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TUE HR 2 120721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 8, 2021 12:02 am

TUE HR 2 120721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 8, 2021 12:02 am

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Donate a listen to the podcast WR we are back in George Libby don't remember who we talked about yesterday, who is the lead of the prosecution's Colby's daughter again.

You talk about putting the foxes in the henhouse. Others, more is more foxes in the henhouse in our hands. No, but listen to this recording to the Dell's voice. Nathan has been presiding over the trial of sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein's associate Kathleen Maxwell on sex trafficking charges know what you think. Maxwell knows and and so what kind of a deal. Two things could be cut.

I mean on on the very famous people who were there playing with underage girls that one girl that signature was in there from the time she wrote €14 on up through whatever and there's a lot of these amendments look at these underage girls that were provided and their names and identities must be kept out of the news and so her goal. Things are going to be all about keeping the truth from the public's interest is because something wasn't really known very much about was affected. Jeffrey Epstein had visited the Clinton White House. When Clinton were in the White House twentysomething times that he is going to the White House when Clinton was in there and it almost white equipment located in almost a lot of these wealthy people have applied work from somewhere something about, but Quentin had what 1719 different trips that were aware of those are the ones we know about yeah well I remember because they keep to keep bringing up Donald Trump Donald Trump. I remember right about the year 2000 when they were asking Trump you know what you would do you think I don't know what was happening, but I know I believe Clinton attended Trump's wedding and so asked him what you think about Bill Clinton and Trump had said these are nice enough guy, all right, a member listen to what he said always a nice enough guy right but needs to stay away from that island. It's a bad place is not should go there people that is a very bad place. I remember hearing from say that and so that's that is when the idea started Hayden wait a minute. Maybe we better keep an eye" okay, it may not be like the rest of yeah and so I minutes is cooking. This could be a whole lot coming up even find that so many so many people in high places in government have been known that the death of Kratz.

The antichrist people have been using these children. It's as evil as the day is long or work talk all the crew comes out under the predator. Just enough people fail. Also look at a couple scapegoat and all the very rich and famous movers and shakers will get a pass. Whatever parental output well you know when you talk about that they can go on so long. But listen to this local district attorney in cities with the highest crime rates are all funded by the grantor or sorrow. Mega donor George Soros.

That's right, Democrat mega donor George Soros has been revealed to have exorbitant amounts of money given the exorbitant amounts of money to they call progressively called communist antichrist district attorney's McCallum horse. These are horse they sold the very souls across the country. Cities were crime rates, especially homicides are skyrocketing and that's woods they are prostituted is not prosecutors there there selling the very souls. And yes it was happening. He goes on to say Soros has funded district attorney for Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and will in St. Louis, Virginia in the 2020s thousand, yet donated over 2 million to a pack that back Kim Fox in her reelection campaign for Cook County, Illinois state attorney Illinois Justice on a project or molest mulattos that con game. I have left all that apply. Also he goes on to say that the in Chicago, the murder rate has its is highest in 30 years and 20, 21, there were more murders in Chicago within in any other year since 1994, foxes, district has seen more than than 1000 murders this year so far this Chicago and Los Angeles Earls also supported Los Angeles district attorney George Gascon. Alisa guides in the news now people have are so angry because their hope, their businesses are being destroyed by Democrats who was known for not cracking down on shoplifters of violent criminals, otherwise known as Democrats to the daily mail also donated 1.7 million to Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner's election campaign. Krasner, the longtime civil rights and defense attorney, II heard him. He's a nutcase it's been on television does try to convince people that the crime rate is not rising, that it's you know there were there watching buildings being burned down there do seem to will be shot run over and killed anything you out. You know you can't really believe your lionize right right like the real thing out of smash and grab your Phoenix not really not happening now and rest are also he got here and here's he supposed to be the prosecutor but he defended burned low load murder known as black lives matter and the Philadelphia protesters as a lawyer in clash with Philadelphia time cops in his reluctance to prosecute gun and drug possession crimes.

Then he goes on to talk about the attorney Butera Bayreuth job is the rub, who received $861,039 from Saros funded justice and public safety. In the words he's going out there and say find me the most corrupt about the most corrupt lawyers that I can buy Nestlé's done given like a notebook. 90% or more of their entire election campaign came from him direction California of the violence. Beverly Hills nurse shocked in Beverly Hills because some actual big-name people like the star of the real housewives of the old couple other people were robbed and had troubled intricate down and then they got a new thing going on these. The cup, home Robert Spacey somebody out to a nice place to dinner out to a club or something follow them home and many times are worrying please type here. They jump their victims.

Is there going up to their houses first opened up door with her case right from inside me and other people come others, usually two or three looks like Thompson in a small group comes in the loop.

The whole house tie the people out beat them up and leave. Run away and the this is this new follow home. Robert is a big thing in California there actually place are trying to tell people how to be careful when and I'll call for a real policeman to give you an escort home if you're wealthy I crazy out there, but what a communist in his district attorney is paid for by George Soros and you're going to get it everything you deserve right right right.

I forgot to mention I think an agent you know that we had. I attended RTP party meeting Joe County tea party meeting in it was very well represented tonight when people came out. We had some very excellent speakers.

But the reason I'm telling you this is the. The atmosphere was there.

There was an energy that had this team that you can feel the energy and the update and and the let's go get him the attitude that was in the place.

The people and say let's fight. Let's let's fight presence there you have time to get out. Something extra problem.

Mark felt right right and judge Tim, Glendale given excellent presentation on the Constitution, he really gave an excellent president. Judge Lynch was there.

There was a number of of the activist well I'm back in the judges. When activists put a number of of the activist Christian conservative family activist there are people talking about the well my cousin was there promoting homeschooling their homeschooling is really taken off around here and that she units. I had her on the radio here not long ago. She is really taken off the promoting homeschooling and so that that is really really moving all across country. People of have had it in that moment homeschooling the dirt kids are walking out of these public schools because they're trying to make them where those those that soil face diapers all day long in the public schools and people said no, enough is enough and Christian schools are opening up more more Christian schools matches that the private conservative private schools where they don't want these the school districts get money they give federal dollars to force the little children to put on the soil face diapers and is wicked and it's evil and it's ungodly units, unclean, and people are saying enough is enough. Were not going to do that to our children were fighting back and I want to praise the good Lord because the whole.

Yeah, the California they found a trove of critical race theory and witchcraft and meet California schools. Documentation of critical race theory undercover at their at the Campbell Union high school, and the documentation had 60 different links the Google Drive folder with 45 more documents and they found 100 equity sources to students and staff all about how to go against put a curse on those put curses on those who say all lives matter is totally sick but I want to skip to the last sentence they're trying to teach them about the world with no police in the radical Nada go against the government like homes cursing people asked homes witchcraft and then it said the full ramifications of our education systems defended the left-wing radicalism is yet to be fully realized. People although we can be certain that many of the students it doesn't lose the homeschooling will be successfully transformed in the co-conspirators for our movement. In other words, the communist are using is critical race very witchcraft in California schools and they came right out that I will repeat that we can be certain of many of the week. Don't lose touch homeschooling will be successfully transformed into our co-conspirator do you go back. The parents really set up for. If your child in a big city public school system like Philly, Atlanta and all Dallas, Chicago, LA anywhere note those liberal areas. This is the kind of stuff that's going on date. It took quite a while. People been digging for this and in this deep story. This material came out but the bed hit the so well.

People didn't find it and the these links over the neutralizer dinner the kids but the parents had no idea where these things went, and the resources about white fragility and racism is only perpetrated by white people. There is a resource about why writing makes sense demanding white people throw your white body on police officers put your bodies on the line for social justice.

This is going out to 10, 11, 12 graders get your kid out. Please.

Well we didn't leave and begging people to do them for years on the long long long. Right here you go is an articling of Delhi had you are you racist my races and not lately. No, well, according to guest on MSNBC and out. There was a written AIPAC now Cunningham sees a PLM activist and later and basically claiming that those that are pro-life is a new segregationist were white, were demanding power and that the roots of the pro-life movement are about preserving segregation building a white premises religious right, and that after Roe V Wade decided that abortion rights would be the things that we could use to build a new coalition that white and it keeps you know focused on keeping segregation, particularly in the South and on and on and on and on.

Basically calling us all racist but they forgot to mention that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist use Genesis white woman and expressed her interest in what reducing the black population, but anyway if you been out there you been out at blood Alley. There and basically a large number of the babies killed their pre-terminals. Other portion meals that you close down a great deal of the abortions were black baby.

So if you're out there saving black babies you must be a racist pastor Ernie, you know, let me tell you, I didn't see out there. I didn't see I didn't see black lives matter of their know know know what I saw was missionaries to the unborn out there I saw these white folks with my people with us to waive those that work with us but I saw mostly all these white folks out there is an interesting thing because there is it about play certain claimant called the church square.

When is a number of churches. That's what is called church where an I actually got a phone call from some of the pastors there on some years back at the black church is asking me if I would come over there and bring like my boy people and shut down a plan predator that was opening in the area and then so, but we are starting to see that of their leading their people out there were apparently near to go do it right right but we what we are seeing here is more and more black pastors in our area conservative.

They did they think they come off the plantation. They've they know what's happening now and they're saying enough is enough were not were not going to be taken advantage of by the death of credit copy is collective anymore. You know you know we they are really awake to what's happening so tomorrow more of them were coming out like a vacant lot perfect. I thought big electrolyte, 13% of the population 14 to 16%, and yet I read the 40 to 42% of all the abortions are black babies felt if you're out there saving babies and mostly abortion mills, the killing chop chop shop support right in the middle of or black or Hispanic neighborhoods right that that's where Planned Parenthood always goes, the pro-lifers were out there saving black and Hispanic babies and that makes us all racist. Now that's gotta be the most absurd thing I think I've heard in a long time and I've heard a bunch of absurd things.

Well, you know, lifers are racist were trying to save God's precious children, red, yellow, black or white.

They are precious in his sight, and that makes us all racist. As you read and read in Scripture over and over and over as is with a blunt whoring is going a whoring going to hurry and is referring to people that have sold themselves to do the devils work and that's exactly with CNN P, MSNBC and CNN they gone on and a find black prostitutes. The findings black prostitutes and they say you're going to be an anchor decay and that and that's what you are all you gotta do to be contracted to lie. You get up there and you sell your people, you'll do it for money and that's what these people are those women and those those stations to get up there talking about promoting abortion while Paul that do that. That's just the women but they have gone a whoring they've sold their very souls for money.

Why remember Harry Blackmun back from a good Roe V Wade. He wrote the original of the surgeon. There, that if the personhood of the unborn is established, the entire abortion argument in America collapses because then the Constitution protects the unborn and you know this is all about. Do you know what I know Jill.

I know that the personhood of the unborn, was established by God while you gotta do is read read Jeremiah chapter 1 verse five no stuttering. Their toes are pretty clearly and so read on hundred 19 Psalm did you know just as no convey right just clear as can be absolutely silly if somebody called Teresa if I can probably figure where you can probably pay up. I've been out there saving black babies for 40 years left.

Here's here's the thing.

Interest ministers I know exactly what I'm talking about these people that say this. The reason they're saying that is because they're idiots, they go another wire to help her on well with what the definition of an idiot is okay, it's one that says things that are so so totally and obviously wrong. In other words, so that they come out and and so this is exactly what's happening out there today, but you're right that liars put more than that their fools are pros and narrative structure already here you go. Listen leading cardiologist says.

But before we go there. Let's open the phone lines and take some calls so the phone lines are now open and let me check with a mighty Andrew mighty and who do we in the reports of being knocked down from around the country raise the good Lord Jill not not one report that one Andrew, not one report tonight of being knocked down well enough for anybody that idea well know. There's the some of the things that are happening. I can't really talk about here. I know I was.

But believe me, believe me for doing a good job of setting them out there. Okay, I'm looking at a story I want to get in real quick if I can. Wayne Allyn root as a radio commentator on their conservative and he's got a neat article out called how I beat coveted 48 hours with I suspect. And he used the same treatment to cure Joe Rogan and quarterback Aaron Rodgers and he was talking about how he long stories. Other things benefit.

The gist of it. He got really sick and started the next day with either nectar and and massive doses of vitamins and all of a sudden he said within this now short time he was feeling better gone, only gone a 24 hours and he said he'd been working. I didn't us today at work I posted my three hour national radio show he was out promoting the new books are used during other radio programs that week, nobody knew he had COBIT but he said for the first day I had fever, chills the cough dear Chris, pain and muscle exhaustion.

No synthetase one-on-one with all the symptoms I took pretest to be certain I tested positive twice one day of either nectar and it was gone and he's talking about coming out saying that I'm playing Paul Revere the either nectar news coming. The Iva nectar this coming I want the world. No save millions of jobs and millions of dollars in cost work vaccine hospitalizations, death, and he said it straight.

It's effective and no side effects and the world doesn't want you to know use it because they want you to buy their poisonous poke and mess up your lives and your children very go let you know that the real truth like it is.

Well, they purposely felt she and the death of Cranston. Purposely they are guilty of murder not only Joe would they did. This is the not only did they push this this disease within they took away the chore is its treatment absolutely and and that's murder dented. That should be considered murder. That's that's war crimes. That's a genocide without you, and these others are guilty of this. The hyper core of clinical artwork video clip for myosin and zinc.

Stop that anyone after the there are still places didn't get Iva nectar and down the back. There's a new study out and it showed zero deaths from COBIT among healthy kids. They did a study in Germany. Children from 5 to 18. This study covered about 16 months and they look to over 10 million schoolchildren and not one healthy child that didn't have an extreme pre-existing comorbidity guy at all and are trying to get everybody has to do commercials on TV. You can now vex her five-year-old up 5 to 10 get them the back, save their life can save the life of the child that's not at risk of dying faster. Well, you know, a lot of course the out and a lot of their pushing this through the really pushing us in again corseted is something else that they are having a hard time keeping on the shelves corseted because that works very well to now here leading cardiologist says researchers are refusing to publish supporting study results to show covert vaccines linked to massive massive increases in heart attacks throughout the existence of the scientific process. Replicating results is always been a necessary component in order to gain a scientific consensus and gauge the accuracy of the results of whatever tester calculations that were conducted but when the supposedly trustworthy experts find something in the results that doesn't fit the approved narrative, leading them to do very the information, the credibility of the scientific establishment goes completely out the window well. Oh well, well, according to one world-renowned cardiologist out of the UK that is exactly what is happening right now and recently rehearsed released study that was presented in the American Heart Association scientific sessions meeting claims the risk of developing acute coronary syndrome, a potentially life-threatening condition that leads to an increase in risk of heart issues increases significantly in patients who have received the experimental COBIT 19 vaccines.

Researchers found that the risk of developing heart disease increases from 11 to 25% in patients who receive the COBIT 19 vaccines developed by Pfizer in the dharna using the new RN mRNA technology there you go. That's all you need to know in them is as unbelievably, the whistleblower says the institution has decided not to publish the findings out instead to hide the results over fears that the institution would lose its research funding. Unbelievable barrier in California there is a strict of California mother found out her 13-year-old came home and he was given the vaccine in exchange for payment for go all without her consent. This was in Los Angeles at the Barack Obama global prep Academy in South LA where he had his proud owners of X card and the teachers of the person to give the shots and please don't say anything.

I don't want to get in trouble so here we have one of the largest school districts in the country.

They Los Angeles unified school district I get the second largest in the country and they are bribing kids the 12, 13, 14, with pay for to get the shot and be darn.

Another word that I'm not supposed to use the best looking, but they think about you right smoking gun.

Despite attempts to protect US rich and powerful, and government officials designed mutations and cover-up itself confirm COBIT 19 origins goes on to say if you were wondering why the US intelligence agency are incapable of identifying the origin of COBIT 19 why the US government shows no interest in pursuing that issue. Wonder no more. There is a deliberate cover-up underway. Because the rich and powerful multinational interests that control the US government are massively invested in China's economic success and many US officials and scientists could be accused of complicity with the creation of the COBIT 19 wealth that something is nothing we didn't know half melt as negative as a nurse. All right, I never get the phone number out the phone lines open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 will be back right after this is the will is in a and Wright were back, Joe. I got a question for you now. Over the century there is been thousands of babies born the group to become kings. But there's only been one king that became a baby when you think was a member all right that you got it. Let's go to Steve. Steve you're near you guys are taken over the airwaves and many times all The compliments on another time. If interested let you know there were not is not enough thank you go around to Garside to stop in order to stop the start because we were there people in community and it had respect for the sun don't shine. I guess because when a president named Bill Clinton, who could've been a really good president and you stop and think about all the things of these so-called presidents what happened on. They were talking about the Kennedy assassination and possibly how long the different others only found a knowledge Explorer and Oswald like four minutes down the street from the time Newsweek taken a Boston somebody last night talking about about then the 55 years now. The sign for you blog with Pfizer on whatever that is supposed to be in the vaccines 55 years before we can find out what's in the vaccines yet known.

It's just a big baby. Baby is an old recipe of our Robitussin could be something that really worked on the Kaufman and back in time. He said he took it out, there was a couple doctors up in Michigan I get to call the whistleblowers in the Col. open the door. I didn't really want to mention what was because in case you get in a lot I could think of Mr. McCarter office and what you know station was what was in her regular news dates, nickel, pleasant black boxer anybody but you guys are there in the have a website that I can't remember your opening up and you can start get a hold of us. They were saying you know any doctors want to get involved with just anybody looking like I'm erecting just regular doctors but will opening the door were starting to soften. Anybody lost his job offer patients and him but they open the door and they fit pretty much everything I wanted 2700 for kids getting shot for myocarditis and non-how long it takes for white blood clots and stymie the date they were saying everything and finally when things happen to people is that why got a call you, but they also mentioned that our people can call out the report into the end, but that doesn't mean that they're going to be listened to. There's so much going on out there is we've been on house to see the letter that let me just say this, the cat is too much out they can keep Hyden. This is the cat's out of the bag genie is out of the bottle and in a and and they're all good of this is good we find out there's the we need to do is we had to take our country back and we have to be bold to do that because were up against corruption from top to bottom. Obama, you know, when everybody said Obama was incompetent and I said no.

Is not this guy knows exactly what is doing. He is corrupting every every department of government.

He is corrupting he is going in like a cancer that he is placing soiled people in these places. And that's exactly what he did but I gotta move on so have a Merry Merry Christmas. Now we have our cohost Cliff Cliff you're near what thing now. I was grateful without checkup.

Nothing wrong with them for days after taking the Pfizer vaccine.

They did an autopsy and it's hard was twice the size that had to happen within four days plus the point size which is pretty incredible and Emily was saying about the black people was talking to a black man, and she said it's interesting that taking this latest playing of the fire is on South Africa times that of Europe. Five and out like this list China US cup and I kinda laughed as North Carolina but you know how they liked the elite. You now want to go after these people in Africa. That's when it taking it on South Africa that was threatening another thing I'd recommend dialysis. It was Joseph Olson.

The scientists of Texas, which fabric that's the conspiracy show podcast couple at the cell stack.

He rents out ritual breakups, declining to some degree that people are getting that microscopic planning quality conventional management does not now, I know, and I felt some form of it that you know where they want the oxygen feel good. And he also mentioned to Sally and of the entity away so abstract plants deal with fire and spectator here and things like that and that's why they make something to and what dad and then he also mentions that NAC as being able to break up proteins by proteins that is good information. The last thing I'd ask is just about nonsocial talking to someone that the crown line and she said that she had a minor health problems you have read and print it out itself but is thinking of chance and says he who was in trouble. That was the shady let him pray.

So even if you have a minor problem. That's what Shannon might say this is trouble. Let me pray about what he think that absolutely no. God's got no limitations in his new hug. How can God possibly hear the prayers of all these billions of people you know God says there's no limitations you know his abilities are far beyond our comprehension. Again, far, far beyond our comprehension when he says his ways are much higher than ours were talking about much higher, and so yeah, you need to know everything you know, the apostle pauses to everything in prayer and so that's what we need to do can constantly check and don't want Bible study for you know what pay from and gain the whole world and lose himself like you can save and gain short Soros money so it doesn't have to be the whole world people are going to want something else. The people now not borderline. They have been filling their souls to the devil and it's like you gonna recognize that the means of of jumping urine comments George Soros money went with literally dealing with the devil's right. I think guilds George Soros, you know, I think he's demon possessed the unit again he he he has professed to be a God and that is blasphemy in itself is an incident that looks amazing that in all the guys go, and it's like you to wander why that's the case with two things are happening. God's given a more than ample time to repent number two at the same time. The longer he lives, the hotter the fire in hell's going to be the more he sends every opportunity he has the repent and refuses to do so unless he does repent blight hate to have to be in his shoes thing about changeless and correct thing and I like that Scripture taken out don't make plans that God wants to outlive and I think in the context of that chapter 1 interpretation could be like. Don't be overly conscious thought without your plans in general and plans to make money. Specifically, I mean think about it, but don't be overly conscious about it. Don't be overly focused on cloud and the point was making his is not wrong to have goals, but your you goes you have to understand your sustained by God. We are sustained by God. And when you say Elizabeth the Lord's will. The ideas look I'll do this if if that's what if that's the Lord's will.

I want to do. I want to be in the Lord's will and a you know when you try to leave God out of everything is kind hard to do, and he's the one sustaining you want guy was still a Bible study that thought precinct go crazy and I downloaded some of the studies which I find helpful and on on the ball and he said related set hey if something happened to my place and now I can't do what I'm doing like that and he said sustenance, not like I can sustain my career of Sasse and he related it to the state having been absolute. I gotta move on though.

Merry Christmas Cliff food we have. Their next Joseph you are near yet.

Thank you for taking my call pastor and I pray for your net but you them are gathered together in the net and we pray for and God called credo online were still together without online and so were praying for your nephew yields completely healed number one and don't work and number two we call not only number you gave us gave gave the Nadia dog called on Portland's office as well as the and let them know told the we all passing through your and vote no on murdering babies because were all in :-) keep well what would you need to do is select what state are you you're in Ohio, which is why get no vote to call your state representative your state representative, follow all three number two, number you gave gave all listeners as well add more brown. Okay, the reason you reason I'm telling you that the houses it is already been voted on in the in the U.S. Senate and now it's in the house and this is set a bill what 157 the born alive infrared dictation accepted 30 passes and is that what you need to do is call your house you representative because it could be voted on as early as tomorrow when we meet we would need… All already know now that will train your nap unit manholes, revivals, the last revival. You can 17 people were healed. Many people came to the Lord, and he does ongoing revivals i.e. on 1220 every Sunday at 538 HP Shabbat with Mark most pastors don't the Holy Spirit. That's our power comes from. You must be filled with the Holy Spirit. I will listen. I really appreciate your preaching membrane for Dan and them because you hate dance easy. He really love the Lord with all of his heart is a good man and you know but we know that that the I don't Dan Dan Dan whatever the Lord's will is that's that's where he was a whatever whatever you want, Lord, and so each day and every facet we got a promotion is going to have it. This man, and I rebooked great to keep them already and if he serving God and at what were all here to do is serve the Lord. Hey man. God made us to serve him right are the obvious disturb Jesus. Father God the Holy Spirit as wearing more. We need more pastors to speak about the Holy Spirit. That's where our power comes from a man would handle. That's where the prosperity preachers. That's where the prosperity preachers get it wrong they don't understand it. We are here to serve God guys not here to serve us to listen. Thanks for calling Joe. I gotta move on. Merry Christmas and we have next Mike you're in the air.

I – I – starting July have you know I follow up on last call. Probably I had my vaccines right before I knew what I now I got my cute maternity shots I have on metastatic prostate cancer.

I'm 74. I haven't felt good since they started giving me the female hormones right so I don't feel any different from the from the shot blasting really heavy questions way light pressure almond jersey my pastors a bunch of wet noodles I I'm really frustrated and I don't know where to go.

I asked a question and is very clearly written out in the Bible about predestination of salvation and I don't believe I'm saved and I have gone on my knees so many times starting and prayed to God and I've asked for the Holy Spirit. And I feel is empty is an old barrel and I don't know what to do. II you know I pray all the time. I I read the word but I listen to Christian radio all the time that so I listen to I used to be a musician, I was into some heavy stuff, you know I had. I lived a bad vibe from 74 years old I my eyes all of a sudden opened up and then I'd like to. Here's what you need to consummate another time and we got would have won a limited cloak but call my office 44033813674403381367 and I'll discuss that with you and what is that again quickly with its lower court 4403381367440338136167 right between three and four in the afternoon is the best time.

Gotta move on I Timothy you got one minute we got one minute you there, finding pop in real quick and say I'm enjoying the show's immensely this month with some writers wanted all remember in Isaiah 96 for unto us a child is born, and the government shall be on his shoulders. He goes on to say, we need to read that every day and remember that we serve and you can choose each day whom you claim and serve on their you're going to sit on the other and Psalm 75.

It even hits the point a little bit harder. And I guess we can borrow a little something for my Jewish friends. Hopefully it's the messianic Jews that you are following it from walk softly circumspectly and carry a big show fire and if need be blowing hard right very good to me.

I've got it I got it. I'm out of time with things like: Merry Christmas God bless and how much time do I have their own kids.

When I figured well enough until you get invitation less than a minute he would tonight here and not as we know it with. Things are moving so very quickly with scenes of the things you know what I went out of Joel highly ridge in the first verse. If you continue on reading the signs that we received there. He tells you that is when you see these things and that's happening right now. Then the next thing is is the return of the Lord and so that's close.

I believe that is very very close and are as as we know that the closer we get to the Lord's return. We know that the that things are going to get worse and worse. These are signs of the times and so folks bottom line is we like it we keep telling you that is this an and I know a lot of times they will. How do I know if I'm saved well here is you take God at his word to get it to got his work and he tells you this, that you pray to the father, God will always honor. He will always honor okay. You pray to the father in you asked for forgiveness of your sins and and when you do that now because you gotta remember that it was your sin. The cause Christ to suffer the way he did it was your sin, and so you need to be sorry for that you need to be sorry.

That was your sin and and a here knew he got asked for forgiveness and when you pray to the father and you ask him to forgive you for that and less. Colleges: list this really applies to you applies to everybody. God will always honor your commitment if you call. You see, is that that the Duke a doubt, the devil, that's that wanting you to your old man your old nature. Read Romans chapter 7 the call of the just called about his salvation.

Read Romans chapter 7 but I will talk to you to when you call the office but folks pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sin asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come in and be the Lord of your life. He's the one to pay the price for you. He took your place in the cross. He's the one that has to become the Lord for your life like you've done that you will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit and once you've done that you will be a new creature, a born-again believer and you will become an heir of the kingdom and you will be on the road to immortality.

You have God's word on it. You have God's word rotted time for the night like always and so we want to say like we do at this time every night going good night God bless and always always always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM not on please tune in next time for meditation was right once left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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