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MON HR1 120621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 6, 2021 11:07 pm

MON HR1 120621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 6, 2021 11:07 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now and welcome to another additional what's right what's up time radio patronage centers, and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance. No, on the sixth day of December, and I'm not here, into a little one side of my earphones here but anyhow 6 December Monday 2021, and that we have there on the Lord of the board tonight.

The mighty Andrew house OJ and we have from way out yonder in Missouri, Joe Larson Highway on professional prayer are ready to go to work well but you were Jill, we have them. We have some prayer request before we get into these prayer requests I want to just give condolences to the family and friends of my old friend a long long long time. Fred Z. Corsi, Edward Corsi was a patriot. He was always standing up for the rights of the people against corrupt government. He was a really big Second Amendment man and like is that if Ed was also a very very ardent pro-lifer of years.

He he would come out with me to the abortion mills and as I we go out and preach, he would also go and preach to the people try to save babies for a number of years and it was so natural path he would.

He helped a lot of people find cures for their problems and that just point them to natural medicines and natural medicines that and that I know had had a longtime problem with a sinus infection and things him that he was he was battling and I know that that the doctors were beside themselves trying to figure out what was causing his problem and he died of a blood clot and that's all I know. I don't know Blake like to wear, but he died today of a blood clot and so he left behind when my dear, dear, dear friend, a wonderful godly lady Marissa Murray said her wife he called her Marissa and everybody else: Teresa, his daughter Heather and his son Edward and so are most most most sincere condolences go to the family of Ed's sisters also that he left behind in an endless dear friends and I know he's is already missed and will let you folks know more about when the funeral was going to be and where it's going to be and then I have a dear friend Joseph Joseph in the hospital usually is very, very, very ill and again that this is the time who were calling on people out there because "you every day every day in the middle. We get hundreds and hundreds of request for prayer we take him and every Thursday morning we meet and we spent hours there lifting up you folks out there this and this in your request in prayer. We appreciate right I need for all of you to do that and everybody else's listening also to join with us as we we pray for these people were going to start with Josie Ohio and Joe is very ill, is a longtime friend in Ann Arbor. Pro-lifer a good solid Christian man member of doers of the word, even though he hasn't been able to attend for a long long time and so we would ask Lord, are as you folks out there to join us in prayer for Joe as we pray for them was pray heavenly father Lord, that we just want a whole. Her brother up and asked father God, Lord, you would touch him, Lord, and Lord, take away the pain reason he's been in so much pain. Lord, take away the pain giving some relief of pain he Joe wonders why Hawaii wise as he become like Job, Hawaii Hawaii visitation will heavenly father. I don't know why but I do know that all you have to do is touch them and he limits as long as I've known him. He spent a good godly brother. So we would ask that you would do that.

Lord, that you would touch entailing take away the pain and also brother Todd to brother Todd who I haven't heard from Todd of your listing out there since you called us.

I know you were in the hospital but I don't know which hospital and I know that you said you lost the use of your legs, but I don't know and I don't have a number to call you so you have to call us back if you can hear us tonight. Lord, I want to pray the same message for Todd Lord, that you would touch Todd take away the pain restores his feelings to his legs and an Lord that you might give him a total and complete healing. Joe is a lady, her name is Edna I Merman and the high member and she is asked for prayer. She has a headache. She has lung nodules. She has a kidney stone and she has severe digestive problems in heat you would asked if you would pray for her. Her right about dear Lord is the name that I've heard first time tonight at the beautiful beautiful thing is Lord you know everything about it enough here. New pictures reverently created. You know everything about her. There's nothing I need to tell you.

Don't doubt that we notice she's complaining about headache pain and the other systems that her body is going through Lord is suffering serious issues like the rest of this frightened Richard continues to have things affect Extra stop and Lord reduce would lift her up to you for blessing you just reached down and blessed her with healing that you would comfort her as if she was really paying that you list and all effort.

I will were always tasks that sometimes call enough child home and the button. We don't know. So Lord, we were just as she revealed her testified miraculous healing and you were just luster every way possible. Father, we ask this in Jesus name, amen a month. Thank you Joe, the title of the message you remember how God said and written okay with it a certain Genesis chapter 3 wanted to read his verses one through seven. Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God. It may, and he said under the woman EA got said, you shall not eat of every tree of the car and the woman says in the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the carcass, but the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God Said he shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest you die, and the serpent said under the one shall not surely die for God to note that in the day that ye eat thereof there in your eyes shall be open, and ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil.

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also under her husband with her, and he did eat in the eyes of them both were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves lights only take a look at this I we see a couple things there. First of all, today you could leave a resisted temptation. Today we know what does God always give us what does God give us the ability to resist temptation today to you. Okay thing to tell contrary to both children are tourist to play when you're overly tempted your current employee to get away from the temptation right.

But now the question is how will first of all, we know that Adam had never seen another human being, Adam and never seen another human being. We know that that he gave and Eve had never seen any other human being. Besides Adam and overwrite, and Satan himself had not ever seen any other human beings other than Adam and Eve right friends and so now, but we do know that Adam and Eve walked with God in the garden as so that there there had to be a fellowship there right and waterproofing daily talk right to have as Christians.

The personal relationship right yet we are, but no master. This will how long was it.

How long was it since after God had put Adam and Eve in the garden. How long was Satan there and watching and peering and looking for weakness before he moved I don't know about this good reason for that because the Bible doesn't really tell you that we always have a we have a tendency to think in on things and know in relation to the Ward lives. We we live fast lives. If everything happens quickly instant but Satan could have been for years he could've been set in there because Adam and Eve both had you know they had a very very large and okay and extreme intellect.

God, these are prototypes God gave them you know Adam to to name all of the animals within itself and of course you know the Satan had the greatest electability God had created him the smartest creation and the most beautiful creation so here now, so we've got these things, he made a been Satan may been looking for years and watching and waiting to see if he can find the weakness before he moved in. Remember, time in no time really had no yet all the time in the world and he literally fell out of any remainder current work. Yeah.

And so here when he moves he finds he finds in the weakness he finds Eve's weakness was discernment.

How do we know that well because of the way he went after her, shall not surely die concerning right and wrong discerning truth.

Satan manipulated her and she didn't discern the manipulation that that's true but we also know that because the apostle Paul tells us that over and in first Timothy chapter 1 he tells us that will help yet he tells us that know that that was that because of the woman because of that that's where the enemy attacks women is in the area of discernment and that's why women were not to be pastors of the churches ordained ministers passes of the church and so, so he found her weakness in her weakness was discernment and and it took him a while now here. Remember, Eve was the most beautiful woman ever created.

She was a prototype. She was most beautiful woman now here the most beautiful creature according to Ezekiel chapter 28 that was ever created was Lucifer right and so even his vesture was made out of diamonds and rubies and precious stones. So what what attract the second most beautiful creature more than anything else beautiful creature correct so so we see this now. Now, people often they get a picture of Satan. They see these pictures as he painted. He got the serpent wrapped around a train the trees get apples on we don't know what kind of fruit was but we do know that Satan was not in the form of a snake. I we know that to wasn't until Genesis 3 that God made him crawl on his belly but that he was a beautiful creature not God made man in his image.

Obviously lady probably Satan was probably. I know that all the. The images of angels that when they appear to men.

They appear as men.

And so Satan probably appear. This is very handsome fellow that would what attract, eat now, now that we gotta find Adam's weakness. Adam had the job of warrior really fine, because it's right there.

Genesis 17 and the hero saying about this woman you gave me data and because Valerie L. Listen to the voice of his wife is crying. Lord you gave me this wellness align is well instructed him and well yeah well his pride was his weakness but in this situation here in Outlook. You were just given the task of naming all of these animals you had done build platypus as you had porcupines you had hippopotamuses right God says God says I gotta find you a mate Adam Frey set Milliken of female growth. They can now no no no, but so now all of a sudden God puts the big sleep on Adam and wakes up finds that is missing a rib and this is most beautiful creature he's ever laid eyes on their okay do you think he was completely completely taken in by her beauty. I work out first thing the first creation you enter comparator note judgments and spirited and beautiful.

No clause zoning that there would've been up and keeping him from reading acting as a man Joe if you are woman do you think you'd be pretty one. Not like I did my lay that on, you do something know that all right picture you in this. That's deftly as the click of the vacancy in the number. I remember that time that you smart girl called on the radio program and she was talking in the sexy voice and we were talking about this how adamant he was.

They when they were naked.

They did know that they were naked and in she calls up another says I like to see you naked, and ice is what let me tell you this you will and I've seen me naked. It almost makes me sick and and that's all. All he needed to take with their it's an amazing thing. But anyhow, so now here you go ahead and we see this in them. But Satan says to her, yea, I listen God said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden.

Now another was what what was the.

The attempt with those words that he did try to put some doubt about and doubting what God and about work, drive, well, what about God's will about God's goodness robotic Karen well.

Well, you would have to say about his his goodness do not have guys that is either good or receive all right and so you shall not eat of every tree and the woman said yes to the separately made of the fruit of the trees in the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst God himself shall not said that they got ever tell Eve not to eat of the fruit really did need told Adam. Adam was the one outlet polenta Eve McKay and so, remember you going back and end up as he wasn't there yet okay right okay and so given the law throughout. Yeah he did and so here is walking and talking with God. We don't know at what point in federal court, and so it's possible God could've regenerated that with her. Well, here's what it says the Lord God said, took the man. But even in the garden of Eden in dress and keep the Lord God commanded the man saying, of every tree of the garden, Amish relief, but of the tree of the knowledge of the good and evil, thou shall not eat of it for the day that lead us to decay. So this is what will maybe maybe Adam told Eve will but Adam wouldn't done that yet because that would have been on an untruth right Peter told Eve. So here he was in the presence of the tempter and all of us are already she is. She is being beguiled and already cheated.

She's total of fit up from the library from the bright out of the chute because God never told her she couldn't touch it.

So now here when we all what we know about some of things, but Adam Adam was the first zoologist you know that it was the first zoologist. He was the first landscaper and architect. He was the father of the human race. Well, it was the first person ever be made an image of God in the first sheet the first human to share an intimate personal relationship with God was any way going elsewhere in case not what was one of his weaknesses.

You just hit on one of his weaknesses and that was what I that he didn't take on the head of the garden.

He was naming all the animals on training and authority. He had responsibility. I guess you're very proud of his position legitimate except the responsibility when they say I got is that woman you gave me I was doing God I was I was no good here where I had the lines in the Tigers in the bed I was doing God, but that woman you gave me. That woman you gave me she's she's the one that got me in all this trouble that you gave me that woman.

Gave me the fruit. We were there because ordered very and gave also wonder her husband with her, so he was with her when this point locate verse six. How much authority did he have a net garden total authority. He had to do or what God God had given him total authority. Did he have the authority to take the head of the serpent you and who knew that better than anybody. Dr. serpent was doing something evil or harming the garden are those that is that why the serpent didn't go to him because the serpent knew that he had the authority and and Adam was not going to be dinner. The serpent was not can appear beautiful, Adam. Again, you but the but the but now, by this time the serpent has Satan figured out the nature of the woman okay you diamonds and rubies, and all of these things even in his vesture right and so now so Adam's weakness was needed except responsibility shouldn't if he had been responsible right from the beginning and knowing God he would've taken it off the serpent and he would've said to Eve get back to the kitchen and go do your go do your job, but he did not deserve problem today with men who don't take the headship of their house men who who are henpecked, they allowed they allow their wives to rule them. Do we see that a lot of that rodeo.

Okay, now do we see that may try to be totally equal and very cold together.

That's not a lot of things you're supposed to prevent things that involve headship faith in God responsible, okay what what famous couple in the Bible exudes that. How about Ahab and Jezebel. The work of the well-respected good right Ahab and Jezebel not what modern-day couple okay reflect that mirror that going over exactly, exactly, couldn't they could merely mortgage could be no okay alright so here even now Eve was the first woman not only the first woman with the first 01 to ever give birth, she was the very first mother.

She was the mother of all humanity currently was vulnerable so well begins to break will be back right after this would more don't go away about what the government is doing in what Pfizer is doing and this amazing global coordinated propaganda campaign, which includes the direct hunting of physicians. It's a script that's used again and again and again to try to delegitimize and damage the ability of physicians were administering early lifesaving treatment on and it's half thing all over the world.

It's a standard cookbook approach that's been done in rent traveling quite a bit now and podcasting to every nook and cranny. It seems like on and they've got this this there is this coordinated practice of third parties not patients typically filing complaints with a physician.

Licensing boards batch triggers usually member physician licensing boards are handling things like all the doctor gets drunk too much, or is abusing drugs are all he has some personal problem with his sex life or you know that chemist.and if you look on most medical boards you see that kind of traffic and they have to review those cases the others complain about malpractice or something and they have to review those typically they'll reprimand a dock and sale you have to get some training in maybe are suspended for three months seconds. This is totally different. This is third parties not patients making complaints against physicians often are associated with big hospital chains and local-area and the physician is practicing medicine where he's administering lifesaving therapies keeping people out of the hospital and they get these attacks and then that boards are obligated to investigate the claims, then that is pushed in the press as Dr. acts is now under investigation for administering you know or doing or saying minutes also thought crimes right you can be accused of thought crimes involving raising concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and that triggers these kinds of things and it's out in the press been in the hospital says oh Dr. ask you to controversy all you're going to have to leave or the practice manager, you know, essentially the equivalent of the senior physician. The practice says no I'm sorry you're hurting our business.

You have to leave. So basically the dock is stripped from his practice strip from his employment not able to practice in the same way and what's happening again and again the stocks is they know they haven't done anything right. They know that they're saving patients lives.

There's that fascinating interview of Harvey.

Harvey rich in in Epoque time suggested that street yesterday on Yale Senior full Prof. Gail, epidemiologist sing flat out either Mac and hydroxychloroquine absolutely work it save thousands of lives. It's been used in hundreds of thousands of patients and this is a coordinated attack on the use of early treatment in those agents that's being managed by some third party that seems to have a financial interest in doing so on. And then you can read Bobby Kennedy's book and and see the clear documentation about how this is been engineered by Janet Woodcock and Rick bright or you can see the video clip that zaps a linkup put together savage. The guy that on that originally wrote the letter to Donald Trump about hydroxychloroquine that got trumped so excited about each seek to and got Pat feel and in that crew to start buying the drug and making it available and then Rick bright basically conspired with Janet Woodcock to countermand the president's orders and make it so that these drugs would not be available for physicians to administer outside the hospital mean the stuff that's gone on is going to fill the history books for decades and decades and decades. You know that was Joe Brown like document that was Dr. Robert Malone. You know what he's known for 13 RNA. He invented using the RNA as medical portal to make vaccine and you know what he said about it he said it is a bio weapon rapid. It is a bio weapon. It is not know.

Don't use it, it will kill you as a weapon is a biological weapon and here's a guide to put it together right right well.

They also made it quite clear that when he invented a process that it was to be a basis for long-term experiment working toward being able to make it on medicines or would be helpful to people, but he was saying this quick jump that they did was not scientific was not correct was dangerous didn't follow the protocols and that kind of medicine and the first reason he was against that it wasn't done correctly, wasn't proven safe and that upsetting because it is a conscientious physician that what he said when he came in he said 500,000 people that died didn't have to die and it was because the file cheek in the game made it made a very sure that they could not get hydroxychloroquine fibronectin or call her smoke over certain you can still get that as of shells for people to know about and so they did everything they could to keep you from getting that and so and and like he was saying. In other several number of doctors and said you know what when I can betray her patients and that the Sawyer hospitals white novel lost so much credibility people to want to go to the hospital anymore. They they look at the hospital. I think they look at that, the FBI or some of these others that are they've give they've been corrupted.

The been totally corrupted and so then only want to go there anymore and so and so many of these doctors have not had the integrity to stand up. They bowed down rather than lose their job, they found ways to try to justify and I talked and I just talked to MDs and you know it's an interesting thing Joe when you talking about this, they they break off eye contact and and and so that the eligibles of the right there but but you know they say well you know there is propaganda coming from the other side. Mother was from from front-line doctors and these others there exaggerating things know where no maybe there is father calling up propaganda. Remember when you go back to a loner.

One of the articles a while back about our Medicine, not client.

It's about power and control and that's why it was all the people financial interest in the drug they had 69 trials, 31 randomized controlled trial.

Trial that showed either Mac turn was a effective treatment for coping. They had almost 270 peer-reviewed studies that show to Dr. Corcoran work so when they went after the stuff. The only reason was they had the support big Pharma and the big corporations back to the big farm of the big hospital change. This is what is Scripture say of money in them throughout answer answer, of all things. This is about power, control and money and the doctors went along with it except for the few. The front-line doctors and people like Dr. Malone who was willing to risk his career his reputation to tell the truth. Again, they're going to start their own AMA because the AMA has lost all credibility to the they've given him. They have bowed down and to the God of money to Mammon. Okay.

And so they lost all credibility when organization comes out and tells you that there are no longer going to put the gender and birth certificate because there's really no proof that what what a gender is of folks. Believe me, all you have to do is look at a baby boy. Her baby girl, Winterbourne. You could tell which was which. Okay and and for them for them to do that for them to give in and you know and and go along with this with this mutilation of the young girls and with the this whole transgender thing and it's a sickening and so they've lost all credibility to the were living in that they are with it. Where were saying all these things happening of the new thing that I felt was where I wanted. Dr. Malone and fighting and fight with been doing it all over longer is concerned about the vaccine mandates the policies they set Arthur causing serious serious harm death, and especially directly to the children and he said it give a long interview and he said that he's not a right-winger and his wife were central coast Californians anything we both came from slightly better left politics and all that he said what we've seen in the last two years has completely changed our point of view on politics and he said I am seeing that happen all across the country with what the government is doing the harm the children and he said I'm seeing a major political realignment starting to grow here not just in the United States but worldwide and in cities. This is a hill is going to die on what he said, is speaking out because of all the danger to the people. He said I because I'm glad he wrote. It's not right it's not fair hurting people. It's breaking rules left and right. People are lying continuously there manipulating the data that's shocking and he said people are losing faith doctors hospital care.

The government and each of the problems, the damage is going to last for decades. What they've already done and he's calling it evil.

Right now it evil and so when he came off with this. That was the day he basically said that this is a really gonna die on. He's risking everything to stand for this and I thought there was a man that needs to be listened to and followed he's out of his courageous is everything we could ask about position. Yeah well I want to go to this of the new cases of the omicron variant identified in the US on Thursdays. Joe there was something in all. Every one of these people that were identified as being positive.

They all had one thing in hand column, okay, go ahead, tell it. They all were vaccinated every one of them were vaccinated about one word had natural immunity.

Everyone got sick during this country were vaccinated and by the way this omicron is now in 38 countries in the world. But guess what else. Not one single loss of life is Betty 138 countries that is contracted be on the crime.

Subject to think that would be headline news outlet remember what this Malone said.

He said that if you have had if you had them had coded okay or if you got them fax he's eased he came right out means that if you took that it would lower your immune system that would make you acceptable susceptible of innate and for those that had been that had coded and got over it and had built up a resistance to it. It would do them twice as much damage but the others that have had the faxes that it would lower your immune to where you would be more susceptible to pick up any other variant to come along and that that's exactly what happened with this because every one of those people so far that has been diagnosed have been vexed, directly or there is a big article out Kroger's Bailey droll Hirschhorn scientist and journalist and thought about this micron but what we haven't heard here as there was a French scientist very esteemed senior scientist Dr. rock fun cleaning is a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at University of actually Marcel and he is saying they found she should know what is happening with this big research has been about and should be telling you the truth and basically there's the state did a fake study on the transmissibility of this virus is a lot of complications and they give certain values of things, but the end result is that the omicron is the now. Yes it's contagious but not as contagious as the Elko or that data or the and all Delta by far and the fact he says the low t-value just 37% of Delta the value no one's been going around but this it does not know have a greatly theology and what they're thinking it spread easily, but it's probably going to make people sick, but not kill people. This omicron mutations go in all kinds of different direction. Well, it's a very strong it kills the host and then what can't go anywhere. Die so you get a real horrific infection doesn't spread very far because all the patient die and it doesn't get spread and so he's saying this variant is going spread, but it's not going to replace you know the Delta or any other stitches cannot make people sick and alternative basically is give them antibiotics so this big research with all this detailed stuff and it basically comes down to one.

The vaccines are going to have little impact on the omicron transmission because there is nothing in the vaccine with the handling of the work presented only the natural immunity will be of use.

The fight omicron so they knew this already. You made that point, everybody in the United States to got sick vaccinated because the unbacked. Those that have natural immunity can fight this off, but those that have the vaccine. The vaccine is totally useless against is very and what are they going to do. They want everybody to get a blister. They want to give them something that does absolutely no good to fight something that it can't possibly touch so now we know the truth they're pushing these vaccine they're pushing to control the power and they're trying to have all these people make money because there is no scientific value. Giving the vaccine from the crime, absolutely not. Let's move on.

Nino far is that truth particles I've known from the very beginning this whole thing was a scam to make. We told you from day one day one, we suppose please don't fall for any of this is just like evolution just like the global warming scam.

This is another one induced fear get the people afraid get the chicken Little as well, given that you're going to see this out there again. The they're moving on this mask they will talk about that, but the chicken Little's will be out running around with her soiled diapers on their faces. You see a lot of them out there because they don't know any better, but lilies here think about it. So they've got access to this.

We now are telling people they can go to world news daily vacancy that is called a French friend at the fire out. She didn't omicron Delta that's out there, but the media is not going to tell the truth.

The government is not going to tell the truth in here. One of the most senior scientist in Europe saying that this omicron is nothing to worry about that. The vaccines are totally useless against and I bet it that the interests see how long before any of this truth comes out. Other than on program like this exclusive forgotten monument to dead orphans from Fauci's tortuous and deadly age. Trip testing is located is located in New York State heartbreaking photos in August. Again, we put a contributor Cassandra Fairbanks broke the story and Dr. Fauci's use of taxpayer money to torture beagles and barbaric animal testing. Dr. fudge funded a study in Tunisia were beagles were eaten alive by parasite infected flies in here. Dr. fudge also spent over 16 million in taxpayer funds distributed toxic brain injection experiments on monkeys in 2018. We talked about that, Dr. Balaji. More recently, was caught funding gain of function research and will hand China library Regina laboratories blamed for the production and link of coronavirus Fauci lied about his funding of the lab under oath numerous times is a he's supposed to be convicted of that, but we don't have a Justice Department we do not have a Department of Justice okay that it is become noticeably a branch of the debt, the credit Communist Party but Dr. Balaji sinister work does not stop there.

Fauci is a long history of mass death barbarism and lies in 2004 Fauci's NIH was also caught funding experiments on AIDS orphans in New York City Hospital. The Gateway pundit reported on this dark Fauci chapter in October, the Fauci NIH approved experiments on hundreds of New York City orphans government agencies and pharmaceutical companies use the orphans of a deadly age drug trials in 2005, the city of New York which is a wicked city itself horribly wicked city. The city of New York hired the vera Institute to form a final report on the drug trials there. I was given no access to medical records and many of the children used trials. The report was published in 2008. The report of the 25 children die during the drug studies that an additional 55 children died following the studies in foster care, and according to Tim Ross, director of the child welfare program and vera as of 2009, 29% of the remaining 417 children who were used in the drug studies had died out of the total of 532 children that are admitted have been used in the link there you go, that the judge out the wickedness of the world.

Elko backup workers that earlier there is a group of British scientists call the scientific pandemic influenza group on behavior and they are publishing this fascinating get stuff out that this whole agenda with the pandemic is to control population with fear. They're calling it unethical totalitarian vision putting out a book about it and they're gone on a non-they're talking about how like a weird experiment and it's all about mind control, and people are using all over the world. Pandemic to grab power drive things through government to the people that could never happen otherwise and are saying that this pandemic responses, like what they were trying to do with climate change. Here, the fear of the fair and is in the pudding, and 2020. The annual state mental health America showed that anxiety and depression nationwide hit an all-time high. Anywhere they could find younger people work at the hardest and result nations around the world are conducting psychological warfare against their own populations to further their toll and utilitarian agenda. This is what you and I were telling people way back that this was happening. This is why. And now we've got other groups coming on big-name groups and that this all-time high mental health, depression, anxiety, and are using around the world that psychological warfare like is that the vaccine itself is a weighted use of warfare like been recognized and the ideas to create a toll it felt: solitary and world already switch over to whisper going on in the people that have been arrested there for January 6. Many people had nothing to do when he was in there but would see the Gestapo, the Gestapo and by the way, they will not release the videos they will not because those death aquatic that corrupts the extremely totally and completely corrupt death. Aquatic mob nasty Pelosi and that whole corrupt mob up there. They know that if with those videos and we get those videos out and people see him.

They know that their cook about that corrupt corrupt.

I mean extremely corrupt mob the debt, the credit Communist Party and there try to make examples and seat you know what our people should not forget the problem was we have too many of the Republican leaders out there is this stupid that they and their hot you know Joe if you have here 80 House Republicans vote with the debt, the grass the past funding bill for gay best bill funding federal database hello housewives that I would have a list of these Republicans that that voted here that the turn on us to vote for Bidens Bidens build back better or they rhinos we have too many writers where they would have a lot less writing. I noticed one thing is a trend now for from ex-military, especially special forces to run for office. That's a very good rating. Cereals are running in creditor may have been elected already. That's a very good trend right now that were to be getting rid of some of these very corrupt and and weak week rhinos mess. The problem we have. But anyhow you. Things were talking on the January 6 the justice department and everything as going after certain attorneys and people there for.

They want their diaries. They want their computers. They want their cell phone record. They are basically want to go hunting and they are getting warrants to confiscate and search warrants to confiscate diary computer emails, phone calls of attorneys and anybody associated with this January 6. Even people that they think you know where they want to go after and their breaking half the amount they profess about cake tradition. All right, first of all there is. America does not have a Justice Department that is gone. Okay Obama finished it off.

He he infiltrated he put his corrupt people in the Bidens along and finish when Obama started so is a department of Judas. It's it is not an independent judge department. It's simply a part of the Democratic I'm his party collective now and the revolution what it really is right along with the FBI so anyhow. You know, this is why you want to know what I found.

She has not been prosecuted because we don't have a department of just right and capabilities. Attorneys are appealing and what are they going to court quickly department Judas is not listening to court in order going ahead and purchasing the Biden directives. Regardless of what the courts are saying we have.

We are seeing a revolution taking place. The Constitution is ignored the rule of law's been thrown out the window and there is nobody in a position of power really to put a halt to accept the Supreme Court and it moves like a snail on certain issues and it still has to have to take things through series of court cases before can even get there.

So what they're hoping is to get this whole revolution firmly in place before anything can catch up and do something to harm yeah sounds scary because that's way off in the next year's elections before we can really do something against it right. Well you supposed to see it one time we had a military military and their job was to defend America against all enemies, foreign and MS and domestic right okay with doing a lot of right now and so will be back right after this would more go away. Be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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