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TUE HR1 120721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 7, 2021 11:41 pm

TUE HR1 120721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 7, 2021 11:41 pm

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Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. You are welcome to another additional what's right what's left I'm radio pastorally.

Sanders is indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this December 7, 2021 and tonight is always the guardian of the grid. We have none other than the mighty Andrew Gardens.

I pastor I am here all right standing by and ready to give a whopping to anyone who tried to interfere with next grade elementary. That's right, ready to lay the smack down on your right book and way out yonder writing those dusty trails that backwards parson.

The preacher Joe Larson back were not worth all I can remember forever. I am amen and amen Joe, you start out tonight. We have a fellow and his name is Dan Shafer and Dan tonight needs our prayer. The first couple things.

First of all you your pen and pencil ready because remember you folks out there are soldiers of the cross.

You are the soldiers of the cross and I hear the Lord's Rangers if you will. So between aged called action.

Another called actor. That's why you're here.

That's why you're here and before the start offers would prayer power. The power of prayer. There's a lot of power in prayer and so you know the saying goes much power, much prayer, much power little prayer little power, no prayer, no power, and so were taken the much prayer, much power around here right so be prepared for that would have your pen and paper route standing by to for action in order to start by praying tonight for Dan Shafer.

Dan, his gun stage IV pantry cancer, pancreatic cancer and Dan is my nephew and here Dennis is no kitty. Probably I would say this mid-sixties, and here Dan. Dan is a fellow that like us.

The march to the beat of a different drum then then knew he was going to do. He would do what he was. His convictions would tell them to do and often that got him in trouble because it wasn't like everybody else. Dan's Dan is not like everybody else and then he he's a man and just as I can say the very same thing for Greg Corsi who passed away yesterday and on and so Dan did what he knew to be right what his convictions were and often, that would cost him he would be ridiculed by people who sometimes would be very close to him because is not like everybody else and Joe they can say that about you what I know of work you know we we do what we we must do. But then again have hot water clear times. Yeah, we want to hold that up then. Right now is the has stage IV cancer, pancreatic cancer, and he needs prayer. Now you say will that's that's you know what you have that it's it's too late that's that's for Dr. to stuffer God is not forgotten God. God can get a raise you from the debt folks and to heal pancreatic cancer, or to take away the pain.

I simply says let it be and it is so. But here's the thing we want to pray for all of you all around the country was pray for them and and everyone of you this listing to me right now. Tonight, the time will come. This will happen is no chance it won't give them the prayer to the time will come in the Bible teaches clearly that those who show mercy receive and so for every one of you and and that's what I want for all of you and I want to say thank you for all of you out there over the years the phone was half a century.

Another supported this radio program. I appreciate you more than you know you been right there with us. Your letters, your letters are very very encouraging. I mean, I don't know. It would've been awful although difficult to come this far without your letters out there and prayer. Prayer Audit trail trouble and Army air. Well think it was then, keep us out of jail all the time. I doctors for her. Go yeah I am a jail ministry on both sides of those bars that we let, but always for the for the right say for doing the Lords work and so when when you get arrested and jailed. Like Peter, like Paul, like James like like like the Lord Jesus himself for doing the Lords work you considering an honor and so right now let's pray right now for Dannon and Lori his wife. This is been and on their children. This is been a tough tough time for them.

So let's hold them up folks all across the country. Heavenly father were cut. I just want to hold Dan up Lord right now right not want to hold an father got it this time and asked Lord that you might touch him, Lord God, that you might touch you and you might give them a complete and total healing Lord that you're willing right now and you take away the pain and I know I know Lord that he he has attacked any doubt she's a believer is always been a very firm believer in his faith anew is been very strong. And that's that's what helping to keep to stand his ground. That's what helping to do what he knew he had to do what his convictions were even when everyone who's was against him. He stood his ground, and so right now were asking Lord, that you would stand with him touching that he might receive a complete and total healing Lord and that you might give that peace that passes all understanding to him and his wife and his children.

Father got no and Lord, that you are that he is in your hands, father these things we ask in the name of the Lord of lords and King of Kings, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

Amen Joe going on.

I want to give this phone number of Joe. Tomorrow is a very good chance tomorrow. There was a hearing today on Senate Bill 157 Joe this bill is the born alive infant protection act requires that a baby born alive after a botched abortion shall be afforded the very same lifesaving treatment and all other babies. An amendment to the bill ensures the doctors who teach the states at state-funded hospitals and medical schools may not work ability abortion clinics which could affect institutions in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton and that is this the born again are. That is, the born alive infant protection act. It's S SB 157 SB 157 and thereby get a vote on it tomorrow you need to call your Ohio State house you representative your state representative. The number to call you just call this number and and as the switchboard to put you in. You know, through to whatever your state representative is in the number is 61446688426144668842 now. This could happen tomorrow morning tomorrow morning.

They could vote on this so you want to you want to call this little lease by 9 o'clock in the morning you want to have this: 614-466-8842 for all you people in Ohio. You need to get this God is listing know God. Would you want someone to do that for you. If you are one of those little baby so go ahead and give her the call again 614-466-8842 and just as for your statement. Okay Joe Morgan start.

Remember the title the message that God had written and we been talking about this. This remember wood to wood Satan said is he tempted the tempter and in Genesis chapter 3, has God said and no go to. It is written so rate Matthew 4101 through 10 are there. Jesus led up of the Spirit into the world would be tempted of the devil and were immediately drafted 40 days and 40 nights. Afterword 100, and when the tempter came to him. He said, if thou be the son of God, command that these stones be made bread but he answered and said, it is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God and the devil take them up into the holy city, and set him on a pinnacle of the temple and save them to him about the son of God, cast myself down. For it is written, you shall give his angels charge concerning the and in their hands they shall bear the left at any time without – by putting Stone Jesus said to him, it is written again, thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them in fair under him all these things will like give the doubt will fall down and worship me and Savior Jesus under him deputy have faith, for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shall thou serve. One more verse than the devil leave him, and behold, angels pay administered okay.

We start out here the temptation by Satan he shows is the Jesus was human okay and he gave the Jesus the opportunity here to reaffirm the plan for ministry now let me ask you this.

Here we see this in this temptation we see a demonstration of the hypostatic union right here and how do we know that will what was it. First of all, that kept the first of all, you remember what the hypostatic union was.

I am drawing a blank. I know I should know this product are coming hypostatic union is a process by which the which the Lord Jesus, and it is fully God and fully man and fully man, fully God and man… Without without any of the of the characteristics of God of his deity being transferred to his humanity and without any of those of his humanity being transferred to his deity because… Say what would happen if if that didn't have what would happen if the characteristics of his of his deity was transferred to his humanity. What would what would that mean well). Dramatically there were no longer really be. Now he would be more than human right part but but will submit no if you took the attributes of his humanity, and for and transferred those attributes of the humanity to his deity, then what would that say about regret. A cursory curtain. The only righteous God becomes simple because man is simple, human nature is pretty well so you and me don't have to worry about that happen to us doing a writeup so and in this sense, here's what because he was fully man and knowing that he he had to be tempted, he would. He tempted just like a television overlapping the human part absolutely. And as he was telling you over in Hebrews that he was tempted in every area just like menopause, but that again.

At the same time.

What was it. What was it they could remember how Satan tempted Adam and Eve and what was the result.

Didn't believe God doubted God and that I wanted to be out. God doubted his commandment that there were guy like you know why. Why did they do that with the with the sinners was her with a people that had sinful sins of the flesh with a born in the flesh. Now they were not born in sin, but has human nature of that free will. Well, they had right but they had no sin nature at all.

Did you know there were not vetted have a porn video. Okay, so they had no imputed since is now the Lord Jesus.

He had no sin nature, but there was something more. There he had what he was led by the spirit right so it was his. It was his deity that give him the strength.

The fact that he was who he was, not to give into the temptation wasn't there 40 days in a pretty long time activity without having an effect.

Shows very strong physical and mental state. Okay so here so what was Satan trying to do. Satan okay and Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Okay what what was the purpose of being what was Satan's goal he was he wanted. He wanted Jesus to do something. What was the thing that was fair. Her about her gift affected to vendor the human side of the unit well perfect great 40 days.

A hunger is like are you nervous at all and I'll call him humanity stones be made bread and that we do show that human weakness is not ready to trust God. Well is something more to its inaccuracy.

Remember, God cannot sin right now. Now who was Jesus a jailer who is Jesus okay son of God while you got to know that the time will come when he is going to usher in his millennial kingdom right and when it when he ushers in that millennial kingdom of what's he doing here be declaring his kingship for all of eternity right right now. What would've happened if he had ushered in his kingship that if he had said all right I'm the king and this is what Satan was trying to get him to do so. So how would that have affected us.

We were in agreement. That's right. That's exactly right. And so salvation for exactly right and not that would please cite one greatly.

All right if Satan also hoping that he might human weaknesses might hearing might mail and fear not trust God not to follow the spirit well. Here he would've caused the Lord Jesus and failed). It was powerful he was the most powerful Angel lawn.

He temptation. Maybe he was hoping that Christ would be like you did right well if he can get the Lord Jesus J to prematurely declare his kingship. Then if he did that that he would've it ushered in the millennial kingdom. That means he would not have died on the cross right right now if that had happened. Remember it is written, it was written at the Lord Jesus was going to die for the sins of the world of the Lamb of God right so so here now would've that would've broken Scripture right right what isn't that what is also frightening Scripture with free fading from his face thinking about Scripture than think I will no longer be God and in Satan. Satan will not end up in the lake of fire for eternity correctly and so now here so that he says okay and the devil taking them up to the holy city which is Jerusalem, and send them up on the pinnacle of the temple. Okay, now that was wet. What was what were people expecting where was the Jews expecting the Messiah to return to when they were looking for the return Messiah. Where were they expect tempted to return to.

I remember the couple your right to the temple so he took in their in the pinnacle would've been to that the highest corner of the temple that was on a hillside. The jetted out overlooking the large valley below their Jesus could see all Jerusalem from where that temple was and so here so the idea that they took him up there now and then you know if he says well words written. He's okay. He shall give his angels charge concerning the in their hands they shall bear the of list anytime no show – they foot against a stone. Not Jesus said of him, it is written, thou shall not attempt the Lord thy God okay and we know we read that to over and since several other places in Scripture, but somebody here and down earlier God. So this miracle by throwing yourself off. I want to see the Angels coming loved the Jesus the dangers to come to saving now and again as I am.

Annika called Angel 12 legions of them if they wanted right right but he also credited jumped right in the middle of space and time.) Not follow now is still tempted to prove that he was God in all of the Christ, and that no okay here you go Jill. Again, the devil taketh him up to an exceedingly high mountain, and showing all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them and say anything to him. All these will I give the if that will fall down and worship me. You know what they have first proved to me that right now they are already prolonged. They were already known adverse proved to me that Satan was a Democrat because there always given there always given away things that don't belong to them, right.

Okay really your in order to avoid somebody else's okay so did God.

God did allow Satan to have power over you. Parts of the earth. Okay, but again here.

You've got the pot and its creator.

You got Satan offering, the creator will belong to him to begin it out already and so not counted. I never did understand and agree that government can you give somebody something authority.

While the Democrats do that all the time. What about your tax money and the IRS. They take your money and they give you back a little bit and say here. This is your getting a refund from the government. Okay is that that doesn't belong to the government to begin with.

Doesn't know okay so the so.

But here Satan is offering again to give mosquito what did Obama say were going to have a redistributing of the wealth from those of dessert earned cake learned about her now. You wonder, where did they get the stuff words were did Obama get that idea okay there you go. He got up from March to March got got it from here from from Satan himself probably know, and so here we take a look at this. Then said Jesus into him get the hands Satan, for it is written, those who worship the Lord thy God in him, thou shall serve enough why do you think that both remember what Satan used on Adam and Eve. What did he used to tempted knowledge that their favorite radio God] God did God say he used the word of God right incident were in no what is he doing here.

He's trying to see Satan.

It is witness them so here Satan.

Satan is written by K. Her work God right. But now he says that he says to this. If you if you be the son of God. Harry was trying to cast doubt in the mind of the very one that created them himself right right okay and so that the that's audacity isn't there a greater record. Satan wanted to be out multi-amount was one of the things Renée tempted Eve review shall be a city EU anatomy will be as God, but with a little the little cheese on it that they're thinking they would be like God, they would have knowledge and an ever be more like God and that idea of powers so tempting to the week vacation same politicians that love craving power. Power power so Satan is looking at the Lord here 40 days of fasting is in his hunger in his humanity and his thinking maybe if I can play some doubt in his mind. If I could just place and I worked on Adam and Eve Linda if I could maybe play some doubt.

It was mine here. But now the Lord Jesus again. What did he do, he used the word of God, which, with the silver talkback.

His rep and workout work and remember Jesus in heaven and earth. The past but my word will never, never pass so we see the word of God is like Intuit's store that we use it we can use it as a weapon effectively to what we rebuke refute Chiasson okay but we can also use it to encourage, to exhort and to inform and embolden the same so right okay well will be back right after this, though: when is no way no lingerie here so he's God. A man is God the son dated, would you please get out more often the times of your services at the church. I will do that now the time the services we start doers of the word Baptist Church. First I give you the address. The address is 147 81 14781 spare events as PE are our white Road and that's in Newberry Ohio. It's right there at the corner of Route 87 Sperry Rd. we start at 9 AM Monday morning and the Sunday morning numbing and stick it up your heart. Send them an electrical short on Monday right here grandpa melt waiting for your printer.

Jan went and I'm little bit tired today is the long day, but any of 9 AM Sunday morning with praise and worship in the 930 we go into an in-depth Bible study at 1115 we start the morning service. Now this week were not going to have you have an evening service but were not going to have. Normally what we do jail. We have were doing a special series on on witchcraft and but this week because of Ed Corsi who was one of the was a member of our church back in the days before he got sick he is to attend their church and he seen his his wake is going to be this coming Sunday again at the at 4 PM to 8 PM this Sunday and then of course the funeral is going to be Monday morning and that's that. 38011 at 338011 Euclid Ave. in Willoughby that that with what is called the Abby and as so were going to let the folks could go to the wake.

Now we will have the evening service and that will be at 6 PM 6 PM the evening service this week so there you go. I definitely have time to record what the normal time. Well, that that is the normal time and normally a 4 o'clock we do a series were is been a big rise on witchcraft and product quality. Yet actual services every right and we been doing at 5 o'clock. Would we do classes that current events things is happening now. UNESCO should know about and which we and people are amazed that would not been told and then at 6 o'clock is the regular evening service.

So is it will be just the 6 o'clock service. This this evening quite well. The morning service and the 6 o'clock since there was no I wouldn't reach you this you know me well and renew right this is not a jolt chaptered to initial come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Remember the question you had earlier me you want to know gay well at night you said I think that's it for Israel is note is for all of us. Okay and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions. Why why is that important right now. Something is happening across.

There is a lot of things are out now. Well, one of them is Muslims, both men and women are converting. Millions are being converted over to Christianity there. Having dreams they're having dreams okay and and visions as taking place and we are hearing about that. Of course I talked with John McCartin knows he's been been seen some tremendous results. Denise, the social – the socio-is a he's been talking about.

There is, he can't believe he's doing a special on how many Muslims are being converted to Christ. And so we want to praise the galore because we are seeing Joel chapter 2 verse 28 right now is happening before our very eyes, but only some of us can see the vast majority of people are clueless. Currently there are all a lot of the Muslims converting that I didn't realize they were having a dream that was the yeah new to me. I'm glad to hear that is it's been it will instead for a cut several years, but now it says I guess is really increasing so aright we got some fast news things I wanted to want to start off with this.

When Joe breaking okay Hunter Biden laptop blue light special and take a look at the Hunter Biden and the chairman of Walmart okay Walmart chairman Greg Penner audio reveals that Walmart chairman discussed with Hunter Biden pulling the trigger to stop Pres. Trump prior to the election. This is an article. This is an article by Christine Dolan that came out yesterday and here is the Robert Hunter Biden laptop from hell is the political gift that keeps on giving to the American public and to those opposed to the Biden regime. CD media has provided with evidence that documents a conversation between the president son Hunter Biden, and the chairman of the board of Walmart Corporation, America's biggest brick-and-mortar retail chain. The Conversation Took Pl. in October of 2018 of the audio file are the question is why did Hunter Biden taped a conversation between Greg Penner, chairman of Walmart Walmart Madrone capital in 2018. The conversation was planned via email messages and audio.

The audio file was found in the iTunes folder on the our HP laptop which was concealed by the FBI for a year before being delivered to the New York Post, which poses some of the siliceous content.

However, a close examination of the massive numbers of files on the computer have struck political gold. The audio transcript shows I'm I'm reading right now I'm reading it here. Joe, a discussion of pulling the trigger to influence the 2020 election to stop Pres. Trump and the truck movement.

In addition to influencing the death of credit primary RHP overall objective here is to stop not only Donald Trump but to stem the tide of what Donald Trump represents our HP laptop contains emails in which RHA be asked to this and no that means Hunter Biden Robert Hunter Biden discuss a confidential matter with Penner stating that's best not to be done by abide be in a solicitation email Greg Penner asked RHP to visit with you about some options I've been working on for the 2020 election that was April 6 of April 2018 a Robert Hunter Biden laptop contains SMS text between Greg Penner and the RHP on 16 March 2019 with the the RHP. That's Robert Hunter biting stating he is available tomorrow after 4 PM Eastern time. If you are he looks forward to speaking and would gladly meet.

Where were your schedule and and and his allows. Give me a call so I can fill you in on the latest are on at least my reasons for not replying to you until now. Best of Hunter Penner offers for John to meet with Joe Biden. RHP insinuates it would be too dangerous for John and Joe Biden to meet. Additionally, RHP states he will call with Greg Penner that he was opposed by Nick.

Roy had to write had my guesses Roy hot pine chairman of PRG the Reinhart group as a secondary opted to handle the situation. Walmart has a reputation of sourcing cheap goods from China and destroying small-town mom-and-pop retailers across the nation.

Walmart hire is Harris okay errors in Walmart errors also funded the Lincoln project supposed GOP antitrust group that was scandalized after the election laws are a bunch of sodomites in the course of their sodomites and the delegates.

Walmart was shamed.

Walmart was shamed opposed 2020 election mocking trump supporters in a tweet regarding the election integrity fight. Greg Penner was on the board of buyer do a Chinese company for 14 years until 2017 Penner graduated from the same class at Georgetown University in 1992 is Hunter Biden.

There are many benefits to being a multibillion cooperation with major supply chain functions in China having Hillary Clinton as a board member. Clinton discusses Hillary being on the board and she was silent when Walmart fought unions being able to stay open during a pandemic.

When small business is me were forced to close and having the ability to fortify election when it is beneficial to your business with China CD media has reached out to Greg Penner at Madrone capital and is of and as of publication has yet to receive the reply.

There you go get one now. Who wasn't that wet. What Corporation was a bit recently. Not longer set out a memo to all of its employees to make sure that black people are giving are treated before sir before white people all mine Howard of the night. He cut which is that it does no: yeah. That training program there was another cognitive vector Walmart at that training right yeah there was there was a couple come companies that did that and Coca-Cola. Remember that out at about program development Walmart. Coca-Cola did what they had said was leasing out there that white people need to try to be less white and that and courses whole thing that this this is Bob this is Greg black polar bear know this is being this is been woke in the sidewalk, as is the kind of coming back to bite them incident, hoping that a lot of people are getting very very tired of it very angry no longer listening. I think a lot of people given up carryinga sound like the stage got up now like I could buy neck which have been Walmart and a whole lot of people I know quit shopping.

Here's a quick when judges see Johnny's men's lawyers just destroyed the January 6 committee with the subpoenas lawyers acting for a constitutional law professor John Eastman had picked apart the reason for the January 6 congressional committee is well is pointing out the potential for abuse of power and breaches of house rules Eastman a target of the commission is held up as guilty of insurrection by the political left to having the constitutional opinion of VP Mike Prince had no obligation to count ballots for states that were political and legal proceedings were underway regarding election fraud. This is what we been telling people Penn State offense is been telling people we had to buy the Constitution. No, he didn't because they could see what he could have said is I want awake. I want two weeks.

I want a month to two to look at these because he had all these people stand in front of him with tons and tons of evidence of election fraud goes on to say the fisting of the committee will irk the already enfeebled group of Democrats, fresh off their latest round of embarrassments at the hands of another target former trip advisor asked Steve Bannon lawyers Charles Charles Burnham wrote to Committee Chairman and violent black national support of Representative Bennie Thompson. So there you go. It looks like all by the way, this is unbelievable. Even some of the left wing. Some of the left wing media because they want so much credibility there, even asking for Nancy Pelosi to outlet let them see the film footage. There is there is hours and hours and hours of film footage that were taken right that let them that you won't let anybody see that she's trying to hide because of the corruption because the death or credit Communist Party is completely totally corrupt and that was a an operation that was put up by them and the capital police were involved.

The FBI was involved it was nothing but corruption, absolute corrupt data from top to bottom, or the corruption it was a total that out yet gullible people do something that should and we know these cases. 44.

They had capital police regard leaving the faithful combined and combining and venued outbreaks of arbitrators throughout it all, telling people get the rocket break the windows, and none of those people that were filmed during the instigating at the chart very currently that automatically don't exist. As far as the FBI went but we know that those are probably agents or people working for the agency.

So all this is on a film that they don't want the defense attorneys to have and I don't want the American peopleassist another round of lies and deceit and the communist revolution well that there is fill Wheatley do have these people on film. Jill, the thing of it is this. They know who they are right, they they know and that's what our sidewalks want to say okay because we want to pull them and put them in the witness stand out her got it all over the pain near their people there who were handing out some of the weapons for claim.

The correction is that were being handed out by the instigators they were handed hammers and different things like also and all your hectic monitors Amoco brick window and people got caught up that mob mentality and that it but the instigators didn't do anything but get others to do the dirty work and then they disappear where it always happens here. I do know who Jessica Lykens is thought that name the other day knows all remember I have been incarcerated for nearly a year for crimes they did not commit courageous January 6. Political prisoner Jessica Lykens speaks out against the regime. Jessica watch was arrested in January after she turned herself into federal authorities and was charged with conspiracy entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds and other charges.

She has not been on a pretrial detention for nine months). Christ also cited on the third floor.

The computer right yeah Jessica Lykens, Albert Bickerton provided that notion overwork narratives know anything about it. There looking for a scapegoat.

Somebody's got it that she was a veteran of the Afghanistan Lord. She attended the January 6 protest and rally at the White House eclipse in the US capital. She was reportedly working as security at the… Met with US officials before the president's speech. She is also a member of the old keepers April constitutional group frequently blamed by the fake liberal communist news media in the death of Craddick politicians during the siege of the US capital Jessica Watkins did not threaten anyone, did not vandalize anything she did not encourage others to vandalize and spoke with several police officers inside the capital and follow their orders up from the gateway to plunder previously reported, Jessica was was stripped and left naked in a jail cell for four days with the lights on 24 hours a day for her alleged crimes of conspiracy and conspires into attacked the US capital shows you what they're trying to do and outlet letter logical worker there trying to break order crime.

Because mental breakdown.

Her isolation or her doing things that we would allow to be done to prisoners of war we would prosecute a soldier during active enemy soldiers captivated absolutely. But American citizens are conservative yeah go ahead now that already there you go.

Fourth-generation dairy farmers warns economic woes climate change regulations will you know was happening to our dairy farms in this country do their being away one by one by one all in the dairy farmers are warning that there's going to be a shortage of dairy products and the end of the prices are going to be higher and higher. Blessings don't realize how many things have varied. Cardiology buttermilk gave her running everything that they like a lot of the yogurt there so many other things other than just Malcolm happened out that are made with very likely affect alternative cream cheese, sour cream, everything is going to go sky high and the other thing is getting rid of the backbone of our country is been the small family farms that they want to get rid of that because where is the home of the conservative is rural America elsewhere in the Bible Belt were there everybody goes to the churches or born-again believers, and they independently live out the land and they take care of themselves and their neighbors and they want to drive these people out with them and 30 will absolutely love it were not going anywhere were things here.

Well, that's what the agenda 2030 is all about right this minute appointment. 21 was about an extra now 2030.

All the same night. It's is about limiting and and it totally a lowering your standard of living like a like a I can the other said that the we cannot as common folks. You and I should not expect to be able to live alike. The wealthy people like the elite because they're sophisticated you crack. Very light feeling. I make sophisticated yeah okay well I can live about that. Well, this is what you been hearing from the left is that we expect the we have two highest living standards, we should expect to be able to deliver these highest and found marijuana. Marijuana take from those who outgrew work and give to those who deserve so and work hard dairy farmers. Some of the hardest working people in the country's Arab incredibly early hours worked long days work every day don't get a break out stuff to be milked twice a day every day matter what the weather. How hot how cold weather in the matter what. And there and then they want everything to go to corporate farms. Corporate America is more political power. More lobbyists down this country is run by money lobbyists spend the money by the politicians and then they get the power you okay we have them come into play could. It was very interesting thing that people list and that was the death of Judge blocks with the Colton and sensational inshore information from media about that Gives Ln., Maxwell's case. This was the same judge that was nominated by Shuman Biden last week to the US Court of Appeals now not think about this somebody that would be a nominated by Schumer and Biden. They have to be totally corrupted.

Having these two are okay, but but this was that Obama appointed judge. This is going there. Good thing the right way. Got a bright future ahead of him if he didn't want them actually is not him as Allison Nathan. The day nominated her to serve in the Second Circuit US court of appeals. Okay, according to the Dallas voice. Nathan has been presiding over the trial of sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein's associated ghastly Maxwell and sex trafficking charges were coming up to break will talk about this on the other side, so we will be back right after this. Don't go away.

There's a whole lot more to come in and went my whistle during this be right back with more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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