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MON HR 2 120621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 7, 2021 12:04 am

MON HR 2 120621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 7, 2021 12:04 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR or anywhere back end of January 6 victim Rosella Boylan's sister speaks out a video for the first time.

Must see our depth exclusive and what I don't have the video here, but in considerable radio. Anyhow, but we just read to you the proof continues to emerge that a woman named Roseann Boylan was killed by DC Metropolitan police on January 6 and the government is still refusing to acknowledge it. The fake news continues to ignore surmounting evidence that justifies that the very least a fair investigation by our deep state government and the January 6 committee Boylan Sr. Lana Cave spoke to was an exclusive interview.

She's big enough for the first time the appearance with a news organization asking to help asking for help associate a full length and depth.

But anyhow it says the family as crowdsourcing to sue government for Roseann's full autopsy records. There also sewing for police body cam footage to they will give you none of this because the corrupt that Washington DC corrupt the corrupt DC police department should there also sewing for body cam footage showing the death on the Capitol steps in January 6 when she was seen on video being beaten brutally to death by DC Metro police officer named Lila Morris. I saw a clip of that there was a eyed that we were cheese. In fact I'm looking at a picture of it right now where this woman cop is hitting her see video here will kill anyone we heard at the gala Gateway pundit we've been investigating Rosanna Boylan's death because no one else will.

And that includes the F that includes the government the Department of Justice we don't have a Department of Justice there totally corrupted, totally corrupted the FBI. The police and the lame Stream wiki corrupt lighting media I can edit similar to an analysis all avenues for whichever he rented from being a true greater commentary, Boylan's immediate family have been trying just for 11 months to get answers and have been denied pertinent information regarding her death. Her parents have been neither full autopsy report by the government and the body cam capital surveillance camera also exist showing her death, and there there you go from here.

Part of the story. The second partners regarding enduring commitment has been charged with crimes related to the January 6 protest here at home when tactical vehicles rolled into his neighborhood.

FBI agents dressed in combat gear loudspeaker announcement to the neighborhood search warrant order for everybody to come out with hands up and this guy wasn't even in the building. He was on the upper Terrace is been charged with unlawful entry conspiracy in all kinds of things and have no history of criminality. No crimes at all the FBI to do is call and say come on into the office. We want to talk to you but no. They drove up in SWAT team and armored vehicles, a little rude residential neighborhood. They are trying to scare the neighbors that this person is dangerous. They're trying to stigmatize these guys there using the tactics like the Gestapo like the German Gestapo were used to silence everybody wife I speak out. This could happen they'll come after me and my family in the middle of the night and you know this kind of thing is going. This is not an American folks, this is like Nazi Germany. This is like the old Soviet Union and its terror campaign. We are living in some very, very dangerous times and the lame stream media is lying to you because half the time they are not telling you the truth. What is going on that dock description said that's lying by omission. So we see some horrifying things happening and the well you got more stuff, but I have another article followed out here in a few minutes Ashley Babbitt has become a household name in America. Rightfully so, but not many of Roseann Boylan the course that is by design is a story does not fit the narrative. The government and the mainstream media wants to believe about January 6, you know, one of things that they're not telling you the both of these women were killed by black people there both white women and both of them.

Only the officer that shot it. Ashley Babbitt killed her point blank range was a black man and Lila Morris of the DC Metropolitan police as a black woman and be and so see what it is.

This is design they want to stir up race hatred between whites and Blacks.

This was designed to do. Again, they know they this is the communist communism to the bone goes on to say they want us to believe that trump supporters were attacking a capital and police were unprovoked with the story is not truthful and evidence continues to emerge that shows the opposite. These people Nancy Pelosi Chucky Schumer.

These people are liars to the bone and I guy I always wanted to just one time to see either one of them tell the truth I've never heard either one of them ever tell the truth about anything. Okay it's it's like is totally against their nature. The government DC medical examiner mainstream fake news media reported that Boylan died of a drug overdose. Since then evidence has emerged that suggest otherwise showing DC Metropolitan police officer brutally beating Boylan with a stick and capital stairs around the time of her death, and multiple eyewitnesses that come forward and sworn the Boylan's death was due to police brutality and there you go. At 70 eyed instances to stir up. These are communist about. There is no longer a Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has ceased to exist. These are death, THESE are hard-core communist or Outlook worker during on the legal side there for your street drug. Her name is Linda Parker and she is going after group of attorneys. Remember back when the group of attorneys sued the state of Michigan over the disputed 2020 election.

Remember that yeah well this judge, this Linda Parker as ordered them all to pay about $175,000 fine attorneys like Sidney Powell, Lynwood and she said this is an appropriate sanction to deter plaintiff's counsel and others from engaging in similar quote misconduct. Does this is this judge is she a George so is bought and paid for prostitute year-round. The Pope wrote in her post nominated by Barack Obama that tells you the love and make their data together the path before that. But anyway, she's order them to undergo 12 hours of legal education on pleading standards on election law.

She's referring them to disciplinary board in their states were their license for investigation possible suspension are environment. These lawyers must pay a price for their misconduct I make here going after these people for Their making up things as they go, folks there talking to the judge that it's undermining the people's faith in our democracy and debating the judicial process because they wanted to look into a corrupt election so you can see, now they're turning the power of the federal judiciary against people, so they're going there, using the FBI there using the department that years are using now the liberal court system with these liberal judges to go after people. This is really really really a revolution you are seeing that take place daily, and you better warn your friends, family and neighbors that this is real.

We still have to many people sitting around the panel watching the news being that they can or just watching things happen and if they don't get busy and start to take part in fighting back. Somehow, either against horrible crop school boards against the of the local Democrat that you got that you can fight in your local communities are trying to get them on elected you better be doing something original lose this country if the people do not rise up and fight back here you have the very same thing in Virginia other than their back at a put in pornography back in the textbooks and and you're right there. They Mayor Garland easily he's lying. These again lying to the court lied to the Senate and now he these again using the FBI and that going after parents. There working with these corrupted school boards to go after parents try to be okay try to put fear into the parents, but you know what, I don't think you know they don't understand the American spirit. You know, and that that's going to come back on him and when we get back in there okay were not going to forget that we have to have will lend of God and that in office.

These in the special forces and fellas, they're not, be like these mushy mushy rhinos that we've had in their you know they just care about getting reelected and and power and and and you know what you talking about here about corrupt judges and that listen to this. It turns out, the fired FBI director Jim Comey's daughter is not only on the team.

She is one of three, and she is one of three lead prosecutors against Jeffrey Epstein's Confident Just Ln., Maxwell Joe, the foxes in the henhouse. It turns out Alice in the box to the boxes are running the henhouse I think and converting it turns out the form FBI director James Comey was fired in his grace, his daughter is a member of the prosecution's team against Jeffrey Epstein's confident again.

She's not only a member. She is the lead prosecutor against Maxwell and there you go, we reported last week, the Marine Comey is grisly Maxwell case in New York City again here, the foxes in the household know here in out in the henhouse. Rather unbelievable to make sure that you think she's there to make sure that now Maxwell doesn't spill her guts because he could bring down all of those people in the high places and there's a lot Joe there's a lot working to be bringing a lot of stuff out in the near future like we have.

There's a lot of really really bad things that are going to happen.

Coming up that will be telling people about it is stretches from Hollywood to New York when it's it's got to do with us what all these children that are missing the hold that the credit communist party now is become a party of satanic pedophiles and funds are not just telling you that it's it's getting worse and worse all the time. There were else, like Rocha, Hunter Biden finger got everybody trying to protect Hunter Biden and all the garbage and their crimes and selling out America, but something you said a minute ago you mentioned there were reinstating during that Fairfax County school. Those books were banned. They came out and made a statement to committees, school officials, librarians, parents, and some students or you can guess they were very selective. Determine the books did not contain pedophilia did not violate regulations by including obscene material. Okay, roll-on boys, one of the books it's about a 10-year-old having sex with men. Gender queer memoir is another one includes photos of sex acts between a boy and a man and they keep saying that there is no pedophilia in these books, so I looked up the definition again in several different dictionaries, pedophilia means adults having sex with children and you've got a book where they have photos of sex acts between boys and men.

And yet this committee at the Fairfax schools are saying that even they have explicit images but no pedophilia and it is not pornography and I had just somebody just needs take the most people outline the barn like we went out here country and have a short conversation just totally sick folks able to do that the children should be tarred and feathered really that this is child abuse… They are going to harm all kinds of children to children that don't need to see this the children that may have some tendencies that will lead them astray and lead them into sexual encounters far before they are mature enough to even consider, let alone having no you know the wrong kind of sexual encounters and wasn't quite sure the right word but to engage in genitalia and other things.

We've got a protect her children. This is the future of America. If we let these people run the schools they will totally destroy the next generation of Americans with political propaganda with sexual orientation with lies and deceit.

And you better. Better get your kids out of those public-school system diplomatic Christian school homeschool something it's getting worse every week. It gets worse doesn't fester yet does to me it seems like I come up with more morning like this. Every other week something new, just same old story.

Just more of it happening yet. I have to make an announcement, but will make it when we get back from this will be an open the phone lines and that we did take some calls but you know what I was supposed to make this announcement tonight and I and it's about what is coming up is about legislation that we have coming up and I will and I can find it here okay here. I've got you ready Joe a right to life action coalition of Ohio which I am a board member and Senate Bill 157 Senate Bill 157 the born alive infant protection act is coming up and becoming up for vote now requires that an infant born alive after a botched abortion after these bases. Animals try to kill the loop.

The precious little child that shall be afforded the same life saving treatment as all other infants. An amendment to the bill ensures that doctors who teach the state funded hospitals and medical schools may not work with abortion clinics which could affect institutions in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio.

This is's sub bill, Senate bill seven Senate Bill 157, the born alive infant protection act, and folks I had to hear someplace were to go the phone numbers for the Ohio Senate which you need to call and where to go right here Ohio State house you can call this number 614.

Listen, please write this down and that 614466884261446688426144668842 and if you post call if you are there you have a democratic senator asking what kind a human being, our unit would vote against this bill. How could. How could you be a human and vote against this bill in the, the born born alive infant protection act is been hurt in the house and then of the families aging and human services. The chair is Susan Manchester and out that will be heard tomorrow at 3 PM in room 114 that will be heard tomorrow 3 PM in room 114 of this is the third hearing and you possibly might have a vote. So again, you want to call them you want to call that number and tell all of you folks out there. I don't care if you live in another state. Call that number and and at 614-466-8842 ask for your Sen. ask for your State Sen. and tell them to vote in favor of the born-again protection act born alive infant protection act as the born alive infant protection act and the need to do that first thing in the morning. Yeah, it occurred to me after totally amazing to me that we even would have to write a law to protect the child survives an abortion comes out alive actually treat that child like a human being given care. Love that and United States of America. The former Christian nation that we would even have to have such a bill is just totally disgusting. Just makes me heartsick if you think about folks we shouldn't have to be that common sense would dictate patient dictate everything in your fleeing should think this should be a given. So this is gotta be something you can all rally. There is no reason that everybody should not relate to this because I want to open the phone lines at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Joe, we had our I just got a right to live annual classical Christmas concert last night at the Chester Christian center of the Assembly of God Church. There and pastor Steve saw check and the folks there really put on a just a beautiful beautiful concert and I want to thank them so much again. It was an Joe. We set a record as far as our fundraising went it was it was a record that we didn't have as many people there is we've had in the past, but by gosh, those that were there really gave they really gave it. We have people drive from long distances and you folks are listing to us out there. I want to thank you so much and and 70 folks at drove those long distances. I like that we do that one more time in the company doers of the word Baptist Church and I want to thank you so much for coming out and supporting and helping to save the lives of the precious unborn. It was the bottom line Joe that the reason that that the grants hate the children so much.

Remember whatever God loves the most. They hate the most. Whenever God loves them as they hate the most regrettable point quite often. It hurt (more than the killing of their children. They meant Andy do we have any callers with Clinton clips that a caller needs cohost a cliff you're in.

There are couple quick comments and maybe a critical question. First, on the trial I see that Clinton was listed at going to the island or on the manifest.

27 times… So he spent an average of three days on the island approximately three months of life that is spent on exiting island and I don't know if I believe that some woman alleges that there was a hot human hearts on the island that was one thing that was interesting on the abortion things might you might have said is the argument that someone not just died if you crawled with electric Ron doubt that gnarls will still react and that's why abortion is okay now. Take a couple of things that how one facility you will, in the same stage of development at some point yourself. You could have been reported that at any given stage number 230 woman's body shall additionally supply the growing child nutrition is directly related.

That's the way nature made them one more comment on abortion. I tried to use the whole to say that okay this many people in the public support abortion is probably fake pole anyway and therefore it's justifiable. But let's say for example hundred percent of the people support an opinion poll bombing Moscow with nukes what can happen on, get new documents so that is what I have to say about that but also scripture that really struck me was Jeremiah chapter 7 somewhere in that chapter, except the truth shall have what would you think about 10.

I have to take a look at it in context as they wouldn't actually says with them. I think I know what you talking about Jeremiah 7 over there and meet it to him also and that to that and that there is a warning and then chapter 2 about worshiping the idols and also in trial about child killing. Let me see if I can go to that okay.

He says there you go behold the trust and lying words. Jeremiah 7 verse eight behold you trust in line words that cannot profit will use steel murder, and commit adultery and swear falsely, and burn incense the know that that's just that they're describing right now what they're describing is the entire Democratic Party platform. The corrupt courts to corruptly scrub prosecutors and some he goes on to say in this house, which is called by my name became a den of robbers in your eyes. Behold, even I have seen this saith the Lord, and of course he was talking about the temple there. So yeah so that's what he's talking about you if you've got it, that the truth. The truth is become is gone from these people. I don't like my people perish for lack of knowledge collected through the parish's letter to the parents from these people. They don't know the truth.

The again look.

Have you ever heard anybody from CNBC, ABC, CBS tell the truth, I'm there. I know I got this Don lemon several times I thought I got to see just how you would like a couple minutes to see if I can get him to just hear him say anything is true and I've never heard them say one thing is true and well right yeah and it said they would Cuomo you know the very same thing. I never heard them say anything that was true. Nothing yet another question would be a little bit and I'm not really that important but you know it says in that one parable of how the Lord was generously paid people and only worked the last hour, but also if you look at the chronicles time would you say that was also partially that like the father was generous to Sean and he should have just taken the generosity up front, not role related to the current brother you know in a way. The father was Genesis, and that the point that he's trying to making there is that he that those that the sudden that was there was with the father okayed the segment had left was a lost son, but it did, but he came back he was redeemed.

That was the point that they're trying to make their okay another words and so that outline the approach that was a thing of beauty to the fact that he was coming backwards was a great and that's what I I encourage all every one of these that the grants out there to repent limited to its repent or perish, repent or perish.

You death the grants listen to say this is the difference we don't hate you.

You hate us, but we don't hate you know in your wickedness. You can't. You cannot fight against God and win.

He can't remember that Mr. Cuomo, Gov. Cuomo found that out when he went out there and he run his mouth about it's not God.

It did this and that will got was listing Gov. Cuomo and and I think your troubles are just starting. You cannot fight against God and win another point is that we might run out to be another story where fate, separate from God. Your resources will actually run out. That could be another got a move on things. This clinic in Kenya or near hello Ken, I'll stand back after my call, make my comment. I would like to thank you for this country.

Your wonderful work. Helped save my marvelous can't certainly plan for that. Thank you Stan for those kind words. Thank you very much.

Point I would like to mention to that last Friday night. Treatment last Friday morning on popular empathy show.

Christina taken boys on the show.

I'm not exactly sure which group with but should mention that they tried to read about the patient at the last ingredient in the so called back at me and they were told that that information cannot be released for the five years you imagine that it sounds like a good cover-up is worse.

There were talked about that in this program we mentioned that of the last week yeah nobody put something like that is unless they want to be sure their debt before they could be held accountable. Absolutely.

I know Christina. She is a real sweetheart. She really is. And speaking of that, folks, that's the other thing when you call your Ohio Sen. tomorrow also told remember this about house bill 218 House Bill 218 vote against House Bill 218 vote against that that that will be coming up for a vote tomorrow to affect only tomorrow. One more thing very quickly got County tea party is having their meeting tomorrow night 630 at the maximum center in Chester Lynn on Cedar Road is the mess the bomb center on an Cedar Rd. in Chester Lynn 630 tomorrow will be discussing a lot of the stuff judged him and Tim Grenville.

Is that what is going to be a featured speaker that's tomorrow 6:30 PM at the maximum center on Cedar Rd. in Chester Lynn Ohio of the website or anything with information that the tea party and oh yeah I just enjoyed County tea oblivious. Gallagher County tea writer suggested everybody close by your mother can get away with.

Opportunity for you to do something or under the battle Jory Nanda get involved and help save your family, friends, neighbors and country. That's one of the ways you can get involved right there.

Go to that younger County tea party meeting Joe that's one of that's one of the reasons that we have so many people you know I used to be your to go house and go to market to be in the market for a month or two out here right now. When a house goes in the market. It's on the market for an hour or two is gone and why people are moving into our county here. You know arch arch Sheriff was one of the sheriffs designed an amicus brief on on stopping this forest vaccine. This is a loop of Biden's bill is is force vaccination bill. Mandatory facts are Sheriff out. It was one of those decided to make speed to be a part of that the stop that and like you said in this county when I can have that in this county and so yeah one more quick argument on your program that we should at our Sen. about how to build a king. To cope up ramp Someone on program urged everybody to vote for now, you're both can't be right.

Something that's wrong someplace in information so could you please tell us exactly what some of the reasons are why we had urged senators to vote against it so well is because it takes away the medical rights and celeb groups allows for mandates of vaccines that are approved by the FDA.

This includes vaccines that are derived from aborted baby cells little babies that have been killed and that are used in testing, production of both so house bill 8 to 18 destroys our healthcare freedoms which were protected by the Ohio Constitution soaked the pro-life community must stand against any and all medical procedures, testing experiments involved involving these the cells in the flesh of babies that were killed by abortion. These activities perpetuate a lucrative horrific horrific business of trafficking and and human baby but body parts and that's why thank you very much.

After already thank you, will be right back after this meeting and we may be paying the naming his mind to hope is your schism is not yours. You're more trouble than you can imagine he really is. I'm telling you folks, I know you say well you I don't particularly believe that you're free to believe whatever you want him and say this again God.

God has gotten it right every time God is a perfect record of what he says he does and if I were you out there I would pay close attention to that record is eight disable I don't necessarily believe there are no unbelievers in heaven or hell. You will die when that happens, there will be the judgment and you will go to heaven or hell doesn't matter what you think or what you believe is what God says that will happen. That's the way it's always been when we have next page on your and their log. I were okay. How are you were degraded and saved just went over the all-time murder rate thoughts a little bit about bad winter. Well congratulations you 30 (and I just read this data a little courthouse altercation at the White House and not Minnesota and Weinberger that the guy that was his chief teapot blog which is way he lived a block from where my first thoughts was in St. Paul so not a lot of interesting data than without St. Paul and in the two Supreme Court justices that decided well versus Wade where we are not wearing the demonic stronghold here. You know that was voted for.

There was a 74 into against and in that no I didn't like it said I think it's a special place in hell for those people have done that when a horrible thing because what they did is they transgressed God's dominion and transgressed God's dominion in them. Not a smart thing to do with them.

Whether this awful cold here to not die quite that cold.

It was like 25° out there that that's not quite as cold as a warrior and 4° yeah but my question is what you guys think about this Lynwood guy is he a nutcase there or what Bill Rittenhouse is saying that he represented him still allow the bailout money kept in jail for a month when the critter got on earlier and basically said that he is insane and then you came out and he represented that the other Catholic kid from the hot Covington school and he apparently won him millions of dollars so I went guy just the cougar. What now I think Rittenhouse and I listened to some of what he said look I think he's a very, very immature fella and he was probably listening to some of what is new lawyers are doing.

I don't really know but all I do know what I've heard about him is always been. He's always been upright as far as the everything I've heard him say like he said he represented the other fellow, which he got in but everything I've heard them say is been on the up and up coming.

I am hurting say anything that I would disagree with and so I got you blasted Sidney Pollack and eat now it fitting that the stop the steel movement is often the deep state and people are saying what's wrong with this guy and I'm I'm going in on from the deep state, you gotta be kidding me. That's okay last thing that so-called right wing conservatives now. Well now I don't know what you type as I I'm telling you what everything that I've heard him say is been on the up and up. But that doesn't mean you know a lot of times people lose their mind. That happens a lot nowadays yeah that's what it seemed like when they go to Katie plastic – neglected that that is a sleeping bag. Well, I would just as well a lot of people when they get rich famous powerful and often displaying date to undergo, and that either seems that they don't thing to be able to handle those three things. That's what I'm wondering.

And I don't know I haven't Up on the outside, but all I just know I've watched other people throughout life and things like perfectly normal people went off the deep end well. They either got a lot of money, a lot of fame or hold the power, I got a move on the entire board is lit the listen. Try to stay warm out there. Minnesota let's go to religious A's next Jackie Rainier McGrath are operating like there's not going to be another election they don't thing to be concerned about the polls.

The seem double down. I believe our military has been compromised.

The ideology of the military is probably by now split down the middle and I know what their prenup promoting and now with the confrontation with China and Russia, and I think one of the things that we've forgotten is the president as commander-in-chief has the power to surrender and I can envision a scenario before the next election. We end up in a confrontation with Russia and China and the president surrenders the country to China and Russia and the announcement would go like this.

We were on the verge of having every American city destroyed and to prevent that. I've decided is your commander-in-chief to surrender the United States will now be divided between Russia and China and you will now take your instructions from Russia and China, United States of America no longer exists.

We have surrendered well that's kind of is already happened in a sense, because China is next to Bill Gates as far being the largest landowner in America. The Chinese government next to Bill Gates owns the most amount of land in America. There the buying out the small farmers left and right small farmers can produce their they don't have fertilizer to plant crops next year and items that there will be plenty.

As far as is. You know, Biden. Biden shut down our pipelines. We were in we were selling oil and gas to do these countries. We were on the major world's largest producer but now he shut it down to where we have to depend and bag on Russia and and beg beg OPEC so he's embolden and strengthen Russia. That way, so he's been date actually surrendering our country piece by piece, as is been in office when you came from. The Cold War was better red than dead. And I wonder how strong the American people are today. Would they risk a nuclear war where every major city in the United States would be destroyed or were they would be accepted surrender in order to save our city have the documents going to be framed and things are happening very fast right now.

They don't put it up for a vote to go to war not getting that there's a lot of politics you've got the military-industrial complex involved in that to abutment with the conflict with China hereunder and let you know ahead of time, Millie is not on our site.

Believe me exactly an in-depth. My point and the other thing is between the FBI.

The NSA and CIA. Many of our politicians, including Joe Biden are being blackmailed and do what they're told. Yeah, absolutely. I got a move on. But thanks for: you have a next there Linda you're in there hi there, how are you I'm I'm okay. Try mylar right now I'm real sorry. I would like to phone number I can, expenditure track to vote for or against the Alkmaar abortion. If a child by abortions that came about constantly making online and I spent the first three numbers at 614. I would like to immerse Cleveland know what state are you in when I see this is for Ohio. This is for Ohio but you can call the Ohio yeah yeah you can call it no but you can call called the Ohio number and if you give the colleges them. Okay yeah okay okay now move onto the next thing Jeremiah is referring to Jeremiah on starting with 2020, think, and referring to 28 you shall think again for thinking like in the library batter Correction. Parenting has been cut off from their mouth like that). The clip is referring to. Anyway, Mary called Blaine the first, probably was talking, I'm not like 1-14) Blaine, I'm not very cold. You guys keep that there don't send it this way. I hear God bless you all that I could not surrendering this pantry and pray that your shell area. I could get country I get back.

It makes me sick to my destination.

I hope that Pres. Trump went do something to stop at Arabic and went into gain and prevent that from happening… That Biden would do that.

I and I think I'm out of time. I don't have time for the thing that I'm out of time so exited how God bless you and Merry Christmas to you all right Joe you got three minutes to give an invitation. All right, I want to start Bible verse. Second Corinthians 517 therefore if any man be in Christ is a new creature, old things are passed away. Behold all things are become new. That's one of the blessings becoming new when we become a new creature, we become an eternal creature, and in the spirit in Romans eight, nine, 10 says that ye are not in the flesh but in the spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the spirit of Christ is none of his. And if Christ be in you body is dead because of sin that the Spirit gives life because of righteousness. We know that the Jesus came to this world. What he said he came to save sinners he came to be the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world, he came to give us a path to the father away to get to a holy, righteous God, even though we're visible sinners and as you were saying earlier there are no unbelievers in heaven or hell, and said a few people well they say or what if the I'm wrong. Well if I'm wrong, I've lived a life I've led a wonderful life the life of peace and joy in contentment. But if I'm right on one end up in heaven for eternity.

And if the nonbelievers are the ones that are wrong, you're going to end up in hell.

I think it's a pretty easy decision to make but that is the decision where you can spend eternity, and the only way to get there is to be a born-again believer can't do that you have to call upon the father and confess your sins are tourist center that your sins help put Jesus on that cross and you want to be forgiven of those sins. And you ask that Jesus becomes the Lord of your life. All of your life without reservation and if you want him to give you the indwelling of the whole Holy Spirit, which is your down payment on eternal life, and this is what makes you that born-again believers that indwelling of God's Holy Spirit. Jesus said I am in the father. The father in me and I am in you through the Holy Spirit and then you become that new creature in your creation. A born-again believer child of the kingdom. The key to all of this is when you call upon the father you must have a repentant heart, you must repent of your sins and deliver returning indwelling to turn away and start to be obedient to God to turn toward him and away from the sin that's not maybe that's not maybe we are out of time for tonight and so folks again do it to his pastor Joe says pray to the father asked for forgiveness until tomorrow. Good night God bless and always always always keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W hi WNL not on please tune in next time for meditation. Once right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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