my PhD well we have a big day coming up on Wednesday and you folks to file an amicus brief. There is going to the Supreme Court.

Tell us about that.) 03 filed multiple amicus brief though we were one of the entities around the nation that actually filed brief at what's called the third date of this was back in June 2020 and we encourage the court to take that coding. Indeed, after many weeks of delay. They agreed to hear the case and then we filed another Greek at what company merit.

So we were one of the median around the nation file every urging the court overturned Roby waiting because they had 1/10 amendment right to protect life in its jurisdiction, and 1/14 amendment beauty to provide equal protection to all human born people. You're absolutely right, and I'm just gonna tell you apart from unless we can get people all over this nation. Praying I I gotta tell you I don't have a lot of confidence in that court at all. I don't and not I know that there is three new people that the president trump put on their button leader. We are so use it as an juiciness was taken place with all the election fraud and and we are so used to being betrayed by people we have put trust in, and so the only way I think that that if people all over this country would pray for the God for our Lord to intercede in this because I'll tell you I'd I don't trust many of those so-called pro-life judges what you think right, go for it.I would never wanted Pickard people are praying for not only intercession but also for it will.but I wanted to say that your hundred percent right that in 1992 we had an even bigger majority of constitutionalists on the Supreme Court, and at the last minute surreptitiously without the other Republican telling adjunctive Kennedy worked with, but they pro-abortion side to steal from the pro-life movement. What with the guaranteed victory. Now the reason why I have the utmost confidence that it will be overturned is because the Supreme Court had a record-setting one by Elaine when they were considering this case.

So every Monday morning for several months, I was checking the Supreme Court website and they were supposed to determine whether or not they would hear this case. And they kept delaying putting it off week after week after week, and I think that it's evident that they were actually deliberating on the case. Behind closed doors and they were deciding whether or not they would overturn it before they even decided to cure, but I sorry for the long response but I wanted to say that I couldn't agree with you more about the failure, especially the pro-life movement. So I think it breaks my heart. How many articles like the from supposing pro-life who talk about returning the issue. To date, talking about how it could democratically issue. Do you think it would be a Democratic issue. If a state decided tomorrow to amend their homicide laws only protect white people do you think the Supreme Court would remain file and I met what you think that they would say that the 14th amendment guarantees equal protection to all human and therefore that law will be unconstitutional, what you thanks.

Well, I totally agree with you but cannot. On the other hand right now with the atmosphere and may not. I would hope I would be wrong but with the atmosphere of the country if they were to go the other way with and say the law will only protect black people. I know I would. I would be concerned because there is been such a welcome movement and a push in there and and and we have to understand there's a lot of a lot of dark things taken place and I teach biblical law and I and I could tell you know when God gave us the divine institution of human government.

He gave us five points very very clear points in that the very first one to being and by the way, you find that in the Neu covenant when we got the divine institution. Human government.

The very very first point was to whom it was given, and you find that Genesis chapter 9 verses 10, 12 and 15 and 16, and that is he gave it to all mankind for perpetual generations to all living creatures. Okay, amen. And so, so here that's to whom it was given the second point was the intent. The intent of relevant or talk about real government will okay not weak what we have is a very far corrupted image of that with the intent was to find that in verse one through four man was to govern for God man was to govern for God.

The third point was the most important points of the most important point, and that was the entire purpose. The purpose of divine human government. Here is the purpose of divine human government, you find that in verses five through seven that God gave dominion of men in verses one through four gave dominion of the earth gave dominion of the earth to mankind not to Al Gore, not to the EPA, but to mankind humanity, but he kept dominion of man to aim for himself. He tells you that there so the entire purpose. The entire purpose of divine human government was to preserve the image of God, that being man and in the very first commandment God gave us was be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and he gives you that three times by the time he had to Genesis chapter 9 and so here the for the fourth point was the ways that the means by which man was to govern and that was because those guys that you got confidence God's precepts. God's promises in the note. The last point Dr. Jacobs was that those nations and those people that would be in line with the first four points that would be in obedience to the first four points in compliance to the first four point they would be a patient not a war when God today idling you find too many nations that are peace with God.

Okay, right. And so that's that's the divine human government so the entire purpose quietly pardon number five were compliant with the first four yeah and so now, by the way that that's Pastor Joe Larson while completing a patent banking like anyhow so there you go, that's that she would government now going to that court. To be truthful with you that court 1973. They were only supreme in the rebellion against God. What they basically did Dr. Jacobs. This is look we will take what God has made unlawful unless the destruction of the destroying of his image. We will make it lawful by purchasing seeing a license with Mammon.

Therefore, we will let you allows you to destroy the very image of God, which is absolutely totally against the entire purpose of divine human government right and while I perfectly understand that I am a bit of a historian on the cave and I do have to say that there were two opportunities protection for turning in the road case to defend the fertilization view that they had had these oral argument like were having on Wednesday naturally even had an oral reading argument affecting oral arguments in both instances the Supreme Court justices at Texas attorney when detainment like ample time they failed to defend the fertilization view while like you know that we as humans have known that life begins at fertilization since the early 1800. The fact that those attorneys who were supposed to defend the Texans abortion law which banded at fertilization.

The fact that they couldn't defend that view.

I mean I'm not here to make this for them. But what I can say it is of the utmost importance that got Stewart Mississippi dead on Wednesday if he had that opportunity that he correct the record that has been used over the last 49 years.

I don't know if you knew that. But over 1 billion humans have been killed and abortion around the world configure 2000 each year BP 60 million humans are killed and abortion so II couldn't agree more about how antithetical this is to creation in God being truthful and multiplying and you know God image.

I mean it's just sorry that the number still blows my mind that had to look up the numbers hundred time.

It's hard to fathom loss of life on that scale. First not yet know why exactly according got marker Institute, which is a pro-abortion research organization roughly 56 million humans are killed and abortion each year. So for the last 20 years. The year 2000 well over a billion and did you know that 56 million number that same number that die from all other causes combined. As reported by the World Health Organization.

That means the same number die from abortion as obesity, old age cancer.

A accident and every other conduct that has significant abortion. But, you know, here's the other thing to point one children the babies of the most favored by God point to this when he argues this case about when does life begin God's Word, the Bible doesn't stutter okay. You know, many times over the years I I used to get arrested for being upfront about abortion mills and preaching unfriendly abortion mills and we rescued over 24,000 babies since 1974 in a minute and so I would be a court a lot and if I was the only one that was charged now I can only do it if I was doing when it was charged I could I could use my venue to defend myself and I did this the King James Bible and so when the court asked what what that meant subornation authorize that is the book of law. I would say King James of England in 1611. It's it's and I defended myself.

Now if they argue that in Jeremiah 15. God has ordained Jeremiah while he was in the womb. Okay while he was in the womb.

Now also he tells you in Ephesians before we were even born. Okay he has given us a name so that obviously God does not ordain dead people. Desi okay so orbs free living right right so you've got the this. This is the highest of degree of authority in existence guys were the King James Bible. There is no higher authority in existence, and it never will be than this book, and so that's what I would argue one boy would I argue that led to the asset for me.

I because I'm trying to convince people who supposedly report fine. That's why my approach was actually surveyed biologists around the world I'd surveyed over 5585% were pro-abortion themselves, but I found that 96% of the firm that human life begins at fertilization. So from a scientific perspective, there is no dispute that abortion is a formal, and over the years I've had a debate number of protesters and and I did after making and it would come to the point where when they would asked is not a living being, until it takes is for his breath is not alive, is not a living and I would always answer the same way will if it's not alive. Why do you have to kill the baby right. I mean if we can. Yet you can't kill something is not alive right when they did they would never have an answer for that. The new we get the crickets there would never be an answer for that is, it's what we use is something called common sense in selecting on the side of the left is from unfortunately men, you know, I can fit the right so somebody will (think about climate change and climate scientist to you know make 1/3 statement and they'll throw that number in your faith, but that if you mention the file content, might begin all the sudden that's not important that could be disregarded.

So it's quite unfortunate structured director of that member that article a while back we did on the radio here. I'm sure you heard where the scientists mentors were looking at the cell that was being fertilized egg and sperm and egg slicer light under the high-powered microscope and they realize services/lighting conception is that any scientific evidence was used, or can be used in this case.

I know there's a lot of scientific evidence that is been offered in the case. I have heard that story I heard others try to push back against it for me on my approach really is a matter of biological classification right there with. We know the Constitution applies to person and we know persons are defined in natural persons, which are herein and legal persons.

We charge those things we describe humanity. Like for instance in Argentina and orangutan declared herself in America. Corporations are declared persons right so if we know that all all humans. A person and we need to establish the humanity. The simplest way to just look at the biological clock faces and I actually did.

I recently published a peer-reviewed journal article issues in modern medicine, where I looked at the literature and there were just thousands of articles top journals like nature by thou in the Journal a band fertilization view without citation without explanation why would they do that in articles where you have to prove every claim you make, it's because it's so well accepted in the same water leaks to low you wouldn't need to explain that you would need to give a citation. Because everybody knows that Matt has a fertilization view appears in the signed letter at the end of the day any scientific bonnet would admit that it is a biological human at the single cell 8°) are people might not accept that fathers recall that what CV masks organic utterances well what do so. So you you believe you got that you think that were going to get a victory here so you and I know I've already got my fellow theater. They quote families if I'm wrong but. Not until a doubt my mind. The only possibility would be if they somehow packed record where there is some kind.

As Wright made against the justices and while that might seem far-fetched. I was outside record in 2020. And I heard Chuck Schumer Reitman. She was sitting justices on the Supreme Court.

They were to come after Loki wait so I never write anything past pseudo-certain Democrat operative who was dedicated to abortion access that I know I hate to think what they could do, but short of that, they would have never agreed to hear the case if they warn if they didn't have the boat overturned facility would take some extraordinary circumstance for Roe V Wade cannot be overturned.

In this case.

In my my, yes exactly what I when I've been thinking about the very same thing which is saying and I can tell you.

Course I I don't have any.

I've got no confidence in our so-called Chief Justice. He's not right.

I can see him going with us at all.

The other one that really stood so-called conservative that I'm very concerned about; Bryant, I don't have a good feeling about her, especially work comes to the threats because they're going to come. You know this can happen and I hear that you and that might change your opinion on the US. I'd love to hear that I I'd love to hear that the first one is more of a fact. So when it comes to Chief Justice Roberts. He had upheld in June medical.

This was another case I'd work on what he actually said that he upheld the president because they did not challenge Roe V Wade, suggesting that if we did challenge it. Be amenable to overturning doubt we have a vested interest in joining the rest of the document served justices if they want to overturning why because, as Chief Justice if he does not join the majority opinion get to decide right so it's known that they have five vote. He's actually intensified to join so he could either writing felt in case you were worried that like Dr. Tom and I will write an extreme opinion or he wants to decide who should write so she had a vested interest if there is a majority that he would join the majority, especially because they could pick three wood down much better than pipe or on such an important case and add Remy Cody Baird I just real quickly during her premium record nomination hearing I somebody had remarked about how tough her life when she is all the kids and scheduled high-powered job in high-pressure job and she said Sen. I life is hard and at least get short.

I pop a woman and I have nothing but competent in the fortitude in her character because what she was really thing one might short and that means it sooner that I'll be absent from the body of the Lord, why am I am nine times hoping and praying that you're right on that I we have been we have been betrayed so often anymore. I mean every time we to mean we we never should have admitted never should have been what a horrible thing that I want to tie this. Those that are most responsible for this for Roe V Wade being passed where the pastors the pastors in this country. The pastors in this country. They had an obligation to Almighty God, to march in Washington DC because when when they bit past Roe V Wade, what they did, they committed treason. They betray God they betrayed humanity the betrayed all of us in that office and they should've been put on trial right there for treason. All of but the pastors filled with there was 100 of us went to Washington DC 100 of us, but there should have been $20,000. There, and that failure continued today. The number of creatures after the clergy that I do and they say that they're all afraid they'll lose their tactic that daddy if they mention abortion which is not even quote the help of our talks about abortion is been advocating for a particular political candidate. So it's really just an excuse for people to now Donna can find the most pressing moral issues we have today and not want to risk offending somebody in their congregation and if it please with Jill at the irony.

And that is this okay I pastor a church I belong to the UPF unregistered Baptist Fellowship okay with.

We are not 501(c)(3) cc when you become when you become a 501(c)(3), you become a corporation okay right that the church is the living body of Christ, the living body of Christ, a corporation's corpus means nonliving, you know that not living creation of the state so you agree and I contracted a covenant with the state that you're not the living body of Christ.

But you're a nonliving creation of the state. Again, first of all God's Word the Bible for a site tells us that were not a only tax exempt with tax immune but even the IRS code. I had to I had to former IRS agent on the radio program and they said they were totally stunned and confused why anyone why the church would purposely put themselves under that went the law automatically gives churches tax exemption to begin with.

They couldn't understand that but it's it's an amazing thing. Return and that I will unit we teach on biblical law Andrew how much time do I have their okay were going to switch over here and I want you to keep me keep us informed of what was happening, which I tell you what wanted to stay was can you stay with us after the break break and be here in just a few seconds and then if you want to stay with us were to switch gears and I had another direction they were willing to talk about ER visits due to abortion pills of 500% working to start out but hang in there and will be back after this break will pick it up right from the relieving of here because the one we have a lot more to cover, so until look will be back after this. Don't go away.

Read another breathlessly be right back.

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