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THU HR 2 120921

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 10, 2021 12:12 am

THU HR 2 120921

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 10, 2021 12:12 am

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What's Right What's Left
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast WR really were back. We are going to hear appeals from Dr. Sherry timpani and is usually talking about will we have to keep warning people because this these poisonous folks are killing people and what was happening.

Delete. We have to continue to put the be the watchmen on the wall and let people know what's happening out there and with that the if you could give us the clip okay great so you had a good time learning the good stuff we talk about here for the next 30 minutes limit different and I just learned that there is no animation on my slides sent Simon to be sin next a lot to say. So you get used to it so okay so everybody sort of a little bit different talk of a given for a while now.

It always comes out a little bit different each time I said it because to me it's the most important thing you can learn about what's in the shots with Chuck to do to you what their horrifying things are to be happening. The five-year-old now and I did a podcast with Dr. Russell Blalock's ago for the tenpenny files podcast we spent the first 15 minutes talking about the horrifying things he shots are to be doing to developing brains so it's it's a pretty terrifying thing that I think is happening what's happening with children so for I nope that's in the middle of the slide deck. That's not it at the middle of the slide there we go go back there we go. So, how much longer is it ready can choose to participate in all of this nonsense right you know, the scant is the myth of the mask. If we were to stop doing this like a long time ago would've stopped a long time ago and how many people do you see still out walking their dog with the mask on how many people are driving around in their car all by themselves with a mask and a shield like seriously, you know, we know unequivocally. Now the only thing that the mask you have ever done is make the person who's wearing them sick to give you little clue right now for those of you that have to wear a mask for either because of your job here in the airlines or if you're flying in an airline.

You know those blue surgical messages. Those hospital blue surgical mask their washable. I found it out by accident because I whipped it off at the airport and it stuck in my pocket and I just went ran it through the washer thinking was to be like shredded up paper likely a piece of paper they are washable and not only are they washable each time you wash them. They smell better, and the one that I use is probably been washed at least nine times and you can breeze through wit so not only are you saving on garbage and the and the actual pollution on the planet. Each time that you wash them and I actually told this to a friend of mine is a gap I just get a brand-new box is set up as she works in an industry which is where all the time. She takes the entire box opens the box and dumps it into the washing machine so you get all those loose fibers all those chemicals, and all that stuff off of them. So the one the only time I wear a mask ever is when I have to on an airplane and I'm not kidding. I think the one that I use is been washed at least nine times and it's really nice and it smells good. So there you go, so we gotta get an airplane you gotta go someplace for your post where use of washable one and stop contaminating the planet all the social distancing.

This is pretty funny. I just did one of the interviews back there in the media room we had to stand will close together in front of the camera and the guy was interviewing me said we are social we are identifying a socially distant which I thought was pretty kind of funny so that so social distancing was a made up thing that came from a high school science project is all nonsense. The fraud of testing people gotta start saying to their bosses who are required them to get tested if they don't get a shot that you need to start saying to them. Torture is illegal in the United States of America and you repeatedly testing me for being noncompliant and disobedient is torture. And I think they were going to be writing that up at work and ascending it into the EEOC organist are accusing you and these policies are being torture call a spade a spade. And we know that this is murder by injection right conferences article that 45,000 people died within days, more than 50,000 seniors died within 14 days of shots which cause the CDC to change the definition of death by injection that if you die within 14 days of getting a shot.

You are unvaccinated. So what did Mark Twain say many years ago numbers lie and liars figures lie and liars use figures so don't believe any of the stuff that comes out of the center for devastating control. These are the most recent numbers of the vers database as of October 29 19,500 dead, which is actually about 1% so that means about 1.9 million people dead and over 922,000 adverse events. Can you think of one single product in the history of world that is killed that many people in less than a year and has had more almost a million adverse events in less than a year. Remember we been talking about this so much. It seems like it's been going on forever, but the more Derrida and the end.

The Pfizer shot just came out in December of last year.

It's been barely 10 months and the J&J shot came out in February of this year. It's been barely 8 months and so everybody wants specific answers specific solutions. What about this. What about that how long does this last how long the antibodies last how long does the transmission last which I do about Bob Bob Bob nobody knows we done this less than a year. It is the most massive experiment on humankind ever perpetrated and anybody who doesn't stand up against. It is part of the problem and after two years of watching this if you don't get it by now. There's something wrong with you and for people to say I will suffer some of ever heard this, I had no idea is because you didn't bother to look me.

Clay Clark's been doing all of these things. I bet I did over 500 interviews last year. The five these you know all of us have been doing shots talk to Larry Polansky carry my day Christian Northrup Lee Merritt and maybe call ourselves the five these because we do things together sometimes known that the disinformation doesn't will we haven't been giving out this information, but we certainly have been giving out information of any of your friends, family members, coworkers anybody sitting here says she had no idea is because you never bothered to look so please, so this is what they're doing. It's a cleverly engineered to disrupt health and your God-given DNA in your God-given temple because these are of a short list of things that we know of that are in the shots aborted fetal tissue lipid nano to can nano bots hydrogel spike proteins graphene oxide antibodies to the spike proteins that are causing all kinds of autoimmune diseases.

Multiorgan system failure and this is supposed to be keeping you healthy and you're supposed to give this is sacrificing your children to Bala to buy child sacrifice being resurged in these final days from the Babylonian mystery schools in the Tower of Babel and the descendents of Nimrod and this is what is happening and if you see anybody participating in this you need to be challenging them of what they are doing to their spirituality and what they are sacrificing their children to you know I had a really good friend who said you know we've sacrifice over 60 million newborn unborn babies in abortion.

We have multiple states in this country who actually allow late-term abortion. Now we are doing very very very very late-term abortion by killing five-year-olds. This is what's going to be happening and I said when I first heard about this if they pass this med this medication that could that could stop blood clots in children that have never been given to children before why because we never needed it before. Why knew as soon as they pass that approve that medication.

Four months ago. This whole shopping was coming next and when they actually approved it and started pushing it and you saw all the parents writing it all over instantly all over social media showing pictures of their children getting their shots and having their ice cream and somebody sent me a picture I think it was from tick-tock of the cutest little girl you ever wanted to see the topic at mom's name on it. She said she turned four yesterday. We lied on her birth certificate so she could get the shot. This is happening in America, people, and it's your job to stop everybody you know and wake them up and shove it in their face and that they defund you up a social media who cares now it's about trying to save unborn babies and pregnant women. It's about the date they now are actually starting a trial into give the shots the six month old. This is child sacrifice. This is the resurgence of child sacrifice from the days of the Babylonian mystery schools as it said in Genesis 6 and what Jesus himself said that in those final days.

It will be like as in the days of Noah and what were they doing child sacrifice. What else were they doing they were giving and giving in marriage, not paying a bit of attention to things and their thoughts were totally on evil.

This is evil. Please, so this is the latest thing that I read about how this is damaging your God-given DNA despite protein does go into the DNA in the chromosomes as I been talking about for the last year and 1/2 it goes in it and it causes a breakdown of your DNA and then it stops your God-given repair mechanisms from coming in and doing the repair job. It's as though your kit you were standing in your kitchen in your kitchen was on fire and the fireman was standing at the door knocking at the door saying were here to put out the fire and you say no thank you go away. So now what you get the shots you get your spike proteins are trillion spike proteins that go into your DNA and start to degrade your DNA leading to cancer your God-given repair mechanisms are prohibited from going in and repairing the damage so increasing of breast cancer: cancer all kinds of blood cancers in all age groups, now including children. Please please so these are the 40 mechanisms of injury, but really want to get the details of it.

You have written to even send this which you can divided into four categories.

So the first category is acute reactions, anaphylaxis, cardiac events, heart attacks and strokes. Pulmonary animalism group. One is that you get a shot and you die immediately or within a couple of days so if you got friends and family members at somewhat the shotgun fine while they didn't happen to fall into category one. They didn't die right away. They got 10 years to look over their shoulders to see whether or not they're going to get sick or die category two is what happens with the spike protein blood clots all kinds a long list of cardiovascular injuries, lung damage, neurological problems and now this whole thing that's going to be massively pushing forward cancer. The group 3 is what happens with the antibody.

The antibodies made to the spike protein, the antibody can attack up to 28 different tissue types, leading to autoimmune disease. Over the next 3 to 10 years and one of the research is that I talked to said the outwardly troubled Sherry over the next 10 years working to see autoimmune disease, unlike anything that's ever happened in vanity category four is a whole bunch of things of how it suppresses and stops your immune system from working please and those of the two books if you want real more specific about it. You can go to Dr. under the store and there is the 20 mechanisms of injury in 20 more mechanisms of injury that you can get for yourself. Please, so I'm really close speaks only have a few minutes here, but I do a very long. About an hour talk on the case against monoclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies are the antibodies. These are specifically made in a laboratory. But they're the antibody that supposed to neutralize the spike protein people get the monoclonal antibodies the doctors given because they make a lot of money. The second reason that they give them is because they get better faster. So instead of having to have the flu for two weeks. It might shorten up the course of your illness.

But the problem is is it's another experimental drug.

It's as experimental as the little shots as experimental as RAM does appear that we now know kills kidneys as as as experimental as any of the other drugs that they're trying to bring to market. We know we don't know how long antibodies last. We don't know what kind of damage they cause. While they are around. We do know that it can cross-react with multiple different tissue types. Please this is some we want to take that. That's the one study 28/55 different tissue types were attacked by the antibodies. They also have a high affinity so if you get monoclonal antibodies you may get better from your flulike symptoms. In a quick short period of time that you may end up with celiac disease. Hashimoto's thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, or any of another long list of of of types of conditions. Please and when you inject these. We have no idea. These are two different studies. That said, like injecting the messenger RNA were you get spike proteins injecting antibodies can lead to long-term rampant illness. It's a short-term fix to potentially a very long-term problem. Please and what is the ultimately what is this doing is the destruction of your temple. Please because first Corinthians 6 says this, do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is within you, whom you have received as a gift from God, and that if you're Christian, it's not even your own property because you were bought for price with the precious blood of Jesus and therefore you need to glorify and honor it and not bow your knee to the pharmaceutical industry and be injected with the product.

It's probably going to injure you or kill you. We are trusting from a product made by the same people who been charged billions of dollars they've been convicted felons and been charged billions of dollars in fines for creating products that killed people.

Why would anybody think this one is any different or all of a sudden they're all true. Mistaken, this is the one that you need to take. We don't.

This is the ultimate defilement of the holy Temple is by injecting this genetic modifying technology that permanently goes in and changes your DNA your God-given fingerprint that came to you when you were born is your mommy's egg in your daddy spur when that came together in the moment of your conception, there's not another human being, now or ever before in the face of the planet that had your fingerprint from God. Please because we been told that they were the coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the power of Satan. We are fighting powers and principalities and these lying wonders of every type of evil to cede to deceive everyone. For this reason God will send a powerful delusion so powerful they will believe the lie in the entire world rolled over and fell down as soon as they started to use their fear-based weapon and never stood back up. You know Dr. Dr. Michael Lake is a really good friend of mine. I did a podcast interview with him about a week or so ago. He said no.

I really thought that this was going. They thought this was another trial run like they did with SARS birds and bird flew in H1 N1, but this time everybody rolled over and stopped and never got back up into this minute. They still haven't revolted, especially in America and what's happening were getting the government we deserve. Were getting actually the treatment we deserve, because we've allowed them to get away with it and it's got to stop. Please so what you need to do. You need to know that you can't offer yourself up as an obedient slave when use our slaves. These are the people you obey. So we need to live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil but as a living servant of God. Be bold. Stand up say no next slide please. So stop looking for a physical solution to a spiritual problem. I mean I've been here almost the date of it is like well what if I got buyers remorse. What I do to get that shot out of my body. You don't and what I've been saying ever since I've been doing vaccine education now for 21 years. Once you vaccinate. You can't on vaccinate.

Whether it's a flu shot and MMR a DPT a hepatitis A hepatitis B.

Once you vaccinate. You can't un-vaccinate and with this one. It's even more to the truth because it permanently disrupts your genetics and your DNA. And now we know at least 40 different reasons why so stop looking for the perfect little detox which T which supplement which the yes you can do any kind of detox. Make your overall better and that's a perfect thing that you can do. Everybody should try to do things to make their body a little bit better. That's not to take this out.

Your body it's not. So if you've not taken the shot you need to protect it at all costs. People say what about the mandates. There are no mandates there lie similar bosses making me do it well.

You need to stand up to your boss and tell him to sit down because there is no mandate, you're going to end up like just today or yesterday that the OSHA rule was just overturned and the overturned thrown out by the fifth District Court of Appeals bosses have been paying to stand on. Thank everybody who took the shot to keep their job. Set up the biggest largest class-action lawsuit ever is 501 401(k) money is the reason why he was paid off by somebody to tell you to take the shot. Next slide please. If you took the shot you need to look at it is that you made a really bad decision for whatever reason.

Fear was a bad decision so fearful that you bowed and need to the pharmacopeia and to trusted a pharmaceutical product to somehow keep you from what getting sick and dying what and instead of putting that fear into God's hands. Instead of starting to look up every single verse in the Bible and there's almost 300 of them that says fear not. In reading those and standing on those every day. Instead you blindly trusted human being safe position somebody in a white coat you trusted that person who knows nothing about this. You trusted your pastor whose wife was a nurse and the police.

She said it was okay to get it trusted your priest trusted your next-door neighbors second cousin third time removed you trusted some human being instead of taking your worry your concern your fear to the foot of the cross and saying, Lord, take his demon out of me. Take away this year I'm putting my trust in you or you did it for some other reason wasn't fear was for some convenience.

I want to go to the mall. I want to get on a cruise ship.

I want to go to the concert. I want to go to the market. I want to want to be the only person in my card club that isn't vaccinated because they won't let me play cards with them on Thursday night.

What ever fill in the blank you made it really bad decision and you need to own it and you need to take responsibility for it.

Instead of blaming them. He made me do it. She made me do it. My husband talked me into it. My kids would let me see my grandkids less really, there's this thing called face time and if you allowed your 30-year-olds to talk to you like that to prevent you from seeing you didn't do a very good job parenting will recognize the fact she made a really bad decision a bad one and is think because we all what we all sin we all fall short every single day. This was a bad decision and it was like suddenly you decided to be a heroin addict or be participating in child pornography or human trafficking. It was a bad decision. You need to own it, you need to accept responsibility need to seek God's mercy. You need to repent. Next, because if you stand on first John 19 we confess our sins he is faithful righteousness.

He forgives our sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Which means it's between you and God of whether or not your genetics get healed. We are back no. Oh, when it comes to the doctrine wrote, there are others that I know very well know no doctors about the food think otherwise. They believe that you can. Not like which which she just said there when you kicked you can do talked to would be great to get a dog, so that's a good thing to do. What is with the they also but you don't know if they can be completely detoxed but you can definitely listen most of the damage over so I don't know you know we don't know because just like these are experimental and what they actually are. According to the people that invented them their bio weapons use of these are bio weapons when all and right now people just going through the browsers of detoxing there trying to detox and those who were learning right no right so I know that some people out there saying that they have pretty good though at this point nobody good success of that. So we'll see what happens. Everybody is dramatically different.

Anyway, so we are me you it's like so just because it works for you, doesn't mean it's going to work for me and after sending normal skin mostly score absolutely do not get people to swear by acclamation over people to work.

You know, Sawyer, and that's because even she mentioned that the genetically we are all different, that no two people are like so you can't your whole soul across the board, save it. If you do this it slip them and that about swapping to so many because probably they got positive results made with certain people, individuals will produce jobs and other people did and it didn't work that happens, like the bathroom and anything else you will you not just coaches got a good point that if you owe the world could cause people possibly trust a government okay that is promoted to killing and believe me it's way over 60 million over 100 million unborn babies all in the world. This is what I noticed there are people out there that they heard that they believed the Bluetooth you'll full me once shame on you. 3004 done five times. Okay, this was helping people really need to wake up. Oh yes okay you have an article there.

You do web and house Republicans vote with Democrats to pass a bill funding from the Rex database bill known as HR 550 will grant the federal government. Due to my folks this is discussed past will grant the federal government the authority to appropriate $400 million in taxpayer dollars to fund quote immunization system data modernization and expansion and the unionization system is defined as quote a confidential population-based computer or computerized database to record immunization doses administered by EV healthcare provider to persons within the geographic area covered by that database unquote. It also states that the bill will expand capabilities of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and public health departments in showing health data with the federal government for original vintage mark will be confidential not representative very close to the main sponsor of the bill serves as HR 550 will enable public and private healthcare providers to do the same is well-suited to go on the renewal of Republican of Illinois are one of the 130 Republicans voted against the bill told Breitbart Wednesday that the legislation will enable federal government to track and target on vaccinated Americans who will be quote forced to comply unquote with the global vaccination region of the system. The systems are designed to allow for the sharing of critical data and met and maintenance records.

We trust the government will all medical records of the legislation will not mess with love necessarily appropriate millions of taxpayer dollars intended to expand bureaucracy in Washington DC database solely created to record and collect confidential vaccination information of Americans exclusively. Your cultures will perform individual fundamental rights to medical privacy and this is Rob the Republic from Obama bombs are acceptable for him is absolutely right because he voted no on the day going first of all your folks that you rhinos. The next time you see a rhino just say thank you for showing us all to give ureters user group. These are 13 rhinos 13 rhinos who handed over the boarding cards to Mr. Pelosi and Joe Biden's communist takeover of America via Google infrastructure bill. These are 13 rhinos that betrayed constituents totally Co-bacon, then drew young Oakton Kissinger Gonzales received betrayed about everything we could read slip Deborah Reno Miller tacos Fitzpatrick McKinley those 13 rhinos betrayed us.

We didn't know it looks like we've got news for Carl. Somehow we've got to think what you're going to Sue's next election. I noticed that there are a whole lot of folks special forces guys are running for office and met that'll be good. We've got to get rid we got have a Safari get rid of the rivals go ahead Lisa will now, here is the embraces Joe Biden as a quote man of deep faith and guided by the light entry defends abortion. This is what we were talking about their healing. Biden is one of the most pro-death in the work comes to you what you wanted to work. You can kill the babies long after the born to each other and 10%. This matters wicked to the bone is wicked and wicked to the bone and Jim every pastor does this work through soul trips to and preach against the wicked in every black person to when I say that because years ago trained under Robert Byrd, who we all know came right out of the claimant was very proud in the end, and then he trained under him, which means that you have matured several to philosophy because often you be around somebody day and night like that and not be like it's right there is one on the heels of Austria and Germany.

Check this out. Locking down the unvaccinated EU leader calls for throwing out Nuremberg code in favor of forced vaccinations of force vaccinated all dissenters.

But here's here's this woman you like were told Joe, the left embraces typography towards our pulchritude was repulsive to them. Hi pot receives a good thing.

She refuses, this is Ursula Vanderlinden, Ursula Vanderlinden refuses to take the boat forward so what she wants to do away with the Nuremberg code and force others to do this is what doesn't resolution what liberals are withdrawal about Weber allowing coders to force vaccinated. Anyone who refuses to take a copy of the movable Nuremberg disclaimer. We do, and what what you won't take Internet with the first thing you did, you wouldn't take an experimental drug without your knowledge and the law states they cannot force that on the military, but we have the DOD Department of dumb. The DOD Department of dumb of their or dirty you want to force our soldiers to take this poison and all that goes. Many of those generals know for a fact or not taken there taken with the negligent or it's really close to sterile water or something. Okay, we got our cohost for what is right, but we gotta hang on because first we got Monique in New Jersey someone figuring there. I call God bless you for getting through. Eric learned that there is a lot of work here and are not now that back are probably getting key for it, including the darknet don't work because the person who invented it.

I can't tell if your back payment Carrie Mullet you want to know about the pride I want to know after your thought breast-fed about calling the conduction a bio weapon.

I might not been thing inherent in here not call it the caller spoke out and down but people are always back when you say it. I had to go to a doctor taken aback any think you're crazy. I want to know what your thought that was before you start charging you that term which is correct thought process was this we played the five top urologists in the world we play clear procedures with their old filling. It's a bio weapon the fellow that invented the already okay him out and he said for the military. It's a bio weapon and he's the one who said don't take it. We played him close with him anytime soon.

Abortion uses Netgear to bond. I can tell I don't know that's the virologist, the guy that invented the Robert Malone loan Robert Malone, absolutely not.

But all but every one of the virologist all of told you the same thing. This is a bio it's toxic for human beings. So even even recently in United Kingdom and Britain. There are equivalent to our AMA's commodes that these vaccines are toxic to humans. So there you go.

This is why you don't believe for one minute. Monique these phony phony polls are told me about how many people are pregnant that that is as phony as they are and so people are resisting everywhere.

I mean everywhere and so I'm really hoping I believe that I then I wonder if they all all and that about anything about the situation that ran it all.

I was waiting right next to someone when they were talking about the pandemic that it can, and that it didn't end well for me though.

You know what I am doing that I find the vaccine or cure the mode during outline. Dr. Nadine Martin showed that talked about it at 4 AM we emergent or deliberately unguarded coronavirus that was back in that I think it was a tiny 19. I think Mark like that and it is not even about the 20 mean I can't give you every step of the way with plan but that it definitely wasn't an easy document like the Rockefeller pen and paper that talked about a pandemic with me and that encounter Jack, will you let me take you back further than that. Back in the 80s I was sitting in the readings I was in the meetings when they didn't know who I was who I was taking a lot of notes and they were talking about ways of the population talk about the world health the population group and I'm talking about the Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, the World Health Organization, they show you all of these people and they were bragging even back then that was later on things around the 90s where Bill Gates is A little virus vaccine was killing off young girls in Africa and they were they were boasting how more girls eight times as many girls died from the vaccine is died from the disease. And so here they been doing this. This is better than the planning stages for a long long time. We told you when the old one is whole thing started from the very first day. This is a scam. Don't buy into those folks we know it was coming. They were telling us what was coming. Know. Listen to this Mark of the beast is here so good to various quantum.vaccine passports from Bill Gates ready to be injected into human subjects here, just as the will will uncle Cpl. coronavirus was being unveiled to the world. Back in late 2019 team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology conveniently rolled out a new injectable marketing method to label identified and correct people based on their vaccination status funded in large part by billionaire Bill and Melinda Gates the transdermal patch technology contain special quantum jobs that are inserted so cut them nicely into the body, though invisible to the naked I these patches are easily scanned with special equipment.

Think of it like an invisible tattoo that a person might inject into to the right hand of the four head he just using the example when going to pay for groceries.

For instance, these tattoos can be skin and verified as part of the vaccine passports system that are being rolled out all around the world right now. When the quantum valves are illuminated by UV light electronically quadrant I can be excited to a state of higher energy are reported free Western media so there you go.

This is the days were living. While grade black talked about that market and that doubt in your forehead or your right hand, I can't remember how but I do a number where the thinning and it was mentioned that when it came about I stay around May 2020. I thought wow this is talking about and I know that people don't believe that it is the market to be. We haven't got it yet, but I know I believe there's a lot of types and shadows of this is it isn't the type you know you we've been showing us over and over but I'm going to have to go out we been talking about the snow for 49 years: 50 years so I gotta move him you have a blessed Christmas when let me go to her cohost, none other than Cliff show Papa love, but I want to print out for quick points of what I was thinking number one you are buying the skills what they could do give them some balls for a couple whatever whatever animal what you.

It is always a lot of well done that on all the studies when they started out with before people were taking these a week we told that what they were doing in every single animal, every single one that they tested on died.

Everyone was all good, long time ago that they would wonder what that's what they're doing, and Australian aborigines to trying to test monthly. The portion Dr. already got it off, but cash the checks.

The body, not multishot web.

Now that Diatribe because all the way Doc tried to bribe. Listen to this obey the Fauci cardiology.

Researchers are burying their burying their own research showings by protein RNA damage due to the fear of losing their grip money that's controlled by Fauci. There is a massive cover-up taken place with regard to the substantial spike in heart disease that is now occurring ever since. Wuhan coronavirus vaccines were introduced under operation warp speed and accuracy of my Lahore truck appeared on the GB news UK to discuss the findings of a new abstract published in the journal circulation which following that cardiovascular events are skyrocketing know that hundreds of millions of people have gotten injection so here folks that you got whistleblowers and the cycle happened to the genie is out of the bottle and just what the whistleblowers are out there and they're going to try to remotely reply to try to go to an all out Nazi police state. But I gotta move on Cliff, go ahead, Paul was also trying to set all we care about black people, black lives matter. In the technical shot my new school is the least some police vaccinated people, black people, and most of the black lives matter. People are not black you are not black spoiled over privilege little white.

Gotta move on Cliff.

Okay, let's go hotel pastor held you go past failure in their right. Well, will you not ready yet. You just hang in there unless you really, but the good we got to go to Jack San Diego grew quick. Jackie Rainier so were reported cases of omicron. And all four are fully vaccinated and the virus is an intelligent organism mutates to find a host and only mutating against black people mutate vaccinated should really be awarded the vaccinated because all the variations are the virus trying to find a way around the vaccine and if you remember we were never able to find a vaccine for a today is treated by a cocktail of drugs and therapeutic at the end of the day. Maybe we end up treating covert but I just really wanted to say good night to really think about it is the virus.

The target for the virus vaccinated trying to find a host but they have to find a way around the vaccine were all these variations are coming from Oregon vaccinated right now that 100% of those contrary to the new. If you will then vaccinated 1%. There you go.

So get the nail on the head of thanks Jack and have a happy Merry Christmas to you know we're going to go to pastor how much time do we have over there okay so pastor hell do you have a word list that they could work calls because we got to do you have some commentary no were kind of expecting you to really enlighten us and that there were some workers would drop some drill or what poison apple and that working which represents the government. We got know the correct government with Fauci and all these people and you know how stupid it is for people to take the point of the vaccine is like, you know that the Cinderella taken the poison apple from the wicked witch. I mean, you're giving you supplement the been trying to kill you over and over again and you know you is incredible. The people be so blind to something into their blood veins comes from China. These traders that are running our government right now want to deplete our entire country.

But anyway it works with the good news in the Bible so you know when he died on the cross he was paying the payment for everything we've ever done, you know, God knew that we compared ourselves about going to hell for all eternity. But that righteous payment had to be paid so Jesus paid that payment willingly for our place in the Bible says the girl you know God loves God what wash away the blood of Christ in the very moment you go to Calvary and you pray Lord please forgive me your center here and now believe. I believe that you died on the cross and shut your blood pool and I hear and ask you to come into my heart, forgive me of my students and save my soul and we pray that you made at the Bible says God gives you eternal life right then and there.

First John 513 you think of are written.

Don't you believe on the name of God you may know that you have eternal life.

Eternal life is forever. That's God's promises.

He cannot live you can't earn your salvation. Ephesians 289 for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself the gift of God not of works, but that he mentioned both and I don't care both Catholic or both Protestant or you walk on water. One thing to keep you use it every day of your life and word or deed, so you've got to come to God and become in your heart. Plug the wash away all your soon no better help but no matter how good you got it can wipe the slate clean and give you eternal life and make your new creature in Christ.

So wherever you're at right now you want to go to heaven based on God's promise.

Based on what Jesus did for you.

You pray that prayer right now is called prayer does not to be an exact correspondence where you asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart and Savior.

Pray that right now you can get a mentor to God. I know almost dinner and I need your forgiveness and I believe Jesus died on the cross and shows plug the payment for my Lord Jesus, I hearing you to come into my heart and give you that payment will propel and I give you thanks and praise work forever and ever. In Jesus name, amen, amen. So what makes you believe all of them because word of God is true and it's unbreakable. And because is based on the very integrity of God himself because we've got major problems. You have to keep it or he wouldn't be God. Okay so last 6000 years of prophecies.

How many of as he kept all of okay so then the Bibles got a perfect accurate record of my right a lot of these historians know that put their afraid. Many of the theologians real ones are coming. We were out there talking about it all the time, but their afraid to come out and said you know this is this is something mathematically. This is unbelievable. This is a miracle until a minutes you cannot, of all prophecies in the Bible over 1800, with all of our technology men can even make two or three of them come to come to pass, even with the foreknowledge right, but because got hundred percent record right now so all of these people out there today but know this, with their afraid to come out and say this because they're afraid of being criticized by her world is underway to hell. How smart is that God okay should know every time the government really okay so it won't and you're absolutely right. God is that the one thing there's only one thing in this whole world that we can completely depend upon is the word of God could never be broken can be broken now here's the other thing you know, when we're talking about. I know what Sherry said knows about these people it took to back. How stupid can you get another problem that is this it doesn't do any good to tell people believe you were stupid to do that because everybody makes mistakes and so I have people calling me every day saying I took it. What am I going to do how do I know I do know my essay here.

Here's all going to help you tell your stupid I'm not going to do that. First of all, look less like about it this way, whose call is whose call isn't that every single person in this country. The exact time the turbulent died is already been predetermined right and the way that they're going to guys been predetermined so whose call is that is it there: was called God's God's body wakes up and Susan, died this morning.

Nobody does.

Okay, so it how well you did that upon death row I set there would million four, but here a virtual function. I had one guy tell me, at least I know I will and I know that's not but here first of all, give it to the Lord whatever man can do.

He can undo right God is completely totally capable of totally reversing the effects of the poisons put he's the only one that's exactly where you got ago you got to go to him because and again there's no sense in continuing punishing yourself for making the mistake we all make mistakes. So right and so by name of Dr. Stoner took 48 proper build 48 proper build.

That was one over to them with 100 zeros.

Following absolutely impossible to chart Jesus back 1/207 zero spelling that was you going to sporting a note that for all the problems filled is 230 zeros that were out of time whereon time for tonight, so I want to thank you for giving that folks listen to Lisa's call upon the name of the Lord tonight and so until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless, always, always pursuant to 558.

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